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Widgetable provides trending iOS 16 widgets on your lock and home screen, including pet widgets, plant widgets, social widgets for friends and couples, mood bubbles, dynamic icons, app launching widgets and contact shortcuts. A variety of wallpapers are also provided to help your phone screen stand out! Widgetable makes your screen adorable!

- Pet Widget & Co-parenting
You can raise lovely pets on your lock and home screen. As your loyal virtual friends, they will always stay with you and randomly share their life to make you smile. Don't forget to take care of them frequently so that they can stay clean and cheerful! You can also bind your friends or partner for co-parenting and raise pets together!
- Plant Widget
The widget enables you to grow and nurture your own plants on your home or lock screen. You can choose from a variety of species including flowers, green plants, and fruits, and decorate your unique garden after they get mature.
- Friends Distance
This widget shows the real-time distance and you can always know how far you are from your friend.
- Friends Status & Moods
This widget shows your friend’s latest status. You can give a hug and show it on your friend's lock screen when he/she is frustrated.
- Friends Note
You can leave a note on your friend's lock screen with the widget.
- Little Signal
This widget enables you to send cute signals to your friends' lock and home screens. Try to surprise your friend by dropping a "bomb" or a "kiss" on their phone screens!
- Do it! Widget
This widget shows your next to-do on your home screen and helps you focus on one thing at a time. Just do it!
- Miss You Widget
This Widget shows the number of times you miss your friend. Try to tap the "Miss You" button to express your love every time you miss him/her so that your loved one can always sense it.
- Mood Bubbles
Pour different colors of potions into a bubble to represent your mood. Create your own colorful mood bubbles of the day!
- Drawing Note
Send personalized drawing notes to your friends' home screens, either a quick doodle or a heartfelt message.
- Horoscope
This widget shows your daily horoscopes, including best matches, luck, love, health and more.
- Dynamic Icons
A number of lovely dynamic icons are provided to decorate your lock screen. How cool to set a doggo flying on your lock screen!
- Friends Step Counter
Set the daily step goal with your friend, and the widget will show each other’s real-time step count and goal achievement status of the day.
- App Shortcut
This widget enables you to quickly launch a specific app on the lock screen. You can customize the displayed icon and the landing page.
- Contact Widget
This widget helps you reach a specified contact with one tap on the lock screen. You can choose different contacts for each communication app.

- A variety of wallpapers are provided. You can elevate your phone screen with trending styles, including 3D art, dark themes, AI art, and paper cut designs, etc. Personalize your phone with stunning visuals that truly stand out!

- Photo Widget
- Time & Date
- Weather
- Astronomy
- X-Panel
- Countdown
- and many more

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- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings in iTunes after the purchase

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Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme App Comments & Reviews

Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme Positive Reviews

OMG💟💟💟💟💟Hi I’m here to tell you, THIS GAME IS SO FRIKIN CUTE!!!!!!! You can literally get pets/animals that are so cute! So, even though this game is super Duper cute and am on my second day, I’m just a starter. I have one request. I don’t know how my friend is going to coparent because some of my friends can’t even get some games and I don’t like how for the cute little kitty and I think it’s a dog you have to have a coparent to get it. It’s kind of not fair cause it’s really cute. But either way back to the positive stuff. so far I got a penguin and I named it, now I have another pet egg, however maybe instead of having to pay money, they could make it so that you can just pay a bunch of coins, because not that many people would waste their money on stuff. And also people don’t want to wait a whole Nother day to open their egg, so maybe you can do the same thing I said, instead of having to pay money you can pay coins in the game. I’m just gonna say overall. This game is really good even though you have to pay money and I just really like the fact that you made this game because it has no ad it has no bugs or lags and the best of all the animals are so cute. I recommend you play this game and I really hope you like this game! Peace out! ✌🏽.Version: 2.0.000

Cute, BUT could be more fun!I love this game because we get to raise cute pets and co-parent with friends and / or family. It almost reminds me of a tamagotchi pet, but it has its own ups and downs. I love the widgets that come with this app, it’s really cute! The features in this game are so cute- like how we can communicate with our pets and feed them. Eventually, it can get a little tiring and boring. The only reason why I can find this game to be boring is because well- we just watch a bunch of adds to get the supplies. I wish there was a system where we can play some games to earn money then we can buy our pets what we need as well. I feel like if there were mini-games included rather than just a bunch of adds, it would keep me entertained along with others! The consistency of watching adds and only adds really takes away from the game. I don’t really get to interact with my pets as much because that’s all I can do. Overall, this game is well made, I love the idea of it! I do believe it can be better if they added mini-games or more interactions with our pets. After having it for about 6 weeks, my friends and family eventually got tired of watching the adds. It made it hard for me because I’d have to take care of the pets myself even though there’s a care button to remind the co parents. Even I was getting tired of watching the adds constantly because it felt like the entire game became the add itself….Version: 1.9.020

You get what’s advertisedIf what you wanted was a widget tomagatchi, that’s basically what you get. However, many features are.. broken. If you deactivate the pet, it does nothing but remove it from wherever you had it, and it gets hungry n stuff anyways. If you don't have alot of internet and feed or take care of a pet, theres a very likely chance that the app will just eat the item up, and the pet wont get whatever it is you used. And the advertising… every time you open an app, AD. If you want some more food for your pet??? AD. Also TOO MANY IN APP PURCHASES. Need food for your pet but dont wanna watch ads? Just use money. Also there’s premium which doesnt allow you to use a bunch of features in the game which can get annoying really fast. The only upside is that once your pet reaches a specific level, you get free premium for one year. I’ll update this review once i get to that level. Its also good for friends or partners or whatever, if you have any. One thing that does bring a smile on my face are the messages the pet says, i hope that never changes. Update: havent reached level 5 yet but ghese updates have really made the app much more charming! Some of the things i said still stand tho, so i wont edit that..Version: 2.1.030

This is a cute game!As you can see I gave this game five stars because it was absolutely amazing! It was so cute to hatch more pets and level them up. The game is high tech and it even has wallpaper ideas, all you have is download the photo and put it as your wallpaper. But there is a few glitches that I would like to state. Well first off sometimes it takes like a LONG time to feed then and what I mean by that is when I press on the food it wants, it starts loading but it keeps loading. So maybe fix if you have the time. And when I watch an ad for a food sometimes it doesn’t even give you the food, and you have to watch another ad for it. And that’s really all the glitch’s other than that there’s no problems with it! But I do have a opinion that if you could do would be great! I was thinking, maybe give us the all foods package more? Because after the all package foods it given to us, it runs out quickly! And it’s kinda boring to watch SEVEN ADS FOR YOUR SEVEN PETS. So there is a disadvantage for people who have twelve pets because then you have to watch 12 ADS. That’s really all, thanks for reading..Version: 1.9.000

Fun, but there are issues.This game is great, you can raise pets with your friends which seems fun. But the cost of everything is just not wise. #1: The food system is not the best. If you have multiple pets like me you find you run low on everything consistently. I always claim my daily food but the fact that the animals get hungry twice a day and the co-parenting system so the animal can return with less hunger than normal should allow you to get at LEAST two. Especially since it takes 3 hours for another free food. With plants, I find that I rarely run out of food because you get 2 of the free stuff each hour. Not even 3 hours, the free plant things come rather quickly so it’s hard to run low. I understand you guys wants people to watch ads for more money but this issue makes me and multiple other people want to quit the game. In the plant system, you can get various items with the new update like seeds. But for pets, you only get free food. I understand you get one bar of soap and toilet paper for each pet but another issue with the co-parenting system is that the other parent could be busy and forget to take care of it. This may be the other parents fault but it should be more accessible to gain these items. Please consider this in the future update..Version: 1.8.040

Really fun to use with friends! But network connection has issues.My friends and I all use the app to raise pets together! The little characters are cute and sweet, and I’ve had fun doing it. I also found the plant-raising feature and have been enjoying that! Unfortunately, the game has serious network issues. We’re located in different places in the US, so I know it’s not any of our individual WiFi networks or phones causing it. The game sometimes gets stuck loading forever, and you have to close and re-open the app until it works. Even then, it’s not uncommon to click on a pet or plant and get stuck in another infinite load that makes you rinse and repeat until it opens. You can watch ads to earn supplies for pet and plant care, but sometimes I’ll try and the ads won’t load. Even worse, sometimes the ad WILL load and I’ll sit through it for 30 seconds to over a minute, but the game won’t give me my reward. I don’t know what the network problem is, but it’d be nice to see it resolved. Would also be nice to get my rewards after sitting through ads for crappy games lol. It’s annoying, but not enough that I’d say the app isn’t worth getting if you have friends to use it with or want to raise stuff on your own..Version: 1.9.001

Could be better...I'm rating this a 4 stars and I'm gonna tell you why. So when I first got this app, I loved it. It was really fun taking care of foxxie (the default animal you get at the start). When I had leveled up Foxxie enough, I got a new egg. Everything was going good untill I noticed something. So thee is a thing where you can get free food for the pets. Well I noticed that the free food can only be used for one of the pets. So when I go to feed the other pets I have, I have to watch an ad. Which isn't that bad but still. I also think that the pet should stop asking for food after 2-3 times. Because when I do watch an ad to get more food for the pet, it just keeps saying it wants more. I don't like watching ads that much so when it spams it I just give up. And then, when I do give up, a couple minutes later when I get off, I will see my pet widget saying "your pet has run away because it was hungry" or something along those lines and it can get irritating sometimes. I do enjoy the little notes left by the pets though, they are cute and help me when I'm having a bad day. Other than the little things, I think this app is pretty good. Sorry for making you read all that. Have a good day :).Version: 2.1.040

Co-parenting pets issuesMy belief is that everyone deserves to be treated and received equals amount of respect. I think this should be applied especially when you are co-parenting with someone. So far my experience with co-parenting a pet has been nothing but fantastic! One major issue that I’ve notice though is that when I got my pet that I’m co-parenting, the upgrade that comes with the level up can only be used by the initiator. I find this type of upgrade unfair because we both had put in the effort to level up the pet so why should only the initiator get the privilege of the upgrade and the other parent gets nothing. It simply is unjust and almost ruins the whole experience. When you’re co-parenting you’re both putting in the effort to level up the pet and take care of them, but when you only give privileges to the one of the parent it’s bound to cause some discourse and make the other parent feel unappreciated and left out. It’ll make them feel as though they put in all this effort for nothing ! How could you treat them as such? What’s the point of co-parenting if they aren’t even going to parent the pet properly without the upgrades ? I just find it extremely unfair and thus I write this complaint, hoping that I receive a reply. Thank you..Version: 1.7.021

What I think could make the game better:Believe me I love this game sm! I just started not too long ago and it’s amazing!!!! But.. I wish that you could actually like play with your pet, I have a shark and it would be amazing if we could go out to the ocean and swim around lol. Also when your chatting with your pet that makes it hungry (until level 5) then you have to watch ads feed it wait then watch ads again I wish there was another was to get supplies! I also wish you could actually play with the animal, and also if you have two pets let them be able to meet each other and play! My last thing is I wish that there is a button when you can like not take care of them for a bit, (if your younger and get grounded or going on a trip and can’t take care of them etc. )But other than those few main things this game is very fun! It’s more than just animals! You can plant, decorate, get widgets, and even get wallpapers! I definitely recommend getting this! I hope you have as much fun as I have had! (I hope this was helpful!).Version: 2.1.060

AwesomePerfect for widgets you can put your battery widget there and this BIG awesome cool widget to keep an eye on your pet and awesome background options that are very cute and very easy to pick bc there all so adorable once I say the first background I chose it then I saw more and more and more backgrounds I didn’t know what to choose bc they were sooooooo good so I chose a cute cat one and… btw I might change it again bc there r too many I like so I’m trying out almost all of them 😬😳… lol PLS get this app I hope this app becomes the most bestest widget and background app in the whole entire universe oh I forgot to talk about my pet for the developers ok so can u make the pets like not get hungry every 5 mins bc I love talking to my pet then every 5 minutes he’s hungry so can u make the pet hungry every hour instead pls bc I wish I could have fun talking to my pet then I don’t have any shrimp 🦐 and my penguin spams me I AM HUNGRY PLS FEED ME 🐧🦐😋also ty too I love this app it’s awesome every one should get it 😄. My penguin pet be like 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧.Version: 2.1.040

Great! + recommendationsThis app is so great in so many ways, it has such cute widgets for the lock screen and simply countdowns and clocks for ur home screen that u can put ur own photos under is so fun. It’s AMAZING for couples with cute little statuses and miss you button or fitness steps for both to you or distance between you two it’s so fun. the statuses are what I use and it’s been so fun, it’s been slowly getting more monetary with the statuses though as they keep adding on new ones for premium so that is the one ick about it. But still most of the premium ones they’re adding rn are the free ones but moving so it’s still great free or fun n extra with premium. so I’d recommend this app to anyone, it’s also really easy to use so i think anyone can enjoy it. For the developers!! a history of when and what statuses people put would be such a cool factor so you can see what you missed if the status changed while you were away from the phone! Or you can see when each other went to sleep or work or whatever, it seems like a fun little addition..Version: 1.3.030

𝓨𝓮𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝔂𝓮𝓼This game is amazing not only is it adorable it’s fun to have/play/use although I will be honest you tend to forget about them and after a couple days it gets a little boring but I still love it I always come back and feed and take care of them I also love how not having premium doesn't take a huge toll on playing the game, like you can still play with out it but it is better if you have it. 10/10, 5/5 stars this game is amazing I got it with my girlfriend and I absolutely love the co-parenting option cause me and her can both take care of him/her I also love the names like how you can change they and how you can change what they call you. You should 10/10 get this game you might run out of food eventually and they might leave but if you only have one per you should be good (I had 13 and no premium and it was hard but I made it work) also love that there are ways to get food if you run out with and without premium, you should get premium cause it makes it better BUT you don’t have to :D.Version: 1.9.030

This is an AMAZING app!This app is overall fun, and cute! It is fun to have the tiniest bit of responsibility through this, but not as much that comes from a real pet. Getting to “bond” and love these little pixels has been really fun for me! I saw someone wright a review taking about how people shouldn’t dedicate their time waiting for an animatronic egg to hatch, but it’s not that harmful. I do like the limits so that you can’t just make the pet eat over and over again, just to level up and get more eggs. It gives you a daily experience limit of 100 points so you can’t just waste the creatures… I haven’t tried to use the friends part of the app, but I did see people had some bugs with it. I think it’s a really good idea, but there might be some problems with it. Overall, it’s very fun, and cute to have little animals on your lock screens. Also, I think after 10:00, the pets show a little animation of going to bed, which also helps me with my schedule. This app gives a very good 5 stars from me. Will be using it a lot….Version: 1.6.051

Not bad but could be improvedHi, I saw this app all over TikTok so I checked it out. The first few days i absolutely loved this app until the pets started becoming very needy and made me feel awful by saying that they “felt neglected” or “I didn’t feed them”. He started running away often and when I asked my pet in the AI chatbot if my co-parent was feeding him his response was “No, Friend did not feed me at all and I am hungry!” They leave dramatic letters when they run away saying that they “feel neglected”. For instance, I forgot to feed him today but I fed him yesterday and today he ran away and said that I neglected him. I cannot take care of him 24/7. My LIVE pets aren’t even this needy. And the fact that they make the other co-parent feel like they don’t care for them is un fair. We need more time or maybe reminders that you can set in the app of when their dinner/ breakfast time is so it can tell you if it’s getting close to feeding time. App is great for people who can’t have pets or just want to have a digital pet and I think it is super cute but again the amount of food that they need almost hourly is ridiculous. Love the app otherwise though Thank you..Version: 2.0.012

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITThis has literally been like a dream to coparent little pets with my girlfriend who actually has allergies which makes it so we cannot have real pets so this game is PERFECT 🙌🏻. But what would be even cooler would be if you had multiple pets, if they could be sibling pets, or play with each other, or have a play feature in general. I love how you can shower, use the bathroom and feed them. It’s awesome!! Even the AI feature is amazing! I think the one thing I hope to see eventually would really be a play feature including 1 or more pets at a time. They could even compete! Not that who wins matters but now that I’m thinking of it, you could train your pets in the gym or to do tricks and play with them. I’m sure the developers have tons of ideas they’re working on but I would love to see this added and it’s just food for thought I guess! But anyways amazing game my girlfriend and I are ecstatic coparenting together as we’re about to have our third pet! Thank you again!!!.Version: 2.1.030

Too Much PremiumI recently got this app a few weeks ago after my friend wanted to co-parent one of her pets with me. I thought it was interesting, especially the co-parent feature where the pet travels from phone to phone each day. However, even though the animals are cute, the plants are adorable, and the widget options are nice, I find that it can be especially hard to maintain your pets and plants without premium. As a person who likes things free, I’m not particularly fond of this fact. So I propose a work around: add a currency to the app. You developers can make it so that by taking care of your pet, your pet not only gains EXP but you also get a certain amount of currency. Then, in the shop, you can use that currency to purchase items you need. The ad feature can still be a thing; the currency feature will just make it easier for free users to obtain items. But aside from premium being overly necessary, I don’t have much of an issue with the app. Even if my suggestion doesn’t get implemented, I don’t see myself uninstalling Widgetable anytime soon..Version: 1.8.011

Great but still needs workI love this app. You can share widgets with friends and it’s great for long distance relationships. It’s amazing to open up my phone and for my Home Screen have a different picture and whatever drawing he makes for me. As well as the status icon helps whenever we feel a way and that sparks a convo like “why are you anxious what’s wrong?”. However it still has its bugs and I like the pet feature but I can hardly use it cause it’s always freezing. I paid for the pro version for the emotes but I still have to pay more for more? That seems a little much but I guess I understand cause you need to get paid somehow. There’s ways around that though like watching a couple ads to unlock emotes or taking care of your pet idk how it works but for me for the fact that I paid just for that and having to pay an extra $5 for more it’s a bit much. Overall great app to share with friends i really enjoy using it but it’s still a work in progress on the pet feature and it gets a little slow overall sometimes..Version: 1.7.020

WidgetableIt's a fun game to play around with! you can say you are going on trips with them and they will be ready. They love it! you can also make it seem like that they’re meeting another pet. "Example: Rory: Hi Danny!"and your pet will say "Hi there Rory"or something like that it’s so cool you can even teach them things and something! honestly, if you are feeling lonely, this is a great game for you! you get to talk to them until they reach five replies, act like you’re playing games, feed them, take them a bath, and add them to your widgets, so you can watch them play because they’re hungry or something. it’s really cool and I recommend it. also, something that you should Finch. you can even tell about your Finch too! and also some more info to level two with your pet that means they will give you an egg to raise into a pet too! I love this game so much my sister found out about it first since I got it I immediately fell in love with it. - Your pal who loves this game💗💕👏.Version: 1.8.041

Cute Game! However…I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now, and it’s a really cool idea. I love the fact I can have my own (or shared with a friend) tamagotchi. The designs are SUPER cute, and everything functions correctly for the most part. However, I find myself constantly running out of food for my pets, and because they usually get hungry 2-3 times a day, feeding can be very annoying. You typically only get one free food item of your choice per day, and you have to watch adds to get two additional items. I used to take care of lots of pets, but now I can only manage a couple because of the food limit. The constant need to watch ads is really annoying, and takes away from the joyful experience. They’re boring and repetitive. However, I will praise you on the new update. The remodels on backgrounds, foods, adding a larger hygiene tab, and the addition of a garden are all really cute and convenient. I’m so excited for the garden to come out! To sum this all up, this is a great game, and only needs minor improvements..Version: 1.9.010

Cute and fun, but there are a few annoyancesThis is a very cute game of hatching little animals and taking care of them every day. I really enjoyed taking care of my first pet, a fox, and the little animations are really adorable! But, there some annoying factors, like how there is an ad at the beginning every single time you open it. Also, I had an experience when my pet was going hungry and left, but the game didn’t give me the required amount of food in the first place so I had to watch four ads to feed her. Another experience was when my little fox needed a bath, and I clicked the soap. But it said, “unstable network connection.” So I clicked again and it repeated itself. I tried clicking a different soap, and it worked. But when the pet was done bathing, it had taken all three soaps I had used! I find this a very annoying problem, but this is still a pretty cute game. I also understand that ads are to get the game money for their hard work on creating the game, but EVERY single time you open the game is a bit of a stretch. Hope this was good feedback!.Version: 1.9.030

This app is super adorable!💕The app is amazing, and I love it because if you have nothing to do some days you can just take care of your pet! And what's even cooler is that you can add your pet to your lock screen and I am telling you!!! It's the best thing ( IT GIVES YOU MESSAGES AND I SWEAR I LOVE MY PETS TO DEATH) they give you messages like “Don't worry, go to sleep” or “It'll get better soon” LIKE WHATTATATAT? Also I previously just joined the app and currently have 2 amazing pets, a cat named coco and a dog named Luca 💕. Opening new eggs is very exciting but, you know, I hate to admit that sometimes I kind of forget my pets and I get really busy... BUT ONCE YOU HIT LEVEL 2 YOU GET FREE FOOD PACKAGING! For example, when u get your starter pet (which may be a dog?!?!) you'll have a supply of food please use it wisely and give food to it ONLY when it's hungry. ANYWAYS I LEARNED THIS GAME MYSELF AND WAS IMPATIENT AND GIVE IT FOOD WHEN IT WASN'T HUNGRY(it still boosted my expectation level🤭. Anyways just use the supplies wisely and you will be the ceo pet caretaker.💕.Version: 1.7.010

Very good game could use some improvementsI really do enjoy the game because of how it allows for you to virtually take care of a pet on your own or with a friend/partner I will say however I feel the app could have some improvements because I have hatched over 13 eggs and I have 20+ more that I still have not hatched yet and it’s a struggle to keep up with all the supplies that they all need because I am a college student and have a job so the vast majority of my time and money is going into other things rather than this app. I feel as if the game developers should make it to where people who signed up for the premium package have a little bit more rather than others who have not signed up for example, my pets not having food I feel as if for the people that signed up with premium should have an infinite amount of supplies and resources. But that’s my personal opinion. Other than that the game is absolutely fantastic..Version: 1.8.041

Amazing app!! Though…This is an amazing app and I absolutely love using it! However I think there are a couple of features that could be added to make it even better. First off, I think you should be able to pet and play with your virtual pet. Like you could tap the pet and that would mimic petting them. And I also think there should be a section where there would be tennis balls or other pet play toys to use to energize them. Second, I think there should be a way to wish to be able to get the kind of plant that you want for the virtual plant feature. Kind of like how you can wish for a certain pet, I think that same feature should be available to plants. Thirdly, I think you should be able to co-parent plants too. This isn’t really a major suggestion, just something I would like to see. Thank you for reading and I hope to get a response and I hope to see some of these features in a new update! :).Version: 1.8.011

Great app but needs some things fixedI love this app. The pets are so cute and I love how you can add widgets to your home or Lock Screen. It’s a great app don’t get me wrong but there are a few things that I have a problem with.. First of all your pets need food and hygiene stuff to stay with you. Your pet has energy bars and if you run out of energy bars your pet “leaves you” because you don’t take care of it. When you run out of food you need to watch 3 adds to get 2 more foods of your choice and 1 random. I don't mind watching an add for the food. But there are bugs in the game. For example I try to watch an add for my food and it just keeps saying “loading…” and when it finally loads it says I have to watch the 3 adds all over again. I thought it was my WiFi at first but it’s just the game. My brother also experiences this on his phone too. It’s super annoying and just makes me not want to have the app anymore. But I still have it because of my cute pets. Good game but NEEDS to fix this..Version: 1.7.020

Wow such a great app 🤩🤩🤩This app is amazing! You can hatch a egg and you get to choose 3 wishes of what pet you want and you can get 1 of them. And if you have a phone you can add your pet on the Lock Screen it’s really cute. But I can’t put the pet in the Lock Screen because I have a iPad. You can put the pet in the Home Screen to it will show you a video on how to do it. And not only does it have a pet but it has many other widgets you can download like what battery you have and what time it is and other widgets. If you want to add it in your Lock Screen you go to settings press wallpaper go in your wallets it will say add widgets then add it and for Home Screen press a empty space until the apps jingle then in the left corrner in your screen you will see a + button then press it search up the app Widgetable then make it the size you want then edit the widget but it what you want and ya. It’s a perfect app for probably everyone.Version: 1.7.010

GoodI love this app it’s very cute and love the fact that you can get a 3 day premium pass but the only thing that I really don’t like is that it’s very complicated, I don’t even know how to cancel my subscription and the darn animal can’t help me, I do like the animal but if I don’t have enough food to feed it it gets hungry and it runs away, you can either pay for the food which is pretty dumb because I can buy something better than feeding a thing that’s not even real, you could also watch an add which is better than paying. But seriously who wants to watch an add. I know if you get premium you can get more food but paying for premium is not for me 😅 I really like chatting with the animal but to keep talking to it you have to either get premium or wait for level 5. It’s fun to play when you have premium because you can get more pets, but without premium is not very fun because you don’t have much to do so it’s very confusing. I like the game overall but very complicated!.Version: 1.8.020

SLAY and DIFFERENT 🙌💅REALLY FUN! Me personally heard of this app from friends, and thought it looked cute to download because I love animal apps. So I downloaded it and it was really cute. You can feed pets and stuff and the funnest part is that you can actually text your pets! It’s AI generated and they have personalities of their own. Your pets level up and you get different prizes along with the levels. When you reach level two, you get another pet egg and I thought that was really cool because it would sort of just be a cycle of pets. THEN one day one of my pets reached level two and it told me I had reached the pet level limit of TEN. Well, apart from this, whenever you want to get food for your pets you have to watch an add. When you get in the app. ADD. For all privileges, you have to get premium TWENTY A YEAR FOLKS. I got it. It’s good, but then your like, “oh, so now I have big people privileges” then i find theirs DIAMONDS you have to pay twenty bucks for? Sheesh.🙄so in summary, cute, with its flaws.🐶🙄😃😉💖💅.Version: 2.1.030

Fun, easy to use, some issues.I love this app, its super fun to play and keep up with the plants and animals. i have zero issues with my plants because i can stock up on the necessities super easily. however the animals is where the issues come in. i dont have the subscription, and i dont plan on getting it. so sometimes i have to watch ads to get whatever my pet needs, which i dont mind doing. but sometimes after i take 30 seconds out of my day or even a whole minute, i dont even receive whatever i was trying to get. so then i have to watch another ad for it to work. thats my main problem, but also, when my pet comes to me from the other parent, they usually need some food, and maybe a bath. so i think that the free prop system should be the same as the plant one. where theres only like 15 minutes until u can get 2 props. i think thats pretty fair as someone who hasnt paid for the subscription. please take some of these into consideration. thanks..Version: 1.8.041

I LOVE THISOk so i gave this a 5 stars for so many reasons. I can see other people not liking this game because it takes 24 hours to hatch an egg. But you can speed up the hatching process by 6 hours just by downloading a widget on your homescreen. Also you can watch up to 4-5 ads and each add speeds it up an hour. After you watch that many adds it makes you wait an hour to hatch more. But in this game you get to hatch an egg into a new pet. To get new eggs you can buy them, lucky draw them, or level up your current pet. You can also make wishes if you have some. Wishes are where you can wish for 3 different pets and your egg will hatch into one of them. You can also adopt plants and raise them! You can send an invite to your friends to co parent with them too. It goes to their screen and switches every 24 hours. You can buy a ticket for it to come home..Version: 1.9.010

Good but..My little sister downloaded this app on my phone a little over a year ago and I have tried to delete it multiple times but every time the delete app option disappears, and it might just be my phone, but I can still delete other apps so I don’t know what is happening with this one app. Anyway besides that the app is actually pretty good, you get an egg to hatch and you can take care of it and everything but you only get to buy new food every 3 hours so if you run out of the food your pet wants you have to wait a while before you can feed it again, and it slowly loses energy while you wait and then your pet runs away and then you waste the piece of food you just bought to bring it back and then the cycle repeats. Also I think you should be able to send more than five messages to your pet without needing to have a higher level, also it would be nice if you could directly message the co-parent on the app instead of sending notes through the pet..Version: 1.9.000

Super cute “free” appThis app is adorable, for kids and adults . the little pets and sweet messages are really the best part. there are a few free things you can do(if you watch the ads, which i don’t mind at all, that’s not the problem ) . there is a lot more you can do it’s just behind that paywall. the app offers some premium options if you reach certain levels, but what i’ve noticed is that they disappear, saying you need to purchase premium to use. an example is the pet weather widget. usually, this is a premium widget that you can get for free if you level up your pet to level 3. i did unlock it for a bit but upon moving up to level 4, i was given a notification message on my pet weather widget stating “update to premium to use this feature”. i tried resetting my phone as well as reinstalling the application, no change. when moving to level 3, there was no message or indication that one would just have the premium widget for level 3. Please advise on a solution..Version: 2.0.002

Great game but just a couple questions!🤍1. I love this game a lot. But if I had a free trial for pro for about let’s say 3 days will I keep all the things I got with it or will it go away until I get pro? I’m not sure bc I feel like it has been more then three days and I still have it. Not that it’s bad I would just like to make sure if that should be happening or not. 2. How do I get a Lock Screen widget on my ipad? I go to the widget I select and I go to the settings and wallpaper but it doesn’t do edit widget for me? is it only for mobile or?? But besides all of these I love this game!🤍my friend is away until Saturday and she hasn’t seen me for four weeks that’s the longest we have been apart ! But we interact through pets and I miss you things besides calling and texting which makes me feel like I am happier bc I really miss her 1000 times today lol! But I Ty for this beautiful game of Which I love 💗! And I hope you look into my questions too 👀🌷..Version: 1.8.020

Lots of bugsOverall its a great game but me and my sister swapped pets for the day and after two days we still havent been able to switch back. i miss my pet and im not very fond of hers since it messes with my foods. it keeps saying to wait 24 hours to trade the pet again but its already been two days and it hasnt stopped. i think its bugging but im scared to delete the game and redownload because i dont want to lose all my progress. there isnt even a way to contact them for help, theres only a FAQ's section, theres no email i can ask for help and i doubt even leaving a review will help. ive read reviews trying to see if anyone else has had the same problem but the only thing im seeing is no developer responses. it was a good game when i got it and i loved my frog i had but now i cant get him back and me and my sister are both upset because we want our original pets back. i know im kind of ranting about it but im seriously upset over this. thanks for reading and hopefully itll get fixed..Version: 1.6.041

Good app BUT BEWAREI rated this 5 stars so it gets more attention, but really I think it's 2 stars because of small things that really make me sad. Here's the explanation: I really love widgetable, so I decided to have a baby (widgitable pet) with my best friend. His name is Dinky. She ended up getting a new phone, and lost her account, leaving our baby Dinky with only me. However, SHE started the co-parenting and I can't terminate otherwise our baby will go to HER COMPLETELY EMPTY ACCOUNT. I wish there was a way for me to keep our baby Dinky. It makes me very sad and makes me want to delete the app. Please make a way for people like me to keep their baby. I also don't like how my baby lino keeps asking for salad, which is a premium food, meaning i cant feed my baby lino what he wants to eat. PLEASE fix minor things like this. It's sad and annoying.. Thanks for reading and for making a somewhat good app..Version: 1.9.030

Just a bit annoyingOk so basically I have 7 pets and stuff but it’s really hard taking care of them because my food runs out fast so I have to watch ads until it’s says I gotta wait 43 minutes or something it really stressful because I would think my pets would leave me if I don’t feed them and give them toilet paper so that they can go to the bathroom and stuff like that. And I try my best to feed them but no and then I run out of food and then they will just starve or something. And then unfortunately the only solution is deleting the app but I don’t want to delete it because then my pets will just you know disappear.. so maybe just add something to allow me to set what time for them to tell me to go to the bathroom or when they need to eat but if this was in the app it would probably require premium to do it. But please do not make it premium if it was in the app because maybe some other people having 7 or like 12 pets experiences this problem so yea..Version: 1.8.041

Good but glitchyThis is a really cute app. My daughter asked me to download it and co-parent some pets with her. All in all, we enjoy it; however, it is not without its flaws. I constantly have an issue with viewing ads to collect rewards. I will watch an ad and then it will glitch after the ad has finished and not grant the reward for watching it. This happens very frequently. I also constantly get notifications that the network is unstable and parts of the app won’t load or function. This is not an issue on my end because this is the only app in which this issue occurs. It has gotten so bad, that I will only watch ads when I absolutely need to in order to replenish my supplies. Additionally, I like how you can gift pets to your friends; however, I wish this same option was available for the plants as well. That way you could swap different plants that you and your friends might need or have too many of. When will the garden be available????.Version: 1.9.001

Can they interact with each other?I love the game/ not game? So far it’s been really fun hatching eggs and sending little messages to friends while pretending to have a kid without actually having to take it seriously, but I also have other pets, and when I messaged my first about my newly hatched pet he asked to meet him? Can they interact with each other? Or was it just pretending? Cause he seemed really Interested in spending time with his new family, like seriously. So is that normal or am I just supposed to change topics? He used up the rest of his messages talking about his “brother” and knows about the other co parent and says he’s happy about the family. Got off track, but can they interact with each other? Is the real question. Also the AI is surprisingly good, are all AI like that? This is the first time I’ve tried to use them.Version: 1.7.010

Cute and fun but some issuesI like this app it’s cute, but there’s a couple issues. Sometimes my pet needs something and when I click on it to care for it, all of my food and soaps and whatnot will be gone and it’ll keep saying I don’t have anything. I often have to restart the app multiple times before it gives me my stuff back. Another thing is I tried to do the premium free trial and it immediately charged me a year of premium and I don’t feel like that’s fair especially with the glitches. You can’t say it’s a premium experience when it randomly holds all of your premium items that you paid actual money for hostage. Other than that cute concept. It’s also a bit misleading though since you can’t actually care for your pet on your lock screen. Clicking on it takes you into the app. Another thing it’s impossible to level up. I’ve been on level 1 for days it keeps resetting my experience points back to 10..Version: 1.7.021

AMAZING GAME! Ad problem though.This game is AMAZING! The Co-parenting feature is super fun. I’m co-parenting 3 pets with my long distance bestie and I love the fact that I can send messages to her through it. It’s super fun and I love the fact that you can watch ads to get things you need, and what’s even better is that you get rewards for leveling up your pet, I have a cat that’s about to reach lvl 6. So I would get a free premium for the year. And it isn’t only about raising pets, you also get widgets that you can share with friends. it’s a really great game but there is a minor issue with the ads. Whenever I watch an ad to get something it either doesn’t let me even though I have a good internet connection. Or when I watch it and it’s over I can’t get out of it, hence I have to leave and rejoin the game and then I don’t get my reward. But that is my only complaint, everything else about this is amazing!.Version: 2.1.000

Love it..BUTSo overall this app is very cool and cute but there’s a few things i would like to talk about for example The food. When i run out of food i have to watch videos or my pet will eventually leave and tbh that’s annoying or how it costs $2!!…. just for 1 item like i’m not broke but i’m not paying 10$ just for 5 things i could understand if it was 4 items worth $2 but $2 for 1 item??? that’s kinda stupid and you’re getting scammed like i wanna buy something that’s actually worth my money but besides food when i try to talk to my pet it says “ Uh-oh, something went wrong. Maybe you can try again. “ and my wifi will be perfectly fine and working right but it still won’t work and it’s getting on my nerves so please fix the glitch. if you’ve read this sorry for taking up your time and thank you for reading i really like this app just things about it annoy me.Version: 1.8.000

It’s amazingIt literally had everything I wanted and it had an ai talking thing I love it.Version: 1.7.010

Status WidgetIn the status widget I would really like to be able to spit at people so please put a spitting status in and I will give you 5 stars.Version: 1.6.030

ExpensiveEverything in the came you either have to pay for with real money or wait for a ad every couple hours. There should be a way you can earn your own diamonds/cash to grocery shop..Version: 2.1.020

Love itI loved it but I just hope it would had a thing where u say your busy then it feeds it self until u are not busy but I love it, it can stay how it is I love it it’s amazing.Version: 1.8.000

This game is awesomeI love this game it’s super entertaining and fun and it’s great to play if you are bored.Version: 2.1.060

TitleIt’s so cute and fun.Version: 2.1.050

Love it butYou have to pay for a lot of stuff.Version: 2.1.050

:)El juego es muy bonito y divertido lo amo.Version: 2.1.050

Meilleurs applicationsJ’adore l’application c’est la meilleure que j’ai installé de tout mon cellulaire j’ai jamais autant aimer un jeu je vous le recommande fortement.Version: 2.1.040

Good game butI love this game but I recently have had to stop playing because I don’t have any food for my pets! I feel like we should be able to get more food so we can take care of pets! Another thing I have realized is with the “mood bubble” widget there are only a few moods and if you want to add more you have to pay. I feel like you should let people add custom ones for free or add more moods like stress and, or anxiety.Version: 2.1.040

I found a bugMy pet got to level 2 and it told me I reached the limit of the eggs I could get but I didn’t get any new eggs. Could you please fix this bug..Version: 2.1.040

JadoreSérieux ses une super app avec la quelle on créé des liens avec nos amies a laide de petit animaux 🫶🏼.Version: 2.1.040

Awesome!!Bro my cat is so cute and nice!! He makes my day so much!! You need to try this so bad!.Version: 2.1.040

The best and amazingI love this game. It’s so cute. Pets are adorable. A sister or a dick dick. Thank you so much for making this game. It’s adorable. I will always play this game and I will never ever delete it..Version: 2.1.040

This is SO GOODAnd it’s free like wth ahhhh I love it.Version: 2.1.040

So cuteI love this app it senses my emotions!!! Once I was crying and the pet said “don’t worry at least you have me!” It was so cute and you can put them as little widgets and you can feed them,bath them, and many other stuff I totally recommend this app.Version: 2.1.040

WidgetableSo fun and is very fun to do with your friends get on Widgetable and grow your pet.Version: 2.1.040

Love it!This game is so wholesome and even has an AI chat where you can talk to your pets. LOVE IT.Version: 2.1.040

ReviewOMG this game is the best game I’ve ever played. I’ve never found something that I’ve found that I could actually talk to someone and talk to something that I knew that I could never talk to anybody else. I got cool wallpapers from the app. I have got so much fun I thought. I actually could take care of it like any pet. I found this amazing I found this like I could do anything like this is the best game ever like. oh my God it’s way too good. You have to give it like a five star it’s amazing. This is best game I’ve ever played..Version: 2.1.030

5 starsYour mom is cool.Version: 2.1.030

Cutest app~Not gonna lie, I had to pay. But when you do so, it is the cutest app ever. I have Jingle & Molly & Tommy and the co-parenting is fun..Version: 2.1.030

MY BABYI love my babs the ads are no problem if it means shes happy.Version: 2.1.030

HelloPlease when you have to go somewhere the tasks can be paused or you can send it to the other parent fast thx.Version: 2.1.020

Free trial!This app is great so fun and a great way to practice mini parenting but when you co parent with a partner you both wont redeem the 1 year free trial which i find unfair so be careful!!! 😡.Version: 2.1.030

EVERYTHING COST MONYLike why does everything cost money? This game would be way more fun if there was free options. Please add more free stuff but besides that it’s amazing game..Version: 2.1.030

FonVeri fun.Version: 2.1.020

GoodThe game is good. Although there’s too many ads and it gets laggy. Usually when I try to get something the ad freezes and I don’t end up getting what I wanted to get. It can be frustrating at times..Version: 2.1.020

I love it but it’s acting upI’ve been using this app for about 3 years! I love it so much and it’s really nice and makes my phone so pretty. Lately it’s been acting up, All my widgets turned white and I can’t change anything. I tried deleting the app, reinstalling it and still not working..Version: 2.1.020

This is a fun gameEverything that you can do in this is really entertaining and this could probably help me get a dog in real life or a cat but I just wanna say good job to this game.Version: 2.1.020

Love this app!I love this app! It makes me so happy!..Version: 2.1.010

💗This game is so cute, I treat it like my own child and care for it. I would want to see more pets that you can get, not just cats dogs ect. The wallpapers are really nice, although what I would want to see is more retro game styles. Like dark, preppy ect. This game is genuinely fun and cute, I do recommend it to people who want to have a extra responsibility. Co-parenting is good too. I love how they switch homes everyday, I also like how when it's past 10:00 they sleep till 7:00. This game is so cute and I love my little baby, if you are reading this it is a sign to download it!.Version: 2.1.010

I LOVE ITTh shame it so much fun and it’s so cute.Version: 2.1.010

It the best game I have ever playedThis is a 5. Star game for me.Version: 2.1.000

Really funI love my little pet🫶🏻.Version: 2.1.000

Omg I’m in love with this appThis is the best app ever I’ve have 6 pets and always take care of them!!.Version: 2.1.000

$$$$&It’s really nice u can have a widget on ur screen it’s ur own pet..Version: 2.1.000

It’s goodI like this game it’s fun to co parent and the pets are really cute the only thing that’s kind annoying is you can’t only get so much with the normal version.Version: 2.0.060

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