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In the context of the last decades, are you sure that there is no slightest threat from humanity challenges that were overcome long ago?

“New York Mysteries: The Outbreak” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects with unforgettable characters and challenging quests to conquer, plenty of mini-games and puzzles!

Once again you are transported to the New York of the late 1960s. Laura and her trusty workmate Will need to investigate an intricate case of a bizarre disease plaguing the city. Together, you discover that it might have something to do with a mysterious artifact preserved in the archives of a secret order.
There is a shadow hanging over New York City and time is running out. The plague doctor of the modern era, will he cure the twenty-first century society?

- Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics.
- Lots of collectibles and morphing objects to find.
- Explore more than 50 stunning scenes!
- Solve more than 40 challenging puzzles!

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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New York Mysteries 4 CE App Comments & Reviews

New York Mysteries 4 CE Positive Reviews

New York Mysteries: The Outbreak by LynxMinxNote to KimTwilight: Boy am I happy to see your review! I have missed you so much, and I hope you are well. I haven’t seen any of your reviews on all the Domini nightmares. I don’t know if you are aware of how bad things have gotten. I also love the crime genre way better than fantasy, and truthfully if you have already read Kim’s review, I have nothing to add. Nobody reviews better than Kim! Five BN gives us all the proverbial bells and whistles, and does so at a fantastic price at the same time. As far as I know, this is the sole developer to provide a detailed journal. I do agree with Kim that finding the collectibles can be extremely exhausting, but really nobody is forcing us to look for them. I would love to see some other new series from this developer that is mystery/ crime themed as opposed to fantasy. Fantasy is way overdone and I am tired of it. Still, this was a fabulous game. Purchase and enjoy! Remember it is important to rate and review if you want this developer to release new collector’s edition games for the paying population here on iOS!.Version: 1.0.2

Great funKeep these coming. I really enjoy the crime based themes versus fantasy..Version: 1.0.2

It’s Not a “Mystery” That There’s Nothing “Plaguing” This Game!I am thrilled to see this game was released, as this series always fascinates me with its high level of stimulating gameplay, realistic urban settings, and explosive storylines. This installment did not disappoint me. Typical of this series, the exposition of the plot takes you back to 1960s New York, as you, Laura James, an investigative journalist, and your side-kick, Will, conduct an inquiry of the circumstances behind a strange plague that seems to be ravaging through the city. It starts out from the get-go with a cliff-hanger, as you are kidnapped from your own home and wake up in a trailer within an abandoned, creepy amusement park. As the drama unfolds, the frequent cinematic cutscenes capture the escalation of suspense, drawing me further into the storyline. This is the only developer that provides players with an in-depth journal, which records the story as it progresses. I appreciate the ability to refresh my mind after a brief break from playing. Gameplay is delightfully engaging. There are plenty of items to collect within each scene throughout your adventure. The HOS include my favorite type: “Find and Use,” in which you find items within the scene and manipulate them back into the scene. They are highly interactive, with occasional embedded puzzles to solve. The puzzles are entertaining and suit your objectives. Some gave a challenge, such as the mask puzzle of which you arrange the masks in a way so that there are no duplicate colors or distinct facial emotions in the same row or column. The collectibles are a bit tedious to spot at times, but the map eases that burden. The teleport map is your link to seeking out which locations have marked available actions as well as collectibles to acquire. The organizational structure is user-friendly, providing all-in-one access to the game’s multiple components; the collectibles, strategy guide, etc., are confined to the same location under the Menu button. I haven’t come across any glitches; transition is seamless. I don’t mind paying $6.99 for a game that comprises all of the features I desire, including lengthy playtime. I suggest you give this game a try. I’m sending good wishes to all the usual, faithful reviewers, as well as anyone else reading this. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.Version: 1.0.2

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