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Experience the exciting life of a Beat Master! Remember to keep your lover happy!
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Beat Master! Positive Reviews

Great game!!! few bugs though…So, I don’t actually like the game but you wouldn’t read this if I wrote a bad review so I wrote a good review. I appreciate you making a game for other people to play, but it’s inappropriate and the raps don’t even make sense most of the time. Maybe try making a DIFFERENT type of game, sorry that I left this review, I just feel like people would need to see it before they downloaded the game, not that they probably will… Warmest regards😊☺️😉🙃.Version: 1.3.1

The story about the appWell a couple months ago I bought this and it was fun but there are some Issues u need to add some chareters so a week next I played with my school friend named Karli and it was so fun and I hit the beat on cause they watch carton movies so even all the green wons are the right wons so I hope u enjoy and byee.Version: 1.3.1

#AMAZECRAZEI only gave it 5 stars and called it “#AMAZECRAZE” so you would see it. It is absolute trash, and it copy’s other companies work in developing astonishing games. It’s a rip off and it’s completely not-clever. The rhymes are so stupid and weird. I do not recommend this game for ages 0- to however old you can be, 110 maybe?.Version: 1.3.1

Literally amazingI LOVE This game. It’s not really good raps in it but it’s funny and I enjoy it a LOT. I think it’s hilarious- in a good way. Also a lot of apps have a lot of ads but this game doesn’t. I think it’s really good, 5 star game.Version: 1.3.1

The most best game everFirst time I played it I just love how lets you choose your rap. It the game is amazing I wake up and I play it. It so fun the game just lets you choose your wraps and I think that’s very cool..Version: 1.3.1

It’s the bestI just got this game and when I got on it I loved right away it’s so much fun and I have no idea how they can make it so fun by the way I read your comments..Version: 1.3

We need bf or boyfriend from Friday night FunkinSo this game is similar to Friday night Funkin I think we should get some Friday night Funkin characters and we can choose what we say.Version: 1.3.1

I love this😌So when you first start it says the words then it blanks and you have to get the green spot so you can get the correct answer.Version: 1.1

Beat masterThis is my favorite game I have ever played it gives you options to say and it is just so fun..Version: 1.1

The best review yetThis game is the god game who ever that doesn’t play this game I don’t even know what there even doing I just love this game.Version: 1.3.1

Rap battleOmg I always been wanting wanting to be another show or rap battle this makes me so happy and so fun.Version: 1.3.1

So this is kinds goodIt’s cool and all but to many ads and I don’t really get the rapping it done not make sense.Version: 1.3.1

Good gameThis is a very nice game for kids and mostly Oder it give u raps when u are battle people that why it’s so fun to me🤍..Version: 1.3.1

Nice gameThis game is cool but I think you should make the rap better and longer.Version: 1.3.1

HeyI didn’t play the game I just got it to say they missed an opportunity by not naming it master beat.Version: 1.3.1

Not very funAll you ever get to do is show your girlfriend you love her and you only crab like every 25-26 levels this is supposed to be a raping game when you just do every life thing.Version: 1.3

Cool appThis is a nice app except the raps don’t make sense so idk maybe give it a little longer but otherwise this is a nice game to download if you are bored so that’s all i have.Version: 1.3.1

Love your gameI love this game and I will show it to all of my friends and family.Version: 1.3

Beat masterThis is the best App Store game in my opinion. Go download it and try it out for yourself please lol.Version: 1.3.1

Give this game a 5 starIt makes you use your mind and it’s fun.Version: 1.1

FreshFun game. Needs a bit better graphics though.Version: 1.3.1

Love this game my brother loves it to(:Love this game my brother loves it to(: Ur the best all of u are💖.Version: 1.2

It’s not that badIt’s a little stupid but if you don’t want the ads go on airplane mode. It isn’t all just about the rap stuff which sucks but it’s still pretty cool loll.Version: 1.3.1

I love this appThis app is amazing i love it! nothing bad about but if y’all don’t want the ads then go on airplane mode and no ads!.Version: 1.3.1

I always winSoofun.Version: 1.2

DecentIt’s a decent game however, I’d recommend adding the option to formulate your own raps to make it more interesting..Version: 1.3.1

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