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Watch live sports, including NFL & NBA games on Yahoo Sports. Get sports news, scores & live results & updates so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Watch live NFL games on your phone or tablet. Stream NBA games with NBA League Pass free preview windows. & get scores & live results from all the sports you love - baseball, basketball, football, college football & much more, whenever & wherever you want!

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Stream live NFL games, get sports scores, live sports news, schedules & more. 3 reasons you’ll love Yahoo Sports:

1. Watch live games - You can stream sports & watch live games this season on your tablet & phone.
2. Set custom alerts - Get the latest news & live updates about your favorite teams & players.
3. Stay in the loop every season - Get sports scores, schedules, stats, & updates all season long.

With Yahoo Sports, you’ll get:

• Home
Set your favorite teams to get schedules, game highlights, sports news, & live updates in your own personalized news stream. You'll also find can't-miss original news from Yahoo Sportswriters like Dan Wetzel, Chris Haynes, & Pete Thamel, plus a stream of top news across all sports.

• Get scores
Keep up with this season’s NFL & college football scores from kickoff to playoffs & follow other sports scores, stats, live updates from college football, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & more.

• Watch NFL Live: watch Live NFL games & NFL highlights

Get live NFL & NBA games & MLB & soccer highlights when you stream sports & games directly to your phone & tablet. Throughout the season, watch sports highlights, top plays, & game recaps - all in one place.

• Stories
Get exclusive content from Yahoo Sportswriters, along with the most important headlines in sports.

• Play
Check out Yahoo Fantasy Slate, our prediction game where you have the chance to win cash prizes every week!

• Sportsbook
Our hub provides users with access to everything betting* at their fingertips. Whether it's betting odds, expert analysis, editorial content & video, Yahoo Sports users will be able to find everything in one place. New to sports betting? Yahoo Sportsbook has everything new bettors need to get started from betting guides to matchup breakdowns from trusted experts.
Note: Yahoo Sports does not offer real money gaming. It includes sports betting content & data, but no gaming/betting takes place within our app. All transactional gaming/betting takes place within a separate app, BetMGM, not the Yahoo Sports app.

• Alerts
Set alerts for your favorite team & get alerts to watch sports - live. Get scores, live updates & sports news when you want them. Follow every scoring play or only when a game starts.

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Yahoo Sports: watch NFL games App Comments & Reviews

Yahoo Sports: watch NFL games Positive Reviews

Freaking awesomeness!!Yahoo Sports app is awesome!!! Now with all the games streaming live FOR FREE, it’s definitely going to make other sports live streaming services think twice about having people pay for what Yahoo Sports is doing. Working overseas puts a limitation on what you can see from back in the states. But with this app, it helps everyone who is doing their part to serve our country (both civilian and military) to feel Ike they have a piece of home with them now that they’re able to see the games live wherever we/they are at. Good job Yahoo!!!.Version: 8.12.1

Could of been 5 starsEach time I use the app is seems to re-touch my screen on its own. Like I have scrolled to a degree and it moves by it’s self. It controls where it lands instead of how I left it as I wanted on my own. It resurfaced by itself. Same with some team schedules. I click and it seems to lose its data (idk if that makes sense) it gets laggy or the screen freezes. I refreshed or close the app and start again. It seems to keep crashing regardless. Each update I do, it never seems to get it right or ever gets fixed. Especially, if you’re a Mexican league soccer fan. Their standings never pop up on the app. I wanna to see the future games and it has this bug where I can’t further. Say, it’s September. But, I wanna to see the schedule in November. It doesn’t and seems to go back to the beginning of the season for no reason. It’s a bad habit and buggy as heck. Please fix this problem..Version: 9.16.2

Favorite sports app out thereThe layout is easy and quick, has enough articles to keep me entertained, and the BIGGEST plus is that it's the only sports app I've found that shows what station a game is being played. That actually is the biggest separator between other apps. I'm giving it a 4 because stats is a little lacking, not sure how easy it is to bolster that, but it bothers me. Also, I loved when it had trending games. It was removed a while, but it still REALLY bothers me they got rid of it. I used to open the app and see a big college football game was coming up, then an NBA game, then college football. Cool. 3 big games coming on, and what channel they were on, close the app and be happy. Now I have to manually check ALL the games across all the sports. I can see if they never had it, but they did and removed it >:-<.Version: 7.12.3

Still buggyI’ve been using the app for a few years, but there is a bug that goes from a version to a version and doesn’t get fixed. The app automatically adds Major League Soccer and International Friendlies to my favorite sports. I remove them, but the next time I open the app, the two sports are there. I tried everything: removing all my favorite sports and adding them back, turning the phone on and off, but every time the app adds the two sports. I even tried switching to a different sport app but I’m used to the Yahoo app and it has decent features otherwise so I keep coming the same bug. Update 2020: In addition to the bugs they wouldn’t fix, the app constantly fails to load data. It became so annoying that I finally decided to get rid of it. I’m using ESPN app now..Version: 9.5.0

They need to get the playoffs schedules rightMy gripe with this app is during the NBA playoffs, the schedule has been (a) slow to update, neglecting to remove series from the schedule if they end before seven games, and (b) incomplete, not showing upcoming series when possible. The NBA's official app, for instance, shows that the Jazz will be playing a TBD opponent at 9 on Tuesday. These are both small things, but they're enough that I'm not going to choose to use this app if I want to look ahead to what games are coming up. What I do love about this app are the box scores. You get full box scores and it doesn't require awkward scrolling left and right to see players' full lines. If they could get the schedule right, I'd be happy to use this as my one stop shop..Version: 9.10.2

Fav sports app. Make Apple Watch app!The Yahoo Sports app has always been my favorite sports app to use due to its clean and simple design, ease of use and navigate. I use it exclusively for NBA, as that’s the only sport I follow or care about. They have been great about updating and adding features as needed over the years. I hope they can make an Apple Watch app for scores, so I don’t need to keep using two apps for both devices. And if they do make a Watch app, I would suggest having the ability to just show scores for one league :) (instead of all leagues or just one team).Version: 6.11.1

Out of market gamesIf you lived in an different state why aren’t we allowed to watch other football games behind just the local games ? I would love to watch other games behind just the local games . every time the games are on sometimes they’re extremely delayed . I wanted to watch the Pacers play tonite since Victor is coming back tonite since he injury our cable provider doesn’t give us the station that show the games on switch is extremely unfortunate I would love for yahoo sports to start showing pacers games through the app has well has the colts games and other games has well behind just two games!.Version: 8.13.0

Amazing!This is the only App I found that allows you to watch NFL games for free. Yes, you are limited to a selection of games (5-6 per week)(which in-itself is still amazing granted it’s FREE), and the games are 30-45 seconds behind live, but still, allowing you to watch games for free totally separates this app from competition. As for news and alerts, Yahoo appears to be covering all the new material pretty quickly, so that’s a big plus as well. Overall, the app is a great find; I would highly recommend..Version: 8.9.1

This app is wonderful!It gives me updates faster than other apps, and it’s not clogged with ads. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because after the latest update, the notifications are having problems. They keep getting cut off (like the team name might not completely show). I have bigger/bolder text on my phone, but even with that, the notifications never seemed to be an issue at all. Which might not be a huge problem, but I use the notifications for score updates and such, since I can’t always have the app open or watch/listen to the game..Version: 7.9.0

Need to fix. Used to be goodTakes forever for scores and schedules to load. So annoying! this app used to be great. Now I always have issues getting scores/schedules. All my other apps work fine. I have a brand new phone with great service provider - it’s gotta be the app. *update* after this review the developer contacted me about the issues. It’s not fixed- but the fact that they read reviews and try to improve has me feeling good about yahoo sports again. I’ll keep checking back to see for improvements. But good on them for at least reading feedback from the people using the app. :).Version: 7.4.1

Very surprised...I had extremely low expectations of The Yahoo sports app delivering me the NFL playoffs on my phone, but the app came through. Watched both Saturday clashes streamed on my phone and caught everything perfectly. Even pulled the game in on my radio to compare how far behind it was from the live action, and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was less than ten seconds off. As someone who has NFL Sunday ticket from Direct T.V. (which doesn’t provide any playoff games), I give a big tip of the hat to Yahoo for coming through....Version: 7.1.1

Great App, one lingering bugThe app is great and works very well! My (iPhone 8) one issue is that when I get a notification that links to a story, I’ll touch the notification which opens the app to the story and things load/display great, then all of a sudden the text of the story disappears. Nothing I do seems to bring it back. I have to try and find the story by navigating to the section of the app that lists it, select it there and then things are fine. Only time it’s an issue is when I touch the notification. Fixing that bug would be amazing! 🙏.Version: 8.6.3

Stop sending adds as “notifications”.Until recently this app was perfect. I use it often and rely on it for scores, news and relevant info. It was one of the first apps I downloaded when I purchased my first iPhone years ago. I don’t know if some policy changed with iOS 12 but I receive adds now masked as “notifications”. Stop this BS. Stop. It. Stop trying to ruin everything in the world with additional income streams. If you can’t afford to run the app, cut something irrelevant or unused. I do not want adds as “notifications”. I DO want relevant notifications on my favorite sports and teams. Learn the difference..Version: 7.10.2

Suggestion!It would be extremely helpful if you made custom groupings for the scores I want to view. For example, when viewing scores from college basketball, I would love to be able to select Custom instead of, say, “Top 25” or “Big 12” so I could view Top 25 and Big 12 games on the same tab. Implementing this would be incredibly helpful for college sports fans that care about their teams, conferences, as well as the relevant, Top 25 matchups. Thanks for your consideration. This is a top notch sports app..Version: 7.1.1

Awesome for streamingI use this app to stream live football (not soccer) games, but if I wanted to watch tons of worthless ads I’d keep watching TV. Please let the “We’ll be right back” screen stay up. I would much rather hear the background music than another dose of advertising that I put up with everywhere else, everyday. Edit: Of course the one time I actually want to watch the ads (today, the Super Bowl) I get the same crap as always. And now they remove all ability to comment to prevent logical and reasonable people from reminding these idiots that no lives matter smfh.Version: 9.1.3

Super Bowl flopTried to stream the super bowl, but airplay wasn’t supported. Would have been willing to pay for access to a Super Bowl stream on the big screen. Let’s break that down, I would have PAID a one time price to see a stream of mostly ads, with a tiny bit of football and halftime content, but in 2018 this still doesn’t seem to exist. Guess I’m sitting this one out, let me know when the NFL finally gets with the times. Thanks for trying Yahoo!.Version: 7.2

Auto playing videos with soundThis was a great app, but the other day it started auto playing videos with sound embedded at the the bottom of stories. This is too obtrusive. Please stop it! Update: After a prompt reply from the developer, I checked the app settings, and auto play had been enabled. It must have been set by a recent update because I certainly did not set it. I turned auto play off, and everything is better. I am raising my rating back to four stars..Version: 8.12.1

Awesome For FandThanks for developing an outstanding easy to use App. Yahoo Sports makes being a fan at any level easy. I follow multiple teams in all different sports and can get there in seconds. The only improvement that I think could be improved is the rosters. I would Like to see the roster have an option to sort by position and who is active, on the 40 man roster, or on the disabled list. Thanks again for providing an outstanding sports app second to none..Version: 7.13.2

Best sports app for most sports.I’ve been using this app since it was called Sportacular. It’s THE best app I’ve ever used for NFL football by far. Has many streaming games along with play by play and up to date scores. Great news stories, recaps, etc. Very good for college football, NBA and college football. Pretty good for BPL. Only disappointment has been golf where scores tend to lag way behind, but app is worth 5 stars plus on basis of football alone!.Version: 8.9.3

Best sports appI’ve been using this app for 10 years, hands down the best sports app out there. It’s easy to use and super helpful. I set up alerts and you can filter just to see your favorite teams. It keeps me up to date with news and stats. You get to watch free live games all the time (games you actually want to watch) this is one of the only apps where the ads on it aren’t completely annoying..Version: 8.10.3

Best sports app out thereI’ve been a user forever, but when it was called sports liar and the app has always been way more organized and user friendly than ESPN or the score. I love how you added player stats for every year in their careers. I use it everyday and I love it but I used to like reading the associated press articles before and after games and for some reason the app doesn’t have them anymore. Once that’s back in, it’ll be the perfect app.Version: 7.4.1

Best Sports App, don’t let the name yahoo fool youI’ve been using this app for over 4 years now and I’ve never once thought of switching to another app. This app is so well designed and user friendly, you can organize all of your favorite teams from basically any sport, set reminders for game times, read sports news, check scores, and so much more. Don’t let the yahoo name fool you, this app is better than the competitors..Version: 7.5.1

Great AppI love this app when you’re able to watch the game that you wanted to watch , I don’t understand why you can’t watch local game out of state when there broadcast on Fox network I would love the ability to watch local games when your out of state because it shouldn’t matter whenever you are you should be able to watch that game . Don’t understand why you can’t use WiFi and can have to use cellular services to watch the game kinda of stupid when people can’t afford to waste there phone data ..Version: 9.18.0

Somethings is offI’ve been using yahoo sports for awhile now, these days for me to read the news articles it’s like commercial after commercials the worse part is it lags or stops for me to read it real quick. I hope they fix these glitches. The score updates take awhile to load, I was trying to follow the dodgers game 7 for the NLCS and someone next to me with another sport app was cheering about something and I realized my score didn’t upload fast enough so I found out the dodgers won when I had one more out to go. Please yahoo help a brother out!.Version: 7.12.0

GoodI think this is the best sports app in the App Store. The app logo is very simple but powerful because you know what app it is simply by looking at it. It’s a very popular app that I think it’s very easy to use and navigate through. It’s a great app for all ages and is very user friendly. You can set notifications on your favorite teams. I have had no issues with this app, and use it daily to check my scores. It’s a free app, so its definite must download app..Version: 7.1.1

Best app on my phoneOnly sports app I need. All the scores, schedules, stats, and point spreads well organized and easy to find. Also displays where you can watch the game and often allows you to watch within the app. Our local affiliates constantly preempt sports for weather reports; quite often the only way I can watch the game is within this app. Thank you Yahoo! Great app!.Version: 9.17.0

Extremely accessible with voice over, with one annoying bug.Extremely accessible with voiceover, but I am unable to access the notification center while streaming. The live stream will shut off, and when I return from the notification center, it will resume the game. I would like to be able to access the notification center without the streaming being affected..Version: 9.15.2

Autoplay of the featured football game...In the box score section makes the app slow. I have to wait for the video to load before i can swipe down to look at scores and upcoming games. Very annoying. I’m also not a fan of the swipe UI decision to switch between scores, news etc. The app often misinterprets a scrolling motion down for a swipe across. Drives me nuts. Is there a way for you to adjust the length of the swipe motion because any slight lateral motion seems to be recognized as a swipe..Version: 8.10.3

Used to have playoff elemination chartUsed to have playoff elemination CHARTS. That would have gave it 5 stars..Version: 7.11.0

Great but could improve!Loving the nwsl promotion and all! rlly easy to use. BUT please keep updated with the stats though. there were no stats throughout the game and i couldn’t tell who scored, just that one team did..Version: 8.2.1

Add chromecast support and icon for casting Videos and HighlightsPlease add chromecast support for casting vidéos & highlights. Good job Guys!!!.Version: 9.2.4

Needs iOS dark mode widgetLove the app just needs dark mode for the widget.Version: 8.9.3

Add split stats for starter or sub on NBA playersNeed more stats, wish you can show everything non mobile app has Add split stats for starter or sub on NBA players.Version: 9.17.2

Notifications Stopped WorkingNotifications are not coming up, please fix..Version: 9.17.2

No dark mode for widgetLike the app, but it bothers me the widget doesn’t support dark mode yet the app does..Version: 8.10.3

Like this appThis app is amazing, I love the live match feed. Only thing I dislike is that I cannot customize the news feeds where a lot of the contents such as football(not soccer), ice hockey I don’t even give a damn. I really want to customize the news feed so I can see more content I like..Version: 8.9.2

Top NotchI’ve found my go-to sports application. Just something about the lay-out, the ease of access, the news items with the quick text option. Scores right there. Not dominated by video. Bravo!.Version: 7.4.1

Only good sports app leftGreat app relatively speaking. All other sports apps have gone down the toilet. Hopefully this one doesn’t follow suit of Sportsnet, the score and TSN go which are awful! Keep up the reasonable work yahoo.Version: 7.3.2

Refresh in ScoresGreat app would love to be able to manually refresh in “scores” like we can in “favorites”.Version: 6.11

Don't like the updateThe only sport I'm interested in is NFL. Love the scores and game play by play. However before I updated, news stories were focused on NFL. Now it seems I have to scroll through basketball, hockey and others to find any relevant stories such as who's on the injured list for upcoming games. Liked it better before. Thanks.Version: 7.0.0

Nearly perfectGreat app, but would love to see the PGA and CFL added..Version: 0

AwesomeA real one stop shop for sports.Version: 0

ScoresThis application is awesome. Keeps me updated on all my favorite teams..Version: 0

Great App but...I love this app but could you please add CFL and Scottish premiere league?.Version: 0

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