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Dead by Daylight™, a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game now welcomes a huge update. Time to enter The Fog and start this deadly game of cat and mouse.


PLAY AS KILLER OR SURVIVE WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Players can experience the thrill of both Killer and Survivor in this deadly game of hide and seek. Survive with your friends as a team or outlast them all. Play as a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. Whether you enjoy making your friends laugh or scream, this 4vs1 asymmetrical horror and action game has something all players will enjoy. With 5 players in the same Killing Grounds, unexpected moments and unforgettable jump scares wait around every corner.

ABUNDANT CHOICES OF CHARACTERS AND TRIALS - Dead by Daylight Mobile comes with iconic characters from some of your favorite horror franchises. Play as legends of horror and see through their eyes in a variety of Realms and unpredictable Trials. Enjoy every moment as the ambiance, music and chilling environments combine into a memorable experience.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY - All the Killers and Survivors have their own perks and plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your own personal strategy. Experience, skills and understanding of the environment are key to hunt Survivors or escape the Killer.

FITS IN YOUR POCKET - Dead by Daylight Mobile is the same survival horror game you love on console and PC, but fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

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Minimum Specifications:
OS: iOS 11 or above
Hardware: iPhone SE, 6S and above

Dead by Daylight Mobile App Comments & Reviews

Dead by Daylight Mobile Positive Reviews

Hands down one of my faves… buuuutDbd mobile in my opinion is obviously hands down one of the best 4v1 games. They’ve updated it to be more like the console and have added a lot of new maps, killers, and survivors. When the game updated, I wasn’t a huge fan of how decisive works now, but now you always have borrowed time.. so I can’t complain too much. Hope is pretty great now too, along with windows. I do wish that Bill and tapp could have some outfits, but I love some of the new outfits we have gotten! My game is still a little buggy and laggy, but it’s a lot better with the last two downloads than it was before, which is how that’s supposed to work. Lol I also wish we could get cells back in the blood market, and have them back as rewards for daily/weekly tasks. Other than how I, who could never set up a game like this ever, would want it to work, if you’ve never played, you should. There’s always something new and exciting but you also always know what you’re supposed to do for you to escape.. gens and doors. Every person in the game has their own perks that can be played by everyone after a certain level, and there’s so many options to choose from. There’s plenty of different maps, items, and tasks to keep you enjoying the game, well.. hooked I should say 😂.Version: 1.256799.256799

Interesting title hereThis version of DBD is awesome. It’s just like the PC/Console versions but now mobile. There are only a few issues thus far. 1) no known controller support, I will test it later, but I don’t see settings for that option. I suppose this definitely levels the field on fairness, though. 2) it keeps saying there’s an issue connecting to a lobby and after waiting over a minute each time, that’s a little frustrating. For many this could be game breaking, so this needs to be addressed ASAP. 3) It has a gacha system, which doesn’t truly effect gameplay at all, and they at least admit it straight to your face that’s it’s gacha because it says so in the title. Everything else seems to be unlocked like normal and fair, but these systems are dumb. It’s not even like other gacha systems where if you spend enough you unlock the items, this one you get 6 cards, and you can only choose 3 of them before they’re shuffled again. Edit: dropped it to three stars. Honestly it’s pretty laggy. Sometimes it’s great and runs smooth, but sometimes it is pretty awful. I play on an 2022 iPad Pro, so it’s got plenty of power to run the game smoothly. It’s the worst when you’re a killed and it’s already difficult to smack people using a touch screen, and frame drops just make the experience extremely frustrating. It CAN be dope and seem less, but it also CAN be absolutely ridiculous.Version: 1.7086.7086

I think the DBD original should have stayed the sameI just don’t want to give detail.. I think that the new update is cool for example if you log out or your internet disconnected and u logged back in it will give you a choice to stay in the match or quit it.. I think it’s really cool. I like how there are settings for what u want but I’m not a big fan of it.. It’s like all those three options is what I use. I don’t know why but I feel like I can’t control it very much..Have to do stuff to get cells… I really want the old DBD back, it’s ten times better than the new update… But this is only my opinion only. I do really miss the old version… For me, I’m not sure if I did it wrong.. even though I logged into my account on the other version my shards and cells are gone because of the new update… I literally work hard and for what.. It Was For Nothing. I had friends in DBD… and now I don’t… I appreciate your hard work on This New Version.. but I’m upset and kind of disappointed in this new version… It doesn’t feel like DBD no more… The Original..I’m glad I’m sharing my opinion.. Thank You Very Much For this Opportunity For playing DBD on Mobile.Version: 1.7086.7086

Gacha SystemThe game is doing pretty well and I’m glad to see DBD mobile back on the App Store. One of my only complaints is about the Gacha system which wasn’t in the original DBD mobile nor any other console where you can play the game. I was alright cause you could get skins that weren’t already there and were newly made for mobile but my problem came up when you had to pay extra for gachas for skins that you could get with a simple purchase on the other consoles. Like the zoo gacha event that occurred where players had to pay extra for auric cells to be able to use the gacha to get skins that you could get with a simple purchase instead of spending more. I understand that with Netease and IDV5 gacha tied in and their players are used to it but since DBD was never really a gacha game, it just feels like a irritating cash grab to get something that should’ve been way cheaper. Especially with how rigged the system is of getting the same item repeatedly to get one skin and that the chance doesn’t even increase with each attempt. Nobody wants to spend $20+ on the game to get a skin that is probably like $10 on PC and other consoles. Just keep the gacha system in the sense of limited skins that PC and console doesn’t have and don’t apply it to skins that didn’t have to use gacha to get..Version: 1.256799.256799

Extremely enjoyable, some minor notes.I’ve had a ton of fun with dead by daylight mobile, and I’m definitely going to play the actual game. I guess one problem of mine Is certain things, such as skins can feel pretty overpriced, (A sentiment that seems to be shared by the full game community) also they seem to be somewhat reluctant to make changes to aspects of the game, or at least they wait quite a while to do so (again probably just a general problem and not mobile). I play a lot of onryo (sadako) , ghostface, and legion so I wouldn’t be averse to some buffs. Then again these killers are still pretty fun, and strong in their own right. Especially onryo (you’d be surprised) I play about 63 percent killer and 37 percent survivor and have fun. However despite being a killer main I feel the game might be sliiiiightly killer sided. I don’t know though, I just started a month ago. Anyways I guess I’ll just end off this review by saying, keep up the good work because, it really is good work and I think if you keep doing it, then a lot of people are going to be very happy with it. P.S. I think community contests should have 3 winners per catergory..Version: 1.258592.258592

Too many bots but good gameplayDie hard fan of DBD on steam with 3k hours on pc, loving all the steady updates for mobile and all the cosmetics that you can unlock. The game runs amazing on my iPhone 11 with great frames and the controls are easy to understand and get used to. All in all I love the gameplay and visuals but there’s one MAJOR issue.. there’s TOO MANY bots in games. For every game I play theres 3 bots out of 5 players (killers included).. it’s grossly obvious when it’s a bot as a survivor as they will continuously attempt to loop killer right next to an open exit gate and more than enough time to escape. It’s even more obvious when it’s a killer using bots as the killer will be mid chase and randomly 180 and attack a survivor who is hiding with no scratch marks visible (crouched and completely still with full health while killer is in chase with someone else and turns around once within “auto attack” range of the bot) No line of sight is necessary for bot killers and so it’s actually an unfair advantage as it completely eliminates the stealth aspect of the game. All aura hiding perks are useless until bots and auto attack are taken care of..Version: 1.13393.13393

I love this game but a few issuesTo start, I completely lost my account and all my purchases. I had a high level and owned both the Wraith and the Twins. I lost them both and not to mention that the twins aren’t even playable characters anymore, nor do they exist within the game. I spent real money to buy them and yet they updated it and I lost everything. I had to make an entirely new account and buy all new characters. One thing that happened (and is still ongoing) is that I opened the app, and it loaded like usual, but when i tried to tap to play on the main screen, it would not open the actual page to play a match. It only said it was loading. I am still not able to play because of this issue. I used the bug fix button about 5 times, and nothing. I also closed out the game multiple times, also to no avail. So then I resorted to restarting my ipad completely. Still nothing. I am completely disappointed in the game right now, but I still do love it. Hoping this can get fixed soon because I am still waiting to play..Version: 1.8690.8690

Pretty impressive for the mobile versionBeen following DBD since it first came out and watching it grow over the years has been joyful. I first started off playing on console then when it became available for mobile I immediately started to play on my phone when I’m not at home and I’m very pleased to say that as it matures it continues to impress. It runs surprisingly well for a mobile game given all of its functions and sweet graphics, sure depending on how much service you get in different areas it can run a bit slower or lag but overall it runs very well even when I only have one bar. The mobile experience is definitely a bit different than on pc or console but that’s what gives it charm and the developers have done a great job adapting the gameplay for mobile use, the only thing I would change thus far is making it so mobile users can still use a bluetooth or corded controller like some mobile games do and adding a restore purchase function if you have bought things in the past..Version: 1.8690.8690

Cool game!DbD is a really nice game(both mobile and console version)! I’m really liking it so far it’s a great game to play when you have free time or are just in the mood for an action packed game, either way love it so far. The only thing I wish could be changed a little or I feel like is a bit of a downside is that mobile doesn’t have all of the perks that the console version has, as it isn’t upgraded as much with the new maps or killers and survivors(they are a little more limited on the mobile version), but it doesn’t make the game unbearable, just kind of a little disappointing since it doesn’t have everything the console version has. Besides this thought, mobile is still very playable, enjoyable, and genuinely a really fun game. If they fix it up a bit and add in everything the console version has, I’d give the review 5 stars, but everything else is great, and I feel as though they’re already adding more updates to make the game better so so far so good! Hope y’all can check it out or that this helps! :).Version: 1.256799.256799

I enjoy it.I’ve been playing the console version of dbd for about 4 or 5 yrs now and I do gotta say dbd is a amazing game. As someone who loves dead by daylight ofc they might download the mobile version so that’s what I did. One thing I do absolutely love about the mobile version of dbd is the cosmetics. My reason to loving them is bc they are way detailed the the pc and console ver. One thing I hate is the gameplay. It just feels like most of the times ur going against a bot as a killer or someone who does not know how to play killer. And when I play killer it feels like the survivors are bots or they just don’t know how to play. I am not sure if it’s bots or people who just don’t understand bc I feel we are playing against people who don’t understand mobile or the game. So maybe one day there can probably be pro servers to those who have a at least I’d say about 20 or 30 matches. Overall I’m loving the new version of this game but it still can use more to make it better and better. Thank for responding if u do..Version: 1.255617.255617

🤜🏻🤛🏻Guys everything is perfect, the graphics- quality of the game, i have been waiting for the release of the mobile/pad version for a long time, and i also believe that app will be constantly updated and developed. But what i miss is communication, communication with players - communication with killer, im talking about voice communication of course, it's 2023, players are no longer on a text platform, we love to talk during the game, express our emotions and it's fun to hear them, tried using discord and other apps but the game automatically turns off parallel other apps when we start the game in the mode, please maybe work on the communication issue, also when we enter the lobby i can't see who the killer is, this is the most important when starting the game, as a survivor, i need to know what tactics to start the game with - sometimes when i find out which character is the killer, it's too late. But, again, game is perfect for me and fully recommend 🤝🏻💜.Version: 1.7086.7086

Needs controller supportThis kind of game would greatly benefit from being able to use controllers wether they are Bluetooth or an attachable one like the Backbone. The game is still fun but the touch screen for turning doesn’t work sometimes with all the icons on the screen. The touch controls to look around feel cumbersome as a survivor main, I tried out killer and the touch controls are even worse especially when you are trying to hit a survivor since the attack button is on the right side of the screen making it almost impossible to aim and hit at the same time. While the game is fun it’s not on the same level of fun as its console/PC version of Dead by Daylight to the point of where playing can become really annoying/frustrating. Adding controller support would increase the player base too by bring more people over from the console version along with PC players..Version: 1.265321.265321

UnsatisfiedBefore the update where I had to download a whole new app this game was so much more fun some things I don’t like it how you change what mode ur character is in like running walking crouching it’s now Titus and annoying to switch between the 3 I wish it was how it use to be it doesn’t run as smooth and the skill checks are so much more slower it feels like gens are slower to complete because of that and it’s also just annoying but the biggest issue I have is all of my stuff being taken away I had bought so many characters I had the pig the nightmare and I even had Nancy which I all bought with money so it sucked that it was taken away but besides those who I bought with money the character I worked hard for are gone the twins Kate densen Claudette the nurse and many more all of my stuff it gone and on top of the changes I earlier mentioned being put into this game I’m just very unhappy with my playing experience a plus to the update tho is definitely better graphics that’s nice but that’s the only good thing.Version: 1.7086.7086

DBD mobile veteran but wasted moneyI played the old Dead By Daylight Mobile and I loved what I saw for the new version of it. I played this new version 2 days after it came out and it was a huge improvement compared to the old version. However, most of the characters and cosmetics I paid for with real money were missing and were replaced with Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards. Will you give back the missing characters and cosmetics which people purchased once its released back into this game? I also bought Steve and Nancy, as well as their cosmetics before they went off-sale in the game’s store. Most platforms of DBD allowed the people who bought the Stranger Things Characters to keep them and their purchased cosmetics. Will you give people back their Stranger Things Characters and player owned cosmetics if they had purchased them before they went off-sale? I love this version of DBD mobile, but please help me and the people who had purchased characters and cosmetics, but lost them because of this newer version of DBD mobile..Version: 1.7086.7086

PLEASE HEAR ME OUT AND CHANGE THISThis is is perfect! One do the best mobile games for sure in my opinion. Can you just change the icon/symbol for when the game ends and it shows the scoreboard and the skeleton if they died or the escape door if they escaped but can you please add a new icon for when the last survived escapes through the hatch. I just always get curious at the end of the game when I can’t find the last person as killer if they escaped through hatch or left through exit. I think this is something that should be officially done as soon as possible. It’s just common sense to add this why wouldn’t you want to let the killer know how they actually escaped why make them guess that’s not fair. Respectfully please make this change because I play this game everyday and I love it and this change would make me even more happy playing 😆 (PLEASE MAKE THIS CHANGE TO CONSOLE/PC VERSION AS WELL MOST DEFINITELY PLEASE!).Version: 1.13393.13393

IssuesKiller Issues: The Clown’s Gas Bottles Make My FPS Go Down, Please Fix This. Ranking Issues: Every time I Leave The Game After I Get To Rank 3, After I Get On The Game Again, It Kicks Me Back To Rank 4. Gameplay Issues: There’s Almost Never A Match With Any Humans, They’re Always Bots And It’s So Boring And Unbalanced. What’s Worse Is Killer Bots, A Spirit Will Always Teleport Directly On Top Of Someone And Down Or Injure Them. Camping And Tunneling Is Fair In Some Cases, Other Times It’s Unfair And Broken. If Nobody Has Borrowed Time, Tunneling Can Be Abused. The Camping Is Absurd, You Could Do So Much As Loop Someone For A Split Second, And They Will Camp You Until You Die. Shop Issues: The Shop’s Items Are Too Expensive, The Brown Items Are 3,000 Bloodpoints, Red Items Are 9,000!!! NINE THOUSAND! The Bloodpoints Are Nearly Unobtainable Due To Campers And Tunnelers, Even Killer, It’s Agonizing On How Long It Takes To Get A Killer Match Just To Go Against 4 Bots Who Don’t Know How To Unhook. Causing The Match To Be 3-6 Minutes, Resulting In Barely Any Bloodpoints, If You Bring A Mori, Waste. Remove DC Penalties Now.Version: 1.13393.13393

Old playerI’ve been playing dead by dayligbt mobile since october 2022 At first i loved it then over time the old version got boring since no updates were happening until this came out… I loved the old versions maps and characters and it had a few glitches but the game never lagged. now the graphics are amazing! and we’ve gotten so much free skins! but… cells have to be bought regardless and there not much characters or maps in the game any more. custom games are not as fun anymore. i’d like to choose any perk again and also maybe add more features to custom games make it more customizable maybe like select how much killers and survivors your want as long it follows the 1-4 ratio. i’d like new maps badly and also more characters even if it’s ones we had on the old version such as pinhead just came back! the main problem is FIX THE LAG… i always get kicked off and also the hit boxes are a pain. But i’m here for the game i am a youtuber for dbdm. my yt channel name is Tanbeast!.Version: 1.8690.8690

MapsI love this app and everythings good except for the lack of harder and more maps. The school was a hard map but thats what made it fun, it was bigger than the other maps. A mansion or a graveyard with mausoleums would be dope. Overall some new style maps that are bigger, maybe some more cool outfits for the characters, simple stuff like that would be really cool because it gets a little repetitive and boring when its the same maps especially if theyre smaller. Lastly i saw a lot of people complained about the elementary school map and i agree with a lot of the reasons but i still thought it was a cool map maybe you can change it up space out the exits add some more different scenery in it maybe some areas with flickering lights or add like a teachers lounge type room it would be really cool to get it back with improvements especially since it actually challenges survivors in a fair way..Version: 1.8690.8690

Mobile is way better than PC & ConsoleI’ve been a veteran player of the mobile version of dbd since its release & I’ve been playing dbd itself since December of 2018. But due to the terrible decisions behavior interactive made with core dbd (meaning pc & console) I turned away from it & swapped to playing mobile completely. Mostly because of how bad SBMM really is on core dbd (especially for killer) & the fact the game has so many toxic SWFs roaming around in core dbd. Other than that, the mobile version is excellent for playing killer due to it having better matchmaking, less toxic players, & even the option to play with bots on customs or casually on quickplay. Survivor is fine I guess, only issue with it is when you’re paired up with players who aren’t that experienced or understand the game that much. Either way, this version if great for playing casually or for those who can’t get the game on pc or console..Version: 1.13393.13393

Better than expectedI recently began playing Dead By Daylight on the PS4 when I got a subscription to PS Plus and it has consumed me and fiancé like no other. I just discovered this game on my iPhone and let’s just say it’s gonna be hard to not play all the time. The game performs just about as good as you can expect for a mobile game, but I have to say I am impressed with how seamlessly the game translates. My only complaint is how long it takes to get into a match considering most will want to drop in for a game or two while bored. I also wish we were able to connect our home console accounts to this game so that any earned rewards and purchased characters are available here to. The best part about the app though is the ability to play with my fiance together since we both have phones but do not own multiple ps4s. Many hours to come on this app!.Version: 1.255617.255617

Should have kept the designs as the original DBD mobileFirst of all it’s a great game with skins you can basically get for free for sinister stones. The removal of many characters made the game dull and many maps were removed so I’ve only been loading into Macmillan, cold wind farm, and auto haven, but it should be added in the future so it’s not a big problem. The problem is the slow skill check, where if the killer comes and you have a skill check you really have no choice but to take that 10% off or take a health state. Absolutely disgusting gyms with 2 safe pallets on each sides with a window, old mori is also disgusting but not much killer uses it. You also now can’t adjust your camera to look up or down like the original version, and the new emote and text messages sometimes messes me up as it’s so close to the button on the right..Version: 1.7086.7086

Wonderful mobile adaptationI began playing in 2020 on my laptop. I found the mobile version a few months ago, AND IT’S AMAZING! The controls are smooth, the events give content to free to play users, while those who can spend money also get their content. It’s a perfect balance. The communication for survivors is easy, and has most of the vital callouts to survive the game. I’d say the flashlights are difficult to use in my opinion, but other than that, it’s great. I love the phone battery icon, internet I’m on, and the ping all together in one area. Also I ran into one of the fog whispers a few months back, and they are the sweetest! I spoke to them, and they got 100 people to check out my stream. Might’ve cried a little bit. Thank you, Lexicat, you made me feel more confident about streaming to others..Version: 1.7086.7086

Faithful to original, just fix the network errors!Ok, so I should start by saying that I’ve played an ok bit of Dead By Daylight on PC, and this is very accurate to the PC version. And even with the changes they make, such as the blood market, I still think that they fit and add to the experience. Obviously, it’s missing a bit of content from the original, but you can’t expect a mobile port to have everything a PC port has. My one complaint is the network errors that can happen in the middle of games and make it so you get no rewards from the game you were in. You play a really good game with an Escape! Cake on, so you expect to get a load of blood points, right? WRONG! You get a network error at the very end and get NOTHING! Plus, you lose your Escape! Cake, so you lose that too, along with gaining nothing..Version: 1.7086.7086

Fantastic Mobile Horror ExperienceDead by Daylight Mobile offers an exceptional gaming experience, boasting impressive graphics that defy the typical mobile game standards. The active community adds an immersive layer, enhancing the overall gameplay. The variety and quality of cosmetics are truly commendable, reminiscent of the official Dead by Daylight. I appreciate the integration of events, akin to the original game. However, there's a slight concern about the frequency of updates. It's great that the developers are attentive, but the pace feels a bit like Call of Duty, and I hope the game maintains its unique identity. On a positive note, the limited-time purchases and subsequent removal add an element of exclusivity, saving valuable space on my device. Despite the minor qualms, Dead by Daylight Mobile remains a top-notch horror game on the mobile platform..Version: 1.256799.256799

Spaghetti CodingThis new version is honestly worse than old DBDM, there’s too many bugs that have stayed on the game for far too long. The new developers are clearly oblivious to what they’re doing, they’ve essentially run this game to the ground. There’s now no Elodie, Mikaela, silent hill characters, & basically only 3 maps now. I don’t know if they plan to bring them back but I hope they do. The gameplay is okay at times but the screen is honestly so crowded, most of the time you get lag spikes out of nowhere & even if the killer is also lagging, it is still killer sided & they will win, its worse than the 60/40 ratio that regular DBD is because of how buggy this version of the game is. It’s very hard to enjoy the mobile version of the game for so many reasons but i hope they fix these things sometime in the near future. The updates they’ve had now only bring more bugs & it’s very frustrating..Version: 1.8690.8690

I let a chatbot write my 5 ⭐️ reviewAs an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences or feelings as humans do. However, here's a sample review. If you're looking for a terrifying asymmetrical multiplayer game to play on your mobile device, then Dead by Daylight is definitely worth checking out. The mobile version of this popular horror game has faithfully recreated the tense and addictive gameplay of the original PC/console release. As a survivor, you'll need to work with your teammates to complete generators and escape from the murderous killer hunting you down. Meanwhile, playing as the killer requires patience and strategy as you stalk your prey and use your unique abilities to take them out one by one. The mobile controls are surprisingly easy to use and responsive, making it easy to pull off tricky maneuvers like juking or dodging the killer's attacks. The graphics and sound design are also impressive, capturing the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the game perfectly. While the game does suffer from some slight performance issues and occasional bugs, they don't detract too much from the overall experience. Overall, Dead by Daylight mobile is a fantastic horror game that offers plenty of thrills and chills for fans of the genre..Version: 1.7086.7086

Favorite Game!!I love DBD and its lore, and unfortunately I don’t have a pc that is good enough for gaming, so playing DBD Mobile has honestly become my favorite game! It lets me experience the thrill of DBD on my phone or iPad, and the great thing is that it has most of the features the main game has! The graphics are also pretty good for a mobile game and I also haven’t really encountered much lagging at all. I’ve been playing for about 3 years now and I can’t recommend DBD enough! The lore is honestly just so fun too! If you haven’t played yet, you’ve got to! It might be a little overwhelming at first, but stick with it cause with practice it gets easier and it’s so fun and rewarding! Also, thank you so much to the DBD team for making this game awesome and accessible to mobile players!😊.Version: 1.258592.258592

Fun game, still issuesTired of being places with bots. Finished a round in nearly 5 minutes because all the survivors were bots. The game itself is fun for me, but I just don't like being placed with bots. For example, I was playing as ghost face and I was undetectable. I came up BEHIND a bot fixing a generator (there was no possible way it could've saw me) and it took off running. The killer bots ALWAYS know where you are, so there is very little chance of winning. In the old version, this wasn't an issue for me really. As for custom rounds, I miss where you could choose any perk/offering/add on from any character in the entire game. I play custom rounds with friends a lot and if we are out of a certain offering we don't get to use it at all. I gave a three star rating since I do still enjoy the game, but it can get repetitive and predictable with the bots. (i also miss the executioner).Version: 1.9194.9194

More suggestionsSo I see that you have added The Cenobite. Im ok with it by whyyyyyyy. Why not demo, or dredge, or even pyramid head but i guess I'm ok with it. But anyways I wanna suggest this time about one thing. Emotes for killers. Now your probably thinking, “Emotes for a killer, that is so stupid. Does he want a killer making heart shaped hand positions like who does he think he is.” Well i don't want THOSE kind of emotes, i want creepy emotes like lets say your playing ghostface and you pull a slow wave far away from a survivor to make it creepier. You know like a “Hi” type of wave. And maybe certain killers can have certain emotes so you don't have to make the slow wave to characters like the oni because that would be pretty weird. So ye do you like the idea. Please. Also the game is still great..Version: 1.8690.8690

I love the game but…I love this game because I don’t have a pc to play in I like how it all flows with the pc version and console version. Even though it’s a bit behind on killers and survivors. But that’s fine I played DBD mobile since the first time it came out in 2020 because of Covid. Favorite game to play back then. But I have a really neat idea for a new killer. I don’t know if it’s ever been mentioned before but I think you should do an FNAF (five nights at Freddie’s) themed killer. Thoughts on abilities maybe kinda like weeping angels (if no survivors are near you could teleport to halfway completed gens or even blind spots killers don’t see like certain locations possibly.) idk what you could do for abilities but I think an animatronic killer would be fascinating . Great game keep up the great work. :).Version: 1.9194.9194

OG Veteran please add remote supportSo I’ve played dead by daylight mobile since I discovered it 3 yrs ago,while bored of call of duty mobile and let me tell you this game is sooooooo much better now than what it use to be and by the way I found out about this game in the mobile version so when I found out it was out for Xbox pc and PlayStation I was stocked I played it on my Xbox series S and let me tell you I honestly prefer the mobile version a lot more, for returning players that spent money for characters and costumes you won’t get all your Items back but they re-compensate with cells, honestly love this game been waiting a while for this update ! I’m here to update my review I would like to be able to use my backbone with dead by daylight.Version: 1.7086.7086

Player reviewI’m just the average player of this game and here are some things I have liked and disliked about it: First of the game has excellent graphics, gameplay and quite simple to learn mechanics. It gives a great deal of suspense and will give all players a great deal of entertainment, and fear, it does have a slight problem that I have noticed with some players having an unfair advantage ex: cheats but that has been very rare, this game does involve a lot of skill and focus but is a fun game to challenge yourself in, and if you have a disliking to playing against players that’s alright because you can try your luck against bots on any choice of map and you can choose if a bot is the hunter or if you are. Overall this is a great game in my opinion!.Version: 1.9194.9194

Great just crashes from time to timeSometimes the game just closes out of nowhere… only happened a handful of times but really frustrating.Version: 1.7086.7086

Good gameThis is the best horror game to play but just one thing can u guys make it so that you can use a killer ticket for every killer for example my favorite killer ghost face I have to buy it can you plz make it so you can use ticket killer.Version: 1.262577.262577

YummyI like Michael <3.Version: 1.8122.8122

Overall good gameIt’s very interactive and has lots of perks. it’s really fun to play with my partner. although i think there should be more freebies/customization for the default characters and additional free characters. more events, etc. also, that killer with the minion that chases/tracks you to knock you down needs to be nerfed because it makes the match impossible to win causing annoyance + not fun. the minion should only be able to do some damage..Version: 1.265321.265321

Very funGame is good and thrilling.Version: 1.265321.265321

Game is goodNice game.Version: 1.265321.265321

Game is so much funGame is so much fun.Version: 1.265321.265321

GreatGreat update but super buggy - no scream sound when surv hooked No chase music Skill check button BEHIND run vault ect With fixed will be great.Version: 1.265321.265321

Amazing download it NOWVery fun game I love the ONI.Version: 1.262577.262577

Do this pleaseJust stop making me pay money every month and I’ll start playing again Because I love to play this game a lot my favourite character is the dredge and I just love everything about the game but just please stop making me pay one month.Version: 1.262577.262577

Love The detailed graphics and gameplay,CrashesIts a very fun game to learn new ways to escape or use different tactics against the killer and as the killer it’s fun to use the abilities and go against powerful survivors. Overall it’s a fun game but it does crash alteast 1-3 days. The perks are well devoted and I can’t wait for new ones I wished there was a mod to catch the hackers and a different kind of mode for new gameplay style like 2 killers and stuff that kyto does..Version: 1.262577.262577

I LOVE THIS GAMEI’m broke so I can’t afford the real one, but when I saw this I was so happy. It is awesome and the gameplay is fun.Version: 1.256799.256799

Not bad from pc to phoneSame game, still fun. Love that I have it on a portable device.Version: 1.262577.262577

OptimisationAvant tout le jeu et super bien un plaisir d’y jouer je m’amuse dessus je pourrai m’amuser plus si le jeux serai mieux optimiser même en jouer avec la qualité la plus basse le jeu a des problème d’optimisation pourtant j’ai une bonne wifi et un téléphone assez récent ( iPhone 12 ) le jour ou il n’y aura plus c’est problème d’optimisation je mettrai 5 étoiles Merci de votre compréhension !.Version: 1.262577.262577

Dead by daylightMeilleur jeu ever wow j’adore! ♥️.Version: 1.262577.262577

It’s coolAte that up.Version: 1.262577.262577

Game to just keep coming back toGreat graphics, horror, and gameplay. Easy to learn hard to master. Having DbD in PC, mobile, and switch. Always keeping busy and good updates..Version: 1.262577.262577

The best Mobile horror game ever!!I love how they’re no ads it’s a perfect game hope you guys enjoy it!!❤️❤️.Version: 1.262577.262577

Fun game butIt’s a really fun game but it’s very laggy and drains your battery a lot. Needs to be more optimized and sometimes it crashes me for no reason but otherwise I love this game.Version: 1.258592.258592

Luv the game butCan we please add killer turning into the game. Can’t turn when I swing for a lunge like I can on console.Version: 1.258592.258592

Good gameWorks very well and although it causes my phone to heat up a bit its worth the fun! Glad its free!.Version: 1.256799.256799

It’s okThe game is pretty ok, but the graphics are not the best. The gameplay is fun. Sometimes on mobile it can be hard to do stuff and control your character at the same time..Version: 1.255617.255617

YumSuch a fun game but if you’re not willing to spend money on a game don’t expect to have cool characters! This game has definitely put a lil hole in my pocket but I love it awesome backstory for the characters especially the killers!!.Version: 1.256799.256799

Love the gameWell done guys! Keep updating please.Version: 1.256799.256799

Good game just bad graphics and crashes.The game is super good with gameplay and all but.. The game crashes sometimes when I’m playing and I get super upset even when I’m in a game.and the graphics are good but also bad , even when I’m gonna go hit someone as killer the lag is unreal!.Version: 1.255617.255617

Easiest version of DBD for killerEvery survivor plays like a bot and it’s easy to win (getting a 3k or a 4k). 10/10.Version: 1.255617.255617

Love the gameThis game is so fun bc playing in a killer game is just built different and I win every time.Version: 1.250690.250690

Really good gameLove it and all but it crashes a lot!.Version: 1.250690.250690

Bob’s reviewThis game is lit..Version: 1.250690.250690

Why I love dead by daylightI love this game I love the premise of mobile players that can play and we don’t have to spend like $1500 just for a the game after a very really big update I started playing a lot and it was a really good game. If you don’t like this game is probably going to make a promise or you’re just bad. In my opinion good game hope they had more updates..Version: 1.250690.250690

GoodThe game was good and I enjoyed it.Version: 1.250690.250690

Great game, please add more killersI love this game and I think it’s concept is really interesting, but there’s not enough killers in THIS version than in the MAIN version, so please see this bEHAVIOUR, and add some more killers, cause that would make the game top tier!.Version: 1.250690.250690

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