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PlantIn: Plant Identifier Customer Service

“PlantIn makes the life of my plants less stressful than ever”, — one of our user`s feedback.

Welcome to PlantIn, a worldwide #1 virtual gardening companion. A new way to take care of your plants and get qualified assistance.

Key functions include:

- Accurate plant and disease identification
Our scanning algorithm prepares a cure guide in seconds.

- Personalized plant care journal
Watch your plants change and grow. We offer automated tracking of your plant conditions — just enjoy its progress.

- Exclusive advice from professional gardeners
Send a request to a gardener and get detailed instructions on further actions.

- Scheduled care reminder
Daily reminders on watering, cutting, propagation, repotting. The notification system is based on your routine, location, climate, and other important data. All the plant care requirements are handled automatically, so you don't need to find them on your own.

- Expert blog
Read about your favorite plants, gardening tips, and lifehacks. Also, check the blog for entertaining content.

- Discussion forum for plant enthusiasts
Chat with other users on any plant issues that might concern you.

Can’t guess a plant? Confused what’s wrong with your flower? Puzzled by a houseplant watering routine? Need advice on propagation? For this and even more — PlantIn is always here.

Intuitive interface + personalized approach = the leading guide for plant care management.

PlantIn AI database grows every time the plant identification is made. You can find everything — from popular weeds to specific local flora.

Try it and make sure — gardening has never been so easy.

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PlantIn: Plant Identifier App Comments & Reviews

PlantIn: Plant Identifier Positive Reviews

It’s pretty good, but not greatI like the apps reminders and the interface is cute and simple to use, I just dislike that you have to do a little bit more digging to find more information on your plants and that there’s no separation between your wishlist of plants and plants that you actually own (I guess I could just not put things on my wishlist...). The only thing that could make this better is if I could use the pictures that I took of my own plants to differentiate between them in the “my plants” tab (which would be helpful if you have multiple of the same type of plant in different areas because some were having problems that others are not).... but overall it’s a pretty decent app..Version: 1.12.3

Best app everTo be honest, I have never developed plants. I already thought that there was some kind of evil eye on me. Whichever plant I buy, it always withers after three months, even if it was a succulent that hardly needs watering. It seems to me that only a cactus would not be wilted, but I do not really like cacti. So I kept trying and this time I got a ficus. I found out the seller all the details about his departure and did everything right, but the ficus also began to fade. I was already completely desperate, but then I found out about this application. I photographed my plant and the experts helped me solve the problem. It turns out this time it was not about me. Pests have started on the ficus. It's good that they helped me to cure my plant and get rid of them. Now it grows further. I hope everything will be fine with the plant. What a pity that I found out about this app so late. I could have saved all the previous plants as well..Version: 1.13.1

Very goodI was recently presented with a small money tree. I really wanted to raise him. I watered it a little and exposed it to the light, but it still didn't grow. I tried to change the exit strategy, but it still didn't grow. I didn't understand what was the matter. It took a long time but it remained the same size as it was when it was presented to me. Then I downloaded this application and asked the experts what was the matter. It turns out that the pot in which this plant was presented to me was too big for this and it spent too much energy on the development of the root system. Because of this, Ratsenia did not have the strength to grow at all. They explained to me how to transplant plants in great detail and I was able to transplant it into a smaller pot. Immediately after that, I noticed how it started to grow. Many thanks! If I have any other problems, I will definitely contact the experts with them..Version: 1.14.0

GutI have a few plants, everything was fine with them until I left them to my friend to look after him while I went on vacation. After that, the plants began to feel bad, they began to fade, one of them turned yellow almost completely. I tried to look after them as before, but they did not bounce back, I did not know what to do and what happened to them. I tried to google what they got sick but found nothing. All advice turned out to be inappropriate in my case. Then I downloaded this application, uploaded photos and experts were able to identify my problem. They told what to do in this situation, drew up a treatment plan for the plant and they returned to normal. I am very happy. Thank them for that. Plants have been with me for a very long time and I would be upset if they wilted. I will not leave them to this friend again..Version: 1.14.0

BobAll my life I have only grown cacti. All my other plants were withering away. Even if friends went on vacation and asked to look after their plants, I managed to do something wrong. But something changed and I wanted to try to start my plant again. This time I was serious. I know the problem is that I keep forgetting to water so I downloaded this app for reminders. But then I decided to try out the care plan feature and loved it. It turns out that there are much more nuances than I thought, and simple watering is not enough even if you do not forget about it. I am glad that I turned to the experts for help this time and I will do everything right. Plus, I can be sure that thanks to the notifications I will not forget about the regular maintenance of my new plant. Thank you so much!.Version: 1.14.0

GoodLately, a lot of stress has appeared in my life. I read that indoor plants help you cope and relax. Then I bought my first plant. It was ficus. At first, everything was fine, but he began to fade. I didn't know what to do. And what could be wrong? I looked for information on the Internet and it seemed to me that I was watering it correctly. I tried changing the watering mode but it didn't work. Then I downloaded this application and it turned out that the whole thing was a draft. My plant was standing right in front of the air conditioner and the cold wind was hurting it. It's good that I found this out. I moved it to a different location and everything worked out. I am very glad that everything was resolved this way. Thanks a lot for your help. Hopefully, my life will be less stressful thanks to this app..Version: 1.14.0

👌I was recently given an orchid. I have wanted this flower for a very long time. I really liked that. I was told how to care for it and I tried not to water it too often. And everything was in order, but then healthy buds began to fall off. I was very upset because I wanted the flower to bloom. I asked my friends for advice, but no one could help me. Nobody faced the same problem as me. Then I downloaded this application and I was told that it might be that the water I was using was too cold. Water for irrigation should be soft and at room temperature. It is true, I took water directly from the tap and did not monitor its temperature at all. I tried to defend the water and then the buds stopped falling off. I hope when new buds grow, I will not repeat this mistake. Thank you very much. I didn't know that this happens..Version: 1.13.1

CoolI have an indoor potted citrus tree (grown from seed) that has a great sentimental value for me but that I have cared for improperly and it has been in very bad shape. I have somewhat improved in my care regiment and it has recovered but growing very tall and spindly, and now it has reached some 180cm in height and bumping in the ceiling of the windowsill. I had so many questions. Should I prune the plant? Or transplant somewhere outside? How much light and warmth is necessary for the cutting at this stage? I keep it at the windowsill but the light is muted and the weather cold. Would adding artificial lights help at this stage? I tried to find answers on the forms but to no avail. Then I downloaded this app and found all the answers I needed there. The experts explained to me in great detail everything that interested me and made a plan for leaving for the future. Many thanks..Version: 1.14.0

Monstera has been savedI have recently purchased a monstera adansonii. It was reduced as the plant has suffered some heat shock in a cold shop and some of the leaves were browning/yellow and crispy. I didn't know how exactly I could help and what was the best way to get this plant healthy and thriving again. Did I need to completely cut off all leaves that had damage on them? Then I downloaded this application and experts helped me find the right care for my plant. And everything worked out! If not for them, my plant would have died. But they picked up the right care and told me how I should look after him. They said it would be best to cut off the damaged leaves. At first, I was afraid to do it, but now the plant has put out a lot of new leaves and looks great. I am very grateful. Now I have a green friend at home..Version: 1.15.2

👍👍👍I always admired Morgan's sedum, where I accidentally saw: in someone's window or offices. But somehow I didn't have to "get to know" him better. And suddenly a friend brought me such a long-awaited plant. As it turned out, he was simply thrown out, because the appearance of the plant left much to be desired - the stems were half bare, and the needle-leaves crumbled, it seems to me, from one glance. I knew that I could not save it on my own, so I turned to the experts. I was prescribed a detailed plan for this rescue, I carefully followed everything that was advised to me. And after a while, the flower came to life! It has changed right before our eyes. I'm so glad a friend found this. Thanks to the experts for helping to revive this poor thing. Now he pleases me finally in my house..Version: 1.13.1

HiI have a colleague at work, she is fond of growing house plants. She talked so fascinatingly about her hobby that I also got fired up with this idea. But when I bought myself a plant, it got sick almost immediately. I didn't know what to do. I turned to my colleague for advice at first, but it turned out that she herself is not very versed in ratios. She just used this application and on her advice I also downloaded it. Experts analyzed my problem and found ways to solve it. They also helped me draw up an exit plan and now I'm not scared. I am sure that if I have any problems with plants, experienced experts will immediately help me to solve them. I bought a few more plants and I hope that I will become the same avid gardener too. I'm already in anticipation..Version: 1.13.1

GoodI bought a house plant that was labeled as Calathea a few months ago and it was doing fine. I recently moved house and therefore moved the plant's position and it's started dying! The plant was floppy, the leaves were dry and shriveled. Some stems have dried up completely. I’ve googled it and I was not even sure mine one was a Calathea as it didn’t look like the photos. I’ve tried to care for it by myself but have not seen any improvement. Then I turned to the help of this application and experts helped me find the right care for my plant. They told me what I was doing wrong and how I can fix it. Thanks to the fact that I followed their advice, the plant came to life and looks like it is even going to bloom. Thanks to the experts, they helped me a lot..Version: 1.13.1

Use the app but—- (year 2021)Pros: - You can google what type of plant you have and then type in the plant’s name in the app, enabling you to find your Heath care for the plant. -you don’t have to pay for the basic steps on how to take care of your plant. - the app has a search tool with a wide range of plant types and such. - you can ask questions through email Cons: - you have no idea what specific rotting plants look like -I would prefer more images on the plants -the camera inspection thing doesn’t work. I have a senecio succulent but the photo captured and registered it as a type of purple flower???? Basically, camera recognition is wack. - depending on who you are, you have to pay for certain things. Some are just my opinions and preferences but mainly they are all facts. Overall the app seems to be pretty good so far so yeah..Version: 1.15.2

Missing features that would be importantI got the year subscription, thinking That the additional features would have been more developed. I was disappointed to find that the cure disease diagnoses for all plants are pretty close to the same. Which is fine, because that part seemed a little too good to be true. The part that really upset me is that not one plant care description notes the light requirements for the plant. I have had to look those up on google. Which for a plant care app, is pretty disappointing. If I could, I would get my money back and invest it in another app. That being said, the care reminders are helpful and the identification feature works pretty well..Version: 1.11.0

Love this appI have spotted this large, soft black mark on my peperomia plant. I couldn`t find any information online. I was depressed. Then I downloaded this application and experts helped me find the right care for my plant. And everything worked out! This is the best solution. I bought the pro version and consult about all my plants. I didn't know I was making so many mistakes. Many of them bloomed for the first time. I'm very glad. Real professionals work here. Thank you so much. I also really like the reminder feature. It helps a lot for forgetful people like me..Version: 1.14.0

Works for meI’m not sure why all the negative reviews. This identified 95% of my plants. I like the reminders when to water. Some improvements could be made to help automatically diagnose common problems as you take progress pictures (such as more or less light, water, etc). Another improvement would be the ability to create specific growth plans for each plant like when you should repot, trim, or propagate..Version: 1.13.0

Plant helpThis plant app is simply wonderful, it has a camera to take pictures and scan it to determine the plant, this app give you the ability to research plants and to care for them. Being able to get information right on hand could help determine my possibilities of what type of plants I want this app is amazingly helps with decision making and all..Version: 1.13.1

Great app but out for your money hardApp does have some useful functions but you need to pay to use different parts of the app. Not to mention the 5 upselling pop ups i recieved when i first opened the app. The app provides a good description of common house plants. That which you can google with no problem. Initially I downloaded this app for diagnosing purposes but after paying 7.99 for the app, i didnt find it fair to pay another fee to use what the app initially promises to do..Version: 1.15.0

Subscription ads do not closeWhenever I try to add a plant to my list, the ad for subscription pops up. That’s all fine, but when I press “skip” to close it out, it does nothing. Every other option works but the option to skip. I have to force close the app and reopen numerous times while using this app. I understand the need for ads but this seems predatory and quite frankly disrupts the ease of use of this app..Version: 1.15.5

I haven’t had enough time to see if it’s helpful yet. Good news the plants still aliveHaven’t used it for long enough.Version: 1.14.4

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