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Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D Customer Service

Choose the best gate, pass through it, and bring stickman warriors together to clash with the opposing crowd. Become the crowd master and lead your people through the crowded city till the end of this epic race. Crash obstacles and beat everyone on your way, collect coins and upgrade your levels. Defeat the King-stickman in the final battle and take the castle!

Looking for some fun and thrill? Then this 3d running game is just for you.

Count Masters is one of the most exciting clash games of all times! You start the battle alone but trust us: there are no chances for you to feel lonely.
This city takeover game features fascinating graphics and simple mechanics. You have a chance to get absorbed in the bright world of Count Masters full of gang fights and stickman battles. Get ready to spend hours playing one of the most thrilling running games.

We promise: you won’t get bored!

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D App Comments & Reviews

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D Positive Reviews

This has changedThis has changed after every level I mean after three levels there’s ads but it is so great so rate it five stars.:-) :-) And it’s like amazing so please get it because it’s amazing and ask first time I played it I was like how do I play this game but let me know if you need any help with his game I know a ton about it so just ask me or ask my friend show me on this tablet a lot and also this is an app private so there’s no daily new data across apps and websites on owned by other companies OK so yeah that’s all I want to say it’s it’s amazing and I am after every review I read I know you guys have sent some bad ones and bad reviews but guys this game has updated it’s amazing now there’s not too many so just get it it’s not too many ads there’s not too many ads.🤯🤯😄😄.Version: 1.7

AwesomeUnlike a many games this game actually doesn’t have a lot of adds I’ve played games that every 30 seconds to a minute there was an ad even in the middle of a game but this game is awesome and there are not that many adds it is quite challenging and it keeps me entertained all in all I think this game is really good and from what I hear the creators of this game listen to the reviews and if they find anything in the reviews that they need to change they will change it because I’ve heard that this game used to be pretty bad but I’ve also heard that it’s got a lot better and it is really fun to me!.Version: 1.10

Super easyAre you having trouble playing this game well then here are some tips for you so you have two numbers but you don’t know which one to choose well choose the biggest one the bigger the number the more likely you’re going to win in the whole point of the game is to have a big number of people not social distance also tip 2 you may get tired of the game it’s just a couple of days if you get the app as soon as you Play it 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.6

Pretty good but could be betterFirst of all, the game is pretty fun with the bosses and multipliers and whatnot but if you could add a creative mode where you build your own levels to play yourself or to publish for others to play that would be awesome. Second, there are only two things you can upgrade in the game when there is so many things you can make options to upgrade like luck where it gives you a better chance to get higher additions to your crowd or defense where you have better resistance to enemy attacks like one person is like 2. Finally, there should be an option to add decor to your crowd like hats..Version: 1.10

UnfairI was playing this game and i thought it was quite fun. Then i wanted to watch an add to claim a new skin that i worked hard for and it pretended like there was no internet and i couldnt claim the skin, even though i DID have internet! So the only way to actually get a skin is to pay for it, wich i think is unfair. The game also said that i couldwin a skin by choosing one out of three chests. The first and second time i chose “wrong”. I thought that it was just a coincidence, but i have had to choose fo a lot of times now and i still haven’t won one skin out of all those times i could choose from the chests. I am sorry but to me that is kind of suspicious. It’s like the creators of the game don’t want me winning a free skin!.Version: 1.6

Not like the add.I saw this game as an add and it looked really cool so I gave it a try. I think something that game creators do is they will purposely play the game really bad for the add and then when I see it I think oh the person playing this game is really bad and I think I could do this game much better than they can and so I download the app and then you lose interest really fast because of how easy it is and so it was a waste of time and effort! That’s probably why games like this always have so many people play it. If I were you I would stick to Roblox, Minecraft and google. Some other games like this are better but it’s a really rare occasion and almost never happens..Version: 1.7

The other reviews are not trueHi everyone says that this game is for dumb babies and it’s not fun when there’s too many ads and yes I’ve played it there’s way too many ads but guess what I just go on to airplane mode and then you don’t watch ads and yeah it’s just a game but it’s also really fun even with the ads I took my time to write this so that you could read it So listen to meIt’s really fun and yeah play it all the time it’s going to get boring but it’s not boring at all and it’s not dumb it’s one of the best games ever is my favorite game thank you for having time to be there have a good day.Version: 1.6

Good but…I love this game! It has amazing skins and I love the among us in it but it needs hats. I all ready got all the skins and I got the game a hour ago. If it had hats I could have more to look forward to. Also if you made it so you got colors from the boss fights then you could make some colors harder to get and show of to your friends. One more thing I think if you make a multiplayer level where you get more and more people and at the end you fight a real person then you could give the winner a prize. This is just a suggestion for the creators of this Awesome game!.Version: 1.10

Cool game but..Ads like crazy, obv u probably have seen this game before as an ad for other games. I saw it and though oh cool I’ll give it a try, the game itself is pretty unique and fun, kinda not that much of a challenge but there are some cool levels. I’d give five stars if I wasn’t bombarded after each level completed with a 30 second ad! U have been warned the ads are relentless, wanna unlock skins for your guys? Watch this ad. Completed a level here’s another ad. It’s quite annoying so I could really only play the game for roughly 10 mins before having to delete it. Just my honest review. 3/5 stars. Remove the ads 5/5..Version: 1.7

Fun but HATE ADSOk for some reason when there is a 5 I go into it and it just gives me way more Little characters than usual The ads are sooo annoying just get rid of the ads so people can actually like your game so yeah it’s really annoying it’s a little fun at the same time I mean it’s awesome pretty cool but nets not my type so yeah it’s kind of fun are usually play if I’m going somewhere in the car though.Version: 1.10

Cute but AnnoyingI played 10 levels and was immediately struck by the fact that obstacles are unavoidable due to the fact that your crowd cannot squeeze past them without losses. That annoyed me to no end considering that the end bonus depends on how many you have. No matter which gates I take to maximize my numbers, spikes and other obstacles shave off a chunk and no amount of swiping or maneuvering avoids them. It isn’t poor decisions that cost you, it’s just the way the game works. That coupled with the repetitiveness quickly lost its appeal..Version: 1.6

It’s good but I’m in a bad mood RnIt’s awesome pretty cool it could be a bit more challenging but overall I think it’s great and I have some ideas for at the and the oh have to fight a huge guy as the final boss and 4 alien body guards as protection and use all the people and make your own giant and another idea I have is like having a legendary weapon wheel and that’s all also you guys are awesome never give up it hard these days:].Version: 1.7

Just one thingI enjoy playing this game. There is only one thing that annoys me. It is the mid usage of the word “choice “. Instead of using the word “choice” in the manner that you have done so, you should use “choose” instead. Like I said I am satisfied with every other aspect of this game, but if you would like to make users more happy, just change this one thing..Version: 1.7

Super fun gameThis game is super super fun and I totally recommend playing it. If you do end up getting it you should know you should go for all the really big numbers and don’t do it bad like the added it because they will lose but you can be a winner.😂😂😍😘❤️💗😂💖🌹😰😍.Version: 1.7

Great game, but…Okay, so if you’re like me, you saw an ad about this and thought: “Wow! I’ll download it.” As soon as I open the app, I get interested. I start playing, but after about 3 levels it’s just: ad! Ad! Ad! Ad! After each level. Not fun right? So that’s just basic advice. The game itself does get boring. I’m on level 106 and I’ve had it for about a month. It was really fun at the beginning, but then it was like the same thing over and over again. The good thing is: it does not use WiFi. So it’s kind of like my go to in the car game. Sometimes I like to be sneaky and turn off the WiFi on my device so I don’t get ads.😏 So overall, it’s a well designed game, but if you are looking for something engaging and always fun, try somewhere else..Version: 1.10

Impossible luck game and uncontrollable adsIt is impossible to reach to the top score when the bigger your group is, the harder to maintain when the road it too small, make it impossible to keep the number high. Also this game should have some control over ads cause one of the ads force me to leave the game and go to the AppStore. It’s only fun in the first couple round but you’ll get bored really quick cause the result are the same..Version: 1.7

A good gameThis is a very fun game! You can be different characters and colors! And I don’t think the levels are repeating. Although it’s impossible to get tot he top of the stairs at 6.8. I’m already on level 426 and I haven’t gotten to the top yet! And once you have like soooooo many people it’s literally impossible to keep them. They just get chopped away instantly. I would really like you to fix this please! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.10

Holy adsGame is ok, there are still a few bugs where you want to go throw the left gate but it chooses the right gate. This game has WAY too many ads. Play on airplane mode or you’ll only get to play for 10 seconds then have to sit through a 30 second ad. There’s no option to just buy the game to turn the ads off so that’s a huge negative to me. Game is fun tho, nice way to kill a few minutes while pooping as long as your internet is shut off..Version: 1.7

A How toHey, if you guys are mad and deleting this game, listen to me. I found a trick that will help you guys out with the “too many ads.” If you are playing on i phone or i pad, then you can turn on airplane mode, and if there‘s no wifi, they can’t give you any ads. If you wanna get a skin by watching an ad, I say just stick with what you have and don‘t be a sissy about it. Thanks, and this game is good with no ads..Version: 1.10

Game loadingCan the game load faster when I want to play it is so annoying have to wait a long time for it to load up. Also can you please stop putting in adds every 3 games it is annoying because then I have to exit the app and wait again for it to load up. Can you please fix the glitch where you get onto the game and then the game doesn’t work then it kicks you out of the app?.Version: 1.10

OkayAds every level before and after. The levels are also smaller than a germ. You even have to watch an ad to unlock a skin. YOU EARNED THE SKIN BY PLAYING THE LEVELS. NOT TO MENTION THE MILLIONS OF ADS CONTAINED IN THE GAME ITSELF. IT DOESN'T NEED TO THROW THE UNO DOUBLE AD CARD AT YOU AS SOON AS YOU FINALY UNLOCK A SKIN. This game should be renamed to Ad Runner. 😂 So far, I would expect the game to be a 3 star, honestly. Idk, it’s my opinion so far. Edit: wait I can just turn off my WiFi... um... alright! I’ll try this out, and might change my rating..Version: 1.10

To repetitiveAt the beginning it was very fun. There were different things in the levels and things would get added every few levels. However I am almost to level 200 and ever since level 50ish each level has just had the same obstacles. After playing for so much it gets pretty boring. Also you get an add after every round. That is annoying..Version: 1.7

Not a bad game butIt’s playable and fun to play. However, the color wheel is ridiculous. I don’t like the hole X amount of times to change my character’s color randomly then having an ad to change it afterwards. I want the power to pick the color I want for my character instead of having a single random chance it might happen with the wheel..Version: 1.6

Game is fun (ish)It is fun to play and pass the time but man the ads were like right after doing one thing. It kept getting more and more and more that I just had enough. You can use airplane mode and turn off wifi but that takes time for it to take effect. Yes there are unavoidable obstacles that makes you lose pupils but that’s what adds the fun to it.Version: 1.7

Stop. It. With. The. Ads…..PLEASEJust stop….please…stop…it’s not fun it takes the the experience away! Why does every app do like these do this?! It’s the reason why people are drove away from it people hate the constant spam Jesus! Look this game is fun it has progress which I like in a game and it distracts you from time it’s a good game but stop with the constant ad spam when completing a level….Version: 1.10

5 stars if turn off internetThere is a lot of games like these but this one is a little different because you fight other stick men. There is a lot of ads but you can turn off internet. This game is really fun and a time killer..Version: 1.7

OkayIt is very glitchy so it makes me go all over the place but other wise it is okay. It is not my favorite but that is just my opinion, there is nothing wrong the app besides the glitches. Also, I know it’s not my phone because all other apps run super smoothly. This is the only problem I have had with glitches on this phone..Version: 1.10

It’s fun definitely but only one thing....I mean I like games like this but one thing o don’t like is the fact that when you unlock new things it makes you watch an ad to keep it and there’s already enough ads they show, I still recommend, just as long as ads don’t bug you..Version: 1.7

Good gameplay/ To many addsI liked actually playing the game, it was relaxing but made you think at the same time. With that said there is a add between every level, and sometimes the levels are super short, so your watching 30 second adds for 15 seconds of gameplay, and to me that’s just not worth it..Version: 1.10

Wow you have to play thisWow this game is a amazing. Every level is different! I love all the characters and levels. The one thing is there is a lot of ads. The way to fix this is to turn off your wifi..Version: 1.10

To Many Ads, And Gets Boring QuicklyFirst of all, Theres to mnay ads everytime i win, a random ad pops up out of nowhere, and I really think that you developers only care about money and not entertaining people. Second of all, the game gets boring pretty easily as it just repeats poorly made stages. Honestly this games not the worst game but I dont really like it..Version: 1.7

Not bad, but ads are extremeI don’t mind seeing’s part of the experience, but to have an ad after EVERY level and sometimes an ad to spin the color’s a little ridiculous. A few ads are fine...that many makes the game unplayable. Would never spend money on a game that does this..Version: 1.6

Love the game, to many adsI would love the game more if there was a way to pay for no ads. Like if they just added an option to pay for no ads it would be perfect.Version: 1.7

Good appA good app but there’s too many ads that mostly are hard to skip, and unless you like wasting money on games you won’t play until you look at your games and play it out of curiosity and wonder: “why did I get this game?” And airplane mode doesn’t work.Version: 1.7

Great game butI really enjoy this game it is time consuming and really fun but after you get past a few levels it just gets repetitive and the obstacles won’t let you keep more than 200 so you end up only getting from 1-6 multiplier and no higher. But otherwise it’s a great game..Version: 1.10

Doesn’t Make SenseNo matter what you do, you cannot avoid obstacles! Your crowd is shaved off and it affects your score at the end. Also, when you fail a level, it does not restart that level but rather starts with a totally new obstacle course. Could’ve been a fun game. I tried to give it a chance..Version: 1.6

To all the dummies… see this right now 🤦‍♂️Literally turn off your wifi and data and there is no ads… stop giving the game one star because of ads. There’s literally zero ads if you just simply turn off your data and wifi.Version: 1.6

Nice game but..This is a really fun game but there is a bit too much ads, although in the other reviews say that if you turn off your wifi and data the ads won’t show up. I gave this a 4 star rating cuz of the ads, but beside that its a great game <3 please take away some ads!.Version: 1.10

PooTo many ads.Version: 1.10

Not greatIt is ok but lots of repetitive and too many ads.Version: 1.10

No wifi and turn off data for gameDo the title and get zero adds and be epic gamer and stop complaining.Version: 1.10

Gets boringThe ads don’t bother me but there’s no point to the game. It’s just the same thing over and over again - fun at first but wears down real fast.Version: 1.10

Good game to many addsIt’s I good game but there are to many adds and I think that takes away from the whole experience..Version: 1.10

Simple? IdeaMaybe there could be a level maker option then you make levels and share them and you can play other people’s levels too!.Version: 1.10

FakeSome of these review look fake.Version: 1.7

Must haveLet me buy this game.Version: 1.10

My favourite gameThis game is the game that Has the least adds in all my games so why you guys complaining.Version: 1.7

GoodFlyer.Version: 1.7

Les PUBLICITÉS!Il y a TROP de pUBLIciTÉs! 💀.Version: 1.7

Grate gameVery fun.Version: 1.7

ASOMEThis game is amazing 🤩 I love you have to get it don’t mind the other stuff just look 👀 at this nothing else 🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.7

Ok game lolTurned off wifi. Decent. Too short ; add more level length Too easy ; increase difficulty or make a hard mode Stupidly advertisement ridden ; drop a few ads (like one ad per 5 mins).Version: 1.7

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