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Spend hours of fun playing Triple Match 3D puzzle matching game and enjoy awesome levels and fun challenges!

Enjoy your brain time, and improve your sorting skills to become a matching master!

Spend a relaxing, fun time as you find and connect tiles and complete different missions.

Develop your skills by playing everywhere and as much as you want offline. Grab this amazing puzzle from the store and start searching for hidden objects today!

How To Play:
* Tap on three identical tiles and connect them into triples
* Keep sorting and matching objects until you clear all tiles from the screen
* Complete the goal set at the start of the level and become a master of 3d puzzle games!
* NOTE! Each level has a timer, so you must move fast & reach the level goal!
* Use boosters to help you sort through the objects and pass tricky levels
* Use Shuffle to rearrange the items on the board

Fans of mahjong games will experience endless excitement and fun with this awesome match 3d game. Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours!
Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game and discover these Fun Features:

* Amazing boosters to help you along the way
* Beautifully designed match 3d levels
* Fun brain training missions
* Easy and relaxing tile matching game
* Free to play online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required

Enjoy unique gameplay that will keep you busy for hours! Put your logic and strategy skills to the test in this addicting Triple Match game.

Note that Triple Match 3D ads do not necessarily show actual gameplay.

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Triple Match 3D App Comments & Reviews

Triple Match 3D Positive Reviews

Love it !This can really get super hard at times.. as soon as you start to learn some of the items and can match them quickly.. they will add - well let’s just say the item with have a different color scheme or design on it lol I had to figure it out on my own the hard way. Pay close attention to your space, tap carefully, colors & patterns matter ! HAVE FUN ~ I know I do ~ it’s one of my favorite games. I would not recommend this for anyone who has trouble distinguishing colors. Some levels are all pink for example, it can be hard to find the correct items. UPDATED - after developers response: I will for sure contact the team. This really is a great game.. but when you have to spend so much to play it becomes another money grab.. which is not fun. There should be challenging levels. However when your reward is 10coins after passing ten levels & you need 100 coins for one fan .. it’s unattainable. The team chest is even worse. If you can not maintain a team of at least 45 people who play everyday, you won’t get any rewards. Again, 10 coins for 1000 keys ? Hoping the team considers adjusting this. Yes - my team knows I have edited my review and am happy I have reached out..Version: 108.01

Enjoyable in the BeginningVery addictive game that started out to be my new favorite go-to game. However, after the levels began to get more challenging, the fun began to fade. First of all, you must endure an advertisement after EVERY game, which wouldn’t be so bad except you don’t get any type of credit for watching it—no extra lives, no extra boosters, etc.—you simply must endure it in order to play again. Secondly, once you’ve used all your boosters on the more difficult levels, you aren’t able to get more unless you buy them with REAL money. (You do get a booster of some sort every 24 hrs, but you need more than that on harder levels.) Right now I'm on level 355 and have been for about a week. I’ve used all my boosters, so all I can do is play the same board over and over (with an ad between each play!), unless I want to shell out cash. Lastly, probably the most frustrating part is that you cannot earn “extras” unless you win the level. There are special items you can collect on each board. When you find a certain number of them, you win coins/boosters. However, you can only collect them if you beat the level. So, here I am, picking up gems, horseshoes, etc. to help me out, but because I can’t pass the level (because I don’t have gems, horseshoes, etc.) I don’t get to keep them. It’s a vicious cycle. There really should be ways to get extra lives/boosters..Version: 107.01

My favorite game!!Absolutely love this game. It will keep you very busy if you need something to pass the time. But there are a few issues. First off the game has several ads in between each game and you have to X off each one and some times it’s as high as 3-4 ad pages… it gets pretty frustrating if you get killed saying you accidentally hit the wrong item and you just started off on a new game. It will make you go back through and re-watch 3 to 4 more ads I mean even if you’re only five seconds into the new game, the ads are a bit much. Yes I know we could pay money and not have to look at the ads but with a lot of games it’s only one ad that you cross out of. I think it’s a little overboard on the ads. It takes up a lot of your time and it really makes you frustrated. I’ve also noticed lately that there’s something buggy about the game I can be touching something on the upper right hand corner of my page, tap in one of the items and it’ll put two or three items that were down in the left-hand corner of the screen like I’m not even near that area so I don’t know what the deal is with that but I just noticed that this week so I don’t know if the game starting to get buggy and the creators need to look at it. But all in all, it is a really fun game!!.Version: 107.01

My daily brain activating gameI love this game! I’m a busy mom of lots of kids and I often feel like my brain is mush halfway through the day. I truly feel like playing this a few times a day has helped my brain wake back up and get focused again. I also have bad vision, and this is making me feel like I’m keeping my hand eye coordination up a bit, as you have to tap quickly and accurately for the whole game. I’ve had this game for just a few weeks now and I did purchase the no-ads version so I wouldn’t have to wait for ads to complete. I haven’t purchased anything else though, and I don’t think it’s necessary to - I’ve found that if there’s a level that is really challenging, maybe I’ve lost on it repeatedly for a few days straight, eventually the layout becomes slightly easier (like all the hard to find pieces you’re supposed to find will be on the top layer instead of the bottom layer) almost as if the game feels bad for me that I’m so terrible at it. 😂 I also like how satisfying it is to empty the board completely, or get all of one item, then all of another item. Definitely recommend this game - I convinced two of my kids to play it, too!.Version: 115.02

Not sure why this is so addicting!I’m over level 2000 and thought it was time to write a review. I love everything about this game. There’s lots of ways to get lives, you can build up your bonus items easily, and the levels are the perfect difficulty. Some are easy some hard and some are really hard. The extra hard ones are still playable without purchasing anything, though it may take several tries depending on the level. None are impossible but you do have to be quick with your fingers which I have mastered pretty well. If you are not quick at clicking or visually identifying things, you may struggle with some levels more…but just know they are doable. I purchased the ad removal a long time ago and let me tell you: it is worth it!!! I don’t mind making purchases for this game from time to time because it’s not unfair or loaded with ads like other games. Download this, get the ad removal, and be prepared for hours of relaxing entertainment..Version: 113.01

Love/Hate opinionTo the developers: I have enjoyed playing this game, it has been very therapeutic. I have reached level 2020 and have spent my money trying to get through the hard and extra hard levels. I will no longer be putting my money into this game. Th game has become too Frustrating and No Fun over time. As I have progressed through, you have made those hard levels way too difficult by taking away time (only 1min. 39seconds on some harder levels), hiding my time and lightning boosters deeply underneath, and the items to be found are small and burried under way too many different items to match and clear. As someone who has played consistently and paid money, my opinion is to either not bury the boosters, give more time for the level, or have less items on the board. I like for the levels to be harder as a challenge, but not where I have to use up everything you’ve earned by playing well to have to play a level over and over 15 times. Then when I make it through there’s another hard level or only 2 or 3 normal levels then back to hard again. This is the game trying to make you spend more money to make it through a level. Something needs to be changed..Version: 119.02

Ruined my iPad, Doesn’t RotateSo I got so into this game that my 3yoiPad had to be charged while I was playing. Unlike other games, this one wouldn’t rotate/flip so that the cable would be at the top. So I was playing for weeks with cable against my stomach and…..charging port got damaged to where I had to adjust it juuust right to get it to charge. Other games just like this one will rotate….but I like the way this game flows and it must have some game play adjustment to where if I lose 10x in a row, it slowly begins to reduce the number of total items that one must sift through to *find* the right items. On every Extra Hard one, I have to start doing screen captures to finish, because it’s otherwise impossible. For some reason, I get many Extra Hard ones. Maybe I should play it less. I payed for ad-free finally. Other peeve: people who no longer play the game but joined a team and didn’t leave the team before quitting playing the game again…..CLOG the teams up with useless non-participants. Please set this game up to rotate so my charging cable comes out the top, and automatically REMOVE players from Teams that haven’t played the game in over 3 months..Version: 116.01

Gets too hard unless you payI LOVE THIS GAME. I’ve played it most everyday since downloading it over a year ago. I took away a star because it’s just like all the rest—money grubbing. I will always pay an app to get rid of ads and I figure that $5 is my part to the developers. I wish I could download a photo. I’ve been on the same level for a week +. It gives me six items I must find. And I have to find 9 of each of them—in 2 minutes. There is no way to win unless you buy stuff. In order for me to “earn” anything it takes many hours of play and many more of winning the levels before they will give an extra minute. And on top of that they started stacking all the cute items about 5 deep. Even though I had to find 9 of each item they were all hidden. So I had to make sure I found all three before I chose what to get rid of. Even though there was 9 of each one! I had to get rid of a bunch of things that didn’t count first, so that takes a lot of time also. I’m really sad to have deleted the game. I suppose making a game for pure enjoyment is out of the question. These developers are taking it in..Version: 119.02

DisappointedOn the good side this game is engaging and somewhat addictive. It’s not a good game for relaxation as the speed required makes it very high stress but it does get adrenalin going. On the negative side you usually only get to play 2 to 3 normal fun levels before it gives you the hard or super hard and even some of the non rated levels are pretty rough. Largely they are hard to win without the special tools. These are grudgingly parceled out after winning lots of games which means if you want to play for longer than 5 to 10 minutes you will need to spend a lot of money or just quit playing and come back later which is what I have done. Up to now there has been a daily reward which made it possible, over time to get what you needed to move on but tonight that disappeared from the app. I didn’t totally mind having to wait a week to get what was needed to win one of their ridiculously hard levels but If this is gone too it means it will be impossible to ever move on without emptying my bank account. Not much fun getting on a game and quickly losing. I suspect this may be the end of my engagement with this one. But if you have lots of money you don’t mind wasting, go for it..Version: 109.01

Fun but frustratingThe game is fun; but there are aspects that are very frustrating. Some of the levels are unnecessarily challenging. On some levels there are items that are very small that inevitably are going to be at the bottom. You really don’t have enough time to get through all of the items to get to the ones at the bottom. I’ve seen comments about being able to get to items at bottom more easily, but I have not had that experience. Other than the initial tutorial on how to play the game, I have not seen any other suggestions or skill tips anywhere. In other instances, there are items that are the same except for one minor detail. You may not even be able to see the difference until you pick up the item, which means you fill up your board and cannot advance. Some level seem to be designed to require you to use a booster. Once you’ve used all your boosters, you could be playing the same level for days. I also am not certain how the events work. But for instance, the island racer event, if somebody is in the higherlevels playing against somebody who is just starting the game, the person who’s at the lower level is probably going to win..Version: 105.01

Game is Awesome-Ads are a PainThis game is addictive! It’s great fun! I’ve told everyone about it and they have downloaded it too! I don’t mind ads…what I do mind is these ads are loud!!! I have the game settings on mute, but when the ads play, I have to click mute. Then I have to click skip, then I click and X, then I have to wait 5 sec to click another X. I play many games where the ads don’t make a sound and you only have to close the ad once. Developers…PLEASE fix this! UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS: I know I could pay for the app, I am very aware of this. You cannot close the ads quickly. And they are not QUIET! That is the main issue I have with the ads, that they make noise even though I have my sound turned off. Also, there is not one click, but four before you can close the ad. You have to click to stop the sound, then close the first part of the ad, then click done on the second part of the same and, then you must wait 5 seconds before yo can close the last part of the same ad. I am simply asking for you to remove the sound since my settings for the game are quiet. Thank you.Version: 102.02

AI Adaptation to Encourage SpendingFirst of all, it is a very fun game, especially starting out. Now the thing that bothers me is I really don’t mind spending once in a while to support developers of games that I like. The problem with this game is that after you start spending, it definitely starts, analyzing your gameplay to encourage you to buy more. If you spend money, it continues ramping up aggressively until it’s almost unplayable unless you buy coins. I know this is true because I have tested on multiple devices spending on one and not the other after I started suspecting the AI interference . It would make the same levels harder on the device, where I spent money, to encourage me to blow through more coins. Then when I purposely lost enough levels and tried to save as if I were getting frustrated with the game and on the verge of quitting, it would begin to make the impossible level easier and easier. So I feel less inclined to support a developer that manipulates its players like this. I continue to play though less than I used to. And I refuse to pay another penny now that I know that it only makes the difficulty increase..Version: 115.02

Good but could be betterThis game takes way to long to refill “lives” and it does not have enough rewards to allow a person to gain more lives without waiting 25 minutes to refill. Cookie Jam does a much better of job of providing ways a player can continue playing the game without having to wait an exorbitant amount of time. While this game is fun, it could be better at giving players more ways to continue playing, once out of lives, rather than pushing the player into making a purchase to do so. Additionally, if you don’t purchase this game upfront, you will be blasted with ads. I noticed these same complaints comes up very often in the Reviews. At what point do the developers start to take this into account? Again, Cookie Jam has done a great job of giving players options for more lives, of course once you exhaust them then there is a wait time to refill but it is not 25 minutes or more!.Version: 108.01

I would give it more stars butttttI would give it more stars but all this game wants you to do is spend money. You get 5 lives that are gone in a flash, especially if you accidentally hit a fallen object and fill you column which you have to pay to clear. The side games for rewards takes way to long to enjoy because you have to collect 60-90 objects to “paint, clear, or sweep” something but only get up to 3 of those objects per board. You rarely give 15 minutes of unlimited time as a reward and when you do, time starts immediately and then you have to jump through 10 secs of ads and so forth before each match so it’s wasted. I play Royal Match and I have received several rewards of u limited time, given chances for several free lives, played side games to earn rewards, and so on. I have also spent money on that game because it gives me more bang for my buck! The game is fun, my lives fill fast, and my team is great over there. Play it and learn from it. Otherwise, you will lose players and this app that has potential will be just another forgotten hoopla..Version: 110.01

Fun but aggravatingTakes 30 minutes to refill one chance to play and will only build to 5 chances. Some of the hard levels are very difficult to pass- either my iPad screen is very sensitive to touch or the area around the objects isn’t specific because I touch an object and the one next to it is selected. This causes the boxes at the bottom to fill with objects not matching and a chance is lost. Also, the timer seems to quickly run out on these levels. Rewards are few and far between, so there’s not much opportunity to build up rewards. Every 24 hours, the game gives rewards but they will not go far on the difficult levels. For example, one magnet and one freeze time. Sometimes it gives 15 minutes of play time but with ads after every game, which most of the time includes four clicks to get off of it, around 15-20 seconds, most of the free play time is consumed with ads. I suppose it’s designed this way so people will spend money to buy extra game chances. (I do realize ads pay for the game to be available to play for free.).Version: 91.01

Fun but also frustratingI have become addicted to this game, which I have had only for a couple of months. I do have two complaints, though: 1) that it is ridiculously easy to accidentally tap an item you didn’t mean to, which I can understand when I’m on my iPhone using my finger, but I would think that using an Apple pencil on an iPad would make for more delicate, specific touches; and 2) I have a tendency to forget to keep track of the available spaces below, and often find myself out of space, which I know is my own fault; BUT having said that, there are many times when I was sure I had two available spaces left, but after touching the items needed to complete a match, I find the game ended with the notification that I’m out of space. The problem is that I can’t see where I went wrong (if I did) because that space is not only grayed out but entirely blocked by an ad. Can’t you run the ad separately so the players can at least see what mistakes they made?.Version: 117.03

Great gameThis is a fun and very challenging game at times. Some levels are nearly impossible to pass, but I’ve figured out strategies that work to get past them by using the accumulated tools that I earn by passing other levels. I am on level 2,381, and I have not spent a single dollar in order to pass any of the levels and do not intend to. It is possible to play this hour after hour, for free, especially if you belong to a team with 4-5 actively playing members. My one and only complaint is that the game freezes unpredictably from time to time. It takes turning my iPhone off and back on to unfreeze it. Maybe it’s our wifi or maybe the game doesn’t run well on unlimited data. Dunno. But it happens infrequently, so if that doesn’t bother you, and you like match games, this might just be the game for you..Version: 110.01

Good game but FrustratingWhile fast playing the game, it will “pick” a similar item to your last pick. Almost difficult to change to a different item if a similar item is on the board. This is awesome and can allow you to snatch an item from deep below others. These rules go away when you only have one space left. With one space left you are often required to hold the item to be sure you have the correct one and it may switch when you let go - game over. This is not a lack of skill this is a feature written into the program. Notice how if you have only two of the same item and nothing else when you try to pick an alternate you often have to pick it twice. That doesn’t happen with only one space left. Often the game will chose an item that isn’t even paired with anything on the board. Just be careful with your last picks and try to run with more than one empty space. Good luck..Version: 105.01

Really Fun, but Eventually Gets Too Hard to Play without Buying LivesI got hooked on this game really fast to the point where it was taking up hours of my time. However, it has managed to wean me from it quite a bit simply by getting to a point where it takes me as many as 15-20 lives to get through one level. Since I refuse to buy lives and don't want to be the one constantly begging for lives from teammates, I just quit playing until I'm up to the full complement of five lives again (a few hours) and get on with my real life -- a much better expenditure of my time. One other criticism is that the harder it gets, the less receptive it is to taps on items. I've also tapped multiples of an item and only one ends up going onto my bar while the other simply disappears. Many items also get too small not only to tap but to be distinguished from other items. It got a lot less fun from Level 1000 on..Version: 110.01

Good idea turned into a cash grabThe game itself is fine. If the ads irritate you, you can pay to have them removed, which isn’t unreasonable. But as the game continues, it becomes impossible to progress without putting extra money down. You start getting “extra hard” levels where the items you’re looking for are completely buried under other items and the time allotted is very short. After you’ve played it unsuccessfully 6-10 times and used up all your lives, voila, the items are moved to the top of the pile. There’s a not very subtle pressure to spend additional money on power-ups if you want to keep playing. As long as you know what you’re getting into, have time to waste waiting for your lives to replenish, and can accept that the game is primarily structured to siphon money out of your pockets, it’s a decent generic match 3. Pay to play is pretty much the rule these days, and it’s hard to find any games that haven’t been turned into a money making scheme..Version: 107.01

Fun to Frustrating 😖It’s a good game. I like it. As others have noted, in the beginning the game is fun. As the levels progress the game becomes very challenging and not as much fun. Here are some of the issues: 1. You only get 5 lives at a time. If I’m on a difficult level, it takes more than 5 lives to get through it. Heck, sometimes more than 25 lives! 2. It takes hours for the lives to build up again. 3. A good thing is that sometimes you get free lives. The problem is the limit on the lives you can accumulate (limit is 10). If you get a gift of 5 free lives when have 10 lives in the bank, you lose the gift. You don’t get the option to replace the gift for something else useful in the game (I.e. fan or magnet). As previously mentioned when on a difficult level, extra lives are needed. Lives are the ONLY thing limited. 4. When time runs out, you can accidentally purchase more time because the pop up will appear right where your next move was. There should be a confirmation. Suggestion: Take a page from Sudoku and add difficulty levels (I.e. easy, moderate, hard, extra hard, expert). This way the player has some control and can play at a level that is challenging for them. And can play against other players near their level when the boat races are offered. This would definitely open up the game to a wider range of players..Version: 122.02

Great game until…I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, couldn’t wait to hit level 300 because it would be a great milestone. I hit level 300, and then I stop playing and go to bed. I wake up in the morning and the first thing that popped up in my screen was an ad. Never happened to me before, I don’t know where it came from. And honestly I wouldn’t mind the ads if they were actually appropriate. I saw an ad the other day, with some guy in a bed with a girl in a bikini. That’s definitely not appropriate, especially for kids that love this game, either those kids won’t know what it means or they will and start getting the wrong ideas. For now, I will prolly just turn off my internet while I play. I like how the developer made it so that you only get ads once you hit a high level, that way your already addicted to the game and you watch the ads MORE If your child wants to play this game, try to find a knock off version that doesn’t have ads.Version: 116.01

Great to play, extra lives too limitedThe game maintains interest, and applies enough pressure to make you push to finish matches before time runs out. Difficulty increases at a decent pace. I love it. However playtime becomes limited quickly. The game pushes you to join a team to share and get lives. I did, but you can only give one life to a teammate, thus far. You can request one from a teammate every 4 hours or so. You have to wait 20 minutes to replenish a life and there are practically no reward efforts to get you an extra life after the initial download. The amount of wait time is a disincentive in harder levels because you can lose your lives quickly and end up waiting much more than playing. If it continues this way, I will likely delete it. It needs to be a bit easier to get lives to balance the waiting and playing ratio in order to maintain the enthusiasm. It would otherwise be a 5 star rating for me..Version: 117.03

Challenging, addictive, and not overrun with adsFirst off, let me say I’m on level 99 and the game looks nothing like it did in the ads; instead, it’s just piles of objects, many the same color, and you have to find 3-4 sets of 3-4 objects in a set time period. Starts out easy and gets harder with each win, then after you win an extra hard game, it starts over with a new group of objects. I often have to try to beat the extra hard game 6-8 times before I finally win, which is what makes it so addictive. You can buy extra chances or minutes to make it easier, but where is the fun in that??? And while most games show you an ad between EVERY SINGLE GAME, this one doesn’t. That’s what makes this my very favorite game..Version: 119.02

It was fun until it wasn’tFirst don’t be fooled, it is a little bit like gambling but with no payout. If you cave and start buying coins, because the game is quite addicting, those coins will evaporate in one game and it is very difficult to “earn” coins. I went through a weak period where I bought coins until I had to put myself in a time out. Once I refused to buy anymore coins the games got so difficult it was ridiculous. I got to level 480 and had to call it quits. It’s pretty stupid to pay even $10 on a game like this, let alone more. They sell packs of coins for up to $100…for real! Think about what you would get for that $100 - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I deleted the game because it became clear after about a dozen attempts to beat level 480 that I would not prevail unless I paid them off. Just be careful if you have a gambling problem; I’d say to steer clear of this game and any others like it..Version: 119.02

Beware of online purchasesI LOVE this game and am seriously addicted like I’ve never been to any game. I would give it 10 stars if I could BUT! I would think twice about buying any additional play time or coins. Last night I spent $2.12 for an additional minute. I only got about 10 seconds and then my round timed out. I immediately wrote to their support staff. Twice. Both times I received a reply saying “sorry… we can’t refund you as you used your minute.” Oh really? Were you there next to me to verify that? I did NOT get a minute. Either the site crashed or there was a technical glitch, but I did not get a minute, wouldn’t lie about it, and these guys dishonestly made $2 for nothing. I have since escalated this up to Apple and hope to get resolution with them. Great game. Dishonest, unreasonable people. (Yes. I know it’s only $2 but it’s the principle of the matter.) Think twice before buying any in-app purchases..Version: 94.01

Loved the game a lot…initiallyI really enjoyed this game and binging play as well. Then you realize what a money drain it is. If you spend money and obtain “free play time”, the timer commences immediately upon purchase. Some of us do work jobs and have to sleep, so the fact that the timer counts down whether you play or not is, quite frankly offensive and a rip off. If I’m paying money for free time, that time should be mine while playing, right? Nope! Also, the difficulty levels make it impossible to pass a certain level for many days if you’ve drained your coins and lives, which makes you “stall” until you spend more $$. I deleted the app, tired of the money drain for the temporary fun, it should have at least a better return for your investment. I’d give it five stars for the graphics, playability and such but the rip off component makes this lose a couple of stars for me. Sorry!.Version: 112.01

Great for cognitive functionOkay. I am a game player for sure and this game is by far my new favorite; with that said, I am a little disappointed at the amount of rewards you get when completing every 10 levels and get the gift box. I just got to level 1000 and thought yay maybe it finally give me more than 10 coins…depressing to only see 10 coins when the box opened. I’ll keep playing, I’m just hoping that the game makers will make it easier to get more coins. It takes 100 coins to keep going if you run out of time and 100 coins to empty the boxes if you accidentally fill them up, but then only get 10 coins here and there so it takes a blink of the eye to use them and several days to regain enough to use again and then your out again. Other than the coin issue…I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!.Version: 116.01

Almost perfectI love this game, but there’s one thing that keeps me from LOVING this game. Coins are crazy expensive and it’s impossible to earn enough coins to keep playing for very long. If you either run out of time or need to clear, it takes so long to save that you either have to buy more or quit. I’ve blown a LOT more on this game than any other I’ve played (don’t make me tally it up or I’ll delete the game entirely as I’ve never spent literally more than $200 on a game before). Don’t make them free, just either make the coins more affordable or raise the number awarded in treasure boxes. At my current level, I have to open 10+ boxes just to get 100 coins, which is clearing the bar once or extending time once. That’s a LOT of wins. I’m seriously addicted, but I can’t keep it up like this!.Version: 122.03

Erratic picker accuracy limits gameI have been enjoying this game. A mix of difficulty and object types that your eyes and brain have to learn to see. However, some levels have a problem with the accuracy of the picker. Complex levels have proportionly less time than easy ones, and boosters are gained by winning or by paying. All of which is fine until that wonky picker comes in. I am on a level in the lower 600s with dragonflies, bow/arrows and 4 variations on ants and can make no headway. Using a Pencil, and slowing down to really watch, I have selected one item and watched a nearby one jump to my bar, repeatedly. I can deliberately select a large item, like a coffee cup, and have the ant nearby jump to my bar. This level is particularly bad, and enough to send me on a break from the game..Version: 119.02

Beautiful and doomed, for meThis is a beautifully rendered and responsive game. It’s obvious the devs have put time and thought into the mechanics and game appeal. That is why it was surprising that a basic element was left out: it doesn’t allow screen rotation. Anyone with an iPad plugged in has to play with the iPad rotated 180 degrees because the cord is in the way otherwise. The other thing frustrating to me is I want this to be more of a casual, relaxing game. The dev’s decision to base their income on the same old formula as others - which is to “hook” the player with fun and satisfying enjoyment, and then create frustration by making the game too hard to progress without spending money, is shortsighted and dooms the game for me. I’m already tired and frustrated, I want to relax! How about charging to upgrade to include easier and timer-free modes? (And for goodness sake allow screen rotation)..Version: 109.01

Awesome GameI got this game through an ad on happy color. This is a great game with no ads for 10 levels. It tests your memory and times it as well. I would recommend this game to anyone. It’s that great of a game..Version: 85.01

Highly Addictive!I’m really enjoying this game!.Version: 94.01

D’un but not what was expectedThe title says it all. I tried the game because of an add and the game is far from the add. Even the screenshots and the dev website doesn’t show what the add was displaying. Usually I would have put 1 star because of that but since the fame is cool I decided to buy a one. So if you are reading this by browsing apps, go for it. It worth the try.Version: 117.03

Exactly how I felt about this game when IBds are the only ones that can do it for me.Version: 122.03

This game will make you feel like you have fat fingersI actually really enjoy this game, but it’s super frustrating when you know you didn’t hit the item that ends up being selected… and I certainly don’t have fat fingers!.Version: 93.01

Too many ads once you reach a high level. DeletingToo many ads.Version: 122.03

A few days later the police were able and determinedBecause I have to go back to work and I’m not sure.Version: 122.03

Very addictive!Fun game, very addictive!.Version: 119.02

Excellent gameBest match game I have played. I play this one daily.Version: 119.02

Paid for a game that won’t let me playFrustrating when you’re out of lives and gave to wait to play, especially when you paid the app. Sure, you can buy more pkay time… They really just want your money..Version: 119.02

Great gameIt’s a fun game, but takes concentration too. I’m 78 and find it fun Also great for hand, eye.Version: 119.02

Great GameLove playing this game. It is fun, challenging and sometimes frustrating but all in all I am addicted to this game..Version: 119.02

Love itGreat game.Version: 118.05

Loved it till nowI love playing this game. I have played it everyday for almost 8 months. It kicked me off my level so I had to re start. Now the adds are showing up. It was supposed to be a one time purchase. Will probably try get my money back and re purchase it..Version: 119.01

Fun butHow come the ads show games - like a rotating tower- that is not available q.Version: 118.05

Great gameI was wondering why I can’t put up a team or a name and give people lives and get lives from others. Could you please look into it. Many thanks. I also lost all my progress with the update and I was almost at 3000. This did piss me off a little and then come back to this other problem.Version: 118.05

Never received my packsVery fun game. I lost my level (1425) because of an update. I bought 5 packs and never received my purchase: 58 $ lost..Version: 118.05

All my levels gone with most recent updateWas at 1000+ level and with your most recent update this past week- August 22, 2023, all my levels are gone?!?!? No reply from support!.Version: 118.05

Unhappy camperWord to the wise: “Updated” the game and lost all my levels…hundreds of ‘em. Here I am, back at game 1!.Version: 118.05

My favourite gameI play this game everyday. Probably too much lol.Version: 118.05

Love this game until updateDid the update and lost all my progress. Was up around level 1560 ish and poof all gone.Version: 118.05

AmusantAgréable pour fuir les soucis.Version: 118.05

The only way I could seeThe first time you have a.Version: 118.04

Triple. ???A game of relaxing fun because it’s not necessary to think hard. A good way to allow this game player to ease into playing this game. Whatever games that come along to be solved will be somewhat easier to solve..Version: 117.03

FrustratedLove the challenge but sometimes I spend 3 days trying to get one level. And very frustrating when you touch what you want and you get everything around it first..Version: 117.03

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What do you think Triple Match 3D ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Triple Match 3D iPad Images
  • Triple Match 3D ipad image 1
  • Triple Match 3D ipad image 2
  • Triple Match 3D ipad image 3
  • Triple Match 3D ipad image 4