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Fantasy Football Draft 2021 Customer Service

► Import your fantasy football league and get a cheatsheet just for you. Every league is different - dominate yours!

► As the fantasy football draft progresses, the cheat sheet updates for your roster's needs and the bye weeks of the players you already drafted.

► The most powerful & hi-tech draft app available from the guys who created the Value-Based Drafting (VBD) fantasy football drafting system:

• Customized to your fantasy football league settings
• Our rankings adapt and react to each pick in your fantasy football draft based on your roster’s needs…
• …and outsmart your opponents by predicting their next moves
• Mock draft to prepare for every scenario - never see the same draft twice
• Review your fantasy football draft with our unique and industry-leading Rate My Team system
• Constant data updates and analysis into September - new projections, ADP, news, rankings, outlooks, depth charts and tags
• Add players to watch or avoid lists, or add notes to their profile
• Player tiers created for you, specifically for your league’s settings
• Depth Charts, Complementary Players list and Upside Projections to highlight sleepers later in the draft

► Supports very advanced fantasy football league settings including:

• Auctions, snake drafts and fully customizable draft orders
• All offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, WR+TE combined, RB/WR flex, RB/WR/TE flex, QB/RB/WR/TE flex, PK)
• IDP (DL, LB, DB, DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S, any IDP)
• Keepers
• Returners
• TD only
• Multi-flex leagues
• Highly advanced scoring: distance scoring for touchdowns, yardage bonuses, ability to enter fully customizable scoring rules
• Scoring can be defined differently by position (ie TEs = 1.5 PPR, while RBs = 1 PPR)
• Number of teams in your league
• Number of rounds in your draft

► Why is it better than the competition? Only the Fantasy Football Dominator supports…

• ADP that adapts to your league settings (Expected Draft Position)
• Dynamic drafting: the rankings are not just lists, changing as the draft progresses to the needs of your roster
• Advanced and comprehensive customization options for the app’s rankings
• Draft strategy controls that adapt to the progress of the draft - factoring in more upside as your draft progresses
• Full integration with Footballguys Rate My Team: finish a mock (or draft) and get instant feedback to how well you did
• Utilizes the cloud to save settings between your different devices
• Ability to quickly find complementary players that have easy matchups when your studs are on bye or have difficult games
• Editable mock drafts - if you know how a league mate drafts, it’s easy to input their preferences into the app
• Ability to edit weekly weights of the fantasy season so you can put the importance on opponent, playoffs, bye weeks, etc.
• Comprehensive Depth Charts
• Ability to customize using 4 different offensive and 2 different IDP projection sets
• Supports roster limits and minimums by position
• Player rankings and comments from over 40 staffers
• Variable Team Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing unlimited number of configurations
• True randomness in the AI calculations using a combination of VBD, ADP and randomness for selections
• Ability to customize VBD baselines
• Dynamic Auction Values that change as players are removed from the draft board according to other teams over- or under-paying
• Create Player Shortlists to compare stats, news and rankings side by side

► About Footballguys:

Every site claims self appointed "gurus" or "experts". That's nice. Footballguys claims a proven track record of customers dominating their leagues. Whether it's the high stakes contests like FFPC or NFFC, national contests from ESPN or local leagues around the world, Footballguys customers dominate their leagues.

With a paid staff of 60+ hardcore Football writers and news hounds under contract, we'll put our Staff up against anyone's.

► DOMINATE your league now with the Draft Dominator!

Fantasy Football Draft 2021 App Comments & Reviews

Fantasy Football Draft 2021 Positive Reviews

Still love this app!I’ve been using Draft Dominator for the last 4-years and it keeps getting my better! They solved the syncing issue and have had no problems with it at all. What makes this such a great tool is how programmable it is. You can adjust the settings of each person who’s drafting on their draft tendencies and the system will make auto picks which align to those tendencies. How cool?!? The price is great too! Ease of use and the ability to use it while at your draft makes it so dang valuable!.Version: 2021.6

Only one I useBeen using this App to draft my team for the past 5 seasons and have come in the top 2, four times! Its great that it syncs with ESPN to pull all your custom scoring, which allows it to rank players based on your specific league. Now I don't draft verbatim, but it gives me a lot of great insight and recommendations. Mock drafting also helps too. Highly recommend!.Version: 2021.6

Draft Dominator is the best!The footballguys have always been the best at not only helping you with drafting your fantasy team, but also with managing it through the season. The Draft Dominator is the best tool for managing your fantasy football draft. So easy to use and really helps you keep up with what’s happening in the draft..Version: 2021.7

Used for years, helps me winI’ve won my most competitive league once in 5 years, and my other league 3 years in a row and a big reason is because of this app. I love running mock drafts that I can customize, and also running the app during my drafts. Don’t change a thing..Version: 2021.6

No login supportI’ve been a member for years. Updated from 2020, to the 2021 version and i cannot login. There is an option to reset password, but it just gives a message of too many attempts, try again in 180 minutes. No help, or support option beyond that..Version: 2021.6

Dominator dominates!I’ve used this app for years and It helps me draft teams that are always at the top of my league! It’s easy to use and syncs to all of your leagues. I wouldn’t draft without it!.Version: 2021.6

Time ConsumingI found the app labor intensive! I synced my league up from one of the sites available. I had to go in and set the draft order and keepers manually. When I went to mock, it had the wrong team as my team. When I finally figured out how to change my team, all the keepers were gone! I had to go back in and manually redo them. I thought that’s what a league sync was for..Version: 2021.7

They got lazyThis was a great app the last 3 years . It was continuously updated but this year unless a player was injured they still have the same outlook as they did in may when they wrote it. They did fix the bugs this year but as I said they have become complacent. I’ll look for a new app next year unfortunately..Version: 2021.6

Always the bestBeen using footballguys for over two decades. They are always at the forefront of fantasy football knowledge. This app follows in that tradition and is hands down the best one out there..Version: 2021.6

Awesome toolI use this app every year. Each year it has prepared me for any scenario I may encounter. Endless mock drafts. I hate that my league mates have discovered it. Couldn’t recommend enough..Version: 2021.6

Title bound “FOR [email protected]They absolutely KILL my second choice for Fantasy info. In a YAHOO League and took Championship first year and last second year by 5. pts in Championship the following. If your in a Yahoo League “GOTTA DO IT”.Version: 2021.7

Still the best fantasy draft app in the game!Every single year without fail, this is the best app for fantasy football drafts!!.Version: 2021.6

AwesomeThis app is amazing.Version: 2021.7

Get itIt’s good.Version: 2021.6

Best Draft AppBeen using Footballguys for years. Every year I make the playoffs in all my leagues. Literally, every year in every league. This app eliminates any questions as to is the best available to draft in terms of value and fit to your team. I like to use it as a guide. I don’t completely follow it blindly, but it s a great tool to help you find value throughout the draft..Version: 2021.5

Get it!Get it every year and give me a leg up in my league. Being able to put the scoring setting for your league makes it the best mock drafter on the market. When you combine it with the league dominator sets you up for top three every year.Version: 2021.2

AwesomeI have used this the last 4 years for the 2 leagues that I am in. Won 3 times, 1 finalist, and made the semi-finals at the minimum. The first year shouldn’t even count because I was learning about all the good stuff that this app does..Version: 2021.2

My Favorite Place to MockNot only does FootballGuys give some of the best write ups in the space, the draft dominator app is incredibly clean and fluid. Will be using this for many years.Version: 2021.1

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