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Dead by Daylight™, a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game now welcomes a huge update. Time to enter The Fog and start this deadly game of cat and mouse.


PLAY AS KILLER OR SURVIVE WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Players can experience the thrill of both Killer and Survivor in this deadly game of hide and seek. Survive with your friends as a team or outlast them all. Play as a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. Whether you enjoy making your friends laugh or scream, this 4vs1 asymmetrical horror and action game has something all players will enjoy. With 5 players in the same Killing Grounds, unexpected moments and unforgettable jump scares wait around every corner.

ABUNDANT CHOICES OF CHARACTERS AND TRIALS - Dead by Daylight Mobile comes with iconic characters from some of your favorite horror franchises. Play as legends of horror and see through their eyes in a variety of Realms and unpredictable Trials. Enjoy every moment as the ambiance, music and chilling environments combine into a memorable experience.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY - All the Killers and Survivors have their own perks and plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your own personal strategy. Experience, skills and understanding of the environment are key to hunt Survivors or escape the Killer.

FITS IN YOUR POCKET - Dead by Daylight Mobile is the same survival horror game you love on console and PC, but fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

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Minimum Specifications:
OS: iOS 11 or above
Hardware: iPhone SE, 6S and above

Dead by Daylight Mobile App Comments & Reviews

Dead by Daylight Mobile Positive Reviews

I think the DBD original should have stayed the sameI just don’t want to give detail.. I think that the new update is cool for example if you log out or your internet disconnected and u logged back in it will give you a choice to stay in the match or quit it.. I think it’s really cool. I like how there are settings for what u want but I’m not a big fan of it.. It’s like all those three options is what I use. I don’t know why but I feel like I can’t control it very much..Have to do stuff to get cells… I really want the old DBD back, it’s ten times better than the new update… But this is only my opinion only. I do really miss the old version… For me, I’m not sure if I did it wrong.. even though I logged into my account on the other version my shards and cells are gone because of the new update… I literally work hard and for what.. It Was For Nothing. I had friends in DBD… and now I don’t… I appreciate your hard work on This New Version.. but I’m upset and kind of disappointed in this new version… It doesn’t feel like DBD no more… The Original..I’m glad I’m sharing my opinion.. Thank You Very Much For this Opportunity For playing DBD on Mobile.Version: 1.7086.7086

Interesting title hereThis version of DBD is awesome. It’s just like the PC/Console versions but now mobile. There are only a few issues thus far. 1) no known controller support, I will test it later, but I don’t see settings for that option. I suppose this definitely levels the field on fairness, though. 2) it keeps saying there’s an issue connecting to a lobby and after waiting over a minute each time, that’s a little frustrating. For many this could be game breaking, so this needs to be addressed ASAP. 3) It has a gacha system, which doesn’t truly effect gameplay at all, and they at least admit it straight to your face that’s it’s gacha because it says so in the title. Everything else seems to be unlocked like normal and fair, but these systems are dumb. It’s not even like other gacha systems where if you spend enough you unlock the items, this one you get 6 cards, and you can only choose 3 of them before they’re shuffled again. Edit: dropped it to three stars. Honestly it’s pretty laggy. Sometimes it’s great and runs smooth, but sometimes it is pretty awful. I play on an 2022 iPad Pro, so it’s got plenty of power to run the game smoothly. It’s the worst when you’re a killed and it’s already difficult to smack people using a touch screen, and frame drops just make the experience extremely frustrating. It CAN be dope and seem less, but it also CAN be absolutely ridiculous.Version: 1.7086.7086

Should have kept the designs as the original DBD mobileFirst of all it’s a great game with skins you can basically get for free for sinister stones. The removal of many characters made the game dull and many maps were removed so I’ve only been loading into Macmillan, cold wind farm, and auto haven, but it should be added in the future so it’s not a big problem. The problem is the slow skill check, where if the killer comes and you have a skill check you really have no choice but to take that 10% off or take a health state. Absolutely disgusting gyms with 2 safe pallets on each sides with a window, old mori is also disgusting but not much killer uses it. You also now can’t adjust your camera to look up or down like the original version, and the new emote and text messages sometimes messes me up as it’s so close to the button on the right..Version: 1.7086.7086

🤜🏻🤛🏻Guys everything is perfect, the graphics- quality of the game, i have been waiting for the release of the mobile/pad version for a long time, and i also believe that app will be constantly updated and developed. But what i miss is communication, communication with players - communication with killer, im talking about voice communication of course, it's 2023, players are no longer on a text platform, we love to talk during the game, express our emotions and it's fun to hear them, tried using discord and other apps but the game automatically turns off parallel other apps when we start the game in the mode, please maybe work on the communication issue, also when we enter the lobby i can't see who the killer is, this is the most important when starting the game, as a survivor, i need to know what tactics to start the game with - sometimes when i find out which character is the killer, it's too late. But, again, game is perfect for me and fully recommend 🤝🏻💜.Version: 1.7086.7086

UnsatisfiedBefore the update where I had to download a whole new app this game was so much more fun some things I don’t like it how you change what mode ur character is in like running walking crouching it’s now Titus and annoying to switch between the 3 I wish it was how it use to be it doesn’t run as smooth and the skill checks are so much more slower it feels like gens are slower to complete because of that and it’s also just annoying but the biggest issue I have is all of my stuff being taken away I had bought so many characters I had the pig the nightmare and I even had Nancy which I all bought with money so it sucked that it was taken away but besides those who I bought with money the character I worked hard for are gone the twins Kate densen Claudette the nurse and many more all of my stuff it gone and on top of the changes I earlier mentioned being put into this game I’m just very unhappy with my playing experience a plus to the update tho is definitely better graphics that’s nice but that’s the only good thing.Version: 1.7086.7086

DBD mobile veteran but wasted moneyI played the old Dead By Daylight Mobile and I loved what I saw for the new version of it. I played this new version 2 days after it came out and it was a huge improvement compared to the old version. However, most of the characters and cosmetics I paid for with real money were missing and were replaced with Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards. Will you give back the missing characters and cosmetics which people purchased once its released back into this game? I also bought Steve and Nancy, as well as their cosmetics before they went off-sale in the game’s store. Most platforms of DBD allowed the people who bought the Stranger Things Characters to keep them and their purchased cosmetics. Will you give people back their Stranger Things Characters and player owned cosmetics if they had purchased them before they went off-sale? I love this version of DBD mobile, but please help me and the people who had purchased characters and cosmetics, but lost them because of this newer version of DBD mobile..Version: 1.7086.7086

Wonderful mobile adaptationI began playing in 2020 on my laptop. I found the mobile version a few months ago, AND IT’S AMAZING! The controls are smooth, the events give content to free to play users, while those who can spend money also get their content. It’s a perfect balance. The communication for survivors is easy, and has most of the vital callouts to survive the game. I’d say the flashlights are difficult to use in my opinion, but other than that, it’s great. I love the phone battery icon, internet I’m on, and the ping all together in one area. Also I ran into one of the fog whispers a few months back, and they are the sweetest! I spoke to them, and they got 100 people to check out my stream. Might’ve cried a little bit. Thank you, Lexicat, you made me feel more confident about streaming to others..Version: 1.7086.7086

Faithful to original, just fix the network errors!Ok, so I should start by saying that I’ve played an ok bit of Dead By Daylight on PC, and this is very accurate to the PC version. And even with the changes they make, such as the blood market, I still think that they fit and add to the experience. Obviously, it’s missing a bit of content from the original, but you can’t expect a mobile port to have everything a PC port has. My one complaint is the network errors that can happen in the middle of games and make it so you get no rewards from the game you were in. You play a really good game with an Escape! Cake on, so you expect to get a load of blood points, right? WRONG! You get a network error at the very end and get NOTHING! Plus, you lose your Escape! Cake, so you lose that too, along with gaining nothing..Version: 1.7086.7086

I let a chatbot write my 5 ⭐️ reviewAs an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences or feelings as humans do. However, here's a sample review. If you're looking for a terrifying asymmetrical multiplayer game to play on your mobile device, then Dead by Daylight is definitely worth checking out. The mobile version of this popular horror game has faithfully recreated the tense and addictive gameplay of the original PC/console release. As a survivor, you'll need to work with your teammates to complete generators and escape from the murderous killer hunting you down. Meanwhile, playing as the killer requires patience and strategy as you stalk your prey and use your unique abilities to take them out one by one. The mobile controls are surprisingly easy to use and responsive, making it easy to pull off tricky maneuvers like juking or dodging the killer's attacks. The graphics and sound design are also impressive, capturing the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the game perfectly. While the game does suffer from some slight performance issues and occasional bugs, they don't detract too much from the overall experience. Overall, Dead by Daylight mobile is a fantastic horror game that offers plenty of thrills and chills for fans of the genre..Version: 1.7086.7086

Could use some improvements, but still funI really enjoy this version, tried to get into the older mobile version years ago and it was a mess. The upsides for me would be the treasure, the ease of farming, the profiles, the emojis, the rift, the perks, the bloodmarket & the add-ons/items. My only complaints would be sometimes it kicks me for no reason once I get a queue, I wish there was more characters and maps and I wish you could equip different colored charms on different characters, just a bit more customization please. I also wish for more events like the Onryo one. Lastly, I wish the limited gatcha wasn’t payed-only. But to be fair the mobile exclusive f2p skins are still gorgeous. Overall a nice experience, just a few tweaks. I hope in due time this review shall be 5 stars, thank you..Version: 1.8122.8122

OG Veteran please add remote supportSo I’ve played dead by daylight mobile since I discovered it 3 yrs ago,while bored of call of duty mobile and let me tell you this game is sooooooo much better now than what it use to be and by the way I found out about this game in the mobile version so when I found out it was out for Xbox pc and PlayStation I was stocked I played it on my Xbox series S and let me tell you I honestly prefer the mobile version a lot more, for returning players that spent money for characters and costumes you won’t get all your Items back but they re-compensate with cells, honestly love this game been waiting a while for this update ! I’m here to update my review I would like to be able to use my backbone with dead by daylight.Version: 1.7086.7086

OVERLOOKED ISSUESFor starters, I LOVE THIS GAME this is just my honest opinion and what I see could be better. I’m a advil player since before the app was really popular and now with the recent changes. The game won’t let you play certain killers even if you paid money or used in game bloodpoints. You will either be waiting for 5 mins for a match or it’ll keep disconnecting you to the main screen. Secondly the time consumed to get in matches for killer or survivors. Be prepared to wait at least two minutes. Inside of matches, on either side, the game glitches during the intense chases. This is the only time you need it to be smooth and it doesn’t. I know the potential of this game that’s why I had to say something. Do better.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great Game, has issues though (I’m just an idiot)Personally, DBD is a really fun, multiplayer game, and I would really have loved to be able to play it on my phone. Yet, I can’t. Whenever I open up the app and get the “Tap to Continue” screen, I tap. It always tells me to select a server to get started, but the server select screen never comes up and I cannot play the game. I know that it works and my taps register because I can always see a little loading sign under the text, but it only stays for the second I tap it. Really hope this can get fixed so I can play it in the go soon! Edit: Found out on Twitter that the release is at 22:00 ET, so changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars!.Version: 1.7086.7086

Connection issues are top priorityThis game has been amazing for me, I love leveling up the Killers and Survivors. However, there are a few problems with the game. 1) The loading time required to enter one game. The first loading is to connect the game to other players and sometimes it kicks me out as well. This could take up to several minutes and is frustrating to handle. Another loading is after everyone ready up and it takes forever to load into the game to play. 2) Once you vault past a window or a pallet, the killer can still grab me even though I've gone through the vault animation?? Please look into the vault animation and the pallet because I could be far from the pallet or window where the killer can't reach but they are still able to grab..Version: 1.7086.7086

Connection IssuesI am a big fan of DBD and have played the full version, but never the mobile. The new update for this is cool for me because I am a new player, and haven’t had a mobile acc so I am starting normally. I do, however, feel that the players that have had mobile accounts in the past should be compensated for their past achievements through currency forgiveness or whatever. MY biggest issue with this game is that it just doesn’t work. I know it’s not connection issues because I always have full bars and service, but for some reason whenever I load into a match, it never lets me actually load in. I’ve also had this issue with a similarly developed game called “Lost Light” IDK if it’s just me, but that is why I have given this rating..Version: 1.8122.8122

It’s alrightI played the game on Xbox for a straight 7 months and got really good at it where to I played every day and grinded like crazy. I stopped playing when they ruined the game by nerfing dead hard to where it’s literally useless and a lot of other survivor perks are also not good anymore. This makes the game killer sided and it’s hard to play on console and pc now. Here on iPhone not so much. It’s very hard to play killer meanwhile it’s a piece of cake to play survivor. The game is fun but not scary and it just takes practice to be good at it. Looping the killer is the most fun part of the game imo. It’s a 4/5 stars for me because it’s not what it used to be and it’s hard to choose the right perks now. But at the end of the day it’s still fun.Version: 1.7086.7086

I love it!I’m new to DBD but so far it’s so good I feel like they should make more updates and the tutorial was really good .I actually feel like more people should play and more as they play it they would get more experienced and get addicted to it it may seem hard to you as first but the more you play it, it gets better every time every single time I really like how it turns so smooth but I feel like they should add more I recommend more people play the game but the npc when you’re hiding somewhere obvious like behind a rock or a corner it kinda get confused and goes back a few times until it gets you my overall review on DBD is a 10/10 ..Version: 1.8122.8122

Feels similar to dbd coreDbdm is fun and does actually feel similar to dbd core (console/pc) but there are major differences between the two, and i do have a few nitpicky complaints. My first problem is how the flashlight works, it’s weirdly “rotational” or it feels to hard to control, it either doesn’t work when you tap the gear button or will auto aim at the ground for some reason? One way to fix this would to add minor aim assist, and I don’t mean like auto aim to the killers face, more like aims more towards the chest or around the killers face. Add more dbd core maps to dbdm, there aren’t many and i don’t like playing the same few maps and rarely getting maps like lupkin lane Bloodmarket will mostly have perks for other killers and not the one i use, I don’t like getting perks for trapper, hillbilly, and wraith although I don’t use them, although the perks for the other killers in the bloodmarket shouldn’t be removed, there should also be perks for killer/survivors that are shared more commonly aswell Though these more minor complaints, the game is really fun and i would recommend the game to others..Version: 1.7086.7086

Good and faithful, BUT…This game is really good and true to the original DbD, but there are massive problems that I have with progression. Perks are necessary to survive and win, yet they are mostly locked by a wall of grinding and luck. From what I’ve heard, if you level a character up enough, it is possible for them to reach max level without having access to certain perks, meaning you are locked out of something just because you used the character that you liked too much. Also, if this game is rated 17+, why is there a chat filter?? It’s not like it only filters out slurs and stuff, it filters out common swears, and even words like “jerk” and “crap”. This is a horror game, not club penguin..Version: 1.7086.7086

Game reviewThe game is pretty laggy. I can’t even move my camera without freezing left and right. It’s obviously not going to be exactly like the one on console or pc but it could be more like it in the aspects of items and blood webs. For instance during a match when a item has been fully used you lose it whereas in the game on console when it’s charges have been fully depleted you don’t lose the item unless you die during the match. I like the game there are just some aspects that should be made more like the original version on console and pc and the laggy camera should be fixed as well..Version: 1.7086.7086

Good Game, Some LagsThis is a great game since it’s major update! It still has some lags here and there for some reason, but not as many as the last updates. I also had to transfer my account over to this one since I had the old version of the game, and it transferred everything except for my Demo? I don’t know what went wrong, everyone else on other platforms have Demo but I don’t anymore. I got it before the chapter went out and I was wondering if this was a bug that can be fixed or if it’s permanent? I’m very disappointed not having Demo after purchasing it after working hard to get it before the chapter was taken off..Version: 1.7086.7086

Amazing Work So FarThis version of dead by daylight is technically an updated version of the old Dbd (dead by daylight). This update brings many thing to the table, such as a graphics upgrade and new morís. The only thing that disappoints me is the fact that you have to spend money in order to unlock the new killer/survivor is the event. I am sure that by the time you are reading this, the event will be over and my complaint will be irrelevant. The account migration system worked perfectly. I am not sure if this is intentional, but you cannot steer during a lung attack like in the original mobile game and PC/Console version..Version: 1.7086.7086

Fix the game!I understand the frustration it sounds like from the title, but the issue i have with the game (my opinion ofc) is that they really tried hard to make the experience just like pc.. i’m not saying that just because it’s like pc that THATS the issue.. no.. the issue is how come hit boxes and other latency problems aren’t the same as pc.. they need to be fixed fast.. this is getting frustrating dealing with players who can get away with the hit boxes problem.. im getting hit though pallets.. windows and from across the map and killer is no where in my screen.. when i have a clear 15ms.. please fix this issue.. thanks.Version: 1.8122.8122

Great for StartersFirst of all i really just want to say that i gives you a great explanation how to play the game you really just have to read like usual then you get to play as the killer and survivor than you get to actually play the fame basically you just run around finding a generators and the killer has to chase around the players trying to capture them all at once when their 3 more players around them and its simple you really just have to capture 4 people and yeah it might be a bummer losing but i mean its great for what the game is and i enjoy it a bunch and this is my first day playing the game!.Version: 1.7086.7086

Surprisingly great!Games like these usually run kinda slow on mobile but this one actually runs pretty good! The graphics are also great considering they’re on the phone. It’s also very user friendly so whether you’re new or have played it before, you’ll easily get the hang of the controls. Overall, it’s a great alternative when you’re not with your pc or console. Only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because matchmaking always has a few errors and I’ve tried it on different networks and settings. You have to give it a couple tries before you can get into a match but that’s a minor detail for me..Version: 1.7086.7086

It’s a wholesome gameI come from the PC platform but man I was not disappointed. I absolutely love this mobile, it fills my downtime with ease. The blood market is efficient along with the rewards and challenges that make grinding fun. Topped with the cool mechanics that feel exclusive to mobile I feel very comfortable and excited to start my next match. I do have one problem of my sound not working at all, I can’t hear but ofc this is accommodated with visual indicators. Still it would be nice to hear the spirit or huntress wind up. Regardless, I’m sure it’ll get fixed in the future as I trust their overhauling and patching ability. Thank you so much behavior (and mobile team)..Version: 1.7086.7086

DbdDBD mobile is a good game for horror fans like me but I don’t support kids under 8 playing this and of course it’s not my decision if you let your kid play this but this game is really fun and easy to learn, I even got my parents to play it and they love it but the bad thing is this is on other platforms and it’s not free like mobile but me personally $8:00 for DBD is worth the money if its not $8:00 by the time your reading this I’m sorry that’s the price it is when I was writing this so yes this game is worth the time and definitely get your parents to play it with you and all your friends its definitely worth it.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great but needs to be caught upThis game definitely needed an update and although it did add more accessibility, it also removed SO MANY things. So many maps and killers that were here before the update are now gone. Not to mention that the game needs to be caught up with the current version of Dead By Daylight since it lacks a lot of stuff that the current version has (like the end of the trial thing where you see the character you played running across a field which DBD mobile doesn’t have). The game is in a very good spot but it definitely needs to be updated to be on par with the current version..Version: 1.7086.7086

In Depth and ExcitingI have been playing DBD mobile for about a year or two now, and this update has been long overdue. The graphics changes are great and the new additions to the in game play are incorporated well. My only issue is that my teachables are locked for some of my characters and I can’t do anything about it. My prestige 3 characters’ teachables are all locked and I can’t even use XP to fix it. I really don’t want to have to play hundreds of games just to unlock them again when I already did that around 2 years ago. Please fix this soon! Other than that, everything has been flowing so smooth..Version: 1.7086.7086

It’s amazing … butI love Dead By daylight. I’ve been playing for three years, on mobile and desktop. Amazing graphics, love the the characters, and the little stories they have explaining about them. Each have very unique experiences. Especially the killers. But. Just recently there’s been an update. It kicked me off my actual account, I was level 200 on there and it somehow deleted all my data on there I spent some money on the account and now it’s permanently gone. Some major glitches in the maps. Please bring back the old version!!. I think a lot of people would be upset too if their old account got wiped out because of this new update!.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great just crashes from time to timeSometimes the game just closes out of nowhere… only happened a handful of times but really frustrating.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great, but sometimes crashes :)9/10 great game defibently recommend!!.Version: 1.8122.8122

GreatGreat game but the levelling up isn't as good since the last update.Version: 1.7086.7086

PlayerTo many Updates, glitches, killers r too strong, bring back the school map. Old dead by daylight app was better smh.Version: 1.8122.8122

PerfectThe game is awesome but it kind of glitched out one time and I had to restart everything so now I’m just a noob because I lost everything because of a glitch.Version: 1.8122.8122

DbdNice gameplay, good everything thanks for making tournaments so we could have a chance to make money..Version: 1.8122.8122

This game is Amazing!This game is so fun to play with . Probably the best game I’ve played so far on mobile! :D.Version: 1.8122.8122

MoriMori is too strong why we can mori after only one hook🤔🤔😑.Version: 1.7086.7086

Dumb people!!You ppl r so odd.. the game is not gonna be as good as the pc version so get money and get the pc version & stop being broke...Version: 1.7086.7086

Loading issuesI no the game is good but it won’t load so I can’t even play it🤥😝.Version: 1.7086.7086

Installer le jouer sa prend 8h00Ok.Version: 1.7086.7086

Dead by daylight mobileI love the game so much but why did you have to remove Cheryl mason please add her back to the game please.Version: 1.7086.7086

Dead By DaylightOver all it’s a really fun game I just wish I was killer more.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great game justJust needs more fixing cause I always crash sometimes when I’m trying to play quick matches as a killer. All that waiting for people’s to join and then crashed is annoying and also need gyro for hillbilly if not then I gotta continue max sensitivity for the chainsaw.Version: 1.7086.7086

So goodI’m new to the game and I’m already enjoying.Version: 1.7086.7086

Nerf survivorsAs a killer main it’s pretty much impossible to get a 4 man since survivors are really fast when I was playing a survivor went a a T and L to shack and it takes along time to get any kills pls bear survivors.Version: 1.7086.7086

MoriThe mori on one hook is absolutely vile, it makes the game un-fun and is overall not a good thing, change it to two hooks..Version: 1.7086.7086

Do better plesseU see.. this game very anoyying with legion. hes to fast and anoying except for martin he left me escap andkilers r too power like geez and i dont like the ripoff joker and like your game is pretty laggy and it crashes so like.. yeah.Version: 1.7086.7086

Very good gameSo much gore blood scary in very fun to play I can’t stop playing Is the bast game I played.Version: 1.7086.7086

It’s pretty goodI play dbd on my PlayStation but I don’t like bringing my PlayStation everywhere I go. I think mobile is actually pretty smooth and still just as fun as the actual game <3.Version: 1.7086.7086

Great game butThe controls can be pretty buggy sometimes.Version: 1.7086.7086

BotsThe game is fun and all until you get into a game with bots. I just want real teammates who actually do something and help the team out.Version: 1.7086.7086

FunEnjoying the game! Easier than console lol just tap your life away.Version: 1.7086.7086

All i need is 3 wordsGame is amazing.Version: 1.7086.7086

Love this game butI love this game so much but sometimes the connection issues are just too much to put up with. my wifi is fine yet my ping is still low and my movements are still lagging until eventually i have to reload the game. it tells me i can get back into the match but it never works. i don’t know what going on but i’m upset..Version: 1.7086.7086

What happend to my stranger things charactersWhen I came back I migrated and I saw none of my stranger things characters.Version: 1.7086.7086

Perfect game on iPadI’m new to this game and I Love it. Would be happier if the matching system could behave better, as a new chase specialist I could only meet people who totally don’t know how to play or people who are too much more skillful than I do. It’s like 4 escape or 4 death. Would buy the pc version.Version: 1.7086.7086

DBDMDbd is the best mobile game, i love the mechanics and how many perks there are to unlock..Version: 1.7086.7086

Amazing! <3I used to hate playing dbd because of the lag and everything else. But i got dbd on pc and it was better until the gen meta and stuff, so i decided to get back into dbd mobile and the new update/game is so good! I finally find myself actually playing dbd mobile from time to time now, the devs did an EXCELLENT job!.Version: 1.7086.7086

A lot more funI stopped playing this game over a year ago and I know why but, this whole new update brought me back, sadly I lost my all my purchases which is a thing that I’m still angry about, otherwise this is a fun game to play.Version: 1.7086.7086

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