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Chat to convince your family and friends! Enjoy countless chatting scenarios. Choose what will happen next and don’t forget to be careful while chitchatting.

Play and relax various mini-games.

Show your driving and chatting skills and don’t forget to care about your car and your phone!

Chatty Driver - Yes or No App Comments & Reviews

Chatty Driver - Yes or No Positive Reviews

Update it though - add more levelsFor my experience: It’s fun for me to play this game and run people over (Hey I like what I like and I don’t need anyone’s permission. It’s a game anyway) it is like GTA 5 online when you run people over. I only liked the app because of that level. I read the reviews people saying that this game is not really recommended for young children and I somewhat agree, but it’s a video game. So I don’t care. If you want the app then play it. If not then play something else.Version: 1.2.2

It’s not that bad but it is still a rip offSo I see this game is not boring at all,but....There is a problem here at the first level it show u what u see in the ad but after that on then next level all of them are different but fun at the same time I can’t lie some advice to the developer don’t put things on the ad if where not going to see the same thing!!! You might think u are tricking the person by your stupid ads but your not so if you wanna make more people get your game just put thing!!! Telling the truth will get to the good things but lying can not it will just lead you to the wrong path in life!!! If u wanna succeeded do the right and change the ad to what we see in the game if not... EVERYONE I PROMISE YOU WILL DELETE YOUR GAM FROM THERE DEVICE I PROMISE!!! Anyways have a nice Day!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Very RepetitiveIf you like mini games, this game will be fun for a little while. However, the name of the game is text and drive, and there is only a small amount of actually doing that in the game. The mini games can be sort of fun, but I’ve played this game for like ten minutes and have already gotten through all of them. Also, there are only about five text conversations to have, and they just repeat over and over. But, if you want something to do if you’re waiting in a line for 5-10 minutes, this game would be great. Like other reviews said, there are a lot of ads, but put your device on airplane mode and you’ll be fine. But for the most part, this game was pretty disappointing and the name was very deceiving..Version: 1.1.2

A little bit annoying.Okay so First it’s a decent game but it’s very annoying when it comes to the continuous ad’s not even after every task I did , I would get a ad in the middle and after it but thats not only it… THE AD’S WHERE VERY EXPLICIT ! I kept Getting inappropriate ad’s and I am very sick of the fact that the ad’s on this game Are not not controlled , also you should do more driving than phone idea.. the game recently changed their name , The older version was named “ Text and Drive “ which is a good name but changing it to “ Chatty Driver “ was a bit stupid if you don’t really chat while trying to drive I mean you don’t wanna keep doing the same thing over and over but just please do something for your app..Version: 1.2.1

Not what it seemsWell I saw this game on an ad thinking it would just be texting and driving because that all the ad showed but then when I actually play the first round was me driving and texting but when I got to the second round it was something about plugging in a phone and the next round was me cleaning off a phone and the title and the description shows nothing about a mix of games so I’m a bit disappointed because if I wanted a plug in phone game and a phone cleaning game I would’ve downloaded it so if you want to just drive and text on this game it’s not gonna old be that.Version: 1.1.0

Its not even good at allI'd rate this 0 stars because this game is boring. All you do is pass the first level and get a pile of boring minigames which you have to pass 24 minigames to get to your next drive and text. Plus once you do your third lap of minigames its the same thing as the first game. Im rating it 5 stars so people can read and see this. If i put 0 they probably wont recommend this. But please fix your game. And if you dont want ads just put airplane mode.Version: 1.0.3

It can help you do the rightIn the game they tell to text and drive at the same time and it might look like a bad game because it's saying for you to text and drive but no it shows you what could happen if you texted and drove and you might crash 💥 and that could really happen so it teaches you NOT to text and drive and I really like that and not only that they lots of others games in the game I love this game!!!!.Version: 1.2.1

Ads every 5 seconds for nothing in returnI only rated 5 stars in hopes that y’all will see it. If you love watching ads for nothing in return download this game! It will make sure 90% of your gameplay is ads, while 10% of the time is buggy gameplay. The ads are almost as bad as the game itself, and the ads are horrible. Deleted the game within 5 minutes of downloading it.Version: 1.1.2

Forget you ever saw and ad for this gameThis game killed me not gonna lie, i downloaded it thinking i’d be able to text and drive and play around for fun to find that i get to text someone every 8 levels or so. on another note the mini games are repetitive and become really boring after doing them 3 times. the app claims 4+ but on one of the levels there is a man and a woman in the back seat kissing which i would not recommend a 4year old see. the one thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that even after i downloaded the game and while i was playing it i kept on giving me ads for this game. you get a good 30 second ad after each level which then you’re just wasting half your time on watching ads.Version: 1.2.1

Alright AppAt first, it’s driving and texting like it said on the ad, but once you progress in the game, it’s not about texting and driving. And whenever you decline the offer for more cash by watching the add, most of the time you still watch it anyways. But I LOOVEEEEE the texting and driving. I find it oddly hilarious running over the people and watching them fly!! It makes my day! 🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.2.1

0 StarsI saw the reviews and thought that something just may be wrong with their phone, but I was wrong. What the heck is this game? It’s called text and drive and I’ve been playing for 5 minutes and I’ve only been able to do the text and and drive part once. These mini games are scams just to get ads so you don’t play the actual game. 0 starts do no recommended..Version: 1.1.0

Fix your gameTbh if you really wanted to drive I a game you can’t in this one because you get ads 24/7 and when you do drive it’s like 2 feet and I rated this 5 stars so other people can see it this game is a 0 stars if I can rate that it would be that this game is no where close to fun like we can to text and drive not sort out apps.Version: 1.0.0

It’s okay but..In the first level it’s actually driving, but then mini things start to come. And there’s nothing wrong with them, but they are’s just repeats of the same ones. There are levels where you actually get to drive, but there’s is mainly mini things. And when you do get to the part you drive, the texting parts are also repeats! I’m not saying it’s a horrible game, but I think I could be a lot better. -Your fellow friend who gives honest reviews:).Version: 1.1.2

Stop the hate1 when I played this game I was 4 and I knew not to text and drive and to all you people who think that it is not like the ad every single game was not like the ad so get over it now idiots but there is a little to much ads but that is how they make money what if they are trying to put there kidsThrough college.Version: 1.4.8

I like this game but you may not like itThis game is very fun but the details of the game are awful this game is really fun but it could use some updates and details if you get what I mean awful game you do not want to buy this game but some of you may like it if you are 4 years old have a good day bye-bye.Version: 1.4.0

The real texting and DrivingWhen I saw this game I thought it was just gonna be texting and driving first level I liked it but then you go to another level you will see all these round games then you will go to the Text And Drive thing it only goes up once and then you have to do all these games also there is going to be a lot of ads Whoever did this game so the Real Texting and Driving Not all These games.Version: 1.1.5

It was nice at first… 😕I just started playing this game a month ago! It’s a good game I guess but it just keeps repeating chats (chat scenarios)! Another thing that just doesn’t make sense why are we getting all of this money 💰 if there’s no store?!😡🤬 They really need to update this game! It’s starting to get boring for me!🙄🥱😴 I don’t want to be mean but come on can’t you just add more talking?! Ya’ll take it from me just be prepared when you download this game! 🤥😬.Version: 1.2.3

Great in all butI really like it but there’s a lot of ads which I really don’t like because almost after every level there’s a ad and I also don’t like how I barely get to text and drive an that’s literally the name of the game so I wish I’d get to do it a lot more and honestly I like it but the other games are so random its fine though I just want to Text and drive more! Other than that I think the games pretty good..Version: 1.2.1

It’s okFrist off to many adds!!! After like every round adds and the same one too. Second it dose not give you enough time to read and tap then when it’s close to the finish you can’t read when the text is. Third, in tue add it is just driving and texting but in the real game it’s driving and texting,plugging in a phone, and other stuff that other games have so you stole there game stuff..Version: 1.1.2

Ok at first but then it got boringWell let me just start off with saying that this game is super fun when you first play it! But then after awhile, you get the same levels over and over and over. There are like ten ish levels that are actually different, but the rest are just a repeat. And lastly, yes, this game is fun but it is teaching kids how to text while you drive. This is not a good representation of real life..Version: 1.2.1


THIS IS SOOOOO SKARY PLEASE DO NOT DONLOD!I am sooooooo shard and I am never sleeping in my own bed again please don’t download it I don’t know how scary is it it is but I heard this other review and it sounded really scary!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Love it🥰I love that we can actually drive it is so fun to play especially the quizzes out of all the games I have on this I prefer this one.Version: 1.2.3

Chatty driverToo many ads so please fix this (adie driver).Version: 1.4.3

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