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Unleash the entire Marvel Multiverse in this fast-paced card battler.

Assemble your MARVEL dream team from a super roster of your favorite heroes and villains—then make your move. MARVEL SNAP is fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler that puts you in control of it all.

No more waiting around! Every game lasts only around three minutes. We cut out the fluff to focus more on the good stuff.

Play your cards at 50+ different locations from across the Marvel Universe, each with iconic game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, new locations are introduced weekly to put your creative problem-solving skills to the test.

Feeling confident about your chances of winning? Just "SNAP" to raise the stakes during a match. Hey, even if you're bluffing—you could double your rewards!

I am Groot. I AM Groot. I am GROOT. I am Groot? I am Groot. I AM GROOT! I am GROOT. I am Groot?

No other game lets you collect, mix, and match hundreds of hero and villain variants from the entire MARVEL Universe—and beyond. You might have a classic comic inspired Iron Man card, but do you also have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants? Endless art styles let you flex your favorites in unique new ways. You do YOU!

MARVEL SNAP stays fresh and exciting with new cards, new locations, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new challenges, new missions, and new events on the regular.

Come harness the power of every Cosmic Cube in the Multiverse and see how you measure up against the competition. That's MARVEL SNAP! See you in game.

MARVEL SNAP App Comments & Reviews

MARVEL SNAP Positive Reviews

Love it, can’t put it down!I never write reviews for anything, but this game is too much of a blast too not. I’ve been playing this game for about a month and a half now and I just can’t stop playing it. I spend hours trying to build the perfect deck or working towards my next card. I’m constantly changing the deck I’m using to try new things making it feel like a new experience all the time. No this game is not pay to win, yes you can pay money to collect your cards faster, but it costs ALOT of money and isn’t worth it because those people do not have the practice with each card that you get from earning your way to them. Of course I also think there are rooms for improvement. I have met my fair share of cheaters or possibly glitches that have caused my cards not to work or my opponents to do things the card shouldn’t do. While I have encountered these people it is fairly rare and has yet to hurt my gameplay. I do think there could be more cards which would be epic. And more location options, also lose the fighting grounds location it’s the worst one in the game. Other than that I really enjoy the game a lot excited to see more updates and to keep playing. Maybe I’ll go competitive, jk. Either way it’s worth trying give it a good week or two and you’ll end up playing it more than any other game too..Version: 8.7.1

Fast and furious funI’m new to this genre of game (card battle), so it took me a bit to really “get it”. For the first 10-15 matches, I felt like I was just tossing random cards with no real intention and just seeing what happened. But I slowly started learning what the different cards do, and how to use them to my advantage. I found myself strategizing and thinking 2-3 moves ahead. I had several matches that were downright exciting seeing what would happen. I did not expect to get that kind of rush from this game. But if you give yourself even a small chance to learn the cards, you’ll experience the same. Absolute best is when your opponent “snaps” you thinking they’ve got the match locked, and you turn the tables and defeat them. Only recommendation…I wish the deck of cards itself was more interactive when you’re NOT actually in a match. For the sake of nostalgia, I want to just flip through the deck, look at the cards, interact with them. I want to spin them around and look at the BACK of the card, maybe read about the character’s lore. When you’re IN a match, the cards have amazing effects, like Cyclops. But outside of a match, the cards are just static, and you can just barely tilt them from side to side. Make the deck of cards just as enjoyable to interact with outside a match as in..Version: 8.7.1

This is awesome!!Ok so I’m a big fan of this game due to the fact that there are X-Men characters because it’s Marvel but I sometimes wish for Dante and Virgil even though they are under CapCom even though there was Teppen but I didn’t like that game that much and wish that it would have traced over to this game. I was always looking for games like this but I hesitated to download at first launch since it was a card game. I wanted the moba game(w/ Marvel) a few years back but it launched in Honk Kong and didn’t launch globally so it didn’t work out for me. I think this game has great potential and honestly I watched a video on it and it makes sense how to play so far!! Really enjoyable and I like the art style…I wish you could view your games though because sometimes they get pretty intense and it would be nice to have that function naturally w/ in the please add that! Also I know it’s really not that hard but it would also be nice to see the history of those games and if you could friend people that you play against like a teacher/mentor type deal once you feel you learned enough about the game but it could be optional..and doesn’t have to revolve around that prospective..otherwise great game and look forward to playing more matches..ty to team defs for making this game!!.Version: 7.6.5

Great Game! Please add/Fix!So I pretty much grind this game until my phone is nearly dead every few hours. I love it but it does have quirks, minor bugs at times, and ridiculously overpowered cards for crazy builds. Okay so the only card I’m encountering and getting frustrated with is killmonger. I love my 1-drop deck because it builds up. Takes time but sometimes it’s worth it. Unfortunately when I get excited about maybe winning with my 1- drops boom killmonger destroys everything. It’s too much the fact that he can destroy every single one drop from any location. If you guys could maybe look at reworking him a little to where he only destroys one drops in a single location that would be more balanced in my opinion. The thing I hate the most about this game is the players purposefully running out the play timer to try and get you to retreat. It’s almost constant it seems or they just don’t care. Shorter timer maybe. It does not take that long to make a play. We ain’t playing chess lol. I would love to see a 2v2 mode or a type of champion league for players who are more serious and aren’t going to waste your time, literally. Overall though this is a great game and I tell everyone about it! Keep up the great work!.Version: 8.7.1

So much going or it but then fails on the seasons and upgradesI bought a season of Black Panther on day 1 and played a lot to get as much out of it as possible. In the end I felt all the other seasonal games give you a ton more for the money. I got a new card back, and a few cards, not worth it especially considering I bought the boost and played a lot hoping to unlock a lot. I would say this is like buying a season pass to Diablo Immortal which I also felt was a huge letdown. The two season passes I recommend is Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Clash of Clans. You get so much value for the money with these two games. For now I will play Marvel Snap and not spend any money on it which is sad because the game is good and the developers deserve money but the season passes are greedy for the little you get for it. The other gripe is upgrading cards, I would like to turn this option off completely as all the animations that come up when you upgrade, or to let you know you upgraded, and for what, the card isn’t anymore powerful, you just get a nicer looking card but the time it takes to go through and upgrade cards with the only benefit of it being that the card looks nice, I would rather have the time back. Life is short don’t make us waste time on upgrades and streamline the game so you auto update our cards, and let us play the game..Version: 9.16.0

Overall fantastic gameI don’t leave reviews ever, but this game deserves one. Mobile games have this terrible habit of being micro-transaction money pits that con people into giving them a ton of money in return for the ability to play the game better than others (pay to win). Marvel snap is the most free to play mobile game I’ve seen since the old days of temple run and similar games. The game rewards you for simply playing it. Win, lose, tie no matter what you get material for card upgrades (which are purely cosmetic) and that mechanic also allows you to get more new cards. I made it to the 3rd pool of cards in a month of playing only a couple games a day at minimum. On top of that its easy to get into, has cool card synergies that are easy to figure out and introduces people to lesser known heroes in the universe. And I'm not even done. In the newest update you can now buy specific cards in the shop with in game currency. There are almost no flaws to this game. It can be buggy, but it is early access so it’s to be expected. I personally haven't run into many problems at all. If you like deckbuilders and are on the fence i would HIGHLY recommend trying it out..Version: 9.16.0

NICE!I guess I’m the first to play the game? Or maybe I’m over exaggerating and I’m just the first to review?? No clue but so far I got through the tutorial witch was very simple and made easy to pick up on the game and how it works, soon after I learned how to easily upgrade my hero’s to totally dominate in gameplay! Don’t need strategy when you have HULK! We’ll you might, this is probably one of the most unique strategy games I’ve played so far, I love how when you upgrade a hero the hero’s card also changes its look into a cool 3D card that you can move to experience the 3D feature of the uprgraded hero’s card moving or swaying your phone. Wait did I even mention upgrading a hero gets you a new hero!? Like come on this game is awesome, I just started my journey to be one of the strongest players, I don’t know if your reading this. BUT IF YOU LOVE STRATEGY GAMES, MARVEL HEROS, AND A GOOD MATCH, download this game, try it yourself. Also don’t know if you can add people or have friends yet but if anything my connect/username is AstroWrld, also (Developers) if you ever want to give me some kind of special gift or hero :), or maybe even be down to a battle AstroWrld is the name. Thanksss for reading.Version: 7.6.5

Pretty good game, but I was really disappointedThe game is quite fun and enjoyable, every character and location are unique and the method for unlocking cards is super fun and never gets to a tedious grind. The gameplay itself is both super simple to understand and strategy filled! I don’t mind too much that most character variants will cost money if you want, but my biggest gripe is that some of the characters (Like the new miles morales) cost money, via the season pass. Correct me if I’m wrong but he is not able to be obtained by free-to-play players, which really bugs me, especially when the add that made me get this game said “the only thing that costs money are aesthetics.” Also when you run out of daily challenges you don’t have much of a way to get XP, which in turn doesn’t give you an easy way to get card upgrades, which doesn’t allow much progression. That’s more minor, but this would be a nearly perfect game if you could just get all this game had to offer for free. Again aesthetics are fine to cost money, but taking away things like characters for some cash really turns me away, chances are I still will enjoy this game, but things like that have really turned me away from other games, please don’t let the same thing happen to marvel snap..Version: 8.7.1

Legitimately SurprisedI finally gave in after seeing the ads. I was never much into card based games but this one is the real deal. The matches are no more than 7 minutes, all cards are unlocked just by playing the game. The cards are well balanced and it takes a lot of skill to have the right set of cards every time. But the locations make each game different. The locations you put the cards at could easily cause you to lose if you’re not making tactical decisions. Only micro transactions are for gold to get credits. Credits upgrades your cards which makes your “Card Collection” level go up. Higher the Card Collection level the more rewards you can get. As well as the battle pass there are free rewards as well, gold, credits, and even boosters to level up your cards. No ads, no pay to win, no long games. I find myself playing this game for hours a day. Just the first 24 hours I had it I had gotten 20 cards just by playing the game. I haven’t pay any money but I am highly considering it to support the dev team for this game. Highly recommend and paying is not at all necessary to progress in the game..Version: 8.7.1

The best card game I’ve ever played!This game…… Where do I begin to explain how good it is? I guess the biggest thing that needs to be pointed out is that IT’S NOT PAY TO WIN! You don’t buy card packs to get cards or drop money to get certain cards. All of the cards you get you earn as you play, which is fantastic! The only thing you can pay for is currency to unlock variants of the cards, which do nothing but make the cards look different. They don’t make them stronger or play differently. They just look cool, and I am so down for this. Their version of a battle pass is pretty cheap too. It’s only $10 which is the price of an average battle pass for console games. Many mobile games ask you to drop $20-$30 for their battle passes which feels absurd when you can get a game for the same amount of money. The matches are also short, which makes a lot of incentive to try to fit in matches here and there. As long as they don’t add in any predatory practices, this is going to remain one of my most played mobile games. Now if they could just make this an actual card game……...Version: 8.7.1

Will be great for most people.As the title says, most people who aren't even into strategy, or card games at all or very little will have a great time with this. It's straight forward, and easy to grasp and pick up. There is a learning curve, but this where the game lost me. Compared to games like Magic the gathering, hearthstone, even Gwent, it lacks the complexity needed for it keep the attention and attraction of long time strategy card game enjoyers. Don't mistake simple, for bad because it's not. I do not want to bash on this game since it doesn't have any pay to win, or any energy caps like you do in other games. The games are short but not too short and are great for a mobile game setting. This game is meant to pick up as any people as possible and won't satisfy the long time card game nerds like me, but I can definitely see the quality and effort put into this game. I had a pretty great time with it, until it eventually got repetitive, even when I was making new decks every game. There are 150 cards which is a lot, but if you play it enough you'll start to only see certain meta decks. Great game, would give it a shot regardless but didn't hit it all the way to home for me..Version: 8.7.1

Fun Game and Worth Playing. But….When I first saw the trailer for this, I thought it looked fun and when I played it. I was surprised by how much I play this, the gameplay is the highlight of its entirety. It’s fast pace, it’s makes you strategize, and there are plenty of combinations with certain cards that can secure a win for you(if you know what you’re doing and play it right). But at the same time, it’s not perfect. It has flaws, the biggest being that there are times when I can clearly tell that I was against a bot. I’m sure there are real time players here, but imo, I was convinced that I was against bots more than anything. The second is the season pass, the pass it self isn’t worth it, and it cost 10$. When I saw this and the micro transactions in the store that have the variety cards this was a immediate red flag to me. Heck, variety cards are hard to come by and are only found in the season pass(I haven’t seen the pull pass in a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the premium pass for 10$). Overall: this is a fun game and the gameplay clearly shows, all it needs is more ways to get variety cards and have more of the rewards in the season pass for free. When that’s their, then this would be 4 to 5 stars definitely..Version: 7.6.5

Amazing game but seemingly unplayably brokenI love this game a lot this would have been a 5 star review had it not been for what has happened to my account recently. Ever since I hit collection level 100 the game is just unplayably broken every time I upgrade cards and try to claim the next collection level reward it says that something went wrong and won’t give me the reward. The game won’t let change any of my decks either if I take a card out and put a different one in and try to battle with it the game will say that the deck is invalid and then just reset the deck back to what I had before this bug happened. I bought the season pass because I was really excited to try out some new strategies with those cards and now I can’t even play them. If I close the app everything I’ve done since this bug started is completely undone any card I upgraded is back to the way it was and whatever collection level I was at is right back to 100 I’ve reported this bug in the in game support but so far nothing I’m not sure what to do if this problem persists I might have to give up on the game all together becuase I can’t do anything and it’s so frustrating.Version: 8.7.1

Fun game with a few issuesLike so many others I really like this game but there are a few issues that I hope get worked out. I don’t mind grinding I don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there. They have limited the ability to earn cards so severely that after completions of pool two there is no point to grinding because there is very little reward making the search for the ideal cards painful and slow even if you are willing to spend a few dollars. Also on the pc you can’t scroll to pick decks above the fourth or fifth deck. Also on a few occasions there have been glitches on turn six causing unexplained losses contrary to the game mechanics iut of hundreds of games it has only happened 2 or 3 times but a bug that needs to be addressed. Also I am with a few other players Ego is a poor game choice in that you loose control of your ability to play your own hand and the ai takes over and plays for you and when and can cost you ladder points. RNG is part of these games and can be frustrating when you loose based not on your skill but luck I get that it’s a necessary evil but none the less frustrating when you loose because of a RNG dropping cards into your deck often lopsided in play..Version: 7.6.5

WowI’ve been raised by house phones, and i’ve seen the decade long growth of freemium style market strategies, this game, and the team behind it has not only taken extreme measures that allows for purchases for those who love the game and for the productions profit angle, but also not make total free players feel at a disadvantage, which promotes more honest and true to heart investments for said profits. Beyond the perfect balance of the eternal problem of pay to win with these type of business models, this game from a players prospective not a consumer, the matches are FAST like so fast you have time to do 2-3 while waiting in line, the matches feel GOOD you don’t feel cheated, you know when you messed up or made the wrong guess, it doesn’t feel BAD when you lose, or have to retreat, you learn from it naturally, yet it still feels rewarding when you outwit and outplay the other player. Something about the simpleness and short time invested really brings out the best of both worlds of losing and winning! Bravo guys truly this is coming from someone who hates freemium models with a passion! ❤️.Version: 8.7.1

Needs Nerfs but still overall amazing!Amazing game! But some cards need massive nerfs. You see the same cards in every deck that ruins people trying to play cards of characters they like. Devil dinosaur massively over powered can gain 10 power easily like it was nothing. Blue marvel low cost character that requires no intelligence to use and gives every card on players side +1 power. And the one I find the most ridiculous Klaw has 4 power and gives 6 to the location to the right of it! Are you serious?? A card that gives 10 power in total and it costs less than the highest rated cards to play it. On the bright side you can occasionally find a player that isn’t trying to sweat and just using the broken cards and on a brighter side it’s only a few that are “broken” and the ones that can actually be a game changer are more skill based than just playing it and winning. Side note the graphics, artwork and sounds are on a different level anyone saying that the animations aren’t good just haven't upgraded their cards enough to have a credible opinion..Version: 7.6.5

This might be the new standard for card gamesDon’t let the simplicity of the previews or early stages of gameplay fool you, these developers got the magic formula. This game features fast-paced strategic scenarios that deliver impactful effects. Sometimes it does feel like matches could be one or two extra turns or have an extra “battle” phase, but they still feel extremely fulfilling. There’s also the convenience of portrait mode. I know it might sound tedious, but sometimes it’s a pain to hold my device in landscape for games. I might not be in the right setting or have the time to commit to a landscape sized play field. It’s the perfect game to run on repeat for a quick couple of minutes or upwards of hours, if you can spare it. It would also appear that MOST cards are unlocked via gameplay and progression. Some come in battle passes and purchased packs, but you can make several competitive and various decks with the cards given. This is really an excellent title, I’m excited to see how the developers continue to enhance the core gameplay..Version: 9.16.0

Awesome Game - Just One QuestionI love the game and have been playing it for a while, I got to series three about a week ago and am loving the collection system. Especially with the new ticket shop. The only problem I keep having is, I have gotten the same card appear in the ticket shop 3 times and it’s a card I already have just a different variant. Is it possible to make the ticket shop shuffle through the cards I don’t have before giving me the ones I already own or having a new card every time before going back to a card that has already been shown in the ticket shop. Aside from Ultimate Namor (The variant i have gotten three times) there have been times when other cards would show up in the shop more than once which was a little annoying because it makes getting the card im looking for a little harder since the same card can show up multiple times before going through all the cards I don’t have. Over all I really like the new system and I really enjoy the game! Thank you!.Version: 9.16.0

Great game, feature suggestions.This is a great game, I was slightly intimidated at first because I haven’t played this style, but it was easy to pick up and a lot of fun. I was addicted immediately and it is hard to put down. With that said, I do have some suggestions: - Allow a replay feature - Incorporate friends / friendly battles - Maybe scale the leveling of tiers, there is so much gameplay that has to happen in order to reach the top tier, and the snap mechanic, though technically capping at 8, really caps at 4 because it is rare to have both players snap, along with constant retreating that I assume will happen more often at the higher levels, but the highest I’ve hit is gold so maybe I’m wrong. - Challenges! Maybe we have to use a certain card and be rewarded with their boosters, or possibly a restriction like only cards that cost three or less in your whole deck and be rewarded with gold or credits. I hope the developers see this, I have high hopes for this game and I know a lot of effort will be made to improve..Version: 8.7.1

Excellent game. 1 issue.I’ve been playing this game pretty much nonstop a little bit after release. Beautiful graphics, amazing synergies, overall excellent card game. I have a large background in TCG’s like Magic and Genesis:BoC. One thing that’s so great about those TCG’s is that the player has full autonomy over every decision they make in the game. That’s where I feel a part of that player decision is lacking. When it comes to discarding, I as the player should be choosing what I discard for an effect. The biggest place this comes into play would be with my Infanaut/Dracula combo piece. I shouldn’t have to leave that final discard up to chance of my Dracula being a 20 power or 3 power. I obviously want Dracula to be the beefed up 20 power when I discard the Infinaut. I know I’m not the only person who wishes they could make their own discard decisions in game. For a game that claims they took all the great things from TCG’s and put them into this game, I think that free choice everywhere needs to be implemented..Version: 9.16.0

Best Game on Mobile!Marvel Snap is an amazing game, and the developers have done such an amazing job of making a strategic card game accessible to so many people. This game can be the perfect free to play experience on mobile, and has implemented a system that feels like work is rewarded through progression. (I have bought bundles to support the game too though) To the developers, I think the latest bundle may be a bit too much of an overcorrection in pricing. 30$ for variants and possibly unlocking a card you don’t have for competitive advantage. I have nothing against the latter since you can still unlock base cards through normal progression (taking away a new possible pick) or just because i’m hoping this game will be supported through what has so far been shown to be a steady new stream of cards being implemented, which is awesome! I just really want the pricing model to be looked at to maybe make variants accessible to many more who want to support this amazing game! Thank you.Version: 9.16.0

Almost nothing but positivesI have many good things to say about this game: the monetization isn’t pushed, the progression isn’t that impactful but it also doesn’t force you to grind super hard to unlock stuff, and the gameplay is generally interesting. HOWEVER, some of the choices made in game design regarding RNG are very frustrating. First and foremost is the location of Ego. It says: “Ego takes over and plays your cards for you.” That’s it. If Ego happens to spawn, you just don’t get to play that game. I’m not sure who wanted that as a gameplay feature, but we got it anyway. Then, we have some locations that add random cards for each player. Not random cards from your deck, just any random card. In some cases, the game just gives a huge advantage to one player, which is impossible to plan for. The cards you play that have RNG attached at least feel ‘earned’ in some way, since you chose to play them. I think the biggest problem with the RNG is that the game is not very interactive, so if your opponent gets a Hulk out of nowhere, you’re pretty much stuck with it. Overall, I give it a solid: “it’s fine”..Version: 7.6.5

Fun game! Disregard most 1 star reviewsThis game is really good! I love the art style they used for it. Many different cards to collect, many different variants. Makes you think deeply into every turn you play. Sort of a gamble with the Snap and Retreat features. The people complaining it’s pay to win are clueless to the fact that upgrading your cards doesn’t do anything other then change the look. What’s the point? The purpose of the game is to collect as many cards as you can and just have fun…but the cards are playable. Don’t get to caught up with stats and such. As for higher power cards being played? I have never had that happen before. The people saying you are playing bots, you are for the first 20 rankings but only to get you familiar with the game and to develop your deck more, after that it’s real people. The ranking system seems to be very balanced unlike other games as well. I haven’t had any technical issues either. The devs really took their time with this one!.Version: 8.7.1

Least P2W Marvel Game (so far)I played mcoc for years and the ceiling grew exponentially, and the only way to bypass all the arbitrary time wasters such as, energy, and revives, were to pay. Future fight is arguably worse! They do give far more free upgrades to even top tier stuff, however the game has the same grind with micro transactions that scale the more you buy them. This game rewards you for playing. That’s it, you play, and the more you play the more you progress. And, if you’re better at the game you progress faster. The biggest thing that makes this game so good is that you can’t upgrade your cards power, you can only make them look cooler. The first battlepass is all free, however the second battlepass costs $9.99 which is ridiculous. You do get free items that are spread out very wide on the levels of the battlepass, but if you get to I believe level 50 you get free crates every level that give you currency to upgrade your cards or cosmetic skins for your cards..Version: 7.6.5

I love this app! It’s so fun, but…Like a stated in the title of this review, this app is a lot of fun to play. The simple yet layered mechanics make it both easy to jump into, while having a lot of fun things to learn and master. My issues with the app revolve around the fact that this app is lacking a lot of polish. I am constantly being bombarded with notifications in the app about cards I don’t want to upgrade (ugly variants) needing upgraded. This could easily be solved by allowing players to set one variant as the card’s appearance rather than having them as completely separate cards. Also, the gold costs are a bit ridiculous. It feels as though the app doesn’t want players to utilize variants because of the crazy gold costs which feel almost out of reach for the typical player. My last complaint is that a lot of the cards feel very unbalanced. Some heroes or villains are simply far better than others and some are practically useless. I’d love to see some better balancing. Over time I hope to see this issues solved with updates and improvements, because I’d love to give this game 5/5 stars!.Version: 8.7.1

F2P friendly fast card battlerThis is surprisingly really fun. There are so many Marvel games out, so I wasn’t even going to try it, but I saw people on Twitch streaming it, so I was curious. Even though there are in-app purchases (there aren’t many free games that don’t…), the game is more F2P friendly than most. The in-app purchases are mostly all for card “variants,” which are like different skins for the same card. They’re purely cosmetic. After you get passed a certain point, you can pay for a season pass that gives you extra rewards for progression for $10 USD. Those are the only in-app purchases I’ve seen. For this fact alone, I continued playing. And the second reason I really love this game is that the battles are FAST. I’ve played many card battlers and it’s always a pain getting through just one because they take so long. Marvel Snap battles are fast, you’re not rushed, and they’re easy. I don’t think there’s a reason not to download..Version: 7.6.5

F2P that feels good.I downloaded the game on a whim a on 10/9. And even when I did. I waited a week or so after to open it. I regret not downloading the game sooner. This is the first f2p game that I’ve played in a while, we’re losing doesn’t feel bad. In games I’ve been playing since day 1 most times the sting of defeat feels rooted in the belief that the other person paid to win. Here, that doesn’t happen. Because eventually people playing as long as you, if not longer will have access to the same cards. Same abilities. And it really is just, who added a key card to their deck, the location selection, and pure luck of the draw. And the fates weave the tale they wish to spin on that playfield. The disappointment of loss is more about your planning and luck, and as humans you can really learn from your mistakes and you can learn to not let things out of your control get to you… You know, for a game or any recreational activity.Version: 8.7.1

Amazing! Might even say SPECTACULAR!A fantastic new and inventive card game that delivers jam packed action and a variety of cards to collect. The mechanics are unique and very easy to learn, there’s plenty of ways to play the game and so far doesn’t seem to rely heavily on “Meta” every card can do amazing things in all kinds of decks. One of my questions is how do I earn credits without paying for them, I feel like it should be a little more accessible because I don’t want this game to end up as another pay to win game. Marvel has tapped into something that has lots of potential. Other questions/ things I would love to see in the future are adding friends and friendly matches, Ranked PVP, and who knows maybe even a card trading system. There’s other stuff but I think Marvel making this as unique as possible without trying to be another game is the best thing it can do. Check out Marvel Snap, I’m sure y’all will have a blast!.Version: 7.6.5

Amazin’I never write reviews but this game deserves it. I’ve been playing card games for decades and this is by far the best design in years. I’ve played Magic for 25+ years, tried hearthstone, Runeterra, and many others. The Snap “betting” system makes the game feel like poker, and the fast speed of games means you can play here and there with ease. Being able to retreat or snap lets you get out of games with bad variance or bad matchups and move along to a game you can win. Collecting new cards and cosmetics feels great and the art, variants, and card upgrade borders are incredible. The Nov 29, 2022 update has excellent new designs, and the team has shown great ability to balance cards as well as come up with new card designs that don’t break the game. The collector token shop lets you have some direction to your card acquisition as well. It’s actually quite exciting to get a new card that opens a new deck archetype. Finally, the fact that even whales don’t have every single new card immediately along with the fact that the cards you get in the beginning remain relevant, the game is truly not pay to win, but pay for variety and cosmetics. Even free to play players can eventually collect every card, and there’s no advantage to sitting and grinding forever. I could say so much more because there are so many other excellent details, but I’ll just end with this: Love it..Version: 9.16.0

Incredible GameTakes the best elements from pretty much every digital ccg and combines them into one. I won’t be surprised when this takes over the card game market and Im for it! The monetization model is pretty solid (gameplay is the primary currency.)The game is exciting and fast paced. Cosmetics are awesome and the card upgrade will make you nostalgic as you grow (aww look at my infinity iron man, how naive I was to think you were a good card.) To developers, please nerf bar with no name and subterranea. 5 rocks is too many and bar with no name should be deleted from the game. Variety is great but some elements are just straight up not healthy for game state. (Maybe 2 rocks instead!) The flavor of cards is really well designed! Each character feels like what you would expect from those characters. Even though Im a 30 year old man I feel like a kid again with this app and the best part is it doesn’t cost a fortune to be competitive..Version: 9.16.0

5 stars W/ room for potentialATTEN DEVS: Long time CCG player. I know zero % about the marvel universe. Still love this game. Five stars. Here’s some things I would love to see however. Flavor text: like I said, I’m among the decimal percent of people who haven’t watched the avengers and know who any of these people are. Reading about the characters would be a neat touch. Snap UI: it’s just confusing how snap priority works. When I can click it. When I can’t. Visually, I bet there’s a way for it to be more intuitive. Incentives: I’m sure this is intentional but the grind for cards in pool 2 is excruciating. Now as someone who throws money at CCGs, I have no problem fast tracking a collection with money but the conversion of $ to cards is appx $10 bucks, so it would be $240 bucks give or take for the pool 2 collection or 2 weeks of grinding. Obviously that feels intentional to keep a player base active while giving the whales a way to own a collection quicker but I feel caught in between. Where are the occasional shop specials? Or why can’t the caches that take forever to grind offer more than 10 boosters? Make the juice worth the squeeze and I’ll happily grind. Lastly stats: this is controversial but it would certainly appeal to the long time CCG crowd like myself. Anyways, non of these points is meant to detract from what is an otherwise extremely fun and addicting game. Keep up the good work devs 👍.Version: 7.6.5

Good game, could be great game!This game is amazing. It’s so fun to strategize each move with all the different cards and abilities. Gameplay wise, it’s super fun! But the UI and ease of use is…well it takes some getting used to. Little thing like when creating a deck u can’t check a cards ability in your collection, or player name changes. The game does have In game purchases which honestly can be concerning on how it will effect match making and balancing pay to win and free to play users but I haven’t been far enough into the game to really complain about that yet so I simply won’t. With all that being said, the game is good as it is, and has potential to be even better. EDIT‼️‼️ my apologies, there seems to be something wrong about my complaint. You actually can check a cards ability while in the collection section, I just didn’t have something’s downloaded I think it may have been “Card VFX” as when that was done downloading it could see them..Version: 8.7.1

Great game!I almost never leave mobile game reviews but I love this one and had to write something! This is an incredibly thought out and well balanced card brawler. I used to play Hearthstone a lot and this game has traces of that one. It’s well balanced, with a few OP cards that could use a nerf or two but for the most part it’s very balanced. I love how the developers have thought about the characters and given them abilities that make sense for those characters. Colossus, for example, cannot be destroyed and Multiple Man leaves a clone of himself if moved. These are nice touched that tell you the devs put thought into card design. The graphics are great, sound is superb! One thing I would like to see are more location variety but I’m still giving it 5 stars because that’s something that can be given in updates! Nice job on this one dev team! You made a mobile game that I can’t put down and that rarely happens!.Version: 7.6.5

SplendidThe second I started playing this game I was having a blast. The way the 3 areas change to shake up the battle can ether make you or break you. Now you are probably wondering is it pay to win. I wouldn’t say yes but I wouldn’t say no ether. The reason I say this is because the currency you can buy allows you to get alternate art of your favorite characters or to buy their other currency that allows you to evolve your cards art. Now the reason I say it’s a yes and no is because in order to unlock random new cards you must first evolve the cards you already have. So let’s say a fresh new player battles it out against a veteran, the veteran may have more time played and possibly a more flushed out deck while the new player may be limited to the basic cards, due to the zones changing effects it can give an edge to ether one of the players. So it’s a friendly game for casuals and competitive players alike..Version: 7.6.5

Future update wantsSo far this game has been great, I was expecting it to be completely different than it is, but I’m 100% enjoying this game and have been playing it for a week straight now. A couple things I hope to see in future updates, are the ability to add friends, maybe even make alliances/clans where we can eat rewards that was as well by completing challenges in a group. Also a better chat system, maybe free typing chat, with limitations obviously. But I’ve never seen anyone use the little coms that are implemented in the already, and makes me wonder sometimes are these just bots or am I playing actual people? As of right now the main thing I want though is the being able to add friends/play against them, even if that means I won’t get rewards for the battle to ensure there isn’t any boosting. Just been wanting to play my friends and see who can outwit who..Version: 7.6.5

Don’t understand why is having issuesSo as far as im playing the game. The game is amazing fun addicting and enjoyable. Even after a loose im still willing to continue to play and grind. Love the free season1 pass and the cards are beautiful. The gems 💎 are cheap and cost to upgrade cost is not bad at all. It’s reasonable. My issue and why is a three. 1- friend request. Put it in the game. I till my ppls to download the game but theres no way to play with them. I would love to collect cards and battle my friends. 2- should put clans in the game and ppl gain exp and clan points for upgrades and more cards as a team. 3- im having difficulties getting in a match. Will not allow me to find a match and is trying to blame me for the issue. I tried multiple times and is not working 😣 and im at 17 with amazing cards! On 14 on the Season pass now the game is not giving me a match. Pls help me and ill change the rating to a 5 which im willing to do if these issues are done. And i dont at all write comments on game reviews at all. Shows how much i do love this game!.Version: 7.6.5

Good GameI’ve played a lot of mobile card games and this one has a decent free to play model. You can buy things but it’s a bit pricey so not too many people do it. The better part is the cards are pretty balanced on top of it being strategy/luck with the board spaces. I haven’t spent any money and I’ve only lost maybe 4 games while almost being in silver. Only issue I have is there’s no way to challenge friends or have a friends list from what I’ve seen. I think adding that feature (and even disabling progression with friend battles to prevent win trading with friends or fake accounts) would be a huge credit towards the game. Another feature I would suggest is some kind of trading system and/or store variant where you could “disenchant” / “sell” (you could even call it something like “snap to dust” or “dusting”) cards you don’t use to use the essence on cards you want..Version: 9.16.0

Game just released give it timePeople are saying all reviews are bots but I am writing a review because I genuinely enjoy the game. I get some people can say it’s pay to get stuff and a cash grab for credits but the game just came out they will add more modes, locations, missions to earn way more credits. So we don’t need to pay to boost unless we really want to. It’s mostly visual upgrades anyways and I can’t wait to upgrade it all the way to see what it looks like. Really good job and yes it took years to make but you gotta understand how many people are in the marvel universe and I’m taking a guess and saying they nailed a lot of them in this card game, which by the way I love collecting cards and stuff so this is perfect. Add more of the stuff I recommend above and please add a system to at least see what level I can get some of my favorite hero’s unlocked unless it’s at random but I’ve been seeing otherwise..Version: 7.6.5

Pleasantly Surprised!I don’t ever write reviews on games, much less mobile games. I honestly don’t ever play mobile games. However, Marvel Snap has utterly blown me away. This game is proof that developers can create good, fun mobile games without having to milk their consumers dry for every single penny they could possibly salvage from them through petty monetization and restricting gameplay time through micro-transactions. Marvel Snap is addictive, fun and truly free in the utmost sense of the word. The amount of cards and experience you gain from simply playing the game is next to none when compared to other “free” mobile games. The gameplay is quick, easy to learn and the card collecting is really addictive overall. I have really enjoyed playing this game and am excited to see where it goes! If you are looking for a good mobile game that is free and truly representative of good game design, look no further..Version: 8.7.1

A Strategic Masterpiece… if you’ve got a buck to spare.I absolutely love this game. The morning I got it, I was hooked, and I’ve played it for a couple of days now. Unlocking beloved characters with various pieces of art and ways to upgrade such art is a lot different than other games I’ve played. Each round is short and exhilarating, containing popular characters with great abilities and iconic locations with their own quirks. My main problem is the Premium Pass. When I saw a new event (at this point, the symbiote event), I got really excited, seeing I could earn Miles and Carnage. But, when I got enough points racked up, I found that I didn’t receive them. This was because I didn’t buy the Premium Pass for $10. It’s disappointing seeing that I can’t unlock some of the iconic characters this game has to offer because I’m not willing to spend money. Other than that, I highly recommend this for strategic gamers who plan ahead and like something nice and short..Version: 7.6.5

Some Issues but Great GameThis game is awesome! It’s really fun and there isn’t so many ads but I keep having issues, I try to change my deck and then it says Invalid Deck and I also can’t make a new deck, It would really help if you could fix this, I also could not be able to play for a while until somehow I could. I wish the developer could check it out and see what’s wrong. Also one more thing was that I hate how you have to pay to get premium, $10? That’s a lot of money, if you brought it down, I would buy the premium. But overall the game is fun and I really like it, but if you fix these problems, it would come to my joy. Last problem.. I upgrade my cards but when I get these points for like the season and mystery cards, it doesn’t work and then it doesn’t upgrade my card either, it says Try Again later and that’s been happening for almost a month, So please check that out. Overall game is great..Version: 8.7.1

Money lost because of bugThis has happened twice already, I like this game it’s exciting and fun but this huge bug at least for me made me loose money, I load up into the game and the cards I upgraded and decks I made the last time o opened the game wornt there. It didn’t save my data even if I were to make a new deck and try and use it, it would say the severs are messed up. Last time this happened I bought the season pass yes it gave it to me but the satire and bank account said pending whilst the saving issue was going on so I deleted the game and It didn’t allow me to re install due to apples terms that if you don’t pay for n item it won’t allow you to re download so I had to pay for the season pass again because of some bug and it’s happening right now I bought the wakanda season pass and it says pending and the issue with the game not saving my data and giving me connection errors is accusing I’m afraid to delete the game and then charge me another 10 dollars because of a bug..Version: 8.7.1

Season Pass and BOT ProblemLove the gameplay. A genius mix of random chance and fun deck building with some really creative cards that feel like the Marvel character they represent. The problem is the season pass and obvious bots being used to control your season climb. No way I am paying $120 a year to keep up with the games meta, as a new card is acquired with the season pass and cannot be acquired any other way yet. I will continue to play for free but I feel like this type of profiting off of players love for the game makes me want to spend less time and money on the product. A season pass could be around $10-15 and last at least 3 months and maybe give a few new cards. The bot problem is also annoying. The game will match you with other players when it wants to. But if your are losing it gives you dumb bots to make you feel like a good player. Mopping the floor with players and climbing the ranks, bots show up if you win too many in a row almost always ready with the perfect card or location to make your strategy useless. You guys made a great game stop being shady and acting like the game is free and buying cards is not necessary. You guys want us to increase our collection level and this is a slow grind of you do not spend real money. You won’t get a penny of mine until these issues are addressed and players be warned your “skill” in the game may just be bots letting you get some wins so you stick around, 🧐.Version: 9.16.0

Cured my depressions. Big dubs!A couple hours ago I was just a sad little man, laying in bed at 1:30pm in the afternoon because my girlfriend left me and I was hiding from the fridge — she left me because I am overweight :( That’s when I saw on Snapchat a 3 part advertisement for Marvel Snap. I watched all 3 parts. It was good. But I didn’t get it because I thought it would not be good, but I was completely wrong. It wasn’t until I saw the ad again on Instagram approximately 3 and a half minutes later that I decided why not? Why shouldn’t I get this game? My girlfriend left me so I had no one to tell me not to! I quickly smiled mischievously and oh boy was this bout to be a great day. I have currently been playing for 16 hours straight and can’t stop. This game is too good. It’s perfect. It’s literally a work of art. I know I should eat something soon but nahh I just need to run 1 more game… Thank you Marvel for this marvellous awakening. It is so good so fresh almost as fresh and good as She Hulk. I am in love.Version: 7.6.5

So much better than expectedI went in with low expectations but man did ever exceed them. Enough RNG to make most rounds feel fresh without it being totally game breaking. The short games are a huge plus since most TCGs take so long it’s hard to approach but with snap I can just play quick in my short downtime throughout the day. Plus the monetization is way more transparent than the typical free mobile game only consisting of a battle pass and to skip the in game currency grind. Only major balance issue I’ve noticed right now is I think iron man should cost 6 to play but other than that the game feel pretty fair. Very well done and I will be playing regularly for the foreseeable future..Version: 7.6.5

Great game, having funNo ads and not pay2win. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is I’m not personally motivated by pushing up the ranks or cosmetics. I’m forced to unlock cosmetics to obtain new cards, and since matches don’t award credits directly, I’ve hit a wall where I can’t get any progress until new quests pop up..Version: 7.6.5

GREAT GAME BUT!!!Once you get to pool 3 you’re playing with beta players who have months or exp & you start getting collectors caches.. just a fancy word for loot boxes and you stop gaining guaranteed cards.. very unfortunate.. I see lots of people either quitting or starting second accounts lingering in pool 1.. which sucks because you got pretty smart players playing against new comers because they can’t get some of these really important cards to continue to be competitive.. pool 3 players should be able to have some type of card shop asap otherwise I myself and a lot of YouTubers are saying interest may die down on the game fast… Msg to devs.. don’t let this great start fool you.. lots of games do massively well upon launch and don’t think certain aspects out quick enough and the community will turn on you fast… be smart.. be vigilante & be quick..Version: 8.7.1

Insanely expensiveExcellent free content - no doubt about it. The game is addictive, lots of fun, and has great mileage without spending a penny. However, should you decide to spend money, their bundles are obscene. $100 or more for a card and some upgradeable stuff. If these we’re even $25, I’d probably buy them all as they come out. Again. Amazing free content but the paid is shockingly overpriced..Version: 9.16.0

Amazing👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌.Version: 7.6.5

Amazing!I can’t believe there is actually a solid Marvel themed game on iOS! Gameplay is fun and so far the game doesn’t seem greedy!.Version: 7.6.5

Great game TBH!Pros: No stamina system can play as much as you want Doesnt feel P2W, game starts off pretty balanced The terrain/location card in the middle really mixed things up so it doesnt get boring/grinding Cons: Credits not earned fasted enough after the first 10-20 levels, no one is gonna pay just to progress further Should gift more reward for winning player, as least some credits so i am not stuck unable to level up cards.Version: 7.6.5

Great launch but lacks contentI have been playing for 3 days (started playing on global launch day) now and I gotta say it’s much more strategic than I thought it was going to be. The game has amazing visuals, quick, and is generally f2p. However, there is an extreme lack of variety; no clubs, no way to play against your friends, no other gamemodes, etc. Overall, the game is great especially considering it just launched Global and I would definitely recommend trying it out..Version: 7.6.5

Just get it, periodt.Don’t second guess yourself, especially if you typically don’t like these kinds of mobile card games. It will surprise you, I promise!.Version: 8.7.1

Loving it, packs are expensiveI love this game! Reminds me of a lot of my favourite card games in one! Toss in the Marvel universe and bam, instant hit. The game is very easy to jump into and play right away. There is no pressure to grind and anyone can casually pick up the game any time. My ONLY issue with the game so far is that it costs quite a bit to buy any of the powerful cards/packs. For an average player some of these cards are impossible to obtain if you are F2P only..Version: 9.16.0

Good gameQuick and fun.Version: 9.16.0

Greaaaat game!Such a great and addictive game. Thank you for that!.Version: 9.16.0

Play Marvel SnapCan’t stop playing! and you have to have a big brain to win. it really feels like your in the Marvel world battling..Version: 9.16.0

Good gameQuick games, easy to learn, definitely some skill required, haven’t encountered any p2w yet.Version: 9.16.0

Retreat buttonFix your retreat button, I clicked retreat, but then it didn’t let me out of that match and I couldn’t even click end turn. Lost cubes that I shouldn’t have. Nerf leader, I could spend like the whole match making a 20 power dead pool, then they could just copy it..Version: 9.16.0

‘Nuff saidThe games are literally minutes long. I can pump out a few on a simple break at work. Doesn’t matter if people dump cash into it or not. Location. Location. Location. I would score higher if I could. Love it!.Version: 9.16.0

HimGood game just occasionally the game glitches out and the game just doesn’t end.Version: 9.16.0

No soundThere is no sound on iPhone a 13 Pro..Version: 9.16.0

What a game!Super fast games and i love it..Version: 9.16.0

5/5 Great GameIn a world of pay to win, the need to spend money in this game seriously feels totally optional. The progression system feels incredible, the gameplay itself is short and to the point, very easy to accumulate many games in a little amount of time. Coming from Someone who was sceptical about this game, I 100% recommend this game and think it’s a great game!.Version: 9.16.0

One of the best games out thereIt’s easy to play, yet fun! No pay-to-win, or ads! I can spend hours just playing this game!.Version: 9.16.0

Best game ever!So much fun and great characters and powers!.Version: 9.16.0

Game based on brain skillsYou have to play nicely and choose everh card with specific powers and levels so you can compete equally very nicely organized ♥️♥️♥️if you play for 5 minutes you'll play for another 2 hours ☝️😂.Version: 9.16.0

Money grabFantastic game but overpriced season pass and way to short. Call of duty is $13 and last weeks. I’m not forking over 15 a month nice try. If that ever changes so will my review.Version: 9.16.0

Great gameI had issues with it but they pretty much fixed them all so I guess it’s five stars now! Love it.Version: 9.16.0

Great gameEasy to learn fun to play. Gets more challenging the more you play which adds to the excitement..Version: 9.16.0

☀️Please add a guild system in this game it would be soo much fun ! Overall really good game has alot of potential for the future ..Version: 9.16.0

Has potentialGood game to play early on it fun a addictive . Now once u get to rank 40 the lack of human player forces u to face AI and well it’s frustrating and redundant . Your most potent cards get destroyed at the perfect time , the locations just seem to play against your strengths no matter how many decks you make . When a new location is introduced it’s force fed to you over and over again, and some are enormously frustrating, again especially the AI control aspects. Everything is free cards and upgrades, you can earn gold by just grinding. Unfortunately until u catch up with a wide variety of cards you will be beaten by cards that you will need months to years to grind to get. Props to those who started early but I had to delete it and get a game like this with more human interaction and less BOTS..Version: 9.16.0

Okay, but paid to win!It is almost time to quit! Have seen articles about game! $100?! Prime plus! I was thinking about it until plus!!! What is next! Super platinum!! Bots! Cheating!!! Hmm 3 is high!.Version: 9.16.0

One problemI love the gameplay and collection system in this game! My only problem is that the rank up system is designed to encourage players to not finish games. So when you get up to Platinum, games end on then 4 cause one player knows they are going to lose and retreat before the lose too many cubes. I hope you can fix this so that people will actually want to finish games.Version: 9.16.0

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