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It’s all here. Iconic series, award-winning movies, fresh originals, and family favorites, featuring the DC Universe and HBO. Discover the best entertainment for every mood. Max – the one to watch.

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• The largest streaming library of the DC Universe shows and movies.
• Hundreds of original series from HBO and Max.
• CNN Max, a 24/7 live feed featuring breaking news and coverage of the world’s biggest stories. Now available in beta to all Max subscribers — at no additional cost.
• Stream select live games and matches from the NBA, NHL, NCAA March Madness, MLB Postseason, and U.S. Soccer with the B/R Sports Add-On, on us for a limited time.*
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Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies App Comments & Reviews

Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies Positive Reviews

Awesome AppThis app is so awesome. It has all of the shows and TV movies that I would find on HBO Max. Though it would be nice if Max can add all of the discovery plus TV shows and documentaries like how it is on the freestanding discovery plus app. Things like the Megastorm is not available, which talks about the typhoon that hit the Philippines. Also, under my list, I would like to see movies and TV shows separated into one area or a group. So, for example, when I click on my list, I would like to see, not just to continue watching option, but also a movies option which separates the movies from the TV shows and one into one category for movies, and then an option for TV shows where the TV shows are separated into their own thing which will make it easier for users to tell which one is a movie and which one is a show. So if we can get that that would be great. All in all, this is better than HBO Max. Especially with accessibility. Before I used to have to scroll down to see my watchlist. Now it’s just like all of the other apps where I can just click the left menu bar and then I have an option to click on watch list. I like it..Version: 1.0.2

QualityI’m actually really upset at the amount of people giving this good reviews. I have had nothing but issues the day I started using it. I’m currently rewatching a show & for some reason Max doesn’t want to leave it in my continue watching & on the progress bars it shows I’m no where through any of the episodes. If I can remember what episode I left off on, I can click on it & it resumes me at a random part of the video, not where I left off, or even at the beginning. Another issue I have is that when I click the skip intro option, it will sometimes (about half the time) only go through half of the intro but the skip button is no longer available. Not only are there issues, but y’all also took away features. Like the being able to upload one of your own pictures to your profile? Now, like Disney +, it only allows you to choose from the characters in some of their movies/tv shows, & the only options are honestly all the new or up incoming things, some of your most popular entertainment isn’t even an option. I just find it strange to remove features. I guess I just expected for Max to be this great new thing but was extremely let down. Please get to fixing the ‘continue watching’ issue because it’s very frustrating..Version: 1.0.2

The new “Max” needs workAs of writing this, a couple days after HBO Max became “Max,” I need to state that this new app / change needs a lot of work. After I launched the app on my cell phone & on my TV, a Roku device, the first issue that appeared was my “Continue Watching” no longer had shows I was watching & listed movies that I had finished watching & removed from my list. When I searched for the show I was watching, it was not appearing but when I searched for them on my Roku device, it read the show was on “Max” & when I selected it, it led me to the show on the streaming service. The inconsistency is the first issue. The second & biggest is the audio is out of sync on my shows. There is at least a 5 second delay with the audio when I was able to begin watching my show. The out of sync is also with the searching & selecting process itself. This new version needs a lot of refining. Update: thank you for the response to my review, I troubleshooted the app on all my devices & followed the link provided & it did fix the issue I was experiencing..Version: 1.0.3

Should bring back the old payment optionsThey make it pretty frustrating to change the form of payment, especially when you create the account through your phone it automatically bills through the App Store and sometimes your subscription won’t show so if you’re trying to re-subscribe or change the payment, you’re basically out of luck. but overall, the streaming service is actually prettyGreat I’ve never had a problem with the streaming site going down unlike Other streaming servicesThey actually make sure the site is always running and ever runs into errors And if you do run into an error, it’s a little problems like Them updating a certain show so you have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the contact to be available again but other than all that I really enjoy using MAXAnd I absolutely LOVE That they are usually the first streaming service to add the newest movies/Tv shows but so far, none ofThe original Max shows/movies have yet to disappoint me. I always look forward to see what they’re releasing next😊✨ (I would give a five star but the limited amount for the form of payments really need a solution).Version: 3.0.2

Stop changing your name and appEvery generation had their way of saying “this will work better than before” at times it may be true but in this case you had a situation where if it ain’t broke don’t fix it It’s hbo not max stop trying to disassociate from the brand in order to make it seem like you’re bigger than you really are, you’ll loose your fan base with these crazy moves don’t get me wrong there’s more diverse shows with the inclusion of discovery and the merger with time Warner, it’s just frustrating to have to download and redoubload update and login getting logged out dealing with bugs all that work just to put out a new app and a new name? And for what? To say it’s new? It’s the same crap different day, stop making your people run in place with these crazy capitalistic practices you call “economy” All that aside I love your price point and inclusion in internet and tv providers it’s the best price point to carry for any person looking to maximize their screen time whilst still getting your bang for your buck the tv shows and films are great for people of all ages and I really do mean it there’s a show or film catered to someone you know.Version: 1.1.1

ReviewPersonally I loved HBO Max. Only place where you can get every season of South Park. I haven’t opened the new app, ‘Max’ yet, but I will come back to edit my review. If this version has different resolutions for videos I will call in love. Edit: So far, LOVE that it transferred my data from HBO Max so that I didn’t have to log in. First star has been earned. I am happy with the avatar choices. I don’t really like the look of them, could be better, but the profile pictures are from my favorite shows, in fact multiple are. That’s a second star. Certain characters for the names that were previously supported in HBO Max are not supported in Max. I won’t deduct any stars though since as long as you don’t change your profile you can keep it. I like that all my shows moved with the new app. That’s a star. All seasons of south park are still there, that’s a star! I love the new loading animation, and that’s a fifth star. Good job on the app! Sad to see the iconic purple color leave the logo though..Version: 1.0.1

I enjoy the service, not so much the UII’ve been using HBO Max since 2020, and I’ve enjoyed the selections that have been available, with only a few exceptions (looking at you, Dragonball Evolution). When I managed to access Max (which transferred my account with no issues), I did notice that I had some personal issues with the User Interface. It’s not to say that the interface is terrible, but it is certainly lacking when you compare it to HBO Max’s UI. Selections are categorized by genre without a clear option for seeing selections from A-Z (it does have alphabetical order for genres, but it feels somewhat tedious to go through each genre to find what you’re looking for, especially if your choice is listed under multi genres). The service is also lacking dedicated pages for new titles and titles that are being cycled out of the service, and the section for titles leaving Max doesn’t notify you that the titles are leaving by the end of the month (I think a lot of people would appreciate having that feature on Max). Again, I still enjoy it, but I’d appreciate it if elements from HBO Max’s UI were reintroduced to Max..Version: 1.0.2

HBO great, but not the Discovery contentThe Discovery Network now runs HBO, so with the new Max app came a bunch of commercial tv shows from the Discovery family. For those of us seeking HBO's content, we now have to sift through programming that we didn't sign up for like the pimple-popper cartoons and other tv programming owned by Discovery. It's cluttered the app substantially, heading in the direction of Netflix & Prime where they bury what you're looking for in order to push other shows at you. Not a fan of that. Whether using Max on Roku or a mobile device, there needs to be much more direct way to go straight to HBO programming only. My Home screen now features shark shows, children's shows, and other non-HBO shows - the shows I've been trying to get away from, which is why I have been subscribing to HBO for years. Conversely, people seeking Discovery content now have to sift through HBO shows. The app needs to better separate and categorize the content and make the channels simpler to directly access instead of trying to force feed me things I've got zero interest in..Version: 1.4.0

Great Selection but Some BugsI love the selection of movies and shows so much that MAX has become my most-used streaming app lately. The only downside would be the bugs while using the app on my iPhone. Sometimes when I open the app and start a new episode, I’ll watch the ads and then realize I can’t pause, close, or do anything with the app. My only choice is to lock my phone and re-open the app. Then my episode starts over and I have to watch ads again. Shows will sometimes start playing out of nowhere when I connect Bluetooth, plug in my charger, answer calls, or unlock my phone, even when the app is just operating in the background. The last bummer is that I have to sign in way more often now. No one uses my account but me, so it’s a little frustrating to enter my credentials so often. That said though, the rest of the experience is great and it’s overall worth it. I especially like that more TV episodes have a single long ad at the beginning so there is no interruption in the middle!.Version: 2.2.0

From boring to cutting edgeI’ve been an HBO subscriber since the early 1980s and am tickled to see the service that once offered Student Bodies and Revenge of the Nerds as feature events turn into a cutting edge producer of thoughtful and evocative pieces. Sure, it’s easy to say Game of Thrones changed television (and I’m not doubting it’s impact) but the amazing representation in The Last of Us, Sex Lives of Teenage Girls, and Barry is remarkable. And the jewel in your crown that is Our Flag Means Death is your premiere offering. From diverse and thoughtful casting to inclusive story lines, to a writer’s room that reflects what’s really happening out here in the real world, it is a perfect slice of entertainment that I enjoy on my own as well as with my children. In turn, we have all recommended it far and wide as an exemplary example of diversity and inclusion in television. Max is doing it right with this one and should continue on this fine path they have forged through so many channels filled with hate and hypocrisy. VERY WELL DONE!.Version: 2.0.0

Way better in lots of ways.I love the new max app for many many reasons. i used to have so many problems with the old hbo like it would always crash. i swear some days i couldn’t even watch my show because 4-5 minutes in the app would crash and not let me back on. i have to say that not having to deal with that brings me relief. another large improvement i’ve seen all the new titles on Max. the first day i got on after the update and i was bewildered. so many choices of great movies and shows with DOUBLE the amount of streaming content. I also enjoy the new navigation menu. all of these changes have brought a new era to Max. But. I have an issue with how the home screen looks. i feel like that’s the only thing that didn’t change much and it looked almost identical to hbo max. i was hoping for some more vibrant colors or a new sleek and modern design when scrolling through what to watch. that’s been my only issue with the app so far. i love Max and i will continue to look forward to exciting new changes!.Version: 1.0.3

New update has many bugsHi, I’ve had hbo max for a long time now, but ever since the new update to max, it’s had a lot of bugs. Before the update I’d finish a series and be able to restart it from the start without playing at the ends of episodes. Also while it goes to the next episode, as well as starting from the end, it wil now sometimes close the app on the tv out. Additionally, it won’t save series under currently watching if they had been watched before and when restarted it still doesn’t save it. Not sure why these bugs are now here but hope they get fixed soon. It’s become almost impossible to watch as well as a lot of the cartoon series are being dropped and some missing episodes. Like Clarence is now gone and regular show is missing episodes. I thought Cartoon Network was bought out by whoever ultimately is over the Warner brothers shows but now they are disappearing after getting them so that doesn’t make sense. Not sure why but hope all these problems, and series get back soon. Thank you, I really appreciate it..Version: 1.0.2

MAX vs HBO MAXThe previous HBO app was wonderful. I don’t like anything about the new app, aside from it having all HBO content. Which is also a part of my problem with it. To much content. It just doesn’t seem very well organized to have to navigate through SO much content that I have no interest in, before I stumble across something I want to watch. I think the fast forward/rewind in 10 second increments is extremely slow, compared to other apps and including the old HBO, which was great. Not sure if it’s do to all the additional media, but it’s just very slow. I also do NOT like that the progress bar only shows time remaining in a program, as opposed to also including time watched, like it use too. I also get a lot of blank black screen issues if I fast forward. A program will start just fine, but if I fast forward through the opening credits, only the audio will work, as the video just drops completely out to a pitch black screen. That happened on Very Rare Occasions on the old app, maybe once a month or longer. With the new app it’s almost daily. So I constantly have to reboot my Apple TV device. I suppose it could be a compatibility issue with the Apple TV, but the old app didn’t have that problem. Those are just a few issues I have with MAX. I wish I could go back to the old HBO MAX! Disappointing.Version: 1.1.1

Mostly Hit, Unfortunate Miss..I see plenty of reviews complaining about the app not loading or installing on tvs and crashing tvs along with crashing other apps.. for me personally, I have two tvs, a Hisense 55” google tv and a Samsung 50” google tv that when I opened the HBO Max app I was prompted to download the new MAX app which was downloaded and installed on both tvs just fine. Both tvs opened the app with my account Information already switched over and logged in, both tvs had all my profiles on them ready to select and open just fine, both tvs also play everything in the content including the new SHAZAM movie. It is also nice having quite a bit of added content from Discovery+ to view as well, however my one gripe is that the Samsung tv does run really slow in the app and the quality constantly suffers due to that, in movies and/or tv shows even though that tv is newer, higher quality and closer to the WiFi router. Otherwise no other complaints so far. Happy viewing!.Version: 1.0.2

Organization system needs work.I know it seems harsh docking 2 stars for organization but I haven’t fully explored the rest of the app so I don’t know if there’s anything else wrong. Anything else I might politely object to. The reason I haven’t fully is because from what I can tell it just has “tv”, “movies”, “hbo”, “new & notable”. Whereas the old HBO Mac organization and menu format was more extensive than just the standard Netflix-esque “we’ve separated tv and movies, now scroll”. The things mentioned in the app description at the time of this comment was, not necessarily in this order, “DC Universe”, “Harry Potter”, “Food Network”, “Magnolia Network”, “TLC”, “HGTV”, “Adult Swim”, and “HBO”. However, it’s only “TV”, “Movies”, “HBO”, and “new”. Where this is going is. Is there a way to separate all of those networks/franchises and other stuff (like cartoons and other stuff) in a tab system similar to the old one? Like how other apps and the old version did? Not the same obviously, but similar. A new app doesn’t mean everything has to be different..Version: 1.0.1

Trees, and other entanglementsI’m 54 and a huge film fan of all genres except horror movies (due to 1970 & 1980’s, I had a brother 4yrs older and was watching movies I had no business watching), I’ve watched thousands and thousands of films in my lifetime and possibly at least a thousand documentaries. This movie has just catapulted to my ultimate favorite film of any genre! I’ve just finished it and it’s already on my favorite list and is after this review is being the 2nd downloaded movie on my phone. I accidentally deleted 3 other movies that someday I will get back. Also from my top 5 movies. Everyone needs to watch this movie at least once. I’ve changed my view on a major company, learned about a place I now want to be my next vacation, learned about some amazing human beings and their ultimate passion and life’s work. It takes you through every emotion Beautiful amazing work. THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! This deserves an Oscar which unfortunately may never be recognized in this dog eat dog world. My congratulations to filmmaker and director Irene Taylor. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen your work. I will definitely be on the lookout for your film regardless of genre although hoping that you can top this and give me a new favorite so that you’re work is 1 & 2. A film buff since I was able to understand that I was watching a movie!!!! SRB AZ,USA.Version: 2.5.0

Improvement neededI have subscription through AT&T and constantly get signed out. Better instructions needed to sign in again if account was already connected to MAX. When trying to connect through provider, kept getting message that subscription could not be found or taken to a screen to set up account with no other options. When trying to set up account, then told email already exists and to verify email. After verifying email, taken to profile screen which will not work except to add a new profile. None of the profiles will activate and cannot move past this screen. After several attempts to fix (delete & add app again, restart device) I decided to try to sign in again with MAX account & it finally worked. So apparently once you create a MAX account, you should be able to login and not have to go through the provider sign in. Why their customer support can’t tell you that I don’t know, but it is SUPER frustrating!.Version: 3.1.0

The greatest update of all time, only god himself could perform such a miracleThis app has changed my life, as if Jesus touched his soft warm hands on my shoulder and fixed all my issues. I love the fact that the shuffle button has been removed. At first I was mad, as the only thing I watch on HBO…….WAIT IM SORRY! The only thing I watch on MAX……is South Park. That’s it. I’ve seen every episode multiple times and my depressed autistic husk of a body needs familiarity after suffering through the day. But you know what? Screw it! Lets make using this app more inconvenient and remove a cool feature for no reason! That is Steve Jobs level on innovation . Whoever’s GENIUS thought that was deserves a raise and a nice back running because GOD KNOWS HES HAD A STRESSFUL WORK FILLED DAY! This is the best thing man kind has ever created it truly is a work of art and I LOVE MAX. MAX IS MY FAVORITE. MAX IS LOVE, MAX IS LIFE! I PLEDGE MYSELF TO YOUR TEACHINGS MAX,.Version: 2.2.0

Audio descriptionAre you description is missing on a lot of items you provide. We love to stream this service, but due to the lack of audio description we are forced to other places. Ourselves and other Blind people have discussed multiple times about leaving this streaming service for something more like Netflix due to the options available with audio description. My fiancé and I also love to try and watch new things but every single time we look for a show on this platform, unfortunately do not have enough audio description options as most of the shows we pick lack that option. with all that being said, the shows and movies that we do know, we do love to watch on this platform. So I still gave a four star rating because the content is really good however, to get to that star, I would like to see a little bit more description provided on the content..Version: 2.5.0

Y’all had something and then you ruined itWhy did you do this. HBO max was leagues ahead of all other streaming platforms, and not just in terms of content but in terms of the interface design. For some reason y’all took out the little things that made it great. Seeing the writing/producing/directing credits underneath an episode, being able to click on a specific episode and it having its own page, custom profile pictures, genres of movies having their own pages (now you have to go to “movies” then you scroll around until you find the genre you want). Y’all even made the color scheme more basic and lame, PURPLE WAS SO MUCH BETTER. And on top of all this you removed the HBO from your name which is just stupid. I just don’t understand how you can have a perfectly find product then just ruin it for absolutely no reason. Companies need to realize they don’t need to make meaningless changes every 3 years, everyone was fine with HBO max..Version: 1.0.2

I miss HBOMaxI’m not real sure what the issue was with HBOMAX app but I was good with it. The ratings that I’ve been reading on here have been high for this new app. I will give it props for the amount of content. That is a nice improvement. I gave it a 3 star because if I watch a new show or any show for that matter, when I stop, I expect to be able to come back to pick up where I left off. This new app doesn’t even remember that I watched the show at all, let alone which episode I stopped at. That is frustrating. I have been spoiled with all other streaming apps remembering and the prior app remembered. If we can make a request for an update to the app, I request to give the app the ability to remember where I left off at with TV series. It seems to remember movies just fine. I mainly watch it on my ROKU device and I have a ROKU tv. I know a lot of people said the issue was only on the Apple TV devices but my ROKU doesn’t remember either..Version: 1.0.3

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