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Connect cubes and grab victory with a big chain!
"KachiKochi" is a free puzzle game that can be played online.
You can enjoy heated interpersonal battles with stress-free operability specialized for smartphones!

●Basic rules
Operate the cubes that fall two by one and place them on the field.
If you connect 4 or more cubes of the same color, the cubes will disappear and you will get a score.
After the disappeared cubes fall, you can chain them and erase them by connecting more cubes.
The bigger the chain, the higher the score.
If you place a cube on a square with a cross mark, it will be game over.

●Operation method
Movement: left and right movement buttons
Rotation: left and right rotation buttons
Drop: Selectable from the following two
・Left and right press: Press the left and right buttons at the same time
・ Swipe: Swipe down anywhere to drop

In battle, when the cube disappears, you can rain the obstacle cube on your opponent.
When your own cube disappears, you can also erase the obstacle cubes around you.
Before the obstacle cube falls, you can offset the obstacle cube by erasing your own cube.
You can enjoy a heated and interesting game by making full use of obstacles.
・Rate game
You can compete against automatically matched opponents.
The first to win twice wins.
Your rate will change depending on whether you win or lose.
(In the future, we plan to implement a matching function with a partner with a similar rate)
・Free match
You can create your own room or enter an existing room to fight.
The rate does not change depending on whether you win or lose.
You can change the rules, such as the number of cube colors and the number of cubes that disappear.

You can practice on your own.
You can select the number of colors of the cube, the number of disappearing cubes, etc.

You can check your rating and number of wins in the ranking.
You will be registered in the ranking after 20 games or more.

KachiKochi App Comments & Reviews

KachiKochi Positive Reviews

Said13Hi i love this game is much like a puyo puyo online I like plis put the cpu mode battle.Version: 2.1.9

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