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Are you ready for a brain workout? This is Cryptogram and it truly is the ultimate word brain puzzle. Why? Let us tell you just what you'll find in this brain teaser.

Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle is a letter decoding game than will have those neurons firing faster than you can say go as you try to come up with the answer to the cryptogram. Unencrypted the puzzle and figure out what those numbers and letters really mean to solve it.

Forget about A=1, you’ll be challenged as you piece together the digits and letters. Grow your brain and have fun too in this awesome puzzletastic adventure.

Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle App Comments & Reviews

Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle Positive Reviews

Love this GameDownload it now!!! I love this game so much, it’s honestly really easy to play so basically you get a phrase/verse (whatever you want to call it) and it gives you a few letters with some numbers and under the letters it’ll have a number and then you can put that letter in every number that is the same and then that number will disappear after you’ve used it all up, and you have to keep guessing in order to figure out the phrase/verse… you can also pick categories which I love, there isn’t that many ads tbh, it also times you to see how long it takes you which I love because it helps me challenge myself. This game is super fun and I enjoy it, I literally play it daily, I’m telling you download it now!!!! It’s sm fun. For example, some of the categories you can choose from are, pop hits #1, Sherlock homes #1, movies #1, long quotes #1, titanic #1, great quotes #3, cartoons #1, Harry Potter #1, and so many more, there’s so many categories to choose from and I absolutely love it… the only thing that I don’t really like is you can only make a mistake with guessing the word wrong 3 times or else you have to restart or watch an ad to get one of the mistakes back but other than that I love it!.Version: 1.8.5

ConfusedI’ve had this game for about 3 months or so and I love it. I play it more than any other games I have. But today when I updated it I couldn’t play. I tried tapping on the settings and all of the other things you can tap on and nothing is happening. It’s like it froze up. I tried redownloading it and it worked through the first couple of puzzles but after that it froze up again. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to delete this game I would like a solution for it please. Please Help,.Version: 1.9.5

Classic gameThis is one of those classic word puzzles that never gets old. This app does a great job with it and has a nice interface that makes it easy and fun. I highly recommend it. That said, there’s a new feature where it waits until you least expect it and then throws an ad break at you. I don’t think that’s a good move when you have a game that involves concentration. It’s completely jarring and ruins wherever I am in the puzzle. Once I click through and get back to the game, my focus is all off and it takes me another minute to get back into it. It’s particularly bad and might send me looking for one of the many other games that deliver the same puzzles. Short term revenue for a long term loss. If that feature disappears, id give this 5 stars and recommend this to anyone who likes word puzzles..Version: 1.9.1

Game freeze!So I was enjoying this game SO much! I hadn’t lost 1 game, thanks to the ‘ad revive’ feature, I was able to come back and it never took me more than 3 mistakes! Then it happened. I used my ad revive and the game froze! I waited 5 minutes on that ad screen for it to give me an ‘X’ to close it, but nothing! I tapped frantically trying to trigger a restart or SOMETHING, to no avail. Left the game and came back to the same results. I had to actually close the game and open it back up! When Inwent back, it counted a life lost! Not only that, but the mistakes I do usually make are because I ‘fat finger’ (accidentally press the wrong letter next to the one I intend to) and it counts against me! Again, the only issue I have so far is I lost my streak. Great game, not too many ads, and quite challenging. Very fun..Version: 1.8.5

Not enough content without paying or watching adsThe game itself is great, but I don’t recommend for a long term player. I liked it well enough to pay for ad free version quickly, but I didn’t realize that there is only enough content for a few weeks of play before I’ve ran out of levels I can do. You get coins by doing collections/levels and daily puzzles; you use those coins to buy more collections. While at first a lot of the collections are cheap, they’ve gotten more expensive to where there’s now a net loss of coins. I now can’t do any more puzzles without buying coins or watching ads. I’ve done all the backlog of daily puzzles, and as many levels as I can. Now I have to wait for a daily puzzle a day to give me 25 coins, to wait on them to add up before I can unlock any more puzzles..Version: 1.9.8

Good app but it is adwareI love the app. Nice graphics. But the developer has injected advertisements where ever possible. Make 3 mistakes? Watch an ad. Want a new pack? Watch ads to get the coins. Completing a pack gets you 500 coins but the packs cost over 1000. It is designed to lead you back to advertisements. Want to open a chest? Just get 150 keys. Each puzzle in a pack gets you roughly 3 keys so you need to solve 5 packs at a cost of over 5000 coins. The chest won’t give you back 5000 coins, so it is another way to sell more advertisements. I really love the game but I waste SO much time on the ads it starts to seem like I am watching ads more than I am playing the game. By the way, I paid the real money for no ads but realized I still have to watch them if I want new packs. SO much promise only to ask users to pay the price..Version: 1.9.1

Great game for beginners and experienced CryptogrammersThis game is amazing with lots of new, fun and engaging levels for different topics, ranging from Sherlock Holmes, to Titanic, to rock hits to quotes. On top of that, there are daily levels which require a bit more thinking because a letter can be locked until you solve the letter to the left and right of it. (For example, ‘O’ in word ‘for’ would be locked until you solved ‘f’ and ‘r’). Each daily level you solve adds a square to a picture. My only wish is that I wish I could see past solved Cryptograms since some of the quotes are wonderful, or play past cryptograms again. But still, I would 100% recommend this game to others. Lastly here are some cryptogram tips to help you out: - Look at the whole picture especially if it’s a song or a movie quote- you might recognize it if you’re not so focused on one letter. - Try to find the theme of the quote. This can help provide some context. If a quote is talking about a plant, they probably aren’t going to mention something completely unrelated like a sticker. - Fill out the letters you know - Think of common words, like Is, that, and, the, and, etc. Good luck and have fun!.Version: 1.8.5

Would be great with a few changesI really do like the game, but there are some things that would make it a better experience. - It easily heats up my phone and can get really slow/glitchy if it’s running for a long time and/or you have anything running in the background. - I don’t like that the super long puzzles have the same number of hearts as a short one. It would be nice to have more leeway just in case you accidentally click the wrong letter. - It would be nice if, when you click on a letter/symbol, it highlighted that symbol all over the board. It has this in the tutorial, and I was disappointed when it disappeared. This would also be really helpful for people who are colorblind when there are colored symbols..Version: 1.9.8

I was having fun until…I was having fun until I got to the songs, you do the lyrics and I got very confused after I did #8/10 and it says the lyrics are in the song before he cheats by Carrie Underwood. Now I’ve been singing that song almost my whole life and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’m the song said the line “I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing” so I googled it and that song has no lyrics that say that. So idk where this game gets their lyrics/quotes from but if you’re gonna quote someone I feel like you should do it accurately. It’s a good game, gets you thinking a lot but now you’re making me want to fact check every quote and song lyrics to make sure they’re all right. Maybe it’s just me..Version: 1.8.5

Not badI enjoy word puzzles, including this one. Downside is, they limit the number of incorrect guesses. So you’re going to have to write it down and play that way. The harder it gets, the more you have to use linguistic patterns to figure out the answer, which is exactly how it should be. But that requires making mistakes and testing your theory. But putting the wrong letter in doesn’t allow you to continue under that assumption, and try to correct it. The app immediately tells you you’re wrong, but it should be where it only checks your mistakes when you’re done. Other than that, still a decent game..Version: 1.8.5

Great gameI really love this game. The cost for no adds is reasonable and you do not have to spend anymore money to keep playing. My only issue is that the daily challenges are not even remotely challenging. They are little more than a search for which letter goes with which number. The only puzzles that are slightly challenging are the “ultra hard” ones. By the games own stats, >99% of people can finish the puzzles on the first try. I am in hopes that writing this review will induce the devs to add more difficult puzzles..Version: 1.8.7

Remove ADsAbsolutely love the game. It’s a great challenge and I don’t mind the “punishment” of starting over when I make too many wrong guesses. I feel like that is an important part because I don’t want to be allowed to just guess things randomly and keep playing. There’s no challenge in that. Only reason I’m leaving my review at 4/5 stars is because I WANT an option to remove ads for money. I don’t care if it costs me $10, I want to pay to remove them. This game deserves the money, and I’d play even longer if I didn’t constantly have to watch an AD before playing a level, and after..Version: 1.8.7

Fun, but…I like this game but it is very irritating that it doesn’t automatically fill in ALL the letters when you have solved the letter. I have played many times and most of the time, if I made a mistake it was due to accidentally putting the letter in the wrong space when I was filling in all the spaces with the correct letter. If it would fill them in automatically, I would hardly ever have a mistake and the game would go much faster. I would like and appreciate that much better. What is the point of having to fill in every letter if you already know it is correct? That should be the advantage of playing online and not with a pen or pencil..Version: 1.9.7

Good puzzles but glitches oftenI really enjoy the game but the glitches alone are making me look for a different app with similar puzzles. On the hidden spots where you have to get the letter on each side to reveal the blank, I will get both letters but it’ll still show the hidden spot as locked. The only way to unlock is watch an ad for a hint when I don’t need a hint. And then that finished the puzzle but it’s still telling me I have more to solve. I can’t pass that level now even though it’s solved and finished. So I physically can’t continue to play, it won’t let me advance. Fix the bugs and it’ll be a solid app..Version: 1.9.7

LOVE IT, butThe game is really addicting, and to anyone I show it, they cannot move their eyes away from it. The only thing is that some of the levels like literature 1 and movies 3 are not letting me into the pack after I purchased them. If that bug could be fixed, that would be perfect. Thank you and the team for making this gem. Update: now it even won’t allow me to go into the hint shop without the whole game freeezing Update: thank you for the bug fixes..Version: 1.9.7

A bit disappointed.I love the game and it is very fun and relaxing. However, once you do the puzzles, there are no more other than the daily puzzle. It turns you off at the end. Leaves you wanting to play with nothing to play. PLEASE ADD MORE PUZZLES AND LEVELS!! I have competed them all and can only do daily puzzles and it makes me want to delete the app and find another. I will keep watching for new levels and puzzles. Thanks for what you do offer. I did enjoy them..Version: 1.8.7

Great game, one small change thoI play this game all the time and I absolutely love it! I enjoy puzzle games a lot and this is a great addition to my digital puzzle game collection lol. I wanted to note that there is a quote in movies #2 from Juno which deadnames Elliott Page on the end screen like once you’ve completed that level. As a trans man myself, I feel it’s important to change that. That’s my only complaint.Version: 1.8.7

Fun way to pass the timeI really enjoy this game. There's not an over abundance of ads. My only gripe is every once in a while, I will complete a puzzle and the game doesn't seem to recognize it. It will act like I am missing letters when that's not the case. The only way to get past that and to the next puzzle is to restart it but that causes me to lose a life. So far, when I do that the game proceeds to the next puzzle after I solve the current one, again. Other than that, I really enjoy playing this game..Version: 1.9.8

Fun game, but the number of ads is absurdI like the game itself a lot, but the number of ads is honestly absurd. I don’t mind having a couple ads in a game; I understand that developers want to make money. But here, you have to watch an ad before you play a level, DURING the level if you take “too” long (sometimes more than once! and it’s really not even that long!), after the level, so on and so forth. I’ll probably look for a similar game from a different developer because I really feel like I’m watching more ads than I am playing the game..Version: 1.9.7

Has potential to be great!This app has tremendous potential. The graphics and interface are spot on and don’t give a 2nd class appearance. The interaction is just right between the complexity of the problem and a user solving. However, all of the quotes are German-based. There was no variety. Plus, some are not well known, making it a simple “fill in the blanks” instead of “let me try to guess the phrase while I fill it out”. Also, I would allow users to use the hearts to revive instead of watching an ad. The ad breaks are sprinkled in already..Version: 1.9.8

MehI loved this game. The challenge was just hard enough that using hints and revives was an every odd level thing. Or it used to be. Through a recent update, now the game is too easy. Some levels are reused several times. Overall, I don’t play this game as much as I used to a few months ago. I don't seek games that are an intense challenge, but I don’t enjoy games that are too easy either. Maybe in a future update the challenge will return, but for now I’m disappointed..Version: 1.9.8

Great game with tons of ADs!!First off, let me say, I love word games. Gameplay for this game can be challenging but that’s what makes it so fun!! The reason I’m leaving a 3/5 star review is that ads get in the way of gameplay. I understand that you may be a small company that rely on ads to make any money, but there are way too many. Example, there are daily challenges - before you begin to play an AD shows, sometimes you can skip after 5 seconds. Then after ad you start to play. A little time goes by in the game and the DURING gameplay, there are “AD breaks” where you have to watch another ad before resuming. These can happen multiple times in a game. Then once the level is finished, you watch another AD before continuing. I understand ads before or after but not before and after and during gameplay. I’d love to continue playing but these ads are too much!!!.Version: 1.8.7

Needs Better accessibilityWhile this game is well made and has a lovely variety, I with there was a way to make all of the indicators numbers instead of colorful music notes or what have you. The colorful music notes and such are much more difficult to work with if you are color blind or have dyslexia. This limits the bundles you can play extremely. While having different indicators is fun it would be nice to have an option to turn them off in favor of numbers..Version: 1.9.1

Just A Few IssuesOne really annoying this is all the adds like can their be an option to get rid of them. Also a dark theme would be amazing because it makes it easier for some people to read. A big issue I have is that I can’t get past level 7 in pop hits #1 because it won’t let me. If I open the level everything is already filled in and I can’t do anything. I can’t restart the level or try to get it to move on. It’s just stuck their so I can’t even finish that set of levels now..Version: 1.8.5

Too many ads.The game is fun but the ads are unbearable. I play a lot of games with ads and they almost always only give you ads between games. This one gives you ads every couple of minutes while you’re playing the game, in between games, if you restart the app, etc. It’s fun but I don’t think I will play it much because of the ads. Also, I turned the app off in the middle of playing a game and when I turned it back on it brought up a new game instead of picking up where I left off..Version: 1.9.8

Fun puzzles but…I downloaded this app a couple months ago maybe and I loved the category options and the different symbols used for the codes. However, the ads during the level is really excessive. There are already many ads but I am used to the ones before and after a level. The ads mid level that I can’t even skip?? Those are ridiculous and I don’t care about the 5 coin “prize” for watching a full ad I didn’t have the choice to avoid. Please take these out!!.Version: 1.8.7

Bug IssueI love this game, but there is still some bug issues that cause problems. When a letter is locked and you have to figure out the letters on either side before you can enter the letter it will glitch and keep the space locked even once you have either side figured out. You have to restart the game to complete the board..Version: 1.9.8

Way too many long ads (60-90 seconds)It would be much better if entering a letter filled in that letter everywhere in the puzzle. It is a waste of time to find every place every letter goes, especially on long puzzles. Too easy to accidentally hit or bump a wrong letter and only be allowed 3 mistakes and then have to wait through a 60-90 second ad to wipe out only 1 mistake, not all 3 mistakes. Please rethink this game from the vantage point of the players, not trying to insert ads everywhere possible..Version: 1.9.7

Still getting ads after payingThis game is challenging but relaxing. I like the way they change the numbers/symbols for different sets. Keeps it from becoming boring. My issue is that I paid the $4.99 to have the ads removed but they are still appearing just like they did before I paid. I would appreciate any help fixing this or to have my money refunded. I closed the app. Reopened the app. Did a forced closure. Reopened the app and finally rebooted my phone. Reopened app and ads are still there..Version: 1.9.1

So many ads!I enjoy the puzzles but being interrupted in the middle of one multiple times is very annoying. I can handle ads between puzzles but during a puzzle is just frustrating. And it’s not even one. It’s like every few letters you finish you get an ad. It would be nice if you had an option to eliminate ads by paying a few dollars for the game. Like $2.99 or something. I think a lot of people would be willing to pay that to stop having the ads..Version: 1.4.0

Great Game!I’ve found this game to be very comforting as a daily puzzle to get my mind working. I love the different types of symbols ranging from colorful shapes to numbers. It keeps the game interesting. I also love the wide variety of categories to choose from for playing. As a suggestion, I’d love to see a category where each puzzle uses every letter in the alphabet! Thanks for a great game with a witty concept!.Version: 1.9.1

Must be observantWhen I was a child I enjoyed this kind of puzzle. In order to be successful in completing the quote you must carefully select the missing letters using information already given to you. Once you fill in a few letters in each word you are able to make an educated guess on the remaining missing letters. Being a decent speller is an advantage..Version: 1.9.1

Too easyI feel like the whole point of trying to solve this type of puzzle is not knowing ANY of the letters and finding patterns and recognizable words, not just filling in blanks. I wish there was a way to turn off the hints and solve it with no help. Sometimes all you need is one letter to figure out the rest of it. I don’t mind having the option of a hint when you need it, but giving away one or more letters is giving the whole thing away. Too easy..Version: 1.9.1

Just One IssueI love this game and I play it all the time. It's super rewarding, the daily challenges are fun to keep up with, and there are not too many ads. My only suggestion, and it's a small one, is that there is at least one quote attributed to actor Elliot Page, but credits his deadname. It may behoove someone to change it to Elliot if possible. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.6.2

Fix for this problem -->--> When you can't solve the puzzle because some locked letters won't unlock, just use a hint and it will fill in the missing letters. After I used the hint, it still wouldn't consider it done so I tapped on the letter that was filled in by the hint, and it worked and moved forward..Version: 1.9.7

My favorite but..I love playing this to pass the time, it’s the perfect amount of challenging and fun for my brain (: but recently the game started freezing up on me when i try to play the events.. so i stopped trying with the events and just played the other levels, no biggie i guess… but now i can’t play anything at all. the app opens fine but once i try to play it freezes on me ):.Version: 1.9.1

Fun, but has some facts wrongIf I were to create a game, and I was using phrases like this game uses, I would make sure that it’s spelled correctly, and make sure the facts are correct. I’m on the Titanic puzzle, and it says “he wins a third-class ticket to board the titanic in a poker game, hoping to sell his artwork in Europe”. This is false. Titanic sunk on its way to New York, not Europe. I’ve found several errors while playing this. Kinda annoying..Version: 1.4.0

Only one issueI love these types of puzzles and I love how there’s a huge variety of topics and difficulty. The ONLY thing wrong is that sometimes they put down the wrong person who said the quote. For example, for a Green Day song, they put it was by the Foo Fighters. I’ve seen this mistake a few times with various people, so developers, you might wanna double check some of them :).Version: 1.9.7

Paid for no ads, but…….Look it wasn’t that expensive but when you pay to exclude ads there should not be an exception unless it’s stated somewhere!!! When you pay the $4.99, you still will be forced to watch the ad for the higher coin amount to get 250 coins. Also, the x5 should be after the 25 coin block, not the 250. 5x 250 would be 1250! Ok rant over, love the game except for the above..Version: 1.8.7

Pop-ups and AdsBeen playing this game for several months and recently I have been getting pop up’s from the game to my internet browser for some survey. And ad breaks ever so often. I understand getting ads to revive or to when you want to get hits or starting over, but not right in the middle of my game. Getting to the point where I will uninstall if I keep getting pop up ads when I’m playing..Version: 1.8.7

FunFun game!.Version: 1.9.8

Ads are incredibly long and annoyingEven after getting the paid version of the app, you’re required to watch ads or buy coins in order to get any levels if you don’t want to wait weeks on end to earn enough coins from the daily challenges. The ads are ridiculously long, you can’t turn off the sound, and it sometimes makes you inadvertently click on the ad because of the eventual placement of the x. That’s got to be against the advertising rules?.Version: 1.9.8

Good game, when it’s playableYes, there’s almost more ads than game, and it makes my phone hot enough to burn within seconds of launching, and it lags so bad it takes a full 5 seconds to press any button and crashes the rest of my apps, but damn if it isn’t a fun game.Version: 1.9.8

Good gameMy gf and I both like this game. Yes a number of ads but they aren’t overly long with the exception of the hint videos. Only real complaint would be I can’t bring my gameplay across devices. Nowadays that should be standard. That’s the only real reason I didn’t give it 5 stars. Beyond that, good job guys. 👏🏻.Version: 1.9.8

Ads. Ads. AdsYou get the picture. Like the game. Buts ads before you finish a game. More ads and then more ads. Then some more. Ug.Version: 1.9.8

AdsWay to many ads, fun game but the ads r about to make me delete it😫.Version: 1.9.8

GlitchI gave it a 4 cuz it’s a decent game, as of now it will not let me open any extra games. My screen freezes and I have to close the game and try again, but doesn’t work. Guess I will try again tomorrow if it doesn’t work I will delete it..Version: 1.9.8

Awesome and challenging game…butI paid for the ads to be removed but that is not the whole truth! You didn’t say that the ads will kick I when the hearts are used up for a challenge! I still play and it makes me be more careful not to make mistakes but I am disappointed in your 1/2 truth..Version: 1.9.8

Too many adsLove the game, but too many ads!!!.Version: 1.9.1

Update glitchSince the latest update I haven’t been able to click on anything to get the daily hint or play the same..Version: 1.9.5

Can’t playI really enjoy this game but since the new update there’s a strange freezing that happens. I can open the app but cannot select anything to play. It was fine before the update.Version: 1.9.5

Fun game, but…I really love this game. I love solving cryptograms. But I can’t, because it keeps freezing every time I try to start a level or open the event. I can only seem to open the daily puzzles.Version: 1.9.5

WAY TO MANY ADS!!This is a great game, but WAY to many ads. Ended up deleting because got tired of the ads..Version: 1.9.1

No ability to replay levelsNeed the ability to replay levels or the game becomes unplayable..Version: 1.8.7

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