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Welcome to the island!

The secrets of an ancient civilization, family drama, an intricately designed story, and landscapes straight from paradise await you!

Emily sailed to the island to find her brother, only to then get tangled in an exhilarating whirl of activity. In this exploring game, you help her as she develops her family estate, makes friends with locals, and traverses picturesque ruins!

If stories are to be believed, a prominent civilization once lived on this island, known for its cutting-edge technological advancements. For reasons unknown, it fell into ruin. Now is the time to find out what fate befell the ancient people and discover their legendary treasures.

Cultivate valuable resources, join exciting expeditions, and travel through the jungle to uncover the secrets of this treasure island and save Emily's brother!

● An intricate story
Throughout Emily's adventures on the island, danger and surprises are always just around the corner. You never know what will happen next!
● The family estate
A large estate on the ocean shore is yours to manage. Furnish and decorate it as you progress. Remember that a bountiful harvest and a high income grant you more resources for exploring the island.
● Mental exercises
All the minigames the island has to offer assure you’ll never get bored!
● Secrets of the island
What happened in this secret paradise eons ago? Why did an entire civilization meet its demise? What lurks in the ruins? It's up to you to uncover answers to all these questions!
● Expeditions
These are not your average camping trips! Enjoy an exciting adventure in the heart of the jungle.
● Treasure hunt
Become an avid treasure hunter and add valuable finds to your collection.
● Eye-pleasing design
Colorful and captivating graphics with attention paid to every detail brighten up the game, making it stand out from the crowd.

Let this exhilarating adventure distract you from the everyday fusses and bustle of life! Emily, our brave hero, hopes that you will join her on the lost island.

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Island Questaway: Mystery Farm App Comments & Reviews

Island Questaway: Mystery Farm Positive Reviews

I AM IN AWE ☺️I am very surprised I came across such an awesome game, especially since it’s not in the top games to play on the App Store. You do not have to spend your own money to thrive, have fun, and just enjoy the game for hours. This game was put together with so much thought, I can tell that the creators really took their time to make sure this was an AMAZING GAME. I Love That; It is easy to get the hang of things also while being challenging, and the missions and side missions make sense for the story line, the many things you can do to get more energy and coins is just unbelievable because most games only have one way and once the energy is gone you have to wait HOURS…. I have never left a review and didn’t have anything suggestions for how the game can improve. I AM TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY BY THE CREATORS AND I APPRECIATE THE THOUGHT THAT WENT INTO MAKING SUCH A FUN, CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE GAME ☺️.Version: 0340.0

Good gameIt’s fun and keeps me busy. Lots to do. Great colors! I love almost everything about the game. What I don’t care for is that you can’t really g t through the game and continue to play without purchasing packs! You always run out of energy and can’t really continue with the different areas without energy! I ended up running out of so much I wasn’t a let to continue because of the lack of energy to gather all that is needed to play the game. Because of the amount of energy to us on any one item and running out with no way to get enough to continue any length of game play time I may consider to stop playing. It you have lots of money to blow on one game the. I would recommend this one! For me, I can’t see spending that much on one game! Better to just get a game console and a game and a one time payment. This game has multiple packs at different amounts. You will need all of them!!! You will spend hundreds of dollars on them. I remember one pack cost $79. Some others cost $4.99. So you can see there are various packs and prices. One good thing is the developer or troubleshooting workers do get back to you quickly!.Version: 0365.0

Love this Game!This game is great. It does start off super easy and then gets harder to get energy, but the game offers lots of ways to get energy if you open all of the boxes and things during the quests. There is food and nuts that offer energy. I kinda wish the memory game could be played more often because it’s fun and it offers energy. The best part of this game is it doesn’t undulate you with ads. You can relax and play. Obviously, without ads, they would need support through actual payment, but the game can still be played without. I’d rather pay anyways than to have a game constantly bombarding me with ads..Version: 0370.0

I love this game!I really do love playing this game! It is the first adventure game that works like I feel like it should. However, almost every review has said exactly how I feel about the energy problem! I also think an hour is plenty of time to grow flowers and make some of the items for deliveries. ( although that is still too long in my opinion) It is frustrating and you can only play for 10 minutes or so at a time. I understand you need to try to stay organized while keeping everything going but energy and the time it takes to grown and make things makes this not fun sometimes. So you have heard from many people about this issue why is that you do not address this? Either introduce more ways to get energy, shorten the time of production, make a way to raise the energy saved from 55 to much more!! I have paid for small game packs but to ask someone to pay anything more than a few dollars is just silly. I would never pay over a few bucks for air! If you lowered the prices on the packs I think you would make more money! And raise the amount of energy you get from buying a game pack!! You can run through 400 energy in less than 8 minutes!! We all love this game just make it a little easier to play for more that 5 minutes at a time..Version: 0368.0

Was great at first.Once you hit level 8 & 9 the amount of cutting down and digging up you need to do to collect items don’t even come close to how much blue energy lightening bolts you need to do it. You can cut down maybe 3 items before you have to wait an hour to do 2 more just to be able to collect items you need to make product as well as get to locations. My suggestion is also give energy with the rewards from selling the items. Also it says fish are available several times a day when so far it’s only twice, unless you stay awake 24 hours a day. I like the matching game, but I also wish that would become available maybe every 2-3 hours instead. I guess it’s frustrating to only be able to play a game for 10 minutes before you have to wait for more energy..Version: 0365.0

Beautiful but expensiveThis game is the one I’ve been looking for. It’s gorgeous, interesting, much more than just clearing the land, the animals are adorable and the variety keeps me playing. But, somewhere around level 10 the items to clear went from around 10-20 energy to clear to 60-80. No mandatory item should take more to clear than your energy cap. I am willing to buy gems to speed things up, or to get cute decorations, but to just follow the main story line isn’t a place that should ever need gems. And developers, before you suggest the other ways to make energy, the fruit and nuts aren’t generous enough to get through the main story line either if it takes four 60 energy bushes just to get a few steps ahead. Please fix this. You have the best game ideas I have seen and could have a really successful brand happening..Version: 0366.0

Love the set up & function but..As much as I love the concept of this game and the set up, it takes entirely to long to accumulate energy to play. Also the energy points go way to fast. The homestead requires work to clear out to make room and specific items to build with minimal slots to produce, fill orders and build plus energy required to clear land means you spend majority of your time waiting around unless you have tons of money to advance. I’ve spend $50 in the past 5 days to basically accumulate nothing and make it past 4 quests. Just to expensive for me. Also waiting an hour or more for energy and or crops to grow for harvesting.. unless your retired and have ALL day to play/wait plus deep pockets it’s just frustrating more than enjoyable. Sad to because the puzzles, characters and graphics are great and enjoyable to play with..Version: 0340.0

Solid game, not a lot of energyThis is a really great game when it comes to the amount of adventure. If you like mission based games, then this one is for you. The only complaint I have is that there is not enough energy to play for extended periods once you progress far enough. When you got the clear obstacles, you’re only able to clear a handful of items before your energy is fully drained. If you don’t want to wait for it to refill, your only choice is to buy energy packs. I fully get the concept of wanting to incentivize people, but it would be nice to see either more energy or faster refill times. It does make it hard to keep playing when when it takes days to complete one small task. Other than that, this game could be easily addictive!.Version: 0368.0

Good game except …I’m only on level 8 right not but so the game is fun to play. The only problem I have is the energy level. Right now the maximum is 50 but that only allows me to do one or two things (as in can only clear off one thing completely or partially then I’ll have to wait for the bar to fill back up). If they would just increase the maximum energy a bit with each level up, that would be very helpful. There are a few ways to get more energy without waiting. For example- use the fruits and nuts on the farm, spending the jewels, or using real money. I don’t want to use real money on the game. The game rarely rewards me jewels, so I’m trying to save them. I only get fruits by completing a task or clearing off something, so those are limited..Version: 0369.0

Customer support has invalid email!Went to click on support and it says their email is invalid. Upgraded my goat house and the production is going even slower than it started with. They don’t seem to even produce at all over night. Do these creatures not produce when the game isn’t opened up? Sure would be nice to hear from someone about this game. I do not use Facebook so that option is a dead end. These games need to link up with Truth Social to get community support. There are other platforms other than FAKEBOOK! I love this game, but I have questions!!!.Version: 0336.0

Island QuestawayLove the game, but as you progress getting energy is harder to come by and you never get enough to progress very far in the game cause it takes a lot of energy for just one item while clearing. So you get maybe 10 min. Of game play then your out of energy. Takes hours to get more for only a short time to play. It takes along time to get anywhere in this game if you don’t spend the money for more energy. Very frustrating and I have actually spent what I consider a great deal of money ( over $100 ) on this game already. More then I would have thought of ever paying. So yes a fun game but disappointing of how costly this game can become..Version: 0374.0

Love it!I’ve been looking for a fun game to play that was similar to Gardens of Time that I played back in 2011. This one is fun and you can make it last forever if you choose to. I know it has an end but there are so many things to participate in along the way that it could last for a long long time. I’m taking my time in each section and not rushing along and it’s been great! If you could gift things and interact with neighbors like Gardens of Time it would be perfect! Great job developers!!!!.Version: 0369.0

Great gameI didn’t think I would like this game at all! And at first I was positive I wouldn’t continue playing. But I have it a chance and OH MY it has become one of my favorite games. I check it all through the day and have a hard time putting it down for bed. 😂 highly recommend if you need something to keep your mind busy. It’s challenging without being complicated..Version: 0369.0

Fun game but could be better and ill tell you whyThe game is very fun, but I am unable to completely enjoy the game due to energy. I can get energy from multiple sources but that runs out really quick and i have to wait a while to get energy as well. so instead of playing games for a longer period of time I have to play the game for a couple of minutes and then go back to it instead of being able to play for a longer amount of time and this is an ongoing issue. i can not properly enjoy this game and it's beginning to make me not want to play as much..Version: 0370.0

Good gameI like this game. I think it could be improved in a few areas to make game play better. I would like to see the ability to trade with the island people or community and to be able to purchase items from them. It would be nice to be able to sell items to the island people and/or community, much like other “farm” games. I think the price of animals is high with little way to earn money to buy more. It stalls game play. Then I get frustrated and don’t play as much. Other than that it’s a great little game..Version: 0369.0

Love the game, but not enough power pointsSo I’ve been playing this game for a few months now. I love it but feel they don’t offer enough free items or power points/lightening bolts. It can be frustrating because the items she has to dig or move cost too many of your bolts. After a couple digs you’re out and have to await for more to accumulate. It’s designed to make you purchase more but I’m not in that position to do so. Perhaps they should revamp or make a few changes, add some better options..Version: 0369.0

Island QuestawayI really liked this game until I needed to upgrade and now the game won’t even load. Yes, backup is turned on. Yes I have enough room for the upgrade. It just won’t load. So am deleting but sure wish I could have continued to play. But I do agree with other reviews here, you only get a short play time each session because you run out of energy too quickly. So since it won’t load, and the short play time, I probably won’t go back and check if I can play at a later time. Was fun while it lasted I guess..Version: 0374.0

MeIt takes way too much to earn money, if you’re trying to earn money to buy a new building it’s a ton of work and you don’t get anywhere, trying to use the boat or the order board to earn money is a joke, you literally don’t get ahead, some of the stuff you have to plant costs too much, yes you can use the different locations but energy runs out so fast even with several ways to earn it. The game isn’t even worth spending real money on because you don’t get anywhere even doing that..Version: 0341.1

The game is great butThis game is pretty great but the energy needs are crazy. I bought a 500 energy pack thinking I was doing something I’ve never spent $5 in a game so quickly. There are too many things that need to be cleared using energy. And if so many why are they 48 energy when the bar fills max 50😒. I would have liked to spend more time in the game but it just doesn’t make sense to me to come back every hr to clear 1 thing. Even using the cauldron which gives 45 energy it’s just not enough..Version: 0334.0

Stuck on parrot gateI was enjoying the game until I got stuck on the parrot gate in the shipyard. As soon as I open the game it immediately goes back to the parrot gate makes it a small window and there is no solving the puzzle and I cannot get out of the puzzle. I can’t even contact support because I can’t get out of the parrot puzzle. Major issue and now I’ve had to delete the game..Version: 0346.0

Kandus SmithThe only thing I wish is they gave you more options to get blue lightning to be able to open more things they cost too much or they don’t give you enough to keep going unless you pay Other than that the game is wonderful and I love it. It keeps me interested and I can’t stop playing which I never play games.Version: 0357.0

ObsessedI have been playing this for a few weeks… it didn’t take long to figure it out. I love that there are NO ads! I am on island 5 now and my only complaint is you cannot walk anywhere without using all your bolts. I don’t get as many free bolts as I used to get. I guess the makers are trying to get me to spend money, but it’s not going to happen! I have patience! 😀. I really do LOVE the game though!!.Version: 0370.0

StuckLove the game and all the puzzles you have to do, but today it just froze on Mysterious Waterfall map. It will not let me move forward or backwards to another island. I’ve added money and would hate to loose credits. I have restarted my phone and even deleted and re loaded the app, still no luck..Version: 0347.0

My New Favorite GameThis game quickly became my new favorite game. Its the only one I play now. Suggestion: When playing the matching game to earn more energy for the game…give extra points for the number of moves left after all tiles have been matched. The less moves you require to match all tiles…player is able to score even more energy or cash..Version: 0369.0

Fun… At firstIt’s a good game but definitely could use improvement. The energy is too hard to get and not enough to do anything, when your max is 51 and you need 60-70 to do some work it’s pretty annoying. Would be better to either add more starting energy or make it easier to get energy… unless you want to pay….Version: 0369.0

Love the AdventuresI really enjoy this game because it almost brings yourself into all the different adventures with the characters. The only down part is that your energy gets used up really quickly but it takes a while for it to be full again. I would still totally recommend this game!.Version: 0369.0

Not enough Rope toolsI’ve enjoyed playing this game with its variety. I’m okay with the slow moving story line and large number of resources to accomplish tasks. However, I have now reached a point where I need a large number of rope tools to move forward in the game. The only way to get rope tools is through fulfilling board requests but now every request requires rope —catch 22. So even if I want to play I can’t. I barely got to level 22..Version: 0336.0

Like it but frustrating at timesI use games like this to wind down. I am currently stuck on a portion of the game and I have tried to reach out for help but found nothing. It’s the “find the shaman” and it keeps taking me from one porthole to the next. I am not clear on what I am supposed to do. I like that it has side puzzles but the unclear instructions and being stuck for so long I am considering deleting the game..Version: 0335.0

Not enough energyGame premise is fun. Played similar games before. But 30 energy is not nearly enough when some things are 25 for one item to clear. And no way to get more except to buy with gems. Collect a lot of things but can’t do anything with it. Already bored after 2 days of clearing one item then waiting hours for energy to refill. Step it up fellas!!.Version: 0371.0

Somethings wrongSo first off I love the game. Unfortunately there is a problem. After I updated the app it wont let me play. I keep getting the message (connection lost) restart. Every time I restart it goes rt back to the same message. I’ve done this several times. Even waited a day and tried again. I checked my internet and it is working fine on all my other devices.☹️.Version: 0354.1

UpdatesI love the game play it everyday but it wants a lot of updates can u fix.Version: 0373.0

Awe wouldn’t load the first timeTrying again to download hope it will work this time i look forward to playing it looks fun.Version: 0373.1

Love the questI enjoying this game. Hoping that more energy is added into it..Version: 0369.0

Pas assez d’énergieLe jeu est très divertissant mais avec une barre d’énergie maximum de 50 et que parfois couper un obstacle en demande 65 . 1 seconde et c’est fini. Pouvoir stocker les produits en quantité illimitée c’est super!!!.Version: 0373.0

Jeu intéressantJ’aime beaucoup ce jeu mais on ne doit pas se presser. On peut jouer au jeu dans la ferme pour avoir des vies sinon on attends au lendemain. Les vies se renouvelle à chaque jours. Il me fait beaucoup penser à l’ancien jeu Ghost Tale que j’aimais jouer. Êtes-vous les mêmes concepteurs?.Version: 0371.0

Need much larger energy bankGreat game with LOTS to do… but no energy to do it! It’s awesome that we can play so many different places at once and not have to wait for buildings to be built (although resources from said buildings take time). Unfortunately, the energy bank is WAYYYYYY too small to allow for any kind of gameplay or lengthy fun. 50 energy barely does two tile sweeps at level 9. A ridiculous ploy for cash since there are no ads, it seems. Really hope they at least double the bank and allow for significant bank growth with each acquired level. It would be much better that way!.Version: 0370.0

Fun but…I’d rate it higher if the energy lasted longer… you can even remove one item half the time because you don’t have enough energy to do it! I have 50 energy but the big items take 65 to remove… and I rarely find fruit to make into more energy so I can see I’ll get sick of the game quickly when no progress is being made. I do like the idea of the game and the mini games within it are fun!.Version: 0369.0

ReviewLove this game.Version: 0369.0

Great game but need way more energy supplyI Agree with everyone about needing more energy and having it fill up faster. The things I do like about the game are the fun quests as they are unique and while somethings are challenging the problems you have to solve are still fun and interesting. I do wish some quests didn’t have so much extra gameplay inside it because we aren’t given long enough to complete the whole thing and it doesn’t seem worth it to spend money and energy when you aren’t going to make it through the storyline in the side quests. Over all the game is fun and entertaining and has held my interest for a lot longer then most games. Also would love for that gate on the farm to open up..Version: 0369.0

I’m stuck.I’m not sure if it’s the recent update or just bad luck but I closed the app in the middle of the story mode where you are getting close to the scarecrow. Now every time I open the app I’m on a continuous loop of that same story but the game doesn’t recognize my touching. It won’t let me select anything and there is no way for me to get out of there and go back to the farm or anything because non of those options even appear on the screen. Im not sure how to fix it all I can think of is deleting the app and reinstalling it but I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made :\. Is there anyway you guys could help from your end? I absolutely love this game. Been playing it non stop for weeks now and I would HATE to lose everything just because of a glitch!.Version: 0355.0

WhyThe game is awesome so why do people complain? Doesn’t make sense..Version: 0368.0

CoolC est cool mais c est fait pour faire payer la personne le plus possible et cela est frustrant Mauvaise balance.Version: 0368.0

Slow energy and expensive buildingsNot a bad game, but refilling energy takes too long and the amount of energy needed to remove objects is rediculous. Also having to spend 10000 gold on buildings is a bit much considering that you don’t make much gold off of orders and you have more to spend on animals and seeds..Version: 0367.0

Great gameMy top game of this genre. Puzzles are fun..Version: 0366.0

FantasticFantastic game, even the support team is quick. But it takes too much time to regain energy just because it is so addictive you wanna just go on-and-on-and-OOONNN!!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 0349.0

Fun but…The purchase (using the gold coins) of farm stuff costs more than the products you can sell it for in the game! So the cost is more than the reward. Might want to have a look here. I’m at a point where I can’t play much more without spending $20 a day and that’s too much..Version: 0352.1

FunFun.Version: 0348.0

HiSo far I like this game no problems yet enjoying playing this game.Version: 0341.1

GoodGood game a good gane.Version: 0341.0

Disappointing materials acquisitionMaterials disappear faster then they can be acquired with no way to get them with out spending hours of your time for them to be gone in seconds..Version: 0341.0

AmazingAmazing.Version: 0338.1

Great game butLove the game but disappointed in how long it takes to build energy compared to how fast it goes away, only 50 energy max and one click all gone and it doesn’t even clear the item all the way. Love love the mini games concept and the storyline is great, my only complaint is the energy. If there were ways to upgrade the max energy or more ways to gain energy it would be 5 stars for sure.Version: 0334.0

EnergyCongrats for this game. New style, I love it. It would be nice to have more energy maybe whit mini games. ❤️.Version: 0330.0

Nice little gameIt cost a lot of energy but since it have a lot of way to regain it its not really a problem. Reminds me Island Castaway without hunting.Version: 0374.0

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