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Effortlessly keep a digital record of your hours spent outside with the Official 1000 Hours Outside app. Easy timer functionality - just open the app and click play to start the timer, then put the phone down and enjoy the outdoors! The app will track your time in the background so you don't have to think about it. Keep a journal of your adventures by jotting down notes and uploading photos, add up to nine additional profiles to track individual hours for members of your family, and unlock hours milestone badges to share on social media.

You can also upgrade to a monthly or yearly subscription to access the Adventure Maps feature, which highlights family-friendly attributes of various locations. You can even easily see where other 1KHO app users have checked in and left reviews to help you better plan your own adventures!

EULA agreement can be found here: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

1000 Hours Outside App Comments & Reviews

1000 Hours Outside Positive Reviews

So much easier for me than paper!For a few years I’ve been tracking our hours, and at first I loved the marking our hours on a paper tracker on the wall. But it became hard for me to remember our hours when life got busier over the last couple years (after the pandemic). I love how easy this app makes it for me to track! I can see what days we did what hours, how many hours per month, and many more little details that I couldn’t see with the paper tracker. I don’t forget to track our hours as often because my phone is with us when we are out and about (to take pictures of our adventures!). Also I like the little photos/notes section that is like a little journal of what we did that day. Never had any issues with getting the app to work!.Version: 4.1

Good but a little buggyI like the app overall to keep track of our hours outside. My four biggest issues are: 1. The timer itself is buggy, I’ve gone to open the app and stop the timer after an hour or two outside and the timer will show as 00:00 with a start button and I will accidentally reflexively hit it with your realizing it hadn’t yet “updated” to our actual real time count. Sometimes it takes a full minute for the timer to refresh itself after it’s been running in the background a while 2. There’s no app widget available! This would be the perfect thing to add to my Lock Screen for instant access, sometimes I totally forget to start the timer on my phone but I believe a widget start/stop would make this whole thing way easier and enjoyable 3. When in the calendar view if I need to edit a single days time I expected to just click on the square for that day and be able to edit but you have to click on the little tiny clock button that comes up. I overall found a lot of navigating the app to be confusing. 4. I haven’t yet finished a full month of timing since it’s still January but other users have said that once a month is finished you aren’t shown a “month total” and would have to add up days manually to see how much time you spent outside during one particular month, if this is true this is VERY disappointing! I guess I will find out soon..Version: 4.0.4

Love it + one critiqueI love this app and how it encouraged us to be outside more in 2023. Excited to start a new year and “beat” last years hours. One feature I wish the app had was after stopping a running time, to have the ability to “approve” or edit right there and then. So often I forget to stop the counter when we go inside and then I have to go back into the day’s total time and (😱) do math to correct it. When it’s only been like 5 minutes, it’s no big deal… but I have been known to leave the counter running for many hours or even over night haha and then it does become a challenge to remember what was already on the count for that day, and what the correct total time should be..Version: 4.1.2

This app is amazingThis app has completely made our 1KHO journey SO much easier! I love that I can set and stop the timer easily, edit time if I forget the timer, and that it keeps the running total for us. I keep the times updated on a paper chart, but this is 100% easier than what I was doing last year, which was recording the times on my phone, having to calculate what added up to an hour, and constantly trying to remember what time we left the house. My husband and son even join in by letting me know when to start and stop the timer. Thank you thank you!.Version: 2.13

Love the concept, but could be betterWe are trying to complete 1000 hours outside this year. To pay for the app you think that the whole app would be better. Every time I open the app to use the timer and start the timer it ends up closing the whole app out. I end up just tracking on my own how many hours we are logging. In a portion of the app you can upload photos, but not more than one at a time. After paying for the app there is also more in app purchases. If you want to collect bandages along the way, you have to purchase. We purchased the map and needless to say I could of googled most the locations I am at. I really wanted to like this app, but it has a lot of issues that need to be worked out. Needless to say since this is my New Year’s resolution, I will continue to use to log my hours..Version: 4.1.3

Doesn’t do basic tasksI can’t find my history in a list anywhere with details. The calendar shows 2 hours when I have 2.5 in my week history. I can’t go back and look at any other days outside of that week with any detail if I entered it in rather than using the timer. I also did the timer this morning and then manually entered in another outdoor activity in the evening and it erased my timer from the morning. Frustrated I can’t have a detailed list of what I entered so I can look back at it clearly without having to click on every day and even that isn’t accurate..Version: 2.9

Wonderful Outside Tracker!I have used this app for a year now and have been very impressed. I love the option to add a journal entry at the end of every day and pictures along with it. Babies don’t keep and being able to download all of my entries at the end of the year was so heartfelt and brought back so many fun memories of spending time outside with my little one. I would recommend this app to anyone!.Version: 4.0.1

Love the idea but missing simple detailsI was so excited to get this app and couldn’t wait to make the purchase. I’m bummed though. To find my total for a month, I have to go through and manually click each day and add the hours - I’m not seeing how to find a running total aside from the current week’s running total. I’m also frustrated that once I’m past 1 hour in a day, it’s just showing a one on the calendar even though I might have clocked 1.7 hours. Those issues alone make it so that the app isn’t doing what it was made to do. Am I missing something?.Version: 2.9

Lacks seemingly obvious featuresFor a paid app this should have more. I would like the ability to see each individual timer entry; The time the timer was started and stopped; And be able to edit individual entries. If we go out once in the morning and again in the afternoon, but I forget to stop the timer in the afternoon- I have to some now keep track of what was already tracked in the morning and add it to the second entry that I’m trying to edit. The app should be able to show me all of the data for one day… not just a running total for the day..Version: 3.2

Getting there!This is a super useful app for our 1kho goals, but it definitely still needs some work when it comes to tracking different profiles. I tried to edit one kiddo’s hours when I accidentally left the timer going and it seems to get confused about edits- I checked his total hours so far and they were definitely more than they should have been, the app was confused somewhere between the profiles and edits. Looking forward to more improvements but not totally trusting the app yet and will still use the paper tracker and keep an eye on hours!.Version: 4.0.2

Hit or miss.My wife is in to the 1000 hours thing for our kids and wanted me to help her with tracking the kids time this year. 2 issues - can’t sync her phone and mine so possible duplication or missing time. However the main issue is that the app works great on her phone, but crashes in about 30 seconds on mine no matter what I try. I have rebooted the phone, made sure I had latest IOS updates, deleted and reinstalled. Clearly the app is very buggy! Much safer bet to just use a basic timer and a piece of paper to track your time!.Version: 2.5

Good interface but missing a watch appThe app has a really nice user interface and does exactly what it claims. The only issue I have is that is does not have an Apple Watch app built in. It seems like it would be easier to start and stop timers without having to worry about remembering to pull out your phone. Overall a good value for the price point but it is lacking in a key feature that would make the app more user friendly..Version: 4.0.1

Convenient and AffordableThis app has made tracking my outside time very manageable and fun. I love looking at my progress, seeing my best and worst days. Seeing the total number of hours I’ve logged YTD is very encouraging too. I didn’t make it to 1000 hours this year, and the app never guaranteed that goal to me; however, I’ve logged more hours in my adult life than any other year and couldn’t be happier..Version: 4.1

Love! & Suggestion for v.2Great, straightforward app! Part of an amazing movement/brand! Hoping we'll someday get: 1. Able to choose a date to start the cumulative hour count from. (It defaults to installation date.) 2. The ability to link profiles across devices. (I'm not the only person who takes my kid outside!) 3. The ability to track different activities or people outside. For instance, I don't count our 1 mile bike ride to school for our overall hours or organized outdoor sports but I know it would add up over time. Or for families with more than one kid, they might need individual timers for the kids' different schedules. Love this app and use it every day! Hope it becomes even more useful in the future!.Version: 2.14

Love but…Absolutely love the concept, but the app has some annoyances, including a big at the end of the month. Today is Jan 31st, and in the monthly view, the last few days of December show up. Those dates incorrectly show the January data for the same date (eg, Dec 30 shows the hours I logged for Jan 30). Now I’m wondering if my total is wrong too? And I don’t see how to export the data so I can track it some other way. It’s leaving me a bit demoralized..Version: 2.9

So easy to use!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE FOR DATA USAGEI am 1000% happy with this app! It is so easy to use. I don’t mind not being able to track more than one child, it actually helps me to see it so simply anyways! I track the majority of our time together anyways! If your on the fence about whether or not to buy the app just do it!!!! For a couple dollars it is way worth it to me!.Version: 2.13

Great app to track outside timeWe love this app and it really shows how much (or how little in the colder months) we spent outdoors. One suggestion that would make this perfect: an Apple Watch version! We often leave cell phones behind as they distract us from our surroundings so being able to track on the Apple Watch would be amazing!.Version: 4.0.5

Great app and support!The app team got back to me pretty much right away with my problem! Great customer support. And I do love the app. The hour badges are fun to get; it is an incentive to get outside more with the little one! ***** I use this to keep track and love the idea. But with the latest update, I can’t seem to put in hours for Friday & Saturday. I will keep using it the best I can but please fix!.Version: 2.5

Love the app!We started using this in 2023 to track our outside time. It's so easy to use and there can be multiple profiles to track separate people's time if you want . Pictures and journal entries can also be added to your time tracker on the calendar. You can export a pdf to have a document of all your outside adventures..Version: 4.1.1

Loving this appWe are no this app but sometimes Mom messes up and forgets to start or stop it at the correct time. It would be great if we could verify or correct the times logged as a feature. Either way, I love it and love the idea…. Even if i have to set my oven timer to remember to turn it off when I’m logging the time missed… the next day. Lol..Version: 2.11

Tracking multiple profilesI just started with this app, and I love that we can track multiple people! My only wish would be that I could simultaneously use timers for different people. In the summer, we go out at different times for different amounts of time, but we can manage with single timers..Version: 4.0.1

Only app I’ve ever paid forThe 1000 hours outside app is incredible! Before I purchased it, I was starting a timer on my phone and keeping track of our days and hours outside on a note on my phone. I love how easy this is and that we can go back and easily see our hours every month..Version: 4.0.4

Needs a widgetI love thus app it lefts me manually enter or adjust our time. It’s clean and simple, and worth paying for. I do however wish there was a widget. I frequently forget to stop our timer when we come inside, so it would be nice to have a widget from and center on my phone showing me the running timer..Version: 4.0.4

Great for tracking hours!When I first downloaded the app, it kept crashing, so I left a review stating my frustrations—I received a reply in about a week that stated the issue had been resolved. Now that I’ve been able to use the app, I can say it’s been so great for tracking our hours. Thank you for all your help!.Version: 2.9

Doesn’t keep timing when my screen locksI was on a long walk and started my timer and out my phone in my pocket. When I ended my walk, it had only recorded 5 minutes of my walk. Then I did another test and started my timer and took my kids on a walk to the playground. Again, it stopped. This time only recording nine minutes of my time. Super frustrated! Seems like something a free app would do, not a paid for app..Version: 4.0.4

Works great for usWe are really enjoying this app! I love being able to keep track of our outdoor time and I like being able to save journal entries and photos from the day. We haven’t had any of the issues mentioned in previous reviews, so I assume they’ve been fixed since then..Version: 2.3

Timer glitchesOverall I like the app and it helps keep us on track for our goal. However, given that the main feature of the app is the timer, it’s frustrating how often I start the timer, leave the app, only to come back to the timer not running and that it didn’t track my time at all..Version: 4.0.6

I love this app!I love this app! It’s helping me get outside with my family more. I wish I had a function to log sessions though. If you get outside multiple times a day and forget to start the timer, you have to add up the time. Logging sessions with different locations and “tags” could be a fun what to track the time outside with cool graphics at the end of the year..Version: 4.0.6

Great app!This is my first year doing 1000 hours outside and I’m loving the app so far! It’s really easy to track how much time I’m spending outside with the stopwatch and I like the calendar view. The badges are a nice touch to keep you motivated and share on social media. I recommend it for anyone doing 1000 hours outside challenge!.Version: 4.0.3

New updateLove the new update that shows the time spent outside as hours and minutes (ie 1:30) vs the old version that didn’t show anything less than an hour on the calendar view. Despite our cold midwestern winter, this app has really helped motivate all of us to spend more time outdoors - so thank you!.Version: 2.10

Great App. Would love more features.The app works really well and I’ve seen how they have implemented ideas from previous reviews. I’d love to see widgets! Lock Screen widgets to track daily/weekly totals and Home Screen widgets to see the stop watch or calendar. It would make the app much more functional for me..Version: 3.2

Love!I love 1000 Hours Outside! I enjoy getting my toddler outside more, but remembering to track the time takes some of the fun out for me, worrying about the clock. This app takes the mental math away! Would love to see an Apple Watch version so I’m not tempted to scroll social media after starting the timer!.Version: 2.3

Would love this feature…Overall I really like this app and the concept, however, I really need the calendar to be able to track everyone’s progress, not just the main user’s account. I can’t remember if I’ve logged everyone’s hours and there’s no way to see which days/hours for them. Please please make this change so I can accurately track all progress..Version: 4.0.8

So easy to track!This makes life so much easier, and we have gotten so many more hours because I haven’t had to worry about carrying around a pen and pater to track. Thank you SO much!! We will be successful this year without a doubt. 50 hours and 2 1/2 weeks in!.Version: 2.9

I usually love 1000 hours outsideThat’s why I purchased the app. I was looking forward to conveniently track our individual outdoors time but unfortunately the time tracker doesn’t work and messes up everybody’s time every time I use it for a specific person. So I have to still manually track it and update it in here. Kind of disappointing, otherwise would be a great app.Version: 4.0.1

Would love a different visualWas considering leaving a review about crashes, but updated and it seems to have resolved. Overall happy with the app. Would love for there to be an overall visual (like the printable paper charts) that fills as you add hours, and a feature that tells you if you’re on track to reach your goal..Version: 2.10

Good idea, but really buggy stillAt the moment, I love the tracking! It even keeps tracking when my phone dies, which is amazing 🤣 but my biggest issue is if I want to do anything other than track (shop or download my badges) it crashes so I can’t do anything else really on the app, which is a real bummer 😩.Version: 2.9

Love this ideaI love the idea of tracking time spent outside and being able to see time for each day/week/month is super cool! It’s a nice motivator to see everything laid out. I just wish the app was compatible with Apple Watches, that would be incredibly convenient!.Version: 4.0.1

Needs the option for Apple WatchWe love the timer feature of this app for counting all our outside hours. It would be wonderful to have the option to use the timer on my Apple watch as well, so the phone can be left at home and the hours still easily logged..Version: 4.0.6

Timer not workingI got the app primarily for the timer and easy tracking. It worked great for the first week and then stopped. I turn on the timer and then go back later to stop it and it only recorded a few seconds. Now I have to keep track of time and then go back and record the total time later. It completely defeats the purpose of the app..Version: 4.0.4

Great app!It motivates me to go outside more..Version: 2.10

Hard to track multiple profilesI like the idea but the execution in the app has been challenging. I am attempting to track for all members of my family but when I edited the time for one of my family members twice it added the time to the total twice instead of changing the time. It’s not very intuitive for different profiles and it only tracks the latest time on the calendar (not all time, or a particular chosen profile). I think it would work well if you were just using it as an individual since all my challenges are related to multiple profiles. For a paid app I expected a smoother experience or the opportunity to trial it first..Version: 3.2

There are GlitchesI can’t access any of my badges, the app will close. Sometimes when I’m inputting hours, the app will randomly close. I love the movement and love tracking my hours but I expected more since I had to purchase the app..Version: 2.11

Motivating, but limiting!I love this challenge and have been doing it for two months. The app is a great way to keep track of my time and add a little journal entry to remember each experience. I’ve even gotten about 5 friends to join along! There are a couple changes I wish the app could provide: being able to look back at a photo album that contains all the pictures from the month (rather than having to click on every entry), being able to share with friends/see their progress/cheer them on, and a little visual to illustrate how near/far you are to completing the 1000 hours! Here’s to spending more time outside! Cheers!.Version: 2.11

Responsive DeveloperHad some issues but the developer reached out and is working on them. Great that they are making it better..Version: 2.8

Great app but crashes oftenI love being able to track our hours outside on an app but I wish it wouldn’t crash every time I try to use it.Version: 2.9

Too many advertisementsLove the concept of the app & of course 1000 hours outside in general but for a paid app there is way too many irrelevant advertisements. It would make sense on a free app but this app costs money. I don’t even want to read their blogs or browse content because every half paragraph is interrupted with an in-page advertisement or pop-up..Version: 2.9

Working fine, could improveApp has been working fine for me, although I’ve opted not to use the timer in favour of entering my own time manually. Simple app that only does what it needs to do..Version: 1.0

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