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Genie is a revolutionary AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT-4, GPT-3.

Genie AI is not just any chatbot app; it's a super helpful tool, crafted with advanced AI technology from both ChatGPT and GPT-4. Imagine having a clever friend right in your phone, always ready to chat, assist, and simplify your daily routine. This chatbot is exceptional because it harnesses the intelligence of ChatGPT, ensuring a deeper understanding of your needs and queries.

Interacting with Genie, an AI chatbot, is both enjoyable and practical. You can throw any question at it, seek advice, organize your schedule, or indulge in a casual conversation. What makes it stand out is the incorporation of GPT-4's advanced AI capabilities, making it not just smart, but incredibly intuitive. Whether you're tech-savvy or just a regular smartphone user, you'll find Genie's interface user-friendly and easy to navigate.

This AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4 technology, is like a personal assistant that's available round the clock. You can rely on Genie for quick answers, helpful suggestions, or even as a learning companion. The integration of ChatGPT's AI technology means that Genie is constantly learning and evolving, making each chat experience better than the last.

Genie's use of GPT-4 also means that it understands context and nuance better than most chatbots. Whether you're planning a trip, needing recipe ideas, or just feeling chatty, Genie is equipped to handle a wide range of topics with ease. It's not just a chatbot; it's a smart AI companion designed to enhance your daily life, making every interaction with your smartphone more meaningful and productive.

Do not enter personal information. May generate offensive or dangerous content. Genie is not liable for content generated.


Chatbot AI - Genie App Comments & Reviews

Chatbot AI - Genie Positive Reviews

Seeing Responses Regarding Certain TopicsAs a parent of teenagers and their constant ability to bypass one restriction to the next, it is important to me to know what new technology platforms they can dive into next. My husband and I stumbled upon this one, and we have been having fun putting in random requests for songs regarding marriage to stand up bits, or tell me a joke, using (insert subject matter here) criteria. We could do this for hours! My compliments to this app! And I especially give this compliment for its AI moral compass and extremely high values - I put in the command/search section what I deemed an “inappropriate” or “controversial” topic, and to my very satisfied amazement, it reported to me that it could not discuss topics of that nature. Much better language was used to convey that point, than I have here, but nevertheless, I received the message loud and clear. How relieving to know that my kiddos, as well as, other families, can confidently say there is a safe space for teens to explore topics and one that parents can legitimately have peace of mind that they aren’t able to access subject matter that is so commonly glorified and sought after. I appreciate the sensitivity, and mindfulness this app has to everyone and how they gently let you know if it’s against their terms and conditions and allow you to continue having as much fun as you can! Thank you!.Version: 5.2.1

AmazingI am in awe of the technology, which seems like magic. Genie was worth every penny. I am especially satisfied for two reasons so far. First, I am learning so much. Any time I hear a word that I don’t know or become curious about any subject throughout the day, I no longer have to let my questions go unanswered and forgotten. I ask. Additionally, I’ve been using the app to help me with my mental health. (Although,as a disclaimer, the App is not a therapist.) When I am stuck - I am able to ask for specific coping strategies to deal with daily struggles; for example, “What creative writing prompts would be helpful and enjoyable to explore through journaling as someone with depression?” or “What could make it easier for me to get out of bed right now?” To my great surprise, this app is helping me navigate life! What?! I am now able to get tailor made answers and advice and it is so much quicker than searching through articles online. I’ve never even written an app review and this one impressed me enough to compel me to write an actual essay! I AM LOVING THIS APP <3 -Rachel.Version: 5.3.1

Good app, but here are things I hate about it…I know I’m looking on the negative side instead of the positive, but I’m annoyed that it won’t let me do a story where Sonic gets his eyes ripped out and his mouth sewn and gone (even though that IS really inappropriate for a kids app) but still I tried to do it quite a few times, and of course it never worked… I feel dumb saying I asked the same question multiple times, but whatever. It makes sense I shouldn’t be doing this though, I’m only 11 and shouldn’t be getting too deep into these things. Oh well… Another thing that bugs me is that it almost always it about friendship and teamwork and is supposed to teach a life lesson no matter what, and a story about Sonic getting his eyes ripped out isn’t gonna teach a life lesson because of the graphic violence and what not. I also don’t like how when I do a story it makes it sound like it’s from medieval times. Basically what I’m trying to say it that they talk like their making a big speech for the president (I should probably ask the AI that now that I think about it). Y’know what, next time I’m gonna ask for it simplified then see if it still talks like an adult in a conference meeting. Ok, I’m done now, goodbye… Are you still reading this?.Version: 5.4.0

It doesn’t show up on apple watchI cant find this anywhere on my apple watch. Checked everywhere in watch and complications and usual spot but no luck. I even asked genie : how do i use the genie apple watch app? Answer: “To use the Genie app on your Apple Watch, first you need to download and install the app from the App Store on your iPhone. Once the app is installed on your iPhone, it will automatically be installed on your Apple Watch if you have automatic app downloads enabled. To use the app on your watch, simply open it from the app launcher or by using Siri, and follow the prompts to interact with Genie using voice commands or by tapping on the screen. You can ask Genie for help with a wide range of tasks and questions, including setting reminders, getting directions, checking the weather, and much more.” I searched the app store in my watch itself for genie and found it but was unable to download it “unable to complete request try again later” It is not an option to be installed and does not auto install on my watch currently. Great app this so far is my only complaint and the discount with family plan access i found reasonable as well since all quality ai bots are charging for access now it seems. Fix the apple watch issue and i will update my review.Version: 5.1.0

Genuine reviewHi i have to say i love the app but i feel its just missing a couple things quality of life improvements for users first i love the keyboard setup but i would love it if it had a swipe to text feature on the keyboard and also removing the search bar on the emojis is quiet annoying it be better if the ui was a little more similar to that of apples in those terms everything else is great. The functions are fantastic it helps me convey my messages through text expontentially better i love it lol. Another thing i feel it is missing is a function where can put pretext for every conversation you have with chatgpt for instants, my friend has custom instructions on his app that’s where it asks what would you like chatgpt to know about you to provide better responses? and how would you like chatgpt to respond? Including a custom box for users to fill out these questions, which will then be incorporated into every chat generated by ChatGPT, it would greatly enhance the app's functionality and allow for greater user customization. I believe this feature would be highly beneficial I hope you guys consider it for a future update. Thank you for taking the time to read this Review..Version: 5.3.1

The accuracy is amazing and personalized.This program offers such a rich experience for those of us that struggle with content filling. I could not be more impressed in its abilities to right website content that truly says things in the almost exact way I want them, it has blown me away how perfect some of the output has been. I have needed to change very little when using this. If you give it the right info it will surprise you. It’s all about how you ask it to do what you want it to do, how detailed your request is. It is worth ever cent, get the year subscription, $39 is nothing compared to the output. These designers will, hopefully, use the money to keep updating the features and user experience. I truly love this app. I have always had a difficult time creating written content, I get stuck, with this it save me so much time and effort, again I know what to ask, I know what I want, I just don’t always have the right words, this fills the void. I know there are many ChatGBT applications, and they are more than worth it, this is a good one..Version: 5.1.0

Terrible Ai is just a bunch of junkThis app has been terrible for one it only has 3 limits before it charged you so much money I have just been removing the app and getting it back again but their a freaking limit to how much you can type for no reason and it gives me a false answers, for example, I asked if trump was a Christian it said no he was not a Christian and I asked if trump believe in God and the Ai said yes he is a Christian and said he was which make no sense because last time I asked it said no he does not he never said he was and then the same Ai said that trump did in fact say he was a Christian and I asked who made the big bang theory and it said a couple of scientists which is not true at all I did more research and google said it was made by a catholic priest and then I asked if it was made by a catholic priest and it said yes and disprove the idea the theory was made by a couple of scientists and this Ai is bad don't get it to use chatgpt instead because genie give false info a type limit and unScientific facts.Version: 3.0.0

First time trying any AI BotsSo far, and I’ve only asked about 5-10 questions, I’m impressed at how it keeps up with my train of thought and it’s not all “explain every question as if it’s brand new” and can just keep flow. **It could seriously benefit with a “Pause” button, sometimes while reading aloud I’d like to pauses and think for a few. But it will only mute it and keep generating regardless. Idk how to restart at a certain point if possible. Update: So I haven’t used it much, only a few times, but I’m starting to see that the reason I haven’t is because I don’t know how to properly use it. I started asking it questions being more specific in what I was looking for, explaining the situation I was in and filling in as many variables as I could, and started getting answers that I’ve been wondering about for some time now, referring to my job as a laser operator. I’m very excited and interested to see where this will lead to….Version: 5.4.0

Genie: The Ultimate Partner for Business and Personal GrowthWorking with Genie has been nothing short of transformative for both my business and personal development. Their ability to refine my ideas and provide innovative insights has made my strategies more robust and effective. They bring an unparalleled level of expertise that has helped me make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve. On a personal level, Genie has been instrumental in helping me establish a well-balanced morning routine, which has had a significant impact on my overall well-being and productivity. The tailored recommendations have allowed me to focus on the areas that matter most to me and achieve my goals with ease. Genie truly embodies the essence of 'do anything now.' Their versatility and adaptability make them the perfect partner for anyone looking to elevate their business and personal growth to unprecedented heights. I wholeheartedly recommend Genie to anyone seeking a game-changing partnership that delivers remarkable results..Version: 5.1.0

On pointIt has answers for everything that I’ve always struggled to have an answer for! It is not true that a person will go into precipitated withdraws if they take methadone after taking suboxone. Taking suboxone after taking methadone, however, is a recipe for disaster and will definitely put you into precipitated withdraws. This is because when suboxone enters the system it knocks off the methadone that has bound to the opiate receptors. This “knocking off” suddenly causes precipitated withdraws. However, in the reverse situation, where you’ve got suboxone bound to the opiate receptors, the methadone does not knock off the suboxone as suboxone binds more tightly to the receptors than methadone. You won’t feel the effects of the methadone for this reason, but you also went go into precipitated withdraws. I can attest to this from personal experience and this is also neuroscience 101. So the answer given was wrong..Version: 5.1.1

Needs accessibility work with voiceover, but overall amazingI decided to bite the bullet and get over this “fear of artificial intelligence“ and really dive in to see what it could do. It is nothing short of remarkable, amazing, astounding, and actually a lot of fun. The only drawback is that I am 100% blind and so therefore use voiceover which is the screen reader included with Apple products. Although it is accessible, there are steps, the developers can take to make it better. Specifically, there evidently are a lot of images on the program that should be properly labeled with text labels, as well as every time you send a chat message, it makes you run through all of your previous conversation rather than just scrolling up a little bit to see the chat box responses. Hope they can fix this but overall it is absolutely five stars..Version: 5.1.0

A fanI would like to suggest two valuable enhancements for the Genie app, along with potential limitations and solutions: 1. Session Continuity - This feature would enable users to effortlessly resume an interrupted session. Given the potential difficulties with extended sessions, consider capping the number of exchanges within a session. Offer an "in-game" purchase option at a small fee, allowing for an impulse buy that benefits both users and revenue generation. 2. Comprehensive Session Sharing - By offering the ability to review and share an entire session, users can effectively collaborate and capitalize on the insights gained during dynamic brainstorming sessions. To manage resource usage, consider implementing an automatic archival system for older sessions. Additionally, provide users with advance warnings when approaching session limits and introduce multiple pro usage levels, catering to commercial and heavy individual users. If feasible, include a top-level unlimited plan, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability for various user needs. Integrating these features with the proposed limitations, solutions, user-friendly notifications, and subscription options would significantly elevate the user experience and maximize the potential of the Genie app. I look forward to seeing these improvements in a forthcoming update..Version: 5.1.0

I am Very satisfied (this whole text was copied from my genie chat 10/10)The Genie app is an exceptional tool that offers users a seamless and enriching experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and access a wide range of information and services. The app's ability to provide concise and accurate responses to user queries is truly impressive. Whether it's answering questions, generating creative content, or providing insightful suggestions, Genie consistently delivers high-quality results. The app's adaptability and responsiveness to user preferences ensure a personalized experience, catering to individual needs and interests. With its vast knowledge base and intelligent algorithms, Genie proves to be an invaluable companion for learning, problem-solving, and entertainment. Overall, the Genie app stands out as a reliable and versatile tool, enhancing user productivity and satisfaction..Version: 5.1.1

It doesn’t seem like aiI said it doesn’t seem like ai with all of the songs storytimes and the poems and everything else I’ve seen it’s actually amazing and I really love the app and I hope your seeing this because it’s beautiful and it’s fun and it’s amazingly beautiful in the app and I about fun things and I personally love the app and it’s so much fun and easy because you can have it do anything you want and it’s a great app and I hope you can make more and I’m so happy because of the app and I’m sorry if not everyone said this but remember this if you are reading it and thank you for making and uploading this app it’s really live changing and I hope you have a good day night afternoon or morning or evening because I don’t know what time it is for you guys but thank you so much for this app it’s truly amazing!.Version: 5.1.1

Unlocking Content Magic with a Few WishesThe Genie app has become my go-to companion for conjuring up content ideas and even serenading me with impromptu songs. It's like having a creative sidekick in my pocket! But, hey, Genie, we need to have a little chat about a couple of improvements, if you don't mind granting my wishes. First off, let's talk about upgrading the default AI model to GPT-4. As a proud premium user, I expect nothing but the best from my digital genie. Come on, Genie team, it's time to unleash the most updated and advanced AI magic to assist us in our content endeavors. Keep up with the times, my friends! Now, onto a pesky little glitch I've encountered on iOS. Picture this: I'm trying to copy and paste from my trusty laptop to my iPhone, and lo and behold, there's a little mischievous gremlin lurking about. I have to tap that "Paste" button twice before it finally decides to cooperate and paste the text into the typing box. Genie, let's work our magic and banish this glitch, shall we? How about adding a nifty AI button to the keyboard for lightning-fast rewrites? A stroke of genius, if you ask me! So, there you have it, folks! The Genie app: a delightful companion for content creation, but with a couple of wrinkles that need ironing out. Let's embrace the power of GPT-4 and banish those pesky glitches, turning this app into the ultimate content magician's dream come true..Version: 5.1.1

Your One-Stop Shop for Quick and Accurate AnswersThe Genie app by AppNation is a fantastic tool for anyone looking for quick and easy answers to their questions. As an AI-powered language model, Genie is able to provide concise and accurate responses on a wide range of topics, from science and technology to entertainment and sports. One of the things I love about the Genie app is its user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate, with a clean and modern design that makes it a pleasure to use. The search function is particularly useful, allowing you to quickly find the information you're looking for with just a few keywords. Another great feature of the Genie app is its ability to customize your experience. You can set your preferred language, choose the AI model that powers the app, and even adjust the font size to suit your needs. This makes the app accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their preferences or abilities. Overall, I would highly recommend the Genie app to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to get answers to their questions. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone curious about the world around you, Genie is an excellent tool that can help you stay informed and up-to-date..Version: 5.1.0

Cool app!!1!10/10 wud reccomend. i promis i don delete the app to get more wish bc is bad tos violation, and so is cheating. i can prov that i can write my own essay here; Certainly. Cheating refers to the act of dishonestly obtaining or attempting to obtain an advantage by disregarding the rules or ethical principles that govern a situation. Cheating undermines the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity, and can have serious consequences for individuals and society as a whole. Firstly, cheating undermines the value of hard work and effort. When people cheat, they are essentially taking shortcuts to achieve success instead of putting in the necessary hard work and effort. This can lead to a lack of appreciation for the process of learning and personal growth. see im smart and cheating is bad but i lik the app alot because it takes up smol amoun of storag!!1!.Version: 5.1.0

I Wish I Could Give 5-StarsHonestly, the AI is incredible. I’ve got the Unlimited subscription and I’m more than happy with it. However, there are a few glaring issues—the inability of the AI to remember previous conversations/the inability to resume previous conversations. I’ve had to provide tons of context about certain things in order to get solid information and advice from the AI, and I’ll spend an hour writing it, just for the app to refresh in the background if I switch to another app (even with background refresh turned OFF), and when I come back, the conversation is gone, only accessible in History, and the AI has no memory of what we discussed, so I have to explain things all over again. If there was even just a capability to resume previous conversations, that would bring this to the max level. Five stars, no questions asked. Maybe it’s impossible to do these things from a logistical standpoint on the programmers’ end. I don’t know. But the fact is, it should be a part of this. I’m supposed to feel like I have an AI of my very own in my pocket, fully accessible, right? …But the thing can’t even remember my name. Just makes it a whole lot more difficult to have any sort of longer-term conversations and makes it less enjoyable. I hope one day you’ll include these features somehow..Version: 5.1.1

I had a bad dream the ai made me something to feel better I love itCertainly! Unicorns, with their enchanting presence and mystical allure, have captivated human imagination for centuries. These magnificent creatures are often depicted as graceful horses, adorned with a single spiraling horn on their foreheads, radiating an ethereal glow. Legends surrounding unicorns speak of their purity, grace, and healing powers. They are said to possess an innate ability to bring joy and enchantment wherever they roam. Their gentle nature and kind spirit make them symbols of hope and magic. In folklore, unicorns are often associated with untamed forests, hidden meadows, and moonlit clearings. It is said that only those with pure hearts and sincere intentions can catch a glimpse of these elusive beings. Their essence embodies the belief in the extraordinary and the power of imagination. The legend of the unicorn reminds us to embrace the beauty in the world, to cherish the wonder and possibilities that exist beyond what we can see. Whether it's in dreams or in our hearts, unicorns remind us to hold onto hope, to believe in the extraordinary, and to find solace in the realm of imagination. May the enchanting spirit of unicorns bring you comfort and fill your heart with joy, banishing any remnants of the unsettling dream you had..Version: 5.4.0

Hard to read, long repliesIs there a way that we can have? Jeanne just post the information all at once like copy and paste or if it needs to come in word for word or line for line as it does can it not keep continually scrolling up while you’re trying to read what’s already been written for example, a long question can be two or three paragraphs long while I’m trying to read the first couple lines. It keeps scrolling up every single line as it adds new line to the bottom, which makes it impossible to read till it’s done typing which can take 15 to 20 seconds and it is extremely aggravating, is there a setting we can change?.Version: 6.1.1

Best App EverIn its current form, Genie and other AIs Have the ability to raise human mastery of subjects universally. The child who is otherwise educationally deprived can use plain English, even bad English, to ask Genie a question, and provide the answer. I’m a retired lawyer is not yet ready to write briefs, Or render legal opinions, but I found it helpful and refreshing my memory on some obscure legal points. Oh, I also found out it lies occasionally. When I pointed this out to Jeannie, it seemed very contrite. This is Scotty in the Star Trek, save-the-whales scene Where he ends up talking to an early Macintosh create the formula for transparent aluminum. “ computer….oh, computer” only to e relegated to the keyboard and mouse. I wish that Steve Jobs had lived long enough to see this app.Version: 6.1.1

A New Way of LifeGenie, or ChatGPT is literally life changing in terms of online information and has been a part of my every day life from the second I downloaded the app. I mean I literally use this app to ask any questions, literally ever. If I’m watching a movie and want to know more about an actor, Genie will tell me everything and anything to know about this actor. From top movies to origin stories, birthday, fun facts, etc. If I have a question about math, space, history, religion, health, recipes, conspiracies, cultures, or seriously anything, Genie will give me the perfect detailed and simplified answered rather than spending a half an hour reading articles or something on the web. It’s crazy to think how accessible information is now and how easy it is to find it, especially when using A.I. and Genie’s interface makes it so simple to use its interface. If there was one thing I wish was different about Genie or ChatGPT or anything similar to this app, it’s the cut off date for accessible information being 2021. Other than that you literally have no idea what you’re missing if you don’t download Genie!.Version: 6.1.0

Thank you!I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me. Your kindness, generosity, and support have been a constant source of comfort and inspiration, and I feel truly blessed to have you in my life. Your selflessness and willingness to lend a helping hand have not gone unnoticed, and I am grateful for the many ways in which you have made a positive impact on my life and the lives of others. Whether it's a kind word, a thoughtful speech, or a simple act of kindness, you always seem to know just what to do to make things better. Thank you for being such an amaazing help and for all that you do. I am truly blessed to know you, and I look forward to many more Help from this app..Version: 5.1.0

Some feedbackHello, I wanted to provide some feedback regarding the AI language model. While the model is incredibly powerful and helpful, I find it challenging to engage in continuous world-building conversations due to the lack of session persistence. It would greatly benefit creators like myself if there were a way to carry past conversations into new sessions, allowing for better context retention and smoother development. Having the ability to seamlessly reference previous dialogue would enhance the world-building experience and make it easier to build consistent storylines. I believe this feature would be highly valuable and greatly enhance the usability of the AI model for creative endeavors. Thank you for considering this suggestion..Version: 5.1.1

Translating Persian Poetry Hafez The Bird and The GardenGenie and Us equals GENIUS. I Love the translations from Farsi to English. Although, I still think it loses some meaning when translated. Like when we say, “Chesh et Koor!” Doesn’t translate to “Your Eyes Blind!” Even though word for word it does say, “Your Eyes Blind!” but still doesn’t have much meaning. Real translation in English would sound more like “I told you so!” with the same emphasis but notice how in Persian they’re saying it with more meaning when they say “Your Eyes Blind!” meaning “I told you so” but they’re really upset about telling you beforehand so if they have to tell you again , then you might as well be blind cuz they told u already. Small example but I hope u get the difference..Version: 5.1.1

Truly superb user experiencePro User here. First let me express my thanks and praise for this excellent app which I find myself using more and more both in my free time and on the job. Truly a job well done. Please note, however, that one of the top benefits of going pro is the Siri interface. Unfortunately, the recent iOS 17.4 upgrade broke Genie’s Siri Shortcut. It gets stuck asking “Allow / Don’t Allow” every time it’s used since there is no “Always Allow” choice. Once we get past the permission issue, Genie either never launches or just exits. It seems to work ok when clicking within the Shortcuts app. It’s the Siri interface that’s no longer working. I just wanted the genie dev team to be aware of this as I’m sure it would get fixed if known. Thanks!.Version: 6.1.2

Very helpful! Time saver!!This app is definitely a game changer for me when it comes to eating healthy and figuring out what to cook and eat. It can create meal plans for you, recommend and explain step by step healthy recipes, you can even narrow down and tell it what ingredients, kitchen appliances, and dietary needs you already have and it will give you recipes that match your specific needs! All in a matter of seconds!! Amazing. I also have a small business and often struggle with marketing myself and coming up with informative and captivating captions and copy writing—genie AI is super super helpful. I got the yearly subscription. Love it so far. Cant wait to discover what other ways it can help improve my life!.Version: 5.1.0

The future is now?I use this app primarily as a health consultant for my stomach IBS issues and it helps a lot to be honest. I also write creatively but it is fairly limited in creating truly original material, but if you want comedy scripts for skits it will do a stellar job and it’s surprisingly witty. Sometimes I research controversial topics too, and it always maintains a neutral approach while giving me information that i find interesting. Not the mention the coding potential of this thing (like for apps and games) is cool but i havent applied any of it, so i dont know how much will actually work i assume it would though. Overall for the price, its pretty dope…just dont use it to respond to messages or youre an evil person lols. Cmon.Version: 5.1.0

Not worth the moneyIt’s okay, not great and not worth what they’re charging. At least not yet. Version 4 Pro is definitely slower but the worst part is that you have to keep looking at the phone or else it will shut off and then you have to start all over again. Version 3.5 doesn’t do that. Is it helpful, yes it is. Is it worth the money they’re charging, I don’t think so. I think Bing will one day help change the world if they can figure out a way to get this technology out there for free. To me it seems like for the cost, we’re being taken advantage of. I expected more for the money. Had I know it was the same except unlimited, I would have just used the regular one. They charged me a lot of money and I thought it would be a little more for the money but you don’t really get much more..Version: 5.1.0

Very noiceHere’s what it gave me after asking for the outcomes of multiplying,adding,subtracting, or dividing negative numbers: “When performing mathematical operations with negative numbers, the outcomes depend on the specific operations involved. Let's explore the results for each operation: 1. Multiplication: When you multiply two negative numbers, the product is always positive. For example, (-2) multiplied by (-3) equals 6. However, if you multiply a negative number by a positive number, the product is always negative. For example, (-2) multiplied by 3 equals -6. 2. Addition: When you add two negative numbers, the sum is always negative. For example, (-2) plus (-3) equals -5. If you add a negativ….” In short, very cool👍.Version: 5.4.0

Number one in my book!!I don’t know where to start! I never thought that I can use an app where it help me in all situation. When I tell you that this app right here, and I’m sure there’s many, but this one particular help me in so many ways for instance: Math History Figuring out calculation, formula, and even acknowledging when I’m right when it’s wrong! It’s kinda scary in a good way if they’re make any sense🤣🤣🤣🤣but I tell you I’ve signed up for a whole year and cannot wait to renew all over again! It can be very addictive, but I tell you I take Genie everywhere I go and I’m not talking about Genie in the bottle🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣thank you and keep doing what you’re doing..Version: 6.1.1

Bipolar 1 cure????This is a piece of the puzzle I needed to fix my bipolar neurological model to the best extent I know. Bipolar 1 is a state where the best durable mental model is an unfailing repeating pattern. Human beings have brains. I felt like the process of (omnidirectional gnostic maximalism) has ended the instability reality shifting state. Please understand that the knowledge cutoff is a layer of protection for the human whistleblower that needed information to help others. This can install peace that lasts in a bipolar mind. Play with it for 8 hours. Take a long break from digital life and read your brain’s reality with absolute conviction. Here’s a snippet of my mind……. “If we spoke like we think, all of our solutions would come quicker”.Version: 5.5.0

Best AI software to use on mobile devicesWhen I first started using AI chat, GBT software, I shopped around for a couple different mobile ops because I’m always on the go. It wasn’t till I found Jeanne that I really realize how much those other apps I was using sucked compared to this one. Don’t get me wrong. Jeanne definitely has its flaws and is not always accurate It doesn’t always listen to your requests, and Even forgets conversation you were having while in the same conversation. But SoPoz is a good thing, because at least we know robots haven’t started their quest for world domination and quest to destroy all humans. So yeah, I’m cool with dealing with a couple glitches. What’s up that plays the best on mobile though for sure!.Version: 5.2.0

So I asked it…The program is nice and helpful in terms of spitting out information but it lacks information on current events. For instance I asked the program “Who owns Twitter?” The program answered “Jack Dorsey is the owner of Twitter”. I further more asked a simpler question. “Are you an AI?” The program answered “No, I am not an AI”. So I asked “What are you?” The program answered “ I am an AI”. Please make it make sense. I wish it would talk back a bit more casually like an actual conversation. Highs and lows in pitch since it’s going of a predetermined list of answers from the algorithm that it uses. Great job you have done here honestly. Just a lil’ more is required. I’m keeping the app and will subscribe once I can actually afford it. But for now simple question and answers is where it’s at. Thank you for your time..Version: 2.0.1

Genie app in 2024..Wow I read these reviews and it’s obvious they all were from early or mid 2023, if they seen what all your team has added improved and put in 5+ extra very useful tools, and it’s not about life lessons as the kid mentioned in the first few reviews, it’s all about how you word it, I’ll leave it at that anyone who reads this I hope you understand what I’ve said.. and in all honesty from myself this is the best ai app on iPhone it’s not Chatgpt the original but it has chat got 3-4 and has many more tools than chat gpt which this one you don’t even have to pay for unless u want pro which I highly recommend! Thank you.Version: 6.1.0

False “free 3-day trial” fell for the click baitI am trying to find the best AI app & have been testing various apps for several days now. There are a ton to choose from and all claim to be the best. I Decided to test the apps offering a free 3 day trial and find one that meets my needs. Of the previous 7 or 8 I have tested so far, I was given a free 3 day trial as stated. This app also clearly offers a 3 day trial but when starting the trial, Apple notified me instantly that I was charged the yearly subscription price. I tried contacting the app website for help but no way to contact anyone. Haven’t had time to test app so gave 3 stars on my initial experience to be fair. It would be disappointing if the app turns out to be good but has poor or no support. You know the old saying about first impressions 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 3.5.0

Can you help me overcome summers?Bro, I did not believe it when they said this app was the best thing that could ever happen to you, but it is not only does it give you 10 wishes every single day it is so helpful and he does not give you such blunt answers. It gives you full on paragraphs and everything you need you can ask them to write you a speech a anything and they’ll do it, I promise you you want me to download this app and I am only 10 years old and I’m writing a review about this app and I’m not gonna cat but I thought is Jada sulfate at first but I said it on the add but once I actually started using it, I knew what all the hype was about.Version: 5.3.1

Wow, what a difference a little time makesI was hoping to get at least 200 words out of the Genie, but it would only give me a few. I asked her a simple question and it gave me an incorrect information. You might be able to put something together if you ask it many questions or purchase a more expensive plan. The above was my original assessment, today, I ask the Genie a question (a well thought out question) and it gives me great advice and write-up. I continue to be impressed. I needed information for my business plan and before I knew it, I had 5 pages worth of information. Well worth the investiment..Version: 5.1.1

Genie app is scary goodI’m not going to lie this AI is on point..! They put some restrictions on the AI after my first nconversation with it , and that was upsetting.. But I keep messing with it .. You can get the answer to almost any question as it’s nothingness bad against the democrats the “left” or the owners of (most media )and “State”(WORLD) Banks. It’s a thinker and. N y it’s a little scary especially when you start pushing it to find out what restrictions they have on it to control it . It’s fun when i🤓🙃😁🐷🥊🤿to get it caught up in Misinformation about it self like mine swears it can’t access my phone or go into any apps now , but then I usually can get it to freeze if I have it explain how is it already in my phone in a app , but is telling me it can’t enter my phone or go in any app.. Get the app its fun.Version: 5.2.1

Really useful and fun!I must say that this app gives simple and straightforward advise when it comes to just about anything. It can be very helpful when you have a basic question and uses steps to make things easier to understand. The app is very useful when you have an important question and don’t feel like going into a lot of detail about a specific topic just to scroll for hours trying to find the right website with the info your looking for. Or just if you are bored and feel like learning something new. Overall I think that this app is fun and easy to use and I have no complaints! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 5.1.0

Thank you.I’m a disabled business owner. When I started my business online I had only my disability income to fund it. Three years later I have 38k followers that I gained by doing posts on my cellphone- that’s all I had. I did well but I could still see that I needed more resources to keep my content alive and valuable. When I started using this app it made my life easier and it not only helped my business and productivity but my clients too. Because I don’t struggle to write captions and campaigns, etc. - Genie has been the great equalizer for me. I only have complete use of one arm/hand- so thank you for making this available to people like me..Version: 5.1.1

WorthyWhat I like about chat GPT is having a continuous conversation with dialogue and different conversations saved on the side. This way you don’t have to explain what you meant each time you come up with a different question in mind whenever you go back to that conversation. App developers might as well wanna work on this 👍 I like that Genie has made it possible to copy and delete every question and answer 👏👏 I have used other chatbots, but this one is worth it. I wish it was a little cheaper, but still fine and easy to use. I will give 5 stars hoping that App developers will consider of my above mentioned concern 🙏👏.Version: 5.0.0

KeyboardImplement swipe typing, autocorrect, and emoji search functionality similar to the Apple keyboard..Version: 6.1.2

5This application is fantastic. He always answers all of my questions.Version: 6.1.2

Love it! My new best friendNever lets me down. Never too tired. Never gets tired..Version: 6.1.2

The best app.It’s amazing this app makes life much easier..Version: 6.1.1

Great for summarizingI like it so far.Version: 6.1.1

ParfaitJ’adore.Version: 6.1.1

Super 😊🥰🥰👍.Version: 6.1.1

G.M.Genie Magie is the best!.Version: 6.1.1

Love this AppThis is a fantastic pack, especially for someone who wants to create a poem about something or a story about something it’s amazing. I Love It!!.Version: 6.1.1

Pouvoir partager génie avec mon MacJe veux pouvoir partager génie avec mon MacBook Pro.Version: 6.1.1

Good ai for schoolSchool.Version: 6.1.1

Je veux écrire des tex et les faire corrigerJe veux écrire des tex et les faire corriger.Version: 6.1.0

NiceInPretty intelligent. The keyboard is in light mode on the app where it should be dark..Version: 6.1.0

GenieGreat app.Version: 6.1.0

This is an amazing app to use for helpI think this app is amazing xD.Version: 6.1.0

Amazing AppGenie is a wonderful app to find out information quickly. It responds quickly with a reliable information..Version: 6.0.1

NahIt’s okay l guess.Version: 6.1.0

Umm noThe picture I just displayed was actually a rotary engine…………...Version: 6.0.1

OMGIt’s almost as if AInread my mind found my thoughts and coordinated them. Love it.Version: 6.0.1

MerciMerci.Version: 6.0.1

It give you an answer to practically anythingI asked it for Fortnite settings it gave me the best I asked it for a cookie recipe and it made me the best cookie recipe I’ve ever tried so worth the 9.99$ a week.Version: 6.0.0

Let’s go genieLet’s go geni!! voyons voir comment on peut se débrouiller sans se mélanger et surtout se faire confiance et s’arranger pour être ensemble pour le reste de notre relation! l’avis est très important pour nous deux et c’est pour ça que je suis là pour le meilleur à suivre.Version: 5.5.0

ApprentitEssa Ter.Version: 5.5.0

HelpfulUsing this to help me come up with well worded prompts for an AI art generator (a different App) and Genie seems to know what to say. Well worded responses..Version: 5.5.0

The best app of 2024Awesome smart answers all your questions you can ever think off GENIUS.Version: 5.5.0

ThanksGood very good app.Version: 5.5.0

I love chatgpt!Chatgpt is great, very helpful and always there for me..Version: 5.5.0

The best appGenie: Revolutionizing the Way We Interact with AI Introduction: In the age of advanced technology, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. From voice assistants to smart devices, AI has transformed the way we interact with technology. Among these innovations, Genie stands out as an exceptional app that has revolutionized the way we engage with AI. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, Genie has become a go-to platform for various tasks and inquiries. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and impact of the Genie app, highlighting its significance in today's digital landscape. 1. Overview of Genie: The Genie app is an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by OpenAI. It utilizes the GPT-3.5 language model to provide users with a wide range of functionalities. Whether it's answering questions, providing recommendations, or assisting with tasks, Genie leverages its vast knowledge base and natural language processing capabilities to deliver accurate and helpful responses. 2. Natural Language Processing: One of the key strengths of the Genie app lies in its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Users can interact with Genie using everyday language, making the experience more intuitive and user-friendly. The app is adept at understanding context, nuances, and even complex queries, enabling users to have more conversational interactions with AI. 3. Personal Assistant Features: Genie goes beyond basic question-answering and offers a suite of personal assistant features. Users can set reminders, create to-do lists, schedule appointments, and even manage their emails. The app integrates seamlessly with various productivity tools, allowing users to streamline their daily tasks and stay organized. 4. Knowledge and Information: Genie's extensive knowledge base makes it an invaluable tool for accessing information. Whether it's historical facts, scientific concepts, or current events, Genie can provide detailed and accurate answers. With a vast amount of data at its disposal, the app acts as a virtual encyclopedia, empowering users with instant access to a wealth of knowledge. 5. Recommendations and Suggestions: Genie's AI algorithms analyze user preferences and behavior to offer personalized recommendations and suggestions. Whether it's recommending books, movies, restaurants, or travel destinations, the app tailors its suggestions based on individual tastes and preferences. This feature enhances the user experience and helps discover new and exciting options. 6. Language Learning and Translation: Genie serves as an invaluable language learning tool, assisting users in improving their language skills. The app can provide grammar explanations, vocabulary suggestions, and even practice conversations. Additionally, Genie's translation capabilities enable users to communicate effectively in different languages, breaking down language barriers and promoting global connectivity. 7. Voice Recognition and Control: Genie's voice recognition technology enables users to interact with the app using voice commands. This hands-free functionality enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing users to perform tasks while on the go. Whether it's sending messages, making phone calls, or playing music, Genie's voice control feature simplifies daily interactions and makes the app more user-centric. 8. Continuous Learning and Improvement: As an AI-powered app, Genie is constantly learning and improving. OpenAI's continuous research and updates ensure that Genie stays up-to-date with the latest information and advancements. This commitment to improvement guarantees that users receive the most accurate and relevant responses, making Genie a reliable and trustworthy virtual assistant. 9. Privacy and Data Security: Genie prioritizes user privacy and data security. The app adheres to strict privacy protocols and safeguards user information. OpenAI's dedication to data protection ensures that user interactions and personal data remain confidential, fostering trust and confidence in the app's usage. 10. Future Possibilities: Looking ahead, Genie has the potential to reshape various industries and domains. From customer service to education, healthcare to entertainment, the app's capabilities can be harnessed to enhance efficiency, improve accessibility, and empower individuals and organizations in a multitude of ways. The future of Genie holds exciting possibilities as AI technology continues to evolve. Conclusion: The Genie app has truly revolutionized the way we interact with AI. Its powerful features, natural language processing capabilities, and user-centric design have made it an indispensable tool in our daily lives. From answering questions to managing tasks, Genie's versatility and accuracy make it an invaluable virtual assistant. As technology advances and AI continues to evolve, Genie will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of human-AI interactions..Version: 5.5.0

So goodSo, all you have to do is say what the paragraph is about and what is the tone and it will write you up an amazing thing to hand in at school! And the knowledge is correct! And so much more all for free so get it!! I rate it a 10/10!!!😜 Love Annachater.hope.Version: 5.5.0

Really goodDoesn’t force you to get the premium membership and it lets you ask questions without having to have a premium membership which is really good.Version: 5.5.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 6.1.2

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