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Designed for sports fans everywhere, stay connected to your favorite teams and games—from MLB to UFL and NASCAR to WWE and more—with live matches and real-time scores. You can also read top stories, check betting odds, receive customized alerts, and much more.

Here’s what the FOX Sports app has in store for you:

• KEEP TABS ON YOUR TOP PICKS: Stay in the loop with personalized feeds packed with news, highlights, and scores from your favorite teams.

• CATCH ALL THE ACTION—LIVE: Get every FOX Sports game and studio show right at your fingertips, exclusively for TV subscribers. Experience the thrill of NFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, college football, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac-12, and WWE SmackDown, along with other must-see events, including tennis, rugby, and more.

• GET INSTANT GAME UPDATES: Easily navigate score pages for an enhanced experience. Never miss a beat with personalized updates on news and scores from your favorite teams and leagues.

• DISCOVER TOP STORIES: See the hottest topics of the day, featuring perspectives and analyses from sports’ biggest voices.

• GET TAILORED NOTIFICATIONS: Stay connected with custom updates from your teams and leagues.

• SEE ODDS & STATS: Get a glimpse of today's top odds, including expert analysis, game lines, betting tips and more.

• PLAY FOX SUPER 6 FOR FREE: Watch your favorite teams and enter for a chance to win your share of weekly cash prizes.*

• ENJOY LIVELY OPINIONS AND DEBATES: Catch all the top sports personalities on FS1 Studio Shows! Sign in with your TV provider credentials to watch The Herd with Colin Cowherd, The Skip Bayless Show, Speak, and more.

• GET BTN TV PROGRAMMING: Watch all the coverage of the Big Ten Conference, brought to you by BTN, America’s premier collegiate athletic network. Log in with your TV provider credentials to catch all live BTN-televised games, events, and original shows.

• FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE B1G SCHOOLS: Illinois Fighting Illini, Indiana Hoosiers, Iowa Hawkeyes, Maryland Terrapins, Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Northwestern Wildcats, Ohio State Buckeyes, Penn State Nittany Lions, Purdue Boilermakers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and the Wisconsin Badgers.


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*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal U.S. residents of the 50 United States & D.C., 18+ or the age of majority if older. See Official Rules at for entry periods, eligibility restrictions/prize descriptions & complete details. Sponsor: FOX Sports Interactive Media, LLC.

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FOX Sports: Watch Live App Comments & Reviews

FOX Sports: Watch Live Positive Reviews

SimplisticI would have stayed at ESPN if it wasn’t for FOX Sports. I didn’t think the app would be worth it, but I was proven wrong. Sure, I still use the ESPN app but I really enjoy the FOX Sports app and it’s simplistic and minimalistic notifications and designs. Instead of getting bombarded with notifications from minor events and too many broken news (I had 85 notifications from ESPN just today!), FOX Sports gives me the important rundown on just what I need to know in a length that won’t make me have to click on an article, and give me simple game notifications such as “MLB Final: TOR 2 @ NYY 5” or “BKN @ MIA - 8:00p ET” and a FOX Fact about the game instead of “🚨Game Start 🚨: Brooklyn Nets @ Miami Heat. Follow live on the ESPN App ➡️➡️”. I really love the design of the app and will continue to use it in detail alongside with the ESPN App, but I personally prefer Fox Sports over ESPN. Thank you FOX for this app..Version: 5.75

Great NASCAR CoverageIf you’re a NASCAR fan, this app needs to be in your lineup. Great coverage and always up to date. This app is a must have for the NASCAR fan and other sports fans as well. Update on my latest review Some things I’d like to see included in the next update. It’s still missing FOX Sports Radio, plus with hockey coming back around soon I’d like to see some NHL news alerts since this app barely sends alerts related to the NHL. I also would like to see college hockey included in the scores and news since the BIG Ten Network airs pretty much all the hockey games from the Big Ten. Just some suggestions Also, I’m not a fan of seeing notifications from certain NFL news and NBA, I don’t follow NBA so I shouldn’t be forced to see a notification about it. Please fix it Update to my latest review: I was thinking this, since you guys and gals at FOX Sports broadcast PBA Bowling, it would be cool to receive notifications about PBA events and scores. Speaking of score notifications, it would be cool if the app would also send score updates from your favorite NHL teams. I noticed the app gives score updates from soccer (actual football) and NFL and college grid iron. If possible could you guys make that update? It would be awesome for the hockey fans that use this app, anyway I use this app pretty much daily over ESPN because the coverage is better and if possible as well, add FOX Sports Radio into the app to since I’ve been listening to the channel recently..Version: 5.88.1

Has problems… problems that I HATE!!!!!!So let’s start of with the pros then the cons. The app is great to get the latest updates on sports, teams, and people it has pretty much everything thing you need to follow up whatever sport or team you like now here are the cons. When I clicked on the soccer logo to see the latest soccer updates it just logged me out which sent me to my Home Screen on my IPhone I thought it could’ve been just a glitch so I tried the second time but it didn’t work and there is a problem that I HATE!!!! I was going to watch a live soccer match on the phone because I wasn’t at home so I waited on the waiting screen to watch it so I waited for the match to begin and it did so I thought I could watch it but it just gave live updates and on my other phone I have a account for fox sports so I tried to watch it from there but it was the same thing it didn’t let me watch and this is weird because when I tried to watch the FIFA World Cup on my TV which does have an account it said scan this with your phone so I did but it showed to watch on the phone so I fiddled with for a while so then it worked but with fox now not sports and I barely made it before the match started. These are my pros and cons.Version: 5.72

Far, far behind the ESPN TV appAs far as content goes, Fox has less than ESPN but that doesn't really anyone. I mainly use the Fox app via AppleTV so that’s the basis for my review. That said, the only feature the Fox Sports TV app has over ESPN is ability to start an in-progress game over from beginning rather than just join in live. For that reason I gave it 3 stars rather than 2. To be honest I’ve used that maybe one or twice when I forgot to record a game and joined it late and wanted to watch the whole thing from start to finish with no spoilers. The one immense edge that ESPN has over Fox is ability to stream up to 4 games simultaneously in PIP or grid setup. That feature alone makes ESPN the go to app for sports TV streaming. I can’t believe Fox doesn’t have this yet. Every Sat I’ve got the 4 best games streaming on ESPN and the only reason I tune in to Fox is if my team is on their network. Add in the multi stream and I may consider a switch but until then ESPN TV app dominates. With the World Cup coming in couple weeks, this would be perfect time to introduce a multi stream feature..Version: 5.57.1

How I think of Fox sportsIt’s amazing don’t get me wrong! But there are something’s that they need to change… like how I’m trying to do something waiting on an important text and my phone vibrates, me thinking it’s the important text I look at my phone and it’s fox sports. I would be in class it’s my phone on do not disturb mode on but it vibrates! I don’t know if it’s because they thing it’s very important but last time I checked my phone only had my mother and father to let their messages go through. But I love fox sports. It’s an amazing game show that tells you what’s happening even if you aren’t watching the game! Like I’ll be on another app and it will send me a notification telling me what’s happening in the game. Sometimes it gets annoying but I love it..Version: 5.63.1

This app is AMAZING!!!I got the app because I just couldn’t find nowhere to watch the World Cup when I was traveling. Not only could I toon in on football/soccor but I could also watch hockey. I would extremely recommend this app to people, it made my game finding experience fun and easy. Every day you get 1 hour free to watch a game of your choice if you don’t have a streaming service to connect to. I personally use DirectTV as they are fast and reliable. I found out not only can you watch the games live, but you can also look at recaps, odds, box scores, and matchup lines. I use this app just about every day to watch Argentina crush the World Cup #messialltheway!!!! Anyways like I said I would highly suggest giving this app a try if you haven’t already!.Version: 5.61

Good big improvement neededI love this app I get notifications all the time about the latest injury’s / trades/ and stat lines which is important for a fanatic person like me. But, there could be some improvement likes a search bar present somewhere on the screen so you can find what you want instead of just searching through the whole app, while searching you might find some more small issues that you shouldn’t worry about. If u want to get live updates on your favorite teams and players or predictions from experts get this app, if you looking for something more like press conference clips or highlights this app isn’t always the best at sharing, try espn for that. All in all it’s worth it..Version: 5.94

More than just scoresYou get a lot more than just scores with this app. Schedules, player stats, box scores, betting odds, even play-by-play… But what I like best is that it tells you what tv channel the games will be on, even obscure local networks that I’ve never heard of. I used to use another network app but it was common to look up the score of a game and not only could I not find the score, but it wouldn’t even show that the game was being played. If they would add college softball as one of the covered sports, this would get an enthusiastic five stars from me..Version: 5.69

MixedI have both a Roku as well as AppleTV. The streaming is quite good, particularly like the 4K coverage of the World Cup fames. However, this is the third day in a row, either device, where it asks me to sign in with my TV provider despite having signed in the day before. Is this intentional (and if so, why)?! If not, why can’t it remember my log in like every other app? Another curious, repeat experience on the AppleTV version... if I’m trying to watch a Cup game in progress that has already started, no such luck. The wheel just keeps spinning indefinitely (or at least seemingly so as my patience wears out). I can select the restart option and watch the game from the beginning but not just join a game in progress. Works fine on the Roku version. Rebooted the AppleTV. Signed out and back in. No luck. Haven’t tried deleting and reinstalling the app yet..Version: 4.7.0

No Spoilers?! Not!!Trying to watch the US-France World Cup match I only get a message that the app is unable to play the content, try again. To top it off it was still doing this several minutes into the game, but now when it brought me back to the Feeds screen, even though No Spoilers mode is turned on, the time and score in the game are shown in a huge font. Now I know a goal is scored early on, decreasing the anticipation since I still planned to watch the coverage from the beginning once I got in. When the app did work for other games, it did work nice. The only issue I had was once when my wifi dropped (on my end) I could only come back to coverage at the beginning or at the live point. I couldn’t rewind coverage to where I lost connection..Version: 4.7.2

Fox, my go to for information and programs!!I get very frustrated with my menu when looking for games of my interest. I simply go to fox sports and not only do I get the time but also the station that they’re on and if I miss a game they are posted and also the scores. All of the sports are scrolled across the top of the screen for selection and I just tap on the one that I want and it immediately comes up. Reports on my favorite players are also available, I find all of this so convenient especially for a woman in what I call a strange app but it serves me well!!.Version: 5.94

Developer reviewYour UI / UX is absolutely frustrating. When I am watching Skip & Shannon on this app I always get upset at how the features don’t allow me to do what you would think it would be able to do. Like… having a pause button- being able to shut off my phone & it still run, or go to any other app and have it play in the back ground. Also when I slide up on my phone to turn the brightness up or down, your app doesn’t run and it lags the video I am watching. Super super frustrating. Other than that I do enjoy it. I am also a junior software engineer- I get my opinion might not matter but I feel like your software team can do better..Version: 5.28

Really Good!I got the app to watch the World Cup 2018 and stay updated with the games. The app works really well and updates really fast as the game is being played along, showing you the scores seconds after on video and the hightlights right after the game. I also loved the extra info FSG would give about each country and their players. The only thing that I wish it was possible is to live stream the games from the app. I wouldn't mind paying extra for it. You can only watch on your phone if you already have a tv cable. Which I don’t. Above all I totally recommend it!!.Version: 4.4.10

Best Sports App Out There!Absolutely love the Fox Sports app. They provide the most relevant scores of the day, and great articles regarding the leagues/teams you like, which you can also favorite. It’s also cool how there are new sections within the app for major marquee events. With this years World Cup, I was able to quickly view all the great highlights, live games, and articles that pertained to the tournament within this additional section of the app. Can’t wait to see what it will look like for the Super Bowl, given Fox is broadcasting it this year. Keep up the great work!.Version: 5.65

Dude fox sports and espn are your go to sports feedWhy am i saying this its because just like peacock does world cup im saying i love basketball and college american football and fútbol have been my favorite sports and the feed on these apps are great they got replays they hot old matches and new ones live they are by far the most you can get when analyzing but you know theirs also tapes but hey atleast you got something to get you going so your next game can be good for making sure that your on track with what your doing!!!💪🦾😈 (sorry i dont put periods in my summaries).Version: 5.62

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