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The New York Times App Comments & Reviews

The New York Times Positive Reviews

Good but Saving Articles needs ImprovementDaily user of this app. Mostly love it. I use the little flag/bookmark on articles which I think is meant to “save for later” but accessing those articles is like it’s own version of a NYT Games puzzle. I would love a more robust and accessible article “storage” so I don’t neglect to read the articles that I started, got interrupted while reading, but couldn’t easily find days later (or forgot I wanted to read/finish). Also… was there a time when the iPhone app worked in landscape mode or am I crazy? And: how wonderful would it be (for readers) if they could reach out to an article’s author without having to have a Twitter account? Maybe that’s by design. I mean I for one know I hate email now. But I’ve tried to contact writers after an especially moving or inspiring article I read only to see my efforts disappear into the ether. Would love to see a way that makes communication more possible without worsening the experience for writers (perhaps impossible)..Version: 10.3.1

Not as intuitive as it once wasThe NYT is full of great and varied content, so this review is not about the content, just the app. They’ve made a few updates to the UI in the past few months, each making the app less intuitive. I used to view my history or saved articles a lot when I didn’t have time to finish reading a good story. This used to be easily accessible in a side menu. Now it’s way more hidden, and I have to click a bunch of times to get to it. I can never remember where it is. Also, the back button is now on the bottom of the screen for most articles, except when you view certain articles like through wire cutter. Everytime I want to click back at the top of the screen (where the back button is located on nearly every UI), it’s not there. Sometimes there is a back button at the top of the screen when you click on a link through the article. I clicked on this to bring me back to the article, but instead it took me to the front page. And then I couldn’t find the article that I was just reading. Frustrating! These are just examples and sound like small, nit-picky things, but when you are constantly trying to figure out where to click, it adds time and makes the app annoying to use. I wish the UI developers prioritized common sense changes rather than just making the app “prettier.”.Version: 9.55.0

Can’t swipe to advance to the next articleAs a 30+ year subscriber to the New York Times, I wholeheartedly see it as an excellent newspaper and applaud its commitment to professional journalism. Insofar as the journalistic content delivered through the app, I give it 5-stars. That said, the design of the app needs some fine tuning. It is not as intuitive as other apps. I also subscribe to The Washington Post, the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal. Each of those apps offers a smoother user experience. But the most important difference between the NYT app and each of those other news apps is that the NYT app doesn’t permit swiping from one article to the next. Once I finish an article, I need to hit the app’s back button and manually select the next article. This makes the app cumbersome, particularly when I’m attempting to read the entire paper. What is concerning is why the app is set up this way. I can only assume that swiping from one article to the next doesn’t provide the Times with the click data it is looking for, either about me and my reading preferences or so that it can better track clicks of an article by all readers. Either way, the inability to swipe between articles has me relying on the other news apps as my primary news apps, with the Times as a secondary app. Dear New York Times, please correct this..Version: 10.52.0

This App Desperately Needs a Night Mode Display OptionI love the NYT, so this mediocre rating is simply due to the usability/customizability of the app. There is no night mode, which just feels a little behind the times in terms of the various display options that have now become standard in most phone & tablet apps. I also personally wish there was slightly more customizability in terms of being able to block or hide certain categories of articles from appearing. For example, although we can choose what subjects we are interested in, which will then show up in the “For You” section, I would also love the option of telling the app what NOT to show me when scrolling through the main feed. For me specifically, I don’t like reading Opinion pieces and will never open them, so it’d be great for me in terms of usability if I could just have the app “hide” those when I’m scrolling through (or hide the entire Opinion section). Other people may never read the Entertainment section, or the sports section, etc., so perhaps they’d like to be able to scroll through the main “Today” section without seeing those. It would just be a nice, extra option that could continue to help shape the content to what each reader enjoys the most..Version: 9.30.1

Missing important featureIf you’re younger than 40, you can skip this review. I check the New York Times news feed on the app, or on my computer web browser at least once a day. It goes without saying that the New York Times reporters and staff do a great job reporting the news (well, great job most of the time). But a huge missing feature is the ability to view today’s paper in the format of the printed edition, similar to other American city newspapers Apps. I don’t always want the latest news, sometimes I just want to read today’s paper, and I want to view it in the format of the printed edition. Yes, the app does have a section titled today’s paper, and you can scroll through all the articles, and that format is perfectly fine for people that wish to view it in that format, but for goodness sake, on the weekend I really just like sipping my coffee and looking at the paper, in the old fashion format, even if it is on my iPad screen. Yes, I tried actual weekend home delivery, but where I live home delivery was pretty horrible so we stopped that. p.s. Good luck trying to find a location in the app that allows you to actually provide them feedback like this..Version: 9.63.0

Used the app for years, less happy its current formI have used the app for more than a decade. I haven’t always liked the layout, but I work around it to get to my favorites. The recent version has “Today’s news” and “Section” at the bottom that helps navigate. There is a huge amount of material available everyday, so navigating is crucial. Recently the news summary has disappeared from the top of the screen. I am sorry to see it go. My greatest complaint is that the current app is extremely dependent on a high quality WiFi connection. Previously I could download the day’s news, get on a plane or train, and go to airplane mode but still read the paper. No more! While I read the app is constantly updating. The text jiggles as it adds a photo or alters text. There are times it gets caught in a loop and the jiggle produces a blur of movement. So I have to close the app and start again. Some years ago the developers had allowed an old version to continue but eventually force the switch to the new app. I wish I could go back to that previous version as it was stable even when there were issues with the internet..Version: 9.54.0

Functional app. But no way to follow columns.Very functional app (more buggy lately on my iPad, but a minor annoyance). I appreciate the varied views (Today, Sections, For You). Nonetheless, I read NYT digitally only, almost always through my ios app, and I feel I miss a lot of what I’d like to read because of this. I dutifully read the front-section national & intl news, skim op-ed headlines, but I most look forward to other sections (esp science, books, education, and cooking). I wish I cd follow particular columns, which I miss frequently and end up needing to search for. For example, I often miss the biweekly Crime books review: though I look at the Books section 2-3 times each week, I rarely see that column in the stories that appear. Trilobites shows up often in the For You feed, but I often discover other recent pieces only in end-of-article links. And I dislike the sometimes out-of-publication-date order of articles in Sections view. Where are the small stories on the book biz, the aforementioned Crimes book column, the book comic? I don’t understand why I see them only intermittently. Recently, I often skip the Today view and go to Sections—Today’s Paper to see everything. Sort of a pain to push through the default layout, then (the bug that never goes away) do the required bounce to Sections, then to another tab, then back to Sections to get the display to appear, then finally open Today’s paper..Version: 9.44.2

Great news and cultural coverage, sometimes laggy appSubscribers should not be served ads. We all know NYT is one of the best newspapers, if not the best - despite opinion being on the front page. My only complaint is that when NYT doesn’t like something, they can obsess over it and remind us constantly. Currently, these things are remote work, generative AI, and the Barbie movie. You will see a lot of “articles” warning us about these things. If you can see past that sort of behavior, they have great content. Real Estate, Arts, Cooking, product recommendations are all there and high-quality. Subscribers should not have to see ads in the app. The app hangs frequently and makes every phone I’ve used it on hot. I can watch it draining my battery in real time. This is an issue that needs to be addressed - it has been going on for years now and is a problem I’ve heard from others. The app refuses to respond to input for seconds at a time, randomly. Asking for a subscription fee and showing ads anyway is a very bad practice..Version: 10.43.0

Millennial going for printI have been a New York Times subscriber for digital and weekend print edition for almost 12 years now. I have always liked their news coverage,opinions, articles about everyday stuff that I could believe could be so interesting, Mini crossword, and almost everything they publish. But in the past few years the online version has become addictive and the way they seem to do it is by taping in the outrageous feeling and then suggests more articles like it. It’s very draining to feeling that way day in and day out. I can’t believe I come back to get more of it. I feel some articles have become to click-baity. That should not be the way to customer engagement and keeping them there longer.I don’t like that my attention is being used this way by a product that I pay for. Weekend with the print edition is so much better no way going down a rabbit hole and can stay away from the comments. I feel I’m in more control of the time I spent reading print. But I guess print won’t last beyond a few more years. Sigh!.Version: 7.8.1

Worst app on my phoneThis app is too expensive for the amount of glitches one constantly has to navigate- Scrolling is always stuck-the bottom half is always missing -except for the ads and the games section at the bottom. Also I watch a lot of movies and series -so I like to read the reviews-however NYT reviews don’t turn up in the search unless they are recent releases and if you search for a review via Google-you only get a minimal amount of “free” reads before it locks you out and says that you have to subscribe to the NYT to read a review any further-but I DO subscribe-and there’s no option to enter my info-so access to entertainment reviews that aren’t current-doesn’t exist-I’ve contacted support about this but no answer has been offered- Soooo ya the most user-unfriendly subscription that is on my phone P.S. I don’t understand why access to the recipes is an additional charge for subscribers when you can just Google the NYT recipe and it pop rights up Thanks for the chance to rant.Version: 9.50.0

DisappointedUsed to love this app but various “upgrades” over the years have degraded the app. The most recent was to relocate the “back” button to the lower left from the upper left. This is a horrible location for use on an iPad in landscape mode and isn’t much better on an iPhone in portrait mode. Given that 90% of the population is right handed and that, as far as I know, most people have thumbs directed upward when holding a phone or tablet, moving this critical button to the lower left makes for a very awkward and non ergonomic movement. I am clueless as to how this was supposed to “enhance” my experience with the app. I’ve despised it from day one and continue to do so. I also echo other’s criticism of the constant “adjusting/movement” of text, stories and pictures as new ad content loads while you scroll down, thus moving a story or picture you were focused on out of your field of view. This is very annoying when you’re about to click on a story to read the full article..Version: 9.53.0

When Dark Mode?I read the NYT multiple times daily. I love the app and how it presents both plain text articles and rich interactive content seamlessly. I’ve been patiently waiting for the Times team to incorporate an iOS dark mode feature for a YEAR now (that’s when Apple released the native functionality). C’mon developer team? I’d imagine it’s an issue with interactive content not showing as intended or something, but It’s literally just inverting the background! At a minimum, this should be an option for regular-way articles. Whomever is reading this at NYT — you...YES, you! Listen up! I represent your most loyal readers, and I nominate YOU to make this your personal pet project for 2020. Run it up the internal ladder and make it happen, please! This way we can continue reading without waking our partners with a pocket sunbeam in hand. It’s just practical. I hate to compare, but it’s worth noting that WaPo has had dark mode for years now..Version: 9.30.1

NYT can do better than thisI’m on a fast WiFi connection and an iPhone X with the latest OS. When I open the NYT app it takes 3-5 seconds to open. Then after another 3-5 seconds the top story reloads to a different story. I end up having to wait up to ten seconds to even begin reading, and after a jarring experience. I really love NYT and want to support it, but the iOS app is sub-par, especially when compared to the Washington Post app. I read both daily, but find myself always reading the WP first because the app experience and news layout is so much better. The NYT should be able to do at least as well, but the app is chronically a laggard. I’m boggled that an organization as large, esteemed and technically savvy as the NYT cant get this right and actually lead all the others. I actually worry about what it implies for the organization’s success, because I want it to succeed. If I ever have to reduce my subscriptions to only one major news organization, at this point it would be the WP. It would have been the NYT two years ago..Version: 8.4.0

Missing a few KEY featuresLove the content on here, I wish there were follow or favorite feature so we can follow/favorite a specific writer, get notifications for when they publish a new article, have a link to their work, or something like that. This would also help in writer exposure as well users can easily refer back to previous articles by them. Also, I love the bookmarks feature, but if there were a way to separate bookmarks into different folders, playlists, or categories, that would be great. I would let users easily index and access any old bookmarks they’ve saved without having to endlessly scroll through every bookmark they’ve ever saved. Newspaper readers typically subscribe for years, imagine the amount of bookmarks they save per year; please give us a folders feature. I don’t know if these features are available on the browser version but they are not in the mobile version. This app has great content but lacks user individualization..Version: 9.80.0

Love the AuthenticityI listen to and appreciate The Daily almost Daily. I love the clarity, the insight, the journalistic deep dives and professionalism but the thing I like best is when Michael and his team laugh, make minor side comments or open up, letting us hear the sometimes imperfect process of how the podcast gets made. The episode of Oct 18, 2019, “The Week Diplomats Broke their Silence” is one of my favorites because it was recorded in hallways and stolen corners of the US Capitol. The authentic sounds and banter make it more real, more alive. I listened to every single name of the credits more closely than ever because Michael read them while walking out of the US Capitol building, out of breath, while carrying equipment! I laughed when he uttered, “Thank god for automatic doors”, most interesting credits ever! It’s also remarkable that they wrapped at 9:45pm and the episode was cut and prepped and up by 6am the next morning. Hurray for The Daily!.Version: 9.8.0

The ads aren't so bad, but the....I've been a NYT subscriber for over 20 years and I love it! It always made my day seeing the NYT in my driveway, especially on Sunday. After moving to the country I had to start using the digital edition and it's really, really great. This last update and new app could use a few tweaks. I do enjoy the layout and it's esthetically very enjoyable. And the ads, no big deal! You have ads in all print newspapers and magazines that you pay for, so what's the issue? They're not interfering with the stories so I'm fine with it. What I do not like is the fact you can't add or move more of your favorite sections to the top column like before. You can only move like 5 or 6 now. Really wish you'd correct that please. But other than that I still really enjoy it and will continue to subscribe. Thank you!.Version: 6.5.2

No dark mode; primitive search capabilitiesThe lack of dark mode is an anachronism. As someone who checks the news late at night and early in the morning, the lack of dark mode means that I simply go to other sources of news. I’ve even uninstalled NYTimes on the iPad that I use in bed. Seriously, get a dark mode. This feature has been part of iOS for over a year now, and it’s absence in the NYTimes app is a bit embarrassing. This app requires iOS 13 already, so there’s no excuse for not supporting dark mode. Also, the search feature in the app is borderline unusable. The web search allows you to specify the sort order, filter criteria, etc. The in app search feature offers none of this. It’s crazy that when I’m searching for news (with an emphasis on “new”) and the search results are an incomprehensible listing of old articles. So the “I saw an article a few days ago about x, let me find that article again” is practically impossible to do in the app..Version: 9.41.0

Good content. Poor UI designGreat content. Used to be a great app It’s essentially a browser for the Times, but the designers have unlearned what web browser developers have learned over the past decade. The app constantly moves things around as you scroll, meaning you have to just sit and wait for it to update dynamically, while stories move up, down, left, right. It’s unusable during this update process, which could be several seconds, depending on your network connection. Now they have moved the back button to the bottom. Do they really think they know more about UI design than Google, Apple, etc? My fingers are always in the more central part of the screen. Reaching up is natural - reaching down is not, especially since your hand covers the bottom area. You must back up your whole hand to use the back button, which is very awkward. It’s clear the app developers are not experienced enough to out-engineer the likes of Google and Apple. What’s worse is they lack the wisdom to recognize that fact and it’s up to us users to gently rein them in. Please change the update behavior so that it mostly happens behind the scenes with minimal screen updates. Also, move the back arrow to the top. Also, re-enable pinch to zoom for pictures. In short, make the app more like Chrome or Safari. Thank you for your attention.Version: 9.54.0

Please stop “improving”Why you find the need to keep moving things around is terribly irritating. This update now has the controls at the bottom of the page. And, I haven’t even gotten to the Sections feature to see how that has been scrambled. If you were interested in truly improving the app and user experience, wouldn’t you create a Preferences section where the user could set the reading or browsing experience to a style that suits oneself and never have to put up with these “improvements”? One more thing…the little gift icon has an info balloon that informs us that now we can gift 10 articles a month for free. Being that the 10 articles a month rule already existed and was accomplished by using the send icon that was formerly at the top of the page, the addition of the gift icon seems like a gratuitous and confusing addition. As does the COVID icon. Wouldn’t that be in Sections?.Version: 9.63.0

Could be betterThe NYT: Too many articles and opinion pieces are repeated. In fact—there are too many opinions and personal experiences. (Do you really want to know what someone is doing on their weekend?) Today, at least, when I clicked on The Weekender, elven articles were shown but I couldn’t’ access any of them (most were repeat articles). After listening to a song from a review article; a small white box appeared that I don’t know how to get rid of it. If you want to read the Times, the audio articles are not appealing and can be distracting if you are in a public place. Beware of the Wirecutter reviews, like most such evaluations, they don’t have a large selection of brands and may miss better products plus some of their evaluation criteria is too narrow. The coverage of Congress seems based on what is controversial and seldom reports on new laws that may be very relevant to business and/or citizens..Version: 10.1.0

Latest Update Ruined AppThey have huge ads that fill the entire screen. It’s annoying to see over and over again an ad for someone called Ezra Klein and his podcast. I liked the previous version and used it a lot. Most previous updates were minor improvements. The latest update though completely redesigned the interface. It is an absolute mess. Looks like something designed for the attention span of a 2 year old. Looks like streaming conscious to me. I actually stopped using it and have gone to the Washington Post instead. If they do not fix this, they will see a decline in subscriptions. The Post solved this problem by having a “classic” version of the app that looks just like a print newspaper, in addition to an app specifically designed for the iPad. They need to either fix this or come up with a version that has the look and feel of a actual newspaper..Version: 9.70.0

A Huge Step Backwards No longerIt took the Times a while to fix all the problems with the new app, but now it is excellent. They have remedied all the issues I identified in my initial review. Thanks for listening. The app now mirrors the excellent layout used in the web page version. —- The Times thinks this is an improvement? They would be sadly mistaken. I subscribe to the Times to read journalism. The new app blows up photos so that less content appears on the main page. On the old app, I can scroll through the entire paper and pick out the most interesting articles by section, just as if I were reading the physical paper. Now just a fraction are on the main page and they are completely disorganized. Please don't phase out the old app. The new one reminds me of New Coke..Version: 8.0.0

Offline Viewing ProblemsI used to love this app because it enabled you to save the “paper” for offline viewing automatically. Now the only way to save articles for offline viewing is selecting them one at a time, a cumbersome process. Worse now, the majority of articles are being curated under the banners of “Daily Briefing”, “Live Update”, or one article will lead to a string of articles under the same topic all of which do not preset the option to be saved for later; or if they do it is a 50/50 chance of whether it works because it will look for an internet connection prior to opening the article. This app has become very frustrating for me as a travel a lot on airplanes and and ever increasing number of daily articles are unavailable to me in an offline viewing mode. If this problem gets fixed then immediately back to 5 stars..Version: 9.75.0

Bug preventing me from using my subscriptionI generally like the NYT app and use it to read my news daily, but I got a new phone and now can’t restore my subscription. Every time I try the app crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have updated my iOS. I have shut down and restarted my phone. Nothing works, and I can’t read the articles I have paid to be able to read. I have reached out to the developer through email and through the “report a bug” feature in the app and gotten absolutely no response. Very frustrating, and I’m about to discontinue my subscription if they don’t get it fixed. [Finally got a response. Apparently my new phone was trying to log me in under a different email address than the one I had subscribed under. Still doesn’t explain why the app crashed every time instead of telling me there was no subscription associated with that email address.].Version: 9.30.1

The content is king; the app could use some workThe five stars are for the New York Times content. Here, however, is how bad the app experience is - I checked, and I’ve been holding off on updating for six months. I scan recent reviews to see if people say the intrusiveness of the ads has been toned down any. Nope. Apparently the latest innovation is full screen video ads. I don’t get those, thankfully, so I’ll just stay where I am. I have an iPhone X, which is plenty fast still for everything else I do, but I also get the ads that make the page jump up and down and you lose your reading spot. Not a great experience. I will say however that MAYBE it has gotten better very recently. I checked a couple articles just now and there were only two ads. When I’m accustomed to seeing so many ads that it’s nearly impossible to position your scroll without at least one ad onscreen at all times. So, I’m hopeful the NYTimes has heeded feedback. Two ads is entirely reasonable, and something I would readily accept. Fingers crossed. (I’ll even take more than two! Just give me some breathing room where I can read a scroll’s worth or two without interruption.).Version: 9.47.0

Missing Logical EnhancementReview Update (Sept 2022): THANK YOU FOR ADDING DARK MODE SUPPORT!! As many other reviewers mention, great content. Unlike others, I don’t have an issue with where the back arrow is. However, it’s now 2022 and there’s still no support for dark mode! Why?! Do you feel that these blindingly white pages are just part of your look? For a traditional hold-it-in-your-hand newspaper, yes, but on an electronic device, no. It’s not a good look, it doesn’t make reading comfortable. There are plenty of reviews here that mention the lack of dark mode support and the desire for it to be added. More and more apps are adding support for dark mode, a logical, let’s make our app a bit more user friendly on the eyes, enhancement. It’s time for The NY Times to do the same..Version: 9.84.0

Needs an option to configure navigationI generally like the app, but I find a recent change awkward to use on my iPad. The back arrow for navigating to a previous screen used to be on the top of the screen, but it has been moved to the bottom. I don’t mind if some people want it there, but I find it awkward. I would love to see an option to place the back arrow at the top or bottom of the page, as best suits the individual user..Version: 9.55.0

Among the best!I really enjoy the NY Times for the in-depth articles and analyses. Great app as well - smooth and easy to use. Keep up the great work!.Version: 6.6.0

Please add a dark mode alreadyI’m seriously considering cancelling my sub because the bright white all over the app. It’s too difficult on the eyes for long articles..Version: 9.55.0

Where is the dark mode?!When reading in a very dark room, the lack of dark mode is really disappointing and makes the app useless. Much more comfortable to read in safari using the reader..Version: 9.75.0

It’s 2022. Dark mode.It’s time. Please. Dark mode..Version: 9.66.0

Give us night modeEvery day there is no dark mode you cause climate change. Please stop eating my battery and burning my eyes..Version: 9.65.0

SuggestionsThis app needs customization options. Users should be able to choose what they see on their home page. The For You tab is useless as it is. If you want to know if a new article has been written about a topic you care about, you need to manually go to the Sections tab, scroll down to the bottom and tap every category. It takes three taps to even get the international section to load. Nonsense. However, I like the NYTIMES. Its editorial line speaks to me. And The Daily is a wonderful podcast: informative, measured, warm. No dark mode. I might not renew my subscription..Version: 9.53.0

Great app - maybe a “dark” mode?I read the NYT at all times of the day (and sometimes night). Great journalistic work. The only thing I miss is a “dark” mode which would make reading at night more enjoyable..Version: 9.42.0

Clickbait and adsSome of the headlines are becoming click bait and if I’m paying a lot for this I don’t know why there are ads....Version: 9.47.0

Changes to the Sections Page wiped out all personalizationsThis is an unwelcome change to the iPad app. The ability to sequence the Sections page according to my preferences is suddenly gone and the page is overwhelmed by the Most Popular entries at the top. Please reconsider this unfriendly restructuring..Version: 9.45.0

Dark modePlease make a dark mode. The white is way to bright..Version: 9.37.0

Dark Mode?Please let me know if I’m just unable to find it in settings for some reason. Or add it and I will change my review. Thanks!.Version: 9.41.0

Dark Mode?When all apps are making this switch, I hope you are also working to add dark mode..Version: 9.26.0

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