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Welcome to a new era of Hoops. It’s time to lace up your kicks, showcase your fit, and dominate the basketball court in NBA All-World. Rep your stomping grounds by exploring your neighborhood to encounter and challenge your favorite NBA players. Get ready to ball out in basketball mini-games and establish your presence in 1v1 gameplay. Show off your swag by customizing your player with exclusive gear from some of your favorite sports and lifestyle brands. NBA All World is a basketball game revolution so bring your A game while exploring, collecting, and competing to solidify your legacy among the game’s greatest!


With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

All World Notes:
- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones; tablets are not supported.
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.

NBA All-World App Comments & Reviews

NBA All-World Positive Reviews

THIS GAME IS HUGE!I think this game is fabulous! no issues really accept when i first tried to log in. I don’t know if that was just because of my Wi-Fi or if it was because of the game but I got in after I reloaded the app. This game can get a little difficult but the more you play the more it’s easier to understand in a quick note I got confused on how to recruit someone, it’s very simple you go to tab with your user name in the top left corner of your screen and scroll down to see the level you are on. It should be green if you’ve completed that level, you look underneath that level and it will show All the players. I thought that you just had to press on one and do something to recruit them but now you have to walk around and find those people people to play against and if you win, you get to recruit only if you win and if they’re on that list. other than that nothing was really difficult. I love this game so much. I am a Minecraft, basketball player to play Minecraft on the side and now I think I’m just in the basketball. This is so much better than any video game i’ve played . please download this game now!!.Version: 1.10.4

Great Game but the Crashes NEED to be addressedI’ve been playing NBA All World for around a week now, and I must say the concept of Pokémon Go but with NBA players is fantastic. My team is level 10 now, and to get to 11 there is a requirement that you need to rank up 2 players to rank 3. To do this you need to have Tournament Rings which can only be earned in (you guessed it) arena tournaments. For each Starter player, you need 5 tournament rings to rank them up to 3, which is a LOT, given that you can only go after 1 or 2 A DAY. Now this is already a grind normally, but when I’m in the middle of a tournament match, and my game freezes, it really frustrates me. Especially by the fact, that when I open the game back up, it gives me a forced loss, which therefore halts my ring progress for the day. On top of this CRIPPLING issue, in most 1-on-1 games, the blocking and stealing animations DO NOT WORK, the opposing players will shoot or dribble right through my player’s hand or entire body sometimes. This game absolutely has 5 star potential, but before that can happen, these two issues NEED to be addressed. On a side note, maybe instead of having only a few arena tournaments a day where tournament rings are few and far between, make them available at EVERY arena, or have other ways where tournament rings can be earned, because this level cap between 10 and 11 is BRUTAL..Version: 1.10.4

Level up changes made overnight!!!I was working hard to level up my team when overnight most of the requirements changed. For example level 12 final step was rank up TWO starters or all stars to rank three. And this morning I see it’s rank up FOUR starters. Same task just changed overnight because they realized they messed up on how easy it was to level up. Ridiculous to make that type of change now. This should have been worked out before release. Other than that there’s also no end game once you hit level 20. All the players are the same out in the world. You recruit one Kyrie Irving he is the same as another kyrie irving so no point to really search after you get one. There’s really no point to adding the real world walk around aspect. They would have been better making this just and online competing game against others. But not just one vs one games (where multiple glitches happen). Let us choose whether it “first to five”, “around the world”, etc. This game is basically a poorly made basketball game that is fun to kill time but ultimately not worth the waste of time to build a team..Version: 1.10.4

I love this game but it has a couple of super annoying bugs.I play this game everyday I love the mechanics, collecting, leveling up and the gyms. I have a couple of comments. Firstly there are two horrible glitches or bugs. One is that when you level up the level up sound for the ratings going up doesn’t stop until you completely close out the game. Another one is if I play to many games in a row without closing the game the rewards start glitching and I have to press the screen for up to a minute until the rewards screen finally gives me the option to exit. Last thing is about the king of the court, I understand if you have to battle all the way up if there are real humans holding all the positions but if it’s bots there should be a way to bypass a couple places because the grind is way too crazy. I had to give 5 star rating because despite those pretty big problems I love this game thank you to the producers. If the glitches get fixed I’ll write a different better review thanks..Version: 1.11.2

LETS GOOO!I’m shocked more people are not on this game. I see so much potential with this game play and the dynamics is brings to the table. I’m not even a basketball fan and now I find myself learning about the players and the sport. Right now the game offers 1v1 against the NPCs in 3 game scenarios. I hope to see PvP with teams on the court soon with a daily login to separate this Niantic game from Pokémon Go. Rule the court you fight up a leaderboard like a gym in Pokémon go. However you have more leave based versatility for your dynasty to strive in against players world wide. I’d like to see where this game goes as well as a bridge between the console games with All World. The friends list will be a feature I would also like to see utilized possibly with a warm up skills match we can do with our friends similarly to the warm up matches we can do every 3 hours against the NPCs with a reward increase the more active we are with our friends..Version: 1.10.4

NBA All-World ReviewI think this is a fantastic game and i can’t wait to be able to get every player into the game, but I think that it may be too difficult and some changes should be made. The only way for me to level up at this point in the game is by using a large amount of tournament rings which is very difficult to do if I am capped at one a day most days. Everything else in the game you can grind for and I personally have an abundance of, but I can’t level up anymore because it takes so long to get tournament rings. It’s gotten to the point where the game isn’t really as fun anymore because I have every player I can possibly get and all I am waiting for is getting more tournament rings to level up. I think making it less rings to upgrade players of higher levels or making it easier/faster to get them would make the game more enjoyable. Other wise though, it’s a fantastic games with only a few bugs and great gameplay!.Version: 1.12.2

Great game to play walkingI’ve walked over 50mi ever since i downloaded this game. A few glitches here and there that I’m sure Niantic is working on, other than what is the endgame? I enjoy it because it gets me out the house…sometimes exploring other places and seeing landmarks I don’t normally pay attention to when I’m out and about. It feels like Im collecting players and boosting them up. I hope Niantic introduces legendary players as special events like Bird, Wilt, MJ, Shaq etc. That’d be cool! Also, it would be nice if our players in gyms are wearing the gear we have selected them to wear so other players can peep our swag. Thanks for making this game and looking forward to future updates..Version: 1.11.2

👎Like your previous (already obviously successful game) game Pokémon go the game NEEDS to have more daily challenges and tasks and something that works like the eggs to giving you heavy rewards and bonuses or players from walking long distances or short varying on how good the look chances are. And second when you walk vs not walking the amount of players you come across is literally the same. I don’t even need to leave my house to see like 2-3 players pop up other then that I walked a mile Atleast before I seen anything other then credits pop up and was a lot irritated and disappointed on the mechanic of that. Usually in Pokémon walking makes chances of finding Pokémon super easier just saying. If one games successful maybe learn off it when trying to make another. Take what works and make it work again sometimes don’t stray from an original concept because if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.Version: 1.10.4

Amazing game !!!This game is great! The graphics are top tier for the game it is. The gameplay itself is pretty remarkable. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and there have been no bugs or glitches or problems at all, the only issue I have is how hard it can get to level up your team In general, also I understand this is a newer game so it is going to take time for it to develop fully but I feel there could be some more specific controls, also there should be some more music or a better soundtrack and some more available players to “catch”. understandable this isn’t here yet , but a PvP where you can play your friend would be cool. Otherwise for how young this game is , I think it’s spectacular, and the game has true potential, I think the concept is pretty neat..Version: 1.11.2

Good Game But Could Use ImprovementI would give this game 5 stars but it is some things that really need improvement. The game crashes A LOT and my service bars are full at 5G rate or even a strong Wi-Fi connection. So it becomes irritating especially when I’m in the middle of a tournament causing me to lose the game because I have to close the app out and reopen, or the power ups when I’m on the go and I end up missing out because it crashes or lags. And maybe when u ask if we want a rematch on a 1 on 1 game (which cost game dollars) ask if we’re sure we want to, before proceeding to keep from accidentally paying to replay something I didn’t intend to. These are just a few tweaks that would be better, speaking from my own experience. Other than that, I love it..Version: 1.10.4

Fire Game!!!!!Best hoop game in the market!!!! Love how the game moves when you move wherever you go you can collect new stuff money play different players so if you travel a mile, there’s a bunch of stuff on your way wherever you’re going and back. It’s very realistic love how you can change up your gear, your shoes, different basketball colors and art on the balls. The players are spot on their skills are pretty much the same as in real life. If you really get into the game, you’ll understand what I’m saying, but this is a great game I suggest anyone into basketball download this game and have fun you get to work out and lose a few pounds in the process..Version: 1.14.0

It’s definitely a fun gameIt’s a fun game, the graphics are great, the movements are clean. The gear all looks nice all around everything is very detailed. The only minor thing I notice is little glitches when playing against bots when I go to block or steal but it doesn’t affect the game to much. I definitely recommend the game. Edit: another thing I dislike is the energy not going up on its own. I understand using extra energy during a game to keep playing but it should still slowly regenerate on its own. You shouldn’t run out of energy and still be on 0 days later..Version: 1.10.4

Fun, but not quite Pokemon GoThe game overall is pretty fun so far. It’s very much like all the other Niantic games where you get to explore your real life neighborhood, but instead of finding Pokémon or pikmin or whatever you do in Ingress. With that said, I don’t think it’ll take me away from Pokémon Go since I can’t really play both at the same time. The little mini games don’t quite mesh with a game all about walking. Since the games take about a minute and multiple spawn together you’re more likely to walk and then stop for two or three minutes while in a game like Pokémon Go you can really just keep walking the whole time. Overall it is a fun game that I will continue to play sometimes..Version: 1.10.2

IdkFrom my understanding it’s a fairly new game ? That’s actually testing mobile boundaries it’s not to many like it out there So most bugs & what not i understand until fixed if not game breaking I feel it’s a is what it is situation that being said this game is not perfect at all and it’s a lot that needs to be thought about & taken into consideration. But for someone like me that plays a lot of mobile games even owning multiple consoles. The way this game makes my phone SO HOT SO QUICKLY is a automatic turn off & probably #1 think wrong in my opinion it needs to be played with and fixed asap I’ll spend money on this though I want lebron or giannis.Version: 1.11.2

Fun game, more players pleaseI’ve been playing this game about a week. There’s a good variety of things to do, arenas and shootouts and upgrade hunting. I like to see that the NBA Players Association is part of the ownership group. I like to hope this can help out all the players, from stars to backups and veterans to rookies. My favorite part is getting a player I like and then maxing them out. There’s a good mix of players to start out with, and all the All-Stars. Personally I can’t wait for the updates that add more players. I want to destroy the League with a maxed out Mike Muscala. Burn it all down Mike! <3.Version: 1.11.1

Good game minor fixes to be greatI’ll start with negatives then go to positives first negative is when your on defense and u go to block the ball sometimes the ball goes through your hand and the opponent scores it’s a very frustrating bug second negative just like in Pokémon go near gyms and poke stops the spawn rates are higher this game more players should spawn near or around the courts I notice sometimes it takes forever for a player to spawn and last negative everytime I try to view a friends roster the game freezes other then that it’s a solid game can be grinded however u like casually or competitively players seem well balanced overall a solid game.Version: 1.11.1

Great but needs tuningI’ve been looking forward to the release of this game since it was first announced by Niantic and so far, it has not disappointed! The gameplay is crisp and smooth and in a landscape plagued by difficult releases and bugs, All World has been a dream. The game modes are all great, and there isn’t a single one I dread playing. Balancing needs to be better in the game and availability of some “crafting materials” needs to be drastically improved, but so far, I can’t put it down. 1V1 seems to also default to player ratings and RNG than actual skill. I can only stomach a ball going through my defender’s hand elbow, or even armpit for so long before that part of the game will be nearly unplayable..Version: 1.10.4

So Far So GoodReally fun game if you like NBA basketball. It’s like 2k and Pokemon GO combined. Literally. Except there’s way more locations available on the map which is good for people that don’t live/work in a large city like I do. But there’s always little mini-games to play to help advance your players and team levels. And so far I haven’t felt like I needed to spend any money in the In-Game Store… but I’m sure I will eventually lol. Definitely recommend if you like basketball because now you can play wherever you are/on-the-go..Version: 1.10.4

RewardsSo far having a lot of fun, however playing this game for 30 hours so far I have been upset with the bag and rewards system. Unlike Pokémon Go, if you level up and did not have time to empty your bag, you will lose all level rewards. I have lost out on multiple level rewards due to leveling up while in a court and the reward’s automatically coming before I could get to my bag. You shouldn’t have to buy 200 extra bag space so you don’t have to worry about losing rewards. All in all, the game play obviously needs some tweaking but the bugs haven’t been major. It keeps me hooked even after the disappointment of losing hundreds of rewards..Version: 1.10.4

Potential but buggyI like this game. It’s got some good potential that I’d like to see as it advances. However it’s still new, and it’s still got quite a few frustrating bugs. Some games I’d have to forfeit because the shoot button isn’t responding. I even entered a tournament and spent 100 AW cash for the proper pass just to have to forfeit and lose. I’d also recommend a confirmation for replaying drills because I accidentally wasted another 100 AW cash to replay the drill instead of exiting. Otherwise, hoping that bugs will be fixed, it’s okay for the time it has been up..Version: 1.10.4

The game is great but it’s still buggingThe game is great and I’m been playing for a few weeks. It’s very similar to Pokémon Go, but it’s better in my open. The problem I have with the game is when I play 1 v 1. Most games are normal, but when I play in tournaments and in the gyms. My player wound start to run in for a layup and he would be frozen and bouncing the ball. The shot clock would eventually run out. But they are still frozen and makes me refresh my game. It’s not just for my players, but also the CPUs. I hope this situation gets fixed in the future. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.10.4

Actually free to playI have been playing Niantic games since Pokémon Go came out in 2016. What frustrates me about PGO is that you HAVE to pay for raids. It’s just a money grab. With NBA All World, if you grind, you don’t have to pay to play at all. Obviously there are things worth spending money on, like more storage space, but if you don’t mind deleting items you don’t HAVE to. The gameplay is solid too. I love the mini game and the one on one arena tournaments. Can’t wait to get Lebron!.Version: 1.10.4

Decent, but energy system is horribleAs a huge NBA fan, I was really excited to see a Pokémon Go type game with a basketball twist. The game looks good and plays pretty well. However, the energy system is horrible. As stated in other reviews, energy goes QUICK. You get maybe 2-3 quick games before you’re out of energy and have to use a recharge item to continue playing. Energy recharge isn't linked to a timer, only energy power ups that can be found or of course, bought with real money. Disappointing to see a game with such potential be held back by such a money hungry system.Version: 1.10.3

Great GameI absolutely love the game ! It’s truly a great game ! It’s a lot of fun to play with the family and get out and adventure and exercise at the same time . I have minor complaints with the game a few glitches or bug fixes . It has frozen on me several times and every time I play at a court I leave my player there to be the leader and I end up 4 or later place and lose to bots and I think that’s not fair because I should be left to face actual players on that . Other than that great game ! I will continue playing for sure !.Version: 1.10.4

Over all pretty good gameWhen I first got it it was pretty fun after no longer "liking" Pokémon go (tho I would say this game is better) It was fun going around leveling up hoping for my favorite players to spawn. But have you know once you get to team level 3 is when it starts to not get as enjoyable. It just turned into a grind I’m not the person to sit play the same game doing the same thing until I get to a point where I feel satisfied. I just want to say play this until the grind, cause it’ll take a while..Version: 1.10.4

Love this game and I don’t know basketballI am not a basketball plan so was trying it out because of Pokémon go. I was totally shocked how fun this game is and I can only name maybe three NBA players. The shooting games are super fun and I really like collecting and finding shoes and boasting my players. I will say it was a bit confusing getting started but slowly figured it out. Also it’s difficult to walk around and play. Better as an in store game or passenger in car..Version: 1.11.1

My playerThis is not bad, I’m a huge basketball fan and there aren’t a lot of great mobile basketball games, but I feel like upgrading a my player would be game changing, it will make me feel more connected to the game. Like Pokémon go I feel more like trainer trying to get better cause it my personal avatar and Pokémon buddy. Another thing is the animations are too long for a free roam game, if I could skip them, I would. And all stars and legends I can see like a boss battle. Or even 1v1 friends would be nice. But I understand it’s a start and I hope to see these in the future..Version: 1.10.3

Cool conceptThe game is cool and all especially for those into the nba but I feel like it’s missing something. Like with Pokémon go the premise of the game is to catch all Pokémon’s and evolve Pokémon’s and stuff like and I know you can’t evolve basketball players but it feels like there’s not much to it besides collecting players and hitting up tournaments and that’s it. Hope you guys add as much things to this game as you did Pokémon because I can see something good in this game and I hope it’s not a 1 day play and that’s it..Version: 1.10.3

New update is terribleThe newest update, which was supposed to smooth out the 1v1 matches, have made them virtually unplayable. Every time you drive the ball now, it is either stolen or blocked, while you are unable to do the same to the opponent. This happens even if your player is 150 points better than your opponent. Aside from this and the silly bottleneck that is the tournament rings (you should be awarded some if you finish top 3 in Rule the Court), the game is fun..Version: 1.11.1

Great Idea!Only reason I’m not giving it a 5 is because I know it can be better. And with enough support from the community, I know the app designers will make it better. It’s an awesome concept tho! I love it, and I’m hooked! I can’t wait to try it somewhere further away than just around my home. I only wish I could level up faster to get these All-World players that keep popping up around me! I’d recommend at least giving this app a try!.Version: 1.10.2

Awesome game but has some few bugs stillLove the game. Sometimes when i play a 1 on 1 match, the game bugs and freezes sometimes but other than that, 5 stars!.Version: 1.8.0

Jodh123467890Vsvsnj.Version: 1.10.4

Love itLove it.Version: 1.12.2

Definitely love This gameDo I love this game is like Pokémon go and I do enjoy Pokémon go to buy I have a request please add more gyms where people can battle where the hoop is in other words where the hoop and backboard is on the game add more of those please.Version: 1.11.1

Amazing! Love it!!This is an amazing game I love it!!!! I loved Pokémon go and one of my favourite sports is basketball. Stick them together and you get ALL WORLD!!! I haven’t been playing it for long but I sure do love it! This will most likely become my favourite game in a couple of days..Version: 1.11.1

Great gameGreat game, but somehow the referral system not working..Version: 1.10.4

DdsdFix the game.Version: 1.10.4

Few bugsDuring a 1 on 1 everytime i block my arm and hands go through the ball and don’t block him but otherwise very good game.Version: 1.10.4

Great but..The game is all fun but it needs to have more player like the old one MJ,kobe,shaq and all the others. It would be fun if you could play against your friend..Version: 1.10.4

ReviewReally great.Version: 1.10.3

Fun but too much waitingGreat game only problem is u can’t play when u want. Some of the waiting if ridiculous been over 24 hours since last game and I still can’t play..Version: 1.10.4

Now do a soccer one..Soccer version would be amazing. 1v1, skill moves, penalties, goals. It would be a world wide smash!.Version: 1.10.4

This game is the bestThe game looks like Pokémon but better 100% great.Version: 1.10.2

Good gameI think it’s a great game overall.Version: 1.10.2

Amazing Game!I’ve been a basketball fan for a while now, and I played Pokémon Go since it released up till recently! Great game for basketball lovers! Very fun and the mechanics work perfectly!.Version: 1.10.0

IMPORTANTAbsolutely love the idea of the game and the dynamics, a lot of bugs as it is a recently developed game but I would love to become a tester or Atleast help you spot the bugs to make this game even better!.Version: 1.9.1

Solid Foundation. Needs lots of improvementsGood start for a game. Needs a lot of improvements. Disappearing inventory items. Items not available when bag is full and unable to collect at a later date. Makes the game frustrating and feels more challenging than it needs to be. Would also love to see more NBA players and maybe some more things to do/ challenges other than just leveling up players. Maybe challenge friends or something.Version: 1.10.0

Great gameGame is a lot of fun the only thing I would add at this point is a screen that shows all the guys you’ve collected like a master list like in Pokémon go.Version: 1.9.1

Awesome ConceptKeep improving the game & I’ll keep playing it!!.Version: 1.9.1

Enjoyed the game but it’s a bit buggy sometimesSometimes got stuck when playing one on one.Version: 1.9.1

Bug issueGreat game but I used my credits to enter tournament and lost all of them and then my game froze and it stayed in the menu. When I closed and opened the app after waiting it had not entered me in the tournament but taken my credits. Lost like 2000 credits. If they fix these minor bugs I would play the game again..Version: 1.8.0

Good game some glitchesLove the game but the past 2 weeks I was in the lead for the gym by my house up until today it said I was in the gym but checked leaderboard and I was not in it waste of a week hopefully next week is not 3 in a rom or I give up on trying to rule a court other then that game is great.Version: 1.8.0

UpdateThe update for the app was not necessary for the bag. Why it can carry a 100 items only?i played this game more than 2 weeks now and i have at least a 1000 items and there is no way to upgrade the bag.Version: 1.8.0

Please make the item bag biggerWith the last update, a limit of 100 items was added. I literally have 100 of each stats boosts, and over 100 of each energy boosts. Because i have over 400 items, anything i collect i don't get because im already at the limit. You guys sometimes give players more than 40 items in ONE tournament... How does a limit of 100 items make sense???? Please make it atleast 300....Version: 1.8.0

Awesome gameThis is awesome Pokémon go but for NBA?? The movement in 1v1s could be a bit better but otherwise this is amazing.Version: 1.6.0

Poor GameplayCouldn’t really get past the intro turorial without freezing but swipe basketball when 2K23 just drop isn’t gonna cut it. Would love to see a better system of play..Version: 1.6.0

Great game, few flawsReally smooth mechanics, the issue mainly people are saying where they cant move is them not knowing the movement system in the game and are just free styling it with zero rhythm, I would know because I'm beating everyone right now even when they have guys like trae young and jason tatum.. it’s quite simple, learn the mechanics, but there are a few issues because again no game is perfect but those issues must be addressed, maybe if anything make it “easier” to drive just for the new people who can’t play..Version: 1.7.1

Solid game potential…Honestly this game isn’t bad by any means but if it’s going to take off in anyway …the crashing needs to be handle but that’s all in due time I hope…I’m looking forward to for what’s to come 👀.Version: 1.7

Can’t get passed tutorialGreat idea, can’t seem to get passed the tutorial when finished dribbling. Screen freezes and you have to restart..Version: 1.6.0

Fun gameplay, to many level restrictionsThe game play and idea of the game is very very fun, besides a few laggy things that comes with all games. Buts it’s very disappointing seeing players such as Durant, Tatum, Giannis etc. and being told you can’t recruit them because of your level. Would love to see no level restrictions on players in the future 🤞🏼.Version: 1.7.1

Fun but glitchyGame is actually a lot of fun, but theirs a glitch where my player is stuck and needs 1 more exp to level up but it doesn’t give me the exp.Version: 1.7.1

Lil problemJai parcouru la distance necessaire pour pouvoir participer a des matchs de chauffe mais je ne peux pas y acceder malgres avoir redemarrer mon iphone j’appuie sur jouer mais ça ne fonctionne pas ;(.Version: 1.7.1

Pretty goodThe game has a lot of potential, the tutorial just doesn’t teach you enough and it’s impossible to win matches with how hard the bots are to beat..Version: 1.7

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