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Control the character that's made out of ropes and collect colorful yarns to grow and progress through the level without hitting obstacles as you will lose rope if so.

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Rope-Man Run Positive Reviews

Cute ! || small request.I honestly think this is a cute game. The hats and skins can match up and it’s adorable, it makes it extremely more entertaining when you can have a ‘ gem run ‘ or a race with an npc. ( I have a small request though. When you have the skin of your choice on and you get to race an npc, why do they gain the same color of yarn as you? If it’s a different color than us, could it possibly collect their own color of yarn? ) anyway, I think this is adorable. The only think I want to fix/update are the races. 😊.Version: 0.9.8

RockstarYour game was really good I experienced a lot I got to level 10 and higher when are mostly experienced mostly about your game was The s string Pul that was the best thing on your game😆🧐🥸🤩.Version: 0.9.9

AdsI’m not going to demand less ads because I actually really don’t mind ads. You’ve got bills, I get it. But if you’re going to put ads, at least make it so they actually play. I’ll be playing this game for a few minutes then I’ll get an ad. Sometimes it’s fine, the ad plays and I get back to the game. But usually it’s just a black screen or a loading graphic, so I have to close the game and reopen it. It’s a pretty annoying way to play….Version: 0.9.12

Pretty funNo adds after Every second you don’t have to pay for anything like premium or outfits and it’s pretty good for road trips.Version: 0.9.8

OpinionI believe that the game is fun but please, you put ads in Tik-Tok and don’t even play it right. And it irritates me because it’s such an easy game, yet you managed to make it hard like dude..Version: 0.9.9

Less addsLess adds getting rid of game no storage left (sorry had to type this 1,000 times bye.Version: 0.9.9

Good game but•••So I’m 6 and a half I don’t like ads so I think every game should not have ads so I need no ads on anything okay? I really like it though! 10/10. Love it..Version: 0.9.8

Pretty goodAdd some more features other than just running, because right now the gems are useless..Version: 0.1

TotteringThe only we need will have you do that your at your house tomorrow at work time.Version: 0.9.12

Really fun for a bitI really like this game it’s super fun but it gets boring after a while. I think they could spice it up with maybe new game modes or new obstacles other than that GG..Version: 0.9.8

Love it but Game freezesLove the game but after the last update my game freezes after each level.Version: 0.9.12

ManI love this game because it’s fun and relaxing and when I’m mad or sad I play this game and it makes me feel better.Version: 0.9.9

You should download now!This is the best game for buddies!It is free it is better to play on phone I got to say..BUT STILL PLEASE DOWNLOAD NOW Thank you for your time!.Version: 0.9.8

It’s not workingEvery time I click the app it shows me a black screen and then comes out of the app. It’s been doing this for a few days.Version: 0.9.12

FunIt’s really fun I mean for some adds yes I have to close the app but I love it 10/10 would recommend 😍🤩🥳🤪.Version: 0.9.9

The game is mediocreOk, listen, I only bought this game because the ads for this game just won’t shut up. It’s just ok and kinda addicting. But could’ve been better..Version: 0.9.9

The good gameThis game is a really good game and it is fun and it is a learning experience for little kids.Version: 0.9.9

The bet game everAmazing game, but there should have celebrities like that in their but best game ever.😍🥰🤪 super relaxing by the way..Version: 0.9.9

My reviewThis is really good to play when bored.Version: 0.9.9

HelloI love this game it’s the best it’s so good even all the ads kind of weird..Version: 0.9.9

This game is the bestI love this game there are no ads it’s so fun cute it’s just the best. Plz download this game plz!!!!’.Version: 0.9.8

Amazing gameGreat game but please update and make the max size bigger but otherwise game is great.Version: 0.6.1

Best game everThe best game I’ve ever seen This changed the App Store forever.Version: 0.9.8

A good gameIt’s a good game it’s very entertaining fun and more I know this review is short but I have nothing else to say.Version: 0.9.9

Pretty goodThere aren’t a lot of ads thrown in my face.Version: 0.9.12

Best game ever.This game is so cool. The colored are amazing and it is so satisfying to look at..Version: 0.9.9

CoolI just started it in this game is cool.Version: 0.9.9

AddsGrate But sooooooo many adds.Version: 0.9.9

I love this gameThis hand is the best game ever!!!.Version: 0.9.12

Rope. ManIt’s. So. Good that. You have. To. Get. it. Today.Version: 0.9.8

One probIt is a good game but you can’t stop and there is not enough rope!.Version: 0.9.12

Not too funIt’s pretty fun.Version: 0.9.9

I love this gameThis game is the best.Version: 0.9.9

Beat gameThe best game ever❤️👍 Very good.Version: 0.9.9

RatingGolden But not perfect.Version: 0.9.12

FunOMG!!! This is the best game ever.Version: 0.9.12

This gameDownload this game now.Version: 0.9.8

Fhncjghfc5/5.Version: 0.9.8

MehMeh.Version: 0.9.8

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