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Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop Customer Service

Welcome to Fade Master 3D where you have to create the best hairstyles!
In this incredibly satisfying hair-cutting game you will experience a great barbershop experience.

Numerous customers will demand different hair models.
All of these customers are real-life simulations and will want you to transform them into their most beautiful state!
Meet with a homeless guy and make him tidier or give the best hairstyle you can to a soon-to-be-wed groom.
Find the models in the catalog and proceed with cutting their hair, mustache, and beard. There are more than 20 hair models: Mid fade, box fade, military high fade, curly fade, high fade, etc.

You will learn and apply different techniques & tools:
- Trim the hair of a homeless guy with a trimmer
- Cut the military personnel's hair with bright scissors
- Scratch the rapper's hair with a trimmer
- Prepare a jobless guy for his interview by combing his hair
- Burn phobia guy's hair with a torch - Be careful!
- Implant hair to a special agent for his mission
- Paint the baller's hair with a spray
Perm 80's disco guy's hair and go on with the vibe!
Wax eyebrows and feather make them look perfect!

See how good a barber you are along with a realistic game experience. Make the transformations while applying the hairstyles they want to people of different styles. Trust your talent to be the best barber in town and get the best haircuts. All these are free to play.

Game Features:
- Real-life mechanics
- Impressive hair models
- a wide variety of hair-cut tools
- Different fade styles
- Sounds that reflect reality
- Smooth camera experience
- Character change screen

Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop App Comments & Reviews

Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop Positive Reviews

Just standing stillI love this game and everything in it I'm always playing it two things. before you cut the hair you have to choose which haircut is correct there are a lot of options that I've never gotten to do like cornrows and other stuff and it would be good if you added those too. Second thing is that I'm on level 97 and I've never had this happen before the guy comes in the shop and just t-poses and he just stays there ive restarted my phone and restarted the app and I dont wanna delete it so if you could help me fix it that would be good thank you😃.Version: 1.0.64

Bad reportI like this game. So what I did is I bought no ads and then I started playing the game it has ads still so I look at the ad and then I go click where I brought no ads and it say I got it and then I played some more it a fun game but I played some more and I still had ads so I had to come here and tell y’all and everybody else that!.Version: 1.0.64

The best hair game everHi I love this game for starters the game is so cool and realistic it’s like a real barber and you get golden razer I like it so much me and my brother play together all the time so I thank you I really like this game keep stuff up like this everybody out there download this game and trust me I’m not lying to thank you so much for now on this game I need you to download more something like this thank you piece everybody download this game I am telling you pleaseee download the game and especially for boys and girls to🥰🥰🥰🥳😍😎.Version: 1.0.66

How Fade Master 3D saved my lifeBefore I installed Fade Master 3D I was living off a dollar a week, paralyzed in my wheelchair with no rizz. I was just waiting for the day I die. That was until I installed Fade Master 3D this gave me the confidence to start a barber shop and now I make a million dollars a day, I’m not paralyzed anymore, and I’m a rizzlybear. I’m convinced that this game was responsible for my success and ultimately stopped me from commuting suicide with a butter knife. This game is also really cool..Version: 1.0.68

I love this game.I love this game. i showed my mom this game. i showed my friends rhis game. my life revolves around fade master 3d. i have an after life experience when i play this game. there are alot of bugs but i really dont care because of the way i feel when i do a fade and it looks good. its not even rare, because im incredible at fades, but i dont care. if i can say anything to the devs, itd just be nice to have more to do. i dont mind playing the game now, but its pretty repetitive. maybe add more characters, or more types of things to do on each leve. maybe to make designs with our fades… im not sure. either way thsi is the best game ive ever played pls download this right now you will love your life, your wife, and your kids will actually come to your annual halloween parties.Version: 1.0.54

HelpWhen I first got this game I was hooked, I could not go ten minutes without fading someone up. My mom said it was unhealthy, she made me delete the app. The next day was beyond terrible. I sweat, all day, I could not stop shaking. My mom put me in therapy but I escaped i am hiding in a random house. They know I am in here but I don’t care. I need to play this game. I need to. I can’t stop shaking, sweating and I have explosive diarrhea. Please help me. I need to fade..Version: 1.0.55

AdvertisementMy young lad Timothy (my 47 year old son who lives in my basement) was complaint about how many adds are on this dumb (excuse my language) app 😡❤️🌹! Please make the younger audience have less advertisements on bad behavior and more on education videos and motivation to eat more veggies 😊😊🤣 🥗🥦🥒🍆🥕! Stay safe in sugar hill! Barbra out 🤣✌️! Before I leave, tell your mom you Notiis bopper 🤞🏼😂🤣✌️! See ya later alligator 🐊 ✌️.Version: 1.0.66

Caught my son jerking off to this gameI was walking around my house when I saw my son jacking off to this game. It was the homeless guy he was jacking off to so I he to take his phone. He’s grounded for a year, but I realize that this game is good to jack off to so I gave him his phone back,and we jack eachother off to the homeless guy together #fothersunbonding.Version: 1.0.68

Good game butOverall it’s a pretty fun game, good to play when your bored. But the reason I gave this game 4 stars is because the game could use more characters with different cuts. When your choosing the the hairstyle with the 3 other options you never really get those other options But overall it’s a pretty fun game 😃👍🏽.Version: 1.0.55

Change the game!!!I love this game so much, but the way that this game would have so much more people playing and having fun would be if every level you get some money, and I you can spend the money to upgrade your shop, or get better tools..Version: 1.0.57

GoodI’ve been doing playing this game for so long. The only thing they need to improve on is that there isn’t enough levels. Also they need to fix some bugs, but they aren’t big bugs so it doesn’t matter much. Overall a good game..Version: 1.0.64

It’s repetitiveOk so I play the game a lot and my friends like to play it on my phone, but after like 20 levels it gets boring because there is no other haircut styles to do and you get the same people all the time. Someone else reported this and I’m saying it to but on level 97 it’s just a guy doing the t pose and standing there so it’s probably something to work on..Version: 1.0.64

Amazing game just one thingWhen I play I’m always getting the same clients every time and I want to learn a way to stop getting the same clients Every time. and to do different type of haircuts other that with the same person the same haircut they usually get and I just hate it. Other than that it’s an amazing game and I love it..Version: 1.0.83

2 thingsBefore I got this game I saw all the ads and they looked so good but the game is nothing like the ads for example, you can’t actually line someone up. Also, I would like to see a bit more diversity in on level 183 and it’s been the same like 8 people every time on repeat. Other than that it’s a great game..Version: 1.0.86

I liked it! awesome game but to many adds…This is an awesome game but one thing that just doesn’t help the game or it just makes it worst It has a lot of adds.. WAY to many 😑so it just kinda ruins the game but with light ads it would be a 5 star ⭐️ for sure.Version: 1.0.70

Absolutely would die for this gameEvery day after school I come home and grind this fantastic game. I spend hours after hours fading these guys up. I’d be a millionaire if I was an actual barber. I would die for this game, I love it..Version: 1.0.66

Needs more contentThis game could improved in two major ways 1. MORE HAIRCUTS!! It gets so repetitive with the same 5 or so hair cuts. Not worth the $2.99 I spent to remove ads. 2. Unlockables. If we got money for each hair cut and were able to unlock different clippers, skins, etc. it would make the game much more fun!.Version: 1.0.66

Great but need more updatesI wish I was able to different hairstyles then the same on over and over again.Version: 1.0.82

Add more!!I love this game. Its mechanics and play style are great. My only issue is that i’ve been replaying the same few levels over and over again, because i’ve already played through all of them..Version: 1.0.80

Great gameIts fun but only has 25 lvls then they repeat should have like 200 lvls that would be great ads don't bother to much but dont accept the privacy option besides that fun game before the 25th level.Version: 1.0.68

Good appIt is a very good app to have I. Your phone it is a 10/10 app you should get it yes you it is fun and keep you updated and you will be able to have a great time with this game in your phone.Version: 1.0.64

FunIt’s a fun game the only reason i’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how many Ads this game has i really don’t like Ads because it’s so time consuming but other then that the game is pretty fun and addicting lol.Version: 1.0.68

To many adsGood game overall however there is still too many ads for every level you play you have to watch two ads and it can get annoying!!l.Version: 1.0.55

Please fix this bugI got the game I really like it but the problem is that at a certain level a dude comes in the barber shop and just t-poses it is sssoooo annoying please get rid of the glitch..Version: 1.0.64

The best game everI like but it just keeps on repeating the Same exact hair thing and I want to do different one but I like it and it’s cool it has a lot of hai that you can do so it’s cool and i will actually play This.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁.Version: 1.0.71

Game ReviewI think the game is absolutely great and I love playing it in my free time. My only concern is that I am stuck doing the same chrachters and I am already 50 levels in. It’s disappointing to say the least. I would love to be able to use the different options like mullets and corn rows..Version: 1.0.68

JamalHi mi name is daddy milk and I love call of duty. This app makes me high and I live it so much. Me and my friends eat each other over it. I also love gummie bears. Then I shorted my self. Anyways I like moms and dads dm me to get my social security card. Lyou.Version: 1.0.68

I freaking love this gameI cant wait to become a real barber. I’ve been practicing on my dog and grandpa which is disabled yet it helps me have him not to run away. Love you pop pop..Version: 1.0.57

Too many adsThe only bad thing is the amount of ads. After every level there is an ad.Version: 1.0.86

Not enough levels.Overall, the game was fun to play. But when you have no life like me you play it a lot and after the first 25 levels there isn’t any new cuts or characters. You just repeat the 25 over and over again..Version: 1.0.64

It’s coolHello!!I love this game but the only thing I don’t like is that there’s a lot of ads and also we can’t choose which ever style because there’s more than 1 hairstyle. But out of everything I love it.Version: 1.0.84

Stuck on level 206The guy you are supposed to cut is stuck by the door T-posing. There are no options to do anything, and I can’t continue to play the game..Version: 1.0.64

BoringIt was so fun at the beginning then a do a level I did before I’m thinking coincidence it’s fine then the next 10 levels are all ones I have done before that’s why I’m rating 3 stars they need different levels!!.Version: 1.0.57

Fade masterThe game is good and all but it plays to much ads and I get u can buy the pass for ads but think about who is going to buy that so just calm down on the ads and then maybe people don’t have to get annoyed.Version: 1.0.55

My Fade master opinionI think that fade master is very fun and creative because you get to give people cool haircuts and I just think that it is very fun and entertaining..Version: 1.0.55

Good but too many addsIt good but to many adds like there no need for an ad after every cut.Version: 1.0.54

Good gameIt is a great fun game just less ads then it will be a 5 star.Version: 1.0.57

Glitches out lots and stops a level 25Glitches out lots and stops a level 25.Version: 1.0.64

AdsToo much ads bru.Version: 1.0.64

RealisticPretty cool barber game.Version: 1.0.57

This app is monkey ballsThis app is monkey balls.Version: 1.0.37

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