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Home of the Philosophy, Understanding, & Teachings of Aten Nation. Aten Nation is the one true home of Universal Sciences, Black History, Spirituality & Knowledge of Self.

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Aten University Positive Reviews

High ascension, the rise of Aten Nation!! 💫Let’s all take a moment to thank and show appreciation to Young Pharaoh for his greatness, his mind, his energy, and the knowledge he puts out into the World. I’ve been waiting for so long for this app and now it’s here and it’s fiiiiirrre. We’re in the age of Aquarius and it’s time to unlock our DNA and elevate our minds, bodies, and spirit. We are all Gods and Goddesses and it’s time to ascend back into our Higher Selves. 🙌🏼.Version: 1.1

All Respect Is Due To Young PharaohIt’s finally here. Knowledge is key to life. And here you can get all the real unfiltered truth. Study the teachings of this God and you’ll never look at this artificial reality we living in the same. Powerful app💯.Version: 1.1

I’m bac!!!!Love his lectures! Love his content! Love what I’m learning about my African self and yea I can’t wait to learn about the animal kingdom and the other lectures that come about!!! 🔥💯🤘🏿.Version: 1.2

5DI am thankful for brotha Young Pharaoh giving his energy to the people. Everything he has taught me has left a positive shift in my life. Let us rise..Version: 1.1

So much information!!I can’t get enough of all the information!! Imma be up for nights trynna retain it all😭😭.Version: 1.1

Lajay to pharaoh:Thanks you pharaoh👑, I’ve grown a lot do to you and myself, I’ll keep growing in becoming my self more and more. Peace king🤝....Version: 1.1

Get Educated!!!!YP is a beast please take the time to listen and be amazed by a young man who has really dedicated himself learning and helping his people!!!!.Version: 1.1

Offline ModeApp says I’m offline but I’m connected to wifi.Version: 1.0

💪🏾Let’s do our part and help our brother help us!!.Version: 1.1

Black Power ✊🏼Tune in family ✨.Version: 1.0

ExcellentWe need more truthers putting education apps on the App Store.Version: 1.1

RespectReal Recognize Real ... Hidden Information.Version: 1.1

💯💯💯💯This is best app out right now. Everybody should go download.Version: 1.1

Great app lots of infoONE SUGGESTION would be to add in test and quizzes though.Version: 1.1

The best university everBest university in the World 10 times better then Harvard and Princeton.Version: 1.1

Real knowledgeLet’s go Pharaoh!!! Aten University to the top! 🚀.Version: 1.1

Supporting the King, and Elevating my psyche!Let’s go YP!.Version: 1.1

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 1.1

Don’t Buy Until Issues Are FixedThis should really be 1 star but I gave the brother a 3 because I respect his hustle. I pretty much paid a dollar for this man to tell me I have to give him more money if I want to watch ANY videos on this app. On top of that, many of his YouTube videos are still unavailable. There’s also a glitch where it doesn’t even show the subscription plans, so I could t even enroll if I wanted to. Young Pharoah, love your content and you sharing knowledge but this is not good business. Make at least SOME videos available for free after you buy the app, add the YT videos and fix bugs if you want folks to actually enroll..Version: 1.2

Great appMakes it faster to watch the university on phone, very powerful..Version: 1.6

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