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Top Widgets provides plenty of widgets, app icons, and wallpapers for users to personalize their home screen like never before.

Making widgets has never been this easier and enjoyable. With Top Widgets, you only take a few seconds to choose from large number of widgets which are prepared by professional designers and put them on your home screen. By the way, you can also DIY your own widgetsmith with plenty of tools such as the change frame color, fonts, widget style and so much more.

Top Widgets is more than widgets. Top Widgets also includes aesthetic and pre-made icon packs and a great variety of high quality wallpapers, which will be updated on a daily basis.

The old way to change icons by downloading icon picture and using Sharecuts app to change one by one is a waste of time and out of date. With Top widgets, There is ONLY TWO STEPS which take less than 30 seconds to change default icons:
1、Choose your favorite icons from a wide collection of icon packs;
2、Click "install" button and allow the installation.
After installation, all the icons are on your home screen.

Transparent widget is a new way to make your own marvelous home screen. Using transparent widgets will not obstruct wallpapers, and you can have the complete wonderful experience of widgets.

Finally, Here's a wide choice of widgets that we have:
● Photos, Photos in Album, Photos with analog frame
● Time, Date & Battery
● Countdown/Commemoration Day
● Quick Launchers
● Daily, Hourly, & Current Weather
● Calendar
● Analog Clock
● Quotes for Today
● Calendar with Events
● Reminders
● Step Count/Pedometer & Calorie Count
There are many more widgets waiting for you to discover.

Track your health data!
Top Widgets integrates the Apple Health App and displays health data in widgets.
If you want to use the step count widget, please allow the APP to obtain health-related data when adding

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Terms of use:

Top Widgets-万能小组件 App Comments & Reviews

Top Widgets-万能小组件 Positive Reviews

Great app, but needs some modificationsI hope you continue to amaze me with your creativity And also to replace the monthly subscription with another for life I have a suggestion .. -Possibility to activate a secret number for the program -Unable to enter the program when touching the tools- When you change the places of the programs, the tool returns to the default position and re-selects the shortcuts -When you enter a shortcut that does not direct you to it, it first opens the application for you and then transfers you to the shortcut .. These are my notes on the program. I hope in the next update it will be resolved or improved I also want you to make a tool that will allow me to access the connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with the possibility of adjusting them according to the need.Version: 3.5.5

My opinion about the app ✨I honestly think this is a nice app because it doesn’t make everything basic than it was before. What I love about this app is you can customize however you want your icon or widget to look like in your style! It makes your phone look way more better honestly and has lots of details! One thing I dislike about this is whenever your changing the icon picture, on top of the screen it shows “shortcut opened” or something like that and it really annoys me but the rest is just perfect. I appreciate the hard work y’all put in to making this app. Thanks soo much!😌.Version: 3.5.4

Only gave it 5 stars so it gets noticedAs I downloaded this app so I can have animated widgets my phone froze. I downloaded this over a month ago and ever since I downloaded it, my photos have been broken. I can not view my photos without my phone freezing and I also cannot use my photos in apps because that also freezes my Iphone. This is very frustrating because I cannot send photos or even take photos. I have done everything to try to fix it and no matter what I do, I cannot fix this issue..Version: 3.8.5

Best Widget AppI just recently upgraded my phone and wanted to try out widgets again. Ive always been annoyed with widget apps in the past because nearly everything costs money and if I wanted to customize icons, they would do that double loading thing which was annoying. This app provides a lot of amazing free widgets which I love (yes some you have to pay for but a good chunk is free) AND they provide detailed instructions on how to avoid the double loading issue with customized icons!! Very happy I found out about this app..Version: 3.8.4

Love the app but a bit buggyThis app is great and super versatile!! my only problem is that the app is a bit buggy. For example, my clocks are delayed. it takes a couple minutes for them to update to the correct time. When I tried to use the clock that counted seconds, it didn’t work at all. Honestly love the app and I still continue to use it, just hoping the bug is fixed or it sorts itself out..Version: 3.7.4

Widget IssuesI think that the app is great, however the biggest problem that i have with the dynamics and pretty much any of the widgets that move (timers, dates, dynamics, etc) they are very slow. it doesn’t count the seconds very well if at all and it barely does the minutes, the dynamics don’t work more than half of the time and i find it very irritating as it ruins some of the aesthetics on my home and lock screen. other than that the app has a lot of creativity and i like how customizable it is. the subscription is worth it in my opinion..Version: 3.7.5

Amazing app but few issuesHonestly in general, I LOVE this app really great, gives you lots of options even for free! But there’s a thing that’s been bugging me, when I click install theme some apps that I DO have like Skype and the App Store say their “Not Installed” and that’s been bugging me. So now when I install a icon theme some apps that they DO HAVE icons FOR are in their normal format and it ruins the whole vibe! I do hope in the next update you fix this bug, thanks! Cheers..Version: 3.5.6

EhhhhSo it’s a great app and all but literally you can’t put photos in medium widgets, that’s what leaves me sad. Just for clearance, I’m rating it five stars so you can see this review, cause I don’t recommend this app. The app design it self is confusing, like the first time you open it you’re like “whoa, who the h*ll designed this?!”. The person who created it had a good idea just horrible execution, it’s all messy! So overall, great app, just meh.Version: 3.8.5

No SupportHow can I communicate with someone regarding issues with this app?? I tried via TikTok but I was told I’m not able to message the user because of their Privacy Settings. I then clicked on the Telegram link and sent a message in the chat along with screenshots but IF someone did reply, which it didn’t look like they did from the pictures, the language wasn’t in English. I haven’t had any issues until now and it would be nice to have SOME KIND OF SUPPORT to receive assistance!.Version: 3.5.3

Some IssuesThe app is amazing! I can fix my lock screen to the way I want and pick new fronts and colors. There is just one problem, the widgets don’t work for me. I’ve tried changing stuff in my settings and getting rid of all widgets but it still won’t work. I know it’s not my phone because I’ve tried everything. I’m not saying the app is so bad. I’m saying there is one problem. I love the app. I just hate that I can’t get widgets because the widgets are so cute in the app..Version: 3.7.5

Sooooo amazing!Ok so this app is sooooo good! I was wanting a nice theme and wallpaper and this app was just ✨✨❤️❤️🦋🦋 AMAZING!! I love it! You can it makes you Home Screen so much better! Definitely recommend and if your gonna pay they have really good prices and good vip themes! They also have icons❤️❤️😭😭✨✨🦋🦋which is amazing! If your not gonna pay, they have really cool and aesthetic free options! DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN APP LIKE THIS! ( the creators did such an masterpiece ).Version: 3.6.0

ConfuseSo I basically want to chang my screen a bit so I look all over TikTok and I found an app called top widgets so I downloaded it and in my brain I think this is going to be the best experience cause it was free and when I entered the app I was like oh boy this is going to be cool so I start with changing the wallpaper I have no time so bye.Version: 3.7.8

Dynamic Widget needs improvementDynamic widgets in my experience keep getting stuck when I use my own GIF download. They work when you first place them on the Lock Screen but after a short period of time they stop moving and become still photos. They only work again when I tap them and reopen the app. Also the GIFS move slower in the widget than they do in my camera roll. If there’s a way to fix those 2 issues it’ll be 5 stars in my book.Version: 3.7.4

BugThe app is great. It has really clear and vivid wallpapers which I love, but there is one problem I’ve already noticed. The dynamic gifs keeps freezing. When I put them at first they work for a couple minutes but once my phone locks and I look at it the gifs are frozen. And they don’t unfreeze unless I go back into the app and put them on again. But freeze again so it doesn’t help..Version: 3.7.4

Decent but needs workI love the unique idea of dynamic moving widgets on the lockscreen, however the execution is quite flawed. every single dynamic widget i’ve tried (as well as my other friends who have tried) ends up constantly glitching and just being stuck, which means it’s no longer moving as a gif and is essentially a still photo. only after i tap on it to go to the app then will it start working again, but only for a short period of time, and then it’ll become still once again. i really hope this gets fixed. in addition, there are only a very select few options for the dynamic widgets, and i think adding more designs would be lovely. but the most important thing is please make sure they work properly..Version: 3.7.3

Transparent clockI like the app a lot and have had it for a while but, the transparent clock hasn’t been working. I think ever since iOS 16 it started working weirdly, like it doesn’t display the right time and for it to be displayed I have click on the widget for it to change once and that’s it. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone but it never used to happen before..Version: 3.8.0

Love it but there is an issueHonestly love this app especially all the new ios 16 features but for the moving rectangular widgets for example the cupid shooting at a heart one. it glitches out a lot and sometimes it freeze or maybe just the heart animation moves but not but the cupid. it's super frustrating and i get that it's new but could you fix this bug and make it so that it doesn't glitch like that anymore thanks!.Version: 3.7.3

AMAZING!There are a few bugs, like how the time of some of the clock widgets are delayed (that might be because of the day light saving time change) make sure to fix that. But everything else about the app it great, it’s easy to use and can customize your homescreen to many themes!.Version: 3.5.4

Never wanted to, But this maked me wanna customize it.This app is really good, I never ever wanna customice my screen, But i had to, This app had way too good customizations i couldnt refuse, Try this out for your self, Theres no problems with the app. Its 10 stars if i could, I never review apps but its too good to not..Version: 3.7.4

Not badThe widgets that work are super cool. I love the transparent effect. It really dresses up my home screen. But half the widgets do not work. The steps widget displays the same number no matter what I do. The daily quote widget is blank. The one with progress bars for the day/week/month/year also stays the exact same no matter the actual time and date. It’s disappointing, but the app is worth keeping for the widgets that work..Version: 3.5.2

ClockThe app is really good and helpful if you want an asthetic phone but the clock doesn’t work at all. The time will stop as soon as you leave the app and stay frozen. I wish it would work but other than that it’s a great app :).Version: 3.7.6

Hella good js stop freezing the clock 😭😭I lowk love the app cs it makes my homescreen sm cuter. my fav feature is the transparent background so that I don't have to spend time trying to match it up perfectly on ibis. but, i keep seeing that my click widget is always freezing. i keep tryna fix it but it won't worth. idk if it's js me tho so 🤷🏽‍♀️ yeaa anyway great app 🤭🤭.Version: 3.8.2

I love this app, it makes me feel like I customizing IOSThe one thing I would really like to see is the X-Panel on my Lock Screen, and if you decide to make it a premium feature can I get royalties? Or how about a free lifetime of the premium service for the idea 😍.Version: 3.7.5

PerfectThis app is everything I wanted. Not only is it easy it shows you in a video how to exactly add the widgets and even gives you additional information about changing color on the widget . I’m absolutely pleased!!!.Version: 3.7.6

Transparent clock not workingI’ve watched the tutorial that was provided step by step on how to add the clock but the time isn’t changing as shown almost like my clock is frozen but it works perfectly fine on my other device why isn’t it working on this one? Besides from that, this app is amazing and makes my homescreen look cool..Version: 3.8.5

The clock it still brokenI updated it thinking the clock would be fixed but it’s not. It will still not keep up with the time, it freezes unless I tap on the widget. This has been a problem ever since I updated my phone to 16os so maybe that’s the problem. Even so, it just doesn’t work..Version: 3.7.6

Review on this app:I really like this app. I enjoy the many free options they have for customizing. I feel that this app is really underrated compared to the other popular customize widget apps. And I would recommend to get this app!! 😁👍.Version: 3.6.9

BatteyThe app is great but I come to the conclusion that using the widgets made my battery drown quickly I thought it was my new iphone but after removing some widgets, my battery improved I started using all apple widgets and my battery lasted 5x more than when i had the app widgets.Version: 3.8.3

THIS APP IS AMAZINGI will be recommending this app to everyone. There are so many unique and cool things that this app offers and the best part is ALOT of it is free and so easy to use. I dont see apps like this often… if I could give more stars, I would!.Version: 3.8.4

Good but Buggy!!Overall great designs but the clocks are very behind. The seconds don’t work most of the time and clock is always behind before it refreshes to the correct time. I encourage the developers to work on this issue. I recommend this app to everyone.Version: 3.7.6

Amazing but one thingThere is some things that require pro or whatever and that doesn’t bother me. My main concern is that the app doesn’t have a dark mode itself.Version: 3.5.8

Home Screen animationAfter 10 mins if you have the dynamic motions they stop moving… if that can be fixed in a patch the the app is 5 stars… hope it’s fixed soon.Version: 3.7.4

My review!I love this app, it has like everything for your home screen. 10/10 definitely recommend downloading if you haven’t already :D.Version: 3.5.2

Great appThis app is actually amazing. There are SOO many choices of backgrounds icons widgets and more! I thought that I wouldn’t find anything but I finally found an app that works for me! Love it!!!.Version: 3.7.3

Fix the bugIs there a bug that’s keeping the app from being able to fix the duplicating apps? It’s very frustrating, you can’t go ahead and set your phone because once it’s fixed you’ll have to do it all over again..Version: 3.5.2

Dynamic Widget on Lock screen only works when app is open it appearsHi there, i’ve noticed that the the dynamic widget that I put on my lock screen only work when you tap it and have the app open. For the most part it doesn’t actually move..Version: 3.7.6

Trouble adding the animationEverything was going smoothly I added the widget, the problem occurred when I couldn’t add the animation on there! I clicked and nothing it kept going back to adding other widgets.. I need help ASAP.Version: 3.8.0

Better than WidgetsmithIt has more features than Widgetsmith and is easier to use.Version: 3.5.4

Countdown dates are wrong…I like the app all in all, except the countdown/count up dates are wrong. It’s like they’ve inserted an extra day or two. It honestly seems like a coding issue that makes it so it isn’t going off of my timezone or something like that. Hopefully they fix this..Version: 3.7.6

Room for improvementThis app has lots of potential. However… there are some annoying limitations. For example… the apps are limited to the random ones they decided to add. It doesn’t sync up with the apps you have..Version: 3.7.5

Great buy it now + only 3 things need VIP and there’s 999 otherOk maybe the title was bad but there’s only 2 widget’s (and there the same just different size) and one for weather no ads. K that’s the monetization done now THE WIDGETS! 1 Your first widget should be the transparent one 2 X-panel make me feel like I’m in heaven (especially futuristic) speaking of futuristic the only thing I can think to suggest is to add more futuristic widgets. I really can’t think of any thing else (Btw love shortcut 2.0/3.0.Version: 3.6.5

Good but there are a lot of features for iOS 16I don’t have iOS 16 update cuz I have a iPhone 8 but anything else is great.Version: 3.7.6

Excellent.I really recommend the app. You can be so creative!.Version: 3.8.5

Superbe applicationLangage Français ça serait cool.Version: 3.8.5

Name changesI really love the app but I think what it needs is the ability to change the name on the puone screen, instead of just top widgets, we would be able to change it to a different name to our liking, I really hope this would be implemented, a lot of people will love the app more and probably will pay the app for doing more just like I do..Version: 3.8.4

Animation stoppingI love the widgets for the IOS 16 locksvteen. I have the dynamic heart widget on. However it works when I first set it but after some time the animation stops. And I have to delete the widget and reset it. Can someone else help me fix this cause I really do love this app:).Version: 3.8.0

AmazingIt’s just amazing it just needs more icons.Version: 3.7.9

Prisca456Je.Version: 3.7.5

MAKE NO JUMP ICONS!!The icons on the app are so cute but they open another page on ur phone and just takes a long time to open an app, do what shortcuts did. love everything else aboit it.Version: 3.7.8

Top widgetTop widget is one the best app for apple it helped me organize my phone and I really like how my phone turned out.Version: 3.7.5

I give this a 5 stars but when I download it didnt show upGreat!.Version: 3.7.4

Bug fixIPhone 14 pro max cannot add background, keep saying size incorrect..Version: 3.7.4

YesNice.Version: 3.7.4

The best!!!This is a great app to have beside other home screen apps. It’s super simple and most features don’t need purchases. It’s very VERY aesthetically pleasing!!.Version: 3.6.6

Really goodI genuinely love this app very creative I just wish the gifs were solid and not that transparent photo that goes with the same Color of the time other than that 5/5.Version: 3.7.4

QuestionHello, it doesn’t let me add the top widget to my Home Screen, why?? It lets me add fitness, clock, calendar and 2 more things.Version: 3.7.3

Un des meuilleure application pour les widgetsC’est une des meuilleur. Sa coûte pas beaucoup et tu as plusieurs options!! Je vous recommande!!!.Version: 3.6.7

DisplayOverall, it’s great and useful, but on the X-panel, when my cellular is on, it displays as off, but if it’s off, it displays as on. Is there a way to fix this?.Version: 3.6.0

Pls fixI love the app it’s greats but for awhile now I’ve tried to open the app but it’s stuck on loading screen for the longest time and no matter how long I wait it never loads and I cant use the app, please fix.Version: 3.6.4

JjsjzjJzjkzk.Version: 3.6.3

I love it, it’s amazing and easyShould download.Version: 3.6.0

NdjdjdbGood.Version: 3.5.9

CoolCool.Version: 3.5.9

漂亮给力风格主题 都是喜欢的 个性的 用起来 上手也很容易 福音 最给力的是 不用自己去设置什么.Version: 3.5.8

Pretty goodI kinda wish there was a way to make it so the Top Widget app didn’t open every time I opened one of my apps but otherwise pretty good.Version: 3.5.8

I love this app I really recommend 🥰🥰🥰I love this app I really recommend 🥰🥰🥰OMG.Version: 3.5.8

Great app 5starsIt’s free!!! It’s easy to use and quick! Just a button away, no purchase needed for any of it, but you can get vip if you want EVERYTHING but it’s not worth it, it being free is perfect! I highly recommend this app.Version: 3.5.7

Such a good app!I would definitely recommend this app it I great!!!.Version: 3.5.7

Best appThe transparent works my phone screen looks so sick way better the. Widget smith..Version: 3.5.5

Easy to use and love the designsAfter trying different widget apps, I find their designs more appealing to the eyes and very easy to customize esp for newbies. The only con is that there is a little delay/lag time before the shortcut widget opens apps like Apple Music or Spotify..Version: 3.5.6

Cant find top widget in the actual widget adding placeStill a very good app just need some help.Version: 3.5.6

Amazing app!This app is truly amazing! A lot of things are free and I finally got my dream Home Screen! I am very pleased with this app and I highly recommend it! 😁.Version: 3.5.5

Very niceI like it so much.Version: 3.5.2

TimeThe app is great and i really enjoyed it but the time is an hour behind schedule and i’ve tried everything to set it back but it just won’t go back i’m crossing my fingers it will go back but other then that it an overall great app.Version: 3.5.4

The transparency setting keeps sinking outIt’s such a good app with so many options for widgets and backgrounds but every time i use the transparent setting for one of the widgets after a little while the photo won’t match up anymore and i’ll have to redo it..Version: 3.5.2

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