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Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller. Grow the bigger army to crush your opponents. Strategize your moves and outgrow others!

Simple drag controls from one building to another to connect them together.

Good luck!

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The ads man.....Okay so I LOVE this game. It’s super fun, and a bit challenging, but not so challenging that I want to quit. There are quite a few ads but honestly I don’t mind it. The ONLY reason this is getting 3 stars instead of five is because there is a series of ads where it says “Know More” at the bottom and the exit button doesn’t at all. Every time one of those ads pops up I have to close out the game and restart it. So if I’m in the middle of a round, I lose that progress. This has caused me a lot of frustration as it has happened a couple of times right before I am about to beat a particularly hard round. If y’all could fix this bug that would be great. I’m ok an iPhone if that helps..Version: 1.9.1

I like it, but there are problems.I really like this game, but as usual, a great game is ruined by ads. It’s very annoying playing a game and then having it interrupted multiple times while you are trying to execute your strategy. Also, it’s cool that you can “freeze” your opponent, but there are issues. You don’t have to use the freeze, but the prompt is often placed right in front of a box and you are unable to do anything on a blocked box until the prompt moves. You can’t close the prompt, so you have to wait until the timer runs out to regain access to your box, by which time you have lost valuable time and resources, causing you to lose the round. You get so frustrated that you just end up pressing the “freeze”, but doing this seems to put your opponents on freeze permanently, which takes the challenge out of winning. So you either easily win or unfairly lose. I would really like to see improvements to this game because it is a lot of fun. Currently, though, I’m about two seconds away from deleting it..Version: 1.7

Game with ads, or an ad with a game.The game is great, it is a perfect type game for me. It is challenging enough that it is interesting to play, but simple enough I don’t have to get involved in any heavy reading and strategizing. I ended up dumping it because of the ads. Having an ad or two between game levels is fine and I fully accept the need for ads. However, stopping the game play, in a dynamic game, for an ad is just irritating beyond my ability to enjoy the game. Each level only takes a couple of minutes, you really don’t need that many ads. It is like reading Facebook stories where you have to wait to load and then Wade through 20 ads for every paragraph. I don’t read any of the stories anymore simply because of so many ads. It is a shame because I would play the game and check out the ads if there weren’t so many. I played for thirty minutes and say the same five ads a hundred times..Version: 1.7

I was shocked.Not gonna lie, when I saw the ad for this I was like, “No WAY does this have more than 2 stars this game looks so stupid.” So I legit downloaded it just so I could laugh at how terrible it would be. Well.... I couldn’t believe it. The game really fun. And I am reluctant to admit it is now my favorite game on my phone right now 🙄. Good job developers. For those still reading, it’s a fairly challenging puzzle game—much more challenging than I thought it would be (some levels more than others). If I could recommend one thing to the developers, it would be to make the computers a bit more consistently smart. Sometimes they make the most obviously wrong move, and then what could have been a fun puzzle turns into an unsatisfyingly easy win. Other times, I’m expecting the computer to play dumb when all of a sudden they make a really effective move and I’m actually compelled to sit up straight in my chair in order to have a chance at saving the win. Oh, and if you want more downloads, make the ad better. Unless you’re hoping people will be so curious to see how terrible the game will be they are tempted to download it. In that case, it totally worked. 👍🏼.Version: 1.7

Strategy1) The deal with the ads I personally was shocked by how many ads there were and by that I mean there isn’t a lot for me. I get made 1-2 ads between games BUT I’m on level 250 so the games are longer. While in the first few levels they are short and easy 2) I saw a review saying some that that level 25 is too hard and that they tried over 100 times beating it. Although this game is made for 12+ yr olds. It’s a strategy game. Very strategic. That’s is why I am so fond of this game. 3) I’m not making fun of this person that can’t pass level 25 but level 25 is passable. Same with 100,150,200,250 and so on so forth. Though some of these levels are repeated. But that is completely fine because you can experiment different strategies to defeat the enemies..Version: 1.7

Fun and not too hardYes, everyone else is right there are wayyy too many ads. If, however, you turn off your WiFi or cell service the ads stop and you can still play the game. As for the game, it really is quite fun. It’s not too challenging, but just enough so you have to think a little. They definitely need a better explanation of the game objectives and components. (I think it took me 10 levels to realize the arrow directions and multiple lines per tower). I think they also need more levels — either that or there is a massive glitch at level 144. I beat the level but the game won’t advance. I think it would be nice if you could pick your color, instead of default blue..Version: 1.7

Just another voodoo game.I saw an ad for this game many times repeatedly, and I got interested and downloaded it. Since it is a voodoo game I knew there were going to be a lot of ads. I was right. So I turned on airplane mode and started playing. The graphics were kind of good, and gameplay was pretty good for a voodoo game, but it gets boring pretty fast. There are no upgrades for your fighters or towers and I don’t want to sound whiney, but it gets pretty difficult forcing you to watch even more ads to get things two times stronger. Overall this game is just another voodoo game. It had a new idea, and just put the basic thing down. It is fun in the beginning, but just gets more boring down the line since there are no upgrades to make you stronger..Version: 1.7

It’s great :)Now even tho this game is actually a great game, it can be quite frustrating 😭. Like JUST now, as I was playing it, everybody had their own lil section and decided to attack mine 😐 like that’s so annoying. And they do that a lot. I know thats the point of the game (i guess), but it’s sooo annoying. And the ads... omllll i get a lotta ads 😭 like sometimes I’ll even get two during one game. Usually theyre short, so I guess it’s ok. But it’s during the game!!! Like omg, what if I die. But then again, i guess the game “pauses” or wtv during an ad. Idk.. but still. The ads during the game is very annoying 😭 and i get an ad after EVERY game. Goodness gracious 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ luckily i got used to it lol, but yeah.Version: 1.9.1

AdsI know you need ads to live and eat I’m fine with ads just not this quantity you beat a level then ad which I think is ok not enough to call to many ads but they also have a lot of ads that give bonuses which again doesn’t make it to many ads those are optional as well but in the middle of the game it gives ads which is awful it stops what you are doing completely and you can get multiple per round 3/5 stars either remove the ads in the middle of a round or make it so ads only appear every 2-5 rounds and the only reason it is this high with this much complaining is that gameplay is good and music and you can get a chicken hat but it does use the same currency you need to progress.Version: 1.7

Didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I doI first got this game as a time waster. Something simple that I wouldn’t be obsessed with but being able to put down at a moment’s notice and have no worries... well that’s not really the case every time I get sucked into another puzzle! I’m addicted to it. I however don’t care to watch adds and I don’t mind supporting a game that pulled me in like this for free. So I payed for the no adds and still have adds 😣. I have updated the game and tried restoring my purchases and yet they still come. If it wasn’t for that I would give this game 5 stars. If the problem gets fixed I’ll update and change my stars..Version: 1.9.1

More Buildings??I love this game, but there are a lot of ads, I feel like almost every time I take over a building, there is an ad. Could you make it so there are less ads? Like 1 ad every two rounds? It makes it so it’s not annoying, and people don’t delete it. Now let’s talk about the buildings, I like the fact that the different shaped buildings means different things, but could we get more variety? Like, a star building where we can’t let it get caught by the enemies or we automatically lose? This would make the game more challenging! I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the ads, but overall it’s a great game!!!.Version: 1.9.1

Enjoyable1) I really like this game. The ads are kind of annoying but honestly if you just turn on airplane mode it all goes away. And even without airplane mode I didn't get an ad for 4 games in a row! 2) The game is extremely addicting, even though I bought it for the sole purpose at laughing at it and then deleting it, I am on level 78 and I have played for less than a day, so I would say it is pretty fun. I also love that if you don’t if you don't think you can just exit and then try again. 5/5 recommend for s fun game to play on an airplane, in the car, or just sitting in your bed..Version: 1.7

Way too many adsThis is an addicting, however the most annoying thing is to be in the middle of a level and have to wait for an ad that randomly pops up. Not only that, but directly after the level it’s starts up another ad. It wouldn’t be as annoying if the ads honored the fact that my phone is on silent and the game settings are on SILENT. They don’t. I realize I can spend money to get rid of the ads but I generally don’t like to spend my hard earned money on a game that I may only play for a short period of time. The other thing the longer I play the more I’m noticing repeat levels, which I don’t mind so much right now but I can see that getting old after a while..Version: 1.7

Lots of little thingsThis would easily be 4 or even 5 stars except for a few small details which are really annoying. For starters, ads pop up randomly during gameplay. You’ll be trying to adjust strategy, and suddenly an ad interrupts. Also of note is the various display overlays cover too much of the screen. It makes it hard to see what’s happening at the top, and because you can’t rotate or zoom in/out, smaller buildings can be blocked from view by larger ones. Because of the way the game works, this makes it impossible to counter attacks because you don’t see them coming. It’s a fun game, it just needs a couple tweaks to make it better..Version: 1.9.1

Just some updatesI think the game is fun and interesting and have some things that i think could just fix small problems. sometimes the numbers are getting blocked by other things so you should incorporate zooming in and out. another thing is you only have like 5-10 level formats so once you beat the level, you see it again and already know how to beat it so there’s not a thrill of an actual new level. also i think choosing your color and upgrading your skills would be fun. like little power ups would be a nice incorporation to the game..Version: 1.7

Good filler gameI don’t have the issue of ads since I turn my WiFi off after booting the game up. However, for the love of everything good, move the stupid level bar out of the way. Not only does it not have to be that big for no reason, it is in the way of viewing the field. I’ll use level 80 as an example. That retarded bar cover 2 buildings almost completely: well the middle-most top one was completely covered. I did not know there was one there until an enemy building sent guys to it. The level bar is not even relevant I believe, but if you want it, I’d say make it small and away from the playing field. It obstructs too much..Version: 1.7

To many addsWay too many ads, when you get into a game, when you’re out of a game, when you’re in the middle of the game every time you get on the game it just has every single ad every like 10 seconds and you can’t even play like if I set a timer for like an hour and I just like play for an hour I’ll probably spend more time doing ads than playing. And another reason why I giving it a three rate star is because like the game still goes on when you’re in add like every 10 seconds like when you’re about to beat the game it’s just keeps on going and they beat you I think I figured that out..Version: 1.6.1

Good game?Ok, let me tell you this now. This game is fun, but there are a lot of ads. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because I have satisfaction with the quality and entertainment with the game. The reason it’s not five is because of the ads. Could I suggest that you could maybe dial it down a bit? I get ads about every 5 minutes and it does get irritating after awhile. And when I’m in the middle of a game an ad suddenly pops up with no warning. Please make the ad situation better so that this game will be more enjoyable to other people..Version: 1.9.1

Waaaaaay too many adsThe game is fun don’t get me wrong, it’s a little easy but it’s still entertaining, but the ads pop up constantly, like even in the middle of the level even though they are short ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds it’s still pretty annoying and frustrating, and completely pulls you out of having fun and the fact that you have to pay 99c for no ads it’s a common mobile game thing but it pushes you further from doing it because of how annoying they are about pushing the ads. 3 stars out of 5 the ads are the only issue that keep you from having fun..Version: 1.8

Unexpectedly fun, with a few problemsI really like this game, I thought it would be really stupid but it’s actually really addictive and challenging. There are a few problems though 1) things getting in the way: the level bar and sometimes the freeze opponent bar will get in the way of the buildings making it harder to play the game 2) there are a lot of ads, sometimes randomly in the middle of the game. The good part is that they’re automatically muted so they don’t stop my music or audio books I’m listening too.Version: 1.9.1

Why can’t more games be like thisI downloaded the game off the add in Archero. The ads were annoying and but the game seemed interesting so I dropped the 2.99 to remove ads. I believe you should always “tip”. This game is by far my favorite game. Though I am currently stuck on a level. The only knock, and it’s not much of one is I would love to revisit a level. Some of them are super hard and I want to make sure it’s not a fluke that I won. This developer if he keeps improving this game is going to make millions lol..Version: 1.9.1

Fun great game, frustrating adsI really enjoy this game. I find it enjoyably challenging, and strategic enough to keep my interest. HOWEVER, the way ads pop up mid game has got to change. It frustrates me so badly that I truly enjoy playing this game and after playing 2 levels I’m ready to delete the app. I would play 15x more of the ads were moved to AFTER each level. Not in the middle of them. Please change this, you have a great game that I *want* to continue playing..Version: 1.7

Not enough levelsSo I see all the reviews here talking about the ads. It’s a free to play game. It’s going to have ads. The bigger concern for me is that there are really only like 100 or so levels and then they repeat. I’m on level 400+ so essentially I’ve played every level around 4 times now. The game is really fun and addictive so it’s getting 5 stars from me but I’m going to set it down for a few weeks and come back in the hopes that the makers update it with more scenarios for levels..Version: 1.9.1

Good but needs improvementsThis game has very minimum levels, I gotten to the point where the level difficulty revert back to the easiest level after completing a certain level. This game very much needs to tone down the amount of ads popping up at the middle of the game as it ruins the experiences. And for the hardest levels, they are literally impossible ever because you get to a situation where you lose almost all towers and you can’t recovers so you have to restart. And everytime you restart, you get an ad. So this game doesn’t last for more than 3 days of gameplay..Version: 1.9.1

It is fun to play, but there is one thing.I really enjoy playing this game, it makes you strategize and plan on how to attack and conquer all towers. But one problem that I have, I don’t know about others but it uses a LOT of battery. Even though it looks like a game with low graphics, it uses a lot of battery. When I was playing on my iPad which was at 100% and connected to the charger, and after about 10 mins of playing, it lost 3% battery and still connected to the charger. I don’t know if this occurs to anyone else but that is a pretty big issue. Otherwise, it is a wonderful game!.Version: 1.8

Need board variations and different ad placementI enjoy the game, mostly. It seems that after level 50, you repeat the same 5-7 board variations. The ad for your game has options that I’ve never seen (on level 1,700 now). Advertisements pop up mid level, and can cause you to win or lose without even seeing the last 20-60 seconds of your game. The Freeze opponents button...please pace somewhere else so I can continue to play in the area that’s otherwise covered. Overall, it’s a decent game, I just wish there was more variation..Version: 1.9

Has potentialOk let me start with, out of voodoos many cheap ad riddled dumb rip of games this one is actually not bad I get the idea of the game, it is a little glitchy but for the most part it is ok but it could be better you should add games with more than 1v1 and add multiplayer you should also add things that make there buildings fall faster and things that help you as well, this game has a lot of potential to be a hit but you need to put I little more work into it than it would be 5 star and please get rid of the ads they are REALLY annoying.Version: 1.7

AdsI love this game I really do. But the ads that pop up while you’re in the middle of a game. It’s seriously annoying. I understand you get money from a the ads and such but sometimes more than two ads pop up while your in the middle of a level. Please stop that. It makes it difficult to win the higher levels when you are getting ads every two seconds..Version: 1.7

Normally I’m ok with ad farm type gamesNormally you’ll find these fun little time killers where they will just pop up an add every match or so that’s this game has found the one form of that process that does annoy me by literally placing adds in the middle of a match sometimes 2 or 3 times before you even get to the finish screen. Which maybe if they had a purpose to those adds like power ups or anything but I will have just taken over a building and suddenly I’m stuck in a raid shadow legends ad..Version: 1.1

LEVEL 938‼️⁉️⁉️Level 938 is impossible to pass!!! Everything was good until I couldn’t pass it. There’s also no freeze button anymore. No help to pass the level at all. The Green one🟩goes at me right away and since I only have 5 in mine 🟦 I can’t throw another arrow at the yellow one🟨while yellow is building it’s army and when it’s done it goes at me and I am ➡️attacked from both sides ⬅️which gives me no opportunity to win like cmon how is that possible 3 stars for the great game, -2 stars for whatever is going on with level 938. Pls help?.Version: 1.9.1

A lot more fun than it looks…. But wayyyy too many adsI know that ads is part of almost every game you download now and it’s a big reason why these games are free, but unlike many other games where the ad plays at the end of each level, multiple ads will play in the middle of a level while you are trying to accomplish something, as well as after the level. It’s hard to enjoy it when that keeps happening. Deleted the game because of it, but besides the ads is not a bad game.Version: 1.9.1

Don’t botherI played the game an enjoyed it so I paid for no ads! My previous issue with ads cleared up after a while. I like the game!.Version: 1.9.1

How to ruin a gameWant to ruin a game that’s actually fun to play? Put commercials in the MIDDLE of the game play, that’s how. It’s bad enough that all these games nowadays have tons of advertising, but to put them during game play is a new level of sad..Version: 1.7

An okay gameAt level 300. Levels just repeat. A good game but gets boring once the levels repeat themselves..Version: 1.9.1

Good but too many damn adsIt’s a good game but there are WAY too many ads.Version: 1.9.1

What didn’t I pay for no ads?Ya like the game so I don’t mind dropping money on it. 4 buck for no ads not bad if I play for two hour, before I get bored. However there still forced ads. The ads stop mid game, however after the battle ends andthe bar for extra coins goes, it forces you in to the ad still. I paid for no ads, not mostly no ads?.Version: 1.7

City takeoverBest app ever!!!.Version: 2.0

Bon mais trop d’annoncesJeu intéressant mais Beaucoup trop d’annonces lors d’une partie.Version: 1.9.1

Far too many adsIt’s a strangely additive game, I’ll give the developers that. I’m already on level 215, but a lot of the same stages are repeating over and over again. The game needs far more stages, but please buy, chill with the ads, other than that, I keep playing it and it’s fun..Version: 1.9.1

Fun but....This game was quite fun, I even put up with the abs happening during gameplay, but with a game like this there is infinite possibilities for building layouts and after a certain level they’re just repeating all of the configurations with no new layouts..Version: 1.9.1

Glitchy, needs more levelsThere’s only a handful of levels but still fun. Game has a hard time starting sometimes, needs updating..Version: 1.9.1

PoopI pooo in side your poo?????? Idk probably not kind gross.Version: 1.9.1

Fix this your better than thisIn the second region in level 46 you literally can’t defeat yellow like it won’t give me the double like yellow is so op in level 46 please fix it.Version: 1.9.1

Awesomest game ever!This game is the awesomest game ever made! i love the enemy's and how you take over their towers!!! download now..Version: 1.9.1

Fun but repetitiveI am enjoying what I’ve made of this game but I don’t know how long I could play this without getting bored.Version: 1.9.1

GoodNoice.Version: 1.9.1

My favourite gameAwesome graphics and fun gameplay makes this my favourite voodoo game.Version: 1.9.1

Nice game lots of adsTooooo many ads..Version: 1.9.1

Could be awesome!Unfortunately there’s not enough levels. The game keeps going but there’s only 70 levels and then it loops back to level 1 (being called 71) and on and on. I would love for this game to be online. I feel it’d be fun to strategize and adapt against other players. Like any Voodoo games there’s way too many ads but you can get away with it by turning cellular data off for the game and turning off wifi. That being said I enjoyed the game for what it was. And there’s something really satisfying about having max towers converge toward the last enemy tower!.Version: 1.9.1

Been waiting for a game like this!!!Fun!! Addicting Clear and fun gameplay.Version: 1.9.1

I love adsIf you’re hooked on ads this is the game for you. But what else do you expect with free apps these days it’s all a money grab..Version: 1.9.1

Glitchy gameThe game is enjoyable enough. But it’s really glitchy and ads pop up in the middle of game play while the game is going in the background. Timing is everything in this game and this can ruin a level. I found it helps to turn off wifi during the game..Version: 1.9.1

Would be butThis game is awesome I have so much.... oh wait I’m in the middle of a match and guess what advertisement. Then at the end of a match advertisement. Then I start a match and you guessed it advertisement. Lame fun game tho.Version: 1.9.1

CuteJeu cute mais beaucoup trop de pubs, il faut respecter un peu les utilisateurs..Version: 1.9.1

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