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"No one knows where these portal-like sites called miracles come from. They appeared out of nowhere and turned the world upside down."

When Pandora’s box opened, hope turned into desolation. To fight the monsters that are hell-bent on causing destruction, ordinary people become awakened, god-like beings, gaining divine powers through divine sound waves. In these darkest times, will you stand up, gather these heroes, and save the world?


Set in the near future with a stylish, urban mythological theme, Dislyte is a visually stunning story of heroes that offers a smooth gameplay experience. Build your own squad now and take the fight to the enemy!

The divine power to awaken Espers comes from gods of worldwide mythologies, including Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Northern European. They take on diverse appearances and personalities, depending on from whom they received the power.

Take yourself down to funky town! Enjoy the smooth city soundscapes on every street corner, Experience the neon light gameplay and drop the beat with a unique gacha system!

Assemble the ultimate lineup of battle-ready heroes. Feel the thrill of combat pump through you as you protect the city from the next attack. Adapt and perfect your strategy with each turn, using your skills and wisdom to reverse a bad situation to your advantage!

Destiny awaits you in Dislyte. Join the adventure now!

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Dislyte Positive Reviews

ASTONISHING game with great potential!!Probably one of the best turn-based games out there! Had Disylte pre-ordered a month ago before it officially became available, and all I can say is that it was definitely worth the wait! This game had me speechless and has delivered game play results which exceeded my expectations, as it expressed difference and uniqueness that were lacking in other games. From aesthetic details of the game and characters, great plot which contained a catchy storyline, a managable rewards, items, and drops system which was concise and easily understandable- to even having a TAPTAP game/concept as an additional gameplay/activity! LITERALLY A GAME WITHIN THE GAME!!! And ofcourse, probably one of the most noteworthy details of the game: THE AMAZING MUSIC and BEATS it offers that were just simply astonishing to listen to!! It literally helps one to be calm and just enjoy and groove to the music while playing the game! Although, since the game is still relatively new, Disylte may be similar to other games concerning its leveling system, where as an individual progresses further, the more difficult it is to level one’s team to progress even much more. Still, Disylte is undoubtely one of the best turn-based games I’ve played, which defintely has great potential! It’s so great in my opinion that it is THE VERY FIRST GAME I WROTE A REVIEW on the appstore!!! If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!.Version:

Worth a shotComing from other games in the gacha space. So far I haven’t felt the need to keep up that comes with power creep. It’s too early to discuss balancing, but so far I’ve not once thought of spending additional money purely for the sake of efficiency. I don’t mind missing out on new character drops. The feeing of being penalized for not paying to progress is always a killer for me on these types of games. Dislyte doesn’t give me that impression thus far. The premise behind it is unique, I love that the characters embody figures from many different mythic pantheons. It’s a great concept. The soundtrack is unique, and the lean into music and the DJ asthetic/mini-games provide a break from the usual grind of other gachas. Great art combined with unique characters, with the ability to flesh out those characters as you progress and the ability to strategize turn-by-turn or just auto through depending on your preference. It’s a game that seems to have something for everyone. Community seems to be lively in chat and have thus far not seems any toxicity. It’s only a matter of time till the bad actors arrive. But thus far, Dislyte has become my go to gacha! I highly recommend giving it a shot..Version:

Good game but they’re very stingyI’ve played various gacha games and this game feels refreshing and different. The unique art style and gameplay bring a different look to the game. I’ve enjoyed it so far; however, the thing that is preventing me from giving it a 5 star is the fact that this game is no where near F2P friendly. It is made to force you pay to continue to play due to the lack of stamina it provides. The 4 expeditions alone already took up nearly 60 stamina. The summon rate is horrendous and they’re not giving out enough gold records for you to even have chance to sniff at a 5*. Yes, they do give you a free 5 * at the beginning of the game but you would have to play about 30 mins to be able to accumulate enough gold records to summon the 5*. That makes rerolling a pain. I just hope they’re not too stingy to the point where they’ll drive all the F2P players away. This game has great potentials but the developers are being just too greedy and eventually that might be their downfall. As of right now I don’t even have enough stamina to continue playing even though I have just started the game. With so much going on and things to do, you’re stamina gets depleted too fast. I guess I’ll just wait and see if things going to change in terms of the F2P aspect but in the meanwhile I’ll go back and play my other F2P friendly games seven moral sin X-tasy.Version:

Great designed game, with a few annoyancesFirst off, I just wanna say this game is incredibly fun and well made. The character designs are top notch, the animations are amazing, the music is PERFECT (lots of variety such as edm, kpop, pop, rap, etc.), and overall the style of the game mixed with mythology is perfect. The game itself is amazing and will leave you obsessed, and I love how they have not just combat, but a whole rhythm game section that is actually so well designed it could be its own app. In all, the game has a lot to offer, but at the same time a lot to work on. One big problem is the censorship. The simplest of words are censored causing many problems when typing in chat, which starts to get really annoying at a point. The game is also very glitchy, which makes perfect sense seeing as how it’s a global launch, and most of these glitches should be fixed with upcoming patches. Another annoying thing is Brynn, the protagonist’s, voice lines. If I have to see her using the word “freaking” back to back in every voice line for no reason one more time I might end it all. Other than those tad bits the game is incredibly fun and has a lot to keep you engaged, and I’m guessing most of the actual gameplay problems will be fixed sooner or later (don’t get your hopes up on the cringe voicelines yet).Version:

It’s basically AFK Arena with polishThe ads weren’t super clear about the kind of game this would be. The way it was advertised made it seems like a mythology based fighting game like Tekken, but it’s basically just AFK Arena in terms of gameplay. To be fair, I like AFK Arena so I like this game too. I also still love that they characters are mythology based. It’s a fun layer to the game. The music is also amazing. Cons, because there have to be some for this to be 4/5, is that the default graphics settings are set almost to max so until you figure out how to lower them in the settings it’s way too harsh on the phone’s processor. I have an iPhone XS, so it’s not like my phone is too old for decent graphics. It plays Genshin just fine. It also takes a while to unlock basic upgrades for your espers. It took me 2 days just to unlock ascensions. It sorta feels like I’m still in a tutorial mode despite clearing so much of the story and already having several epic espers. Last complaint, the mythological characters (while still really cool imo) kinda take a back seat to the fact that this is an EDM themed turn-based game. The fact that the characters are loosely based on various mythologies gets kinda lost in the process. At least each esper profile says who or what they’re based on though, so that’s cool..Version:

Mythology set in the cyberpunk cityThe trailer was shared in my friends group on discord. I saw the trailer and immediately fell in love with Drew aka Anubis. The animation attacks is smooth, the characters are well designed in both 2D and 3D. Obviously this game is p2w(Pay to win) but if you look past that, the game offers you tons of mission, bounties and quests to earn the currency to summon the “Espers” aka heroes. The UI design of the game has soft colors yet really pop out with the cyberpunk theme. Also easy mechanics of swiping left and right on the menu. The artifact system is similar to Genshin Impacts artifact system. Where you enhance the rune and with each enhancement you will get a sub-stat at random. There is reviews on the characters and the recommended artifacts on them so you know and have a goal on how to make them stronger. The characters are likable and the story is easy to follow, so try simple comic style cinematic. As for the music in the background, definitely different from other continuous games that have repetitive music over and over again. If you like Dj house/rock/hip-hop/edm music than you might be interested in this game. Looking forward to seeing more updates of this game 😁😆👍🏻❤️.Version:

SpeechlessFirst thing is first Music is amazing next let’s talk about the graphics fantastic gameplay plays good. Then let’s talk about how to upgrade your espers I never was a fan of one star plus one star equals two star I was hoping they can change it to be like shard collection would be great to make it more enjoyable gameplay upgrades. Everything is kinda the same as most game like runes and speaking of runes I don’t like the fail aspect of that it really is annoying and never liked it in summoners war was hoping they would do that. It really adds nothing but a waste of my time and resource never adds or subtract anything to the game but if removed would just a bit better over. I like that you can use any esper all is viable in some way or form plus like that the buff or nerf some espers so good for them to try to keep them balance to some degree. So far they are very generous with free stuff like every other game. In conclusion hopefully they will change the runes and grind of 2 star plus 2 stars gets you 3 stars and keep improving the battle Systems and everything should be good..Version:

❤️❤️❤️Absolutely LOVE the game so far. A little buggy here and there but it’s nothing too big. I’m a bit annoyed with all the censoring in the public chat, but it’s understandable that the devs just want to keep the game as friendly as possible. I adore the discord aspect, and the community is very welcoming. All the character designs are so cool, the story is alright too. I enjoy the mythology and music theme, and makes the characters have a cool aesthetic. Artwork is GORGEOUS and the 3D models are alright, but isn’t exactly on par with the character’s 2D selves, if that makes sense. There’s plenty room for improvement so don’t let this steer you clear from getting the game! You can tell that the team behind this game has worked hard and are not slowing down! There’s also many opportunities to get prizes and rewards for doing things like surveys. From what I’ve gathered, the team values our opinions very much and takes it into account to give us the best possible game they can give us, and I appreciate that. It’s fairly taxing on my phone battery, but my phone is pretty old anyway and I can adjust the visuals for my phone to better adjust. I love this app and will likely continue to play this game for a while :).Version:

Addicting !The game is super addictive from the start. From the story telling to the graphics to the friendly help along the way; this game practically does it all! My favorite aspect so far are the relic tips. There have been so many times in other games where finding the best “ artifacts “ to level up your character has been exceedingly confusing and you would have to go to third-party sites to find information. I love that the game comes with strategy exams and they give you tips on which sets to focus on and which ones are still good in the beginning. My least favorite aspect so far would probably have to be the growth. It’s kind of hard to level up your characters in the sense that the level up material doesn’t come across the screen often. Another way to do so however is replaying story levels to gain levels for your Espers. But you have to sit through the entire round and I just wish there was a way to use of all your stamina and one goal when doing it so you didn’t have to sit through the whole round . Other than I genuinely don’t have any other complaints . This game is really fun and I can’t wait to see where the development goes!.Version:

Really charmingI saw a ton of ads for this game and thought it looked cool, but was worried it wouldn’t live up to the marketed vibe. Was not disappointed though! Character design and music are fantastic, the art is definitely as good as advertised, and the mythology based designs are really sick. Gameplay is pretty fun too even though I don’t often play turned based strategy stuff. There’s so many things to do that learning everything might be a little overwhelming, but it has similar mechanics to other gacha games so I didn’t find it too difficult (plus all the features are pretty cool). The difficulty doesn’t seem to spike randomly either, at least where I’m at, so it definitely seems FTP friendly so far. Collecting spins for new characters takes a while but there’s a lot you can do to beef up other characters, and the beginner pity is nice lol. The story is fine, but I find the individual characters more compelling than the plot itself. Overall really solid though imo! Definitely gonna be playing this pretty often.Version:

Wonderful game, bad ratesIt’s a really good game! Really pretty, the characters and story are super interesting, and the mechanics the rhythm game introduced are great. The drop rates are bad. Like, bad bad. I’ve never seen drop rates like this and I’ve played loads of other mobile games. For one thing, there’s no guaranteed epic character if you do a ten pull which is a major negative for me. Most other gacha games will give you a guaranteed mid-level character if you save up enough for the ten pull, but that’s not the case here. I spent $15 for a ten pull and got all rares, which was super super frustrating—it felt like I’d just wasted my money. For another, you have to pull something like 120 times to get a guaranteed pity legendary. That’s $180, btw. Or like a years worth of grinding if you’re f2p. Even genshin isn’t this bad. I’m begging the developers to please, PLEASE adjust the drop rates, even just a tiny bit. That would make the game so much more enjoyable. As it stands, I won’t be spending money on it again until that’s changed. I want to support this game, but I’m concerned you’ll lose players with the way things are right now..Version:

Fantastic GameThis game is well worth the wait. Super dynamic characters, well thought out story line, easy but effective gameplay. Absolutely iconic game. Best summon game I’ve ever downloaded. In-app purchases are available and tremendously helpful and worthwhile, but absolutely not needed to play the game. The game allows you to upgrade and play at your own pace, the daily login bonuses are great too. I am so excited to see how far I can get and to see where this game goes. I have only encountered one problem. I think it might just be a slight bug. On level 7.8 in story mode, after the dialogue was finished, instead of putting me in battle as it usually does, the game froze and it only showed the background scene and played the music, but there were no options for me to do anything. Once I cleared out of the app and went back in, gameplay resumed just fine. There was just that small bug I wanted to report. Thank you for your time. I would recommend this game to everyone. Super fun and worth the pre-save wait time..Version:

Amazing AppThis game blew me away. I got the preregistration because I constantly sad ads for this upcoming game. So I thought I’d go lay it for a few days then delete it, but this game exceeded my expectations. Now I won’t sit here and act like the preregistration rewards were all that great so those of you that didn’t get them, you hardly missed out. You can still be greater than the ones that started on launch day with preregistration. Besides this it’s an all around great game. The character designs are crazy amazing. Li ling is my favorite looking character because he reminds me of Broly from DBZ. The storyline is easy to understand and it’s very immersive. I would recommend not skipping through if you love a good plot. Though it gets tougher to level up the more you level up, it’s not a serious impediment. You can still level up and the moment you do it doesn’t every get boring. The more you level up the more you unlock in the game so don’t give up. The more you unlock the better the game is. I would recommend this game to anybody..Version:

Fresh & Refreshing!!I usually don’t play games like this, but after the ad i saw on tiktok, it kind of got me interested. When i got the notification that it was out, i ended up downloading it just to see what it was like rq as… i was supposed to be going to bed D: and i ended up staying up until 3 am playing it. It’s pretty new and refreshing with what it seems to be doing & the graphics on it were way better than i imagined it to be. The story line is pretty easy to follow along with & i think it’s inevitable for you to end up getting attached to one character or another. There’s also a chat that you’re able to dial in to while your characters are battling which i find quite neat just because i get to make friends and move my characters forward. I’m looking forward to how the game progresses and perhaps adds new things. It’s nice to have been here when the game even first dropped & to see how it’ll grow!! I’ve got high hopes for it :D.Version:

Pretty great game, but not perfectFirst off, the visuals and character designs in the game are amazing and the whole style of the game in general is one of the best parts of the game. Combat is decently strategic too without being too complicated. The main issues I have with Dislyte are the extremely lackluster story and cheap feeling UI. As for the story, I was not expecting anything too amazing from a random gatcha game, but what we got was much worse than average. The characters dialogue is extremely obnoxious and characters are introduced and instantly casted aside for confidence and so you are tempted to try and pull for them later. Secondly the UI design. It is hard for me to explain, but the UI in the game feels like if I continued to play the game I would get my credit card stolen and my accounts drained. The visual aesthetic of the game is fantastic, but parts of the UI like the font and icons for fodder units look pretty terrible. Overall, 4 out of 5 stars. Game is really good with a few minor issues that others may not see as huge issues..Version:

More to the game than expectedI’m currently level 15 working on the 6th chapter of the story, so my experience is limited. When I first saw the ads on TikTok, I was excited at the premise of playing as gods with modern, appealing aesthetics that didn’t center itself on the DnD fantasy style (elves, dwarves, etc). I’ve been playing for several hours and have so far been incredibly satisfied with the art style, music, and the variety of activities that I can do apart from the story mode. The game is definitely like the ads seen on social media with even more sprinkled on top. I expected the usual gacha/in-game purchasing to be more aggressive as several other AppStore games have made me weary. Luckily, I haven’t felt pushed to buy any packs or the like using actual money. The different activities I mentioned above have been great at rewarding me. Progressing hasn’t been dependent on me spending $5+ which makes me even more eager to keep playing..Version:

Cute game so farYeah, I like the gameplay, graphics, story, and a lot of the features… though some need to be tuned. I wish there was a way to turn off world chat. I just don’t want to see it at all. I go into channels where there is no one deliberately and it switches me back to an active one. I turned off chat ticks, I’m not sure what that is, but it momentarily didn’t show the chat anymore. However, this would switch back when I closed and opened the app despite the switch still being off. It may her changed with this update though idk. And better moderation on the reviews for characters. It is a fun and good feature I like it a lot. But some of them have nothing to do with the character and there are inappropriate things being said in there too. I want to keep the freedom, but maybe player in game mods would help regulate that sort of thing to stay on topic or at the least keep crude stuff like that gone. Anyway yeah. I recommended my friends to play it regardless..Version:

Actually an AWESOME game!Okay, so hi- first of all, this game is genuinely super fun, and second of all, it’s super stylish!! Like I knew the game had money from all the ads I saw before the game even came out (on TikTok, YT, etc.)- but when I tell you the art is amazing: like there’s 2-D animated splash art and full 3d battle animations! Not to mention the character designs themselves are plain stylish. I love how much work went into this game! I can already tell there’s gonna be some work involved on my end in getting more character materials and pulls after the first week, but I dunno, I think it’ll still be lots of fun! I haven’t been forced to watch a single ad yet, though I don’t wanna speak too soon, lol. The story’s pretty cool too, not my favorite part, but easily skippable and still gives a brief summary when you click the skip button so you won’t feel completely lost! Kudos to the devs on this team, I hope the game sticks around awhile!.Version:

Lots of great quality of life features, still stingy with resourcesThis game has a great art style, fantastic music, and tons of great ideas for making things easier to do and understand. Things like recommending multiple builds per character, showing recommended runes right on the equip page, 3x speed and auto very early on, and even some unexpectedly smart ideas like letting you auto-farm a level for resources in the background while you tinker with builds or even play through the story missions at the same time. I haven’t played long enough to give a full review, but your free ten-pull arrives on day 5, making refills basically impossible, and judging by energy caps and available energy consumables, it feels like it will be hard to play without paying gems for energy unless you only do the bare minimum for daily’s each day (my least favorite kind of limit). Overall my first impression is that it feels much more approachable than other similar games like RAID..Version:

Fresh and smoothI have been waiting for a mobile game that is different from what we have been seeing over the past few years. This has some of the smoothest animations for the high quality details it has. The 3 dimensional qualities are just what I was looking for. There is already a large number of things to do within the game. You will see a lot of great take away from other games and they have even changed them up. The level of control you have when it comes to building your character makes you feel super involved in your success, you aren’t entirely reliant on just getting good Espers. There is a lot of potential for this game especially since it just launched. I hope the developers can really take the notes that are being given to them early on and run with them. This can easily be one of the best mobile games if they want it badly enough..Version:

Amazing Card Turn-Based RPG with Awesome Story and Generous GachaThis game is honestly super great in so many ways. The visuals are soooo beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and the overall theme and concept of the game is really interesting and unique. I also think that the combat is pretty fun and it's a good turn-based game if you like games like Summoner's War. Also, the story is really interesting and actually so addicting to keep playing the Story Mode, it gives me like Episode and Chapters vibes with how the dialogue and messages appear in the story sequences. Not to mention, the gacha aspect of the game is pretty good considering how generous they are with giving draws and crystals, and it's also addicting to keep doing quests in order to get more draws as well. Overall, this game does an impressive job at reeling in players and you should get this game if you're looking for a unique, relaxing, and beautifully put together turn-based game. 💖.Version:

Great game just…If you enjoy the god side of the different mythos and legends you found your game if you’re looking for anything else relating to the different legends like, regions, landmarks, artifacts, beasts or great power like the hydra, turn away that’s really my only complaint. In A way I feel like it’s the first time I’ve just finished Splatoon or Jurassic World Evolution before all of the DLC’s and sequels and just asking that’s it of course now with both games there is so much content now, so I would still get this game there is likely to be more updates in the future and hopefully the add a few more things to give that extra edge. Also I guess the over abundance of menus is an issue but its an RPG so it’s not really avoidable. It’s a little confusing to find certain things but most of the time you can just go to help or find an event relating to a certain spot so it’s not an issue. In the end, good game just needs that extra feature to really make it great..Version:

Very enjoyable!I’ve honestly been anticipating this game since I started seeing ads a few weeks ago and so I went ahead and preordered it— I’m glad I did! My friends and I are all fixated on it already and between the number of battle options, the rhythm game, and the character designs/builds, I think there’s something for everyone. I will say that if you aren’t well versed with card-based rpgs, getting used to this gameplay might be a little difficult. It’s easy to get stuck on certain levels if your characters don’t have good builds, but the relic guides and the tactics exams help with figuring that stuff out. I think the only things that bug me right now are that accumulating character exp items is a little difficult and that there’s no adjustable speed for the rhythm game. Neither of those are deal breakers though so I’m overall enjoying the game a lot!.Version:

Great so farThis game is great so far. the character designs are a breath of fresh air and you can tell a lot of thought went behind each character’s appearance/story. this game is addicting and you can easily spend hours playing it. though: the ‘review’ section of the characters’ strategy descriptions are AWFUL. some comments are funny, but most are spam, unhelpful, and inappropriate (especially considering there are tons of kids playing this game). when there are helpful comments, the review section is great; it cuts out the need to look up character reviews on reddit/other sites! but most of the time it’s just ppl being thirsty for the characters/comparing the character to a character from another media, which just gets annoying and cringe after awhile. i am excited to see where this game goes and am hoping for story-based events where we can see more characters interacting with each other..Version:

Music & Gacha Lovers UniteI love this game. I’ve been a big fan of Lilith Games since “AFK Arena” but this is vastly different than that game. As an audio head I love the soundtrack to this game. There’s so many different events to participate in, a gaggle of free to play awards, and a very easy to understand tutorial to quickly help you get acclimated. The visuals and the graphics are beautifully stunning. You can also improve the aliasing. Just visually captivating. The Espers/Heroes look remarkable and unique. Since it’s relatively new I won’t be too critical of the fact that the game sometimes freezes for a few seconds between transitions. It’s only crashed once on me and sometimes has network connectivity issues. Something I’d like to see is connecting this game to Apple Music and being your own DJ. Very original cool concept that gives me Guitar Hero nostalgia. Give it a shot!.Version:

I Wish I Could Rate This 4.5Don’t get me wrong, I love this game so far. But as someone who comes from gacha games, there are some things that fall short. One of these things is the gacha mechanic. I understand needing people to use money in your game but the pity system is really bad. First timers get a guaranteed Gold Character with their first 10 pull but then you must wait until you get 100 gold tickets to get another Gold Character guaranteed. Getting these gold tickets is hard. Currently I have only one Gold character because of that first 10 pull. Even with doing all the achievements up until Level 15, Chapter 6, I only had enough for one more ten pull. Maybe try and have more opportunities to get Gold Tickets will be a good idea. Another suggestion has to do with the Rhythm game. I love Rhythm games and I loved the new type of mechanics in this game! The only issue I have is the rewards. From what I can see, there are no rewards for completing or getting high scores on this. Maybe if I finish all the difficulties I could get an achievement but I don’t get any from just finishing the story with SSS which made me not want to play it. Rewards would be good with this game. Overall, I love this game and the characters. I thought that the player would have their own character but I don’t care much as the design of the other characters made me love it anyways!.Version:

Great! ExceptThe game’s elements in my opinion and how the developers can improve; BATTLE: The way the battles work is very simple; the traditional turn based strategy game (like advertised). The battles run very smoothly and it’s very satisfying when the characters attack. Every time you hit a critical you get a special animation which is nice; but I would like if it was an option in settings to turn off the Critical Hit Animations; just as an option. Other than that; 8/10 GACHA: The materials used for pulls can be bought for by the in game currency and can be earned easily by missions/quests. There is a counter to show how many pulls until you hit pity for a legendary character. Which is around 120 pity. It can crash when you do pulls/rolls for characters. I REALLY wish there was a mechanic that shows WHAT you pulled; in case the app crashes while you do a pull. So a “pull history” would be nice. 7/10 What I liked; I was immediately drawn into the game for its amazing art style and the character design *cough* Drew *cough*. The soundtrack is a hit or miss for most people- I found it pleasing where as others found it boring or uninteresting. I like the animations- it ran surprisingly smooth! One more thing for new players; I would recommend looking up a guide online on how to build characters; don’t look at the “Reviews Tab” on character profiles for help. It’s just other players thristing for the character..Version:

Beginner’s journal.So far so good, the game is beautiful. The sound track is awesome and I like how the team name is your in game name, not a ‘special’ MC. Lots to explore and I’m still unlocking it. The music game is cool, allowing you to take a break from the grind, however I think it may be better suited for bigger screens like a tablet? The plot is interesting so far, I’ve been trying to level up my characters (one 5 star and the rest are 4 stars) so I won’t have to worry about dying too frequently. I wish there was a boss fight to earn gold ( even if it’s just daily). Drop rate makes weary but I’ve only summoned twice, so that’s up in the air. I wish they kept their promise about 10 free summons, so far it’s a daily login event and I don’t really like it. I feel cheated. I’ll update later when I’ve played for a while longer, caoi!.Version:

Pretty Good StartI’m only a couple hours into the game at this point but from what I’ve seen so far it’s pretty promising. 1)This is a free to play gacha game, meaning that the is monetized content within the game. This is typical for the genre, so I’m not going to criticize it on that point. In fact, so far I’ve felt like the purchase options are much less in my face than other games I’ve played. 2)I really like how stylized the game is. Its art definitely stands on its own and its in fact what drew me into downloading in the first place. The user interface is also pretty straightforward, there’s just a little bit of fumbling around to figure out and remember what is where. 3)The storyline of the game so far isn’t that novel. I’m still at the beginning meaning it may improve, but it all seems pretty cliche. However, I don’t think that the story is going to make or break a game like this, just something I personally like to get invested in. 4)Combat is fun, snappy, and doesn’t require you to just power level to win battles. The options to change the battle speed and have battles automatically carry on is very appreciated. In conclusion, the game has a very solid start and I would recommend anyone try it out. I’m only giving it four stars instead of five, because I think I need to be completely wowed by a game to give it 5 stars..Version:

Pretty good so farGreat character design and battle styles, you can really tell the devs put a lot of time and effort in creating appealing visuals and audito. However, It could use more lore cutscenes in the story chapter battles. It would create a more immersive experience if there was more information on the different gangs in the cities and why exactly we’re fighting them, even if it’s just for training. It would also be more fun if there was more co-op inclusive events or activities. Overall it’s an awesome game considering it only realased two days ago in my timezone. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes gatcha games, sci-fi, character design or strategy. But I wouldn’t recommend parents letting children under the age of 12 play this game, as good as it is some of the female characters are over sexualized to the brim and would be inappropriate for children under 12 depending on maturity level..Version:

Pretty game with a pretty picture butGacha games are addicting because they resemble gambling, where the prise is a pretty faced waifu or husbando. Of course, game stylistic, content and mechanics are also important and contribute to popularity and success, but the main attraction remains rolling for your favourite! And that’s where Dislyte falls short. Don’t get me wrong, the game has amazing art style and memorable characters. You will find someone you like for sure. The problem is, you won’t likely get them, no matter how determined you are. Dislyte does not let you roll. It introduces summoning tool after very short battle tutorial sequence, yet to hit the first pity and get one of the two guaranteed 5*, you have to play for around half an hour, make a roll, wipe your data, do again. And to get your second 10-times pull, you’ll have to actually play the game for several hours instead of skipping everything. “Then play and enjoy the game”, you’d say, affronted on its behalf. And if Dislyte was not a gacha game, I would have been enjoying, I swear! But Dislyte is a gacha game, and players want to roll. They want to roll and reroll if they didn’t get the character they wanted to start their journey with. And they can’t, because Dislyte doesn’t allow it. Otherwise, it has nice progression and system. UI is pleasant to look at, not cramped..Version:

From yuii1So far the game is really good, I love its graphics and the amount of effort taken into this game. It’s fun to play and get new characters each time! Usually I’d get bored of games like these that have gachas, fighting, etc but this one interests me a lot. I look forward to continuing playing this game and becoming a top player, getting really good at the game and showing everyone my new characters and level. I plan to do a lot and get myself up to high tier, I do wish we could’ve got some more pulls though, cause in the ads it said we get free 10 pulls but we never did and I even preordered the game! It’s okay though, I understand it takes a little while to get the 10 wishes. I look forward to seeing how far this game goes and evolves on to have loads of people play it and have a lot of updates regarding it too. ❤️.Version:

My honest opinionI’ll be covering these 4 aspects of the game. Gameplay Audio Graphics Characters Gameplay- The gameplay is turn based and it’s something like a SDS (Seven Deadly Sins - honestly only thing that came to mind) type game, with the abilities of each character changing the flow of the fight. It’s balanced for the moment but as this continues I don’t know how everything may change and so on, however for the current moment it’s amazing and it’s simply to master and get the hang of once you sink a few minutes / hours into the game. Audio- The music and the overall tone of the game is actually quite entertaining instead of having an annoying song on loop, in game and in the menus the music changes from menu to menu. I’m just thankful it’s not some annoying jingle on loop constantly. The ability sounds and the music in fights have a perfect mix so there isn’t an issue in this department. Graphics- The graphics and characters are actually quite mesmerizing with the way they look and feel when playing them, it’s all very unique and the characters are actually a fresh take from the simple “Genshin impact” type character style. (thank god for that). Characters- Better than Genshin impact. Overall - 8.8/10.Version:

Really fun game, can’t wait to see moreI honestly really love the game, I’m all about character designs and I’m not disappointed. I love the art style and all the characters are so good to look at. I love the game play and the option to be able to chat while your battling, even if it’s just a small perk. Thought I have been coming across a problem that when I try to go to my Home Screen ( I have an IPhone so I have to swipe up) the game usually freezes then crashes. But if I’m being completely honest I don’t really mind since the game just came out and, I’m sure they are working on fixing it. Apart from that I have no problem with the game it is really interesting, and like I said before I’m a big character designs/ art style type of person, and I am really happy with the look of the game..Version:

THE BESTTTTI pre-ordered this simply because I loved the character designs but ended up being completely obsessed with the game. The entire storyline is interesting and makes me want to keep playing along to find out what will happen next. The little cutscenes have amazing graphics and never fail to surprise me! The animation throughout the game in all is so greatly put together. One of my favorite parts of the game so far are the bounties and the DJ booth because it’s just satisfying in general and the creativity that was put into each song just amazes me. I also love how every character is unique from one another and the theme of mythology was always a special interest of mine. All in all, this is an amazing game and if you don’t have it, you are definitely missing out! :D.Version:

Only very minor complaintsI’ve had a joy playing this game since it came out. It’s been lovely to see some more obscure myths brought to light through these Espers and their backgrounds. The art is beautiful, and the strategy is compelling. I have a few complaints, though most of them are minor. I am somewhat frustrated that I have yet to find a way to turn off the chat bar at the top of the screen that displays the global chat. It’s somewhat annoying to have it flash up constantly. Additionally, there is some lag with the character action animations during battles. Thirdly, the dialogue writing for Story Play is somewhat repetitive with certain phrases and words, which can get a little annoying, but isn’t bad if you’re not super picky. Overall, a lovely game thus far! I cannot wait to continue gameplay and see where it takes me..Version:

Great Game (for its genre)While I have only been playing the game for a little while now I have noticed quite a bit that has made the game more enjoyable for me than other games like it, namely raid:shadow legends. The game has decent story and a more interesting world, as well as some other mini games and modes that set it apart from some other games like it. However it is still very much a gacha, turn based rpg. The ads are quite generous in portraying how likely it is to get legendary espers, and often it feels like there is little difference between having the game on auto play and playing it myself. I would love to see these issues fixed and also any others that I may not have mentioned but I still think that this game does a good job of being towards the top in terms of making itself more interesting than the other games like it..Version:

Great Game!So far, after playing for for a day or so, this game is really fun and has its own difficulty in there. The game is visually stunning for a mobile game and has an amazing soundtrack. Decent prices in the shop to buy in game items, I haven’t experienced any game breaking bugs or glitches, my game only freezes for a split second every once and a while, and even the community is pretty helpful. I only have two problems with this game and one is that I feel like that there isn’t enough rewards rewarded for events and all that. My second complaint is that I feel like that there isn’t going to be many events in the game, I know it just came out but to keep this game thriving, the developers need to keep pushing out events..Version:

Good for the most partSo far the game has been fun, however there’s some glaring problems with pacing and the drop rates in the gacha system. To clarify, I’m in chapter 3 right now and it’s been about half a day now since I started playing and getting more power to beat 3-8s big boss is a slog. The gacha system only has a 1% legendary rate when the gacha industry standard is a measly 5% and your guarantee/pity resets if you get a legendary which isn’t normal. At least not with the gacha games I play. The pity is also every 12 multi for a random legendary spawn and a single multi in this game at its cheapest price point is $15 so the value of a legendary pity pull is around $200 and that’s quite high compared to other gacha games that I used to think were predatory. I have the game a 4* because gacha rates can be improved and such. So, we will see..Version:

Fantastic!!I downloaded this originally because of all the TikTok adds I was seeing during the preregistration period. The adds looked pretty awesome and so I thought why not. Oh boy I was not disappointed!!! The game is great! The visuals are stunning and the audio fits great. The characters all have so much charm to them. It’s fairly easy to advance and play but it slowly gets more difficult so it stays entertaining. There are tons of different things you can play within the game so it’s not just the same thing over and over. It’s not one of those games where you have to pay to win and advance either. Of course you can buy things to level up but it isn’t necessary. Over all great and entertaining. 100% recommend..Version:

EhhhhThe game is fun. For 30 minutes. Yeah that’s about it, a 30 minute fun action packed grind game that turns into well, a boring, action packed, grind game with the same enemies over and over and over again. And the same heroes that you pull over and over and over again. That’s another thing, rarity and drop system. YOURE TELLING ME I HAVE TO SPIN THE RECORD 120 TIMES TO GET A LEGENDARY. 20 even being too much to get a ultra rare but 120 you have got to be joking. I’ve been playing at least 2 hours and I am only at 96 records to go, what a joke. I feel like this game could be a lot better, if it was released with more to do, you know usually when you take forever to release a game there’s a lot of content released with it too instead of the same 8 characters you play with. Anyways, graphics 9/10, music 7/10, gameplay 5/10, story 1/10, overall is it worth playing? Sure 👍.Version:

Stylish and ColorfulI’ve been waiting to play this game since I saw the ads on Instagram. I gotta admit, it met my expectations in terms of being extremely stylish and boppin in tunes. I’m a fan of the music industry themes character designs for each mythical figures. I was genuinely surprise by how much features it offered asides from the initial gameplay mechanics (the rhythm mini games were fun!). Being able to change the music being played in base and outside of the base was a nice little detail I enjoy. The only downside to this is that the pre-registration promised a free 10 pulls but I didn’t see any offered in the mail? I’m not sure if this is a delay on the game dev’s part but overall I still enjoy the game for all of the contents it has to offer so far..Version:

Great game so far! Has a lot of potential!I’m a huge fan of the modern-day mythology concept, and I think it’s really awesome that it’s not just one specific mythology—it’s a combination of gods, goddesses, and spirits from cultures all over the world. That being said, I have a few issues. One is that it does occasionally lag (but not too badly), and my other issue is that it takes a long time to farm for Experimon. I feel that if a stage in the Trials section (maybe called Materialmon Miracle or whatever) would make it much more convenient for players to level up Espers more effectively. Other than that though, I love the game so far and I think there’s a ton of potential for it! Can’t wait for future updates!.Version:

It’s a really good gachaOverall it’s incredibly kind towards players that are starting out, and the team composition from the beginning is absolutely not bad to continuously level if you don’t involve yourself with the gacha element of the game. The music is (imo) really well made and fits into the theme of the game well My only grip with it is it’s still a gacha game, and it shows quite well that you’ll need various equipment leveled for each character that involves a lot of money, both in game and RL. It’s great for a casual game though, as unless you hardcore power through the game, I doubt you’ll be spending a lot of money. The deals themselves aren’t bad either, but eventually the requirements for character leveling, ability wise and stat wise, start become extremely specific and hard to acquire..Version:

Amazing Graphics & Interesting MechanicsI have no complaints about anything in the game besides the fact that censoring in the chat is way too harsh and doesn’t make any sense, and most importantly the rates are too low for the amount of currency you get. There are quite a few freebies for beginners which is positive, but not enough to even guarantee a 5 star past the first Li Ling / Wu Kong. There are a few free Legendaries through progression which is great— it is a very good idea and works well. As for summoning, it’s hard to even bother as you don’t really get much. I suppose that’s common for gacha games but I’d like to see at least more summoning currency gain to offset it a little bit, it would get tedious getting no Legendaries constantly. As for the censoring, I believe they just need some more English localization to censor correctly. Things like lesbian, levels, and common words such as have are censored. It’s sometimes hard to even read what people are saying in chat due to this. Overall, it’s a beautiful and interesting gacha game and has a lot of potential along with existing quality. I’d recommend it, I just hope they improve the generosity a bit and fix the censoring in chat which would give it 5 stars..Version:

Gorgeous Design & Fun to play!First of all, the character designs are BEAUTIFUL! The urban x mythology mix is done so well the visuals alone are worth downloading and playing for. The gameplay is simple with mechanics that add depth with building characters up. Its easy to get into but the progress itself wont be so easy to the point you get bored. You'll find yourself turning off that auto button to strategize! The story has piqued my interest for sure. The only things I do not like is the animation effects in general, from enhancing to switching from one screen to the next, there is too much flashing. An option to reduce such effects would be wonderful. The sound design is neat but in some areas the little robotic voice overs can be a little too much. Overall a good experience so far!.Version:

Sweet but could use some fixing here and there.So, I very very rarely write a review for any sort of game but this deserves it, the graphics are beyond any free to play game Ive ever seen and there’s from what I’ve seen absolutely no lag! The controls are simplistic and easy to understand for new comers and the characters so far are amazing, (Anubis will always be my favorite) anyway, there is one game braking bug I have experienced, I’m not sure if it has to do with my phone or not but at random points in time after I level up the game just shuts itself off, it continues to run in the background but from the start screen, this is an amazing game and I hope to see this issue fixed as I see big things for this game’s future. Hope I could help, sincerely a concerned mobile gamer..Version:

Not badSo far I’m excited. It’s fairly simple when it comes to the experience but it’s a “new” type of turn based game that is sort of like a breath of fresh air. I like the variety and battle experience this has to offer. Let’s be honest, most turn based games become morning after a while to the point where you just sign in for its daily bonus. Give it a try. Only thing I would like to see more changes in the future is the story line: meaning audio in the dialogue. Some players (not all) may have a hard time reading and it should be taken into consideration. Not saying this is a deal breaker for all but it would make the experience a little more better. Great game and not too pushy on the p2p (BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TRY TO FORCE PLAYERS INTO BUYING THE ADD ONS, MAKE US EARN THE REWARDS).Version:

The graphics are amazing, and the characters are cool!The graphics, characters, music, it’s all perfect. This is my first time playing a game of this style, but I adore it. You also constantly get characters, and it’s not hard to get what you need to pull characters. I got good characters the first day I started playing. And even though I don’t fully read anything when it comes to instructions or the basics. I’m still able to enjoy it! I also love the story skip mode, I’m more invested in graphics and not on story. So the fact they added that as an option was really cool. I recommend playing if this is your first time playing a game in this style. It’s fun, easy to understand, and pleasing to the eye..Version:

Visuals and Music are Great…but…As the title says the visuals and music in the game are amazing. Haven’t heard a single song that wasn’t a total bop. The character designs with the urban look with mythical powers is something amazing and perfect aesthetic I enjoy! The furry characters are the reason I joined and luckily I can make them strong enough to carry into later content and keep using the ones I like most of the time. Yet…it has issues with upgrading the characters you use. The relic system is never explained in full the deeper details that are needed to understand so you don’t waste resources upgrading the wrong things. My brother had to point out some abilities are tied to how high your characters HP is and things of that nature. As well as the levels shoot up in difficulty way too quickly and don’t give enough experience to match the characters to those levels. And with the game being so new having too many characters to choose from and build a new team every single match is time consuming from the gameplay. Hopefully they make some changes to these two issues as they are many main problems. Also far too many area’s introduced to grind in way to quickly and way too early..Version:

My opinionThis games has a fun turn based combat system, good story and great character design.Version:

AddictiveGreat game with creative character designs that you won’t get bored looking at. Music is catchy and great to burn time with.Version:

PogPog game.Version:

Great gameLove it.Version:

Holy moly!Great game, I look forward to to seeing where it goes. I also look forward to new characters. If I may ask, would you possibly add Hestia from Greek mythology. She’s definitely my favourite, along with Artemis..Version:

Really enjoyYay its cool.Version:

Game gudGame gud.Version:

Actually really funWas hesitant with this game, but it’s actually super fun. Doesn’t feel like a cash grab and a unique twist compared to what’s been coming out..Version:

HorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorhorSuper sick audio and visuals. Plot sorta interesting, but nothing super unique :D.Version:

Fun gameIt’s a fun new game..Version:

AmazingGreat game with good use of characters from mythology and legends/folklore.Version:

Very cool characters and musicLoving the character design so far! I hope the game keeps improving.Version:

Very good gameNice graphics and music.Version:

Cool gameCool game.Version:

Overall satisfiedIt’s a good strategic games can feel overwhelming with all the sets you can do with the characters and which one to use but I would love to have more rewards for the tickets so I can pull more build up kinda slow.Version:

DislyteAmazing overall game. I love the fact that there is so many options of game modes!.Version:

Great visualWhat can I say… Great visuals..Version:

Really good designThe design of the game is really well done.Version:


SimpleStory is decent and I feel addicted lol.Version:

Great BeatsBeen liking this so far lots music to listen gets intense when I’m battle. Been enjoying this game a lot..Version:

Fun and musicCool game so far.Version:

ImpressiveAnimation is better than most games. Very cool character designs. Pretty generous with the gacha tickets as well..Version:

DislyteVery fun! Doesn’t feel like you have to spend money to level..Version:

Good gameGacha addiction.Version:

Good gameDog butler.Version:

Good gameIt’s a really unique game where it mixes mythology, urban fashion and music so if you like those things it’s for you plus even tho it’s a turn base game it’s battles aren’t too long tho the multi battle isn’t ideal I feel like it needs a little more customization like being able to decide how many battles you want before starting it and it being faster but other then that and a couple of other things it’s pretty damn good as you can see from the star count.Version:

Too Much FunA fun time sink.Version:

New playerIt is fun and the graphics of this game is awesome!.Version:

Bien faitJ’aime bien !.Version:

Great Game!!!I love it, I’ve been playing it all day but I will say that I don’t really care much for the story… Character design is awesome though! Unique!.Version:

BattlesVery nice game but I wish there was an option to slip the battles. They take way too long..Version:

DislyteHonestly a fun game, hard to get summons i find but the grind is fun (tuff at first tho) and i would like to add a bit more events with not to high level requirements so that the lower levels could progress faster.Version:


NiceeVery pretty.Version:

Great visualsGreat to kill some time.Version:

So GroovySuch a stylized game..Version:

SummoningI think it’s a great game addicting it just the summoning to get characters takes so long if u do not want to spend money like 1% chance for a 5 star and like 100 until your next guaranteed 5 star one of those at least needs to change.Also I still haven’t got my 100 free summons for pre registering..Version:

Super addicting to play!Really enjoy the character design and the music element.Version:

Give it a tryHaving a lot of fun kinda wish there was character customization.Version:

It goodIt good give try or not I don’t know you.Version:

Not BadNot too shabby, seems really hard to get legendary Espers early on though.Version:

Very goodGreat game, graphics are awesome, music is amazing. The drop rates are not that great, but the gameplay is fluid and very enjoyable. Definitely worth checking out..Version:

Good overall gameHad been having a lot of fun with it for the past few days.Version:

It’s fun gameFun game, a lot like raid shadow legends.Version:

Good gameGood game.Version:

Pretty funPretty fun so far still early game but it’s nice progress things unlock over time by your account level music is really good visuals too I want to play some espers just by looks even if there not that good lol.Version:

Good gameGood game!!! Love it.Version:


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