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Widgetable: Lock Screen Widget Customer Service

Widgetable provides trending iOS 16 lock screen widgets, including dynamic icons, social widgets for friends and couples, app launching widgets and contact shortcuts. Use widgetable to make your phone screen adorable!

- Dynamic Icons
A number of lovely dynamic icons are provided to decorate your lock screen. How cool to set a doggo flying on your lock screen!
- Friends Note
You can leave a note on your friend's lock screen with the widget.
- Friends Distance
This widget shows the real-time distance and you can always know how far you are from your friend.
- Friends Status & Moods
This widget shows your friend’s latest status. You can give a hug and show it on your friend's lock screen when he/she is frustrated.
- Miss You Widget
This Widget shows the number of times you miss your friend. Try to tap the "Miss You" button to express your love every time you miss him/her so that your loved one can always sense it.
- Friends Step Counter
Set the daily step goal with your friend, and the widget will show each other’s real-time step count and goal achievement status of the day.
- App Shortcut
This widget enables you to quickly launch a specific app on the lock screen. You can customize the displayed icon and the landing page.
- Contact Widget
This widget helps you reach a specified contact with one tap on the lock screen. You can choose different contacts for each communication app.

- Time & Date
- Weather
- X-Panel
- Countdown
- and many more


- Various widgets on the home & lock screen
We provide various widgets designed by professional designers with different themes and functions for both home & lock screen. With 3 simple steps you can make your phone screen outstanding!
- Design your personalized widgets
An easy-to-use widget editor ensures you to customize your widgets by changing colors, fonts, contents or background. You can also upload images from the local album to personalize them.
- Assembled widgets
You can assemble different types of widgets in one large widget. Try to customize a unique widget with various features like clock, weather and so on.
- Transparent widgets
Widgetable allows you to create widgets with a transparent background to ensure your home screen layouts are compatible with your wallpaper.

You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Widgetable.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings in iTunes after purchase

Contact us: [email protected]
Terms of Services: https://widgetable.net/terms
Privacy Policy: https://widgetable.net/privacy

Widgetable: Lock Screen Widget App Comments & Reviews

Widgetable: Lock Screen Widget Positive Reviews

I love the appTo start I really do enjoy the app (hence the five stars) but have recently come across a problem. So hopefully developers can help me out here. I use this app with my partner and we added the friends notes widget. Specifically the one the replaces the date above the time. The issue is that my partner will receive and see the notes I send while their phone is locked. However when they write notes back I don’t receive or see them on my Lock Screen. I thought it may take time to update and show. And unfortunately it’s already been a day since I added it to my Lock Screen. It’s been a little frustrating as I’ve tried everything in my power to fix it. Including deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, etc. Hopefully I receive some kind of resolve for that!.Version: 1.2.091

App was Designed PerfectlyThis app was designed perfectly. 1st off there are no ads which is huge, 2nd they describe most of the use for the app just in the name, and finally the app is made for one specific idea for any user, and has done that perfectly. It is perfect for any type of desired widget, and although it has tons of room for growth in designs or functionality in some of the options, they’ve already taken advantage of the increased traffic and use of social media to jumpstart all of that! This app is amazing so thank you to all of the developers and company for making this and continuing to progress and improve :).Version: 1.2.091

Status notificationsLove the app! But it would be nice if you could view all of the different status’s that were sent throughout the day. Right now you can only see what is on your Lock Screen but if you haven’t been on your phone you may have missed a status if it was changed multiple times..Version: 1.3.000

Status help!Me and my partner recently found the app. But we both are very upset we can’t figure out if we did something wrong or if it’s the app. But we have done the status widget and when either of change the status, the other person has to open the app just for it to change on the lock screen. If anyone knows if I’m doing something wrong please let me know! Thank you. I love the idea of the app tho..Version: 1.3.000

This is a great app for me and my girlfriendThis is a great product for multiple reasons. First one is my girlfriend is hard about opening up about her feelings so this all allows her to express herself in a positive way. Finally this app always lets me know that she cares and I wouldn’t ask for a better app to connect with my girlfriend..Version: 1.2.091

Confused.So I and my boyfriend have been using this since the last lock screen IOS update. Weve been loving it, but i want to know whats going on. There was an option to post a tiktok to get ‘extra’ status options, which i did. Now i no longer have access to them without pro. Why? whats the point in having people do that? now my tiktok with several hundred views means nothing.Version: 1.2.110

More emotions to please!Hello! I use this app between me and my boyfriend daily and we love it bc there’s a few emotions fro the “status” widget I really would love to have to better express our emotions! These include: Normal/fine, overwhelmed, hungry, drawing, comfy, mischievous, cranky, drained, and of course anything else you guys can think of adding! Thank you so much!.Version: 1.3.000

Best app on here!My friend and I use it every hour to change our moods. It’s quick and makes it fun to not text each other until something dramatic app /emoji change happens. Love love love. Can not wait for more emojis to be added.Version: 1.2.091

Cute app but one suggestion…The only suggestion I would make is or the “Miss You” Widget. I would have just tapping the widget send to the other person, rather than having to open the app. It’s more for convenience but yeah it would be cooler if it had that functionality. Great overall and super cute!.Version: 1.2.091

I LOVE THIS APPI absolutely love this app 12/10 it’s works amazing so easy !!!!! I love it can’t recommend enough I have it with my bf and it’s has helped our relationship grow in a way I didn’t know we needed to I love sending notes and so much more !!!!!.Version: 1.2.093

Ehh it’s okIt gets a 3 because Since all I have right now is a iPhone 6s and rather not spend money on other phones I think it’s unfair I can’t use it because all it says is update to iOS 16 which I can’t do because of the type of phone I have. I feel like you should update this app and be able for all iPhones to use.Version: 1.3.000

Great for couplesMy husband found this and we set it up on our phones as we currently are living in separate states due to his job. It’s a fun way to communicate since we can’t always talk on the phone..Version: 1.2.091

Amazing app, but needs minimal workOnly complaint is that the app doesn’t update instantly. the time is usually incorrect, and the distance and other things are usually late.Version: 1.2.093

Love but…Love the app but, I can’t have the weather on my lock screen when I have 4 friends moods. The app would be better if you could also apply your friends to your home screen instead of only the Lock Screen..Version: 1.2.110

I love it! So cute but.I love that my partner and I can communicate how we’re feeling through out the day with the lock screen widget :) but I wish there were more available emotions to choose from for free.Version: 1.2.101

Great app for relationships!!!I’ve used this app as a better way to communicate with my partner when I’m not there. To understand how she is feeling and it’s been great. Not only I let my status at to what I’m doing be known but it better helps understand what way to approach her!.Version: 1.2.092

One problemThis all is an amazing app, I customized my home screen with these widgets without a problem, expect one thing. The clock didn’t seem to follow and it would be stuck on the wrong time, I don’t know if it’s either my wifi or just the app itself, if it is the app please fix it, ty.Version: 1.3.000

Love it but needs more optionsLove the status widget but needs more variety. Can see it getting boring fast. Let us customize for free!.Version: 1.3.000

Love this with the new update!Great to share this app with my wife so we can keep funny and cute moods on our home screen. Only annoying this is you can’t use half of them unless you create a tik tok about how to use it and I don’t have TikTok haha.Version: 1.2.091

Good but suggestionOverall it’s very good and I like every part of it, one thing I would like to see is the other option able to be customized with your own words..Version: 1.2.091

10/10Genuinely such a cool app with no ads or intrusive micro transactions, my gf and I got it when the iOS update that added lock screen widgets, very cute!.Version: 1.2.091

My Home Screen looks beautifulI was using Widgetable for a long time but this is way easier to use in my opinion..Version: 1.2.091

SUGGESTION🫣App is great! Hear me out...... what if we put our own status. Like a button where we can type out what we're doing? That'd be awesome too..Version: 1.3.000

Good butI REALLY want more variety in romantic status updates! like there is only a select few good ones. we need one like marriage or kids etc etc something cute and goofy thanks.Version: 1.3.000

Good but Needs updatesI really like it, but wish the status updated right away what you change them. Also needs more status like, reading, walking, running, biking, errands, with friends, pampering..Version: 1.2.091

Love this appAwesome app!! . Helps with letting your significant other know how you feel without physically speak to them !.Version: 1.2.091

I don’t know what to put hereThis app made my phone look so cute and super easy to use!.Version: 1.3.000

Great appGreat app to have for couples,lots of cute little things to add to your Lock Screen highly recommend.Version: 1.2.091

Very yesVery yes mhmm mhmm would get again. I wish I could do it with multiple people like the bestie and the boyfriend but that’s okay :).Version: 1.2.091

It’s a new app and tbh it needs.. moreIt’s a cool app but it has such scarce options for Lock Screen. It would be sick if they add more interaction features and customization. Or more verity of themes..Version: 1.2.091

SOMEONE HELP ME!!!This app is pretty cool and I really enjoy it. The one issue I’m having is my girlfriend’s “miss you” will sometimes just reset back to 0 before midnight. Any reason why?.Version: 1.3.011

Love the ideaThis app is pretty cool not even going to lie. me and my fiancé use it for the distance widget and the emotion widget. the only downside of this app is, you have to leave the app open on your phone in order for you and/or the other user’s “status” to update. if you’ve closed the app, it only stays updated for 15 minutes. other than that, no complaints here!.Version: 1.2.101

5 stars!!5 stars 100%! Advertisements are exactly like the app and I love my new little Lock Screen 🥰.Version: 1.2.093

They hear us!!I wrote a review saying they should add specific types of feelings and they did! Love this app.Version: 1.2.091

This is so cute!I love using these to let her know I’ve been thinking about her, and all the best widgets are free!!.Version: 1.2.091

Great appI really like the lay out of your app and of your design process of the app well done👍🏻!.Version: 1.3.011

YuhI love this app because I can tell my boyfriend how much I miss him and I can track him.Version: 1.2.091

This app is so goodThis app is amazing I used it on my iOS 16 update and I can’t just stop looking at it.Version: 1.2.091

:)Its amazing it has all the stuff i need for my ios 16 i definitely reccomend!.Version: 1.2.091

GoodIt is a good app if you what to know where your bff is at all times.Version: 1.2.091

ReviewIt helps me with my separation anxiety a little and makes me feel closer to my boyfriend.Version: 1.2.091

Cool concept needs work on executionGreat idea, most of the use comes from the app being the first one to do the couple widgets on ios16 but some improvements can be made. you guys should really really really make more moods available for current status widget. there’s not a lot of variety. also don’t make us pay for that cause no one will :).Version: 1.2.091

Fun status of your closest friendsSet your status for your friends to see! More please!.Version: 1.2.110

Add more statuesI am a long distance relationship user using widgetable app current statues are cool but i think adding more statues would be a great idea for example cold, cuddle (i know this was a event), i want you in my bed, come over, feeling sexy, headlock, superman punch etc. i think it could be really good funny wow features thank you.Version: 1.3.000

1 letter shortThe app is great but my partners name doesn’t fit properly in the widget.Version: 1.2.110

StatusI would like to change the names of the status options, like instead of doing « yoga » I could write « warming up » so it’s more specific and precise ! Overall it’s a really cool concept and I love it !.Version: 1.2.110

Super funOnly thing is if you update while having this app installed, you will need to reinstall it for it to work correctly.Version: 1.2.091

Great but want more optionsLove everything so far but I want more options for my status :).Version: 1.2.093

GoodVery good.Version: 1.2.091

If you’re having any problems here’s some informationThey require you for this iOS 16 and to get iOS 16 go under General in settings and then go to software update and at the bottom it should say iOS 16 click to install and yeah.Version: 1.2.081

Cute!Love how cute this app is. It allows you to add a heart to your Lock Screen and express how much you miss someone. Very cute!.Version: 1.2.060

Kind of coolThere’s some pretty cool widgets in here but it doesn’t have much of a verity. I’d pay for the app if there was more to it.Version: 1.2.081

Getting better, not there yet though.The new update with more statuses is good, but it’s still missing things like Driving, Showering, Walking/Running/sports, and lots more. this app would be 5 stars if there was a way to add custom statuses. there should be a way to write your own status and choose from a selection of icons to represent it. that way it could be more personal for each person. wouldn’t recommend downloading it yet until that’s fixed..Version: 1.2.081

We need more statusAll this app needs is to add more status there missing basics like showering, sports, cooking, driving etc , and maybe give us a feature to add status to or Home Screen other then that it’s a great app for friends or relationships but we definitely need for status and this would be a top 5 widget app in my opinion..Version: 1.2.080

Great butIt’s a cute app but it doesn’t work for my boyfriends iPhone 11?? And I have an 8 so I’m confused.. it just says unavailable for him and it’s really annoying he can’t get it.Version: 1.2.080

Love this but…Customizable statuses would make this app a game changer!!!.Version: 1.2.080

Pretty goodIt’s really cute to see the updates from my s/o and my friends i’d just like to be able to set up different statuses for different people.Version: 1.2.071

Wish we could have statues with more than one personI have the status feature for both my best friend and boyfriend but every time I set my status it changes for both. I want to set the status to “kiss” for my boyfriend not my best friend lol. Make it so statuses can be different for each friend..Version: 1.2.070

Add more status’s!Great app just needs more options for status’s.Version: 1.2.070

Great appGreat app!!! Love the ability to share your status with your friends :) Please add the ability to write/create your own statuses to share with friends Other statuses to add: - hungry - sleepy - watching tv - snacking - being high - drinking - getting ready - transit / driving.Version: 1.2.060

Makes me sadLiterally just reminds me that i’m far away from my girlfriend. thought it was fun at first but once i left her place it’s just a constant reminder that long distance sucks 😔 some cool widgets tho, some don’t work as intended, lots of bugs..Version: 1.2.060

Cool AppCool APP. Would be awesome if there was an update where you could set an adress or location pin point.So you could always see how far you are from your home or your cottage or favorit vacation getaway..Version: 1.2.050

Fun but some bugsThe time on the x-panel widget doesn’t change and i would love to have an Apple Watch version so I can change my status for the Lock Screen widget.Version: 1.2.4

GoodHope to see this grow with more status activities (eating, sleeping, different icons with the ability to write your own).Version: 1.2.050

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