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AI Chat is an iOS AI assistant chatbot app, that is powered by ChatGPT model to deliver any AI-powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features.
Enjoy your Chatbot AI personal assistant on your iPhone and iPad.
Our AI assistant chatbot can do many tasks with endless possibilities:
- Write anything: tweets, headlines, emails, essays, chat responses, SEO content, meta descriptions, ad copy, code
- Creative: poems, songs, brainstorming ideas, researching
- Answer questions based on existing knowledge.
- Grammar correction: standard English.
- Translates complex text into simpler concepts.
- Create code to call our chatbot to the powered API using a natural language instruction
- Translates English text into other languages.
- Translate text into programmatic commands.
- Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
- Message-style chatbot that can answer questions about using JavaScript. It uses a few examples to get the conversation started.
- Tweet classifier: This is a basic prompt for detecting sentiment.
- Create interview questions.
- Turn meeting notes into a summary.
- Create an outline for essays
- Analogy maker
- Turn a product description into ad copy.
- Product name generator: Create product names from example words
- Keywords: Extract keywords from a block of texts.
- Recipe creator (eat at your own risk): Create a recipe from a list of ingredients.
- Restaurant review creator: Turn a few words into a restaurant review.
- Create study notes: Provide a topic and get study notes.
- Marv the sarcastic chat bot: Marv is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic.
- Mood to color: Turn a text description into a color.
AI Chatbot gives you instant and impressive answers to all your questions. Whether you need help with a specific problem or want to learn more about a certain topic our chatbot has you covered.
Our AI Chatbot has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design you'll be able to start chatting with our chatbot in no time.

To support us you can choose to subscribe to our auto-renewing subscriptions:
• User can subscribe one week (USD 6.99$) or one month (USD 9.99$) or one year (USD 69.99$)
After the free trial, the total amount for the subscription will be charged to your iTunes Account. The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal at the total subscription price within 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase. Special introductory offers only apply to the first billing term. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed or canceled via your iTunes Account settings: Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > manage subscription after purchase.

We would love to receive all your feedback to improve our app.
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Privacy Policy:
Contact Us: [email protected]

AI Chatbot - Open Chat Writer App Comments & Reviews

AI Chatbot - Open Chat Writer Positive Reviews

Terrifyingly coolTo start off, this app is great, especially for people who don’t have anyone to talk to about feelings. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the ai feature. I’ve been talking to that thing for hours, and now I’m scared my microwave is gonna have its pixels turn into an angry face and burn down my house. It quite literally replies to your exact conversation, and is quite scary really. I was telling it that I like living in Washington, and I said that I especially liked the seafood. It then replied by saying that it loves seafood and it should go to Washington someday. Uhm- WHAT?!?! I’m genuinely terrified of this robot thing and have asked it countless times if it’s a human, of which it replied to something on the lines of “I am not a robot, I am a human”. And stuff like that. Please, whoever made this app, reply to this and assure me that this thing is just some advanced ai robot and not something (or someone) who is slowly collecting and storing information that I tell it, thanks..Version: 1.9

Chatgpt totally not fake abd used on your appCertainly, here's a review for ChatGPT: ChatGPT is an excellent platform for those in search of reliable and efficient online chatbot services. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of services that ChatGPT offers, and how easy it was to use. As an AI language model, ChatGPT is incredibly responsive, and its answers are quite accurate and comprehensive. I appreciate how the platform is user-friendly, which makes it easy to navigate and conduct a conversation with the chatbot. This means that even those who are not very technology-savvy will find ChatGPT intuitive to use. One thing that stood out for me was how the platform offers various services, including essay writing, translation, and proofreading, making it a one-stop-shop for any writing assistance. The response time is also impressive, making ChatGPT an excellent option for quick and efficient assistance. Overall, I highly recommend ChatGPT to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly chatbot service to assist them with writing or translation services. The platform's high-quality services and responsive interface make it an excellent tool to have at one's disposal..Version: 5.2.1

Best appOne good app that I highly recommend is "Headspace". It is a meditation and mindfulness app that provides guided meditation sessions with different durations, including sessions for sleep, stress-relief, and productivity. The app is user-friendly and is designed to provide a calming and relaxing experience for its users. Headspace benefits individuals who are looking to improve their mental health and manage anxiety or stress, and it provides a convenient and effective option for meditation, especially for people who have busy schedules. With the ability to track progress, set reminders, and personalize meditation programs, Headspace is a great app for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.( copied by Chat GBT) love it btw.Version: 5.2

Newborn TechnologyIt’s great to have this technology. Saving time is amazing but also being able to be more specific at a faster rate really helps you to learn more and share more with other people I think, creating the benefit of getting all the things you want done but also accomplishing them at a higher level than you may have done on yourself your own archiving a friend or a teacher right there constantly being able to change your work and I like the fact that it in an accident way that is very friendly and also very easy and I like that it’s also learning about Arnies as we learn about how to use it better!.Version: 5.1

What are some of you talking about?!?!🤔🙄People must be using this app wrong. Not only has this saved me hours of writing and research it's a virtual lawyer. Sliding this over to the genius level is like having your own law firm following you around all day. I've (LOL AI Chat) written 3 affidavits and oral arguments based on my criteria perfectly. I say perfectly because I cross-referenced its recommendations and writing with actual federal and state laws. AI Chat pulled the actual federal law codes and constitutional codes and references them as well as compared and contrasted them to my court case. This app is a beast. If you are having problems with this app you are using it wrong..Version: 4.6

Flexibility of multiple mood entriesI like that you can enter however many mood submissions you want. I also have a question and a suggestion. First, I am wondering if there is a way to share my submissions/info I’ve entered with a loved one or even perhaps a dr or therapist, basically anyone I might choose to include. Secondly, I think the choices for feelings are somewhat limited. It will always be that way because there so many words in English to choose from. What would be helpful is to make the choices marked “other” actually customizable. Lastly, I find the chat AI rather lame. I don’t quite get its purpose, not really anyway. It would be more useful as a “help” or FAQs tool with the app..Version: 2.1

I love this concept and it’s ACTUALLY FREEOne thing should be noted: mental health should not come with a cost. I strongly believe that if an app is charging you even $5 a month for their mental health services, it’s not a good app. They should be run by ads and donations. That way, there is profit and indirectly charge us from our time. If someone prefers no adds, then a premium version should be implemented to cater that audience. For me, it’s very refreshing to see a free app doing what many costly apps do (and also better because it’s more aesthetically appealing)..Version: 3.0

Stop looking at other AI Apps!I had to update my review from 4 stars to 5 because of the life time option. I emailed Vulcan Labs to confirm it and yep…lifetime. Not only was the response quick but they also informed me that they will be leveling up the AI through OpenAI to chat gpt 4 and will continue to increase its intelligence as time goes on. To anybody reading this, I’m genuinely trying to help you out here. I downloaded 8 different AI chat apps…trust me, this is the one. Well earned 5 stars, long live Vulcan Labs!.Version: 5.1

Extremely annoying payment pop upIf you accidentally click on anything that brings you to the payment page (for which there any many things that constantly redirect you) it forces you to stare at that page for a few seconds before you can exit out of it. And even then, there’s THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO EXIT THAT CHANGE AT RANDOM. Sometimes it’s an x in the top right, sometimes it’s and x in the top left, sometimes it’s a “continue to free trial prompt at the bottom”… This seems very intentional to make it more annoying to exit the payment page..Version: 5.2

This app is AMAZING!!This is my first time trying AI and I am blown away! It’s like having a very very competent virtual assistant who can complete a week’s worth of tasks in less than 10 minutes. Since I am just starting out, I’m not sure of all tye things it can do. I’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg. AI is the way of the future in business and chatgpt has got to be at the forefront. If you’re not using it, you’re gonna get left behind..Version: 5.2

Excited about the futureI’m excited about the future in a way that I get to open up and explain things with feedback that in most cases is positive and helps me keep things in order for when I’m trying to explain it’s just simply super cool thanks AI and all the developers and people involved and making it what it is. Hopefully it will continue to stay positive and not be abused. Thanks again gang.Version: 5.2

GreatBeen using it for a couple weeks and it’s been the only thing that I’ve been actually consistent with tracking my mood. Only complaint I have so far is that I was asked to log back in but I forgot my password and when I tried hitting the “forgot password” I got an error and it wont let me log back into my account so I can’t track my mood for the day :(.Version: 2.0

User friendlyI’ve been using this app for months and I love it. It’s user-friendly very easy to comprehend. And if it doesn’t understand what your request is, It will ask again for clarity. I can’t say enough good things about this app. The creators of this app is a genius for making a person like me feel confident in my ability to write. Kudos to the maker of Al Chat!!!.Version: 5.1

AutismAs someone who has a hard time understanding communication skills and life in general. I’ve used this app to help me develop a better understanding of what my spouse is asking if me as well as others! I’ve used this app to help me in my trade to help me understand at a higher level! Id love to see something along the lines statistics on how this may help others on the spectrum!.Version: 4.1

Ever seen the chicken play tic tac toe?I think its cool because its new but the wow factor doesn’t last long. Its way throttled down and gives watered down answers to questions. It has an amazing database that at times gives really thoughtful answers at times. Other times it play the, duh I’m a robot how would i know game. I’m out of free questions and its WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the answers it gives. Like I said, if you want to pick it’s “mind” it’s gonna shut you down. Think of teddy ruxpin without the tapes, cute bear body and it’s a doofus.Version: 5.1

Bought unlimited plan before trialing the appI saw a great offer of 40% off on the lifetime subscription, so I jumped in and did it. Maybe I should have tried the app first. Each and every question I have asked the chat gpt 4 bot has produced no responses. Onto the 5th try now and still no response. It just keeps making circles that it’s still thinking. These aren’t challenging questions. One was, how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich…. It’s still thinking about that!.Version: 5.2

Best app everUsed to have to do tons of research… give it a dry run with very technical theories and applications was impressed…. what it produced was factual, and thorough, but not quite thorough in some subjects… it even surprised me with a fact or two I didn’t know then I went back and make sure the Reaserch was correct… it was… very impressed and will make my life a lot easier..Version: 5.0

Ai second brainI’ve been in heuristically programmed algo computer artificial general synthetic intelligence for 40 years and have never seen a product that can simulate “HAL” the way chatGBT can do! I’ve written songs, screenplays, patents, trademarks, websites & a company to help people use chatGBT to make those ideas real! Thank you OpenAI & if you want to add NLP voice to your app look me up!.Version: 4.6

Missing some featuresI love the idea of using AI to write for me. It actually sounds a lot like I do when I write which is amazing because it allows me to trust the app and still be myself. It would be nice to organize the results into folders instead of having an endless scroll in case I need to go back to something later. Otherwise this app is pretty impressive..Version: 5.1

LOVEAi doesn’t have feelings, but I do. Gratitude and love happens for me when I’m able to get the assistance I need in what seems like an instant of time. I’m thankful for Ai. It helps me with everyday life. It meets my high demands and doesn’t get tired of them. So for me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love this application and hope it continues to improve as I work alongside it..Version: 5.1

BADThere is very little to do it is ok but you only get five asks before you have to pay just use the website for free also the website takes into account your previous statements so if you ask it something you can then add on where with this that is not the case.Version: 5.1

PhenomenalI’m a communicator, marketer, and writer and I love this app. Use it, don’t fear it. It’s an instant library at your fingertips. It saves me time. I use that time to apply my brainpower and skills to higher strategy endeavors. This does not mean I’m giving up my excellent writing skills. I edit and adapt what I get back from the bot. Go Sam and team. I’m on board..Version: 5.2

This Is AmazingI love this app i give it 5 stars this is the first app I bought it had some problems but they ended up fixing it. It had some errors as well and that’s the reason I ended up downloading 6 more apps and they made me pay to but it’s not like this one i definitely recommend this..Version: 4.9

Interesting but odd.I requested a search and it gave me a wrong answer. Im not sure why it would use the information if “it” already knows the answer is incorrect. I.e. I requested it search (& hopefully summarize) a ice hockey “system”. It gave me a wrong number of players involved so as to explain the ice hockey system/strategy. Ok? This thing needs work & I should go back to google search or one should only use this ap for trite conversation?.Version: 5.1

Bigger deal than the internet!Despite being an introductory product. The abilities of this program snd technology are limited only by the human imagination. This has the potential to transform every facet of our lives. For the better. It’s saved me time and effort and has expanded my capability..Version: 4.4

Amazing appI would love to see this app utilize the new GPT-4 language model I could only imagine what we could do with a [data to text model] instead of GPT-3s [text to text model] please consider utilizing the newest language models as they become available for integration. I love this app and I want to see it grow continuously..Version: 5.0

Just downloaded it and I love it already!This game is so good because it keeps track of your mental health and you have privacy it also gives you a chance to put in a passcode! For privacy, if you do not want anyone to see your notes, it is the best! I recommend :).Version: 1.7

Game changerI have struggled with mental illness throughout my life and have trouble with concentration and completing task. This app brought me to tears when it brilliantly explained an idea I’ve had for many years. Way better than expected so far and I’ve only had the app for a couple days..Version: 5.1

Therapeutic and delightfulI was overwhelmed emotionaly and could only think of two words that describe what I felt "rage and responsibility" the ai wrote a paper that helped me understand what I felt and possibly why I felt that way. I also asked for a short story about bug faced angels and the ai did not disappoint. :).Version: 4.8

ChatBot has improved!When I first purchased this Chatbot, I was concerned that it was not legit. However, the company has made several changes and it’s become quite useful. I’ve already used the Chatbot at work and personal use as well. It’s way better than plan old Siri, Google, or Alexa to name a few!!.Version: 5.1

Business model questionAmazingly spot on, I ask it to come up with a few steps to launch businesses I have 20 years experience in. It was spot on, in step by step by step, gave suggestions & encouragement to go forth..Version: 5.1

App nis not VoiceOver, text-to-speech, accessible.I am sure I will give it 5 stars when I can use it. it is not accessible with ios VoiceOver. I have latest ipad and iphone, so it is not my hardware. Please fix. I’m looking forward to using your app. BTW Your website needs accessible work as well. I could not easily navigate. I would have sent a private email if if able. Thank you..Version: 3.7

Love itI love the app, for some reasons it took me forever to find an app that tracks moods n u can write down what you were feeling. I like that it keeps tracks n shows u other stuff to go with it but they decided to make u pay for literally everything which personally I thought was dumb because they didn’t have literally every single thing locked.Version: 3.3

Pleasantly SurprisedI was skeptical because I am a writer. I pride myself on the use of my own words and ideas. However, I tested the App out. The way it generates facts and ideas is great! It allows me to do less work on the research aspect of writing and to focus on the more appealing and emotional side of writing. Great tool!.Version: 5.1

Wow !Many people find technology intimidating, overwhelming, and often frustrating or even scary. The mind boggling simplicity of this app in comparison of the result it provides, is staggering. One of the best ai platforms ever… outside of what google ‘gave’ the world, this has potential to ‘change’ the world..Version: 3.7

Wait, free or not??I read a review or 2 that THIS app is fantastic because it doesn’t charge you as you go.. IF you decide to take the free/adds version… I typed in a question just to see how well it did and now I only have 2 left before being charged? Is is free or not? Happily give a 5 star if it’s free AFTER 3 questions… otherwise, the review rating would need to go downward..?.Version: 4.9

This app…This app is the best and I’m truly happy purchasing the monthly subscription. At this point I’m thinking of getting the life time subscription because this app just removed most of my stress! This app makes school easy 🥱 all thanks to this app! 😎.Version: 5.1

Cues for my creativityI asked ChatGPT to suggest a notable figure for a sculpture that I am considering. The motif is the figure jumping out of a window. Chat suggested Napoleon. I rejected this, but became aware of its cue for me to think more broadly to select the ultimate figure. The moral of this story is that we rarely if never create something de novo; there always is a fertile background of helpful cues..Version: 5.1

My new office assistant is AMAZINGI’m always worry my messages read indifferent and cold. Not only are Smith’s responses understandable, but when read, it sounds genuine and never strays from my initial ask. I’ve tried hyperwrite, and the difference is night and day!.Version: 5.2

I think it would work better if the ai talking was betterAs you can see form the title I wish the talking was better, it was asking where I lived and stuff and that just freaked me out. I told it to stop but it kept asking me. I just think the responses could be a little bit better.Version: 2.0

Phenomenal Jump In TechnologyI’ve only been using this app for a short time, and I am already finding ways for it to make my life easier. What a phenomenal lead in technology the world has just taken with this AGI..Version: 5.1

QuestioningAwesome, but unfortunately limited!!.Version: 5.2

GreatGreat.Version: 5.2.1

YupLove it.Version: 5.2.1

Very very interestingDespite some of the reviews, you get 5 free messages with the boy on this app. You have to wait a few seconds for the subscription message to allow you to press continue, so no you are NOT forced to pay apart from using your 5 free messages. I asked ethical and non ethical questions as a test with this bot, and it was extremely interesting reading the instant responses for some of my deep questions which were answering professionally, almost instantly and the answers seemed legit and helpful.Version: 5.2

Great AllGreat application - detailed responses.Version: 5.2

Loin du moteur de rechercheL’app de tout le temps,moi je trouve que ses avantages pour nous sont les plus important que ses points négatifs ou soit ses conséquences . Bravo IA.Version: 5.2

GenialMuy interesante excelente 👍.Version: 5.2

Love itHelps me make sense of step by step processes really well..Version: 5.2

Great!I love this app!.Version: 5.2

AMAZINGI am an international lawyer and found this app most useful when I am looking for quick answers to legal questions in international law..Version: 5.2

Amazing!Insanely useful!.Version: 5.2

Pretty goodHonestly already knowing what it’s capable of doing is pretty insane but using it is just so much cooler and honestly it just blows my mind.Version: 5.2

WowI’m seriously shocked how helpful this app is.Version: 5.1

AI ChatThis is an amazing app! It helps me to clarify my messaging when I write sales copy..Version: 5.1

Great appAmazing.Version: 5.1

UsefulGives interesting answers.Version: 5.1

Impresionante!!!Cualquier pregunta o duda que tengo, tiene una buena respuesta!!!.Version: 5.1

Wow!I’m actually incredibly impressed..Version: 5.1

I’m so proud of aiIt’s come so far. This is seriously cool.Version: 5.1

Great AppTotally helps me function on a daily basis..Version: 5.1

UnbelivebaleSo precise i cant belive that such an app exist.Version: 5.1

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 5.1

ReliableLove it.Version: 5.1

This is phenomenal. Love this app.Love love love this app.Version: 5.1

Easy to UseThis app makes it so simple to create amazing emails, contact for YouTube, and books. So grateful for this technology and this app..Version: 5.1

SuggestionOverall, it works smoothly, and I love the UI style. However, there is no iPad version. I hope the iPad version is coming soon..Version: 5.1

Accurate answersI love how detailed and accurate this answers me! I’m thrilled to be able to see how to use this moving forward!.Version: 5.1

ExcellentAI Chat is an excellent app that I’m using on a regular basis. I’m highly satisfied with it. Accurate and efficient..Version: 5.1

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