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Villagers storm Dracula's castle to destroy his coffin, but there is another vampire already in their midst! Join your fellow villagers in their search for Dracula's lair, protect yourself, and take out the vampires! Or chase, bite, and kill the villagers as the newest member of Dracula's family...

Create Neck Guards to knock out vampires trying to bite you!
Craft Wooden Stakes to kill vampires!
Make Garlic Bread to stun vampires and protect yourself!
Use potions to get abilities!
Complete the puzzles and find keys to unlock the chests!
Deposit the treasure in the piggy banks to unlock Dracula's lair!
As a ghost help the villagers by protecting and guiding them!
HIDE AND SEEK MODE - Run and hide from Dracula...and any of his converts!

Bite villagers to turn them into vampires!
Kill villagers to turn them into ghosts!
See in the dark!
Bite or kill all villagers before they find Dracula's lair!
Beware of Wooden Stakes, Garlic Bread, and Neck Guards!
HIDE AND SEEK MODE - Play as Dracula and turn all the villagers into vampires!

Customize your character in a variety of outfits, hairstyles, skin and hair colors!
Two game modes - Treasure mode and Hide and Seek!
Lots of game settings for the host to adjust!
Join games from the lobby list or host your own!

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Good start!Good start, still room for much growth. I love the fun crafting mechanic. Simple yet cunning! Fun!.Version: 1.0

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