Banish: Block 'Open in App' Customer ServiceAlex Zamoshchin

Banish: Block 'Open In App' Customer Service

BANISH. An ultra-efficient Safari Extension that blocks annoying 'Open in App' popups & other dark patterns on the web.

“Banish does one thing and does it well: it nukes dickpanels in Safari on iPhone and iPad”
— John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"The app proved incredibly useful. For instance, when on Quora, clicking a link to another Quora page would normally pop up a blocker that requires you to log in to continue navigating the website. With Banish, this pop-up was gone and you could use the site normally"
— Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Banish does not collect or store any of your data - nothing leaves your device.

Just a one-time purchase and Banish is yours. No subscriptions, no in-app purchases, no ads, no nonsense.

The app performs the minimal, necessary changes to block popups and free up screen space.

It's as easy as downloading the app and enabling it in Safari settings. No maintenance needed.

Banish is written in Apple's latest programming paradigm Swift UI and Safari Extension functionality.

Feedback? Contact us at [email protected]

Banish: Block 'Open in App' App Comments & Reviews

Banish: Block 'Open in App' Positive Reviews

Unique Outstanding Design App!I would like to sit down and take the time to talk about this 5 Star Design app! The Developer has put a great deal of Hard work Time Sweat and yes Love into the Coding of this software! For you myself and our family it’s easy to set up and use! If in your busy schedule you are taking the time to read this I hope you will Download this Unique Outstanding Design App now! Don’t wait or put it off you won’t be sorry! ( really ) well time for me to move on so they say with that thought I want to Thank the Developer for putting this app out here for all of us! I truly truly appreciate and Tip my Hat to you Mr. Developer for a great Idea that you gave with your Heart! Thanks 🎩.Version: 1.4

Works well and responsive developerIt wasn't blocking the email prompt for Reddit (which I've been ignoring for YEARS) so I emailed the dev and a week later that was blocked. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also blocks some other popups but it's worth the cost for me just for Reddit..Version: 1.17

Stopped working overnightIt’s a great idea; I loathe the apps that hijack your browser and force you to the app (or worse, worthlessly redirect you to the App Store even when you already have the app downloaded, thereby disrupting whatever you were reading). I paid for the app gladly, and it worked yesterday. Today, it’s not working at all; the Yelp mobile site is redirecting me to the app every time I try to click on anything. Love the concept, but I’m going to request a refund if this isn’t fixed pretty quickly..Version: 1.18

Where has this been all my life?I absolutely abhor being redirected over to an app, or worse, pestered to download a new one when I’m browsing the internet. So, yeah. This is basically the best thing ever. Thank you so much for creating this!.Version: 1.9

Makes browsing so much betterThis app is awesome. I browse Reddit and Twitter frequently on Safari and the Open in App banners have been annoying me for the longest time. I’m glad I found this app, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone..Version: 1.1

Late in my five starsI needed a non beta device to leave this rating. Works as designed on 15.6.1 and latest iOS 16 beta. For me at least. Keep up the good work and frequent updates!!.Version: 1.15

Works well, developer is responsiveI didn’t realize how annoying the pop ups were until Banish blocked them. Nice utility..Version: 1.15

Thank youI can’t believe this isn’t built in literally the most annoying part of an iPhone thank you so much.Version: 1.7

Extra helpfulSo i already have popup blockers through different adblocking extensions, but these only prevent unsolicited popups that show up when the page first loads. reddit and twitter have an insidious design where clicking on "reply" or "see all comments" will summon a popup or redirect you to a sign-up page and this new app prevents that from happening too by disabling those buttons..Version: 1.20

Good JobThose open in app prompts were super annoying. Now just squash The NY Times pop up that tries to get you to use their app and I’ll be ecstatic..Version: 1.21

Works great!Simple to set up, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. My mobile browsing experience is much smoother thanks to Banish. So glad to have this app!!.Version: 1.8

Great app!Wonderful application, only thing I wish was that the application UI contained a list view of all sites the application works with.Version: 1.12

Finally.Well worth it. I hate using things like yelp or Reddit that try to force you to download thier apps. This all but solved it. Excellent.Version: 1.10

It does precisely what it’s supposed to doMakes browsing Reddit and other sites much more tolerable on the iPhone..Version: 1.12

Needed This!Works great, love being able to click Reddit or TikTok links and not have a huge overlay banner every time..Version: 1.8

So helpfulYou’ve fixed thousands of company’s UI & UX. You win! Download this and enjoy the internet more..Version: 1.8

So awesomeBeen looking for something like this. Thanks!.Version: 1.7

Doesn’t seem to be working for RedditStill getting the pop ups after enabling Banish. Great idea though. Hopefully they just need to work out the kinks..Version: 1.9

Please block the New York Times promptWill you please update banish to block the new New York Times open in app prompt?.Version: 1.21

It’s greatThank you very much.Version: 1.3

Brilliant! So glad this exists.So happy this exists!.Version: 1.8

YesI love it and I love you. Great app thanks.Version: 1.10

So goodLove it!.Version: 1.8


Works for RedditAs advertised.Version: 1.8

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