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- Turn your phone into a disposable camera
- Snaps are a mystery until they develop at random later that day
- Share your snaps to your Friends feed and see the week unfold
- Your monthly photodump is automatically created on your profile
- Curate your favorite snaps into albums

Lapse is for Friends not Followers™

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Lapse - Disposable Camera App Comments & Reviews

Lapse - Disposable Camera Positive Reviews

Love it! Few suggestions.I really enjoy this app. It’s cool and fun and I absolutely love how it makes your photos look! And whenever you take the photo and it’s ready to view it feels like an accomplishment because you finally get to see it!! I do have some things that you guys could add to make this app even better then it already is. First, you guys should make it so you can choose what part of the song you want when adding it to your journal or you monthly recap!! Also, I think you guys should also make it so we can put music on the things that we upload just to make the pictures even better if that makes sense! Another thing you guys could add is videos!!! Pictures are great, but videos are also just as great! I know it may be hard to put the vintage look on the videos, but i think you guys should either just not put the vintage look on videos or i’m pretty sure you guys could figure something out (not to sound rude of course!!) But I genuinely love this app and its smart that you guys make it so you have to send the app to 5 people so you guys can get more people to join, but maybe make it a little less because i know over time more people are going to start downloading this and it will be harder to invite some new people to join. I know you guys are trying your hardest to make this app great for everyone and you guys are definitely doing an amazing job! Anyways, that’s all I have to say! Great app! Love it..Version: 2.103.0

What I Hope Will Be The Next Social Media AppThis app is so epic. I love that there are no ads or promotional stuff, only updates on when a friend of yours thought to pull out their phone for 2 seconds and take a quick snapshot- one that you can’t see until you’ve forgotten about taking a picture in this is a trait I love about disposable film cameras since it makes the experience of taking and viewing a photo so rewarding- but it’s cool to see it applied to the convenience and increased connectivity of smartphones. I hope no businesses or corporations will think of using Lapse (formerly Journal) as a new tool to exploit for advertising like BeReal. Also, as a photographer, I’m bothered by the digital look of captures when all I could do was pull out my phone without any creative control over the camera settings. By using Lapse for documenting fleeting moments, I embrace the vintage edit, and I can carry on with life, satisfied with how my photos turned out. As for the rebrand, however, I don’t think I’ve met any friends who’ve liked the new logo. The watermark it adds to pictures when you save them ruins the lower half of the image. Please fix that Lapse. The goofy logo betrays the film quality of the photos..Version: 2.67.0

Super pushy.Signed up because I got an invite from a friend, and instantly my phone was taken over by the app. This is slight hyperbole, but the point is I felt like I was opening a video game app as my phone started playing a video and vibrating. Then as you try to go through the sign up, they push you over and over again to “invite five friends!!!!! Find five friends!!!!! INVITE 5 FRIENDS.” You can skip this step but ONLY by hitting the help button, otherwise they do not give you the option to skip inviting people. Then it forces you to take a snap immediately? I was using the bathroom at the time so it was super weird for me. Then if you try to fill out your profile at all it also forces you to upload like 3 snaps or you don’t get to update any info on your profile? So you literally have to add snaps before you can finish setting up your profile. It’s just super pushy and annoying truly. Like please let me take this at my own pace or I’m just going to delete the app and never try it again. ***edit*** I still find their tactics annoying, but I’m getting more into the swing of using the app? It’s really annoying that I’ll try to post every day though and they still won’t give me the lab tools. Like I share and it says “shared 4 out of 5 days out of 7” and I’ll share the next day too and it’ll say “shared 4 days out of 5 out of 7” like wow okay cool so posting regularly doesn’t even work half the time..Version: 2.127.0

I love this app but..It’s a great app just to be able to save your pictures to your phone you can’t screenshot which is fine. But then you have to keep the logo and time which sometimes is cool but other times it ruins the picture. Now the only to get rid of that is to invite friends (which isn’t a issue) but then it wants you to post a link to Snapchat or instagram. And as a person who prefers to avoid those social platforms (and for people who might not be allowed those) I find it quite annoying because there is no other way to get rid of those logos and times. A lot of pictures on lapse that I download are effected by the logos. For example I have a very pretty picture of a sunset and I had to crop it a lot just to rid the picture of those icons. Again, I love the app but I think that while it’s used to market and gain more users, it should be at least given another option for those that don’t have those platforms. Also, when you submit your pictures for the chance to be featured, do you need to have those other platforms? Like I’ve sent in pictures and it gives an option to tag yourself and again I don’t use those platforms. So if you need those platforms to be even considered for being featured I think that’s a tad bit unfair to some. Also how long does it take for the team to review your selected pictures? Thank you and again, truly is a great app..Version: 2.122.0

Love this app but could use a little work!As an avid hater of what Instagram has become, I love Lapse! I love being able to see my friends posts instead of ads, businesses or influencers. I hope with the rise of popularity, that doesn’t change but we’ll see after time. I love the friend not follower model. However, the find friends could use work. I wish it would show me more options instead of showing the same people that I don’t know at all. You have to add the people listed before you are able to see new options of friends you may know. I’ve been digging through other friends’ friends list to find my friends which is a bit annoying. It also shows me when someone joins lapse but I’m like who are you? I don’t even know who they are. Another big thing that I hope they work on is deleting photos. I’ll post on lapse and decide I actually don’t want a photo to post and delete it, but it only deletes it for me. My friends are still able to see it hours later and it’s a little embarrassing especially if I take multiples of the same photo. That’s my main gripe with this app. Otherwise I love the app and I can see it becoming the next big thing as long as it doesn’t fall and make the same mistakes as other big apps. I love the personal touch to Lapse. Please don’t fall to ads and business models. Love you!.Version: 2.91.0

I love this app, but….This app rocks. It’s so fun. I deleted Instagram because I found the reels too addicting, and feel like this app takes me everything I love about Instagram and makes it healthy. I’ve told many of my friends about it and gotten them to use it, and they like it too!! Today I wanted to post on Instagram some photos from lapse, and found that it crops your photo and doesn’t take off the lapse logo unless you add three friends (which I did, but it only lasts for 24hours!). You can’t even download your photos to your phone without the logo/time stamp or the awful crop, which is really frustrating to me. I was going to post my lapse photos on Instagram and advocate to my followers to download the app because I love it, but I won’t be doing that with the weird automatic crop/logo, and am considering discontinuing my use altogether because of this issue. Which makes me sad. Plz fix, or at least let me screenshot!!!.Version: 2.118.0

I miss 2 months ago lapseI love this app, it is my new favorite way to interact with friends with social media. That being said, I’ve found the updates which now forbid screenshotting to be gratuitous and annoying. I get it, u wanna monopolize this aesthetic and get as much money as you can out of people, but the app is just much more annoying to use now as someone who is absolutely not going to pay for a membership, and I just crop out the lapse symbol the majority of the time anyways. Like, my screenshotting has nothing to do with you. This amount of control being exerted over my user experience makes me want to not use the app anymore, let me do what I want with my pictures that I took. It’s especially frustrating having used the app before this stupid restrictive “if you buy a membership you’re allowed to have fun again” system was implemented. The app is also way buggier now, It crashes and freezes and makes copies of recaps from the same album over and over when I’m trying to download recaps from each of my albums separately. This app just feels like it’s getting worse over time compared to the freedom us users had a few months ago and it’s honestly upsetting to me what with how much I’ve enjoyed it up to this point..Version: 2.121.0

Love this app but scammy featuresI love the concept of this app, very fun and different way to approach social media. I love the filters, truly looks just like my 35mm camera! The concept of the developing time is fun and I really like how it prevents you from doing a bunch of retakes in the moment. The process of posting is easy and intuitive. I wish there were a few tweaks to the process of downloading, requiring you send to 5 seems excessive especially when you can’t send to people already on the app. I get the idea behind it, but it’s been a turn off for some of my friends who don’t want to go through the long process and bug other people to download. I also wish you could just use the filter on existing pics or export without logo. I recently updated so you can no longer screenshot, you must export with the app logo. It’s not a very appealing logo/ watermark- I think it detracts from the overall vibe of the picture. I would repost to other platforms more if it was a little more streamlined or better placed. It really just makes me want to crop it out. I hope this app catches on and more people download, it’s really a good idea just could be improved user experience!.Version: 2.98.0

Cool app, but…It’s funny when you screenshot, the cat police shines thru. The app is a bit confusing, but still getting used to. I do like that we get to wait patiently for the pics to develop, but I don’t like that when I post on my Instagram, the logo shows. I don’t want other people knowing that I’m on a new app w/ constant suggested friends. This app is perfect for introverts, but I prefer having a small group of friends knowing about my life, rather than acquaintances who just wanna know wassup. It’s a bit annoying that I had to invite 5 friends in order to see my friends’/family’s feeds, & trying to take out the logo, with a 9:3 photo/edit the photo before uploading to my camera roll just to invite 3 friends. Which I get, Lapse is promoting themselves to be out there. Also, when I archived all my photos last Thursday, I thought I was able to share them later so that it can be posted on my feed, but no one saw the day off I was enjoying. So I put it in my album for people to see & even posted a status for people to look at it, but I didn’t get any emoji reactions, which defeats the purpose since they’re pretty much like “Likes.”.Version: 2.103.0

Like it but there is no way it would “replace” using cameraI really like the ability to share photos with my friends without a surplus of ads and unnecessary features. I hope that aspect stays the same. The moment i see an ad I’ll delete. I would like to be able to upload photos. I get that the point is that you don’t see the photo you took until later, but if I’m really truly living in the moment then I’m not trying to take a picture on my camera and in this app. And this app is not going to replace my camera app because i can’t save the photos to my phone unless i either download with a logo and date/time or i go through all these hoops to be able to remove watermarks. Also I would probably want to be able to have the photo without a filter. Since i can’t upload photos, I haven’t really been using the app since I downloaded it. If we could create multiple journal entries and keep it separate from the snaps that could be a cool option to retain the whole “i just snapped this pic so casually” aspect while also allowing us to share photos with friends that we didn’t take on Lapse.Version: 2.116.0

Loving it, but some grievances.Love love love the idea behind lapse. A step back into simpler times before the rush of social media. However, this isn’t something I’ve fully adopted due to the infancy of the app, and sharing links to get started. I do understand Lapse is trying to build a baseplate of users before rolling out public access. I think the invite only is kinda killing the lust to create an account. For instance I invited my wife to join, but she never completed setup bc of the invites you HAVE to send to users who aren’t on it already. My wife isn’t one to bombard her family and friends with links to random stuff on the internet, therefore she was out before ever getting to experience it. Another thing. I’m not gonna remember to take a photo with Lapse to capture a moment. Lapse has access to my photo library, yet I can’t seem to get the upload to work. I’d like to upload photos to the share feed, but can’t. I’m assuming that’s a quick fix that’ll hopefully be fixed by next bug update..Version: 2.100.0

Great App only 1 Concern!I absolutely love this app. I saw a friend using it and immediately went to download it. I think the look of film is beautiful and make pictures much more interesting and detailed. I’ve sent it to several of my friends and they have all downloaded it and loved it as well. My only concern is how during setup you get stuck until you add 10 friends and share the app with 3 people. For me that wasn’t an issue, but a lot of people I’ve sent the app to it has become an issue because they either don’t have 10 friends using the app to be able to add or don’t have anyone new to send the app to. I think the app shouldn’t require people add that many friends or share it with that many people as it can cause some users to be unable to use the app altogether if they do not have enough friends to connect with. Hoping in a future update this gets fixed! Other than that I’m very much enjoying this app and love showing it to friends and family :).Version: 2.80.0

Deleted my Instagram for this appI’m so here for this!!! I downloaded this app and spent some time learning it. Although it’s not intuitive at first it wasn’t hard to pick up on. And now that I know how to use it I love it. I love that you can take a photo and not think about it, it has made me more present, as opposed to sit and look through photos / edit before posting. It feels super authentic and I have been getting as many people on it as I can since I deleted Instagram for this LOL! It feels so pure, no beauty filters, real moments, real memories and it’s awesome to see my squad get creative again. The one thing I feel is needed is to have the option to save the photo without the effect. And also post without the effect (for those who aren’t into it). Since we are posting our memories here now I feel this is something to consider. But anyways, this social media app is what we need. THANK YOU!!.Version: 2.107.0

So much potentialThis app has so much potential. It really pulls you in with the intro video and the synchronized haptic feedback that goes along with it. I love that it feels like old school MySpace meets old Facebook and Instagram. Having to wait for photos to develop really keeps you in the moment as well. However there are a few areas where it falls short. Being forced to invite 5 people who aren’t already on the app just to be able to use it is a bit extreme. Also even after all that I am still not able to see people feeds because the app wants me to invite even more people. All the people I want on the app have already been invited or are already on the app. I feel this aspect of the app could be its downfall if something doesn’t change soon. Everyone I tell about the app seems interested until they find out they HAVE to invite at least 5 new people. Also I should be able to upload camera roll photos to be developed or be able to add archived photos to my feed at a later time..Version: 2.98.0

New and DigestiveI love that I can keep memories on film, upload and create a story with my personal account and not view everyone else’s media if I don’t want too. I can go on, capture memories, and I get to wait for them to develop which is fun! Without being bombarded with hour glass figures and content creaters. The way you can choose loads of pictures and a song for your profile is like watching your life in a small film. I watch it just to take in my days, I get to reflect on this app, see the life I do live when time moves so fast. Adore this app, can lay low and enjoy it. Without the mental overload of media. If it ever changed that, I wouldn’t keep it. I like to stay off media and indulge in my every day to day life and explore myself. This app lets you have fun with your phone and do so..Version: 2.47.0

Too much to even use the appThe concept of this app is really cool, the thing that’s frustrating is that u basically have to have 10 ppl you have to invite to even use the app without restrictions & if you’re friends are already using the app u can’t invite them again to get started. then on top of having to invite everyone in your contacts you also have to post 5 days out of the week to be able to save your photos without the horrid watermark. i already invited way too many ppl to this app & i still cant even save the photos? it’s just a lot for whats supposed to be a social media app. i get they want engagement but it’s just so much to do. the filters really cute that it adds that’s why im still using it but it’s not like i can even use the photos. hopefully they change this feature in the future, probably keep people around longer. oh & dont forget you can’t screenshot on this app either so if a friend takes a pic you have to be tagged in it to save it yourself..Version: 2.125.0

Designed beautifullyThe graphics and the intro was dope - it felt like a party in my hand. Starting with my biggest con (hoping the app creators see this lol) but the watermark on the developed photos is too big. I love the film look and would want to share it on different platforms like Instagram, or even share it with friends, but the watermark logo with the logo is too big and right in the center that I’m less inclined to share it or save it on my phone. I just use other apps to get the same look when thinking of sharing the photo. I’d love to use Lapse’s saved photo but that logo watermark is not it for me. On the positives, posting photos is so easy and I like the notification that my photos have “developed” so that I can share my pictures. I also LOVE the widget on the Lock Screen that makes it SO EASY to immediately take a photo. Makes me more inclined to use the app and I use it every day!! (I’m a person who rarely takes photo to begin with.).Version: 2.52.0

Good in theoryI’m honestly not a social media type of person. A few of my friends sent me the link to join this and I figured why not so I did. The process to get an account is a little aggressive and was a really lengthy process. The idea of it seems really good and I like the idea and the layout. Originally when I made my account I only chose 4 pictures because I didn’t really know what the pictures would be for. I ended up decided I wanted to change them and it will NOT load. I’ve tried to refresh it multiple times and I’ve tried to use it on different internet sources and use my own cell service but it’s not working. I also wish you could zoom in more in the apps before you take the picture. Honestly if those issues were fixed it would probably be a 5 star. My only problems are the challenges to change journal pictures, how long the process to join the app is, and not being able to farther zoom in. But it is a cute app with potential..Version: 2.97.0

Love the concept!The photos come out really cool and unique and it’s fun waiting for them to develop. I enjoy creating albums and the addition of music is a really awesome feature that brings me back to the MySpace days! I would love for this app to get more popular because I think it could be so fun to have more freedom and carelessness with our pictures. With that said there’s a few things I don’t enjoy… number one the sign up process was really sketchy and forcing you to invite people to make an account is weird. Some of my friends thought it was a scam. Not everyone feels comfortable with that. Secondly, the idea of making people pay to download the photos without a watermark is also sketchy. WE took the photo! I’m happy to pay a fee for the app but to pay per photo is ridiculous. The watermark is huge. If it was smaller it wouldn’t be as a big of a deal, but I would just like to share my photos on my Instagram stories without the aggressive watermark that ruins the photo..Version: 2.120.0

I love this app !!! but…Everything about it is great! i love the effects the photos have, the way we react to photos & the layout for profiles i only have two issues - 1. the way you have to send to 5 friends just to use the app. it feels bothersome. i know people that might like the app so that’s easy but past that it feels like a scam. i sent it to a few friends & they had thought i was hacked or something. this isn’t a HUGE issue but i think this should be OPTIONAL 2. my second issue is similar to the first but way more important to me - it’s how when you go to download YOUR OWN PHOTOS you have to send texts to 5 people or fulfill other requirements. i understand it’s getting you to keep using the app & get more people to use it but if i’m trying to save a photo i took myself, i shouldn’t have to go through extra hoops just because i missed a couple days of the weeks journal. we should be allowed to save our photos at all times without limits since they’re OURS & we took them of our personal lives. i have no problem promoting the app on social media & do regularly share to instagram tagging the app account & i don’t think other people have an issue with this either so i think we should be allowed to save our own photos without any hassle. i would happily change my review to 5 stars if my second point was changed but until then it’ll have to stick to 3.Version: 2.126.0

Seemed Ok, Has Some DrawbacksI saw this app and immediately wanted to give it a shot. I’m huge on pictures, and thought it would be like Huji but better. Not quite. First, it requires that you invite a bunch of people, which i did and dismissed it as a good idea to get the word out for the app. Cool, fine, whatever. Some of my close friends didn’t want to do this step, feeling super awkward about the implication, so the social aspect was already a little gone. Then I took pictures, and the development feature is quite fun. Love the profile customization and all that jazzy stuff. Then I tried to download the pictures, and they have large watermarks that you can only remove if you invite 3 new people to the app every 24 hours. Thats crazy. Each week, sure, but every day? Idk, i didn't want to bother more people so i downloaded what i could with the watermarks and deleted the app. R.i.p. - i’m sure some people wont mind, but it wasn’t for me or my group..Version: 2.98.0

Tagged MemoriesI love this app but the problem was when I add photo to my albums it adds in the way that it doesn’t go chronological order so I started added then individually from my memories going to the little plus corner to add my photos until I started getting tagged in some. Now when I accidentally click the bottom corner thinking it’s the plus sign…it’s actually to remove to your tagged photo from a friend out of your memories oh wait but you can add it back it says, but not really it doesn’t go back into your memories once you “add you your memories” it’s just stays removed and now I can see my old photos that my friends tagged me in. Please fix this issue because it’s already complicated that it’s at the same placement that has as the plus sign to add my my albums it would be better if the add to memories button was moved somewhere else..Version: 2.126.0

Cool concept but…It’s a cool concept and I could really see myself using it a lot if it was a little smoother to use. I want to clarify that I understand how to use social media however i kinda feel like i’m blacked out trying to use this app. I ended up sending a dm to multiple people and not posting, I also remember when setting up my account I was able to upload photos and now I can not find that feature anywhere or where those pictures went. Somehow I’m always just clicking around trying to figure out what the heck i’m trying to do, it’s just not super clear. It’s also hard to go back if you click on the wrong thing. Other than that, I love the aesthetic and the photos. one last thing, you should make it so we can press and hold to pause people’s journals so that we can see the photos better and that we can reply back to comments instead of just adding another comment..Version: 2.78.0

ExcitingInstagram is dying and I hate posting on there. Really just hate getting on any social media. So right from the beginning when they introduced the feel and purpose when I got the app it got me really excited. I don’t think the set up process is too long. It’s not that big of a deal. It has to be longer than other apps to be more personal and meaningful. I’m excited to see where this goes. Also love the music feature and cute emojis you can put with your profile picture. It’s fun, new, aesthetic, and intimate. Just like how instagram was when it first came out. And how social media should be. It’s still new to me and I haven’t gotten many friends yet so it’s still a 4/5 stars for that reason. Glad we are moving on and creating better forms of social media🥰 Thank you to the creators for being creative and putting so much effort into this.Version: 2.75.0

Fun with friends but difficult to useI have liked this app and have had for a few months. A lot of my friends and I have it and it’s really sweet to see everyone’s beautiful photos. This app produces really good quality pictures with a nostalgic and aesthetic feel to them. However, it is very laggy. When opening up my developed photos, it pauses nearly every time and I can only get out of the frozen screen by exiting the app. It also won’t post/archive/or delete when I swipe, only to load later accidentally posting or deleting when it wasn’t my intention. I also can’t seem to find a way to tag friends after I’ve already posted the photo (which I have done several times on accident). I don’t know if it’s an actual feature, but I would really like it if it became one. Overall, it’s a fun app but just be ready to exert frustration when trying to obtain and post your photos..Version: 2.97.0

Needs WorkThe app is really cool but I have seen other people say it has “scammy” features which I agree with. Having to send the app to 5 friends before using seems unnecessary and detered me away from using it at first. After getting over that, I cannot save my pictures without a watermark and I can’t even save the whole picture without it cropping! I should be able to save the entire picture not just what fits to the phone screen. Not to mention the “screenshot” police that also stop you from having your own pictures! I’m not mad that you can’t screenshot but there has to be a way to save the whole picture. With some reworking it could be good for pictures and as a social app but currently it just seems like a scam. The creators of the app are desperate for free marketing and dont want you to have your entire film picture, they only want you to use and spread their app..Version: 2.107.0

I love it.I think we could really have fun here. Keep the concept wholesome and simple- just like disposable cameras were. I am excited for new updates and for the app to fix a few bugs, but it really seems like a good vibes only and aesthetically pleasing way to capture moments. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I take less pictures than I used to, and I wanted to change that and then boom Lapse comes along. I love it so much. I just want a picture. I want to show my friends. I don’t want to make it instagram pretty. I just wanna take pictures of my dog and things I think are pretty and delicious beverages and candid photos of my friends and family and share them with the friends and family I don’t get to see often anymore. Also I love a good profile song..Version: 2.99.0

A love hate relationshipLapse has by far the best “film” filter i’ve seen on any app. the concept of waiting for the photo to “develop” is so unique and i get giddy waiting to see how the photo turns out. BUT. i cannot stand all the barriers. i have to invite 5 friends in order to use the app? jokes on you, i don’t have that many friends to annoy with an invite. the app is glitchy. they used to allow screenshotting the photos but now you can only download it with a huge ugly watermark. and to unlock those features you need to invite 3 more friends!!! can they just play a 30 second ad of those fake gaming apps? a big reason why i joined is to have those photos to save and share and i know a lot of my friends (all 5 of them) joined because of that too. hope they figure out all the glitches and a way to download these great photos without a watermark bc they will be the next bereal..Version: 2.96.0

There are really annoying aspects of the appOk so the pics are so gorgeous that you can take with this app, they look super authentic and help me romanticize my life so much and i lovvvvvveee that i have to wait for it to develop and i dont worry about retaking photos because i or someone else “doesn’t look good.” i also just really love the overall concept and vibe, and i love the friends not followers, and the emoji reactions and the look of the profiles SOOO CUTE. however. i HATE. that i cant save my own photos to my camera roll. i was reposting my lapse photos so much and then now all of the sudden i have to do all these tedious things in order to save my photos. like wtffff???? i get that you want for more people to download the app but if i am able to save and repost my photos without the logo and the crop that i want then i will be way more inclined to post them and even tag lapse. so annoying..Version: 2.118.0

Love it, but def needs some fixing…Let me say, i absolutely love this app. as other reviews have stated, it has all the great parts of an actually disposable camera (super cute pics you can wait to look at) and all the fun of social media. i find myself actually going on this app multiple times a day and feeling little to no pressure to pretend, just capture fun and small moments and see those of my friends. now, onto the bad… i absolutely hated the onboarding process. the videos were unnecessarily long and having to invite five people was honestly kind of annoying (however, i do understand it’s the creator’s way of increasing users), but it’s definitely a turn off. i’m not sure if this app is here to stay, but i love the concept of it so far and absolutely LOVE that there are no ads. hoping it doesn’t turn into an Instagram wanna-be.Version: 2.78.0

Capture the moment, don’t curate them!This app does a good job mimicking the feel of film. As someone who is familiar with using film, the app does an excellent job of capturing moment, as opposed to curating them. I do wish that the devs would be able to add an option of shooting with 24 and/or 36 roll films and not having them developed until the roll is finished. I think half the fun of using film is capturing moments, forgetting what was captured and then getting them developed to look back fondly at them. Although it won’t be as quick as posting regularly on your journal, I think this option would give a more nostalgic feel for those who really want to mimic film photography. Overall, I think this app is great and would love to see that added as a feature!.Version: 2.80.0

Sign up is too complicatedI love the idea of this app, but the sign up, pop-ups, steps… it’s just too much. I had ZERO energy to actually use the app after the sign up process. I have numerous friends that won’t even try it when I invited them because they heard the sign up process was too long. I got done with signing up after being forced to add 8 friends (who idk how I would add them because none of the people I would add have Lapse because it’s so new (so that makes 0 sense to have that as a sign up requirement)), add photos, invite friends, and more. The intro, unnecessarily long & as a creative, I get that people worked hard on it, but it needs to be like 3 seconds long or you lose people. Just please make this user friendly. You have way too much competition with other social media platforms and ‘film’ apps to have something this annoying to sign up for..Version: 2.71.0

Perfect for Memories and JournalingI’m quite fond of the journaling feature in Lapse. It’s seamless to include music, text, and photos, creating a hassle-free experience. It’s great for sharing with close friends, but I mostly appreciate it for personal journaling and revisiting my memories. The core value of this app lies in its ability to preserve memories, which is crucial to me as I deeply cherish time. The time and date stamps are a fantastic addition! Additionally, the need to wait for photo development in the app encourages staying present in the moment, rather than rushing to apply the perfect filter for immediate posting. While a few filters for enhancing photo quality or adding an artistic touch would be nice, I appreciate the simplicity of the app and the option to keep things straightforward..Version: 2.110.0

Lapse reviewI loveeeee this app! I use it all the time! It’s way more fun to take pictures, and as a photographer, it’s a lot like a camera, but the developing is easier. I’m always checking to see if my pictures have developed! I definitely recommend this app!.Version: 2.90.0

This app is so cuteHonestly for such a newly made app, I love the design and idea behind it. It is so well made and it’s so cute and fun..Version: 2.80.0

So much fun!!A refreshing app with a new concept! Feel like I’m using an actual camera when I’m snapping random pictures throughout the day, waiting eagerly to see how they develop!!! My only complaint is that it’s a litttttle confusing and the software isn’t the easiest to navigate. Hoping with time and further development, these small issues will be fixed. Looking forward to seeing this little community skyrocket!.Version: 2.75.0

Snapchat + BeReal but better?This app is kinda takes the best of both apps and makes them into a cool way to share memories with friends and for yourself. I’ll definitely be using this over snap memories for the time being!.Version: 2.76.0

AMAZING!I love this app and I post on it pretty much every day! I love sharing my life in such a real and raw way and expressing myself through these disposable photos. I also love seeing photos of my friends and what they’re doing. I have gotten 8 people to get this app so far and everyone loves it!!.Version: 2.82.0

Super cool!It’s so fun! I just wish after taking multiple pictures at once, you could look at them all and decide which one you want to share. As after you archive a picture you’re unable to share it. Other then that amazing app :D.Version: 2.85.0

I actually really like itI thought this is just another lame version of be real or Instagram, but it’s not and it’s a really cool but interesting app. Often I take the picture and just forget about them until the end of that day then it’s a fun lil surprise. I will say the “invite 5 friends” I wasn’t really a fan of and seems the same for everyone. y’all need to remove that it’s killing the app!.Version: 2.81.0

Very very fun :3I hate taking pictures because the second I take them I find like 30 defects, with this I just stopped caring and it’s sm fun to take pics w the app!!!.Version: 2.78.0

BEST APP EVER!This is my new favourite app! I am never buying a disposable camera again!.Version: 2.75.0

Tedious but worth itThe sign up process is for exposure for the app it’s great marketing!! The app is amazing and I’m glad it’s being pushed so many people I know are now on lapse!!.Version: 2.78.0

LapseThis app is awesome you can really find some hot girls on this.Version: 2.85.0

Makes my pictures look musty i love itBy musty i don’t mean gross i mean like old but it’s cute.Version: 2.85.0

LOVEEEEI love this app it is so much fun to do with friends glitchy at times but is overall awesome..Version: 2.82.0

This app is like drugsDrugs.Version: 2.81.0

Reply optionIt needs a reply button so we can reply to our friends when they add comment.Version: 2.82.0

Instagram Who?This app is so refreshing , disposable film style ? Perfection. I love how in the moment and refreshing it is , no trends , no likes , no getting wrapped up in trendy audios and toxic people etc… This app allows you to express yourself in the moment you are in and show the beauty and rawness within it. You get to express yourself to the fullest while having fun with your friend circle. Creating a profile and adding a theme song was so fun to choose out with my friends. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful moments captured within this app. 🤍 Thank you to the creators ✨.Version: 2.92.0

DopeNew bereal unlocked.Version: 2.79.0

🩷So gooddd.Version: 2.79.0

So cute and fun!!I love this app and i hope more ppl start using it!!!.Version: 2.70.0

Love this app, absolutely amazingYe.Version: 2.89.0

UhhhhLove the idea of it but now my dad has an account.Version: 2.80.0

The one star comments are bullScrew you guys who said it’s hard.Version: 2.133.0

Love it but wish i could reply to commentsI love the app its really cute but when my friends comment on my pictures i wanna be able to reply directly to them instead of only being able to like their comment.Version: 2.123.0

Love it but…Absolutely love the app, the style, the idea behind it, the automated editing. But my only complaint is the account setup. I wish more of my friends would use it, but the way you make people sign up scared most of them away. Please change it so the app can grow naturally and I can better enjoy it with my friends:).Version: 2.125.0

FIX THE TIMEThis app would be 5 out of 5 stars if they didn’t take so long to develop. Make it like a 5 second count down after you take it. Still gets the idea without being annoying..Version: 2.117.0

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