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Put her and him in shape. Control puppets in variety of situations and help them achieve the desired state!

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Em’meThey’re just a really good game and they make a lot of movements in the game for you to just make a lot of levels we just love your game it’s amazing thank you so much for making a game and we love you guys ever made the game it’s such a new game and we all love it it’s just a really lot of humans that we love and then we can learn them thank you thank you so much.Version: 1.28

Pretty goodI really like the game like it’s fine and a bit scandalous in a way sometimes but it’s great and entertaining it’s also a puzzle sometimes to figure out how to do what you have to do but the only thing that I’m a little off is that obviously it has way too many adds that it barely lets you even enjoy without getting a little mad or irritated at all the random ads but I know I didn’t pay to get rid of but still they should at least decrease the amount of ads that pop up all the time but overall I love it so thank you just try to fix that small issue plz..Version: 1.30

Like the game but….I like this game but there are too many ads. This game isn’t for children, because it says 12+ and it should be 18+. The ads that keeps popping up is inappropriate, so if the ads aren’t inappropriate anymore I will be so glad. Change the rating to 18+ which because there are pole dancing and other inappropriate levels. But I still enjoyed it and it’s fun. Just change the rating and make sure the ads are appropriate. Thank you so much and god bless…. I hope I was making sense when I typed this review. And can you please make more levels? I really want to keep playing this game so I won’t uninstall it..Version: 1.30

Love the game!!! But…Overall this game is amazing. It’s super fun and entertaining in my opinion, and also very funny. But… too many ads. Like I said it’s a very nice game but the ads are way too annoying. Every time I play, I get ads every level. Which I don’t like. I would love if there were less ads. I like that game though, and I hope you at least remove a few adds. Thank you and have a great day!.Version: 1.30

AdsHonestly, I love this game. But the ads make it unplayable, and if you turn your phone on airplane mode it won’t even let you play so you either watch ads or watch ads. It’s not even fun with all of the ads, but it’s a good game. I had to uninstall for that reason. Even if it was every three levels I would reinstall. Until this is fixed, you are losing more money than to put less ads. Weigh your options please.Version: 1.30

Really goodI really like this game and I think this is one of the best games Ive actually played in a while. This game is so addicting and you have to do it yourself, witch I love. I finished all of the levels in 3 days keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to new levels or even new games by you!.Version: 1.28

OkayWell first of all there’s the 9+ age recommendation. The beginning makes sense but eventually the content seems to be inappropriate for children 9+. Secondly, there’s the fact that once you finish all the levels you have to replay them again, so some new levels would be great. Lastly, it is an overall good game, and I do recommend it if the above problems would not affect you..Version: 1.0

Great but…I love this game, I have no problems it’sh playing but one, they repeat the ads and the levels. I’m only 100 and it says I’m on level 1 cause it keeps restarting me over. Now I still play it cause its fine still,.Version: 1.28

Annoying but a little funMy game is lagging because of ads. (Probably my old iPad tho) And there is too many ads! I have been only playing for a little and there are soo many! I have to restart the app every time I beat a level! I would give this 5 stars if there were less ads. And this is the end of my review..Version: 1.0

Great gameGreat game, i know a lot of you have been saying “too many adds” but if you turn off your wifi and cellular then you will have no problem with adds.Version: 1.0

AwesomeThis game is so much fun and I love it because the characters you can do so much with and because you can do it all over again and you can play every level again.Version: 1.28

Incredible game, needs more levelsThis is my favourite game! Not for kids🙈😎😂 Please make more levels.🦅🇺🇸 Would play until I die. Thank you🗿.Version: 1.0

AdsI ❤️this app but it has way to many ads. It is the most challenging game ever but I think it is fun because it is not timed or anything. But if the ads weren’t an issue I would give make ‘Em, a five star rate because it is amazing 🤩.Version: 1.30

Ummm could be betterOk then is is rated 9+ but I think It needs to be 10+ because there are some... Strange things, anyways SO MANY ADDS when it offers you something to watch an add and you decline, but they give you an add anyways It is enjoyable though and quite addictive I you ask me..Version: 1.0

Great but..I just got this game today and I LOVE IT. The only problem is..there’s multiple strippers in this game and I don’t think parents would like their kids seeing that. Overall this game is super cute and fun. Just remove the strippers!.Version: 1.28

Takes to longI love this game but when I down loaded this game it toke to long and then when I played this it seemed inappropriate and I’m not ok with that and plz add more levels bc it got boring when I had to do over and over again plz plz do some changes 🙏🏼.Version: 1.0

It’s ok but..It’s ok after all WUTH the characters, it’s fun to mess around with them and all. But there are just to many ads! I’m sorry but I can even turn my wifi off, if I do then it will give me a loading screen, it’s ok, but the ads aren’t. 😐.Version: 1.30

It’s so niceLike another review just turn of your WiFi and enjoy I want more levels though thanks.Version: 1.28

How fun this game isThis is a fun app for your family kids and friends you need to follow the movements and Connect the Picture have fun.Version: 1.0

It’s a good game don’t get me wrong but it has to many ads it will ask me for an ad for 20% more I put no thanks and it still gives me ads but over all it’s a 4 star.Version: 1.0

Scary but goodIt’s scary but okay at the same time it’s like a combination like I can’t describe it .and I literally had to delete half of my game for this one ;-;.Version: 1.0

Weird yet greatEven tho this game might look a little weird at first, once you get into it, it’s hilarious!.Version: 1.0

Fun game but….This game is so fun good idea but it just repeats the same level but there is a ton of levels I just really wish there was more :(.Version: 1.0

🤩This game is the best but there are a lot of adds sooo if you could fix it than thanks but over all this game is the best 👏👏😍🤩❤️.Version: 1.0

Make ‘EmThis game is so much fun it could keep me entertained for hours and day without having friends.Version: 1.28

ADD MORE LEVELSI LOVE the game but I got through all the levels in one day you have to add more levels and also settle it down on the adds.Version: 1.0

Loving it!!!Great game! I love how it make you think so with the little twists and turns, and the mini games challenges are great..Version: 1.0

AddsThis game is really fun but all those adds are annoying please take some adds off.Version: 1.0

Can you make another one please I love this game make another one of the.I love this game.Version: 1.28

MehThe app is just okay. I thought it was kind of fun at first but it got old pretty quick. There are also way too many ads..Version: 1.30

It’s it’s OKI like it but the issue is that there’s too many ads like finish add finish finish add finish add like fix that.Version: 1.0

Good but addsHi this game is cool but much adds🥺❤️. I think if the workers can do something to the game I say the adds 😵‍💫😒..Version: 1.0

AwesomeThis app is good but bad I think that they should got rid of the boyfriend parts because what if little kids get this app and know how to do it.Version: 1.30

So great but one thingOk this game is great but it’s just the ads every 2 levels but great to be honest must play this game on airplane mode it’s so better and no ads.Version: 1.28

Fun but…It is fun but the amount of ads make you NOT want to play at all. After every play there’s a 30-45 sec ad. It’s horrible!.Version: 1.28

Love itOMG I’ve been playing this for hours I can’t stop love it.Version: 1.0

This app is very coolI love this app is funny and fun I hope u can make a other one bye.Version: 1.0

BOUTY QUAKE THRUSTThis game tingles my taste buds 👍.Version: 1.28

AmazingThis game is been so much fun is the best game I ever played hello so much is so cool so amazing and so fun for everyone to play..Version: 1.28

BestBest game ive seen but mot the insane ads having every round but it’s literally so funny-.Version: 1.30

EIt’s fine but A D S.Version: 1.28

LoveIt's so funny and fun lol.Version: 1.0

This is fun but it...Still fun.Version: 1.0

It’s goodIt’s good ok? If u see this my tiktok is @crsaddisz follow it ty - September 6th 2021.Version: 1.0

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