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Stop using the ordinary homescreen.
With IconChic, you can easily change the iPhone themes & DIY your homescreen icons freedom!

#Various iOS14 Themes and Wallpapers
-Halloween Theme
-Aesthetic Theme
-Neon Theme

#500+ icons and powerful app library for you
-Instagram icons
-Facebook icons
-Twitter icons

#Easy Icon Change to DIY your home screen
-Muss Icons Change
-Powerful app library
-Change all app icons in one app, save your time

IconChic Pro Subscription:
-Lifetime Subscription-$19.99
-Yearly Subscription-$18.99
-Monthly Subscription-$2.99
* Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
* Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, user can cancel in account settings

Terms of Use: https://productdoc.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/terms-icon.html
Privacy Policy: https://productdoc.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/private-icon.html

IconChic - Aesthetic Themes App Comments & Reviews

IconChic - Aesthetic Themes Positive Reviews

One of the best!This application is very simple, my family recommend iconchic to me, they know that I like to decorate my iphone very much. When the 14 system was launched, I downloaded a lot of apps to change the app icon. However, I must say that iconchic is the best to use. You only need to download a file. You can install all the icons at once, instead of installing one at a time like other apps. This is really convenient. And they have a lot of themes, all of them are beautiful, I really like iconchic..Version: 1.3.2

Some apps don’t show...I paid for this app and the one thing I don’t find good is that there isn’t a lot of variety... 16 dollars for only a little bit of themes is kind of off putting, but I do love how the apps open up without having to use the shortcut app. I am a little weary about what they do with my info though. A big turn off for me right now is that I cannot use all my apps—such as Twitter. When I go to assign the icon to the app, Twitter won’t show up. Neither would the phone app, in fact only a handful of apps are showing up whilst this app shows icons for phone and Twitter. I went to try to see if there was a reason why or whether or not there was any info, but it was just the same instructions over and over on how to install it—no troubleshooting. So because of that I can not give it five stars like I want to, not at least til these issues are addressed..Version: 1.3.1

Makers of this app please read this!It is a great app and I used it! But I really wish that more of the sets could be free. Because I really don’t want to pay for that. The free sets are not as cool. Maybe your could add something where you earn the sets so that people could have more sets to choose from..Version: 1.1

Excellent programI usually don’t want ads and pay as soon as I see something that needs to be uninstalled. But it works because there are no shortcuts, there is nothing, and this is a great application, if I were you, I would have had it..Version: 1.1

It does not matterI bought this app in hopes of having a beautiful home screen like everyone else. Home screen option and I found the exact number of icons in the pack, So I changed one and it worked! My home screen is fine now..Version: 1.4

😃I like it very much. I was looking for something like this. This saves you the trouble of searching for the icon when you change the background. It would be even better if the Glow effect and shadows could be colored with the background and logo respectively..Version: 1.4

Very usefulIt is highly recommended if you want to use custom app icons on your home screen, but don't want each icon Individually. I like the actual logo it provides to popular apps. his It is also very easy to use directly and there are not many ads. Awesome app!.Version: 1.4

Iconic valueI bought this app in hopes of having a beautiful home screen like everyone else. Home screen option and I found the exact number of icons in the pack, So I changed one and it worked! My home screen is fine now..Version: 1.4

RecommendI recommend to my frends, I don't like to spend time to search picture and change icon, and wallpaper. In this app, I can dress up my phone easily. So quick, beatuy themes, and realllly save my time. No more words, I think you need to download,.Version: 1.0

I like a lot of themThanks to you, the home screen has been refreshed! I used something like a smartphone dress-up app for the first time, but the operation instructions were easy to understand and easy to use! I will continue to use it habitually!.Version: 1.4

RecommendI have tried many icon apps, but this one is the reallly best and useful. Easy to use, no ads, and many themes, also have free themes!!! I can change themes, change icon, even only use the wallpaper, so great!!! You all need to try..Version: 1.0

Good programAfter running the ad on the home screen for the first time, it is very simple, and after a while the ad will be annoying. But they have to make money in any way. All in all, this is a great app..Version: 1.1

FondAlthough the advertisement is a bit frustrating. But it is worth it! This one app alone can brighten my home screen, and it has many themes, and already contains widgets and app icons! I definitely recommend this as Apple's new update!.Version: 1.1

Amazing appI used the create your own feature. Completely free, didn’t have to watch any ads whatsoever. This feature is amazing. Had absolutely no problems with it at all. Fantastic app and very easy to add widgets and icons. Thank you!.Version: 1.2

Good butYou must watch the video to download the icon and use it. The video is about 45 seconds long. I know. You need to get some premium membership rewards. However, mandatory advertising has not yet entered the market today..Version: 1.1

5 starsThis app is great. They have so many choices, so many different aesthetics, and you just have to change color. But there are too many modifications, so barley is very important. 10/10 will recommend.Version: 1.4

Always ask for money.It is foolish to let us pay, should it be all-inclusive? In addition to finding more content, there are interesting games to complete! You will earn game points to get more applications..Version: 1.1

CommentHaving to open safari and then close the tab is annoying, so when I click another icon, I will not reload the same tab..Version: 1.1

Only certain apps can be changed.Only problem I have it the certain amount of apps you can change. For ex. It shows the Netflix icon and when I go to search for my Netflix, it don’t show up. It’s very frustrating if you ask me. We need the update so we can fix every single app on our phone..Version: 1.1

DifficultyI like it. The icons on the dock are unified. I like it because it's simple, easy to understand and beautiful. It may be a paid option, so I would be even more happy if I could customize the colors..Version: 1.4

It is very easy to use and I love this software.It has a LINE icon and is easy to use. I want you to be able to make requests within the app to make it easier to request. Now I want a Brave browser icon.Version: 1.4

Thank you, idols!The only problem is that after installing the first application, you will have to pay or watch a short video, and I don't know how to install the "auto install" application..Version: 1.1

LikeThere aren't many apps that I use often. It is also nice to be able to customize it on the home screen in an easy-to-understand manner..Version: 1.4

Very easy to use ~ recommendedI tried using various launchers, but this was the most customizable and easy to use. The home can be surprisingly elaborate, and the designs are plentiful!.Version: 1.4

Love themIt would be better if we could have the option to type to sigh in to our account.Version: 1.2

The style is really beautiful! !I'm very happy to have this app installed, and I recommend you to try it. I hope the management will continue to do their best. Overall, I was impressed..Version: 1.4

VcI know you can choose to pay for some apps or watch ads. But at least you don't have to pay, it provides you with some very good options..Version: 1.1

AmazingUnless you don’t want to see ads, it won’t let you pay. But I showed it to my friends, they like my home screen, 100% like this app ? recommended..Version: 1.1

Fresh changesThere are many such products, I have played it again, but this one is cost-effective, and the template is exquisite and low..Version: 1.3

Keep me rating the appI think this topic is very interesting. However, after a few topics, the ad stopped working, so what is the point of choosing to view the ad? Frustrated.Version: 1.1

YesThis app adds a lot of fun and color to my widgets. Widgets are part of the new iPhone update. With different colors, backgrounds, you can also customize widgets! ! 10 stars if I can.Version: 1.4

This app is very goodHowever, if you are committed to setting themes on your phone, this seems to be able to complete most applications..Version: 1.1

You have to payThe only thing that is really wrong is to choose the fewest application icons and also require icons to be included..Version: 1.1

Best in class app!I tried several launchers, but the UI is the easiest to understand. The layout of the app icon on the main screen is also stylish.Version: 1.4

Unless you throw it away when you have money, it's a waste of time.This program is so simple, it took me 30 seconds to complete it, I like it like McDonald's, but I love it!.Version: 1.1

Multiple stylesThis is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand home, but there are still many designs for teens, so please give me a cute and calm design..Version: 1.4

Very usefulIt's really good !! It's very easy to use. The picture is cute, and if you just open your smartphone and see this picture, Tension Max Please use it with everyone..Version: 1.4

Best app i ever loved my new home screenIt does what it says, but it does not change the appearance of the application, it just creates another application with the listed icon. But still cool.Version: 1.1

Hello!You can be creative and find application icons easier & easy to download! Do it much faster, and then do something that adds all the shortcuts!.Version: 1.1

AmazingMost of them are for you! Super simple new home screen! Better than others. 100% free, no need to pay, please download!.Version: 1.1

GreatThis is a great app! I am not interested in getting ads for this application on my mobile phone. But I like this app! If you want a new wallpaper, there are tons of wallpapers!.Version: 1.1

Excellent and very easyI purchased a subscription which is really good. But this is a big deal. My app looks more fashionable now, and customizing it brings me a lot of fun..Version: 1.1

One of a kindI am in love with this app it is so amazing and there is so many things you can choose from and ideas.Version: 1.3

Could be goodThis could be a really good app but they need to update it so we can change any icon on are device right now you can only change a few apps even if you pay for the full version... Please update this....Version: 1.0

It’s okay.It’s ok but not the best. There’s barley any app icon for the most important apps on my phone. Personally I think you should get it if you don’t have very many apps ..Version: 1.0

Very usefulLife is short, you might as well give it a try      .Version: 1.3

 ‍Great design! !‍        ‌It is very convenient to replace all the icons on the desktop 🍭🍭 save time and energy   ‍  ​.Version: 1.4

 Application icon   ​ ‍  It's amazing! So simple! Thank you!‌   ​ .Version: 1.4

  Wow !         It's amazing! Amazing        .Version: 1.4

  5 stars    ‍   ‍‌Great, the theme inside is very cool, highly recommended    ​ ‍ .Version: 1.4

​ like! ! !     ‌‍‌ ‌‍awesome! ‌    ​.Version: 1.4

 Love them     ‍  ‍ It is very simple to use on the iPhone, and it is super easy to use, and super simple, and it does not waste time. It is definitely an excellent application!  ‌   ​ .Version: 1.4

 unbelievable         It actually does all the work for you. All you have to do is download the icon. A dream come true.       .Version: 1.4

 very good     ​  ‍It has many different functions and is very suitable for iOS 14  ​ ‌  .Version: 1.4

 Cherish your time‍​ ​    ‍It is simple and easy to use.  ​​   .Version: 1.4

 ‌Valuable to me         ‍It is simple and therefore easy to use. The wallpaper is simple, the icons are simple, and you can create a neat and orderly menu. recommended. ‍  ‍ ​ .Version: 1.4

  Very easy to use app!    ‍    It is very easy to use, I just pay for it‌ ‍ ‍​​ .Version: 1.4

 ‌Great, but needs a little fix‌‍ ​‌    It has a LINE icon and is easy to use. I hope you can make requests within the app to make it easier to request. Now i want a browser icon      ‍.Version: 1.4

​I only have two but good apps         ‍It does what it says, but it doesn’t change the appearance of the app, it just uses the icon it says to create a different app, which is still very cool   ​‍‍ .Version: 1.4

 ‍Good application    ​    Using this application is very easy, no shortcuts are needed, and it's very fast! ! If you are lazy like me, and don’t want to search for it all day long looking for app icons with cuteness and beauty, I strongly recommend you to use it!‍ ‍   .Version: 1.4

  The best app ever!  ‌ ​     Make my screen look good        .Version: 1.4

 like    ​   ​Make your home screen beautiful.   ​   .Version: 1.4

  Best application  ​     Setting is simpler than other launchers. ‌‌   .Version: 1.4

 Good application          If I can give you 100 stars, I will!       ​.Version: 1.4

 ​I0S14‌        If you haven’t tried this app, then you need    ‍  .Version: 1.4

 I really like this app, thank you  ‌  ​  ‌ Why did I discover such a cool application so late. ‍‍‍   .Version: 1.4

 ‌I like it ​      Let me have a Christmas theme, great     ‍ .Version: 1.4

 Easy to use ‍  ​    Please allow me to access all icons and widgets  ​​    .Version: 1.4

‍well     ‌    Change icon easily  ‍     .Version: 1.4

 Best icon app ​       highly recommended!  ‌ ‌  .Version: 1.4

 ‍iconchic is a nice theme          It is strongly recommended that you use custom app icons on the home screen ‌ ​‌   .Version: 1.4

 familiar   ​‍    ​The color scheme is good. It is too conscience to compare other products   ​    .Version: 1.4

 Haha     ‍    Everything you have is useful‍  ​  ‍‍.Version: 1.4

​recommended to you          You can make a stylish icon. I like to change to the desired icon.    ‍ ‍ .Version: 1.4

  iconchic is a great app       ‍  You can download any theme you like and change it on your phone!‌ ‌   .Version: 1.4

  recommend      ​  You can use this icon to make any number of simple icons!      ​ .Version: 1.4

‍Pink theme         You can customize it to your liking and it is very easy to use.  ‌​‌  .Version: 1.4

  Big icon‍   ‍      Nothing to say, this choice​     .Version: 1.4

‌ Recommend and worthwhile.   ​‍‌    Smooth, easy to use and beautiful! Looking forward to more cute and beautiful themes  ​ ​ .Version: 1.4

 ‍iconchic is easy to use​       ‌ Good application       .Version: 1.4

 5 stars ‍‍ ‍  ‍‍Honestly...I am lazy. Since trying to make all apps beautiful, my app has been a mess, and this is the best solution for me.‍    ‍  .Version: 1.4

‌used‍  ‌   ‍​  But this is beautiful, I will use it     ‌  .Version: 1.4

  This is a good application  ‍ ​‍ ‌​Good application ‌      .Version: 1.4

  The best app!​         Good themes and icons ‍    .Version: 1.4

  I like it ‍‍ ‍ ‌    Good   ​   .Version: 1.4

 Worth the time      ‌   Great app just want to say‍‌  ​ .Version: 1.4

  Love them   ​   ‍ ‌Cute ~ Pork color is also light pink and cute icon⸝ I like‍     .Version: 1.4

 no problem       ​ I bought this app to have the same beautiful home screen as everyone else‍ ‌    .Version: 1.4

  iconchic is a good application  ​ ‌  ‌‍Excellent application, no need to waste time    ‍   .Version: 1.4

​ Love them‌​       ​Help me change all icons and wallpapers     ​ .Version: 1.4

​ These are great icons ​        well    ‍  .Version: 1.4

 Comfortable‍ ‍  ​‌​ Would recommend‌  ‌    .Version: 1.4

  iconchic is a good application‌       For those who like it, it looks very beautiful. It is good to be able to select icons with the same meaning, but a variety of modes are prepared. It seems that other icons will be updated in the future. Is the application I want to continue using   ‌    .Version: 1.4

 recommend   ‍​    Excellent! The background is cute! There can be more food series      .Version: 1.4

  Pink theme​​ ‍​      Easy to use​‌  ‌  .Version: 1.4

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