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Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs!

Tap Away 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more than just that - it’s a brain teaser that will take you to the next level!

Tap the blocks to make them fly away and clear the screen. But the blocks will only fly in one direction, so you’ve got to approach this brain teaser carefully! Slide your finger around the screen to rotate the shape and attack the blocks from every angle! As you progress, the blocks form bigger and bigger shapes, and the blocks themselves change form, so you’ll need to get your thinking hat on to solve the puzzles in this 3D puzzle game. And that’s not it! There are skins and themes you can unlock as you get further, as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic, critical thinking, and precision. Do you have what it takes?

▶ PLAY the full 3D puzzle game experience offline and on the go.
▶ SWIPE to rotate the shape and choose your next move.
▶ TAP the blocks to clear the level.
▶ CUSTOMIZE your blocks with different skins and themes.
▶ REACH the top!

▶ RELIEVE your stress.
▶ TEASE your brain with the satisfying taps.
▶ PRACTICE your critical thinking!
▶ LEARN the tricks to ensure Tap Away glory!
▶ ENJOY cool skins and themes to customize your journey!

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

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Tap Away 3D App Comments & Reviews

Tap Away 3D Positive Reviews

Dev: GET RID OF SPECIAL BLOCK! too many interruptionsI bought the game everything is good and acceptable except the stupid gold blocks. Actually other games do it too. If you buy the game why do you still have to watch ads to get bonuses on certain things in the game? That’s not right when you buy it it says to remove ads so it lies. Why don’t you just give us a few hundred points at the end of a completed game instead of all these interruptions continuously and the better you are the faster you go through the game the more they come up.. others have written us please change we don’t need the stupid gold blocks just interrupts the game every single 10 secs or so!! I like the game a lot, so I bought it but it had crashed twice after playing an ad can imagine starting all over again when you’re high up in your rank. Please please please please please developer get rid of the gold cubes when you’re fairly fast player they come up constantly and it interrupts the game. Why can’t you just get like three or 400 points at the end of a game I want to play the game I don’t want all those garbage that pops up puzzle pieces are cool. They come up occasionally but the gold pieces oh my gosh please get rid of them make an option to get more points to include them or some thing as a option..Version: 89.1.2

Please remove some things.Hello. I love your game, it’s very fun,entertaining, and enjoyable. But, there are a few problems I would like to address.1. Like the stupid “special blocks” they spawn so much when I’m doing a level. It gets annoying having to click on them every time to get a block out this way but then another pops up and it blocked this, so it’s just super annoying. 2. There are SO MANY freaking ads. Every time I play this game I rank up, and once I do, I get a ad. And ranking up is soooooo easy to do. And I rank up so quick that it feels like every 3 mins there is a ad. 3. This may not apply to everyone but maybe do this. The “bombs” you guys have at the bottom of your screen that you can press. When I press it I expect to take my finger and drag the bomb over to some random block and release my finger from the screen and it explodes. But for some reason I have to do that a couple times and I just start pressing and doing random things trying to make it work and once it does it’s in the wrong place or something. So I want you guys to make the bombs a little more easier to use. 4. Make more skins of the blocks like the one you first start out with. Because it starts getting confusing with all the arrows and stuff. But this may not apply to everyone. Hello. This is the end of my review, I hope you will think about these problems and try to fix them. Goodbye..Version: 90.0.2

Addicting game, but obnoxious interruptionsI love the addictive quality of this game, but there are many changes I would make. We don’t need all these garish-looking skins and animations; there are only 2-3 that I prefer to use. Additionally, I would gladly pay $3-5 for an ad-free version. Being constantly interrupted by ads is beyond annoying. Besides, coin accumulation is essentially pointless. I have nearly half a million coins, and the only way I spend them is on dynamite (which annoyingly takes way too long to restore). My newest gripe is that there seem to be bugs in the most recent update. I’ll finish a level, but the game will sit there as if there are still blocks to clear. On the timed games, the timer will continue to run down. Once it runs out, I have to click the “add 15 seconds” button, sit through an ad, and then the timer again runs down with no blocks to clear. So it’s stuck in a loop until I go back to the main menu. It’s prevented me from advancing levels. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!.Version: 86.0.2

Please develop a “no interruptions” option!I’m glad I finally figured out where to purchase the add free version, but that hasn’t stopped the annoying game interruptions. The “special blocks” pop up non-stop and you have no choice but to click on them to get rid of them or they’ll get in the way of the game play. Then they bring you to an option to watch an add for more coins and it takes several seconds before you can just select to collect the coins you earn and get back to the game. The rank increases are also frequent but slightly less annoying since they’re quicker to dismiss away. I’d rather collect no coins than have the constant interruptions. All you can buy with coins are the skins anyway and I personally prefer the one the game starts you with, so the coins are useless to me. Alternatively, if you could just have a mode that was no interruptions you could still click on the special blocks and they could automatically deposit into your coin account. Those that like the option to watch an add for more could have no interruptions off and it would allow for the best of both worlds. Your rank could also just update discretely on top without creating a pop-up for every new level. I really hope the app developer reads these because it seems that many others who otherwise love this game have the same qualm with it!.Version: 83.0.2

Unhappy with updateIn the beginning, I enjoyed the game but not the ads so I paid to play the ad free version. Like other players have mentioned, quite a few skins are hard on the eyes and some puzzles are too small and don’t enlarge well. But, I was ok with those quirks as the fish variation is easy on the eyes and the small puzzles are few and far between. I really just wanted a mostly mindless game to enjoy so the features were fine. However, with the update, if you are playing the standard levels there is an incredibly annoying feature that changes playable blocks to gold. When you click them it takes you away from the game for a few coins or the option to watch an ad to get more coins. There does not currently seem to be a way to turn off the special gold blocks and I hate it. Not only can you not ignore the gold blocks but more and more gold blocks appear during the game. This in turn takes you out of the gameplay each time. I paid for the ad free version so I could play the game uninterrupted but this new feature is almost more annoying. If the developers don’t offer an option to opt out of that feature, I will consider uninstalling the game. I’m currently only playing the endless feature but that is dull as the puzzle is only a cube..Version: 82.1.2

Fun game, no goals whatsoeverI’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It’s a great one to clear your mind and pass the time. There is one clear problem though. Even though it’s perfect to just play and put down, picking it right back up where you left off, there’s literally no reason to play. In fact I went as free, which I never do. Here’s the problem, there are no real goals. Progressing levels is okay, but no real rewards for it. The daily goals award coins, which are totally useless. The bar at the top that progresses it’s just a countdown timer to ads, because that bar awards..coins. The challenges can be really interesting but again…coins. I’m on level 75 with nearly 80,000 coins and nothing to spend them on. If coins are the reward but nothing to use them on, it makes the reward useless. Skins are kind of cool but the basic ones are easily the best to use, it may be useful to have different unlock able backgrounds? Some of the themes are interesting but take away from the game itself. Like I said, fun game to okay by itself, the “reward” system has no meaning. That may be why other users are annoyed with the constant interruptions while playing ad free..Version: 84.0.2

Enjoy but some bugsI paid to remove ads and now I can’t reset any level and start over. I have to watch the video for an additional 10 moves. I don’t wanna watch videos that’s why I paid not no ads, I’d rather just solve the puzzles. I find it very cathartic and I really enjoy it but now it’s annoying when I get to the end because I can’t reset the level so I have to play on no matter what. It blows. Also I hate the little gold boxes that pop us. I get it they have money but it takes forever for the button to pop up so I can bypass the coin multiplier. Honestly theres not even a lot of uses for the coins so I feel like you guys should just take that out and have a simple tap the gold box for coins. Overall it’s only a 3 because the actual puzzle part is fun and I like the different skins because some are easier to solve with while others make it harder (in my opinion). Without the content being there I’d rate it a 1 for structure because honestly it makes no sense. It’s wayyyy too similar to parking jam but In this game the layout doesn’t make complete sense. It almost feels like a lazy copy/paste..Version: 82.1.2

If Ads Annoy You, Walk AwayI really enjoy playing this game, the mechanics of it at least. It’s relaxing and satisfying to complete a level, and the sculptures the blocks make are fun to try and figure out. The skins are lackluster (except for like, 2 of them). There’s not enough variation in color and not much detail in the backgrounds; most of them are a solid color as though the sculpture is floating in an uncanny void. And MY GOD THE ADS. Depending on how quickly you solve these puzzles, you could run into an ad as frequently as every minute. And they’re not even good or entertaining ads! Most of them are created in an ad engine and thus don’t even accurately represent the actual game they’re advertising. They’re dumb, shallow and downright irritating. I have a feeling if they made the ads less frequent, they’d have more players, which would mean they could leverage for more expensive ad rates which means their advertisers would want to make their ads better quality to make the most of that slot - and then I might actually stick around for the ads rather than closing out the game almost every time one plays..Version: 1.16

Very fun, except forOverall, very fun and great way to kill time. I agree with others’ comments about the game interruptions. I don’t care about earning coins, special blocks, level up, or even so many skins. I like the different color blocks with simple arrows. I paid to get rid of ads, so the interruptions are still bothersome. I’d also like some more shapes, I’ve been through all the options several times. Now when a new puzzle starts, I usually think, “that one again?” And last, I think there must be a glitch or something with the challenges, they don’t always work. One was stuck on Reach level 69 when I had past 100. I had to watch a video to get it to go away. There are several that were like that. I’d gladly give 5 stars for no interruptions, and more levels (different shapes, not repeats). Thanks for a fun game!!!.Version: 86.0.2

Honest reviewI like this type of puzzle game so I actually paid the money for the ads to be taken out. There were far too many to play for any long period of time to not do that but I waited and put up with the ads until I knew I’d spend a good bit of time playing. I’m on level 300+ and after awhile I noticed that they just recycle the same puzzle shapes over and over which gets a bit boring. I wish they’d add some more content to the game. They do have plenty of different styles of puzzle blocks but I generally just stick with the same one anyway. I play on my iPhone and the screen is pretty big but sometimes when the puzzle is large, the individual blocks get so small that it’s impossible to use your fingers and I have to find a stylus to use. If you have any kind of problem with your eyesight or dexterity don’t bother downloading this game because it will only frustrate you! All of that being said, I still use this app to fill in time gaps during the day because I find it somewhat challenging and still entertaining..Version: 1.20

Reset buttonThis game was so fun and I had a really so time playing it and enjoyed playing it on long car rides. There are many nice things about it like, not a lot of ads, and you don’t need internet to play the game. There are also some bad things about this game like, it is very time consuming, and the levels are hard, and the title of this review, THE RESET BUTTON. I was playing the game and I was about to finish the level with a good amount of blocks left, and I went to click a block to make it float away and the block was apparently too close to the reset button because when I clicked the button all of the blocks reappeared and all of my progress was destroyed and my hour trying to pass the level was gone. I was confused for a moment until I realized that a bit of my finger was on the reset button. Being fully honest I feel like it is a very good game but I think that the reset button is a bit to big and should be put on a different part of the screen so this won’t happen again to anyone..Version: 86.0.2

No pop-ups please!!!Coming on here to say what many others have. I honestly can’t believe I forked over $5 for ad-free, but I really like the concept and enjoy playing. Despite that I can’t even get a full minute of gameplay that isn’t interrupted by the stupid gold cubes or leveling up. I would rather have no coins than deal with the special cubes. Please get rid of all the pop-ups! They make me want to delete the app all together. Also, please work on optimizing the game overall. The only skin I can use is the original one and even that one can hurt my eyes with how bright the colors are if I move the puzzle a certain way. Please make it so the puzzles fit better on phone screens, as they are usually too small and when I zoom in it becomes impossible to tap some of the cubes no matter how I move the puzzle without zooming out. You should be able to move to all parts of the puzzle. The rotation is fun, but makes it impossible to tap all the cubes at certain zoom levels and angles..Version: 85.1.2

Wasted MoneyI am totally addicted to this game. I can’t put it down. I know - that doesn’t match the title. Let me explain. The only downside to this app is that it is designed for no other purpose than to show you advertisements. But what if you purchase the app instead of playing the free version you ask. That brings us to the title. Even after paying you will be pushed to watch an advertisement at every corner. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is stability. The free version locked up more often when you played it offline where it wasn’t able to pull down an ad. I say more often because occasionally I have had to close and reopen the paid version to get past a point where it wanted to push an ad but had no internet connection. There is no incentive to pay. Don’t get suckered into paying thinking the number of times it will ask you to see an ad will drop. You can bypass a lot of the ads in both versions so why pay?.Version: 92.0.2

GlitchyI love the game but there’s a few things that turn me off when playing. The tap counter does not work correctly it says you have so many taps but it takes away multiple taps with one tap it is upsetting to have only tapped twice and have 6 taps be counted and taken off. The other issue is the frequency of ads throughout each level every 45 seconds to every minute it’s extremely excessive and frustrating and a 30 seconds ad for 10 extra moves that you don’t get because of the counter glitching is very annoying when I have to watch 8 30 seconds adds to complete the level. The last thing is bad lagging when you play longer than 30 minutes it gets extremely lagging and glitches worse which drains my battery quickly. I love playing this game but the glitches and excessive ads make it one of the last I go to play. Would love to see these things fixed so I can play more without feeling annoyed on the first level I play when opening it..Version: 82.1.2

Fun but buggy :/I love this game, but with the feature that you level up and then gold coin blocks appear makes the game glitch like crazy. I HAVE to click those boxes so I can finish a level, and no matter whether I choose to watch an add to get the extra amount of coins or if I settle for the smaller amount, the game freezes once the coins are accepted and I cannot continue gameplay unless I completely close out and force quit the app. And the problem with this is it makes playing the game incredibly annoying and kills even more of my phone battery. Not to mention that every time I force quit and have to reopen the app to continue the level, sometimes it will start the entire level over again and the load screen takes a little bit of time as it is. It’s frustrating to get almost completely through a level, just to have to click a gold coin box to finish the level, and have the level completely restart after that..Version: 82.1.2

FunUpdate- I still enjoy playing the game, but… -1. I have to agree with another player in that during endless mode, I don’t want to be interrupted. I can see my level at the top. I should be able to click on an icon to view my global ranking and not have that interrupt my play. -2. Please remove all of the icons surrounding the playing area. I have, on more than one occasion, tried to tap a box only to inadvertently reset my game or go to endless mode (and when I go back my game is reset). Also, I’d like to be able to confirm whether or not I want to use a bomb; there’s no way to retract it if it’s accidentally hit. All of these features can be made to be accessed through a menu icon and endless mode should be accessed from the welcome/Home Screen. -3. Please remove the requirement to click the golden boxes. I don’t want, or have a need for, more coins. All these boxes do is interrupt game play for no beneficial reason. ***For the reasons listed above, I have lowered my rating to 3 stars. I enjoy playing this game as it helps to shut my mind down when I get into bed. My only complaints are 1-having to constantly watch ads to open boxes. I paid to have no ads, not half of the ads. 2- the golden box that was recently added freezes the game after you click the box. The only way to get back to the game is to close out the app and then open it back up. Please fix. Otherwise this is a fun and relaxing game..Version: 82.1.2

Constant InterruptionsLet me first say I do really enjoy this game, however I can't enjoy it to its fullest potential due to the constant interruptions. If you choose to play with wifi or data on, you can expect to have frequent ads. These will be after every level, after every phase in endless, in the middle of levels, and sometimes in the middle of an endless phase. With the recently added "special block" feature, which you have to tap because it replaces another block in your game, causes a pop up which you either have to watch an ad or wait a few seconds in order to close. The only reward for this is coins. Coins have very little purpose because you can only use them for a few skins in the shop and a power up on normal mode that is set on a cooldown timer. Endless mode also has a power up that you have to watch an ad in order to activate. Endless mode and normal mode have frequent interruptions when you "rank up". Challenge levels can be attempted once and if you fail, you have to watch an ad in order to try again. Another feature I would like to have would be to rotate the structure with a button rather than an endless scroll because you can't always fit it in your screen and sometimes it appears that the little square will clear but then it can't. I would also like the big rectangle shapes as shown in the ads for this game..Version: 82.1.2

Fun game with couple ideas!I’ve been enjoying the game! I flew through most in a couple of days and now and have to agree it is simple but in a fun and enjoyable way. 8^) However, now that I am at that apex of completion, I have nothing to spend my coins on. I use Bombs and spend where I can. My first recommendation is for some further coin incentives. This change may take away the “boredom” comments I read throughout these game reviews and increase interest or goals?? Otherwise what’s the point of those little ads every 36 moves or the special coin find that you can skip past to earn a couple of useless coins?? My second recommendation is for some music! It would be a fun achievement along with each of the other items. (Spend some of the money we don’t know what to do with). I think it is a great gaming change from other types of games that have the same repetitive sound throughout. ** For reference: A wonderful example to listen/look at is in another Apple Arcade game called “Solitaire Stories” by Red Games, Co. In that game, there is music at different levels to enjoy and achieve. A most Surprising point in their music is the quality and variety. I know you can’t copy, but it would be a great idea generator. Thanks for Listening!!!.Version: 87.0.2

Too many pop-upsThere are a bunch of meaningless pop-ups that disrupt gameplay. Every time you level up (which is a pointless metric) it covers your screen and you must close it before resuming play. There are golden blocks that pop up in the middle of your puzzle and you must click on them in order to removed them, otherwise, they block you from completing the puzzle. These blocks give you coins used for skins which I don't want. The coin reward is a pop-up with an option to watch an add for bonus coins. It takes a couple seconds before being able to say “no thanks” and exit out. These things happen around a minute or sooner to each other and get tiring quickly. It feels like a chore to get to play the actual game. I also wish that there were levels shaped like cubes instead of planes and rings and other random things that didn't feel very fun to solve..Version: 86.0.2

Challenging app. Enjoy playingI like the challenge. You have to look for all the possible paths that each cube can travel. It is a fun game. Not only is the game challenging but also all the ads. After you have passed several levels you earn more ads! After even more levels it limits you to only 10 moves (you can do in 30 to 40 seconds) and then you get to watch about 2 minutes of ads. 10 more moves more ads. Most of your time you are waiting for the little X to appear so you can close that ad so you can see the next one. Sometimes they’ll even repeat an ad. 2 or 3 times.” And as the number of cubes increases, the speed slows down. The processor works harder and the battery goes down faster. I like the challenge of the game but it’s not worth waiting on all the ads..Version: 1.17

Eh, it's alright.Not much to say here that hasn't already been said, so I'll just summarize the main points. PROS -big levels with fun shapes (after some small "tutorial" levels) -relaxing gameplay -difficult challenges (timed and memory) -passes the time -has a zoom function -endless mode has exclusive rewards that are generally easy to obtain CONS -excessive ads (every minute or two, or 30-50 blocks cleared) -challenges get redundant -no variation in gameplay -zoom is either too close or nothing at all, and doesn't aim well -not hard at all, save for a mild difficulty spike early on where the levels just suddenly get bigger -little incentive to keep earning coins after about 60 levels (anything you can use the coins on has probably already been obtained) -unlockables are mostly lackluster -endless mode has a fake ranking system (you'll start at about #1.5m worldwide, and progress a handful of spots with every rank based on the number of blocks cleared, but if you put the game down for a while you'll find you somehow jumped up like 10k spots) -coins underutilized (cosmetics only, not for powerups almost at all) -collectibles necessitate watching ads So, there are a lot of cons. The pros are JUST good enough to play a level or two here and there, but the reward slope is so shallow and the gameplay so samey, it almost isn't worth the constant ads alone..Version: 1.19

✨😊 Addicting but…Okay don’t get me wrong, I love it and it’s addicting and I would give it 5 stars if you changed these 3 things: 1.) Cut down on the ads! There is way too many even in endless mode! 2.) I put my iPad in airplane mode yet I still got an ad??? That should not be possible when you are in airplane mode! 3.)In endless mode you constantly get interrupted by the “You reached rank (*insert* whatever number)” constantly! So it’s not truly endless if you’re interrupted constantly so make it so that it shows up when you exit endless mode! Like I said I love it and it’s addictive but please fix those 3 things and I will change it from 4 stars to 5! March 14, 2023 Still no response and still no update on what I asked for. Do you even read these and consider what the customer is asking for? I’m changing my rating to 3 stars for lack of customer attention..Version: 95.0.2

Bad Update- gold boxes and ranksVery annoying update of gold boxes and ranks that you can’t turn off. I think maybe it’s to slow down player because levels are too easy. Just make levels harder to beat. These two updates are useless to the game and annoying when you are trying to play and you have to pause to be told a rank or to get coins that you can’t spend on anything. Invest time into more unique and challenging levels and make it so you can turn off rank and gold boxes. I enjoyed the game before this update. Edit— stuck on a glitched level 500. It only has a present and nothing else. Says I have taps but it won’t clear the box. Stuck in the glitch and can’t play the game. Restarting the level doesn’t do anything. Stopped using the app a few months ago, thought they’d have an update by now that may clear the issue but it’s still stuck..Version: 85.1.2

Tap Away 26-Jun-2021The game is fun and challenging but the thing that frustrates me and makes me not want to play is the bombardment of advertisements after every level regular or bonus levels. I spend more time watching advertisements then do the actual game which is boring. You could add backgrounds to your unblockable content along with the skins for the blocks. Xav.Version: 1.3

Get rid of SPECIAL BLOCKSI loved playing this game, but the new “special blocks” and constant rank updates are incredibly annoying! I paid for the full version so I wouldn’t be incessantly interrupted, and then here comes this unwanted feature, throwing coins in my face every 10 seconds 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 82.1.2

CalmingA little easy even 45 levels in but great for winding down.Version: 1.6

Tap Away advertsThe game is interesting but annoying adverts after just a few seconds play time is way too much..Version: 1.23

30 second ads every few movesWay, way to many ads! Extremely annoying! Play for 15 to 20 seconds and watch another advertisement, repeat, repeat, repeat. The game has possibility but the constant ads have ruined it for me. If it wasn’t for that I would continue playing, can’t play with it like this, what a shame..Version: 89.1.2

Ads🤬Loved the game But WAY TO MANY ads Not going to be playing anymore because of it.Version: 89.1.2

Fun but too much adsVery fun game, but the constant ads get very annoying..Version: 1.6

Good GammeI like playing this, but sadly this game causes my phone to overheat after about 5 minutes of play. None of my other apps cause this to happen. It’s frustrating..Version: 91.1.2

Graphics are GreatGraphics are great and puzzle is a new twist, but the number of ads makes the experience much too frustrating..Version: 92.0.2

SO MANY ADDSI enjoy thé game but the constant bombardement of add’s makes it so irritating to play… I am aware that it’s most likely the creators way of having players purchase the add free version for 6.99 but all that’s happening for me is I play it less and less. One or two adds between levels would be better then having them constantly pop up throughout the game while I’m playing!.Version: 92.0.2

Played for a few hoursThis game is really fun until you’re watching ad’s over playing the actual game. Fastest download and uninstall in a while….Version: 91.1.2

InterruptionsLove the game. But the ranking and the gold locks are so annoying. The coins are useless so stop with the ranks and the gold blocks. Also prizes requiring ad viewing when you pay for no ads is also rude..Version: 91.1.2

Too many commercials, even when you pay to remove them!The game is great, very addictive, but impossible to play without suffering through several minutes of commercials per game. I paid the fee to remove them, but only the banner ads are gone. You still have to watch commercials with each game and the number of ads are ridiculous! Don’t pay for the ad-free version, it’s a rip-off..Version: 91.1.2

Too easy (false add)Nice game but the first levels are way too easy and the add is not like the game but otherwise it’s really cool.Version: 95.0.2

Really fun BUTGet rid of all the special blocks and watch ads for bonus coins! I hate being interrupted when all I want is to zone out and play a game for awhile. I paid for no ads and I expected that meant no interruptions. Also the restart button doesn’t work. If you run out of moves you are forced to watch an ad to get 10 extra moves. I would rather start over! I’m happy to see that once you are past the 100 level’s, they start to get bigger and more challenging. Good game but get rid of the interruptions and make them more challenging! Do this and I’ll give you 5 *’s!.Version: 91.1.2

Too many ads are ruining the gameplayThe game itself is good, but the extreme amount of ads are just too much! Don’t waste your time with this one..Version: 91.1.2

What is the point of the coins?The game in itself is fun…but it’s really annoying to be bombarded with “special blocks” to accumulate coins that are essentially useless. I’ve paid for the full version to avoid the ads… but I wouldn’t have if I realized the annoying interruptions didn’t stop..Version: 90.0.2

Annoying level up + stopped workingRecently, the game has just completely stopped working for me. No puzzles will load, and aside from the UI the screen is white. Further, I like the game to its core, but getting a pop up every single time you get a new level is super annoying when I just want to play. The special blocks are pretty annoying as well..Version: 95.0.2

Fun game too expensiveI suffered through the barrage of ads for the first 11 levels, then I thought, yeah I’ll buy this. But at $7 CAD! Nope, sorry should be half that!! Deleted!.Version: 95.0.2

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️from RobertI❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️this.Version: 95.0.2

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