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Love opening FIFA Packs? We've all been there! However, have you ever wondered what are the statistical chances of you getting THAT card/player? Well now you can with FUT Odds. FUT Odds allows you to:

• Get a better insight into your chances of packing a player/item, with odds
• Get insight and analysis of how much money you would potentially have to spend with money (FIFA points)
• Get insight and analysis of how many coins you would potentially have to spend
• Get insight and analysis of how many matches would you have to play and how many days it would take to earn the equivalent of the coins needed to spend on packs

This tool can be useful to help you save your money and coins by showing you your potential chances/odds. Packs are fun, for sure! However, how many times do you feel a sense of regret when you open packs and get nothing of value? The next time you wish to open packs, use FUT Odds first, then see if you truly wish to open packs from thereon.

This app is not to deter you from opening packs, but rather, help you by providing abetter understanding of your chances.

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