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Have you ever been laughed at by others for your appearance?
Have you ever been hurt by someone you loved with all your heart?
Have you ever been invited to a party, but didn't know what to dress up?

Welcome to Makeover Studio, we've got answers and options for you.

- Take people in need of makeovers from drab to fab, from hopeless to fabulous!
- See how people manage their issues like getting over with a betrayal, winning over prince charming's heart, becoming a star overnight…
- Get exquisite makeup, clothing, hairstyles, jewelries, and even glasses!

Key Features:
- Satisfying ASMR skincare & makeup experience to create the perfect look!

- Group of female and male characters with different ages and background ready for a big makeover!

- Series of dramatic and inspirational stories waiting for you!

- Lots of creative makeup ideas and styles to inspire you!

- Different occasions from wedding, prom, to fun night out…

Premium Subscription:
– You can subscribe for unlimited access to all makeups and dress-up resources, remove all ads.
– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
– Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable purchases a subscription to that content.

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Makeover Studio: Makeup Games App Comments & Reviews

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games Positive Reviews

Great but ads…I just got this game 10-15 mins ago and after reading the reviews I was surprised. It is a pretty good game. It is very satisfying and relaxing. The only thing I could say was bad was all the ads. There are more ads then there should be but the other reviews over exaggerate (in my opinion) Even though there are a lot of ads, they go by quickly with the X button and they only appear after every step. The other thing I would say needs to be changed is the price for the premium. The only reason I would get the premium is to remove ads and I can deal with the ads. Some other people can’t, so they would want premium, but the premium is $5! Me and my mom are a little…low mid-class, so I think some things are a little to expensive, like the price. Others might not think $5 is much but some people might. Overall this is a pretty good game and I would recommend it..Version: 2.3

Love itThis game is so chill and fun. It has very sweet (minimal) dialogue and a positive air. There are diverse models and a ton of different scenarios so you can really try a lot of different things. It was such a nice experience that I put up with all the ads for a little while but I started the premium trial. Honestly, the lack of ads make it feel a little too fast 😂 but don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of ads before. The game sets you up for success by offering very interchangeable (but still distinct and fabulous) pieces. It sometimes mixes up the offerings based on the stories so you don’t just choose from the saaaame stuff every time. My grievances are that they seem to think there is one shade of brown eye (contacts) and a surplus of blue/unrealistic choices. I would love more browns, hazels, and greens. I would also love deeper skin tones/less of a lightening effect when adding foundation. I have next to zero makeup skills irl and I have no extra money to explore fashion so this app is a really nice experience for me..Version: 2.3

Fun & visually stunning, but choices are SO limitedFor example: I just made over a model who needed a “makeup look” for the gym. Ok, but all of the 6 eyeshadow options were very colorful and dramatic. Almost all are themed to a specific holiday or event that don’t match the prompt. None of the blushes or lip colors seem to match the eyeshadows. I do, however, like the hair, jewelry, and most clothing choices. Also, I don’t get the scoring process. Once you submit your look, you receive~ 4,000-6,000 points. I don’t think these points really do anything and don’t know how it’s scored. It would make more sense to have a voting option between players. Side note: the “prep” of the face (popping pimples, blackhead strips, etc…) is fun at first, but it gets annoying to do before every look..Version: 2.4

Too many adsI really enjoy this game and watch ads to finish all looks simply because it’s a great for relaxing anxiety and passing by time. But I will admit the ads are a bit excessive. They’ll play 5-7 ads per dress up which can become annoying patience will eventually run thin and you’ll exit the game. I also find it a bit excessive for majority of the looks,eye colors, hair etc to require watching ads to unlock them. Due to so many ads being played during the process of dressing your character the outfits and accessories should be able to be purchased for coins instead of another ad, sometime you may can get earrings or a necklace for coins but that seems to be it. I checked out how much it would be for no ads and it’s $4.99 a week I like the game but not enough for it to match my Netflix monthly bill. Cool time waster but just like most games with too many ads I’ll end up getting restless and deleting.Version: 2.5

Great! A few things though…So I’ve been seeing reviews saying there’s too many ads. I don’t think there’s that many ads compared to the amount I have seen in other games. I love this game! Though I do have a couple of suggestions. 1.) When you go to put on contacts, there is only ONE brown. It’s a light brown. I think there should be more brown contacts than crazy ones like purple ones and red ones with hearts in them. 2.) When you finish all of the stories for one person, you can do them again, but it’s just a custom mode. I myself liked following the storyline. What I am saying is that I want more stories for certain people I have already finished like Tanisha. Overall it’s a great game! And I’ll probably be playing it for a while! Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.6

Fun, but ads and cost to remove are ludicrous!The game itself is fun. It gets a little tedious having to do almost the exact same skincare routine on each model before getting to the makeup and wardrobe choices, but still relaxing and fun. There are glitches where it slows down or freezes or shuts down occasionally, nothing too extreme but still annoying. The ads are absolutely out of control popping up every step or two until they run out for a while (which means you are also told “videos not available” during that period when you actually try to choose to watch one in exchange for unlocking items!). I thought maybe I would just pay to purchase the game and remove the ads because it’s enjoyable enough. $4.99 per WEEK?? As in you think I’m going to pay $260 per year every year to play this simple, glitchy game??!! Wow, greed is ugly..Version: 2.5

Great game, too many adsI live for this game! But every time I’m in the middle of something I enjoy an ad pops up and I just think it’s super annoying I would’ve gave a 5 star if it didn’t have as much ads as it does the ads that I saw for the this game didn’t say anything about ads and it just talked about how good everything else is. And yes I know that’s how ads work, but still! A lot of people enjoy this game and it’s just ruining their happiness by playing unnecessary ads! That’s all I have to say, and I hope that this game fixes that because I’m pretty sure they would be up to a 5 star if there wasn’t so many ads..Version: 2.5

Really enjoy the game! Quick questionMy question - is there a way to go back a step if you make a mistake or want to change something without needing to start over completely? Hello I really do love this game, I like all the different stories and the ability to create different looks. My only complaints are I’ll have five hearts but I’m not sure if that translates to being on level five or not, like when I’m picking fashion items certain ones require you to be at a certain level but I don’t know how to tell what level I am. I was also wondering if more eyeshadow looks will be added?.Version: 2.4

Amazing but…I love this game and it is very fun to have different clients with different looks and skin and the fact that it is different e makeup looks for different set occasions. There is just one thing that is holding me back from playing this game.. and as everyone else has been saying it is the ADS. Highly inappropriate and not OK for children of any age to watch. Another thing about the ads is they come on all of the time like you never get a break! Anyway, other than the ads, I highly recommend this game. I hope this helped! Thanks for your time! :D.Version: 2.4

Love it but copyrightSo I love this game but not it’s adds (there’s waay too many) but that’s not the problem. The items are the same as the game, Makeup Artist, see there’s not entirely the same but some items are the same. I can’t tell which copied which but it’s still the same. Other than that I highly recommend this game. It has highly realistic graphics and sound effects. And looks very realistic looks. But there are a ton of adds. If you try to pick something,add, try to click out of something ,add, try to get something, add, it’s a lot. Thank you for reading this please respond when you can developers. So I know y’all read this..Version: 2.3

Love this game!! Just one thing…I love this game it’s super stress relieving and satisfying. I was a little disappointed cuz I wanted to do the makeup without the guide but that’s not the main reason I gave it 4 stars. Like I said it’s really fun and the stories make it better but there are WAY too many ads!! Literally every single time I finish something, there’s an ad! Otherwise I would recommend this game even though your watching ads 60% of the time. Find the difference: 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁.Version: 2.2

Still ads?So I got the free trial of the premium to avoid getting ads but it seems like there’s still pop ups. Like in the middle of the game it’ll take me into the App Store out of nowhere and will keep bringing back 3-4 times no matter what I do to different games and apps. Because if this I probably won’t be doing the premium after because it’s almost MORE annoying than sitting through an ad because I would be paying $5 a week for NO ads.Version: 2.4

Love it!This game quickly became my favorite game to play!! I finished all 80+ levels in 5 days because I became so addicted!! Please do an update soon with more levels so I can continue to play! It’d be cool to have additional levels on the models currently in the game, and it’d be cool to add some completely new models as well!! I also love the diversity of the models but you could totally add even more diversity!! I really hope more levels get added soon!!.Version: 2.4

It’s okThis game is a really good game with everything it has but it has too much ads. In this game there is a ad like every 5 minutes I feel like. Also, when I got this game, I was expecting it to be more like the ad. It’s not. You dont actually do their hair it’s just a wig basically. And there isn’t lotion or anything. And you don’t peel of their beard either. I’m not saying this is a bad game.. just not what it said in the ads..Version: 2.4

Good but…Love the game. the outfits are cute and i love the accessories but OMG with the ads!!!! why are there so many?! there’s literally an ad after every. single. category. i understand watching an ad to unlock certain items but the rest are just completely unnecessary. it really makes the game less fun. the outcome of the entire look in the end is always a satisfying feeling but the feeling is quickly ruined when i know i’m going to have to watch at least two ads to get to the next level.Version: 2.4

Love it but have suggestionsAbsolutely love this game. So satisfying. I enjoy the different looks, characters and scenarios. Now my suggestions. I think it would be better to include more hairstyles and contact lenses in differing colors. I’m having issues color matching contacts to Arwens eyes and I’d really enjoy having some that match to avoid changing her looks too much. That’s all. Highly recommend this game.Version: 2.5

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!This is the best game because you have clients that have a lot of acne and blemishes and that need styling and then we turn them into a beautiful people that they were before acne and blemishes came on their skin. There is a lot of different styles to do. That’s why I like this game. I’m so proud of the creator of this game, you made such a great game you should get an award for the best gam in the industry for first place 🥇.I mean I would give you an award☺️..Version: 2.4

This is a good gameI love this game so much this is one of my favorites and there’s not that much ads people make it sound like there is but there’s not. And I would recommend to download and the make up is free you just have to watch an ad and you can dress them up and put accessories on them and you pick there style and they tell a story witch makes it better..Version: 2.4

Really like it except..This is a really cute game I love how u have to do all the steps that u would in real life. My only complaint is that u gotta watch SOOOO many ads.. I understand that since I didn’t pay for the upgrade version I gotta watch some ads but it’s just ridiculous how there’s an ad after EVERY STEP!? I can handle ads but there’s a point where it’s so annoying it makes the game less fun..Version: 2.5

Somewhat badThe game was great at first until I finished it in less than a week, and once I finished the game, there was nothing to play. what I would love to see happen to this game is more levels/ stories added to this app. Also when you’re designing the person’s makeup or dressing them, it would be helpful to have what the theme is at the top of the screen, because I would close my phone for a minute, and then forget what I was supposed to dress them for..Version: 2.4

It’s okI am very disappointed!!! I saw about this game on tik tok and it looked so much fun. It was saying and showing stuff that isn’t actually happening. For example it stayed that you do it on your own and it doesn’t show you or tell you what to do. I don’t really think it is satisfying and there are a lot of adds. I thought it would be different then other beauty game but it is exactly the same. I am very disappointed and I hope you can make it better..Version: 2.4

Great…….BUTLet me start by saying that I really want to love this game sooooooo much!!!! BUT you guys are way too extra with all of the ads. I get it you have to make your coins but you don’t have to shove an ad at our faces every 30 seconds. Quite frankly it’s absolutely annoying, you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. Get it together, so much room for improvement. Lucky I even gave it 3 stars and that’s only because it really isn’t a bad game..Version: 1.7

I love this game but one thing 😀😕It is so fun and addictive just it as a little bit of ads I love it you can do your own makeup but you can not play it if you do not have Wi-Fi it does not give a lot of ads unless you want to get something but it is so fun I love it I thing if you are reading this you should get it 👍👌😁first one thing make sure to and the updates before you open it up.Version: 2.5

Good gameIt’s a good game but there are some reasons that i don’t like it are that the steps I like how if let’s you do it but I don’t like it where it tells you exactly where to put it like for popping pimples and the zapper or the foundation I like the free roam games where it gives you the tool and you find out where to put it to use but in total it’s a very good game and doesn’t have many ads.Version: 2.4

I really enjoy this game but…I really enjoy this game the only thing that really bugs me is you should be able to pick out their outfit BEFORE doing their makeup. It’s difficult to do their makeup based on what they asked for then trying to find an outfit to match the story line and the makeup. If you found the outfit first then you can match the makeup to the outfit like you would do in real life..Version: 2.5

This game is alright, but not what i’m looking forI think this game is alright, but not the best. I just want to play a makeup game where I can do my own style of makeup without everything being so perfect. The only thing I think I’d complain about this game is the ads. Every time I watched a video to get something it would make me watch a video after I just watched one. It’s very annoying..Version: 2.1

Would love this game but…I loved this game enough to try the subscription. I was absolutely willing to pay for ad free, but instead of ads the app forced me out of the game and into the App Store with what I’m assuming is their advertiser’s app pulled up. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, but this is unacceptable for players paying for no ads. Unsubscribed and deleted. Please fix this or I’m sure I won’t be the only customer you lost. Otherwise a cute and entertaining game!.Version: 2.4

AhhEven though i didn’t get to play AT ALL i could tell it was a good game. i only got to play it for like 5 seconds until i got an ad. and the first ad i got from the first time i ever played this game, it was one of the most inappropriate ads i’ve ever seen. if this game is for kids, PLEASE take these ads off! i got in trouble cause my mom saw the ad and though i was playing something bad so she took my phone! thanks a lot kids game 😡.Version: 2.4

Thing about the gameThis game is really fun I love it I gave it 5 stars it is stress free I really recommend this for people who had been in a breakdown, breakup, and who had been through a lot so hope this game help you out and something I would change is. The adds there are too many but the game is still fun..Version: 2.2

I love this gameI LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT like seriously every time I see it I play it but there is one problem the ads like every time I’m finish with the first part there is an ad and idk if this is everyone but there is little websites on the bottom and it’s covering up the free money coins so I think one ad is enough but this is a 5 star review.Version: 2.4

It’s okayIt’s fun for a while but to pay 4.99/week for this is ridiculous. I did the free trial just to play the story mode because there was atleast six 30 sec ads in one makeover. I finished the entire story mode in the 3 days. It’s fun but I think you should just pay for no ads not pay weekly. The make up looks, hairstyles, accessories and outfits don’t change and nothing is really all that customizable..Version: 2.7

Good but a few addsIt is a good game in general but the noises of pimple popping is a little odd also it’s not one of those annoying games that does everything for you it let’s you do most of the stuff it only gives you options and it opens stuff overall it’s great..Version: 2.4

This is only getting 5 stars to get to the topSo disappointed!! 😡😡😡 I downloaded this game for my little 5 year old, and she has darker skin. When she saw all the pretty girls with white skin she got sad. What kind of game only has one skin color?!?!? This is so so disappointing!!!! 😡😡 I am expecting to talk to the manager about this one!!!! 😡😡.Version: 2.4

Yes butI really like this game but I think there could be more stuff added to the make over part. Like more spa treatments. After a while it gets repetitive. Also when choosing the makeup look to do all the choices should be available not limited to 5 because sometimes they don’t go with the event. Lastly, there definitely needs to be more hairstyles available..Version: 2.3

RateI like this game but a little to much add.Version: 2.4

Beauty StandardsThe very first level implies that acne makes someone unattractive. Young people will be playing this game and I think you have the opportunity to teach kids to speak kindly to themselves and embrace their natural beauty. Pimples, dimples and imperfections!.Version: 1.6

AnnonceLes annonce qui a dans le jeux gâche le plaisir du jeux.Version: 2.5

Relaxing and nice gameThey have good designs of clothes, hair, and etc. really entertaining and relaxing. i subscribe for good designs to unlock and no ads. it's worth it..Version: 2.5

Not really funI wanna play but I cannot get past the first level. It does not show u what to do just and white circle.Like what am I supposed to do?! I keep messing with it it’s just not working, but I got one pimple but it doesn’t wipe away.PLEASE FIX.Version: 2.4

AnnoyingThe game is really fun but it has so many adds. On top of that, I go use a certain hairstyle and approved it, then for the picture posted it was a different hairstyle like I watched a really long add for it..Version: 2.4

Idk why people thinks it’s bad?It’s a fun appropriate game with nothing bad ! There might be to much adds but just turn of your internet And the beauty standers? I saw people saying u shouldn’t hate yourself that’s true but pimples should be popped?.Version: 2.4

FunI This game is really fun but the number of inappropriate adds is revolting. Also for some levels I like their original eye color but I can’t keep it so I would like it if you added that you can keep the original eye colors.Version: 2.3

My opinion on this appI only have it three stars because it inrages me that there is at least 15 adds a level.Version: 2.3

InappropriateThe ads ARE SO INAPPROPRIATE so I had to delete it if there is any way you can change the ads that would be great but beside the ads the game is super fun 🤩.Version: 2.2

It okIt’s not the best because there ads it so annoying ( ads ).Version: 2.2

Frequent adsI just downloaded the game and so far I’m really enjoying it. The only issue is the frequency of the ads and the amount of ads. I feel like there’s an ad playing after each stage of makeup appliance, which is just annoying..Version: 2.2

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