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Enjoy free unlimited 3d chess games and improve your chess rating with 500,000+ tactics puzzles, interactive lessons and videos, and over 100 powerful computer opponents. Unlock your inner chess master today!

- 2-player chess mode completely free to enjoy with your friends
- Meet new friends and chat while you play
- Join tournaments with thousands of other players online
- Play games in real-time from one minute per game to 30 minutes or longer
- Play daily correspondence online chess for low-pressure games on your own schedule
- Try all these exciting chess variants in our app: chess960 (Fischer-Random), puzzle rush, puzzle battle or blindfold chess
- Enjoy also other chess variants: 3-check, king of the hill, crazyhouse, doubles (bughouse), fog of war & more…

- Enjoy 500,000+ unique chess puzzles
- Rated mode automatically adjusts to your skill level to help you improve
- Race the clock to beat your high score in Puzzle Rush
- Practice puzzles with specific themes in learning mode (Mate in 1, mate in 2, mate in 3, perpetual check, endgames, pin, fork, skewer, sacrifice, etc.)

- Hundreds of quality chess lessons and chess videos made by masters (learn all the chess moves and practice your skills with chess problems)
- Interactive tutorials with tips and recommendations
- Learn chess rules and strategies in a step-by-step lesson plan (opening, middlegame, and endgame)

- Choose the level of computer opponent you want to play
- Analyze your chess games to see where you went wrong and how you can improve
- See the toughest opponent you can beat!

- Join a community of more than 95 million online chess players
- More than 10 million chess games played each day
- Meet players of all levels from beginner to grandmaster
- Compete to get your own rating and try to join the best player online chess leaderboards
- Watch the most popular chess superstars with millions of followers. Hikaru, GothamChess, Botez, Magnus and more!

... and MUCH MORE:
- Play chess games offline against the computer
- Articles by the best authors, coaches, and trainers
- Develop an unbeatable opening repertoire with the opening explorer (Queen´s Gambit, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, etc.)
- Send messages and challenge your friends to a free chess game
- Choose from 20+ board themes, 2D & 3D chess pieces, and backgrounds
- Get in-depth performance stats about your games, puzzles and lessons
- Enjoy the most active community forums anywhere

Playing chess online has never been so easy!

Chess is the most popular game of all time! And is the #1 place to play chess online with your friends and other players from all over the world!

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Chess - Play & Learn Positive Reviews

Checkmate!I’ve been using this Chess app for about three or four years. It has a lot of additional features like tactics puzzles, videos, and preset predicaments to challenge you and help you set up future moves to create the best situation for your pieces. There is also a play-by-play review of your games which critiques your moves and tells you what you could’ve done better. A couple things that need improvement though. Often the app will fail to notify me when it’s my turn after my opponent has moved, requiring me to open the app and navigate to my active games to manually check if it is my turn. The other issue is that sometimes I will try to start a new game with a friend with the “Play A Friend” option and the app opens the “active connection countdown” when I’m not trying to play a live game. I’m sure there is a way to create a new game with a friend without creating an active challenge, but I am not sure how. If this feature exists, it just needs to be integrated in an easy to find menu. (This review is based on my use from a Samsung Galaxy S5). EDIT: I have an iPhone X now and I am able to successfully use the “Play A Friend” option to create a daily game without the app opening the “Active Connection Countdown” so the issue I stated previously may already be resolved..Version: 3.8.14

App does not show the entire screen on iPhone.I’ve set the display to normal and not zoomed. I still can’t set the last file or the check box to insert a move. It is useless on an iPhone and almost certainly an issue with the app not the iPhone iOS. Also some of the puzzles have more than one solution and you get knock down many points for choosing the best solution. There needs to be a way to submit correction and get those points back. I got a response from the de eloped stating it was the zoom setting on my iOS. That was the first thing I checked and it had no effect on the functioning of the app. I poured over al the online comments and tried everything I could find on the topic, including reviewing many other settings. The iPhone app does not work and I do not think it related to IOS. My hunch is it’s a problem with the app. Which is unfortunate because I can’t bring my iPad or desktop or laptop with me everywhere. I can typically bring my phone. Fortunately the puzzles are sized right. Even those have a problem on the small screen as I hit the wrong button and it skips to the next puzzle and does not allow you to return to the one you were working on..Version: 4.0.12 (1)

Social upgrade & Design simplification (NEEDED)I want to offer simple design improvements that would engage users to a whole other level. This is so far a chess app / website that allows you to just play chess but severely lacks an actual chess community to the degree in which I see its potential. We want to find professional players / engage and keep up with chess news. People don’t want to read articles that’s boring. When I go to a professional chess players page all I see is comment spam from random people and no actual comments or video updates from the chess player them self. It needs to have Facebook comment design prioritizing the users comments at the top and then the most like comments after. They should also be able to add photos that could be commented on and liked. Secondly there are SO MANY sections that are not grouped up accordingly. People love simplicity. There should be a (Play) (Learn) (Watch) (News). Instead, all the categories that should be located inside each drop box are scattered outside these categories and are extremely ugly and overwhelming. Besides that to somehow promote twitch engagement would be huge and lastly, getting borders for your advertisements would help you look like s more high quality website. I just love chess so much and this app. I want this app to be successful and the chess community to grow..Version: 3.7.6

Lots of features but not able to give feedbackHi there, been playing on the app for about a month and started to really like it so looked at the memberships and there’s 3 levels ... $30, $50, and $80 (I believe) for a year, provided you pay upfront and not month by month. I was like ok I get it... there’s lots of features so you have to pay for more of them. Well that’s all good, I get that. My main issue is with the puzzles that sometimes the “opponent” player doesn’t make the best move so you can’t actually solve the puzzle correctly unless you guess they will do the wrong thing. Solved a puzzle today and I would’ve gotten it right however the opponent made the worse move of their two moves and thereby I made the wrong move because I predicted the opponent would obviously make the best move. Please creators/admins fix this issue. It’s really not the way the puzzles should function. If you fix this I will gladly change my rating to 5 stars since that’s my main issues. Also I couldn’t find anywhere in the app to report this. But secondly to advertise their “videos” to watch to learn and improve in a notification or have it ever present on the main menu is really annoying when you can’t even watch the whole video because you don’t have the most expensive membership. I don’t like that. Just an annoying paywall situation where I already paid for the app..Version: 3.9.14 (2)

BEST CHESS EVER!!!!I had started playing chess around three years ago, but stopped playing after a while because me sister wouldn’t have time for it anymore. I also didn’t know all the weird stuff or the stuff that is secluded, like castling, stalemate and the difference between check and checkmate. And so I gave up on chess. But three years later, in 7th grade we had a chess tournament in our contest math class. I was very unpleased and upset to have found out that I lost in the second round! I watched the finals match, and watched one of my good friends get bashed and checkmated in around five to six maybe seven minutes. At that moment, I wanted to be like that guy who defeated my friend so badly. So I started forcing my sister to play chess with me. But however at one point she got tired of it. So then I had to find a good chess app or website to play on. After lots of asking people what the best chess apps are, I finally got this one!!! And I must say I love it! There is however, a minor issue. I found out there is now multiplayer! The other player must have an account and you have to invite them. Anyway, other than that, it’s all cool!!!.Version: 3.8.14

Great app, some mistakes with the lessonsTo start, if you are looking for a chess tutor, look no further. This app is extensive with the lessons, analysis and game reports. I love that feature. There is only two drawbacks which is why I gave it four stars. One, in one, maybe two lessons they moved a pawn backwards and made you attack the pawn. Pawns don’t move backwards so this lesson is unrealistic. When you want to actually learn chess you need as many realistic examples to not confuse yourself. Hopefully, the devs review and replace this portion of the lesson. Next, it may be unfair but it would be great to know at least what and when the opponent had a “missed win” in the game analysis. You can see your mistakes, best options, and best moves made, but nothing to learn from the opposing side. Since we pay extra if this feature was included it would give you a bigger picture. Overall everything else is great. A few glitches here and there. But it is highly addictive so make sure you are not multitasking because you can get caught up quick! I decided to keep the monthly subscription because there is a lot to explore at the moment. Hopefully, I. an come back with a five star review if these small issues get fixed!.Version: 4.0.12 (1)

The infinite loading screenI love this app and everything about it! But, during a game, the timer stopped ticking and everything stopped working properly. I couldn’t click out of the match and my pieces could be moved around leaving behind a red trail and taking any piece it landed on. Even my own pieces. I was left alone stuck on a broken match playing around with my pieces. I tried to reload the app and when I opened it, all I got was a never ending loading screen. I tried updating my phone: didn’t work. I tried resetting my phone: didn’t work. I tried logging in on the website: didn’t work. I tried activating my email: didn’t work. I tried updating the app: didn’t work. My friend has has this same issue over and over and the ONLY way that he can get it to work again is by DELETING the app and redownloading it. Due to parental restrictions I cannot delete apps so I can’t fix it. This needs to be fixed!!! I have a time limit on my search engine so I thought I would be able to play more if I got the app. Please fix this as soon as you can. There are lots of other people with this repetitive issue and deleting and redownloading the app shouldn’t be the only solution. I am on an Apple iOS device. It is fairly new and up to date..Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

Mostly good but one annoying glitchThe abandonment feature frequently forfeits games just because you access another app on your phone. This just happened to me with less than 20 seconds away from the game. It’s really frustrating when you are winning a game and you pause a movie only to come back and find the game forfeited. Fix this glitch and it would be a 5 star review. Really abandonment is a bad feature in a timed game. The rules of the game allow a player the entire time on the clock. Sure, it’s a jerk move to walk away from a game and make your opponent wait it out, but ratings shouldn’t change because of lost connections. Edit: the abandonment feature has a bug. It frequently forfeits games instantly just because I check a text or email. I’m almost always playing long time format games. I almost exclusively play 15/10. I see several other reviews with the same complaint. Fix the bug. Make the rules clearly defined. At the very least there should be a set amount of time that triggers the abandonment feature and it should be easy to look up what this time is. Currently checking a text will instantly trigger abandonment. That definitely is not the way the app should work..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Good but a few problemsI enjoyed this for the first couple of hours I had it installed. I made an account so I could access some of the features that you aren’t given off the bat. After spending a couple of hours playing against the computers, I got to one I had trouble beating. I decided I should look at some of the lessons that were recommended to me. After finishing the first lessons, I was about to start the next but was stopped because I had to pay to do more than one per day. I understand that the app is free and normal chess lessons aren’t, but I wish you could have more lessons per day. I ran into the trouble of taking one lesson and then trying against the computer, only to fail again. So I would then wait a day to start the next lesson, only to realize I didn’t remember anything I was taught from the previous lesson, and I wasn’t improving. My suggestion is that the one per day increases to three per day. This would allow people to take multiple lessons in succession, and they could then practice what they learned from the lessons against a computer. Beside the one per day limit, I had fun and might install it again eventually..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Perfect?!This chess app is amazing and feels like it has everything you can possibly need. The chess AI can play at an extremely high level when you want it to and Ive learned many things from the AI! Also the live matchmaking system has a wide variety of options you can choose from, my favorite being the 10 minute matches because they are quick and fun, and it matches you up with other players in mere seconds. I would recommend this app to any chess player, whether it be just starting out or a great player because the matchmaking will set you up against opponents of equal skill level and the AI can be set to any rating as well. For beginners there are videos and a bunch of resources available to help you to become a great chess player as well! One last thing I want to point out is that the developers are phenomenal, they are quick to address any problems you may have and really care about the app and want it to be the best it can be. If you have problems or concerns I would highly suggest trying to reach out to them!.Version: 3.8.34

Wonderful App For BeginnersHaving known not much more than the basic rules, I find this app extremely helpful in helping me understand different moves and tactics. I now win almost all of my friendly games and I also compete in some casual tournaments in my community. Most of my more advanced learning has come through this app, and it’s super handy. It gets your through the very basics quickly and brings you right in to the good stuff. That, along with some of the daily puzzles, offer a new experience every day. I do not use premium but it seems that it would be worth it. You get so many more puzzles, which is one of the best way to master your moves and analysis of the game. The videos and streams are also convenient and not too bulky and very user friendly; the chess teachers are welcoming to viewers and keep a lively environment to keep me from getting bored. I can easily spend 20-30 minutes a day or more without ever getting bored or tired of it. A fantastic app all around, free or paid..Version: 3.8.43

Good for playing but a lot of glitchesThis app is good to play as long as you don't mind the glitches and don't care about your score and ranking that show in your statistics. The app will freeze and randomly close on a frequent basis, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries to send a move, the chat boxes only send messages half the time and the other half, they just disappear into the atmosphere never to be seen again. Also, if you’re joining the app to improve your chess skills, progressively get better and win more games and then play higher ranked players, your rating may or may not go up so the app will only match you with lower ranked players when you select to play a random person instead of a friend. Mine dropped when i started playing back in june and hasn’t changed since, regardless of how much i play (daily), how much I’ve improved (a lot) or how many games I've won (like i said, I’ve improved) and even when I’ve won against higher ranked players, (at this point that’s everyone i play, even when I've beat them 6-0 like i did my sister). I’ll leave it at that. Best wishes and kind regards..Version: 4.0.12 (1)

Wonderful app for getting one into the game.I have played around with Chess apps for years. This is the first one that actually gets me going and keeps me coming back. I have bought the diamond level and find it fascinating!!!! I am 61 years old and have never developed a “3 to 4 steps ahead” thinking style. This app is the real deal and is played by some really smart people. I believe it has all of the tools that I need to keep my mind sharp as I enter my senior citizen years!😁 An almost perfect app and I don’t give five stars unless I LOVE an app. (note to developers: there is a fatal bug in the puzzles/learning/puzzles missed section. When you get done with all of the “missed puzzles”, the app goes back to a starting position and then goes back to the home screen. I am using the latest version of the iOS. This has not been a big deal for me because I just start the app up again and it works perfectly but I thought for the sake of tidying up loose ends you might want to look at it. 😊).Version: 3.8.55

Teaches chess at any level. The only obstacles are your focus and critical thinking.This app is by far the most comprehensive tool for learning and playing chess. Big thanks to the entire team that designed this platform and keep it going. You have all collectively created the GOAT chess app. I would also like to offer a little bit of feedback. In the game analysis portal, the user interface is a little confusing and difficult to navigate. Particularly how the moves are listed and the computer move(or suggestion) is listed in parentheses directly in front and of your move. It was not originally very clear how to further explore the succession of moves predicted by the computer following a suggested move where the analysis identified a blunder. It would also be amazing to have the option to play the rest of the game out from that suggested move against a rated computer of your choice. Thanks again, You all are awesome.Version: 4.0.4 (2)

New found respectOriginal review: 1 star Gotta say I wasn’t a fan. In my last game before I decided to uninstall, instead of giving me a victory it decided on a stalemate-draw (which was impossible). The opponent only had 5 pieces left: 3 pawns, 1 knight, and the king. I had him in a situation where he could not move his pawns because they were all blocked, nor could he move his king/knight without placing himself in checkmate. Either my castle, my queen, or my knight would have the victory. But instead of checkmate in my favor, it decided on a draw. Edit to review: 5 stars Gotta admit when I am wrong. I did not know that stalemate also applied to not allowing the opponent to move. I thought that if I trapped their king and placed them in a situation to where they couldn’t make a move without being in checkmate then I would be awarded the victory. I appreciate the response to my review. I’ll definitely both reinstall the app and change the review..Version: 3.9.20 (2)

Need fixes and updatesSometimes the app kicks me out telling me I can't connect but I have a really good internet connection, or sometimes when I log it times me out as well they need to fix those issues, for the updates I my self in a team can not access the team posts and matches stats us VS other teams unless if our team post something that way I get access to the team posts and I go throw some times I would like to see how our team doing in the leagues and have to wait for that post to do so, you could just add on the menu "team posts" or something that will lead us to the team forum for those 3 reasons I'm giving a single star till the update occurs and those issues fixed I will change it based on that. Edit: the app has come along with many improvements and features, it has been running very smoothly, would love them to add “the conditional moves” to the app and as well as our matches vs. “xxxx” to show the match tournament team we playing against, and access it to check the team scores..Version: 3.9.24 (5)

Chess skills and understanding already improved! 4 1/2 starsI’ve been a VERY casual chess player thru the years, but never had a real grasp on the theories or strategies for playing. This app, in a very short time, has improved my game and my ability to think further ahead than just the next 1 or 2 moves like I did in the past. It is loaded with things to do, watch, and learn and I’m really getting into playing chess again. I’m getting decent wins against the computer that I would have lost before using this app. My only real complaint is, the after game analysis doesn’t explain WHY a different move would have been better, or WHY this move was a blunder. Some times its obvious, like I lost a queen bcuz I got too focused on a different piece. But frequently, it will suggest the best move was a sacrifice in order to move another into play. A quick example: had a knight in danger of being captured. Moved up a pawn to protect. After game analysis said the better move would have been to push up my other knight instead. But the other knight position would not protect my endangered knight nor would it threaten any other enemy piece. So as a relative chess beginner, I need more information on why this recommended move was a better choice... That small issue aside, it’s a great app. I’m enjoying enough that I subscribed and excited to increase my knowledge and understanding of chess..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Save your privacy and playtime for the better chess appsI have been using this app for almost three months. My biggest complaint is how much it slowed down every device we have loaded it onto, but hardly the only problem. The next biggest problem is how some members are allowed to go the full time allotment before deciding the winner due to abandonment, then other times it ends the game, I suspect it is which membership you select (premium cost); either way it is extremely aggravating to play for half an hour, then have to wait for the time to run out if the other player leaves. One of the perks of the most costly membership tier is that you get unlimited game analysis. The issue is that the algorithm used for game analysis is often not accurate, for instance: the analysis will say you should have moved your queen to f7 when the queen does not have a direct access to that square. Another problem is how the algorithm judges blunders, missed wins, etc,. The lessons are also problematic with those same issues. The biggest problem is how bogged down devices become-I was told to cover my devices camera if I use this app. I do not see the option to allow access to personal information, camera. Every device I have this app loaded onto, the batteries drain so fast and there was access to my camera from an unknown source. I think people are safer using some of the apps that are have a good reputation with the BBB (in the USA)..Version: 4.0.0 (2)

App is good but missing some featuresThis app works well (most of the time). There are some oversights in design though. There is no way to control piece speed. I play on my iPad, and the piece movement animations are a bit slow - there should be an option to adjust the speed to move faster or slower. Additionally, when using an iPad + keyboard, the keyboard does not function at all. If I want to step through a game that I played using the arrow keys on my keyboard, this is currently not possible. Another helpful feature might be to add zen mode (hide player ratings, move-list, most unnecessary clutter from the UI when playing an online game). Additionally - I just found a bug that crashes the app: if you try to scroll through the move list (using left / right arrows in the UI) while a modal window (such as you winning an online game) is overlaying the screen - the app will crash after a few moves are scrolled through. (This is on iPad Pro running iOS 13.3.1)..Version: 3.9.30 (2)

Great app, would add one thing thoughI’ve never really played chess and am very bad at it, but this is a good application if you are looking to learn. It has lessons (some free ones to learn how the pieces move and paid ones that I haven’t looked at as it is a little too pricey) and you are able to select how long you want the game to be. One problem I continually have is running out of time during the games. Though this is clearly my problem and not the application’s, I’ve also been in quite a few games where my opponent has also not been keeping an eye on the clock and time just expires. I suggest adding a vibration, similar to the standard vibration from moving a piece when certain time intervals are reached such as every minute. I would add this to the settings if there is worry many users would not like this change. Anyways, love the app, great job to those who created and maintain it. Take care to anyone who reads this review..Version: 3.9.0

This app is like Duolingo for chessAfter using this app for free for a few months, and slowly poking around and seeing how much it has to offer, I feel compelled to leave a review, both to congratulate the developers and to encourage others to use this app. Whether you are a lifelong chess player or just somebody who binged The Queen’s Gambit and wants to give chess a try, this app is well worth your time. This amount of content is astounding, so in addition to playing as much chess as you want with people from all over the world, you suddenly have access to a gazillion ways to learn and improve your game. Videos, drills, and lots more. I can’t believe how much I’ve used this app, and that I have really just scratched the surface, and that it has all been for free (so far… I’m feeling a bit guilty, and I’m going to actually start paying for it). I wish all apps or based on this model. This is like Duolingo for chess..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Play, learn, practice, be amusedExcellent game play, game management, & much more. Post game analysis ranks each move “excellent/good/inaccuracy/blunder” and identifies what the better move would have been. Track your stats separately different game speeds, and accrue virtual ratings in the lessons and tactics drills. Pick up live timed games instantly, or play “daily” chess with days or weeks to make a move. I Love the daily tactics puzzles. Excellent interactive lessons and drills (e.g. practice every variety of limited-material mate). Watch other games live... easy to peek in on a friend’s games. GM video lectures and other curated material offer solid insights. Regular shows like “Chess Brahs” always a good time. No other chess app comes close to this. Unlimited game play for free; all other main features available in reasonable quantities for free, more than enough to keep a casual player occupied. I upgraded just to get more daily tactics puzzles, and got deeper analysis tools I’m still learning about..Version: 3.7.6

A great alternative game site when your friends are to busy.I enjoy playing blitz and rapid chess games with this App. I find it a wonderful source of spacial cognitive ability enhancement. The news and articles by Peter Doggers are well written and timely. You play against chess players from many different countries. The tactics training is fun and if you upgrade you receive extra features. Lessons are available and charts and statistics show your progress. I play tournament chess at the West Valley Chess Club. Our members use computers to train and analyse the games. By playing many bullet games Online games I was able to achieve the 1st place of the Chaba Mehes memorial tournament. My ability to calculate quickly helped me defeat my rivals. Developing an opening strategy with online chess is another benefit. You can pick your favorite player and watch live games. Whether you are an amateur or considering becoming a professional, this App will be a great resource..Version: 3.6.31

Mobile app has some tracking issuesWhen playing online I’ve noticed my pieces don’t always land where I placed them which is a big problem. I think there should be a move confirm perhaps just limited to adjacent squares as to not give a take back but someway to confirm where the piece is was where it was intended. It’s really frustrating to place a solid game but have it all blow up because of a glitch in the game another issue is player ghost accounts I am not a great player only in the low 700s so when I am playing against someone of about the same rank I don’t expect to be completely smoked in 3 minutes but it occasionally happens and I can’t imagine that player is truly that rank. I’m not being whiny about loses I can accept losing when I think the game was fairly played but a glitch or a 1000 plus player using a “new” account to work out frustrations isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t know how to stop people from doing it but for now I don’t bother with online play in this app..Version: 4.1.5 (2067)

Overall, an Amazing AppI want to start off by saying that I love this app. I have been using it for more than a year now and I must say that out of the apps that I have on my phone currently, this app is probably the one I have used the most, and will stay on my phone for many years to come. There are many cool features, most of which I use. There is anything from tactical puzzles to dazzle and baffle your mind and make you become a player, to daily puzzles and tournaments you can join. However, there is one thing that I would add. On the website, you can join or leave clubs as you please, but the app itself won’t let you unless it prompts you with it. I found this really annoying when I spent over half an hour trying to figure out and look up how to leave a club that I lost interest in. If you could please add this, then it would be much easier. Overall, an amazing app..Version: 3.9.8 (1)

It’s okay to invest some time into it for the money asked forThe app hasn’t had any advanced fewtures for a long time. compared to the web version this Is very poor. would really appreciate showing the best moves on the board in analysis with arrows similar to the one on the web. I don’t think this feature is hard to add, it doesn’t need more that 2 days of work. plus I don’t understand the feature in the analysis where if I play different moves, the alternate games are inserted inside the same log. its impossible to read or to find where I am or was. SPECIALLY when I press on the wrong tiny font by mistake. and why would you even have the ‘pressable’ log and the forward and back buttons so close to eachother. there is always a missclick and the experience becomes very bad. being the most known chess app i’m sure you can put some effort and do something better honestly. retry button next to ‘next’ button in puzzles, very smart, and noway to go back. the puzzles goes to jupiter and i’ll never get to analyze it.Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Great app to improve your chess skills and enjoy playing anytime.Overall, excellent app to hone your skills, learn new material, practice against the computer in a game or doing training drills while the best feature remains playing fellow human players worldwide any time you want to play. There are some issues with interrupted connections and I am unsure how abandoned game forfeitures work. Sometimes my opponent appears to leave a game and I have to wait for all the time to run out for the game to end and other times when a message says “”Opponent name” with lose by abandonment in X minutes”. How the program determines how many minutes to reconnect without forfeiture is unclear. Also, the ability to suspend a game by mutual agreement to resume at some point set by GMT would be a welcomed enhancement. There are far fewer session control freeze ups or games disconnected issues than a few years ago. Still, great site and app. Highly recommend..Version: 3.8.66

Game changer!When I first played chess you just had a board and whoever you knew that played chess (in my case just one person who always beat me easily). With this app you can play unlimited games with people of your level and it has lessons, puzzles, game analysis and more. It does not matter if you know how to play or not or maybe you just always thought you sucked but with this app you can really enjoy chess no matter your level. Oh one comment about the AI players to product support team. I was playing the bot Elena. She was doing great, shutting down every move I made. Then I made two stupid mistakes. I think she must have been laughing so bad she over clocked her cpu. I was able to just mop her up. By the end her white bishop was just zooming around attacking nothing (my pieces were mostly on black). So I ended up with 5 queens. Ok that was mean of me. She might need some serious TLC..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

App needs helpGrandmasters play each other on this app so it must be very good or they are being compensated for using it. However there is no manual informing someone how to use the app. For instance, the app gives you a rating of 1400 for a variety of different types of chess formats even though you have never played these formats since the app doesn’t describe how one would engage that facility on the app. The Lessons are helpful but have misleading explanations that do more to direct you to the wrong answer than teach you. The app’s Puzzles are challenging but there are other longer “solutions” to the puzzles that you will not be credited with. Plus, you have to solve perhaps six puzzles to make up for one misstep since you earn much less for a solution than you get docked for a failure to solve. It’s like treading water; you never get anywhere. A few solutions require that the losing side of the board make a bonehead move. Therefore I mostly use this app to play against the computer that can be adjusted to various levels of competency..Version: 3.8.55

Long time user, always enjoyed!Upgraded to be a premium user (platinum) after being a free user for years, and have always been very satisfied overall. Seen lots of bug fixes over time, which is great. Enjoyed watching the development of new strategies of catching and punishing cheaters. I’ve had fun with the community and am now an admin of a chess group. If you enjoy chess, this is one of the slickest websites out there. The app is very good, but disappoints slightly—I wish there was a bit more done to round out some of the edges, such as more/better functionality for groups/administration and forums, and I wish *regularly* for the conditional move system. You can always visit the desktop website for that stuff, but I miss it a lot on mobile and I can’t fully bring myself to give five stars until at least that stuff is in. (Glad it doesn’t appear to be interrupting my music/podcasts anymore!).Version: 3.8.29

The reason why you going to end up getting this app.Love it, simply the best option. It’s free, it’s simple and easy to navigate-VERY user friendly! Your exposed to and have a wealth of knowledge and real world experience playing other players from the introductory rated player to the 1300 level serious amateurs to the guys well above that that obviously didn’t get there by accident. Also, it’s FREE! A analysis is offered that literally makes every game that you play a valuable learning experience, bc we don’t learn as much with our successes as we do with our failures and that transforms your failure and with a little effort and consistent practice it becomes the source of your strength.., I love this app and their is no comparison I’ve probably spent more hours logged in on this app then all the hours on all the other apps combined and if you took that by two I’d still have more time spent playing chess on this app! 🤯lol.Version: 3.8.88

A fantastic app for all chess levels.As both a programmer and a novice chess player, I can testify a lot of work, and a lot of love, went into this app. A lot of chess apps have the same run of the mill features: play vs. a computer at various skill levels or play online and receive a score that will increase or decrease based on your win ratio. This is fine, but this app decided to go much further. I have never been in a chess club or received lessons, but I’ve always wanted to be a good chess player. You can learn a lot by playing the game a bunch online or against a computer, but you won’t really learn tactics, how to properly set up a board, and everything else one needs to know to excel at the game. This app teaches you all of that and more. They have an advanced version, but I’m doing fine with the free version. I’ve already noticed that my ability to strategize and develop my pieces has increased quite a bit. Chess has became less of a game where I figure it out move by move, but finally something that I can think out and consider. I attribute that all to this app’s lessons. If you’re a beginner looking to develop your skills, or an advanced player looking to brush up on lessons, or a master looking to have fun online, you’ll be able to do all of those things here. I wish app development was typically this good. 10/10.Version: 3.6.31

Game is unfairThe game is ok except it gives the computer abilities to do things that you can’t for instance, if their queen jumps across the board right next to your king, you can’t take their queen to get out of the check making it a checkmate, but if you do the exact same thing the king will take your queen leaving you feeling like you’re crazy. The game stops you from doing certain strategic moves that sometimes force you to make bad plays, for instance you could see an opportunity to change the game with a capture but moved the piece you’re trying to capture with the move before, the game then does not allow you to move that pice and makes you move a different one once again forcing you to make a bad play. End game if you’ve taken all of their pieces and the only one left is their king you have about 3-5 moves until they call it a draw. But if you have only your king left it plays the game until they checkmate you. Could be even 25 moves..Version: 4.1.5 (2067)

Tournament Tab Major IssuesRecently, it appears the tournament section is still experiencing major bugs. When accessing the current daily tournament tab, I have no options to select my tournaments, current tournaments, etc. These drop down menus were available before, but have oddly disappeared. I now have to go through a lengthy, awkward pathway to access and view the tournaments I am currently competing in. Another major issue is the app will not allow me to join tournaments. When I attempt to click the join button, nothing happens. It is not a timeout issue or anything else, and I know this because it won’t even display an error when clicking join. It simply does not work. I love the app and still use it, but seeing as the tournament section has suffered even more issues I have to lower my rating to three stars. Hopefully this can be resolved soon, because this app is still the best overall chess app to use in my honest opinion..Version: 4.1.4 (1668)

Good chess appI really like this app and I enjoy how you can learn lessons from it , but I did notice one issue. It doesn’t properly format on the screen. What I mean by that is that while you can see most of the pieces, you can see the rook located on the far right side on some of the multiplayer options. The function where you play against a computer is perfectly fine. The issue is when you play against local players (the only one I’ve noticed to have issues with thus far). As mentioned previously you are not actually able to see the rook on the right side, you can see the bishop to the left of it by one square, just not the rook or the right most pawn directly in front of it by one row. In addition, you also can’t clearly see the timer to the right of it because it cuts off of the screen. Overall, I really enjoy this game aside from the few formatting issues stated above..Version: 3.9.24 (5)

Yea sirYea sir yea we will be home in about an hour’s hour or so so I just have to go home and get some rest I need a ride home from work tomorrow I have no problem with you and my friend are ygoing to come home and get some food for me so I’ll call you in the morning I will be here for you guys so I will call you later love you guys so much for you guys too and I love it love love you love love mom so much and I will be there in about an half hour and a week so I’ll let it go y love you guys so I love love you guys so much and I haven’t even been in the car love love you guys so much love love you guys so much and I have no problem with that you love love and love your love and miss you so I love love you guys so much love and love love and miss love miss you love miss love you miss you love miss you miss all you miss you love you guys so much miss you miss miss you guys love no problem with it I’m not going.Version: 4.0.6 (1)

Bugs in analysis and IOS app, good overallHi, I have been using this app for a relatively long time on my IOS devices. The the IOS version is still unstable. The analysis may show the same move as best and as inaccuracy or simply show several moves as best. Sometimes bugs happens on another IOS device I own. This error requires app termination in order to be resolved. Eventually, sometimes this lead to loosing games. Sometimes, the app stops working after certain actions with move confirmation. These bugs are what prevent me from buying a subscription I would really enjoy to have. I do not really see the reason to spend money on the analysis that does not work properly on IOS devices. I can provide a screen recording as a proof if you will want it. Also, I have discovered a little bug allowing some players to get advantage over the others. Other than that, the app is really great and I have been enjoying it for more than one year so far..Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Okay, but has some issues that need to be addressedThe app itself is adequate, but somewhat unreliable. It frequently drops connections during a game (and no, it’s not my Internet, because I still have a connection to other sites). So frequently I lose anywhere from 2-6 minutes over the course of a 15-minute game. I’ve lost several games because of dropped connections. And why does losing the connection mean an auto-resign? At worst, it should be a draw. If the connection is lost after I’ve made my move, then just blank the board (so I can’t use the time to think about the board position), and don’t deduct the time from my clock. Another issue is the analysis engine when reviewing the Game Report. I have frequently had cases where I make an alternative move, to see if it would have worked better, and it says “such and such is best”. So I try that move, and it says it’s a mistake! Then it tells me a different move is best! I try that move, and it says no, the other move is best, or it says yet another move is best. I have also had the engine tell me I’ve winning, says by +2.00, but when I make all the moves it says are the best moves, I end up even! I had a game today in which I tried an alternative move, which it said was a mistake. I then made the move for my opponent it said was “best”, and I had a mate in 1! So there is definite room for improvement here..Version: 4.0.12 (1)

Mostly positiveThis app is stellar! Usually downloading a free app grants you 1-2 options and makes you pay for the rest but not this app. Half of everything is open without pay. These features are also not bad they are clearly there to teach not to encourage you to spend money. There is more content here than mostly console games offer today and that is a pleasant surprise. There are some problems like how hard the UI is to navigate, it is like a maze with so many sub menus it’s angering but that’s a small nit pick. Another issue is the Custom games, which really aren’t customizable. I have only been able to move the pawns up one rank and switch out the rooks with bishops. Everything else I do reads the same message of “invalid position” it is so frustrating to want to play something fun and unique only to be stopped because it isn’t what the game wants. This needs to be improved but with the overall quality of the game I’m okay with some small issues..Version: 3.8.66

Bing bang boom5Head.Version: 3.9.1 appLove the app. I’d like to see them implement a board where players can play Grand Chess or Capablanca Chess or other variants. It would add to further exploration of this great game. Also, lessons and interactions with chess masters from all over the world are a great resource to improve one’s skill and are second to no other chess app that I’ve seen..Version: 3.8.72

Mostly goodI can’t seem to find a way to view my tournaments, team matches, vote chess and forums. It could be buried in the app, but then that means an interface change is needed.Version: 3.6.31

Please make horizontal screen available!!!Can you guys add a horizontal screen mode?.Version: 3.9.17 (1)

Not a great learning toolIf you are an avid chess player this is presumably a great app, but as a learning tool it just hasn’t been helpful or enjoyable. There isn’t enough coaching by the computer players to help you improve, the post-game analyzer is very difficult to understand, and playing other humans is essentially pointless because you lose every time. I was hoping that the features would help lessen the learning curve but they don’t and as such I cannot give this app more than an “ok” rating..Version: 3.9.30 (2)

Cool game!!!0w0This game makes me think very well. And it’s interesting i play this game each day cause it’s chess UwU 0w0 TwT >.< OvO UvU =_= (o_o).Version: 3.9.1

Mid-Game Abortion?I don’t know if it was a glitch or something but an aborted message popped out mid-game. How is that possible!?.Version: 3.9.17 (1)

1 complaintThe chat option is terrible and very frustrating. Type 3 letters and it bounces off . It’s not good.Version: 3.8.72

Too many cheatersThey’re too many 800-1200’s that play like they’re 1800’s. The only plausible explanation is they’re using their room temperature IQ to load up an engine and cheat. Very simple and easy to do and it seems many users are doing that..Version: 3.8.72

ÉchecExcellent!.Version: 3.8.55

A Must HaveI honestly can’t recommend this chess app enough. Perfectly crafted, clean and has so many modes and features from puzzles to online lobbies and lessons with videos. Perfect to have on the iPad or tablet to learn, practise and have some fun playing chess… honestly just a must have..Version: 4.1.6 (2119)

Like the practice framsLike the practice frams.Version: 3.6.31

Good!Best chess app!.Version: 3.9.4 (1)

Nice app, Welcome screen is harmful.Nice app. However the splash screen is way too bright. Why can’t it be part of the theme I select?.Version: 3.9.30 (2)

Great chess applicationGreat chess application.Version: 3.8.69

Great GameI wanted to get better at chess and with all the support this game gives you I’ve already improved so much in just 2 weeks of playing.Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

IPad improvements would be welcomeThis program is definitely worth having and enjoyable to use. Some problems: (1) Entering examples manually while studying is supported but it's not possible to save these setups to my iPad (annoying); (2) scrolling through moves using iPad keyboard arrow keys is not possible (also annoying). Overall, a good program but not yet truly designed for focused self-study on the iPad. I have subscribed and I'm looking forward to future improvements..Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

Good game.The game is great but i wish you could make a exact rating for the bot you playing otherwise it’s a great game..Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

YesGood..Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

Best Chess AppI think xQc is rated wrong.Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

Best app everBest app i ever used to learn something.Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

Great app but buggyProbably the best multiplayer chess app. I would give it five stars if not for the fact that I often randomly get disconnected from the game servers even though I have an internet connection. I can tell you how frustrating it is to be winning a game only to “lose” via disconnect..Version: 4.1.8 (2294)

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