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Get to the end of the track and try to collect as many money bills as possible along the way!

The more money you collect, the better your outfit will look. On the other hand, if you collect too many bottles, trash cans or bills, you will get poorer and risk losing everything!

Simple and intuitive game with easy to remember controls.

Run Rich 3D App Comments & Reviews

Run Rich 3D Positive Reviews

Some People Need To Accept The Real WorldI don’t know why this stellar game has only a 4.6 out of 5 stars. I have seen that some give it 1 star, despite its greatness. The persistent ads show me new, exciting games that I would have never found otherwise. The controls are air-tight and the game is addictive and has great replay value. I have seen some say the game suffers from “bad messages” when, in fact, this game only shows you how the real world works. Of course working on holidays will get you more money and spending time with family takes away from that. But that is the genius of this game, it exposes the morals behind capitalism with an ironic show of art that rivals Banksy. And the persistent ads, which I again love, further expose the ethics of capitalism. EVERY CORNER I TURN HAS ADS (30 second long ads after playing 5 seconds of the game, I’m watching lovely ads more than playing). THIS IS NOT COINCIDENTAL, BUT A DELIBERATE STATEMENT AGAINST THE MACHINE. This game has kept me up a many nights, contemplating its hidden messages. Would give 10 stars if possible.Version: 1.6

Very good!I really do enjoy this app and the fact it has an option to remove ads is great amazing job! I cannot wait for new outfits and characters! And also a suggestion! new scenarios would be good! Like jobs! Or having children cause they can either bring up money or bring them down! And also you should add more of the rich husbands in the games! And also like divorce cause it can bring down money or bring it up! I love it keep up the good work! 😊💕💕 Edit!: Hello! I am back! This is one of my favorite games ever I love the new update and I cannot wait for the next:] just one thing when you add new characters try and make it diverse and also maybe add music it the background when the character walks! Love the game! Keep up the good work!!!!.Version: 1.3

Having problems?Hi it’s me again who wrote the Whoops review 🤭I just wanted to let ya’ll know that someone wrote a review that the robbers and super annoying I haven’t tried this game yet but I watched a video they do seem annoying so if you think that too you can just write back to me bc I can help make this game grin and amazing to a super fantastic game I like to help others so I can help you with your problems of games and the makers of the game just write back to me! Have an amazing day! Write back to you soon! 😊👏👍🏻.Version: 1.6

It just need something to fix but it’s goodIt’s because I just don’t like how laggy it is like it’s enough lag and the ads they been going crazy on the game it’s okay but I just don’t like it when I always mess up on picking what thing you will be in your life to become rich because of the lag and sometimes I need to wait like 25 sec just to watch one add I know that’s not a lot but still it happens every time you finish a stage I’m not mad at you or trying to be mean I like the rest of the parts but not the adds and lag pls fix it I will probably start playing on it more if you do anyway I just wanted to talk about this stuff sorry if you think I’m kinda hurting your feelings And I know you try your best but just to let you know I love the game.Version: 1.7

Too many ads Laggy😡This game is fun.... But there are way too many ads. At first, it was laggy, and then it started an ad. The ads just keep producing in the middle of the run. And that's how I'm giving this 4 stars. It would be a pleasure if you fix all those things. Oh! And other people keep saying that there were messages like: Donate money to charity. Become a gold digger to be successful. I don't see those messages yet. But NO! Why do I need to become a gold digger to be successful? Then you can't save money. And it says to save money so you can win. See? It doesn't make any sense. Please fix all these😌.Version: 1.6

I thought it was good at firstSo when I downloaded the game I thought it was a pretty fun game but it freaked me out when I read the review someone said it’s tracking your location and it asks access to your photos and camera I was freaked out I decide to see what’s wrong and there is a problem when I was playing the game I was at poor and then there were robbers in front of me and I had nowhere to go so the only option for me is to get robbed like what the heck and also this game the goal of it is to become rich and you have to marry someone who is a golddigger this is really a bad influence and this game doesn’t deserve to be made please fix it.Version: 1.7

My reviewI don’t know why some people read this a two out of five stars because this is like a 1000 because you can play whenever you want whenever you want and you can play without it without Internet you should write a review if you’re reading this right it a five star review because this game I want to never seen a bunch of ads with other games without downloading this so you guys should download this by that.Version: 1.6

Listen to my reviewI like this Apple Watch it teaches kids to save their money but there’s so many ads I just don’t like every time there’s so many ads and it’sTelling you you should marry a goldDigger but this is a fine app I like it it’s a really fun game that’s my opinion and what happened was I asked my mom to get me this app and Really wanted it so after begging for a while I finally got it and I started playing it and I liked it but then I found out you should marry a Golddigger which I didn’t approve but I’m also 12 years oldNow it’s your turn to make one.Version: 1.6

Kinda bad I only put 5 so you can see this…So the game is very fun yes I love it but the problem is when it does the questions like “eat or don’t “ like that well it showed “charity to the kids who need money or save up “ I picked charity Bc it’s nice .. and it took money out from me which is bad what if ppl wanna donate :/ and second gold digger or love ❤️ husband ofc love husband why the h**ll would we pick gold digger 🙌🏼 fix that.Version: 1.5

Fun but..The game is super fun but the messages it sends are so wrong. Is this what it want to tell kids: charity is bad, true love is bad, you should gold dig. It can say some true things though. Like not to smoke, or that gambling, you’ll sometimes win, but doing it a lot brings you down. But more bad messages than good. It basically is rob, or get robbed and if you don’t rob.. you won’t get rich. Making good choices are bad in this game. So it’s fun but says so much that is wrong or that if you did in real live, would make you such a bad person..Version: 1.5

True love is bad?? So is charity??Okay I love this game I’m on about level 30-50 however I have some problems. In order to be successful and rich you need to be a gold digger instead of true love? It’s kind of iffy for me that it considers you as basically a failure if you choose that choice. Get real, most decent people in this world would rather find their soulmate than being some girl who licks gold for a living. Money DOES NOT buy happiness. This game simply goes against this life lesson..Version: 1.3

ThxSo remember in your ad how you added a big patch of money for somebody to walk through maybe actually add that in the game so you don’t scam people and your app doesn’t get taken down because number one when they play the game they realize there’s no patch of money and they delete the game right away number two they write your Game a one star and number three make sure you always tell the truth and what I mean by that is if you’re going to add some thing in the ad add it in the game thanks.Version: 1.5

🤩AMAZINGThis app teaches children to save money don’t do drugs and especially not to drink alcohol ever and to go to school if you still need to go to school get an education and never ever gamble ever. Furthermore it’s just children to become rich and have a nice life that does not include drugs alcohol or any gambling of any sort as a mother of four I am very pleased with this app and I wish that more apps were like this..Version: 1.5

I love the game but the adsI love the game but this is not the game I love and know so it kinda glitch so I uninstalled I was really sad because I was on level 100 something but after I realized I needed to update it so yeah but what I mean is there is to many ads there never used to be this many ads I love the game and everything it is the best but the ads kinda ruined it so pls remove thee ads.Version: 1.6

Very good!!This game is very good and me and my sister play it and we both enjoy it and it is a very kid friendly game and I really can’t wait for more characters and I hope you can add like another story onto the house and add like divorces and add where they have kids and they have to get married! Edit:I really hope you can add more updates to the house and the game itself!.Version: 1.5

I like the game please read thisIts very fun and it gets to show you how people can get to poor to millions there are lots of options in the game I have one dislike in the game when you are running there is a option saving or charity the charity is the bad one in the game I thing they should swap that.Version: 1.5

I like the game, except for one thingThe reason I’m giving it four stars it’s because of some issues. i wanted to download the game because it looked fun to play. and, when i play the game, there’s ads in the middle of it. I’ve had it for a short time, but right after i saw ads in the middle of the game, i deleted it. so please just try to make less ads. thank you, and please have a nice day :).Version: 1.6

Petty good...I really like game a lot but when I got to one level on one if the choices said true love or gold digger so being the person I am I choose true love but that wasn't right so I tried to start over and apparently the right answer was gold digger but I think thats putting out a bad message to any kids who are playing this so just a little tip pls remov. That part of the game I would appreciate it very much thank you for your time and for reading this.Version: 1.6

Too many ads 🍗I absolutely love this game! It is really fun and I just love it. I love how you get money and try to avoid robbers and crack open safes to get money, but my one problem is the ads. Every time I come back from a game there is an ad. And their like 30 seconds or something. So like I said, I really enjoy playing the game, but I barely get to play, because I’m stuck watching ads..Version: 1.5

Broken? Lots of ads.Hey, so I just downloaded this game and i didn’t think there would be problems! I tried to play it again but it either wouldn’t load or, it would show that I’m out of the map. I have no idea if this happens to other players but if so.. please fix it I was really enjoying the game. Anyways, i get ads every time i die and it’s really annoying..Version: 1.1

Love the game but..This game is so addicting, I love getting millionaire. I searched up ‘fun no WiFi games’ and this game popped up, so I decided to get it. When I had no WiFi I decided to give it a shot, Bu& the unexpected happened, I open the app and the screen went black and stayed there. Maybe if I would've waited longer it might have worked, but please try to fix this. Thank you for your time.Version: 1.5

Its good you should try itPretty good because well every time you get some money you becomes more richer and becomes like more of a billionaire but if you run over some bad guys you become a little bit more poor it doesn’t really happen in real life and that is why I like it it doesn’t like come in real life it’s not really in life that is why I like it you should try it.Version: 1.3

Good but not great messagesI found this game I started playing it but like once I started playing it it just came up with two options party or like school it’s a school and you lose money if your big party and I don’t understand that people can go to I just ignore the messages I’ve seen a lot of reviews that are saying the messages are bad I don’t really care about the messages are not that bad just ignore them.Version: 1.5

I wish there were know addsAds just don’t make games fun because if there’s so many ads on a game I just delete that app and go play a different one so that’s why I understand what I am rating it five Stars Because it’s a really fun game I just wish there were no ads.Version: 1.5

ReceiveThis is a really really good app it’s teaching people not to hit in to the hard things In life but to hit the easy things and just right things and to make good designed in life so make good disused sorry it’s not long I have long nails so ever thing is not spells right love Jessica Alyson bourque and try no adds.Version: 1.4

This game is amazing!😍I love this app I’m only 7 so I love it you should play and get all the skins and upgrade your house but don’t get caught by the robbers Make as much money as you can who knows you might be a millionaire hope you love or like the game if you did you should rate 5 stars bye bye 😊.Version: 1.8

Why I love this gameI love this game because it’s so much fun try not to get robed or drink that u run out of money when I have my free time I try to beat my high score in this game which is a millionaire and I just love this game and so might other people so try it out before you say it’s boring.Version: 1.6

HARDIt’s a fun game I like how the people look they look okay but they need to make more things that can make you poor. I’m always poor I only won one time! It’s a hard game the game gets harder and harder! It might need some updates but it a good and HARD game!!.Version: 1.6

Overall not badThis game is pretty cool! They could improve some things and possibly make longer rounds and add more options, but I like it because it’s fun and I like how you can change into different characters! I like this game and I recommend it for people who are ok with some ads as well 💅🏻.Version: 1.8

It’sBy the comments I’ve been reading it looks very good, and now I play it 24/7 it’s so fun! I recommend playing this game with internet off so there won’t be ads :).Version: 1.3

Rich 3DRich 3D is one of my favourite games I purchased.Version: 1.1

✌🏼Fun just turn off ur wifi ✌🏼.Version: 1.5

Good jobI think you’re game is amazing and I hope you write games like this again thank you very much I hope everybody loves this game good job keep up the good work bye.Version: 1.7

Its not boringBeen playing this for quite awhile. I completed everything. House, all material things (dishes x money bags, cigars x emeralds) As well as all the characters. So I’m sure I’ll get bored eventually now that everything’s done, but so far I’m still enjoying this game as a time pass. I find there are many cheats in the game as well. Overall, it’s just like any other cheap voodoo game..Version: 1.7

Cool, but…Ads.Version: 1.7

It is good but something is not goodEvery time I turn in the game it lags and it gives me an add it is annoying but this game with no ADDS and I will not lag anymore that helps a lot pls update to no ADDS for everyone who playes this game 😊 THANK YOU SO MUCH 😊. LOVE ❤️ EMERY.Version: 1.7

AmazingIt is so much fun and amazing.Version: 1.7

What game is the bestHi everyone if you see the add of this game get the game it is so much fun and it does not ask for money it is just the best game ever.Version: 1.6

How to get no addsJust turn off your wifi.Version: 1.6

Its good but…..This game is amazing and I love it but there is one part where if you choose saving, you get better but charting makes you a hobo. It’s not cool to say donations are bad..Version: 1.6

Fun!This game is really fun but after i reach a check point there is an add if you could please not add to much adds but eveything else is great.Version: 1.6

...I like the game it’s fun I’m 9 and I like these games I just play it I don’t care about other reviews.Version: 1.6

It’s a nice game but I wish it didn’t have so many ads!This game is called run rich.Version: 1.6

4 Star1 star off: LAAAAAAG ᵦᵤₜ ₛₜᵢₗₗ 𝓰ₒₒ𝒹.Version: 1.6

I like itThis is a pretty good game🐸 it’s like so amazing🦋✨✨✨✨.Version: 1.5

Really funThe game is very fun does not need WiFi good for long car trips the house was not the best because of the ads.Version: 1.5

Good appThis is a very good app good quality and it keeps you entertained for a while doesn’t need internet which is actually really a good feature but I didn’t give it a five star because every time you make it too the end an add pops up and it’s really annoying but all though this is a really good app please please fix the add problem thx :) From: A happy costumer!.Version: 1.5

It’s okThis game is pretty fun, but I don’t like the parts where you can’t go past a robber and it has to make you lose some health. This might just be my phone, but the game kicks me off of it sometimes. I hope you can fix these things!.Version: 1.5

BRO STOP MAKING FUN OF THE GAME SELLFISH IDIOTI think the game is cool a little bit to much ads but it’s fine cool game!.Version: 1.5

PUB🤬🤬🤬Il a trop de pub mais c’est correct👍👍.Version: 1.5

The fun games!This game is so much fun it’s a better game when your bored.Version: 1.5

Recording??Is this recording me? Bc its making this static sound soo… idk cover up ur cams?? VOODOO ANSWER ME IF THIS IS TRUE.Version: 1.5

Best game everThis game is so satisfying.Version: 1.5

Amazing = + =The best game ever There are new characters on their to.Version: 1.5

I loveI love this game so much.Version: 1.5

To many adsGood game but way to many ads.Version: 1.5

FunI love playing it i play it every day and it makes me so happy 😊.Version: 1.5

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