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Percussive Synth Customer Service

Percussive Synth will accompany you while you jam, be your groove experimentation space, or be your source of recording material you may export and mix in a DAW.

The app consists of the sequencer and the synths engine:

A rhythm or a melody can be created using the sequencer. Tap notes into one of the four tracks, one track for each voice of the synthesizer.
Each synthesizer voice has a completely independent set of parameter values, so you get four different synths playing polyphony.
One cool feature of the sequencer is the ability to switch between straight and odd subdivisions - a note can be one-fourth of the bar, but also one-sixth, and one-tenth. Also, notes can overlap and re-trigger after overlap ends, which allows for creating weird rhythms when used with odd subdivisions. And if you're into drone music - BPM can go over 9000.

The basis of each voice is two oscillators and a white noise generator. Each oscillator can produce a square or saw wave shape.
The second oscillator's frequency can be discretely shifted from -2 to +2 octaves, or smoothly offset using the "osc2 freq" knob.
Oscillators' frequency can glide to a higher or a lower value - "decay time" will set the duration of this glide, and "decay amt" the frequency destination - it's quantized to octaves and fifths.
A mix of these sound sources goes into the low-pass filter.
The filter's cut-off frequency can be dynamically controlled by ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) module.
The amount and direction of this control are set by the "env" knob.
The second ADSR module controls the volume envelope.

- Sequencer and synths modules have separate preset managers and separate undo histories
- Audio can be recorded and exported as .wav files from the app
- Recording's start and end time can be quantized to the sequencer transport's start and stop
- Single synth voice can be used as an AUv3 AudioUnit
- MIDI io, CC mapping
- Export preset files
- Toggle between quadratic and linear ADSR
- Toggle velocity sensitivity in knobs

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