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Last Fortress: Underground Customer Service

Castle, the largest community of survivors, has fallen.
Once a beacon of hope in the post-apocalypse, it now shares the same fate as the rest. Amidst the chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape into the barren wilderness.
You are the Commander of these survivors. While escaping the zombie horde that utterly destroyed your last sanctuary, you come across a strange building jutting out from the ground. Low on supplies and left with little options, you decide to take refuge in this building. So begins your campaign of survival in this zombie-infested world.

Expand your shelter with numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control, etc. Design the shelter’s layout whichever way you like!

Every hero and survivor possesses special life skills that helped them survive in the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills!

Assemble a diverse team of heroes, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Formulate your favorite team combination to help you conquer even the most daunting of situations.

Journey outside the shelter and scavenge for valuable resources in the wastelands.
Set up camps to act as forward operating bases and resource points. But be on guard! Zombies could attack at any moment!

Fighting alone is hard, so why not fight alongside friends? Join or create an Alliance and exterminate those pesky zombies with allies! Assist allies by accelerating each other’s constructions and tech researches.
It’s a win-win situation either way! It's all or nothing now! Go forth, Commander, and embark on your adventure!

Last Fortress: Underground App Comments & Reviews

Last Fortress: Underground Positive Reviews

Improvement neededAfter much review of this game there are some small issues and large issues that should be fixed to improve overall game play. Let’s start with the small issues the game interface slightly buggy and lags even with the best equipment. This can be fixed. Pay to win plays strong in this game and the rates for upgrades are far above what similar games of this caliber are charging. This can also be fixed by dialing it back or increasing game play value. At the current value and game play you will have difficulty retaining players. Also, listen to the other reviews, resources that are purchased should not be available to another player if they choose to raid the customer paying for that upgrade. Those practices will break a customers trust in a product. The last major issue to look at is alliances. If you investigate as I did you find that there is a central alliance across all levels of this game. This alliance uses slightly different names but part of a larger group. This group only accepts people of a certain demographic and preys on others that are not in that demographic. In a time where inclusiveness is a major issue this will cause a product to hemorrhage potential customers at an alarming rate. This is also a simple fix that many other more popular games have addressed by regional grouping. I do this for a living for many other companies and normally charge for this type of advice, but this is a freebie. Take it or leave it that’s up to you..Version: 1.292.001

Well it is early to tellBut looking a like a promising good game with great deal to purchase. Your game inflation is remade and run different the most game. That is a plus makes for a challenge to figure out the inflation base on how a person plays with limited resources which makes them resourceful. What it appear the game does is you build your base first to develop resources to combat where most other games builds units first. That is an interesting plot twist. And makes you think how advance and build the proper resources to advance. This game really makes you think before entering pvp area how to prepare best outcomes. Now this is early in the game so, it appears rather then doing daily quest it is based on weather the game is day or night to set for the new day alleviating dailies all together and develop a new system of quest instead based on different criteria. So, so far this is second day in and right now the new concept seems re-engineered. I will have to check the shops and see how well the shops are involving real money. So I so far give this the highest star rating based on re-engineering the game different to most if not all other games. I call this a unique setting.Version: 1.311.001

Has a few issuesSo the game is actually really fun and way more in-depth then you might think but it does come with a few issues. First of all developers if your going to advertise this game do not lie to people. Your ads for this game do not show ANY of the actual gameplay that’s in this game. It’s a very bad thing for new players to be shown an ad about a game and then they play it and the game is COMPLETELY different then the advertisements. There is a few times where I’ve noticed the game slows down and just straight crashes. But not very often usually only happens when a lot of stuff is happening on screen. The game is a fortress builder/multiplayer base attacking game and it does do a pretty good job at it. My other issue is that it’s insanely hard to pull good heroes. Most of the time I’m getting straight garbage. Edit: It is nice to introduce more things but I would personally fix older things, bugs and glitches before releasing new events. At this point your just adding even more bugs and glitches. Also fix your preview section on the App Store. Only 2 pictures and none of the videos show the actual game. 2 pictures….that’s sad. Now sure what game the other pictures and the videos are of but it’s not this game. Take pride in your game. Show actual pictures and videos of your actual game and gameplay. That will draw more people in. Edit: sorry developers but it’s true 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.300.001

Unabashedly Pay-to-WinThis game is unabashedly pay to win. On nearly every screen, there are “give us money to get more rewards or premium characters!”options. There is no way to effectively compete with the other players without spending a ton of cash. The devs will tell you that you can get a lot of resources for free, which is true. But you get only a fraction of that of paying players, which doesn’t solve the pay-to-win problem. If you didn’t have to interact with other players, this wouldn’t be a problem. But no, if you can’t get your base strong enough, you get raided and destroyed by the wealthy players. That leads to my second big complaint about this game. It is deceptive in its marketing materials, and doesn’t explain anywhere that the main feature of the game once you get past the introduction is player-vs-player combat, and alliance warfare. This is yet another game where you have a city in an overworld with a bunch of other players, manage troops, and send armies to attack zombies and other players/alliances. But they hide that. No screenshots. Nothing in any ads I’ve seen. They hook you with the interesting gameplay of exploring and building out your bunker. Then they throw you into the overworld where you have to shell out real cash or constantly get raided by other players. The early gameplay with exploring and building your bunker is fantastic. If the game was just that, I’d love it. But, unfortunately, that is not what this game is..Version: 1.302.001

Pay to Win struggleI absolutely love this game and have been playing it everyday for a month straight ever since I first downloaded it. But as I play more and more it only gets harder and harder to compete with people who have spent any amount of money on this game. The robot that collects all your resources from your base would be insanely helpful in the progression of a base, but the fact you have to pay ten dollars for that is a little ridiculous to me. You can also get a 4th work station, which is insanely helpful in the development and quick progression of a base. But you have to pay five dollars for that as well. These are just a couple of instances where you have to pay in order to come anywhere close to keeping up with your competitors, like I said this is a great game, but I feel adding these features just to be told you have to pay to win is a huge smack in the face for anyone who actually wants to be able to have fun without spending money on a mobile app. Even at least making these things a little more affordable for everybody would help the problem, 99 cents is a more than reasonable price for any add on In this game. If you ask me 5$ and even 10$ for add ons that are Almost essential to developing your base and keeping up with your opponents who have that kind of money to spend, is flat out ridiculous. Thank you and I hope change comes soon, for the future of this games sake..Version: 1.288.001

I wanted to give more starsSo why didn’t I? Because I wanted a game to play as I wanted by myself if I wanted. This game for all it’s cool gameplay eventually forces you into an alliance to survive. It’s not really an option not to. That instantly destroyed any enjoyment I had from the game. I had advanced as far as I could without losing my city shield. And once down I have to fight off both zombie hordes and other players. I don’t want forced social interaction. I don’t want strangers raiding my base and wasting whatever time and resources it took to build it up. So when I could advance no further without having to ally myself or be raided I deleted the game. It is obvious that despite all the hard work in developing the game, its creators have no interest in solo players like me. Too bad. Update. The developer responded in part by telling me it was a dangerous world and alliances were popular. Apparently I was not clear when I said that being forced into an alliance was a “feature” that I did not want or enjoy and since I prefer solo play. Hence I deleted the game. Don’t tell me that I am wrong for not wanting social interaction dependency in a game…it is fine to have if I want it…but not as a must have to play option. Nor do I want any being raided by other players. Perhaps I wasn’t clear on that either. No pvp for me. So if the developers want to develop solo friendly options I will be back. If not then bye bye Last Fortress..Version: 1.281.001

Not bad, but woke annoying aspectsI’ve been playing for several months now. As expected the pay-to-play/win players will ALWAYS dominate! HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is the game-related POP-UPS!!! You touch a tile, POP-UP (to tell you about the tile). Win an award, POP-UP (tell what the award/prizes WERE), upgrade a building (POP-UP) to tell you what the upgrade improved. A LOT of the POP-UPs say “click anywhere to close”, but you REALLY CAN’T UNTIL THAT POPUP FINISHES FLOURISHING EVERYTHING YOU WON!!!! THEN, YOU CAN’T JUST CLICK ANYWHERE, YOU MUST CLICK SOMEWHERE!!! When players are waiting days for an upgrade, we don’t have time for the MUNDANE POPUPS THAT HAVE BEEN SEEN SINCE DAY ONE!!! Instead of popups, send us silent emails - if we’re interested we’ll read them!!! OTHERWISE, THE PRIZES/REWARDS BECOME MUNDANE/REPETITIVE THAT SITTING THROUGH THEM IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!! I’m not talking ads, I’m talking about normal game-activity popups that should have end back at level 6 (or sooner)!!! If people loved popups, people wouldn’t be complaining about popup ads on websites!!! These aren’t random ads popping up in game, they’re “YOU CLICKED TO SEE WHAT YOUR INGAME REWARD WAS” popups!!! SEND EMAILS!!! GET RID OF THE COMMON/DAILY-repetitive popups! I CAN FINISH COLLECTING CHESTS AND SEE HOW MANY acquired AFTERWARD BY LOOKING IN INVENTORY!!!! After level 4 ENOUGH WITH THE CONSTANT POPUPS (unless it’s something new/never seen before)!!!.Version: 1.302.001

Great game please moreIm giving this game five stars for keeping it exciting and interesting. I am a person how get bored easily, this game is definitely that. The only issue is my phone heating up when I use the game, hopefully they can fix that. I’m easy to please. The game has good graphics and the illustrations of the characters are beautiful. I almost passed over this game because when I looked through the comment I was a little upset that it’s a pay to win type game when it never said that. You either pay to get extra benefits or you go through the game for free. If you decide to go the free route that’s ok, because the game gives you advice on how to get stronger and which hero’s go good together, which is the strongest, and etc. It’s also important to join an active alliance in order to build your cp up. You will also ally yourself with other players with more experience to give great advice on how to get stronger and to motivate you to participate to gain points for more resources. My advice try the game fora month and see for yourself. I have been addicted since October and I’m practically on it everyday..Version: 1.311.001

Great game but…The game is really great. It is literally exactly what the trailer shows, which is becoming a rare trait in games. I love the upgrading and the storage system. My only issue with the game is the combat style. You have a team, which gets more members as you level, and they fight against a team of zombie like most combat games. The issue with the combat is that you can’t lock on to a certain enemy. I keep fighting the same fight and failing. My team is stronger than the other but I can’t have my team lock on to a certain target so instead they just attack everyone at once. Normally that would be okay but there is several times when one of the enemies are in the red and my team refuses to go for them and seem to have a strange obsession with lowering everyone else to equal levels of health rather than take out the low health enemy. This causes my team to be killed because instead of there being four enemies there is five doing the damage. I really hope they fix this issue because it’s really frustrating and makes winning fights, no matter how strong your team is, impossible. Please dev allow for players to have more control in the fight. Allow for players to chose to lock onto a certain enemy..Version: 1.307.001

Should be on consoleI’ve been playing LFU for about a month now. It is by far the most incredible mobile game I’ve ever played. I now play this game more than I play on my PC. The depth of interaction, and things you can do is so deep and immersive you will have a difficult time running out of things to do. I play this game just like any full time console game, spending hours a day on it. Also, like most games you can spend money but I’m telling you right now you don’t need to to enjoy the game without running into walls. With a little effort you can and will excel. Now for the support team : Please look into hero and apc skins so we can customize them with colors and outfits also it would be amazing to have an alliance trade center where we can trade items, gear and resources within a daily limit. Thank you so much! Enjoy guys! Server #256 DMI !.Version: 1.290.001

Needs a report button for bullying!!This game is very fun and addicting. And I’m enjoying it very much. Although I do notice a few things wrong with this game. 1- people tend to bully others and attack the same person over and over and you can’t do anything about it. This game is a money based game and I think it hurts the game. It’s hard to progress when people with huge cp gaps can just attack and can’t defend yourself. I have this problem currently. I have specific people that like to bully smaller groups to gain an edge. 2- big and powerful groups should be put with big powerful groups. I’m on a server that has a group that shouldn’t be on our server because of how powerful they are and we can’t progress very good since our S4 merger. So I do hope the devs find a solution to this. All in all the game is very enjoyable. I know my big lettter doesn’t seem that way, but it has some great qualities about it. I don’t and won’t spend lots of money on a game to be able to compete. So I do think a report button for bullying should be available. Because I have seen bigger groups target people they don’t like or something like that. Anyway I do hope people still play the game because it is enjoyable for sure.Version: 1.304.002

Lots of BugsThis game is actually good, but like most mobile game ads the game is COMPLETELY different from the ads. However, I was surprised to see this game was actually good. It reminded me of the mobile game “Fallout Shelter.” So, if you like Sims and zombies this is the game for you. The reason I won’t give it 5-stars is because there are a LOT OF BUGS. I usually find myself having to restart my game because things aren’t working the way they are supposed to. As an example, you have to use gopher traps in your bunker to get meat. You can upgrade these traps to get more than one gopher rather than just one at a time. Eventually when the trap gets full. You have to get one of your heroes to get the gophers out of the trap. Whenever I try to get the gophers out the trap, my heroes don’t ever go to the traps. I am constantly trying to click the buttons to bring my heroes to the trap, but it just doesn’t work. I have tried restarting my game (and even my phone). Sadly, it didn’t work. I hope this bug gets fixed so that I don’t run out of food so easily and find one of my residents gone after only 40 minutes out of the game..Version: 1.276.001

Fun, but needs improvementsThis game is fun to play, I enjoy playing it and it seems to be well thought out overall. However there is an issue with the gameplay as far as hero power levels and matches. They don’t seem to be consistent. You can have 5x of level 45 hero’s against 5x of level 30 hero’s and still lose everything while the opponent has 3 or more hero’s remaining. Replaying the match multiple times yields different results on win/loss and is inconsistent. So it’s clear The battle mechanics for multiplayer and against AI are somewhat broken. As far as the clans and teaming, you can play solo, but expect to be attacked a lot. Unfortunately it doesn’t show you your attackers location so you can’t retaliate and get your resources back. As far as buying items in game, don’t. The only purchase that is worth it is the NATE gathering robot. Other then that, just take the time to collect and level, the rest of everything is overall not worth the expense because in the end, your enemies who did it for free will eventually catch up and have the same stuff a few days later..Version: 1.312.001

Fun! $$$ or you’ll get killedFun game! Love most the players on the server, but there are 2 major alliances that bully everyone. Not just loot, but hit you 20 times in a row and then 2 days straight. World Chat is fun, until they start cussing and saying racist things on there. So be ready to spend spend spend or the higher up alliances will kill you and you’ll stop playing.. I’ve watched over 100 players from my zone stop bc the jerks… Do not reply and say this is a war game! We all know this. There needs to be servers for high spenders. You allow them to make this game horrible for others! We need permission to take mines in their land, but they can loot us to the point we are dead and they find us and hit again.. Sorry I don’t like being called racist name either. Keep this up and you’ll have less people playing! Not sure but the Korean’s seem to be the best, and I’m sure they aren’t paying $1,000 a week… they either cheat or work for the game and get free things….Version: 1.298.001

Addictive but expensiveThis game is complex, engaging, deductive, and a great place to make friends. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop. If you find an alliance with great people like I have, the game is a blast. In later seasons.. once you get to S2, the added war games make it impossible to keep up unless you spend lots of money, not $20, not $100. You need to spend $100s, if not thousands, to keep up with the map. More about the spending. I love the game, but I have spent over $1,000 to keep pace with season 3. If the developers don’t dial back the cross-map all-out-war burning, this will be a crash course for lots of people getting fed up and quitting. To the dev team: save the copy paste response, we all know what we are saying is true. make it harder for players to buy their way to the top. Make all our war only able to attack your opponent. Huge alliances burning the whole map will drive me to giving up. No time to recover. Restrict the ability for huge players to attack and kill entire alliances non-stop.Version: 1.306.001

It’s really fun….if you’re willing to spend a lot of doughI have really given it a go. Truly. I’m in an alliance. I participate in rallies. I’ve built up my fortress, leveled up my heroes, I’m in season two, so I’m mining ore like crazy for immunity. Here’s the thing. It’s become glaringly obvious that certain alliances spend ALOT of money on this game daily. Hundreds of dollars. I get it…capitalism. Developers want money. And I’ve dropped some coin here and there. But the players and alliances that spend massively just swoop in, destroy your fortress, and you spend days training new troops to replace all the ones that die in the slaughters. And the alliances that don’t spend massively just get farmed and slaughtered and never truly have a chance to grow or enjoy the game. Pay to win kills the fun for everyone else. And those pay to win players aren’t even quiet about it. They brag about it. So unless you have a lot of spare money to pay in the game, you may not find this one all that great. I’m about ready to bail at this point..Version: 1.301.001

Honestly a good gameThis is my honest review on Last Fortress. I usually never write reviews unless the app makes me upset. I first downloaded it when I continued to see it advertising on TikTok. The advertisements are pretty cringey, but to be honest the game you actually end up playing is better than the game you see in the advertisements. Now onto the game. I’ve played this game a crap ton, like my screen time is mostly invested into Last Fortress. Only one thing that gets on my nerves is the pay to progress or pay to win or however you want to say it. During the paint a Easter egg event, the silver card was rigged to where you could basically only get it by purchase, I got 2 silver paint cards and the rest where donated to me and keep in mind I got all the Easter eggs. I’m not disclosing my age but let’s just say I can’t have a job yet but almost can. So it screws me over when it is rigged to where you have to pay. Overall I really like this game.Version: 1.275.001

Ultimately it’s a massive Risk type gameThe game doesn’t look like the ads. But it isn’t bad. There are many parts to it and that’s why the ads don’t make sense on their own. At first you are on your own. It’s grinding away and then you join an alliance. That’s when you start really learning the game. If you like grinder games, this has many nice side missions to keep things interesting. You can spend tons of real money to speed things up, but you can also play for free. Either way, you will hit a wall and have to grind. It’s a good way to kill time if you have lots of it. My biggest complaint is how poor the documentation is. I still have no idea what many aspects of the game are. You just have to grind and figure things out with a little help here and there. To really get the most out of this game, you need to put in a lot of effort. They do progress it so you do have time to learn as things become more complex..Version: 1.301.001

Honest OpinionsSo I will have to start off by saying, it’s a pretty good game. There are some bugs with it that needs to be fixed, as it can be game breaking. So I will start with the negatives. Negatives: One big thing, is that when you are trying to clear certain areas or do certain tasks, it will not let you as it says no route available. Now the issue with this is, you cannot move your character around in any way you want, so you have to rely on there being a route for them to pass through. Main issue is that there is plenty of routes, and it still says no route. So I cannot do anything to upgrade/clear rooms. Both my characters that do construction can’t go anywhere. So I am just stuck there. No progression. Secondly, this game is a little off when it comes to certain people doing things. Some of them can’t even search one box because it won’t let them, and then after that box is done, a different box will come into play and they can search that one. Doesn’t make any sense. Positives: I do enjoy this game already, it’s got some story, it’s really not bad in that aspect at all. I enjoy the cutscenes and watching them drive off and such, really adds to the immersion. Other than that the Negatives outweigh the positives, I will continue playing this game of course. But since there are game breaking bugs I will only be giving 3 stars. Once it’s fixed, I will give it the 5 stars it deserves..Version: 1.296.001

Pay to winThe game is entertaining however if you are not willing to put quite a bit of money into the game (couple $100 or more) be ready to be farmed by those that do. You will find it difficult to build and upgrade down the road (around level 9+ HQ). If you are willing to pump a good amount of money into the game make sure you are in a strong alliance as you will still be farmed by stronger alliances (filled with players that have put quite a bit of money into the game). Outside of that the characters are interesting and the story is entertaining. Good luck out there for those that chose to stay! And enjoy. Update/responding to devs: None of your response changes my review. It is still a pay to win to game. The reference to needing to be in a strong guild was more directed to those who are thinking of putting a lot of money into the game. If you pay, make sure you are in a strong guild as well or you will still be left in the dust and farmed. Good luck all and have fun!.Version: 1.289.001

Great gamePeople complain about spending money on this game. Ok people how would you like it if you worked to give people something and did it all for free? Would you do it ? I would do it only for so long because most people have to make a living. My complaint is the prices. I would buy more if it wasn’t so much. And I wished I could zoom out to see all of the fortress. It’s hard to see what is where and arrange things when you see only 3 or 4 rooms at a time. Hope that made sense. It’s a game where you come together and survive if you carry your own weight not lay around and let others do your work. Don’t change a thing except lower the prices a few bucks and the zoom thing… it’s a great game very time consuming love it . Gotta get back to the game now can’t talk……..Version: 1.310.002

Fun game.So for app of you wondering what the game is like it is like an updated ‘Fallout Shelter’ when you are in the shelter development part of the game and like the hundreds of other shelter building gangs that are out there. Now that being said they marry the two very well and they make it so one plays off the other and both need attention to develop the other but not in any overwhelming or skewed way. I have legit been enjoying the game and the balance it has struck. I am not going to gush because there are some annoying parts of the game, but the satisfaction of overcoming those parts (like making sure you have enough food for the amount of survivors you have in your base) balances out the annoyance of it. So overall, a fun game and there are enough people playing it that you are part of a community with it. I recommend giving it a shot..Version: 1.303.001

Zombies without zombiesThe trailer isn’t anything like what the game is about. Zombies are there, but they are very much a background thing. Player vs player…but not so critical when it comes to free players (like myself) vs pay to win. Sure the pay to win guys are Uber powerful, but for the most part you can still tick away as a free player without too much grief. The buy ins for this game are ridiculously expensive… some are well over $100… pretty sure a couple people in my alliance have spent $5000 plus on this game, and they are nothing compared to the true pay to win folk. Anyway fun little game to play, lots to do but not overly complicated. Will appeal to the ‘slow and steady’ crowd.Version: 1.311.001

ExcellentThe best game.Version: 1.277.001

可以还行,节奏不快.Version: 1.289.001

Excellent gameI don’t understand why people say this is an awful game. I feel like you just need a good strategy, be in a good alliance and increase your base level and troops. It’s really not that hard. Also, the pay to win option is only for when you really want to invest in the game. It’s optional and it’s not like the game is forcing you to pay. Honestly, it all depends on how you play. For me so far, I’m really loving it and im thankful that i get to be connected with all these people that Ive ended up forming friendships with. I sincerely want to thank you the devs for what you all have been doing. Keep it up and thank you for creating such a good game!.Version: 1.312.001

Fun game but… see reviewI like the game, my cup of tea, but the game play isn’t like what they show in the videos (this annoys me a lot)..Version: 1.312.001

HELP PLEASE I LOVE THIS gameThis app doesn’t work for iPhones XR I get stuck, looking at the guy holding a phone after the game finish loading.Version: 1.311.001

Pleasantly SurprisedBased on the game ads, I thought there’s no way the game would live up. While the ads are a little unrealistic, the game is actually really fun. Continuous progress that you can check up on every day. No ads other than in app purchases, but so far it seems like you can get everything just with more work for free. The game is a little over complicated, feels like multiple parts slapped together, but not bad once you get used to it. Great game!.Version: 1.309.001

Fun but has a game braking bugThe games fun and all But there’s a bug where the animal traps are full but I can’t collect from them meaning my people are probably gonna starve.Version: 1.311.001

Good but buggingGood but cant update the game and some bugs are very anoying but hreat game overall very addictive be careful.Version: 1.310.003

Best mobile gameI’ve been playing for a few months now and even started a second account. It’s been lots of fun and the community is amazing. Definitely recommend if you like strategy / grindy ( a little) games..Version: 1.310.001

Wish it was more like the promo materialI really enjoy the game but I want more. I would like to be able to customize and have more in the bunker but not at an outrageous cost like the bar package..Version: 1.309.001

YesBest Fortress Game!!!.Version: 1.309.001

CarooAccro de chez accro !!!! Trop cool ce jeux :D.Version: 1.309.001

My ratingThis is the best game I’ve played in a while I am supper addicted I love this game.Version: 1.308.002

GlitchLove the game but I wanted to mine before going to bed and everything is at zero and its all blank. Can’t find my mines either like they are invisible right now. Tried to get app support but it’s in a different language without option to change to English..Version: 1.308.001

ReviewPretty much the same as games like SOS. Hope it doesn’t get too expensive.Version: 1.308.001

Love itI absolutely love this game..Version: 1.306.001

Not a bad game!I am enjoying this game. It seems like you can develop your fortress without dropping a lot of cash. I’ve played several last shelter games that success is determined by how much players are willing to pay. I prefer to use skill rather than cash to have fun..Version: 1.305.001

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