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NAVICA allows you to receive and store encrypted results from select Abbott rapid COVID-19 tests and manage your NAVICA Pass. The NAVICA app will display a digital NAVICA Pass via a QR code, similar to an airline boarding pass, for anyone who has received a negative result. Sharing your pass with NAVICA-enabled organizations such as employers and schools verifies authenticity of your negative COVID-19 test results.

- Show your NAVICA ID at a NAVICA-enabled test center
- View current and historical COVID-19 test results at any time
- Receive a NAVICA Pass once the test site submits a negative test result
- Validator to scan other individuals’ NAVICA Entry Passes to confirm their status and authenticity

NAVICA App Comments & Reviews

NAVICA Positive Reviews

Very easy to use and fast resultsIt only took a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Be prepared. If you are using your tablet or phone during the process turn off the sleep or lock function on your device. This way you don’t lose the information and start over. Second, make sure you have your government ID in hand to show when asked. Do not open anything until instructed to do so. Follow their instructions, if you can’t understand them the directions for what they are asking is on the screen. Once you’ve completed your test, you will need to wait the 15 minutes for the results. Again do not let your screen go to sleep. Once your time is up another rep will get on the call to go over your results. You will hold up the sample for them to view and record. I literally had the email with the results immediately following and about 10 minutes later I got the results on the app. Easy!!.Version: 1.34

Not a problemI was extremely skeptical about taking this test after reading all the horrible reviews on here. Make sure you SET UP AN ACCOUNT while still at home before leaving the country. I do have to say the APP is useless except for retrieving your test results. You have to initially use the APP to sign on and then it will automatically take you to a website where you have to answer questions before they connect you with a doctor. It is that simple. Do not lock your phone or have it time out and lock itself at all during the entire test. You do need GOOD and STABLE WiFi when you are out of the country to complete this test. Once you answer the questions online, you are connected with a doctor in less than 30 seconds and they walk you through the entire process. From start to finish it took me 25 minutes and I had my results in 26 minutes. It was a breeze. You do not need to be tech savvy at all. You just have to know how to follow directions. I will be purchasing and using every time I leave the country!.Version: 1.34

Great app; could use a couple extra featuresFirst off, I like the app and how nicely it integrates with the BinaxNow test. There’s one ease-of-use feature I’d like to see though: If someone was, say, working at a company that requires you to go through a drive-through temperature screening when they arrive at work and also has to show their test status in the NAVICA app at the same time, it can be a bit of a safety hazard to be fumbling with unlocking a phone, opening the app, and unlocking the app, even with Face ID enabled. Similar to an airline boarding pass, it would be convenient if the most recent test could be added to Apple Wallet. If you could set some kind of geographic boundary in the app, so when you get to where you have to show the pass for a positive result, it would pop up on the lock screen, just like a boarding pass does at the airport..Version: 1.7.1

Worked perfectlyUsed this app on an international trip for the required testing to return to the US, and it worked perfectly. Yes, make sure you buy the correct test that will work with the eMed proctor to meet the CDC requirement. If you don’t want to buy the six pack of tests from eMed, you can buy them in other quantities from the Optum online store as I did. Make sure it’s the Binax Now Home Antigen test. Setting up the app was easy as was connecting to eMed for the observed test. You are guided through the whole process by a trained guide. The negative result was in the app almost instantly and could be easily displayed, emailed, and/or printed. The result shows it’s an antigen test as well as the time of collection and the result along with your personal information. Just what the CDC requires. We showed the printed result to Qatar airways at check-in, and it was no problem!.Version: 1.29.0

Works well but has glitches.Positives: The testing process works pretty well for the most part. You really need a desktop or laptop but we also did one on a smartphone. My test went pretty well (desktop), but for some reason they could not see the wife’s ID on the same computer/camera so we had to do hers with her iPhone. The whole process took about 30 minutes each and we received the results via email within ten minutes. Negatives: There is a bit of a language barrier but they are polite and professional. It was odd how one person could see my ID but could not see the wife’s. Not sure who’s end the issue was on. I never could get the results to display in my account on the app which was no big deal since I had the copy on my email. Support is pretty much non existent unless you send an email. Overall I was satisfied with the product and process and would definitely use it again..Version: 1.34

Worked great!My husband and I both took the COVID test, each of us on our own phone. We both had a representative available very quickly. My husband was able to do the test by video on his phone. For some reason on my phone I couldn’t hear the representative, although I could see them and they could see me. So I thought it was great that I could complete the test by communicating through text. The folks who helped complete the test were very precise, patient, and gave clear instructions. It was uncomplicated, simple, and I can’t see how it could’ve been any easier. The results were quick, negative for both of us. We were able to both print our results as well as have it available on the app for our cruise just two days later. Thanks guys for making that easy!.Version: 1.31

Quick, easy processI was dreading taking my pre-flight test back to the United States based on the reviews I’d read of this app. Surprisingly, it all went really smoothly for all three people who took the COVID-19 Ag Card home test (including myself). Took us about 30 minutes each, and got the certification PDF via email right after each test was completed. The only downside I saw is that your success is partially based on the tech setup of the proctor on the other end. When I took it, there were no issues. When another member of my family took it using the identical setup, the proctor (a different one this time) was having connectivity issues and couldn’t see the video..Version: 1.34

No issues, way better than finding a local pharmacyMy wife and I tested ourselves on the last night of our trip and got it all done in less than an hour (combined) on our phone browsers. We got our results/reports emailed to us less than 5 minutes after our respective tests. We even both set up our accounts after we had left the US so dont give up if you didnt read all the instructions like us =P Yes it’s cumbersome carrying the tests with you for the whole trip but it was great being able to do the testing from our hotel room and not needing to take time out of our trip to find a place that would do it without charging a crazy amount. As long as this requirement exists Ill be using these tests..Version: 1.39.1

So much better than going to a test site!My wife went to a test site in person and was traumatized by the experience. They stick those swabs 4 inches up your nose! I couldn’t get an appointment for a test that would be ready in time for the concert we’re attending so we bought the BinaxNOW kit and downloaded this app hoping it would give us something to show. It made the testing process so easy and convenient. The process is painless and the app walks you through each step. It times the test for you.…..and you end up with results you can show on your phone. The whole thing takes about 20 min. I only wish the tests didn’t cost so much. $23 for two tests at CVS..Version: 1.31

It’s not rocket scienceI don’t really understand all the people having issues. I scanned the box with the app, entered in pertinent information (get off your soapbox people it’s healthcare), logged on using my computer, and followed instructions. They also put the instructions on screen but the whole process is easy to figure out. Stick goes up nose, into card, find out if you’re pregnant or not 15 minutes later. I now have my test results ready in the app. The emed professionals were very nice. I think I may have heard a rooster in the background during one call though so that’s cool. The whole thing took probably 25 minutes..Version: 1.34

App is great, test is done through emedThe app is great at what it’s supposed to do. The app is not supposed to give you access to the proctors. It is only for test reporting and viewing. I think that’s what’s causing the confusion and the bad reviews. The proctored test is actually done on emed’s website, preferably on a laptop where you can control the camera angle that has to always point to the test kit throughout the duration of the test. I assume you can also do it from a mobile device’s browser but you may need to have someone hold the phone while you do the test or place the phone in a way to show the test kit on camera at all time..Version: 1.34

“Days Since Neg Result” indicatorThe app gives you a COVID test “digital pass” for airport boarding, and for arrival in other countries. On the day of the test, the indicator shown on the pass is in hours i.e. “8 hours since negative test result “. Which is great. After 24 hours, however, the indicator jumps immediately to “2 days since negative test result”, even though it has only been 24 hours. Similarly, after 48 hours, the indicator jumps to “3 Days since negative test result“, (even though it has only been 2) etc. This is inaccurate and confusing. I recommend the app increment to “one day since negative test result” after 24 hours etc..Version: 1.31

Easy, quick, essential for international travelIt just takes a few minutes to set up everything ahead, making sure that all the ducks are in a row. I did make sure to set up app while home, before travel. The two individuals that oversaw the test were great, and the entire process took less than 25 minutes from start to finish once the session started. This process does require good internet connection, Safari browser, and a well lit, quiet location. App is easy to use and results were instantly sent to the NAVICA app. The “pass” is easily found on the app for when it is needed to be presented for US entry..Version: 1.31

Easy and straightforwardDon’t be fooled by the bad reviews, all you have to do is follow the clear directions and you’ll have a lovely experience. First off, you don’t use this app for the proctored test. You just use this app to see your results. To do your proctored test use your login credentials on the emed website, follow the clear instructions and make sure you turn the auto-lock feature off of whichever device you’re using so the video call doesn’t time out. You’ll get your results in 15 min, easy! Make sure you PRINT off your results of have a PDF download on your phone before travel..Version: 1.35

Easy and convenientI hesitated on using this test because of all the reviews. However we really didn’t have an option since our cruise left on Monday and we couldn’t find an appointment over the weekend. App set up was easy. Just double check everything is correct. I waited for a proctor for 25 min. I’ve sat in doctors offices longer. She walked me through the test and had directions on screen. Results were in my inbox and in the app minutes after I hung up. Just know you need a computer for this. You don’t get a proctor through the app. My husband and I both had no problems..Version: 1.34

The app itself is greatGetting this app set up and getting my tests run and verified all worked pretty flawlessly. I was happy with that. Was the proctor process painful? Sometimes. I’ve done this twice and one time I had no wait time because I did it on the weekend in the middle of the afternoon—I’m guessing this is off-peak hours. The other time was a workday evening and took much longer to get connected. The proctors themselves can sometimes be hard to understand, mostly due to connection, but that isn’t the apps’ fault, so my rating is given based on my assessment of the app itself..Version: 1.31

Love the idea, terrible onboardingI *love* the what Abbott is doing with COVID testing and including an app in the process to streamline things is fantastic. Too long has testing been a mess in our country. However, the onboarding process in the app is terrible. No auto-fill support means you have type in every single bit of information, opening the opportunity for errors. No password manager support means that login credentials can easily be lost and complex passwords are difficult to handle. Speaking of passwords, the app refused to take several different passwords I generated, even though I confirmed it fit the listed password criteria. I had to keep reducing the password complexity until the app finally took a password..Version: 1.4

Easy PeasyI was skeptical after reading all the poor reviews about this app but tried it anyway. We were traveling back to the US from an international trip and need a negative test that was proctored within 1 business day of travel. I woke up at 6am and had no wait time to connect with a proctor and was done 25 minutes later. Make sure to turn your auto lock off and have good service. My results were sent to me just seconds after I got off the video call. 10/10 recommend if you need a negative test when traveling back to the US!.Version: 1.34

Just frustratedTrying to got to a hockey game and a rapid antigen test was needed. Worked through all of the steps and got to the timer. God Forbid I make it past the timer. Wasted 18 dollars because the timer froze. Never left the app, one time it froze so I said “Ok, I will go back and try again” but no, because it was already marked as used I guess I can’t continue the process. I get upset because that 9 dollars gone. Attempt 2, the timer froze after I went to change brightness by pulling down on the top right… that’s not leaving the app.. can the timer please run in the background? Wasted my money and just extremely frustrated right now. Other than that the app isn’t bad..Version: 1.31

Quick, Easy, PainlessOverall, the process took me about 30 minutes from beginning to end. From registering through my iPhone App to completing the test. Only flaw is that they don’t say you should be using a desktop or laptop for this process. The iPhone app directs you to enter onto a Chrome or Edge browser. I may have had trouble but luckily I travel with my laptop. My only quarrel but overall did this in the comfort of my own hotel room with no panic of searching for a test site during a holiday in a foreign country or having to stand outside in the cold. This was perfect ! You do not have to be tech savvy. If you can comprehend English & understand descriptive images. You’ll be fine. The phone operators were very kind and understood them just fine. Register your information as written on your passport or license. As it suggests! And you’ll be just fine. Digital results were sent almost immediately..Version: 1.34

Great for TravelWe used eMed kits and the NAVICA app for return to the US from Canada last week. I would say the only negative is needing both eMed AND Navica logins - I expected the app would do all. Be sure to set up both prior to travel to make the process easier. We have cell service with AT&T that includes Canada coverage. We were able to use that and our iPads to complete the testing. We then uploaded results to United Airlines to fly and were asked to show the QR codes on our phones at airline checkin. Entire process was simple and we have recommended to others..Version: 1.39.1

Easy process, no issuesFirst of all, without this app, you can definitely manage to get your test processed. I did everything through the website with absolutely no problems. Pretty straightforward process, both reps were great! I’m not sure why people are having issues, I had none and I have to admit I was very worried after reading the horrible reviews. Nothing to be worries about. If you’re not comfortable with using the app, just use the website and you’re fine!.Version: 1.34

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