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The best COLORING GAME! Match the colors by mixing them!

Mix colors in the color palette and paint 3D objects to match the right color! You can also sell your painted objects at auction or display them in your home! Explore different themed rooms and paint over 200 objects to create masterpieces!

1. Garden: Apple, Banana, Eggplant, Orange, Cherry, etc.
2. Kitchen: Waffle, Pancake, Donut, Cupcake, etc.
3. Garage: BMW, Audi, Nissan, Dodge, etc.
4. Cubes: Cubes of different colors.
5. Greenhouse: Lots of flowers like Eucalyptus, Astrantia and also Christmas Tree!
6. Electronics: Console, Instax, Arcade, Drone, etc.
7. Sports: Balls of various sports like tennis, bowling, soccer.
8. Furniture: Chair, Bed, Table, Kettle, etc.
9. Animals: Cat, Cow, Dog, Sheep, and more!
10. Aquarium: Octopus, JellyFish, Shark, etc.
11. Vegetable: Watermelon, Tomato, Cucumber, etc.
12. Cosmetic: Blush, Bronzer, Lipstick, and more!

The main features of the game include:

● Simple and Easy to Paint: You can try to find the color of the objects and paint the object with the color on the canvas.

● Learning Colors and Color Mixtures: Learn which color you will get by mixing colors. Experience it yourself and find out the best color! You can get back to what you did with undo button and also you can use hint button for some little help.

● Auction or Collection: Auction your painted objects in order to get your fair value or keep them for yourself and display them in your home!

● Developing Different Themed Rooms: You can improve the decoration of 12 different themed rooms and the main screen.

● Share Your Objects on Social Networks: You can quickly send your objects to your friends and prove your friends you are the best at color matching by sharing your creations with them! (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)

● Build Your 3D Gallery: Create your unique objects by mixing color and painting the objects however you want!

Coloring Match App Comments & Reviews

Coloring Match Positive Reviews

Fun :) If ur bored in quarantine I suggest this game :DMy friend recommended this game to me and I got it since I didn’t have loads of games to play. The ads are reasonable, I only get them after I complete a level. I do feel like they might be a bit too easy, hence why I rated it 4 stars. But my friend said that I’m good at matching colours when I helped her on some levels. I do always get 100% on each level after I try to match it a second time, as I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I go to try and match it if it’s below 95%. I quite fancy the auction part though. I like seeing the NPC’s ask crazy prices for painted objects. So yea, this game is definitely one you should download if you get bored. You also get to make money for a city and grow it. :) To the developers: I would like it if you made the levels a tiny bit harder. I feel that it is too easy, and if I play it long enough, I might get bored. I am in Honours classes in my school (higher-paced lessons) and I like challenges. I read some other reviews before I downloaded this game and saw mostly 4 star rating, most talking about the easiness of this game. Otherwise, it is pretty fun! <3.Version: 3.4.0

Ads aside, it’s often just way too easyI’ve wanted a color mixing game ever since my 5 year old cousin asked me about color mixing. I enjoyed learning about it just as much as he did, since I know nothing about color theory. This game almost scratches that itch, but it’s often just way too easy. Aside from the ads (most of them are skippable and I ignore all the ads-for-bonus offers bc I just wanna play the game), too many levels allow you to get 100% from just mixing each color they give you once. Occasionally you have to add 2 of one color instead of 1, but the funnest levels are the ones where you have to keep adding and neutralizing over and over. I wish the easy levels were over by this point (I’m on the 20 cubes level.) I keep hoping it’ll get more challenging but it doesn’t seem to matter how far I get, those easy levels are the majority. Note to devs: if you had a harder version of this app I’d pay for it. It’s a great concept and you already have the framework in place..Version: 3.4.0

There’s just one problemNow me being me I love to test out apps, I will delete them if I don’t like them and then continue to keep one trying games. My request of my own brother he said I should try this game. And honestly the ads don’t really lie at all which is always nice. It’s actually a quite relaxing and fun game the only problem is the amount of ads. ITS RIDICULES!!! Now I know games will have ads unless you pay for them not to be shown or whatever. But that’s game I tell ya! I literally kid you not I got three ads in a row and I didn’t even press anything to move onto the next stage they appear seconds after each other, and honestly if you waited long enough you could probably end up watching more than three. Now I know that the developers may not have total control over the ads but if they don’t cut down the ads then yeah, it’s going to get deleted. But the game itself is fun I have nothing against that. :).Version: 2.62

Not very challenging & Ads are an issue even if you pay!I’m an artist so this game is right up my alley. I paid the $2.99 for the Ad free version but the bait and switch is that they only take away the ads between games…if you want to claim your “prizes” you still have to watch ads. Not cool in my opinion, treat your customers better if you want to keep them! If we make the investment into your App, do us a solid and be honest about what we’re buying! The game scratches an itch and can be solid entertainment for most. As I said, I’m an artist so I find the available color palettes far too simple. If you want to make it challenging, toss in a few more colors that aren’t needed to meet the color match goal. It would be even better if we had a range of 8 or 10 colors to choose from to really challenge our capabilities. The spoon feeding nature of this game means it gets boring for those of us who understand the color wheel and need more of a challenge to our skills. I could do without the spray booth and auction, but definitely the spray booth. It’s not necessary and is pretty juvenile. This is a good game but it gets boring fast because the developers don’t seem to want to challenge the user more than they want to generate ad revenue. Hopefully they will change, otherwise I’ve just wasted $3..Version: 3.4.0

I LOVE THIS GAME … just a couple problemsI downloaded this app after seeing an add about it. i thought it seemed fun so i gave it a try. and when i tell you this game IS SO FUN. i love how you have to try to mix the colors until you get it perfect and i love the auctioning aspect about it. it’s a really neat concept for a game i just have one huge problem. THE ADS. i understand that games have ads and all but this is a RIDICULOUS number of ads. it seems like every five seconds after i do something oh surprise here’s another ad. also when i started playing it my phone was at 70% when i got off it was at 12%. this game runs down your battery so much its crazy. another thing is it’s VERY glitchy. it seems every time there’s an add or every couple seconds it glitched. it’s annoying honestly, for a game this good. if you ignore these inconveniences this game is incredible and amazing. i really wish y’all would fix this because i had to dented the game bcs of how annoying it got..Version: 3.1

The most AMAZING game....BUTI've played thousands of games on my iPhone, but this one is by far the most relaxing and satisfying. Most of the painting games are by numbers and don't allow the user to have freedom of expression or allow them to move up in levels do to their work. This one does! You get to paint, sell your painting at an auction within the app, and just have FUN. The only downfall of this App is the INSANE amount of ADs!! I usually don't mind watching a few ads, but this game generates so many that it DISRUPTS the game!!! This is the most AMAZING game....BUT I can't understand why so many generate within seconds from each other. It doesn't allow you to fully enjoy the game the way you want to. I seriously want to keep this game but I'm growing tired of the constant ads. Please PLEASE fix this!!! This game could be so much more if the ads were just dialed back some!.Version: 3.2.3

A fun relaxing game with waaay too many adsFirst, I wanna say I’m really enjoying this game. The concept is fun, especially for artists and creatives. I love that the goal is simply to match a color as closely as possible to an object. It’s so relaxing! The one note I have is there are way too many ads for what you’re able to do in the game. It’s like every move you make, there’s another ad standing in your way. I play other games and absolutely understand the need and purpose of ads in free games. But there needs to be some options: 1. A paid version of the app with no ads. I’d honestly pay a few dollars for a limited ad or ad-free experience! 2. Less ads, or more importantly ads that get you something. In other games, you watch an ad for more lives/prizes/power-ups. If the game could be expanded to include more elements(maybe watching a brief ad for a new color?)it would feel like there was some purpose to the ads being there(other than the obvious which is to fund the creation and maintence of the game). I really do enjoy this game and will probably continue to play, but hoping the developers are able make some changes that’ll improve the user experience!.Version: 3.1.1

This game is funThis game is really fun and it’s good for many ages there are only a few problems it has wayyy to many adds once you check the color to see if it matches if you don’t click fast enough it will go to an add and after the add it will bring you back to the same problem and on the subject of adds the reason it is for older ages is because of the adds now I have gotten quiet a few adds that are all the same but on the main screen when you play you will see adds some adds are for some inappropriate games that kids under the age of 10 should not even be attempting to play so yah the game it’s self is fun but if they fix these few problems then it will be even better.Version: 3.6.1

Fun game but too many adsI love playing it and it’s relaxing and fun but the ads are ridiculous, just the sheer amount of ads you get bombarded with. You’ll get one ad every minute guaranteed. Every thing you do in the game will be accompanied by an ad. Idle for more than 10 seconds, here’s an ad. Would you like to double your money by watching this ad? No? Well here’s an ad anyways. Please just cut back the amount of ads please. It’s gotten to the point now that I get tired of the ads and one will pop up and I’ll end up just closing the whole game down and stop playing. Eventually my hate for ads will out weigh my love for the game and I will uninstall. Just food for thought..Version: 2.62

Ads are super super inappropriateThe only reason im putting five stars is because I want it to show up anyways so I was playing and I say this ad and so these two women were kissing and they were almost naked and the had like a strip of clothing on 🤢🤮. Please get rid of the “episode” ads they are completely disgusting and I also keep seeing these nasty twerk ads my little sis plays my phone all the time and I don’t want her to see that stuff please get rid of the inappropriate stuff ik you are trying to earn money but that is just nasty. I love your game so much its just the ads :( please if you are reading this monitor your ads you will get more people to play..Version: 3.4.0

A Few Suggestions.Don't get me wrong, I love this game. I stayed up until midnight yesterday playing it. But there are a few improvements I would like to see if possible: 1. I understand that this game has to make money to stay in business, but like other games, please make the X buttons on the pop-up ads bigger! I was playing this game and an ad came up asking me to buy in-game currency. I tried to press the X button, but instead I accidentally hit confirm purchase, and used my money to buy something I didn't want. 2. When I was playing this last night, I noticed that I keep getting the same ads, and not only that, but for games I already own such as ABC Runner and Stock The Fridge. I am not trying to be dramatic, but it severely annoys me that I am being asked to download games that I already have. 3. The game is really laggy sometimes, and has once restarted me and I lost all my progress. This upset me quite a lot and there was no way to get my progress back. Other than those 3 things, the game is amazing! I definitely reccomend..Version: 3.2.3

PLEASE ADD MORE AREASI don’t usually play games like this, in fact I only play the same 3 games, but I kept seeing an ad for this game and figured I’d try it. I was HOOKED. I really enjoyed the mixing of the paint. I actually completed the game in a few hours with everything fully upgraded and all 100% matches. I was so devastated to see there wasn’t anything more to do. I hope more areas get added or the company develops another similar game. If this game will have future updates, please add different spray methods when you spray paint your item. A game like this has so much potential and many different avenues it can go. Please, please add more levels. Thanks!.Version: 3.4.0

Love this gameI don’t normally write reviews, but I genuinely like this game a lot. I even paid the $3 (which is not a lot at all when you compare it to other games) for no ads in between levels. I hope more levels come out soon because from what I’ve seen, I finished already! I got this game a week ago and plowed through all the levels XD. I’m hoping that I didn’t finish all the levels because I rlly want more :(! To everyone who is complaining about the ads, I get it :(. Every game you get has ads. It just seems like there’s more ads for this game compared to others because the levels are so short lol..Version: 3.4.0

Cures Boredom 🥕🍅🍆🍇🍓🍒🍍🥑🍎If you wanna not feeling so bored, this is the game. It’s simple, easy, fun , and very addicting. Being honest I never thought I’d like such a simple game, but it’s very fun. The talking food aspect was very funny. I only give this 4 stars is because there is a medium amount of adds. Now I’ve seen games that have A LOT of adds but this one is a good amount. I think the developers really thought this through, and made a amazing game. I saw this game before, but LaurenZside reminded me of it when she posted recently(recent to the current time stance). One think I’d think would be cool in the next update for this game is being about to “craft” your own food/ object once you get like three 100%’s. There could also be tasks you could do so you could do special things, like one where they give you all the colors and you just make a new color to use in the future. Ps. Keep up the amazing work devs❤️ I highly recommend this game! Ps2. Go watch LaurenZsides new video with this game💜🪐 PLAY THE BORDOM CURING GAME! Don’t go to the doctor for that✨.Version: 3.6.1

Seems fun, but ads make it unplayableThere are too many ads. I can't make it one minute without getting several ads. I can't complete one level without getting tons of ads. The amount of ads makes the game unplayable. This would be a fun game for sure if the ads were not so frequent. I doubt I will play this. After finishing a color level I got an ad. Then I was about to push the button that said "no ads" to see how much they were asking for price wise to get rid of the ads- and before I got a chance to even push the button I got another ad. Yeah you can't do anything in the app without being spammed by ads..Version: 3.2.3

Creepy and gives a weird vibeWhen I saw this I was like “oh this looks fun 🤩 and pretty good reviews!” 😄well not anything like what the add shows… The add shows a little purple demon guy that you have to match his color well When you load in it’s just fruit! I mean not that I have a problem just hate it when adds are not the same as the real game! :( The animations of the add and the real game is different!And when the food is talking it has a very weird voice and kinda creepy it gives me a vibe like I’m being watched and they don’t like me so I want to delete the app but at the same time, IM ADDICTED.Version: 3.6.1

Not the best but could be worseI really like the concept of the game, I really do. But honestly, its like watching ads every little second. Now I know its every game to have ads, and they’re not controled but come on. There is way too many adds. I literally wait for a bit like when I’m thinking to accept an offer at an auction, and boom. An ad shows up, and its really bothering me. For every little thing an ad pops up. At this moment, I’m deleting the app for storage purposes and might re-download it and give it another chance if the ads get cut, but before I did, I wanted to write this review and I hope others see it. Apart from all the ads, the game is amazing. Thank you for listening. -Sincerely, Dani.Version: 3.1

So many ads!The game is great and i love being able to auction off my things and see how well i’ve matched the color. but when you get further on in the game, there are SO. MANY. ADS. it gets to the point where you finally get close one ad, you touch the screen to start playing again, and boom. you get another ad. it’s so frustrating. it’s come to the point where i think i’m going to delete this game until someone decides to fix this. i understand the need to make money through ads, but you can’t have a 5:1 ad to game ratio..Version: 2.72

Paid for No Ads - Still have to watch themAds were very excessive. You’d get 1-2 adds after every single color match you finish. I finally caved and purchased the no ads. However, you still have to watch ads to get the free gift boxes when you reach a certain point of the levels. That was frustrating to me as a consumer since I feel this is double dipping. Your getting the ‘no ads’ money from your app users and money from Google Ads when users have to watch the videos to unlock the gifts. The game itself is fun. Don’t particularly like the floating bubble that blocks access to the paint colors when it bounces around the screen with ads..Version: 3.2.2

Better than I thoughtI thought this game would be really sketch after seeing all the reviews on the adds people said they had like 3 adds in a row but it may of been different for me but there wasn’t much adds at all the only time you really had to watch a add is when you wanted to unlock something so if your not unlocking stuff every minute than there won’t be a add every minute, like I said you guys may of had a whole different story but in my opinion this game was really nice and after all just fun!!!! ☺️.Version: 3.3.0

Way too many adsGame is okay, it has good gameplay and it’s fun for me to try to get the color completely correct and there’s auctions afterwards but I can’t really tell what’s after or what else there is because there’s just so many ads and I don’t want to continue after I waited 1 whole minute for two back to back ads to finish just to get back to the game. The amount of ads need to decrease drastically and I know that’s how you make your income but 2 minutes of ad in a three minute period is kinda crazy. There’s no reason you should get an ad right before the round, right after the color, and right after the auction, and after the whole round..Version: 2.72

To many adds and other stuffSo this game is really fun and all but one thing that bugs me is the adds trike every time you click I button it leads you strait to an add and by the way there like 30-40 seconds long and anyway another thing about this game is that it glitches a bunch and stuff and getting the game isn’t really worth it another thing in the adds it said watch and add to claim your gift and I said no thanks and it made me watch and add like we know they want it for the money and all but why would someone keep the game if they don’t like it because of the adds?? But thank you for making the game it just needs some update and stuff..Version: 3.4.0

Great game!First of all, I saw this game on a ad and it kept coming up so I downloaded it. The ads are fine they don't show up that much like when I play it there’s like no ads. So I really recommend the game if your like mad or something I love this game. It’s really relaxing and it makes me calm when I’m mad or frustrated. I really like it. I think this game should have more 5 star ratings. So I just wanted to make a review of how I think of the game because it’s really relaxing like I said! It’s just a very good game. If you read this all thank you..Version: 3.3.0

Great game!Sure there are a lot of adds, but this game is great! It is creative and unique. I do wish there was less adds. But whatever..Version: 3.1.1

Turn you phone on airplane mode!This is how you have no adds, turn your phone on airplane mode!.Version: 3.2.2

Coloring matchI don’t mind the app. I only wish that there weren’t any ads after 5 seconds of doing nothing. If there weren’t any ads then I’d change my rating to 5 stars.Version: 3.1

Lots of addsI love this app but adds.Version: 3.7.0

Dear colour matchingI really love you game it is addicting And make more games.Version: 3.7.0

THIS IS AMAZING 🤩I LOVE IT 😍 SOOOOOOO MUCH 😀😃😄😁😆👍👍👍🤘🤘👏👏🌈🌈🌈😍🤟😝😛😌😊😜🤪🤝😲😀🤩😍😁😽😻👍👍👍🧚‍♀️.Version: 3.7.0

5 StarI very like very fun but too many adds😁😄.Version: 3.7.0

Yes, lots of ads but..Turning off your wifi makes the ads go away, same with games like helix jump and stuff- so this game is super good if you're in the car and you wanna play an offline game.Version: 3.6.1

AMAZING gameI love it but the fruit are so annoying 😒.Version: 3.7.0

THE BEST SO COOL 😎These is the best game EVER it is so much fun I’m so happy.Version: 3.6.1

AddsSo many adds but the game is good.Version: 3.6.1

I love this game!This game is amazing! I honestly love it❤️ it’s super fun and i play for HOURS! Also people keep saying that their is tO mAnY aDs! But their is no ads at all! I only get like 3 ads each 30 mins! People just love to complain… but anyway I recommend downloading this game, it’s so addicting!.Version: 3.6.1

PaintLove painting 🎨.Version: 3.6.1

Beaucoup trop d’annonceMais amusant pour pratiquer la précision des couleurs.Version: 3.6.1

I love thisCured my cancer and blue balls.Version: 3.6.1

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