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Game is HorribleThe only reason I gave this 5 stars is because that’s the only way it’ll show up. I would definitely give this a 1 1/2 stars. First off, this game is like a broken record. You play the same levels over and over again with nothing new to do. Secondly, this game basically shows girls how you have to act to be “popular”. For example, playing games in class, beauty standards (blonde and white), bully others, how to dress, and more. This game is not how we should show young girls how to act. And lastly, it doesn’t show how to be a decent human. For example, some levels feature when you pick friends, and when you pick the “nerd” your popularity goes down, and when you pick a “boyfriend” when you choose the smart boy your popularity goes down. This is basically showing girls and boys that you have to pick the “bad boy”, the “sporty” , or the “cute” boys. All in all, this game is just horrible..Version: 1.3

Wow. Just Wow.Okay i only gave it five stars cause it needs to be seen but this game is horrible!! I would honestly give it a 0/10. You guys are making girls think they need to have girls who are pretty to be there friend and need to eat healthy ALL the time (which is not a bad thing its just they say that when you get junk food its the wrong choice). Also just cause you pay attention in class does not make not popular and threatening teachers is not ok and does not make you popular!! We have too many apps going like this that girls NEED to be popular in order to have a good happy life but its not true. You either need to fix this game or take it down..Version: 1.5

Yuh get into itttThese girls throw it back a little too hard. They took some fall damage. They ran out of energy capsules. They haven’t found all 7 dragon balls. But in all honesty, the girls in the game throw it back so hard it’s offensive. For them to have the characters throwing it back like that without snapping their spine in half is unrealistic and inappropriate. Little girls are going to try and throw it back like that and grind it and get extremely injured. For example, my little cousin is 10 and can’t stop twerking. She started playing this game and I’m scared she’ll get injured and maybe even be hospitalized trying to throw it back..Version: 1.5

Love this gameI just downloaded this game and I’m already like already in love with it because I’m always popular at school so that’s why I download this popular game and it’s really fun and I like the a little line thatTells you how much your popularity is so I am almost done with that line and I literally literally just download that game and let me tell you The game is really fun so if you’re a girl and you’re popular go download thatBy y’all love you and the title of mine is love this game bye love you girls remember popular girls get this is gonna be fun for you to do that at school so bye girls love you.Version: 1.5

The most horrible gameThe only reason I do not like this game is because it makes you do the levels over and over and over and when I said no to something it would make me do it anyway so don’t download this please come out with a better game.Version: 1.5

AdsThere is way too many ads. There is one in between about every level, and in top of that they are reparative. I've gotten the same ad about like 5 times in a row. Other than that and the annoying stereotypes I don't mind the game. It's good to kill some time when your bored. I just think that you don't have to be pretty or have the nicest clothes (especially more revealing ones) to be popular. Other then that the game works well, and is pretty good..Version: 1.3

GameOk so I just downloaded the game today and when I got on it it was loading,but it won’t let me get to level one it just keep me on this little black thing so I think y’all should fix that or that’s my game that is acting up? But I know it’s gonna be awesome even though I haven’t played it yet but yea y’all should really fix that but other than that have a great day!.Version: 1.1

OffensiveI don’t feel like you have to be mean to be popular you don’t have to be pretty or have pretty friends to be popular if some girl is reading this you’re beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Version: 1.5

Black screen has only lasted 6 secsSo I read all the bad black screen reviews and I tried the game and it lasted for 6 seconds haven’t finished the game yet because of the reviews so to the people who are new like me give it a try if you want.Version: 1.2

Bad influenceThis game is teaching young girls to not listen to the teacher and play on there phones, bully, and a lot more I’m only giving 5 stars so it will be on the front page. I saw this game and thought oh this will be fun! It’s not!! There is an ad like every mission! !!DO NOT GET THIS GAME SAVE YOUR TIME!!.Version: 1.5

How i feel about this gameSo it’s a very good game I play this like all the time I don’t rate game that mush cuz the are not for me and I don’t like them but this game I love it 5 stars this is the best game I ever play that for who mad this game I love it a lot keep this hard work up u.Version: 1.3

What is this?1. Girls dont have to reject the "nerds" or not pay attention in class to be successful. 2. WAYYY to many ads 3. theres like 10 levels and then it just resets. this game is awful. Only rating it 5 star so it can be seen..Version: 1.5

A little boringI like this game but it needs more levels. It gets boring repeating the same levels after a while. Also, the outfits that make you popular are inappropriate for children. My little cousin saw this game and didn’t like the outfits at all. Please respond to this, thank you for reading..Version: 1.2

All I have to say is let’s let’s gameAnd I don’t have any underwear in the words it’s not too good I don’t like the fact that there’s like weird things I like a different game up in this it’s not the best game in the world isn’t it gives us three storages because it’s not that good so you’re reading this don’t get this game it’s not very fun.Version: 1.5

Updates PleaseCan you make a button to make our person like different then what it looks like.Version: 1.5

So many ADSThe game is definitely fun! but would be WAY better without all the ads 🤬 like what the heck I’m watching a ad every other move. Prob not going to play as much because of it. The less the ads the better !.Version: 1.5

Love itNice game I like it but takes a second to load pls try to fix that ) but other than that it’s perfect’ fun’ and I like games like this 5 stars Thank you for listening).Version: 1.2

BruhI gave it 5 stars so that this will be noticed by the developers. The game is kinda fun but it’s not sending the right message to girls. We should focus on being kind and happy. Not popular and snotty. 😔😮‍💨.Version: 1.3

POPULAR GIRLSo I think this game is really fun..but after a little it gets boring.I feel like this game has really good detail and it has lot of sassy ness but it’s fun to play for a little bit. So this game is ok..Version: 1.2

MeanThis is very fun but your kinda being mean bc you are encouraging ppl to change I’m sorry but I don’t like this maybe you should make it something else if you can bye and ty for your time goodbye,.Version: 1.3

More levels ?Luv luv luv all the different levels… but i beat all of them in like 15 minutes before they started looping again. There’s so many different options already in the game for levels, i’d like to see more so they don’t repeat..Version: 1.2

Amazing GameI Think that it’s a good game but there’s just a lot of ads and it’s really easy otherwise I think it’s the best game ever because you can my phone and you can sit in bed and have a fun game to play.Version: 1.3

GamesThis game is amazing but I wish there was not much ads but overall this game is really fun and I think you guys should try it out one day.☺️☺️😃😀😄😁.Version: 1.2

The Game !This game is very very nice , I just had saw you guys add , and that made me wanna download it, because e I didn’t even know about this app until now . But this is the best app ever 🙌😝 !! ~Niyah💕😝.Version: 1.2

I love this gameThis game is so cool I am on leave 20 already and I can’t stop playing this game I love it! But it dose have some bugs for me. Other then the bugs it’s great I love it so much!.Version: 1.2

The best game everIt teaches you how to be popular you can do all this fun amazing things and you can also customize your own characters it’s very amazing I love it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.3

Laggy,bugs. - BellaOkay so 1. It was laggy for me and I had good wifi! 2. Bugs there is a one when she says “I’m so bored” they give you 2 options 1 is make a tiktok 2 was tidy up I press make a tiktok and it makes me tidy up? And they repeat levels.Version: 1.3

Needs some workThere’s only a few levels and then it just repeats. All of which are really easy. Was better than I had expected but goes no where. Lots of ads too..Version: 1.3

Popular girlsIt is the best love it but I think that you should be able to get different characters and people.Version: 1.3

Great game but..Hey NICE game but to much adds and the need that trade books um please make them a bit value with some make up because that is kinda rude..Version: 1.2

To many ads!!!!This game is really good and so Fabo! But there is ads every 2 seconds after I pick an option there’s an ad pls fix this or my rate will be lower.Version: 1.1

It’s a gameA lot of people are saying that this game is offensive… it’s not. It’s literally just a fun game to play and make fun of when you’re bored. It’s a fun game and there are many different aspects to it.Version: 1.3

Fix please!!Hello!! I am not able to access the game without it freezing up on me and it’s kinda annoying. I can maybe go at the most 15 seconds without it freezing up. Please fix!!.Version: 1.1

It is so easySince ad the person got wrong answers.Version: 1.2

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