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Booby Track Customer Service

Booby Track is a simple app to keep track of your breastfeeds.

We just had our first child and found a need of an app like this, so we've decided to make it available for all the other parents out there!

It supports all the complication variants, so you can add it to your favorite watch face and at a glance know which breast you fed with last, and at what time.

This app is paid because it was extra tricky to write an app with a 2-week-old in the house — a fun new challenge. The money will be used to buy more diapers… there's so many diapers… help…

Booby Track App Comments & Reviews

Booby Track Positive Reviews

This makes things SO MUCH EASIER!I’ve been waiting years for an Apple Watch app for tracking breastfeeding. All I can say is thank god for this app. I use the Medela app, which is great but trying to track what time/side I just nursed on is difficult when my hands are full and I’ve got a screaming, hungry baby batting at my phone. It’s literally 2 taps on my watch (via complication on watch face). It’s only $2. Just get it. 10/10 - highly recommended.Version: 1.0

LoveLove how simple this is. So easy to use. And now I know what side and how long it’s been since baby’s last feed. It would be awesome if we could look at the history. To see how many feeds baby has that day! Just a suggestion for improvement!.Version: 1.0

Simple and awesomeI tried using the hair tie trick to track which boob my baby had last fed on but I always forgot to move it over. I wear my apple watch every day anyway so this is perfect. Does exactly what it says. Worth the $2..Version: 1.0

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