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Choose the best gate, pass through it, and bring stickman warriors together to clash with the opposing crowd. Become the crowd master and lead your people through the crowded city till the end of this epic race. Crash obstacles and beat everyone on your way, collect coins and upgrade your levels. Defeat the King-stickman in the final battle and take the castle!

Looking for some fun and thrill? Then this 3d running game is just for you.

Count Masters is one of the most exciting clash games of all times! You start the battle alone but trust us: there are no chances for you to feel lonely.
This city takeover game features fascinating graphics and simple mechanics. You have a chance to get absorbed in the bright world of Count Masters full of gang fights and stickman battles. Get ready to spend hours playing one of the most thrilling running games.

We promise: you won’t get bored!

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D App Comments & Reviews

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D Positive Reviews

Fun game! Some ideas to add to elevate the game to 5 stars!!!This game is really fun and I like that you can get coins to add more guys to the start or your run or add to your coin level. I have already built everything in the build section with the diamonds, I think it would be cool if you could build other islands or defend your island or something else so I can use the diamonds I keep earning. Or another idea so you can use your diamonds some other way would be fun to like being able to widen your path a little or another world maybe. I just keep earning diamonds and have no way to use them. I think also if you had section for longer runs that would be really fun too. I was also thinking to make a more challenging area having the runners speed up or slow down during their runs with inclines or turns that would be add to the challenges and would be exciting to play as well. I really do love playing this game and find it extremely enjoyable! Just adding some extra little parts I think will really make the game a blast and more fun! Keep it up! Hope the ideas help!!!.Version: 1.19

Really fun butThis game is really fun but it gets boring after a while and you end up not having anything to do and a lot of money. Also it is super duper canguper hard to get all the way to the top I have never made it so, I say extend the thing down or make it easier to get more people. I also know the little mini game is fun but needs some improvements like another map or a actual online area where you battle people online, or like clash of clans like where it ends up going to someone offline and then you battle them by surprise. All in all the game is really amazing you should download it but there are things you might not like. Thanks for reading this all the way down and I hope this helps everything and I hope you have a great experience! Bye!.Version: 1.29

Pretty good but could be betterFirst of all, the game is pretty fun with the bosses and multipliers and whatnot but if you could add a creative mode where you build your own levels to play yourself or to publish for others to play that would be awesome. Second, there are only two things you can upgrade in the game when there is so many things you can make options to upgrade like luck where it gives you a better chance to get higher additions to your crowd or defense where you have better resistance to enemy attacks like one person is like 2. Finally, there should be an option to add decor to your crowd like hats..Version: 1.10

Fun but the ADSThis game is fun and enjoyable, nothing ground breaking but nice to pass the time. The gameplay is simple and easy, and I haven’t noticed any major bugs. The actual game itself: 5 stars. However, the BIGGEST thing keeping this app from getting anything higher than 3 is the amount of ADS! After every round, you get an ad that ranges from 15-30 seconds. I have been playing this game for about an hour and the majority of the time was dealing with ads. There isn’t even an option to pay to get rid of them. There are SO MANY ADS to the point where it makes it annoying to play, sucking the enjoyment out of completing any level. If there was an option to pay to get rid of these ads, I would gladly do it. Overall, the game is nice and fun, but the amount of ads are unbearable..Version: 1.14

😁❤️🌈This game is definitely worth it. It’s so addictive and fun. Not only is it satisfying, it’s also a great educational game. In order to succeed, you have to know some basic math, and be able to do it quick. Good brain trainer. It also it a good quick game that you don’t need to think about too much. Like if you are just bored you can start playing and then stop when you need to go grab a snack or do laundry. What I’m saying is it’s quick and it’s not a big commitment, although if you wanted to you could play it for hours. The one small problem I have is the prize thing. There’s a thing in a game where in between levels you pick a mystery box out of three. It has a best prize and then the others are just coins. I’ve never been able to get best prize. I’ve tried to only click the middle box when the thing comes up, but it was never in that one. I did the same for the side ones, but no luck. The only way to get it was to watch and add. Which is clearly a trick. Besides that, the game is really great and you should definitely get it. I promise you’ll like it..Version: 1.20

Sooooooooooo AaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeesssssoooommmeeOMG this is so good I just don’t know what to say thank you thank you thank you for making this game I just love it because of all the people in all the skins you can guess that you can change the color of your person by just a spin or a video it’s so awesome I just don’t don’t wanna stop playing it !Since I got Covid today I’ve been playing this game for like less than an hour I have to stop in a few minutes well a lot of minutes and basically an hour so I’m so excited for you to make like another game like this thank you thank you thank you so much for making this ..Version: 1.32

AwesomeUnlike a many games this game actually doesn’t have a lot of adds I’ve played games that every 30 seconds to a minute there was an ad even in the middle of a game but this game is awesome and there are not that many adds it is quite challenging and it keeps me entertained all in all I think this game is really good and from what I hear the creators of this game listen to the reviews and if they find anything in the reviews that they need to change they will change it because I’ve heard that this game used to be pretty bad but I’ve also heard that it’s got a lot better and it is really fun to me!.Version: 1.10

Good Game TOO MANY ADSI played the game and got an ad after the 15 seconds match I played, then got another ad after the next 2 matches, then got an ad for getting upgrade for the in game currency. Within 5 minutes of game time I got a good 3-4 minutes in ads. Why would I play if I’m punished with ads the ads are longer than the matches you play. If it weren’t for the bombardment of ads this game would be nice even with moderate ads. *Biggest problem: There are video ads after each match, when you upgrade enough, there are ads in the game and when the ads are done they force open the option to download them and include an additional 5 second timer after the ad is done.Version: 1.29

Gets boring after a while 😕This game is very fun but after a bit it gets boring. I have unlocked all the skins, I have completed the attack mode, and upgraded the units and income to lvl 15. I don’t even need to upgrade anymore because I have built all the the places on attack mode. The levels also start to repeat. I have also noticed that I have been forced to watch more ads lately 😑 Almost every level has an ad after it, while it used to be an ad once every 5 levels or something like that. I really enjoy(ed) this game, but please add more things to do. TL;DR This game is fun, but needs more stuff..Version: 1.32

UnfairI was playing this game and i thought it was quite fun. Then i wanted to watch an add to claim a new skin that i worked hard for and it pretended like there was no internet and i couldnt claim the skin, even though i DID have internet! So the only way to actually get a skin is to pay for it, wich i think is unfair. The game also said that i couldwin a skin by choosing one out of three chests. The first and second time i chose “wrong”. I thought that it was just a coincidence, but i have had to choose fo a lot of times now and i still haven’t won one skin out of all those times i could choose from the chests. I am sorry but to me that is kind of suspicious. It’s like the creators of the game don’t want me winning a free skin!.Version: 1.6

Great game but I have some recommendationsSo this a very fun and addictive game, although it’s missing something. I like how you have to use math skills to play the game, although I feel like the archers are to easy to defeat, because they could get your troops down to 1 and you could still defeat them because the cant melee attack you. And when building your island I feel like it would make sense to have the ability to upgrade your farms a stuff like that. I would definitely give this game an extra star is you add this addition, and it would definitely make the game a bit more challenging..Version: 1.20

Not like the add.I saw this game as an add and it looked really cool so I gave it a try. I think something that game creators do is they will purposely play the game really bad for the add and then when I see it I think oh the person playing this game is really bad and I think I could do this game much better than they can and so I download the app and then you lose interest really fast because of how easy it is and so it was a waste of time and effort! That’s probably why games like this always have so many people play it. If I were you I would stick to Roblox, Minecraft and google. Some other games like this are better but it’s a really rare occasion and almost never happens..Version: 1.7

The other reviews are not trueHi everyone says that this game is for dumb babies and it’s not fun when there’s too many ads and yes I’ve played it there’s way too many ads but guess what I just go on to airplane mode and then you don’t watch ads and yeah it’s just a game but it’s also really fun even with the ads I took my time to write this so that you could read it So listen to meIt’s really fun and yeah play it all the time it’s going to get boring but it’s not boring at all and it’s not dumb it’s one of the best games ever is my favorite game thank you for having time to be there have a good day.Version: 1.6

Fun but boring after 20 minutesThe game is fun to pass time and enjoyable to play but my complaint is after you finish building the island theres no more than that and the gens are useless so the island is just a huge waste of time. The ads are also horrible after every level a 15-30 second ad pops up theres no way to pay to get rid of them. My last complaint is after a long time of playing the game it gets very glitchy and when I was in the level it only would go on the left or right never in the middle or wherever i would drag my finger to. Other than that its fun to play 😕.Version: 1.19

Good but…I love this game! It has amazing skins and I love the among us in it but it needs hats. I all ready got all the skins and I got the game a hour ago. If it had hats I could have more to look forward to. Also if you made it so you got colors from the boss fights then you could make some colors harder to get and show of to your friends. One more thing I think if you make a multiplayer level where you get more and more people and at the end you fight a real person then you could give the winner a prize. This is just a suggestion for the creators of this Awesome game!.Version: 1.10

Where’s the rest?!I like this game. It’s perfect to play on breaks at work. Like everyone else I beat the map and keep gaining diamonds with nothing left to do with them. I think an update should have different obstacles and maps, more to the building aspects and def a way to buy those arrows the enemies have every so often that take out like 20 of my guys at once. Those are sweet and frustrating. I like the simplicity of this game and there certainly could be more to it. At least I hopeeeee sooooooo.Version: 1.34.18

Awesome game but not worth spending money for no adsThe concept is awesome and very addicting, but the game is too limited and not worth the $2.99 for no ads/extra gems. By the time I decided to buy the no ads (which was about 10 minutes into the game) I had no use for the extra gems I was getting. So I basically just wasted $2.99 since there wasn’t even actually ads for me anyways. I feel like it’s only like 10% of what they could do for the game. Maybe design something that I could spend my 12,000 gems on and expand the map for more raids. Besides the limitation and wasted money, I loved the game..Version: 1.34

Fun game, glitchyThe game is addicting and fun, but at higher levels it’s glitchy. I start with too many runners now, and 70 percent of the time I die to being unable to control my runners. I’ll be unable to avoid an obstacle, but my crowd is too large after and still uncontrollable so I’ll be forced to hit the next obstacle, too. If I do get lucky and start with an obstacle that doesn’t do this, then when I get to the final score pyramid, it won’t push past 6.2 no matter how many final runners I have. For as popular as this game is, and for as many ads as I sit through, the developers could hopefully invest some TLC into the game..Version: 1.29

Its got a couple problems…If i get over 200 people by the end, some of them would get left behind. Ive played almost 2000 levels and never got to the top. Like the distance from the finish line to the staircase is not long enough for the little people to get in their pyramid. The farthest i’ve gotten was 6.2. That’s one problem and the other one is the ADS. They come after every single level and range from 15 to 30 seconds which gets very annoying. The developers definitely need to fix these problems..Version: 1.15

Cool game but..Ads like crazy, obv u probably have seen this game before as an ad for other games. I saw it and though oh cool I’ll give it a try, the game itself is pretty unique and fun, kinda not that much of a challenge but there are some cool levels. I’d give five stars if I wasn’t bombarded after each level completed with a 30 second ad! U have been warned the ads are relentless, wanna unlock skins for your guys? Watch this ad. Completed a level here’s another ad. It’s quite annoying so I could really only play the game for roughly 10 mins before having to delete it. Just my honest review. 3/5 stars. Remove the ads 5/5..Version: 1.7

Needs ImprovementI have been on this game for over 3 months. The attack island I completed and I also completed all the zones. Can you maybe add more zones for the people that have completed it. Also on game It bugs me that I have to watch a add to change the color of my character. It took me so long to get to pink the color I wanted. Can you change it so you can change your color without an add or that after the add it gives you the choices so you can pick your color. But overall it is a great game.Version: 1.34

WoWC’est cool ce jeu 🙂❤️👍🏻👩🏼🦊.Version: 1.13

I like itI like it this game is fun but when you win or die you have t Watch a add so it is ok I would recommend 👍.Version: 1.34

Crashed 3 timesWhen building a building - the ads crashed the game 3 tines.Version: 1.34

Great fun gameToo many ads which are normally longer than the play time of the level in order to advance to the next. Very annoying.Version: 1.42

Needs some workSometimes it glitches and slows right down and then you die because of it.Version: 1.34.18

Best game everI love this game you guys should give it an update really soon you should make it show that the characters are blockyThen I’m sure everyone would love it and I think you should double the diamond and gold for everyone when you do any update.Version: 1.34

Ads? This might helpIf you get ads just turn on air plain mode 😎.Version: 1.34

It looks boring but it’s funSo I was just browsing the App Store to find this game. It looks fun,I get it then I play for a wile then I get bored. Then I find that you can get different skins and there a castle?!? I recommend that you this game and it’s for free. And the adds are telling the truth..Version: 1.34

CountmasterToo many ads ruins the experience.Version: 1.34

Ads ads ads adsAds take up 80-90% of the time you gave this game open. Play for 10 watch ads for 60 seconds.Version: 1.34

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