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In Bounce and collect you have to drop balls in the right place to collect the maximum and unlock the next challenge.

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I love this game, please getWhen I first saw this game, an ad on social media, I didn't expect it to be this good. Like almost every other game on the App Store, there's usually millions of ad pop popping through as you're playing. I personally hate that because you don't get to enjoy the fun in the game. But this game is different, there's one ad per like not even 20 seconds. And you really get to enjoy the game itself. I love the enjoyment on this game because you have the option to move the cup around, obviously, in some games don't have that. Some other games on the App Store don't even like you interact on the game. If you're confused what I mean by that is the game does it for you, but you just move your hand around the screen. This game is 100% better because you're 100% going to interact with everything that's going on. Nothing changes on the app itself in the enjoyment throughout all of the levels. I also love how there is a leaderboard. I always like to get a goal every day and see how far I get. Some games I don't have a leaderboard aren't that enjoyable. Overall I love this game so much and I have been on it for several days in a row. I'm still looking forward to five more games like this, but it will be hard because it is so fun..Version: 1.8

Fun mindless gameThis is a fun mindless game. Levels are randomly generated seemingly, as some are literally unwinnable. Some get ridiculously high scores due to the multipliers and those are satisfying assuming you have ten minutes to wait for the lag to catch up and complete the level. Both are relatively rare situations however. I don’t think the leaderboard is real but it’s still fun to progress if you have a slightly compulsive personality. Apparently I do and the combo of slight planning, high but meaningless numbers and sensory cues like sound and haptics give me just a little jolt of dopamine. I did discover that the game does have limits: one ridiculous level crashed my phone around 72,000 balls. Wish it had saved the score. 😅.Version: 1.8

Fun, satisfying, and addictive butThe ranking system is fake, and I think the meter for the high score is just a function that caps the value at 99%. Starting with the ranking system: I took the time to play the game for a couple days and get to #1 on the leaderboard, and as I rose to the top, the names switched around every when I got to the top 5. This is evidence that the game has a random name generator for each position. I reached #1 exactly when I reached one million collected balls, so I think each rank has a range of values that a player has to have in order to place in that rank. With the high score meter, I would get lucky in a round, and shoot really fast up to 99% but it would never let me get 100% even after it took 10 seconds to get to 99% and the balls kept collecting at the same rate for a few more minutes. Side note: the level system is fake also; each attempt to complete a level is different, and if you restart it changes. The level count is just the number of completed runs..Version: 1.8

It’s addictiveI like this game, I just wish the restart button would take you back to the beginning of the same exact level instead of to a different one altogether. That means if you realized your mistake and want to start over, you can’t. A couple times I touched it by mistake when I was in the middle of collecting a massive ton of balls at the very end, and it restarted. You can never go back to that same particular level again. I also don’t know what the stars are for exactly. I don’t mind watching ads to increase the amount of balls I started with or for other advantages, it I have watched ads for extra stars thinking I’ll get something for it and it just gives them to you for no purpose. You can’t buy anything with them, so what’s the point. Overall it’s a good addictive game though..Version: 1.8

Reached #1I got this game thinking it was just going to be a mobile ad game were you can change the color, shape, or anything about the ball. Then I saw the leaderboard so I set a goal reach the top. Took me weeks, and hours everyday into the game and I accomplished it. And like all mobile games when you reach all the fun you can have you feel empty. I asked my nephew if he could get the game to see if he can reach the top ten and now it’s only a matter of time before my hypothesis is correct. If this game has a true leaderboard or just mile markers.🤔.Version: 1.8

Has some problemsSuper addicting game, but there is a few problems. First, way to many ads. I usually just play without WiFi, but after seeing some reviews, I turned it on to see how big the problem was. This has to be the most ads I’ve seen on a mobile game. There is ATLEAST 1 ad every level (sometimes 2) with a optional upgrade that cost an ad, aswell as a small ad at the bottom of your screen. I know, you need to make money, but this is just ridiculous. Second, this problem is rare, but still there. Once, on the first part of the stage, I get good RNG. No, way to good RNG. RNG so good that I am stuck in a infinite loop because balls are constantly duplicating. Seriously, I got up to 300k and just stopped because it was taking to long and every time it looks like it was about to stop the screen filled up again. Repeat that about 200 times and there is no hope that it end soon. Just a quick mention, if you are having a problem with constant crashing (while playing not in loading) and battery drain, you should probably get a new device because I didn’t experience either..Version: 1.8

It’s a really fun game butI really like this game cause it’s super easy and not that difficult but 1 problem I have is with the percentage of being better than blank percent of players ,I got a 25,000 ball score, (yes I did get 25,000 I was super shocked when I got it) and it was stuck at 99% better than other players, but it was just there for thousands starting at like 12,000, so I don’t think it can go any higher that 99% so I wish it was able to and maybe even give you like a reward like 2x starting balls for life or something..Version: 1.8

Read thisTho shame is amazing, however I would change a few things: when you collect and make a lot, if there was a “skip” button where you could just collect everything and it’s done in seconds it would be nice, and some skins would be nice, when you have the stars to collect there’s nothing to do with them, besides that, this game is amazing, only a few ads but it’s not horrible... this game is very calming and I play it everyday since I got it. 11/10 recommend!.Version: 1.8

Amazing and fun game, but..I absolutely love this game. to put it in perspective, it starts you off at rank #15,000 and i’m in the top 900, and i’ve only had it for about a week. my one and only critique about it is the math issue. i noticed it when i got a first-half level than only had one x3 strip across the screen without any other obstacles. starting off with 3 balls and multiplying that by 3 is supposed to be 9, yet it gives you 12. so every single multiplying bar is really multiplying one more than that, so instead of x3, it’s actually x4. not a big complaint as it gives a higher score, but it’s just a bit odd also to any complaints about too many ads, simply turn off your wifi or data. you won’t get ads if you don’t have internet to access them 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.8

Brilliant game but..This game is fun for me and I love it. However, being the critical thinker I am, I’ve mathed out what results I “should” get based on the gates the balls drop through, but I was always low. It took me a few minutes of watching and waiting for a super simple level with like one gate to go through. Then I figured it out. The way the gates work isn’t multiplicatively like it looks like it should. Or I guess it does, thinking about it in writing this, but they are all one digit lower than the balls actually split off. Say your first balls goes through a x2 gate, and that’s the only gate they fall through, you think you should end up with 6 balls in the cup, but you really end up with 9. In reality, you drop the ball through a x2 gate you are winding up with 3 times the balls. A x3 gate yields 4 times the balls sent through, etc. Other than the math issue that I spent a good few sessions contemplating, this game is really addictive..Version: 1.8

Really fun, one huge problem.When you get lucky, in this game you get really lucky. Unfortunately that also mean you can be staring at a screen for a bit. I found myself in a loop where it just kept making balls upon balls and it just wouldn’t stop. I checked it before bed and I was at 500,000 in the cup and this was the first stage. Then I plug it in, go to bed, and wake up to a crashed phone. No proof to show for it, non cloud synced pictures gone. Videos deleted. Dev needs to add a skip forward button desperately or those lucky runs are going to feel like a choooorreee..Version: 1.8

Nice but needs improvementThere are a lot of ads first of all but you don’t need to watch any to do any better then anybody else. I think there still needs to be some performance adjustments since some times my bells don’t completely finish falling into the cup and the level ends. Wish there was a speed up function so you don’t have to wait forever or at least a skip function. I want to be able to see how many balls I have left on the second level. The slope going towards the cup needs to be steeper so balls go into the cup better..Version: 1.8

WHATI love this game it’s super satisfying and rlly addicting but omg… on one of the levels there was one of those bounce things (they’re OP ngl) and i used it and there was like 3 x4’s in a row basically just a rlly op level, AND IT NEVER ENDED. I didn’t even make it to the 2nd area and I sat there for 30 minutes letting it multiple over and over and i literally got over 500k thingies in the cup…. didn’t get to finish tho bc it just wouldn’t end 😭 anyway yeah that was kinda broken-.Version: 1.8

New game update ideaYou should just make the cup/hole at the end of every level bigger just in case the entire level gets flooded with balls (no homo) so the balls (no homo again) can go down faster and not waste 30 minutes of your time WAITING FOR ALL OF THE BALLS TO GO DOWN WHEN THERE STILL MULTIPLYING BY 6X THEN A 4X THEN A 3X TIMES FROM THEN A FINAL TWO WHOLE 2X THAT GOES UP AND REPEATS THE ENTIRE 6X, 4X AND 3X!!!! >:( and yes it did take me 30 whole minutes to complete a level like that. (My longest time on a level was 2 hours and 57 minutes).Version: 1.8

Love the game but...I love this game it’s very addicting and fun overall but the only problem I have is that when I have a lot of balls on the screen it just starts lagging a lot I don’t know if other people have the same problem but it would help if you make that when the balls hit the ground they disappear I think that can make a difference.Version: 1.8

RelaxingI’m only on level 45 (at the time of posting this) and I thought I broke the game, sat for ten minutes and ended up with 30,000 balls...for the second part of each level the cup is off screen so unless you think you remember how many balls you have in it, dont be surprised if it seems like you have more..Version: 1.6

Fun game, but if you pay for no ads, you should get bonuses from ads for freeI have really been enjoying the physics of this game, One round I got 165,000 balls, took a while. However if you pay for no ads I believe that you shouldn’t have to watch any ads to get any of the bonuses ever again as well..Version: 1.8

AdsThe game is great and i understand that the creator has to make money off of it and all but i don’t like the fact that there is ads almost every level you complete the game is great and SUPER fun and easy to play, but i do have one suggestion for the ads problem you can either make ads appear every 2 or 3 levels the player complete, i prefer 3 but have a good day and keep up the good work..Version: 1.8

Please Update ItThis game is not bad as it crunches time pretty well. As I’ve seen someone else review it, the levels definitely need to be diversified as well as the leaderboard system. I also highly recommend adding different multipliers the higher you get in “levels” as x2, x3, x4, and x6 just are highly overused and gets boring trying to get a good level. Overall, decent game, just please put a little more effort into it and it’ll definitely do way better..Version: 1.8

HelpI love this game and everything about it but when I open the app much like your other games it freezes and the only way to get in the app is by going through the App Store every time! I’ve only ever had this problem with your games but overall ,oplove the game!.Version: 1.8

35k BallsThey amount of ball you can make is laggy it’s bad and 35k made my pc move at 1 frame per second you should make it so it’s less laggy and fix the cap of 99% because it’s impossible to get 100% so I think if you could fix a few hundred more people would play if they didn’t get lag or could get 100% or higher..Version: 1.8

Got stuckGot stuck in an infinite loop where I could never move on to the next stage. I reached a score of over 600k but because I was stuck in an infinite loop I literally could not move on to move the score count. (The balls refill faster than the cup can collect them).Version: 1.8

Great game but a few problemsSo this is a great game but I can’t play this off-line because pass level 53 the game will crash while playing off-line and then the advertisements for this game are lying about there being a x10 -5 x15 and x20 multipliers so it’s either to add those multipliers or remove those ads with them said multipliers fix it.Version: 1.8

4.9 millionI collected 4.9 million in one go of this game. It took 3 ish hours of just letting my phone over heat. Still 99% of players and only #10 in the world in total collected. Thought my phone was going to die but still satisfied. It is a fun game but only one pet peeve the multipliers are actually one higher than what is stated so a 4x is a 5x and a 2x is a 3x. Overall fun game..Version: 1.8

Levels take too longIf you've gotten good rng you know that there is no fast forward buttons so you have to watch as all 4,000 balls get stuck in one little hole and wait 10 minutes to A:Move onto the next level B: See how high your score is. Otherwise the game is fun with the normal amount of mobile game add spam *cough* Vodoo has.Version: 1.8

Few problemsI really like the game but you literally advertise the game in the game!!! Then it can sometimes take awhile before before it says your on the next level and sometimes you might have to exit out of it to continue playing and that could get rid of a new high score! It also lags when you have tons of balls.Version: 1.8

Satisfying but....Its very fun. Help relieve stress (unless your extremely good at the game). The only thing I want to say is maybe once every ball gets out the cup at the beginning, maybe just make the balls go in quicker. I had exactly 101,211 balls and it took about 10-15 minutes to get every ball in. Overall this game will relieve stress and deserves at least 3 stars 🤷🏾‍♀️😌.Version: 1.8

This game is really cool but needs some fixesI love this game I play it everyday and I even have made it to the top 5, but even so the game still doesn’t say 100% on the meter it stays stuck at 99%. Also whenever I collect a lot of balls and I’m on the last round it would be nice to see how many balls I have left in my cup..Version: 1.8

Great game, ads are very misleading.Let me preface this review by saying that I love the game. Honestly, it’s really satisfying to watch the balls multiply, and it’s addictive trying to climb the leaderboard. (Currently at #204). The advertisements for this game are completely wrong. They showcase different colored balls, as well as x10, x15, or even x2 multipliers, which simply do not exist in the game at the time of this review. The most I’ve seen on a multiplier is x6. Developer, please, either include the multicolored balls and high multipliers in the game, or change your ads so that people aren’t mislead. That’s all. If this issue is resolved, I’ll update my review and give the game 5 stars, easily..Version: 1.8

Fix the Loops!There are certain times when the game gets stuck in a never ending loop. I cant even progress to the second part of the level because the balls will not stop multiplying, not even making a budge in the level. I am currently stuck with 75k+ on the first section of a level and can not continue without restarting the level..Version: 1.8

It almost blew up my phoneI’ve only been playing the game for about 1 hour and immediately I got in a level that got me up the 80k balls made. The amount of vibration in my phone made it so hot it burned to the touch. If you get in one of these types of levels just beware..Version: 1.8

This is a ok gameThis game is fun but the thing is I have gotten million bottles before you’re still says 99Percent of other people but I have been getting 100% but I haven’t been getting but I’ve actually been getting 99% so this game doesn’t make sense because I think you can get 100% I’ve got over 1 million balls and I still haven’t gotten 100% sure this game it’s OK but it’s not the best game.Version: 1.8

You have to fix the adsThe game is fun and relaxing There’s just a problems with the ads. I understand that a free game needs ads but this is insane. There's an ad after every level or sometimes in the middle of a level. So many ads that a simple notification can make the whole game freeze or crash..Version: 1.8

AddsWhy do people complain about adds it’s a free game do you want to pay 10 dollars 💸 or watch a few adds STOP COMPLAINING and it’s a great game 👌.Version: 1.8

DownloadThe game is pretty good. It’s satisfying, I wouldn’t mind a fast forward button. But other than that, it’s a really good game. There isn’t that many adds either, which is nice. Definitely recommend it..Version: 1.8

AwesomeMy current best is 15,000+ balls and was better that 98 percent of people!! Awesome game, super fun.Version: 1.8

Seriously needs a skip/fast forward buttonI had around 400,000 balls in the first cup, but the balls didn’t go down at all (it might have been infinite) and I waited for about an hour or so and they still didn’t go down (they weren’t going into the cup fast enough) so I had to restart and it would have probably been a world record so 👎👎.Version: 1.8

On of ballsThis game is interesting and im glad i got it, but for the love of god please add a fast forward function, if we get over 1000 balls and it hits multipliers its gonna take god knows how long just to get it over with, add a fast forward button plz.Version: 1.8

Breaks oftenAn enjoyable game, but the game breaks whenever you tab into a notification and wont let you play until you reinstall. I’ve had to do this 3 times and lost multiple high scores because of it..Version: 1.8

Bad and glitchy but satisfyingSo this game is very satisfying. There is no doubt about that. But this game is very very glitchy and fake as well. I made my way to the top 200 in the leaderboard (which is obviously fake as the names change every time and they didn’t even ask me for a username) I have made it up to 92000 balls made. The only problem when you start getting up to large numbers like that is that the game lags to high heaven. There have been many instances where I have a few hundred balls made and the cup just stops collecting them and moves to the next stage, which is also very annoying. There have also been many instances of balls getting caught on seemingly nothing, like a slant and just vibing there. I enjoy this game but the glitches and lag honestly make it annoying to play. As I had said before however, this is probably the most satisfying game I own and because of this I still play it quite a bit..Version: 1.8

No open after 1M ballsGot over 1M balls and then cant open the game anymore. Guess i broke world record.Version: 1.8

GreatIt is well made.Version: 1.8

Good gameI really like this app is not like the add.Version: 1.8

Too many balls!It was going amazing i loved the app but i was playing this and i right now have 900,000+ BALLS. it wont stop going and it keeps multiplying. ive been doing it since 7 AM, and now its 10 AM, still not over! please make it so you can unable the multipliers and able it, or something, overall the game is great! recommend it..Version: 1.8

Not all what it’s hyped up to beIt’s called BOUNCE AND COLLECT but you rarely get the bounce and it doesn’t last long. I’ve also never seen a x10 like the ad and screenshots but I guess it’s still a decent game.Version: 1.8

Speed up buttonThis game is very fun I’m on the first half of level 39 and I am collecting 200,000+ balls as we speak, I would wish there was a speed up button because the balls don’t stop coming and it’s very time consuming. Great overall app!!!.Version: 1.8

Game wont openI wouldn’t put my phone down after installing this game at first, but when you get 11 thousand balls on the first part of a level it takes forever to empty the cup. I’m also top 1500 on the leaderboard and the game won’t open I just get stuck with a black screen.Version: 1.8

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