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Fold and Create Pictures
Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

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Paper Fold Positive Reviews

Download this app NOW!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️Before I got this game, I read the reviews. A lot of them were complaining about the adds. Listen, there are barely any adds. At the most you will get up to 1 add every 5 levels. But that’s rarely. And if if so, the game is challenging to keep you busy for a while, but there never to hard. It did repeat the sticker things or what ever they are at level 80 but ever since the update, it does it very very VERY rarely. I love this game so much and I hope you see why you should download this app NOW!!! (Btw this is my favorite emoji. Just thought you should know) 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫.Version: 1.16

Plz read before downloading its a great game but has issuesOk so when I download this game I looked at the reviews ofc and they said that it was a great game but to many adds but I ignored it and played but little did I know they were right now I'm going to talk about the best things and what are 🤮🤢😭😤😡 the fun things are its satisfying and enjoyable but the con's are its so EASY and there are way to many adds after like 1-2 levels every time you pass . stage a 30 second add comes up and yes it only takes 30 seconds but is as annoying as heck and I get the developers need to make money so they want you to buy the no adds but no im deleting this app but I do have suggestion's one slow the adds make them every once you pass at least 10 levels and after you reach level 30 really push the players to think also I love the sounds BTW but overall its a good game Just has things they should fix sorry this is long - ☆ Daisy ☆.Version: 1.14

A decent game for casual playersI got this game mainly because it looked fun and I hadn’t gotten an abundance of ads for it, and 24 hours later I had reached lvl 300. This game is fun for people with free time. The things I could complain about is the repetitive nature of it. There are only something like 75 different levels that are randomly ordered. Also I can’t get any themes because there are ‘no ads ready’ I think ads may be busted, which to be honest is fine, but I don’t get any and I don’t own an ad blocker. Like I said, worse things to have broken, but it would be nice to be able to get new themes. A suggestion I have to make the game more enjoyable is to add coins into the game and you get more coins per level depending on the less mistakes you make, then you can use the coins to buy themes. Just a thought..Version: 1.05

Very fun, but the adsI like this game, but there’s way to much ads. And, if I would like to stop the ads, I would have to purchase it. There are so many kids playing this game, but probably rage quit because of the ads. This game is fun, but it needs to be worth all of the ads I have to watch. Which, it isn’t. I recommend not downloading this unless you have time. I download and delete this game all the time. Obviously the owner of this game was very greedy. In my opinion I feel like the owner of this game probably wanted more money then to have people enjoy the actual game. Instead of having to watch 1,000,001 ads. I give this game rating a three out of ten for a reason. Please get rid of the ads and I would love this game 100% more than I do now. By the way this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me. I don’t mean to spread the negativity..Version: 1.12

5 star game but to many addsThe game is so fun but after every one or two round things there’s an add. Honestly I love the game but I don’t think you should have to pay to not have any adds but that’s how you know if the game owners are greedy. Okay now for some positivity the game is super super fun and the levels take you like 6 seconds! I just got the game yesterday and I’m already on level 46! I think that you should play this game and say what you think of this game but I don’t think it will be a 1 star review! And this game is better then the adds make it seem!.Version: 1.08

5 Star Game 👏👏Someone shared this game on TikTok and I found it from there. I'm usually not a type of person that downloads games that sees on social media, but the concept of this game fashinated me truely. The best part is that it's extremely easy to play. I even recommended this game to my 72 years old grandma and she is at level 140 already. The images on the papers are also very funny, I took screenshots of some of them to send my friends. Long story short, it's definitely a 5 star game. I recommend it to everyone without any doubts..Version: 1.02

Great gameTo all those people saying that there is so many ads, no there isn’t ! I got to level 10 without having a single ad. Also it’s a great game and it’s a great concept. It’s super relaxing after a long day of school and perfect to play with friends. There is barely any ads and whoever said there was a ton, you are all liars. It’s a great game. Also Georgina who said the game was trash and gave it one star, SHUT UP!!!.Version: 1.04

🖤 Paper Fold Report 🖤I love paper fold. It’s awesome. Amazing. All that. Except....adds. Way too many adds. Do a fold, 5 - min add. It’s so annoying. I would give it a five star if there were no adds. I don’t want to pay for no adds, because I don’t have money. I would like it if you gave rewards after adds, like hints, or coins or whatever. It would make it better, and so the player could look forward to a reward after the add. Thanks for looking at my review and i hope you can make a few changes. I’ll give another report eventually. Thanks! - Kaitie_GamerGirl123.Version: 1.14

Just startedI just started on this game and I’ve been here and there’s pretty much really bad reviews so I’m going to so I played this so I’m gonna start playing this game i’m going to test it out and see what’s going on I’ve been hearing that there’s too much ads I’m excited to play but I haven’t been seeing any ads lately like my other games so I’m going toSee what’s up I’m scared and excited at the same time so I hope so I hope I don’t see too many ads sorry for such a long review🙂 PS if you have enough money by then no ads.Version: 1.16

Too many adsThe Title of this review is self explanatory. There is an ad for every level. Finish a level ad. Unlock a new sticker pack well you have to watch an ad to get it even though you just did all of those puzzles. Besides the ads it is a really great concept and it is probably genuinely fun to play without ads. There is Another thing that annoys me besides the ads. It restart your progress if you flip all the sides over and get it wrong. Maybe you can maybe send them back to their mistake because I can see this becoming a problem..Version: 1.12

Awesome game but to many adsThis game is so intense but in a good way. But there’s to many ads. I love this game so much but after 4 or 1 or 2 or after you finish a level POP there’s another add. UUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH. It’s the best game but I can’t stand the ads after another. But this why I give it 5 stars- 1. You get (in a good way) excited and like COME ON.2. It’s relaxing.3. It’s one of my top 5 favorite games. But please just put a few ads.Version: 1.14

The ads aren’t that bad!?People are over dramatic I got literally 2 in a full 7 levels. That’s pretty good it’s a relaxing game whenever your on a road trip with no data. Don’t believe the “too much ads review.” I was concerned that it was going to be a problem but they really aren’t too constant. It’s a good game overall and you should download it if you like puzzle games!👍.Version: 1.04

Love the game get it now!!!Whoever said this game is full of ads is a dirty liar I got to level 9 wth 2 ads. The pictures are funny and it makes me feel good when I solve a puzzle. I got my mom to install it and she loves it to. I recommend this game to anyone who is bored and needs something to relax their mind. 5 stars to this game keep up the good work.Version: 1.04

I like this game but some recommendationsI love this game because you have to think and find clues to maybe what the pic might be 👍👍👍 but there are so many adds you guys and girls should be like subway surfers that game is crazy amazing because it has no adds👌 if you what your game to be crazy amazing I have two words for you NO ADDS Thanks for the entertainment and hope you take my advice👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.07

ReviewI enjoyed the game a lot I only have one key issue with the game and that’s the repetitiveness I’ve gotten the game less than 24 hours ago and I’m already level 350 I need new levels. As far as adds go I don’t have an issue with it because I play on airplane mode I no care about the backgrounds there not important. I just want new and harder levels and some kind of coin system..Version: 1.15

Good game but ...Ok so first off great game I love this game I’ve had this game for 10 minutes or so and love it but Ok so only one thing (for now) thing that I am angry about 1st levels are way to easy it annoying that’s is why I am giving it a four star and not five star and the way to get hard levels is by watching an ad and I watch the ad because I like a challenge but if I didn’t watch the ad I wouldn’t have a much of a challenge so please fix that Ok so this I about the ads there are not many ads but to get cool stuff is by watching ads so I’m annoyed by that but other then that it is over all a good game just a little bit more challenging I will I’ve it a five star From - video game nerd.Version: 1.15

Pretty good app!This game is very fun and addicting, the only bad part in my opinion is that after a couple levels the levels start to loop, I’m no app creator but my advice is to make some new levels. Also, maybe make a sticker book for the little stickers you get in the levels. Thanks! ~Kiki.Version: 1.06

Too many advertisementsWhen i started to play this game there was a bunch of advertisements. then when i got in the middle of playing the games, the advertisements just stopped. then when i got to a high level the advertisements came back. i'm kinda getting annoyed with the advertisements so can y'all please try to tone down the advertisements, if you could that would be amazing! thank you!.Version: 1.12

Game is great but needs some changesI love this game it is a game that I sometimes would play if I was stressed. But it sometimes plays the same photos over and over again. The expert levels for me were the same thing over and over and over again. The game need a few changes in my opinion. But overall all of the errors it is still a great game !!!!.Version: 1.10

Less ads pleaseThis is a great game but at two or three rounds there is way too many ads you should put less ads like after maybe 10 or 11 games of folding the paper then you should put ads not every three or two games.Version: 1.12

Very good game! 👍This is an outstanding game and I could play it all day! It’s very chill and relaxing so when your bored at home, hop into a little action. Obviously, there’s always problems with the game to here is my recommendation. This game has an annoying amount of ads and that ruins the experience. That’s the only one I would recommend for now, but other than that, very good game! 👍.Version: 1.08

Neat game, but…It’s a neat little game, but it has WAY the heck too many ads. It takes about 5 seconds to solve a puzzle followed by about 10-15 seconds before you can skip the ad, and there’s one after almost every puzzle. I also didn’t see a way to go back and re-play puzzles. I was evaluating this for my daughter to play, but I don’t think it will work because of the constant intrusive ads..Version: 1.07

OmgOk so for the beginning it was freaking ad city I was so annoyed but at level 30 you don’t get a single ad ever again it’s amazing you get ads only when you want to get stuff so basically it is free everything in it is amazing pls read and download.Version: 1.07

Really good game but an idea to considerI really love the game it’s not too easy but it’s not too hard also so you’re still able to pass it, but I think it would be really cool when you finish a paper folding it turns into a sticker you can text with.Version: 1.12

Fun but a lot of adds😐This game is very fun and entertaining. I like to play it in my spare time and I’m the car on road trips. As the game is good, it has a hole lot of adds. And in order to move to the next background, you have to watch an add. I feel like it’s overwhelming me with adds. It’s a good game over all though. Thank you for reading! 😊.Version: 1.15

5 star perfect!Ok I love this game a lot it’s satisfying and I really like the cute images I have no problem with the adds I’m mean they come on every 4 rounds so that’s all I can say it’s a great game but sometimes the adds come every 1-2 rounds so please don’t do that it gets pretty annoying ty!.Version: 1.15

I LOVE ITFirst off, it is a smooth playing game, with no lag and reasonable amount of ads. The one thing that I would love to have is the option to have the finished folds as stickers for texting. They look SO cute and I would use them all the time!.Version: 1.04

SuggestionThe game is amazing, very relaxing and cute! I wish you guys would make an app for stickers using the ones in the game because I think they would be really cool! (By the way if you don’t want to watch the ads just turn your WiFi off).Version: 1.08

Kinda hard but great game!!So this is a hard game well when you first start it it’s not as hard but on like level 10 it might get a little bit harder but this is a great game a do recommend this for kids and other people.Version: 1.14

Adds you guys!You guys know that these games don’t need WiFi and so you can turn your WiFi off and the ads won’t pop up also I think this games is great except there is the same folds over again and once again turn off WiFi if you don’t want ads and then you won’t have to complain on here for a review..Version: 1.17

Many problemsFirst when I went into the app there was an add, when I went to play my first round an add! On the 3rd round there was another 2 adds! The app kept glitching my phone out and resetting it. I would not recommend it. Please work on this. I will be deleting it but I will come back in a few months to see if it’s fixed..Version: 1.15

1 million star gameThis game is so addicting it makes you feel like you’re everything is going to be OK when I say this game so dating I promise you it’s so addicting and if it’s not I’ll give you $1 million but be true be honest if you’re not on this house in a bag and trust you.Version: 1.09

I love this gameWhy, I love this game beachside it’s hard just”. Kind of but I really, thank this is a good game it’s really cool you get to do everything,”. It’s really fun I love this game every much you should try it if you don’t have it , if you don’t want it I’m not begging you if that’s ok.Version: 1.15

NO HATE 🤎I love the game put I feel like I’m doing the same folds all the time, but it’s fun I kinda satisfying, and there isn’t a lot of adds so you don’t have to worry about that. But even in the hard levels you have to watch an add, and I also feel like I’m doing the same folds over and over again. But I really do enjoy the game it’s fun y’all download if y’all want!.Version: 1.17

Why I want to playOn the ads everyone sucked at it,And I really like the game I’d recommend it for all children so it will get them to thinking about other solutions not just the one you want and I think the game is just very fun.Version: 1.14

I like the game but I cannot beatSo I was playing when I got on the cook level one level they cannot be with the salt and pepper one so I was trying to do it one way kept starting me over when I first started the game and I hate to adsEvery level I’ll be there was an ad but I suggest you do not play this.Version: 1.08

Really easy and funIt’s so cool although I’m going to tell you something but I don’t think it’s like... a problem I’m just telling you a way for it to be more fun it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy. So I do it quick I do want you to make it a little harder.Version: 1.12

I love it!If your looking to buy this app, I think you should get it. Although there is a lot of adds, but I’m used to adds. There are a few bugs like I folded it correctly and it was incorrect. But it’s very fun! 5 stars..Version: 1.12

The ads but general it’s okThe ads just wast my time I’m already level 170 but so many adds took a lot of time watching ads right after I finish but the game is super cool and satisfying just cool it down on the adds I don’t care if it is like after 10 levels but good game ads doh!!!.Version: 1.04

OkayThis game is waaay easier than it looks otherwise it’s ok.Version: 1.15

Stop complaining about adsI hope y’all know that you can turn you’re internet off... just turn it off and BOOM no ads, now stop complaining.Version: 1.08

To easyIt’s to easy make it harder and just turn off wifi if you don’t want adds I also got to lvl 25 in 2 mins and 30 seconds make it hardddddd😡😡😡😡😤😡.Version: 1.12

Why is it not funThis game is kind of fun but it’s gets boring I think it would be more fun if you got to play music in the background and please make the levels more hard the are really easy.Version: 1.17

To many addsIt’s a fun game but there’s so many adds..Version: 1.16

Really good appSometimes it is glichy but not all the time.Version: 1.15

I love this appI love this app because it’s so easy and fun to play for free.Version: 1.14

SO MANY ADSIt’s a fun game but there is just to many ads..Version: 1.14

Why are people complaining?Ya’ll need to stop complaining like bro just turn off your internet and omg no more ads!.Version: 1.14

My reviewThis is actually a really good game! i’m righting a review cause that’s where i was inspired to download it. deffy a good game.Version: 1.06

Love but adsI love the game but there are a lot of ads so it is good and fun and hard at the same time but I am just asking if you could Mabey fix the ad problem?.Version: 1.07

It’s good but...The game is good but there’s way to many ads.Version: 1.07

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