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King's Choice is an exciting RPG game simulating life at the European medieval royal court. Become a legendary king and recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, raise your heirs, suppress rebellions, and expand your empire with the ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor!

Game Features
1. Experience the splendor of the medieval royal court - resplendent garments, luxurious palaces, lavish banquets, loyal knights, gorgeous concubines, and so much more! Live the marvelous life of a medieval European king!
2. Build and rule your own kingdom - handle government affairs, confer titles of nobility, build alliances, defeat enemies, and develop trade!
3. Join the prom with peerless beauty - Peerless beauty invites you to join the dance party! After dance, you may also fall in love and get marry!
4. Raise your heirs - Raise your sons and daughters, and marry them to other players' heirs to make your kingdom even stronger!
5. Collect legendary heroes - Summon heroes, and compete with other players!
6. Join PvP - Rally players from across the world, and defeat your enemies!
7. Build alliances - Rally your allies and wage bloody wars!

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King's Choice App Comments & Reviews

King's Choice Positive Reviews

Good game but there are a few problemsFirst of all, it is a great game. Despite my criticisms, it is very addictive and brings some satisfaction as well. It is not very hard to get resources or rewards which I like and it’s also not very pay to win. Even though I can’t get some of the exclusive character in the VIP pass, I’m not bothered. The first day of playing this game is probably the best one due to the amount of resources and rewards you get. After that, I do agree that it becomes a bit of a waiting game. However, that honestly doesn’t bother me much. This is just a game that I can relax for about 20 minutes and then get off not one where I’m grinding for hours. My criticisms though are with the lovers section. This is one of the aspects that I love about the game—a somewhat guilty pleasure so to speak. However, when I got some new voice lines after leveling up one of my lover to a really high level, it sounds like a text to speech converter rather than her actual voice. This was very disappointing because it was very underwhelming and ruined the satisfaction of leveling her up enough to get this line. Also, give the girls some smiles. They all look depressed and it makes me kinda depressed. If at least a few of them had smiles, I’d be happy. Overall, good games but needs a few tweaks. There are some minor problems that I didn’t mention but those two are honestly the main ones. Hopefully someone sees this 👀. If you are, Kristen best girl..Version:

It’s good, but needs improvementI’ve been playing this game for like two months now, and i personally enjoy it, and i’ve managed to do a lot without spending a single penny. however, unless you hoard resources for MONTHS or drop like 200 dollars in some cases, don’t expect to place high in ranking events, never mind win. The worst problem is probably blatant bullying and use of straight up slurs sometimes in the chat. on a less serious note, when you buy a new costume for your lover, it doesn’t affect their outfit during visits and dates, which is disappointing. Last thing has to do with character creation. there’s really not a lot of variety in the avatars. If you’re not going to make the avatars customizable, it would be good to at least have a variety of skin tones/hair colors/hair textures available so there’s at least some individuality and diversity cause there’s like 1 tan avatar and the rest are pale (meaning there are ZERO characters of color), and it would be cool if you could choose your default attraction rather than you’re straight by default. other than the tweaks and stuff i mentioned, i enjoy this game, and i enjoy a lot of people in my server; they’re really nice..Version:

Amazing game with the BEST PLOT but…The game is an amazing game! There are so many ways to level up and it’s not really one of those games where you have to follow the tutorial the whole way. It’s easy to get the hang of and you rarely get stuck with an impassable quest. And if you do all you have to do is read the small description on how to pass it and done! You can get the main story by playing the Outpost and in my opinion it’s like getting a little peek into the old ages. Leveling up is easy as well and you don’t have to grind for HOURS as it gives you time for it to sort of regenerate and allows you to focus on other games. It’s not too time consuming and is full of interesting characters with actual plot in the outpost. But, the only thing that bothers me is the servers. I have a friend and we both started playing at the same time. When we found out you could connect to other players we immediately put in the UIDs. However, we weren’t in the same server. I was able to switch to her server but lost all my progress and had to restart on her server. I could always go back to mine though but to think I have rebuild ALL of it just to friend her in game!!.Version: 19.6.1

Came for the women stayed for the game playI think this is a great one! i got like forty ads for it and decided i might as well try it and here we are! i love the different area of the castle and how it develops and unlocks as you go thru the story, it’s a really cool concept. i also really appreciate that the explanations are in depth enough to be understood but aren’t crazy complicated and it never really feels totally complete, keeps me locked in. i can’t say what my favorite part is really, there’s so much to like, but i do have some things i’d like to see improved. 1) play around with the dialogue! it feels very 21st century and i was expecting something a bit more archaic? nothing crazy just a little more medieval if you know what i mean 2) give the option earlier for gender swapping the lovers if they’re in the story at the outpost, not so much on patrol. i know that could be hard to orchestrate but i felt really connected to Adam the fencer but i think the girl is prettier and would liked to have had that story line with her 3) keep it up! awesome game not one i intend to uninstall for a while!.Version:

PSA: Mostly for players (it’s long but important)I LOVE this game. After I got this game five days ago, I been playing NON STOP. You can advance and power up in every way without paying a dime and if you decide to you get a real bang for your buck. I’ve met some super great friends that’re expert players so they give great advice and are over all just fun to talk to. You really pass the time with them. For players: I heard from several sources, unfortunately, that they’ve been bullied and all over had such a bad experience playing with others that take it way too serious that they deleted the app. PLEASE DONT! Switch servers instead! You will lose whatever progress you’ve made but it will be worth it as you will find yourself having a much more pleasant time with a great game and even greater people. I’m S-249 if you want to drop by! For game devs: You’ve done a GREAT JOB on this game. My only request is the option to switch alliances. As my alliance is pretty inactive so they level up very slow and I can’t get the ticket to participate in Knight Parade which is where tons of prestige and armor is. Please consider it.Version: 1.19.20

LOVED this game 😍This game is very captivating and SO addicting! The main thing that makes the game so great is the medieval lifestyle that is brought to life in the game. If you love medieval things, you’ll love this game! There’s many other elements of the game that add to my five star review. A few of these elements are: lovers, patrolling, rankings, and more. One of the most exciting elements of the game is being able to read a fascinating storyline while building your army. Another element I love is being able to chat with other people, and being able to have lively conversations. Usually, there are no suggestive conversations in chat, which makes sure that the game stays upbeat and fun. One last element I love is being able to unlock different fun things as you go along. This is what mainly makes the game addicting. However, not every aspect of the game was amazing. Some things can be pricey, and when you buy things, you get ahead of other players who aren’t able to buy things. Although, this is the only negative aspect of the game I can think of, and I definitely recommend you download this game!.Version: 1.19.18

Fun, but falsely advertisedThis game is really fun for what it’s worth, if u enjoy grinding, dating and raising heirs and just casually spending maybe 10 minutes or so through the day to check the game its quite fun. However- I alongside many others have probably downloaded this game to the ads avertising the life of making decisions for the lovers you can choose, the advertisement lead its audience in to a more roleplay style as a “lord” of a kingdom, portraying the game entirely differently. The game is mostly grind and wait, there is rarely if not any drama between your potential queens and other lovers like advertised. You can have heirs, but their only purpose is to grow your overall kingdom power by marrying them off. You get a few dialogues with the romance options occasionally, but for the most part there is not a single portion of the advertisement you get to play or experience. Is it a fun game? For some, definitely. But in conclusion: if youre looking for roleplay like the game advertised on snapchat, or other social media platforms- this isnt the game for you..Version: 1.19.21

Fun at first, now frustratingThis is not the type of game I usually play but I signed on to see if the story would be interesting. It’s been pretty good so far and for the first 60-70 chapters or so, I could complete 2-3 chapters a day (each chapter is pretty short). Now I have to fight through all the standard battles while my ranks of soldiers continuously go down and the enemy ranks increase after every battle. Um, if we’re battling each other over and over, shouldn’t BOTH armies be taking losses?? Also, the final bosses for each chapter are now way stronger than my army of over 20 knights can deal with - I mean, I understand a challenge but this is just rigging the game against the players now. You can buy challenge badges to replenish one knight at a time but the in-game stores only sell them every few days and you can only get one or two a day at most when they are available. So I spend hours waiting for my armies and knights to replenish so I can advance the plot. At this rate, I might as well read a book to get a good adventure story. At least with a book I could go at my own pace!.Version:

Standout in Some Aspects, Generic in OthersThis game exceeded my expectations. Of course, it’s a game that tries to hook you with fast-paced actions and plenty of resources for the first few days before swiftly and dramatically slowing down in order to get you to spend real money charming your lovers, beefing up your knights, or raising your heirs. This bait-and-switch is pretty typical of games of this sort, and the developers have to make money somehow! Regardless, I think this game stands out in its cool art direction and compelling storylines. It provides some degree of personalization in allowing you to swap the genders of (some) lovers. I think this personalization is what makes the game so alluring but also requires some improvement. Like other reviewers, I would appreciate more gender-bent lover options and more diverse models for the main character. I realize this is a Eurocentric fantasy, but many other games of this sort allow you to be Black, Asian, etc, which makes the experience feel far more comfortable and personalized..Version: 19.6.1

Overall it’s quite goodIt would be better if you could make your own avatar like the way you can do it in the game LifeAfter. I personally don’t like seeing the avatars face I chose everywhere and I wish there would be another way to get clothes. I really wanted to choose my face features/proportions, but I didn’t have many avatars to choose from. I had a look I was going for with my avatar but I can’t achieve it because I can’t change the hair color or the eye color. There are some things that take to long to wait for, but I guess that’s somewhat reasonable. But it would be better if you could hunt more often and help your heirs more often. My avatar is so bland and I also wish that that your heirs would take looks from both of the parents. It’s just the same heirs for everyone and it would be better if heirs didn’t marry other heirs that look like their own family. Although I suppose having heirs marrying other heirs that look like family is a great feature.Version: 1.19.21

Awesome!Honestly, I’m not big with games like these BUT when I installed this one I fell IN LOVE I LOVE this game! The storyline is so interesting that I don’t want to skip it (and usually I skip storylines in games cuz they’re mostly boring-) but this game keeps me interactive! Yes it’s true you do have to wait once you get into the game to earn things if you don’t want to use real money but honestly that gives me time to do other things and come back to the game. The only one thing I don’t like is the ads make the game seem much more interactive but when you get the game it isn’t which is fine but it’s false advertising and second the lover thing for me in my personal opinion I don’t understand why we have to have so many and why we can’t just pick one but that’s my opinion but I would like the game to have an option to either have multiple lovers or one lover but otherwise these things this game is awesome I totally recommend!.Version: 19.6.1

Worth it but could be betterAlong with what others say, this game is very easy to become immersed in, and the rewards you gather along the way really help propel the game forward even if you just play once a day. There are plenty of events to take advantage of that do the same thing. My biggest gripe is why games will advertise aspects and characters you can’t even use - there is NO way to truly customize your character, you can’t choose to remove Lovers or Knights, and some of the gameplay like choose dresses for occasions is not even part of this game (just an example, as I don’t really care about that. I’m more annoyed by the lack of customization than anything else.) I would adore being able to play the character I like most, and to have more freedom of selection in the characters I do use. Just those two enhancements would make gameplay so much better..Version: 1.19.20

Best of its kindI’m drawn to these grindy semi-idle games, and I’ve played quite a few. King’s Choice is, by far, the best one I’ve come across. The staple gameplay is there— leveling up troops, romancing lovers, raising children, etc. What makes this game so much better are the inclusiveness and the story. It’s so awesome to be able to play as a woman, which is something that a lot other games like this is missing. As for the story, the fact that there actually IS a story puts it miles above the rest. You’re not just leveling your knights for the sake of being at the top, but in order to unlock the next story segment. The only real issue I can see is the exact same thing that affects all of these games— it’s p2w if you care about being on the top of the leaderboards. However, if you go into King’s Choice with the goal of just enjoying a game and not turning it into a full time job, you can have tons of fun without spending any money..Version:

Nothing like the adsTo be completely honest, this game was not what I was expecting. Based on the ads, I was planning on playing a game where you customized your queen and then had to go through a series of choose-your-own-adventure questions. But, after downloading it, it turns out that it’s kind of like a kingdom-design/building thing! It was not what I expected and not the game I wanted to play. Also, I am not a fan of the bullying, name-calling, and constant threats. I would appreciate if you took out some of the bad behavior and language so younger kids can play. Granted, this game would have been fun had I had wanted to play the kind of game that it was. Unfortunately, as I expressed previously, this is just not my kind of game. I am giving it a three-star rating only because the ads were falsely advertising, but it truly is a great game if you like those sort of games. Thank you for taking the time to read this even if it was mostly negative. God bless and have a great day..Version: 1.19.5

Great gameHonestly I thought this was going to be a game where you have to pay to do anything but it’s not it’s very easy to get resources and rewards. Of course there are certain things like special characters that you’d have to pay for but that’s only expected and not a requirement for the game just if you really want to. My only problem is it can be very confusing if you did like me and did not pay full attention to the tutorial in the beginning because then a lot of things don’t make sense and there’s no way to go back and see what or how to do something. Luckily there is a live chat room inside the game with other players and they’re all more than willing to help newer players out. All in all the game is good at explaining itself if you pay attention the first time and it’s an overall fun game to play if you’re like me and get bored easily..Version: 1.19.21

Addicting, but 100% pay to winI have had King’s Choice for a month now. It is not quite like the ads advertised it to be, but it is very pleasantly enjoyable and addicting for the most part. I love playing the games for the events, how it easy it is to level up in the beginning, and collecting new knights and lovers. However, it quickly became clear that it is very much so a “pay-to-win” game. Speaking with other players, it is clear that there is always one alliance that dominates a server making it near to impossible to ever win an event. I am at VIP 5 and it seems that everytime I make it near the top of the scoreboard, I am knocked off shortly after by one of the members of the dominating alliance who have seemingly god-like strength against everyone else in the server. Unless you have a lot of spending money available, play to have fun and don’t count on ever obtaining a title as Earl or Duke..Version: 1.19.5

It’s a good game but it needs more variety.The game is good so far, especially the story. My only problem is that there’s no variety of skin colors in people and that our heirs look so similar, each gender has only three skins. There should be more variety in skin colors in not only our lovers but also in the story and our children, and more looks for them. It gets boring when I only see those few looks on each of them and doesn’t make me wonder how they’ll look, and after I get them married, there’s also no variety at all as well. I also wish we could spend time with our children and actually spend time with our lovers. We don’t do much with them other then patrols but we still don’t even see them half the time and all we focus on is the story! Other then what I have said, everything is actually pretty good. One more thing I complain about is how people can take our seats in negotiations..Version:

Awesome game, butMaybe it’s because it’s a newer game, but it would be better if I was able to reread previous chapters/chapter sections. I read one section while half asleep, and now I’m just continuing the story unable to know what the heck is even going on anymore. It’s a minor things that makes a big difference to me, as someone who kinda downloaded it solely for the story and love stories. That brings me to my next point haha. I love the art and characters and aesthetic and story so much. Truly, I’m a sucker. But I guess I had this misconception that we would be able to read more about all the Lovers’ relationship with me. For example, Lance is almost at intimacy level 200 with me, and I barely know anything about it lol. TL;DR - Good game, had the potential to be my favorite, but I wish I could reread chapters, and I wish there was more Lover/relationship content..Version: 1.19.2

One of a kind!I recently discovered this game a few weeks ago and let me tell you I am truly amazed by this game. The detail of the game is stupendous. Now, I've played similar games like this one. For example CME, Palace Rule, Game of Sultans, and a few more. But none can compare to this one. The writers did a very good job with the storyline, it’s like I'm reading one of those medieval novels. It's easier to get resources than other games and they have a feature that auto-collects the goodies for you while you're gone. Make sure to upgrade knights who are specialized in leadership since they are the ones who help get more grains. You don't want to run out of grains while recruiting soldiers. The lovers are very beautiful, but I just wish that they all could switch genders. (Only a variety of lovers can be switched genders). One of the things that I loved is what the game did with the heirs. Every heir has a trait and depending on that trait is the path that they will follow. For example, if the child gets intellect as a trait then you can place them in the classroom when they are ready to leave the nursery. There's also the debate hall, atelier, and fencing arena. Love this game and I recommended it to anyone who's trying to find a game with a good storyline and gameplay. <3.Version:

Amazing game-just one issueThis game is by far one of the best casual play games I’ve played in a looooog time. I’ve met some truly amazing people and the game continually has content so it doesn’t get boring. HOWEVER. After 30 days of playing…the dreaded Cross-kingdom chat opens up. Which allows all the worlds trolls, banshees, overall scum of society to announce themselves. It’s the WORST PART OF THIS GAME. Either it’s filled with people only saying “hi” for a full 24 hours or you get the people who basically tell the “hi” people to go kill themselves or that their mom should have swallowed instead. Literally. Completely ruins the idea of making friends and having fun on a game. No one needs that in their lives OR this game. PLEASE DEVELOPERS. GIVE US AN OPTION TO MUTE CROSS KINGDOM CHAT. I DONT WANT ANYMORE BANNERS OF WHAT LOW-LIFES ARE SPEWING. MUTE MUTE MUTE. Ugh. Okay but despite all that THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!.Version: 1.19.5

Good game but needs some fixesI got into it the other day and I have to say it’s fairly enjoyable. I enjoy the story and the aspect of the lovers, even if they’re not very developed. I honestly wish there were more opportunities for development and stories with your lovers. In regard to the lovers, is there really no way you can allow us to delete lovers we don’t want? I could not be less interested in one of the ones I have and yet I have to deal with him. It’s just a bit frustrating. I also think it’s a bit cheap you charge players to do automatic collecting when you’re not playing. That should just be a part of the game. Otherwise it’s just a waiting game and that’s when the game is the least fun, even if it’s addicting. If you fix these things, I think you’d have a better game..Version:

A Decent RPGKing’s Chooce is essentially a solid medieval RPG, which encompasses the usual litany of stats and levels. This, of course, typically incentivizes the player if executed correctly. King’s Choice accomplished this and effectively compels the player to advance. However, the gameplay itself, chiefly among the quests themselves is tedious, as a narrative is simply juxtaposed with superfluous battles every two seconds. Incorporating side quests or incorporating an adventure aspect, for example a lord deploying a night to navigate and acquire an item, might liven up the gameplay. In addition, the other issue is the copious charging for certain items. While it is understandable that monitory gain is necessary, stipulating more clearly when it is required would certainly benefit the user. Decreasing or eliminating charges for certain items would also be optimal, as the user is subjected to becoming roped into perpetually forking over these funds..Version: 1.19.20

On the fenceI truly enjoyed this game, so I’m on the fence with my review. The game is fun, you can advance in the game to a certain point without spending money. Key words there, to a certain point… For those of us who don’t want to, can’t afford to, aren’t allowed to or whatever the situation is as far as money goes, I feel like we should be able to advance in the game the same as those who can or want to spend money in it. There was situations in game where I couldn’t do something in the game cause I didn’t have VIP status. The levels of VIP weren’t crazy expensive but my point is some of us have reasons as to why we couldn’t buy VIP in the game. I truly enjoyed the game but because I wasn’t VIP and couldn’t do things ppl with VIP status could it held me back in certain areas of the game and got aggravating to the point I just decided to delete the game and find something else to play..Version:

RecommendI love this game! You have the power to be the type of leader you want to be. They also allow you to do a free trial of the VIP. They allow you to do this without signing up for the payments. So you can try it free for a week and then decide if you want to pay for it after that. And I do recommend buying the VIP. It allows you to get more money and supplies because the game collects it on its own. But you can sign up for it or you can sign up for a week at a time. For $.99 each week. This game is fun and time consuming (in a good way). It also doesn’t matter if you choose to be king or queen, you can still have your lovers be male or female. This game is really fun and unique. Unlike any other game I’ve played and has the best graphics by far..Version:

Great, with growth potential.I do enjoy this game quite a lot! It’s entertaining but challenging. The story aspect and competition aspect is very nice. I would like if the story could go more in depth and allow you to make more choices with different outcomes. I would also like to see that in battle where sometimes the story doesn’t result in a fight with troops, but using your knights Charisma, and other skills to take down enemies through interrogation and other tactics. It would help with the number one issue o am having. By level 90+ the troop consumption per level is absolutely not sustainable. There are very few options for building troops and you go through them like sand. I wish the battle sections relied just a bit more on strategy or choice components OR that there is an update for how many soldiers your castle develops because a loss of 11 million soldiers in one section of a chapter is not “minimal.” It’s about the same with silver at the higher levels, but silver is a bit easier to acquire. PROS: community, interest, art, development, challenge CONS: story gets repetitive and needs more choices and detail, the balance of soldiers needs to be fixed, there should be more activities with both lovers and heirs, etc.Version: 1.19.21

My only problem.To be completely honest I thought I wouldn’t like this game that much. I don’t know why, it just didn’t seem like my kind of game. I actually really enjoy it though, You can start up either have your heirs find love or just marry them off just cracks me up a LOT. I like how the whole system is set up. Expect really the outpost and it’s not that I don’t like the feature, I do for the most part. It’s just they have a lot of OH BIG reveal it’s a women under the mask or helmet. Dude, it’s a game I’m trying to have fun not think about sexism. Just like give everyone equal rights just for the game. I know it’s supposed to be based off a real time period in history but I feel it would just be easier to give everyone equal rights. I may just be fussing over nothing but I’m really sick of this trope..Version: 1.19.20

For a Week or so…Genuinely a great game! However, there are a few hiccups but I’ll just mention one. The game is awesome when you first start off. You hardly run out of resources and things to do at the beginning but as you lvl up it ends up being just a waiting game..which gets incredibly frustrating. I love a challenging game experience but there is a difference between challenging and downright over excessive with wait times between events and play. I’ve been considering deleting it, since I know now that I am at a higher lvl, there’s not left much to do but just sit there and wait hours on end for things to load up. At most you can hit the chat room if you are bored. This is generally a good game for people to download with intent of deleting after a week or so….Version: 1.19.6

Too many lovers and heirsHold out. I have 19 kids. After a certain level, you can choose to pay 1k gold to be with one person. I put everything into Flynn now and those are the only heirs I’m going to have from now on. I put $10 on a card but only want to buy a package that will increase my relationship with him. I have no interest in buying bait or whips. Wait too long and it will go to a different game. I’m getting impatient. You should advertise the game differently. There’s no blatant battery or anything. Also, anyone that has experienced abuse from popular people KNOWS that people that are beautiful on the exterior can be the most cruel. Having unappealing people as the bad guys is a nasty stereotype..Version: 1.19.5

It was definitely much better than I expectedI’ve always seen ads for this game displayed over many forms of social media, and like a lot of people I just ignored the ads because at that point, a part of me didn’t think it wouldn’t be that great of a game. But recently I’ve finally caved in and decided to get it, telling myself that if I tried it and didn’t like it, I can just get rid of the game. I can’t get enough of this game. I’ve been glued to this game for days now. The story line is very intriguing, the character art and voice acting are really good, and overall it’s a generally fun game to play in free time. Definitely saying that this game shouldn’t be judged based on the ads..Version:

GREAT gameThis game is SO GOOD :D. I saw it from an ad and honestly, that’s what made me get it. Actual gameplay is NOTHING like the ads and that was kind of disappointing so I would warn players of that. This game is mature and addictive and the art is just STUNNING. I would highly recommend this game but just to say: don’t be discouraged if this game is not what you expected. It’s still really fun. My only issue is that its more of a waiting game. Once you get all the resources, you can do a lot; but after doing those things you have to wait to get it replenished and there should be something else to do while you wait. But seriously, congratulate the artist on their incredible artwork. Cheers, Luna.Version: 1.19.5

Great game, butThe game is genuinely great. very addicting, lots to do, easy to make friends within the community. however, it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE to win an event if you don’t spend a ton of money. skill doesn’t matter, what matters is whoever makes the most in-app purchases. second, you have to level up to rank high, which is great, but once you start leveling up, the entire game just becomes a waiting game. you can barely even play. you either stare at the screen for hours waiting, or you just don’t get on. aside from that, there are so many great features- alliances, community, lovers, heirs, storylines, battles, community, etc. but none of these features are fun anymore after you start getting the hang of the game because the waiting times are outrageous..Version: 1.19.20

Great game but needs some changingI honestly love this game it has been really fun and enjoying, but one that caught my attention was that there was kind if a LGBTQ thing going one with the lovers stats and well I'm not really hating on the LGBTq community or anything but you'll have to keep in mind that some people can't really support LGBtQ and that's mostly due to your family background, religion or just being straight and I even brought the gender blend watch thingy to hopefully fix it but it wouldn't work but for the boys tho you can turn them into girls and the girls u can't really change their gender.... Idk tbh it kinda sounds as if the game is based has a kind f LGBtQ thing going on but besides that love the game: ).Version: 1.19.20

Lady RainThis is absolutely my favorite of all games!! I love love ❤️ this game! I’m a newbie, so I don’t understand everything yet, but I’m playing several hours a day so I should have it all down in a day or two. I play a lot of different types of games, from spider solitaire to State of Survival, and everything in between. I just came across this game a few days ago and I’m in love with it. Thank you for making such a fun game! And to all new people that read the reviews first, ( I always read the reviews and that’s how I decide if I’m going to download the game and play) this game is fun and it’s crazy addicting!! Have fun everyone!!.Version: 1.19.19

Really cool, just a few things…I don’t usually write reviews, but I think this game has a lot of potential. The graphics and storyline are great, but there are a few things that are a little off putting—for me anyways. I feel like there are too many currencies in the game, which make it pretty confusing. The other thing is that it feels a bit more directed to guy players instead of girls. For example, I am always referred to as a lord or baron, instead of a lady or baroness. Also, with the love interests, there’s an option to choose a male or female for each encounter. Like, all the males can be switched to female, but hardly any of the female can be switched to male. I don’t know, I haven’t been playing too long so maybe I missed something, but those were my first impressions. Great game tho, really interesting 😊.Version: 1.19.20

I honestly don’t hate it.Not gonna lie, originally got the game to make fun of it because of the ads. It was nothing like advertised, and was a little weird and confusing at first, but slowly as I started to play more I grew to enjoy it. It’s honestly a great time waster and it’s fun talking to the other players. I do have my issues with it though 1) it’s clearly meant for male players w/ female love interests. You’re able to change the men to women but rarely able to change the women to men which was odd to me. 2) Your character selection is not very diverse. Just a bunch of similar-looking white dudes/chicks which was kinda disappointing. Same goes for most of the love interests and knights. 3) Some of the parts feel pretty repetitive and long. 4) There’s so many different currencies that it takes a while to figure out what everything does..Version:

Very money-driven and not accommodating of female playersFirst of all, game is nothing like the ad. It is, indeed, interesting but I hate deceiving adds. Another thing is: all the ways I’m being directed to are with male Titles (baron and not baroness, for instance). Can’t switch female lovers to male. The ad seems to be targeting a female audience, if you are going to lure us in, at least give us the choice of how we want to be addressed. Outpost fights get annoying when they tell us troop causalities are minimal but we lose them all in 2 runs. Very (real) money-driven game. There should be a balance to it..Version:

Its fun to pass the timeAll these reviews are just people complaining like children its not like the ads its an ok game. just wish you could make urself different skin tones than white and can customize ur character and children werent all the same. sides that its great.Version:

Why so many lovers?I don’t know why this game’s called “King’s Choice”, it’s more like “Polygamous Lord” 1) You’re not a king, you’re a Lord 2) You don’t have any choice in how many lovers you have. They’re just forced on you in such an excessive amount that it made me delete the game 3) you’re always asked the same things when you talk to your counsellors 3 stars because the graphics are good & there’s no lag.Version:

The game is cool & a fun pastime but…I’m a female & I enjoy playing & have all the potential love interests, the graphics are nice..the game is very male intended. Like at the top of the list is when opening the Lovers section I’m instantly greeted by “Welcome back My Lord” all by women. My love interests are men. I would rather hear men greet me “welcome back my highness”? I don’t even play with the sound on😂 it doesn’t make me uncomfortable I just want consistency..Version:

Fun and addictingTbh this game is much better than i anticipated and i am enjoying it a lot. I am happy that you dont run out of energy and have to wait ages to keep playing.. i wish the vip trials were longer so that i could decide if the membership is worth it!.Version:

Ok gameTo be honest it is not as I expected it to be. In the ad it is much more interesting then in the game, but as well as saying that this is my opinion so yours might be different..Version: 1.19.2

Very good gameEven tough what is actually played is different by there advertisements it is still very fun. I made lots of friends too. If anyone wants to find me I am Hera in server s-599.Version:

So sexySo sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy So sexy.Version:

Nice gameIt’s a cool game and it’s kind of like the ads but better. My only problem is that I wish soldiers could be given out easier..Version:

Pretty cool gameGoing to be blunt, this game is NOTHING like the advertisements for it, which was a little disappointing but it is what it is. I grew to love the game for what it had to offer regardless. It is a little pay to play strategized, but I like the lack of ads and when you do make payments, they’re usually approximately a dollar or so. If anything I’d try to make the ads a little more accurate, even if they’re trying to get people to play, I think people will download if they genuinely think it looks good..Version:

Game is decent, but a bit confusingThere is a tutorial as you play, just some things are missing to make the game more potential. Not a bad game for playing it on day 1 so far. Story is decent, the choices you are decent as well, and I do like the concept that you can change gender for your lovers, albeit some are limited. There is a lot of “buy me!” As you lvl up, and can be annoying!… Other than that, it’s not bad!.Version:

AddictvieLoving it.Version:

Amazing gameGreat time waster, nice waifu’s and daddy’s too 🥵🤤.Version:

I love itI just downloaded this game yesterday and I am addicted. It is so good honestly the game play and strategy that has to go into it is amazing..Version:

Misleading but a great gameI first downloaded the game for the ads, i was disappointed to find out the game is absolutely nothing like the ads, and for the first couple days its pretty confusing, but, i learned it and i loved it. My screen time runs this game at 3 hours at least a day and the purchasable packs aren't that expensive and are bountiful. This is a great game with a lot of interesting mechanics. I love how different activities start at different times so theres never a dull moment of me staring at the game realizing i have nothing to do until the next day, for a mobile game it's extremely intricate and exciting. 5/5 i love this game..Version:

The bestThe game is fun a lot of afk stuff so it’s good if your busy doing stuff.Version:

Fun! But I got ideas!Game is great, highly addictive. Is more of a strategy game, tapping game rather than the usual fighting game. I love the storyline, the music, visuals and the different things you can do like the mini tapping games included. Even though stamina, soldiers money and such run out quickly there are easy and very satisfying ways of earning them back. I also love how I have my own alliance that I can actually communicate with to complete tasks, etc. and there’s like no unrelated pop up ads! As the game progresses I would like to see more opportunity to choose and be creative. Maybe more places to go, more tactics and tools to use and discover, more ways of earning relationships and clothing. I would also like to see more diversity in characters. I understand that it’s an old Europe-based game but it also has dragons and a fairytale aspect which means it can totally include a wider range of characters. Think of it..more skin tones,(for inclusivity) and maybe more creatures can be used as soldiers and loves. Like elves, fairies, mermaids 😍 ONE MORE THING- stop addressing Queens as Kings and the dates I chose who is a He as a She. It makes it seem like I’m playing as a male character when I’m not. Its like the game actually has mistakes and shouldn’t have been released yet!.Version:

Awesome game, just not what was advertisedSo let me start this off by saying that I love this game and I really enjoy playing it. It’s fun simple and easy to relax with. I really enjoy the feeling of being a ruler of my own kingdom and the story is really interesting. This being said the reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because it’s not what they showed me in the ad. The ads showed more of a romance where I’m trying to convince the lord to choose me and I become the ruler that way, where as in the actual game you are already the lord and your lovers are more of a background mechanic to the game, rather than being the focus, as the ad implied. I would be thrilled if they would add more story elements for the lovers as that was the reason I clicked on the game, but the game itself is great and I do recommend it..Version:

Please more gameplay like the adsIt’s a good game and I had a feeling it would be something like that. But I was hoping there would be a type of mini game full of adventures like the ads where if you make the right decisions you’d make some rewards because the gameplay gets a lot slower the farther you get because of how difficult it is to level up the knights.Version:

Uncharted waters eventI am enjoying this game and in particular the uncharted waters event, which I have tried so hard to have it incorporated as part of the regular game. Strategically, it makes sense to have that be a part of the game. Failing the return of this, I’m probably going to look for something similar elsewhere. Follow me!.Version:

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