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Take your options trading to the next level. Calculate your expected profit and theoretical prices on any option contract with your own trade price and full control over implied volatility.

Find and edit option contracts with StockOrbit's options profit calculator to gain a visual understanding of your trades. StockOrbit provides you with the likely profit/loss of your trade and how your trade is affected by different stock prices, implied volatility, and time decay.

Research any stock to make educated trades with upcoming earnings, financials, insider trades, institutional holdings, stocks order flow book, and many more analytics tools. Let StockOrbit simulate volatility crush due to earnings!

Follow your performance with portfolio tracking in your profile, with having the history of your trades at your fingertips! StockOrbit is the first in the industry to combine your trades into a single breakdown.

StockOrbit provides:
- Delayed option data with bid prices and implied volatility that is editable by you
- Equity prices for during the day, pre-market and post-market.
- Simulation provides both a graph and table style visualization
- Select past and future dates
- Provide multiple custom watchlists for your favorite tickers
- Add contracts to your personalized profile
- View how the Greeks change with different dates and prices
- View the options break down for different scenarios
- Research upcoming earnings to plan your trade
- Read a company's earnings report and income statements
- Visualize insider trades and institutional holdings
- Follow the live breakdown of the stocks order book during market hours
- Practice your trading with StockOrbits paper trading, where StockOrbit combines your trades into a single breakdown for better tracking

Predict what your contract will be the next day for earnings, news, or any other event with StockOrbit's options simulator!

StockOrbit does NOT provide the user functionality for trading and is not an ADVICE application. StockOrbit provides the end-user with information regarding options in the market. The end-user can use this information in their trading strategy.

StockOrbit tries to simulate to the best of its ability how options contracts are priced. However, StockOrbit can't simulate the price 100% due to market conditions. Please use this information accordingly.

StockOrbit Subscription includes:
- Adding more than one contract to your profile
- Create more than 2 custom watchlists
- Seeing breakevens and chance of profit %'s
- Having the ability to simulate past dates
- Viewing expected moves
- Access to all financial data
- Stock order flow
- All insider trades
- All institutional holdings
- Help support the continued development of StockOrbit

Privacy Policy can be found at

Submit bugs and improvement suggestions to [email protected]

Follow @stockorbit on Twitter for live updates.

Happy Trading!


StockOrbit App Comments & Reviews

StockOrbit Positive Reviews

Must have for Options TradersSuch a useful tool for options trading. With all the greeks involved even Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind would struggle to quickly figure how daily stock price movements effect the value of his options contracts. This app does it all for you and for a small monthly fee it also allows you to keep a portfolio of all your current options so that you can stay on top of them by quickly running different price change scenarios as the market changes. The app developer stays on top of updates and is constantly adding new features. 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 9.4

Great app, the best for Options beginner and expertStockorbit is perhaps one of the best apps that helps both a new and experienced options trader to figure out the Greeks with ease. Brilliant analysis and so easy to use, not just that the developer himself will explain the nitty gritty to you with a 1-1 session. Great work and highly recommendable, lots of new things are coming, that’s what I see. Keep it up and happy to have this product..Version: 10.0

Extremely useful!I am new to options trading and I found this app to be an extremely useful tool. I have already relied on it a lot for quickly searching up contract expirations. I use this app side by side while trading. I have the subscription plan for the unlimited searches, since I make a numerous amount of searches per trading session. Love this app, highly recommend for the novice and experienced trader..Version: 1.3

Really helped me step my game upThis app has absolutely blown me away! Everyone has been through a difficult time at some point in their journey to learning and mastering options, and this app has helped me break out of that and really sharpen my skills! Its perfect for backtesting new strategies and mastering the craft. Would recommend to anyone!.Version: 15.1

Amazing appVery user friendly app. App been fun to simulate trading even the paid version giving more options gives you better view and feeling on how it all works as if your new to trading. Would definitely recommend for people that want to understand and started..Version: 1.3

User friendlyUI is very slick and clean. Calculations are very accurate, allowing me to put in limit sells at the open!! Honestly every option trader should use this app to see how their options move with different market conditions. Big plus for spreads also..Version: 9.3

App ReviewalThis app is surprisingly more helpful than I thought it would be when I first initially downloaded it 🤡, it’s clear, concise, and easy to navigate. I’m now using the premium services and it’s great! Highly recommend to everyone to try out.Version: 1.3

Amazing app!Came across this app on stocktwits and was so impressed by the layout that I just had to download it! Amazing app, great interface, great information, all around one of the best tools I think I could have by my side!.Version: 9.4

Very beginners friendly!I was new to options trading when I discovered this app, but I kept using it realized how convenient and streamlined it can be for trading. Highly recommend this for any level of experience..Version: 1.3

Great!Very easy to use. The simulations are very close to the real premiums. I love having the ability to predict the future and past contract premiums. Definitely recommend the premium version to any serious option traders..Version: 1.4

Amazing AppVery easy to use app. Great for on the go options traders. I would recommend using this app if you are trading from your phone and you need to see how your contract price will change with ease..Version: 1.3

Great ideaAwesome idea to learn the markets. I always wondered why this never existed before. Love how simple the interface is. It’s useful for beginners to options like myself who get intimidated by other complicated learning platforms. 5/5!.Version: 1.5

User FriendlyLove the idea of having some sort of predictions to option contract with their expected value when certain prices are achieved!!!.Version: 1.4

Great!!!!!This app is extremely useful. From the second I downloaded, have been using daily and recommend to everyone who is interested in the stock world!!.Version: 1.3

Increased my option trading successThis app is so helpful. Very clean UI and very easy to use. It’s a quick and efficient simulator that gives me the numbers I’m quickly looking for..Version: 9.3

Awesome app !“Great User interface, and has a built in tutorial to learn all the features. Love it for options”.Version: 6.1

Great responseMonday they had crash, ok fix it, good, we are back in business.Version: 16.3

ReviewLove the app, super easy to use and very helpful! Recommend everyone gets this!.Version: 1.3

Awesome appGreat work on this app! Works perfectly and closely aligns with the black scholls options pricing model! Well done!.Version: 4.4

ExcellentThis is a great app for simulation. Would highly recommend!.Version: 1.3

Good ifIt would be a really good app if y’all quit crashing.Version: 14.0

Useful appHelps me calculate how much money I’ll be losing with my trades..Version: 8.1

Awesome!Great app, and it’s so easy to use. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.3

Amazing AppGreat app easy to use and very helpful.Version: 1.0

UI fancyVery good! Good to learn how options are..Version: 9.3

Great customer support!Great customer support.Version: 8.1

Great For Beginners.New to trading stocks. App is great for beginners who wanna experiment with options..Version: 1.4

HelpfulTheir option strategy posts on StockTwits were helpful, this led me to download the app and pay the modest price for the app. Since doing so, the app has help me understand options more and provide me with insightful information I was able to use when placing my trades. I certainly check this app often and it’s easy to understand (once you understand options). Keep it up!!!.Version: 14.0

One of the best options calculators I’ve seen in a whileThis is a great app for anyone who is new to options trading, or for anyone looking to sharpen their trading strategies. Very intuitive to use and nicely presented. Would be nice to see options spreads added in the future but overall it’s a nice setup..Version: 7.1

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