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Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block.

No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That's it.

Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors from the palette, plop down colored blocks of house on the irregular grid, and watch Townscaper's underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.

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Townscaper Positive Reviews

Few suggestionsThis app rocks. I'm not sure if I can call it a game, it's more of a relaxation tool. But it's still epic. I just have a couple of suggestions. 1: An option for a more manual experience. I like how the game flows, but sometmes there's something specific I want but the construction of the game doesn't allow it to work out. I think it'd be cool to have a sort of feature paintbrush, where you could put doors or windows on walls, turn brick floors into grasslands, etc.. 2: 3D Tools. It can take a while to place dozens (sometimes hundreds) of blocks on the grid. If there were tools we could use to simply draw an outline and see it fill in with the selected color would be great. This would also work well vertically, but I get if this is all too hard to program given the abnormal grid size. 3: Custom Color Selection. Now, I get it, there are a lot of colors to select. However, I also wish there were a way to put one roof color on another brick wall color, etc.. I think this would be cool to add, as you could use either a color wheel, RGB sliders, CMYK sliders, Hex values, etc. to select colors for both the roof and walls individually. 4: Optimization. After you build a lot, it gets kind of laggy. But you, like most devs, are already on that. Thanks, by the way. ;) Again, these are all just suggestions. I love the way the game flows, it's so chill. It can also be mesmerizing to build massive towers. I can't wait to see how this game evolves in the future..Version: 1.01

This needs to be a new standard of mobile gameWhat standard is this? The passive, constructive, world building type game. To some this may seem like a tech demo but it’s not. I’ve watched this game get built from the ground up over Twitter and I am so happy to get my hands on it. Now, does this game se feature-less? Sure. That’s your opinion. But this game isn’t meant to be that type of game your imagining. This is a relaxation type game. If you are looking for THAT type of game, Osaka’s other game, Bad North will scratch THAT itch. Now, weather would be nice. I’d love to see rain, or snow build up on the roofs, but it’s not needed. Once you turn on some Lo Fi, turn on some rain sounds and play this game, you will have so much fun. If more features come to this game, I’ll be happy but Osaka, my dude. Thank you so much for this! You and Tiny Touch Tails are killing it and I respect that.Version: 1.01

Zen city!One review said it was a simplified sim city, I call it Zen city! It’s easy and relaxing, with no municipal troubles to worry about! It’s basically tap and play. Create beautiful cities or towns, and then start building up to make towers or tiered levels! One of the most fun and relaxing games I’ve ever played! If I may add a bit of constructive criticism, I feel the game would benefit from a few things: Color change option: if we could repaint the buildings after they’ve been built that would be awesome(also maybe a few new wall textures), maybe a color wheel or custom colors. Drag and build/fill in feature: tapping to add each individual segment can be a bit straining on the hand, if we could draw an outline or drag to build multiple segments at once would be amazing! Also the ability to build new segments under existing overhangs would help a lot! Layer control: I tend to build tall towns, but sometimes they get in the way of my view when adding more buildings(especially when most of the grid is full). It would be nice to turn off the layers to maneuver the camera a bit. Overall, this game is amazing! The developers really did a fantastic job in creating this game!.Version: 1.01

4* for Potential. Needed features.Very cool tool. Touch interface is awesome. Visual options are great. Most important stuff is done well. Needs: 1 - Ability to add a range of objects at once. Don’t care if it’s a separate tool if you can’t work it into existing touch controls elegantly. I’m happy to change mode. I’m not happy to build a big floor plane poke by poke. Just have the range extend horizontally and vertically separately. Or make it start with a highlight range by selecting points, and then having an extrude tool on that selection. That’s 2 or 3 pokes to highlight a range and a drag action. Add or remove. 2 - ability to delete a layout. My first one was me figuring out what the app does, not an intentional layout. Again, have to delete objects poke by poke, and can’t remove the map at all. Tried a long hold on the map load, didn’t do anything. Makes it not worth the effort..Version: 1.01

Love it! Just kinda frustrates meI know the entire game is supposed to just be simple and relaxing but I kinda hate that it’s too simple. Like I just want a couple extra tools and buildings to decorate. Otherwise I love it and in no way wasted my money. This is just kinda my opinion. I also think it seems a bit.. Bare. The floor is always stone, the only way you get grass is by closing in, there’s like 2 animals available to see ( love how fat the birds look ), but I would definitely recommend this game to people who just wants a whole ton of simplicity and relaxation. If your like me who have a craving for a bit more design, I would still recommend trying it buts it’s fine if it isn’t to your taste. it’s quite nice but quite empty. I give this 4 stars just because it’s way too simple but if I didn’t have that craving for design I would give it 5..Version: 1.01

Amazing game with limitless potential.I adore this game. I have been playing it for a week and already logged a dozen hours. It has such simple and relaxing gameplay and a brilliant concept. It’s an absolute joy to see the Townscapes expand and transform as you build them block by block. As I exhaust the the dimensions of the game I imagine what a potential sequel might include… I couldn’t help but imagine building towns on a mountain or having the ability to terraform in a similar manner. Also, more inhabitants, the birds are such lively touch it would be cool to see other forms of life. Culture too, I kept imagining flags or iconography adorning the spires of the tall towers I’d construct. Overall, I am blown away with the quality of this game. Bravo!.Version: 1.01

I’ve paid a lot more for a lot lessThe first time I played, I probably spent at least an hour crafting my little town and buildings. It was delightful and relaxing, well worth the purchase price right there. It’s engaging without being addictive. You can leave it for weeks, or play it every day, and it’ll be there. For a while I thought you couldn’t delete buildings, only undo, and I kinda liked that. Like a real old European coastal town that just keeps building up and out. Then my daughter discovered you can tap and hold to delete. Either way, the simplicity and restrictions are perfectly elegant. I don’t want the makers to change a single thing..Version: 1.01

Awesome gameThis game is fantastic. You can make whatever you want and it’s super easy. You can also change the time of day which is really cool. The only thing that would make this game better is if you added people walking around like chatting or in big groups. People walking out of their houses or sitting in their backyards. It would also be cool if you added different types of building like grocery stores and other little shops. I’m not saying that it would become a tycoon game but it would be really cool to see people living their lives as your building a city..Version: 1.01

Great Stressless Creative OutletI love the design and controls. Color choices for the buildings are complementary and the building design is intuitive. The details are always fun to discover, like how details change when some buildings are closer together or bridge together. The little flags, birds, binoculars, trees, etc are my favorite part and would loveee to see more. I do wish there were more options such as putting in nature field options like grass or sand/beach blocks that work the same as the buildings. Also maybe changing building colors by tapping instead of rebuilding and different roof or a few building types. Or even different climate type maps to choose from at the beginning. Overall, finding this to be a great way to feel active is passing times and to have an outlet for my interest in town design and community infrastructure. As any free field game, so many options and directions you can go for and made simple yet intricate. 5/5.Version: 1.01

Calming and Pleasant to Look atI could play this game for hours. It’s calming and has a wonderful art style and it’s just so peaceful and relaxing to build these little weird towns. However, I wish there were options to turn music on and off and to have it go on repeat. I also wish maps could be bigger and you could choose what type of landscape to start on (you always start in water/the ocean). The game also really starts to limit you the more you build, like after a certain point I couldn’t build but six blocks up (it goes WAY higher early in). There’s also no tutorial and no “recipe” book..Version: 1.01

Awesome Stress Reducer!!I’m not typically one to leave reviews, but I felt the need to chime in on this one. The game is the most simple and open-ended experience I’ve received from a mobile game. More than anything it is a relaxing experience of building a colorful town that allows you to slip away into designing a detailed canal or a multi-level village with stair leading from the beach to a tower. Totally worth the few dollars to relieve some stress and watch a city be built. Fan favorite is the random pigeons that sometimes appear on buildings. It really adds to the atmosphere of the town..Version: 1.01

Good, but needs work to be the computer masterpieceI bought this game on my computer and loved it, and when I heard from a friend it was on IoS I immediately bought it. I played the game for short periods of time a day until I had built to the limits of the grid. You can imagine my surprise when I saw you couldn’t build half a grid size from the computer edition. I then tried to build upwards more, but I found the the build limit was equally limited. Then very frustrated I just played it on the computer, and all is well. So please, devs, change the build limits; I love this game, but in a game based on no limits, I am disappointed that at this time building is limited..Version: 1.01

Finally!Ive been waiting for this app for a couple months now and its finally here! i have loved this game since it dropped on steam and now i can play wherever. I know ppl want the ability to walk through towns but this game has always been simple and for that its so soothing. And though it may be simple, it doesn't mean boring. The more you play the more you see you can actually create literal art lol give the app a try at the very least youll find yourself more relaxed than you were before you found it.Version: 1.01

Relaxing and BeautifulI’ve played this game for around 30 minutes and I can already say that it’s extremely stress relieving and artistic, even if you aren’t a creative person. If there was one thing I would change so far-if this already isn’t a part of the game-it would be to add a customizable GUI, so that we can put the undo and redo buttons where we want in the actual game screen so that we don’t have to click on the drop down menu..Version: 1.01

Good but limitedThe game is great but limits options. If one could start building on land as apposed to water, that’d be great. Also different styles or eras of buildings would be cool (building a medieval style city vs a modern city). Roofs are also quite funky because if you want a large building to have a sloped roof (similar to a cathedral) it’ll more than likely flatten to a railed flat roof. Really cool concept, I think just feeding the algorithm more options or even giving the user options to pick from for their algorithm would be very cool and potentially change this game greatly..Version: 1.01

BeautifulThis is a beautiful game. There is no point to it, which is why they refer to it as a toy; which is a pretty good description. It is interesting to see the different things that pop up. The doodads and knickknacks. The controls are very intuitive, which is awesome. Once you get going, you can create some very whimsical structures. In my minds eye, I see the people that live in the town: walking, riding small boats to deliver the mail or visit a neighbor. I’m not saying to put these in the game, that’s just where my imagination goes. Quickly you learn some of the rules. I’m not going to tell you any because part of the fun is discovering them. It would be nice to see different architectural styles. Not all at the same time, but choose before you start. Like city brownstone, or medieval village. The seaside village, though, is perfect..Version: 1.01

Great “Game”For what it is, it’s wonderful. You can’t really consider it a game, since there are no objectives, no levels or anything, you just build a little city/town. It’s quite marvelous to look at, and really satisfying to build. The only thing I can think of to change or add would be a picture mode, where you can capture beautiful scenes of your creation. Other than that, well worth the money, I’ve spent hours and hours enjoying it..Version: 1.01

Has PotentialWould like to see this app feature much more within it to maintain interest and inspire a deeper creativity level. The style and buildings are definitely cute and feature unique qualities when placed together. However, I found I was burnt out just after a few hours of playing as there just wasn’t too much to expand on or interest me. Would be amazing if it featured both on ground & water building in comparison to just water. having a modern style, high rise, cute stores, tiny markets, restaurants, cars, animals. Esp people functioning throughout; going boating, walking the streets, eating, in and out of buildings, and seeing them on upper floors living and functioning inside buildings etc. Would be nice to have it be customizable: colors, more variety of building styles etc Has potential, but needs to expand into a greater design/gameplay to hold interest and be worth its high price point..Version: 1.01

Finally! Most relaxing appI have been anxiously awaiting the release of Townscaper to IOS since I have a medical condition that makes using a mouse hard, but I really love this game! The game feels like it was made for touch format, so simple in it's interface but the programming that goes into it's complex bulding interactions is immensely satisfying. I will be spending many happy hours plopping down buldings. Thank you for making this game available to people who can only use touch formats <3.Version: 1.01

Only game I playThis game is super relaxing. Whenever I’m stressed or anxious I just go on here and plop some building down. It’s really cool how it’s able to know the orientation of the different building and automatically change what they look like. Just like most people, my only complaint is I wish there was more customization available. Like restaurants or docks. Other than that though this game is great and it’s well worth the $5.Version: 1.01

Artistic and FunThis app is really cool, and it's just pure fun to play with. No pressure, no stress, no time limits, and almost no learning curve to master. And there's not a set goal. You're creating structures by interacting with the screen, and those structures are interesting looking and artistic. You're able to manipulate the screen to allow viewing of your "town" from a lot of different angles. A big thanks to the developers for providing it to the public..Version: 1.01

The Calm of CreativityI've been a fan of Townscaper since I found it on Steam. I loved Bad North too. When I learned Townscaper had been added to the app store I did not hesitate to buy it and I would do it again. This is the perfect app to play when you are bored or stressed or if you just need to kill some time. There's no strategy needed, no additional in-app purchases, no adds, and no bugs (that I've found at least), just the simple fun of creating with little-to-no effort. Townscaper is closer to art-making than game-playing, and if you're like me and you enjoy just getting lost in building and creating worlds then this "game" is for you. I can't recommend this app more. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Do yourself a favor and download Townscaper..Version: 1.01

Love itAll in all, amazing start! There are a couple things that I personally would like, such as a larger area to build. Maybe some new buildings, but going off of another comment I saw (I know this is probably a stretch for the game) but adding people sounds like a fun little addition. Especially if we can watch them grow. But so far I love this. The only immediate change I would ask is for an infinite world to build on….Version: 1.01

Beautiful and relaxing gameI’m in love with the game, I have play it for a couple of hours and have found that the limit is your creativity, with different shapes and sizes you can create a really beautiful and complex world, I’m an architect and I’m surprised with how much love this game was made, currently something I feel is missing if a way to export our views to jpg or png to our photos so we can get those nice views as wallpapers of share those photos..Version: 1.01

I love this game, but wish there was moreThis game is so fun and peaceful! Its a great game to play when i want to calm down and clear my mind. However i do wish there was just a bit more, maybe different types of buildings and blocks, as well as maybe more colors or even different themes. Besides that I think its just simple enough and a great casual game to play when you want to calm down and chill out! Still five stars from me!.Version: 1.01

Absolutely amazing!This is so addictive, I had to turn on time limits to stop playing hours straight. Which is really surprising given that there isn’t much of a game per se. You literally just building a little town. No grind, no in-app purchases, no battle royale, no pay to win. Nothing that spoils the pure joy! This is masterpiece. P.S. Apple Store somehow lost my first significantly longer review. Shame on you Apple! Game deserves 6 stars!.Version: 1.01

Really great I want more!I love this game I have it on my Switch, iPad and phone. I enjoy figuring out the ways to get stairs in certain areas depending on how I place the buildings. The only negative I would have to say would be I wish I could expand the world and just keep building. The graphics are lovely and calm. I love adjusting the light and seeing how it changes the way the town looks. I especially love when all the windows light up at night..Version: 1.03

4 stars for potentialI would happily give this app 5 stars if it had a few changes: 1. An option to add/delete large swaths of building at once 2. An optimization of the save map feature. You are unable to delete maps, and having to delete a single block via long press makes the ordeal of starting again not worthwhile I also think more features involving the building in general would be fun..Version: 1.01

Highly recommend, worth every dollarThis game is great for just relaxing and taking your mind off of things. The sounds are great and it's amazing how much work they put into the detail! I'd like if in the future you could maybe add people walking around like walking their dog or something. I just love the amount of detail they put into it! Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.01

Great game needs refinementSo the game is very fun and has very great graphics, it has a all around great feel and main idea but. My requests are 1 expand the outward border as my towns always seem kinda small and needs growth 2.the size and shape of some pieces add much needed flow or better feel but can leave very random pieced that stick out or are super skinny while also the edge can be nice a smooth or made of ugly squares that hinder the games feel 3.custom colors of walls and maybe some different roofs as they always seem the exact same, floors or paths are also a good thing to add colors too 4.some quick builds as filling in the entire floor is not a fun task and perhaps you could add a setting allowing starting templates (full floor, canal world) just some extra things..Version: 1.01

Needs features to bring towns to lifeThis is such a fun, mesmerizing app but I feel that there are a couple of features that would make it a joy to play. #1. While building my towns I find myself really wanting to see PEOPLE walking around and doing things, ex: riding bikes, carrying shopping bags, parents holding their kid’s hand, etc. Would be so cute! Please add! (Also boats sailing through the water would be so so great) #2. Different terrains. Can there please be a few different land options in addition to water!! It gets boring! #3. A setting that makes the sun rise and set on a schedule, would be so cute. I feel that these few edits could really make the worlds engaging and full of life!! I would so love it if the developers could add them!!!! 💜 thank you!!!.Version: 1.01

It’s Really Good!I was first interested because of the graphics and theme, but when I got it on launch is was surprised by how much MORE I actually liked it after playing it. It’s fun, unique, quirky, relaxing… just an awesome game. Can’t wait to see if the devs do updates and add-ons in the future. Like maybe different style cities and settings or something. Awesome game though, thanks dev team!.Version: 1.01

I Love This Game, But…This game is amazing and I love it so much! But I think that it would be better if just like the houses we could add in small simplified people that just automatically wander around and they can live in the houses. It’d also be cool if we could add pets and animals that just wandered around and some structures would be easier to choose on your own..Version: 1.01

Love the game, want more…I really enjoy this game, however, I would LOVE if theres an option to have the ambient music that plays in the menu play while building. Another aspect that would make the game even more special is if there was an option to “activate” the town and watch it come to life full of townspeople walking the streets. Also adding options to change building materials (wood, grass, brick)..Version: 1.01

A modest domestic burgundy…..but I think you will be amused by its presumption.” This caption from a decades past New Yorker cartoon was the first thought that popped into my mind when I found this app on Steam last year. This delightful pastime is Perhaps not what many would call a game, but it is a relaxing activity that always leaves me with the feeling of time not wasted..Version: 1.01

Maybe the best $5 I’ve ever spentI’ve been looking for a game like this since Anno for iOS went away. I was worried about buying it without a trial as I’ve tried a few others and didn’t like any of them. This is just what I needed. While this is beautiful in its simplicity and ease of use, I hope there are future expansions..Version: 1.03

Amazing gameMy little brother loves this game and he suggested that maybe people become part of it and the bigger the building the richer the person, as in king or peasant type thing. But I love this game how it is anyway and I would also love to see improvements and added things obviously but it’s amazing as is. Thank you for making this amazing game..Version: 1.01

I really like itI love the game and how simple and calming it is. The flow is amazing too. I just have a few suggestions: 1. I think bridges to connect land. It would be super cute to see a bridge connecting different towns 2. I’m having trouble with the loading screen and it’s taking a long time. It is quite cute though. I wish it took less time. 3. I would love to see patches of grass in my town, and a customizing that would make it a lot better. 4. I want to put fountains and stuff like that in my town. If you added a feature like that it would make the personality of the town better. I do love the game though, and it’s glow is amazing..Version: 1.01

Awesome, relaxing, fun gameFinally, someone made a stylish city-builder game with no pressure to do anything but build and enjoy! This relaxing game is easy to jump into or out of at any time when you have a few minutes, as it saves progress at all times. Perfect for busy people like me. There are no ads or IAP, and the premium price is fair. It also doesn’t take much storage. I’m so glad for independent developers like this who come up with creative ideas and monetize fairly. I highly recommend this game for people who want a relaxing experience with no pressure to micromanage details. Thank you for a great game!.Version: 1.01

Fantastic ToyThe UI and visuals are top notch. Just a few humble suggestions: 1) You have birds, it would make our towns feel more alive if you had auto generated people wandering the streets. 2) The ability to add a few more block types. Maybe things like ships for harbors, or a more castle like block to build that castle in the middle of town. (There’s no great way to build something like the top of castle walls) 3) maybe an option for building towns on land instead of water with some kind of hill building tool. Anyway those are just some ideas I’m sure you’ve thought of. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.02

Such A Mentally Relaxing ToolThis game truly takes my breath away. The details are amazing. The ocean sound effects are soothing. I love the birds and how interactive they are. The only thing that would make this better would be little people walking around. In all, this game was definitely worth the buy..Version: 1.01

GoodFun game. Would be better if you could add plants and gardens and trees, and if people were added to walk around and enjoy the cities. Also it would be cool if there were options to add different architecture styles and specialty styles of buildings. Also needs bigger maps. Overall it’s fun as is.Version: 1.01

Zen OutMy new go to app now to simply zen out. There is something so relaxing about the creation of these little towns that I love. The art is adorable and with the day and night settings you can change the whole feel of your city. With my rain machine and a cup of tea I could literally get lost in this little gem!.Version: 1.01

The cutestJust peacefully creating my little floating town, adoring the little details that pop up automatically when you stumble on a configuration that’s just right. Like little wee adorable balconies behind my row houses, birds nesting on my roofs. A little staircase down to the water with a life saver on the wall. Just very satisfying and beautiful.Version: 1.01

PeopleYou need to add people also really good game I enjoy it but still add people it would be easy just add an AI to the human that you create and limit them to the town that I make and animate them going in and out of doors! And you didn’t fix all of the bugs , I don’t know what is going on but sometimes you can see inside the blocks!.Version: 1.01

Amazing app but 1 requestI think it would be interesting for there to be a street view feature where you could get the POV of someone walking through the town (like street view on google maps)..Version: 1.01

Needs peopleThe game is pretty good so far however it needs people or something to roam the city. This add on would be dope because it would make the town a bit more lively. On top of that as mentioned in previous reviews, we do need a special tool that lets you delete a specific area quickly..Version: 1.03

Beautiful!The art style is amazing and it’s so satisfying! It’s nice that there are no goals or points or currency etc it just is what it is. I would love to see more things like different types of terrain, or weather, or even little people, but it is already great as is..Version: 1.01

Fantastic game that needs split modesIt's atruly a gorgeous and calming game to play... Except for one rather annoying issue: you can't draw roads. You have to tap them into existence, block-by-block. Because of this, roads look unnatural. Making a Draw Mode and Tap Mode toggle button would sort this out without taking much space..Version: 1.01

Love this!I can’t say enough great things about this game or app. Not really a game, just something fun to do. It’s even more fun if you have an imagination. I would love to see an update that adds little people going about their business. Great graphics too!.Version: 1.01

Very good, some thing to considerWould be nice if they add people walking around or biking through the roads and into the buildings, just to give the game even more life.Version: 1.03

Amazing but…Would be cool if there were different architectural styles to choose from.Version: 1.01

AmazingBeautifully designed and really relaxing. The animations and sounds are excellent and the UI is intuitive. It would be awesome to have a feature that allows you to toggle the birds; the way they sit in a cluster is a bit freaky if you’re trypophobic. Other than that, I have zero complaints and I love this game. It’s an amazing stress reliever. Thank you!.Version: 1.03

I love that there’s no winningThis is the most relaxing game I’ve ever bought. I was looking for something fun and tired of games that are free with ads or paid but still have in app purchases. Figuring out the auto placement of stairs is fun although I do wish there was a way to cycle through the options on each block, but if that breaks the game, I’d much rather keep playing the way it is now. 10/10 Very zen.Version: 1.03

Incredibly beautifulI love playing with this when in high lol.Version: 1.01

AwesomePretty cool game… well worth the price. Simple but amazing..Version: 1.01

!!!BRO LITERALLY THE COOLEST MOBILE GAME THIS DECADE bought yesterday and already have wasted countless hours playing. hands down worth it. my only suggestion would be to increase how big the build area is. seriously tho completely worth the $7.Version: 1.01

Pure, artistic meditationYes, it costs money up front. It’s not free. It also had zero ads and is a seriously polished, therapeutic piece of creative art. Kudos, Raw Fury. This is seriously funky. Minor note: the touch controls hints does not mention you can use two fingers to drag the view around..Version: 1.01

Not that funNot that fun. There’s no objective so it gets boring.Version: 1.01

SuggestionsI think the game would be better if you could have a couple different building types not that many just three or four, one of them could be a dock that if you had the right circumstances would create a boat that would float around or maybe a kind of beach so you could build an island that wasn’t just bricks or maybe a different type of house that was wooden maybe if you built a as tower of wood buildings it would become a windmill but it’s an overall great game it would be okay if you just added one of the ideas but I would love it if you added more variety.Version: 1.03

FeedbackGreat game, love playing it but after a while it gets boring having the same types of building, i recommend you guys try adding more variety!.Version: 1.01

Addictive in a good wayIt’s one of those sims that you can pick up for 5 minutes and make a few changes to your town, and hop back in later. Simple. Serene. I just wish I could walk around in my little town!.Version: 1.01

Worth it, buy itI waited forever thinking the price was too low for it to be any good. BUY THIS, IT’S AMAZING!.Version: 1.01

AwesomeThis Game is perfect if you like to create, this is the game you need just don’t do city that take all the space or it will take time to load the game when you rejoin. After this game is awesome..Version: 1.01

Not really a “game” but that’s okayThis is as much of a game as building sandcastles, playing with LEGO, or building block towers is. There’s no scores, no challenges, no competition, and no stress. It is solely a relaxing way to pass the time and imagine oneself in a simpler, more peaceful world..Version: 1.01

Very cool!Great game idea. Would love to see an update to add different styles or landscapes (mountains)..Version: 1.01

I need a refund.Hey, the game is awesome but I need my money back, I don’t want the game anymore because I’m not that type of guy and I don’t play often so can you please give me my money back thanks..Version: 1.01

Great experienceMy only wish is the obj export on iOS..Version: 1.01

Love this game!It’s not as simple as it first appears. It’s very sophisticated yet very subtle and enjoyable. I appreciate that there aren’t fifty steps to progress or a new level, you simply click and you’re on your way! Very worth the price..Version: 1.01

Good overpricedThis app is good for simple, calm meditation. It’s fun and interactive and has cute little details like birds and binoculars. The price is a little high though!.Version: 1.01

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