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We’ve got weight loss down to a science. With WW (Weight Watchers® Reimagined), all you need to do is be you! Let our new, in-depth personal assessment get to know you first—from there, we’ll scientifically match you with a personalized weight-loss plan. Plus, the new myWW+ has even more of what you need to lose weight. Tap, track, and succeed, in one simple-to-use, award-winning app.

We know that real success comes from tackling the many elements that contribute to weight loss, like nutrition, movement, mindset, and sleep. Download the WW app and enjoy a free trial to see how myWW+ can provide you with more of the tools and support you need to help you reach your wellness goals. It’s our most holistic, most comprehensive program—ever.

Take the myWW+ personal assessment, which gets to know your eating habits and preferences on a deeper level, to get matched with a customized weight-loss plan that can help make losing weight easier. Plus, for the 11th year in a row, we were ranked the “#1 Best Diet for Weight Loss” by U.S. News & World Report in 2021.


Food: Learn to incorporate healthier choices into your diet and lose weight with a personalized SmartPoints® Budget and ZeroPoint™ food list with hundreds of items you don’t need to track. Check out our new “What’s in Your Fridge?” tool (get easy recipe recommendations based on what you’ve got in the house!), handy Barcode Scanner to scan foods, and extensive food database of 300,000 items combined, including over 9,000 WW recipes, 200,000 branded grocery items, and 86,000 restaurant meals to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Activity: The app's activity tracker helps you make progress towards your fitness goals. We'll show you how to sync your fitness device (including Apple Health) and convert your daily moves into FitPoints®, our measurement for activity. Move more with our updated activity dashboard, which shows a clearer picture of your weekly goals and progress over time. We also have hundreds of on-demand, equipment-free workouts from FitOn and Aaptiv that fit easily in your busy schedule right at home.

New tracking features: The WW app now includes a weekly check-in, progress reports, and action plans, plus updated sleep tracking, water tracking, and weight tracking. The sleep-weight connection is real—track it and get science-backed strategies for better shut-eye, and set reminders to try new bedtime routines. Tap the “+” icon in the water row on your home screen and watch the levels rise, and now there’s space to note your mood, habits, challenges, proud moments, and future goals with your weigh-in.

Mindset: When it comes to health and wellness, what’s on your mind is just as important as what’s on your plate. That’s why WW has partnered with leading meditation and sleep app Headspace® to bring moments of mindfulness and 5-Minute Coaching to your journey.


With 24/7 Live Coaching, a WW Coach is on standby via chat to answer any question you may have, or to provide a quick dose of motivation.


If you choose a WW Digital membership in the app, you will be charged through your iTunes account.

For auto-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at the previously selected rate. Your payment will continue to automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours prior to your next renewal date. Your WW Digital membership can be managed or cancelled in your Apple ID Account Settings. The auto-renewing membership plan is billed monthly and gives you access to our Digital tools.

For non-renewing membership plans, your iTunes account will be charged once at the time of purchase and will give you access to WW Digital membership for 1 year.

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WW Weight Watchers Reimagined App Comments & Reviews

WW Weight Watchers Reimagined Positive Reviews

Weight Watchers App is incredible!!!Over the last 20 years I’ve lost weight using Weight Watchers principles a few different times. When I was going to Weight Watchers there was no such thing as an “App” for anything. We went to the meetings, weighed in once a week, and together lost weight and learned to change what we eat. It worked! Unfortunately the three times I reached my goal I eventually lost track and gained the weight back. This has happened once again until recently I decided enough was enough and the first thing that came to mind was how successful I was at Weight Watchers. As I began to look into signing up again it became apparent there was this Weight Watchers App that I could join instead of going to in person meetings, and what with the pandemic still an issue, I decided to give the app a try, so I signed up for it, and downloaded it. I have been using the app for about a week and a half, and find the App to be amazing! There are so many things wrapped up Into the Weight Watchers App I am already becoming very successful with over 5 pounds of weight lost on my goal to lose 60 pounds. The app is extremely user friendly in every way! There is even a scanner that scans to food label and you can find out how many points each food item is. There is a tremendous amount of social media related groups as well where I find fantastic support, recipes, and encouragement! For the price of using the app it is a steal! Truly remarkable!.Version: 9.9.0

I love the WW AppI am returning to WW after many years and the app has improved exponentially! I have used the scanner and it has found everything I have used it on when before it was about 1 out of 10 items would be found. I'm enjoying the smart points system and eating fruit again after toying with Atkins for almost two years. I like that it synchronizes with my Fitbit. One thing that miss is tracking my water consumption. (WW has listened and now has water tracking). I like that recipes are built into the app and the ones I have made have been fantastic! I also think having a place where you could write a daily journal would be a great addition to the app. (WW now has a journal section under the weight tracker). However I think adding it to the daily It could be a great way to note how you were feeling to perhaps help you define if you were emotionally eating and whether you were at a party and that was the reason for consuming a bunch of weekly points and even what your workout was like that day, etc. I just think that would be a great thing to add. Also I have an Apple Watch and I do like the quick add feature and frequently eaten items feature and think it would be great to add a water tracker to the watch app. WW and all of the successful losers have proven that tracking works and this is a wonderful and extremely useful app!.Version: 8.11.0

Rude Customer ServiceMy mom gifted me a year long subscription to help get into shape for when my husband gets home from the Navy. When I opened the app, it insisted on me only paying through iTunes and would not allow me to just put in card information like other apps. Because of this I had to add my moms card info into my iTunes account and set it up at primary. This is irritating because what ends up happening is either I’m paying for the subscription myself (with my card being primary), or she ends up paying for any apps/music subscription/anything already connected to my iTunes Pay (with her card), which is completely ridiculous in my opinion. I called customer service to see if there was a way I could just set a payment method for the app itself and not through any other accounts. The lady I talked to was very rude. Was cutting me off while I was talking, repeatedly told me that it was “not her problem,” and transferred me to iTunes who still were unable to help me because they can’t have cards in iTunes pay that are primary for only some things but not others. I still don’t have any resolution and I wish there was something I could do about this as it seems like it should have been an effortless thing to set up. Even if it is through iTunes pay, maybe have an option to “gift an account” so a different payment method could be used. Very disappointed and sad that I have to make this review without even having the opportunity to really try the program..Version: 7.17.0

I do love the app and the ease of tracking.However, a couple of months ago my app had a glitch. I called in and explained the problem to no avail. I was told I would just have to live with it. I would like to object to this because I feel I should get a correctly functioning app because I need it and also because I pay for it. I do not know my exact loss without looking but it is 31 or 32 pounds or so. Suddenly one day the app showed me loosing over 200 pounds and it showed this several times. If I had really lost as much as the app said I would not exist. When I called they looked at it and could not fix it. They told me to reboot my phone. I did and it did not work. They told me to delete the app which I did and once again it did not work. They said they could not fix it and that I knew how much weight I had lost and I would just have to keep track of it myself. I did not agree with this but did not think I could do anything to correct this so I just moved on. However this really is not fair and I feel you should do something to correct it. You have even sent me charms to celebrate the weight I have not lost. I hope someone really reads this but if you treat this the way I was treated over the mistake I do not have much hope. Anyway I live with the app to track and find point values so I will continue. Thank you Dana Combest -Pucci.Version: 8.3.0

The best nutrition plan I’be EVER tried!My journey with nutrition and exercise in order to improve my overall health has been difficult. I have tried many diets ranging from low calorie to Keto to other crash diets and nothing has ever been sustainable for me. Just over a year ago I decided to give weight watchers a try because I had remembered a family member tried it a long time ago and had some success. Weight watchers has really help me develop a different perspective on eating as I don’t have to necessarily fixate on carbs calories or fat weight watchers really simplifies all of that by using the point system for daily food consumption. This system has been by far the best thing that I have tried and has helped me lose and keep off about 10 pounds since last December. My results could be way better at this point but due to having Covid multiple times and being a graduate student was stressed I fell off the whack in a few times but I am back on and expecting to have a good outcome. Again I feel that this is the most realistic plan one could try as it is flexible, you don’t have to give up fruits or other snacks that you want you just have to be more concerned about the portions that you’re having. Definitely a program that I believe many people could thrive off of long-term..Version: 9.11.0

It’s getting better with each upgradeI first became a WW member 3 years ago, and back then, the app was pretty nice. Unfortunately, my heart wasn’t in the right place and I ended up leaving the program a month later. I gave it a second chance a year ago, and I found the app to be better than the last time I used it, because they added the barcode reader and definitely made tracking easier. I left the program a few months later because I became pregnant, but came back as soon as I could, and I was totally amazed with the upgraded app. It has a way bigger library than it used to, and it’s even more user friendly. The only reason I didn’t gave it 5 stars is because sometimes it’s hard to find some items. For instance, the other day I was looking for “fresh strawberries” in the search engine because I wanted to track it, but because I was searching for other packaged snacks before that, the option list only offered stuff like “frozen strawberries”, “dried strawberries”, “strawberry cereal”, etc. I got tired of scrolling down looking for what I wanted, so I waited to track the strawberries later in the day. I know this could be solved if I save the items I want, so it’s easier for the search engine to figure out what I’m looking for, but sometimes I forget (yes, I suffer from “mommy-brain”). I don’t know if the problem can be fixed, but it would be great if it could..Version: 8.12.2

Life changing!!I was skeptical about WW, but then decided that I’ll never know if I never try. BEST choice in my life. The app is super handy and easy to use. I am not good with technology or social type apps, but this walks you straight through. Beginning to end. It is set up to completely accommodate you, the user. It will ask when you tend to eat the most, what your diet is, what your goals are. It’s wonderful! You can choose whether or not you want to be social with the WW community. I chose not to be and I am glad I made that choice just because there is one downfall... and I realize it’s the internet and there are keyboard warriors out there, but people are not always the most positive, uplifting, or even keep things weight loss related on there. Me personally, I feel, (and maybe this is silly?) that maybe there should be monitoring or something because, I see a lot of post about people being mean to others and that’s not cool no matter what the app is. This in particular though, is supposed to be encouraging and up lifting. This is a life changer for the better quality of people’s lives! That would be my only problem with the app. Otherwise five stars all the way!! To anybody that reads this I hope this helps encourage you to make a step towards making a positive change!.Version: 8.9.1

WonderfulThis is the first time I have used WW and I don’t know why. My wife had great success losing 80 lbs. The cool thing is that she used her points so she could still drink her wine! I had tried Adkins years ago and had success but this time, after several months of stalling - I just couldn’t start, for whatever reason. I looked at Laurie and saw her -80lbs. success and hey- why not try WW? So, I have. And I must say, this App is fantastic. I have an advantage bc Laurie has experience with this, so I can ask her questions and she pretty much knows the answers. That said, this app is the most supportive, complete and informative app of any kind I’ve used. It’s truly designed to help you succeed and keep you on track. It covers so many foods-it’s incredible! The scanner is so convenient! I scan foods at the grocery store, see how many points it is, then either buy it or put it back on the shelf. That’s just one of the amazing things about this app. If you go out to eat, they have a bazillion restaurants in their data base with almost everything on their menu listed. This helps you make the best decision you can if you must eat out. Changing eating habits is tough and this app is there for you. Do it now- commit and this will help you beyond what I can tell you. Good luck!.Version: 9.12.0

WW app and virtual meeting roomsThe app is good. I struggle with accountability, finding it hard to track daily with my busy schedule. I was extremely disappointed when WW decided to shut down the meeting room I have attended and received tremendous support from for the past 5+ years. Kathy Edmonds, our coach in Woodstock and Strasburg, VA was phenomenal. It was her leadership that kept me and so many other members on track and coming back week after week or for lifetime like me, monthly. I made an effort to attend as often as I could, but definitely monthly when we went virtual. I cannot and do not feel comfortable with a new coach who does not know me nor who has invested her time and energy into my journey. When WW decided to shut down Kathy’s workshop, they literally pulled the rug out from underneath us and shut our support system down. For a business that touts support, WW has cut our support in this rural area in VA. I cannot travel 70 miles round trip to weigh in when this pandemic is over and that is what Kathy’s members will have to do. So, please help us out and return Kathy’s workshop to us! I’ll continue using the app and trying hard to be successful, but I’d feel so much better making this journey with my friends who were a part of Kathy Edmonds workshops in Woodstock and Strasburg, VA. Thank you! Yvonne Lytton Lifetime member.Version: 9.3.0

My safe placeNo matter what I need whether it’s encouragement, inspiration, a venting place, a place to share my successes and my struggles, the community that has been created via WW Connect is nothing short of amazing. It’s the salve to everything that is awful about social media. The app keeps getting better and easier to track any food, get recipe ideas, restaurant menus, even see other foods people have created and logged. Activity is tracked as well and you can set any goal you want. My favorite things are: #1 barcode scanner and #2 blue dots. To explain, there are tens of thousands of food items in the WW databanks with points values available for your reference. Immediately upon scanning, you can choose the weight or measurement of that food item and instantly log it in your daily tracker. If I see someone else at the grocery store scanning barcodes with their phone, we can’t help but smile and nod at each other. 😁 The blue dot is a daily “at-a-glance” look at whether you are eating within your healthy points range. Super helpful and also sometimes the source of a weekly challenge I give myself. 🔵👍🌟 If you’re ready to manage your life with a focus on overall health, balance and positivity stop looking anywhere else and start here..Version: 8.14.0

App needs some improvementThe app is convenient for tracking your points & keeping you accountable. It’s efficient when paired with your fitbit. App now tracks your sleep, but why do I have to manually enter information that could be synced from my fitbit? The food list search feature is the biggest weakness of the WW app, in my opinion. Example: If I want to track a hamburger patty, I have to know that I must search ground beef instead of hamburger or I will get a long list of restaurant burgers, meatless burgers, chicken burgers , etc. Items are not sorted, so I have to keep clicking on “more”, only to see that my requested food is not listed. My suggestion would be to have a filter for a basic food items and one for restaurant food. If I am making myself a burger patty at home, the first thing I want to see is hamburger patty-plain, then maybe hamburger patty with egg & breadcrumbs, etc. I constantly have no choice but to pick a restaurant food to log my meals because the basic item is not there. The food list needs much work and I do know there’s an option to add foods myself. I don’t believe it’s the job of the customer to add foods and enter accurate ingredient values for use of all the other customers. WW should really provide a better search experience with the food list..Version: 8.11.0

WW appWW has really transformed diet management with the WW app. If one is serious about understand food and how it affects one’s weight, then this is for you. However, if transferring ownership of what you eat to say: Nutra-System or say Jenny Craig is what you desire, then forget ever making a supermarket a place of visitation. Those previous diet systems choose what you eat, when you eat, and it is almost without the user ( that’s you ) having input. Plus, like the Eagle’s Hotel California, you can check-in anytime you want but you can’t ever leave. That’s because the food is portioned, selected, and packaged per firm by their dietitians. WW is different. With this app and understanding the daily allowance of food accumulation ( known as points ), you accept total control of your food intake. Nothing is off the menu. Surely this lifetime arrangement surpasses anything Hotel California diets can offer. Make your goal weight and the app is forever and it’s free. The best of both worlds ... having one’s cake and eating it too. Plus, visits to supermarkets are part of the fun. It did take me a bit to work into daily tracking but I am sold. I choose WW as my Hotel California because I want to be in control of what I want to eat..Version: 8.3.1

Better Than Meetings!I’ve done the weekly meeting sessions with both JC & WW - the online system with the app is by far and away better in my opinion. First and foremost, it keeps the program front and center on a daily basis. I can easily look back over my progress and gives me their incentive to “stick with it”. Second, the app scanner makes it a snap to find foods that easily fit into the daily/weekly point allotments when shopping. I can creat my own “meals” for things I have everyday, like ‘morning coffee’, and ‘tuna salad dinner’. The app is always right there on the first screen on the iPad, iPhone, and the task bar on my iMax and Windows computers The app isn’t perfect though. I have found that the value returned for a scanned item, on several occasions, doesn’t agree with the values in the nutrition info for the food. A point high or a point low - not a big deal, but I always only use the scanner as a guide. Would be nice if could adjust the scanned info in the App, and save it as a “My Food” item. Taking time to adjust to the App update, but as long as it still supports my continuing the program successfully, it gets 5 Stars. Major Request: How about bringing the Computer Version up to speed? Computer (iMac) version is only a 1 to 1.5 Star system..Version: 9.6.1

Love the App BUT 🔸Need Pic Zoom & 🔸Recipe Print✅💗 I absolutely love the WW app as it makes it easier to manage staying on the program. It allows me to quickly track, find point values and recipes and Connect with other ww members. Connect is one of my favorite features of ww as it offers support anytime, anywhere. Any of the wonderful people on there are quick to talk you down from going off track or talk you up from having a bad day. It also allows me to help others which allows me to help myself. I feel good being able to help others, and that adds to the ‘whole’ of the program. ❌ My only complaints are: 1️⃣ While recipes are quick and easy to find on the app and online, there is no way to print from the app at all (besides taking screenshots and printing the pics), & online it prints the entire webpage with all pics of Oprah and whatever else is on the side there. I love Oprah, but I really just want the recipe on the page. And although some say don’t print them it save trees, people are gonna print. Sometimes we have to. 2️⃣ I want to be able to enlarge the pics posted on Connect. I want to see things better. We can enlarge on other social media such as Instagram, so I’d like to be able to do the same on Connect. Please 🙏🏼.Version: 7.17.0

Very easy to useBoth my husband and I started WW on January 1st, 2019. I decided that if I was going to start WW...AGAIN (for about the 7th time!) that there was no time better than starting on January 1, new year, new me! My goal is to stay on it for the entire year - something I had failed to do in the past. So far, so good! I love the app because it makes my tracking so easy! I simply enter the food I am eating to find the points and the calculations are done for me. I also love how easy it is to track activities. Using the app has made following the plan simple and I think has helped to keep me on track to reach my goal weight. To date, I have lost 17.4 pounds and my husband has lost 30! In addition to weight loss goals, my husband is close to being taken off blood pressure medication and I am hoping to lower my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers - and then avoid starting any medications! There are so many other benefits to the app that one can choose to use: recipes, connections with other WW members, meditation and activity resources,etc. It has a multiple scope of resources to help one achieve success. I highly recommend this app to help with meeting health and weight loss goals!.Version: 7.11.0

ExcellentI had this app when it first launched and it was just ok. I’m back on WW now and the improvements are staggering. The connect feature is so excellent in terms of motivation. Seeing everyone’s progress (and struggles) is massively helpful on one’s weight loss journey. I would give it 5 stars but I’d like to see more sort options in the restaurant areas. For example if I go to a restaurant and want to search foods by points values it would be really helpful to see the lower point items first. Additionally if weight could sync with Apple health that would be very helpful. Right now I have to use a separate app that syncs my weigh ins with Apple health. It is nice to have them stored in both places. Update. It’s been maybe a year? I was not able to stick to the program. The tracking becomes too much for me and more than anything because of how my body responds I lose weight so incredibly slowly I lose motivation. In my 20’s WW worked and I had the motivation to keep going. When you lose roughly 1 lb per month it is just hard. Anyway. For lack of a better health plan I’m attempting to start tracking again as it’s New Years 2021. May the force, Oprah, Kate Hudson and now James Cordon be with me..Version: 9.1.1

Love the concept, UX needs improvementThis is my first time returning to WW in years. I had a lot of success in the past (when we had to write everything down) and wanted to try it again. I love the points concept and how easy it is to understand. HOWEVER, the app is so hard to use.. I work in tech designing apps and I struggled! There is way too much promotional information in every tab, it’s completely overloaded the actual functionality of adding foods, saving recipes, scanning bar codes, etc not to mention made it overwhelming to know what to actually watch/read first. I’m sure there’s great content but idk where to start! The first time I tried to add a food I had no idea how to do it.. I didn’t realize the search bar was the access point to everything. More of the day to day functionality needs to be surfaced on the Home Screen with clear action icons and not 3-4 screens deep hidden behind a search bar. Being able to add foods/barcodes/recipes for future use without tracking would be a great feature. Also, it’s frustrating that only some frequent items show up and not others or any of my saved foods when I’m trying to log meals. This app has so much potential but it seems that content creation and promotional ads were prioritized over the functionality and user experience..Version: 9.3.0

Makes it easy to stay accountableI have done a range of diets through the years, including abig and lasting adjustment away from 252. During the big diet in 2001 which was amazing, i had to look up and calculate everything. This is so much more pleasant. Can scan food at grocery store for smarter choices (yogurt isle was shockingly revealing) have tons of free foods so its less focused on what you cannot have which can increase stress and more focused on what you can which is great. My only beef with WW is their adherence to the faulty BMI system when deciding what is a healthy weight range to see if you qualify for lifetime. I am not about to lose that much strength to play that game. I am actually rather sad about that as i have reached a very healthy goal that i never thought i would see again and was looking forward to the challenge of monthly weigh in’s to keep me on track. But...not at the sink in water weight they want me to maintain at. I can already stand at tge bottom of the pool comfortably. To lose an extra 15 in order to qualify fir lifetime is crazy stupid. BMI is a faulty system. The rest of the program is quite good. I am very glad i have done this. Will work at keeping it off..Version: 7.23.0

Helps keep me on track - free day idea also.Overall, this app helps me keep on track. I love the scanning capability. I don’t like the fact that when I type in “butter” into the search box, it comes up with eight different things before it says, “butter.” At least it does this on my ipad. On the computer, it didn’t seem to do it. Also in regard to searching, on a lot of items it seems like if you don’t type in the exact text that’s on the product you won’t find it. That’s annoying. I should be able to type in the general name of an item and be able to find it. Another thing I’m realizing isn’t helpful, I did switch to using fitness points instead of regular weeklies, but I didn’t lose a pound that week. So obviously you just need to at least stay within your weeklies to lose, and often not use your weeklies at all - at least with me. Just an idea - I just can’t do seven days a week, so I use my weigh-in day as a free day. I try not to go wild, but if I’ve been craving something, I go ahead and have whatever it is, split it with my hubby, perhaps. Might be cool to incorporate a free day, maybe it costs you one day’s worth of weeklies or something or it costs you prize points, like 50 prize points or both..Version: 7.14.0

Great overall, but search could be betterI am loving this app overall and have lost 25 lbs so far with ease. There are good recipes, and Connect is addicting! I do wish the search function for food would improve, though. For generic foods, like fruits and veg, it's great. However, the search for specific foods isn't great. Sometimes, nothing turns up, but when I scan the item, I see several members have added it despite it not turning up in my search. When it comes to restaurant food, I find only limited menu items are available, and if you opt for the non-meat version of a dish, God bless you because the app won't have it. This is one thing the MyFitnessPal app has over WW - I could find almost anything and estimate pretty well if I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I sort of wish WW could go do some recon on MFP and steal a few search ideas. The most frequently-added foods function could be better, too. The same food cannot appear under two different meals, and there is no multi-add option. The recipe search is a bit hit-or-miss as well. These are minor gripes overall, though. This app and program have allowed me to get my act together and even lose weight on vacation because it's all very livable..Version: 8.5.0

WW has been so thoughtful with this appWW set out to make a tool for their members. One that is all encompassing. Through their thoughtful and caring means, the end is divine. They considered food, activity, & mindset all in one app that not only covers each area but also equips each of us as we take on our journey to health, wellness and weight loss. With the ability to walk into a grocery store, scan a barcode and instantly know the “Points value” of a food, I can shop healthy and proactively without fear. I can also pair my activity tracker so I know the value of each activity I complete. WW also gives me the encouragement right in the app to stay on track and make lifelong habit changes that result in healthier living. Whether it be on Connect, a member only social media platform or through inspiring articles, recipes or workout regiments. This app has been the most helpful tool I have ever had when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. It is virtually essential for lasting weight loss and a helpful hand for those that wish to hold onto that healthy life after they conquer the unhealthy habits they had in their life prior to their journey to wellness. Joining WW has changed my life and this app has been key!.Version: 7.16.0

WW appI love it. The app makes entering meals and activity easy and fun. I am having a little trouble searching for “ingredients” rather than pre-cooked food items by national restaurants and chains from my iphone. I figure that’s a “picnic” and it doesn’t usually affect my otherwise very positive experience with the app. And I love Connect! I go there to see the many virtual kindnesses that people extend to people who are struggling and need some support. That tells me that the community works together to hold that space for people who need that support with the challenges of weight loss, body image, gender roles, physical health issues, mental health challenges, addictions, and healing in our country where bullying, racism, and other societal problems that divide the usa and many other parts of the world. I give some of the credit for that to Oprah whose own healing from adverse childhood experiences and the role she created for herself as a leader in American culture for the health and well-being of Black people, all women, and other American minority people. Go, WW. Thanks from me. And I’ve lost about 16 pounds since June 3rd or so. Appreciate the support from the lifetimers, coaches, member chefs who have blogs for recipes. Cool community..Version: 8.17.1

Love WWWW program with use of this app has truly changed my life for the way better! Love this program, but I agree with a few other members with all these updates that continue to change the layout which is annoying. 1) top area of app is too narrow when trying to select to type in the "search food & activity" and the "scanner" 2) when on Connect wish could access the "trending" "new" "following" at any point without having to scroll all the way back to the top, we were able to access at any point before upgrades 3)for some reason when trying to access my food "favorites", does not load all items that I have added, stops loading items when reaches the "W's" and I continually have to rescan or use the search food. 4) it’s annoying when the app is fine and then changes are made on items that do not need to be changed making it more difficult to use instead of user friendly, like before used to be able to select a time of day (Morning,noon,evening icon) to enter food item, if I wasn’t able to enter at time of eating, and now it wants to default to current time of day at time I’m at entering food data and I have to go back and reset each time and there are other app changes that are just making it more time consuming to use.Version: 6.10.1

What happened?????First, the program itself works. It’s helped me lose 95 lbs and keep it off for 14 years. When I slip, it gets me back on track. I love that there are lots of preloaded foods. Part of what’s made me stay is the personalization. The worst part of any new food tracking program is setting it up. I tried Noom & returned due to all my saved foods & portions here. Now you’re diminishing that value by continually making it harder to track & get to My Food. First you split Food & Recipes. Then you moved quick add & My Food to the bar at the top. Now I put in the exact name & I can’t get to some of my recipes without going to My Food & searching. Others I have to type the whole name where I used to just type part. I search Mixed Fruit & get greens, milk, ribs & cobbler—no fruit??? I eat the same things most days. You should ask me if I’m going to eat XYZ again. Reduce steps don’t add. Are you trying to push your recipes on me? Sort by frequently used & filter by my saved foods without having to go to a different screen. Also, change up the weekly messages after weigh ins. It’s gotten so I don’t have to read them. I know exactly what they’re going to say. How hard would it be to at least add a few more to the rotation? Honestly I feel like you’re just phoning it in with those..Version: 8.18.0

First real app that visibly holds me accountable for what I eatI love this app. I have struggled with weight loss for over ten years now. Well I guess you can’t really struggle when you haven’t put forth an effort of trying to lose weight. However, this app is helping to change my mindset and the ways that I usually eat. I’ve been so used to eating whatever I wanted when I wanted that I forgot about the consequences. I was a gymnast for fifteen years and nationally ranked judo player for years but my mentality was that of, “I’ll keep this fit body forever.” Well it turns out you are what you eat. So it is the new year of 2020 and I have started this weight watchers program and intend to use it to get to my goal of 90 pounds lost. This app helps me see what I can and cannot eat and what I should eat less of. The point system visually lets you know that the choices you make are ones that will either benefit you or break you. So I choose wisely. We are in this together and this app has the community to back it up. There is nothing but support and groups of people that actually know the real struggles we face as an individual and as a group. This is a life changer..Version: 8.3.0

My personal story from Ron of Frankfort IllinoisUsing this app makes your life tremendously easier !! Whether it’s at your house or someone else’s great choices can be made without stress added. Before joining weight watchers it took 12 months to lose 40 pounds .Then I went off gained 12 pounds in 4 months. Joined weight watchers and lost 20 pounds in just 4 weeks ,without zero exercise except stretching in bed during commercials. All while eating more than double the amount of food then I could eat before . Good choices and not skipping is key!!! This is a permanent life style not a diet!!!Im leaving for a trip to south padre island and I’m bringing snacks and dressing with me ,So again no stress about what to eat ! My total success came because my wife realized she needed a life style change to!! It took me along time to get her to see that . But my thinking is better later than never!!! Having a spouse life style change with you brings permanent successes. There is no longer pies lying around constantly helping to make bad emotional eating choices. So thanks again wife for working together. I hope this helps other people that working together really brings body and soul health..Version: 6.7.0

Linda BrinkmanI love the app for tracking plus reading how WW’s are doing with their losses. I also love the graph of my progress. I find it difficult to find all restaurants that we like to frequent. This makes tracking difficult, as I have to itemize every single ingredient. I cook a lot at home and itemize the same way. I have been a WW for many years. Quit and returned four times. Trader Joe’s must have WiFi as I can track there, but three Safeway’s in Walnut Creek and Alamo plus Pleasant Hill, CA had no WiFi in the store making tracking impossible. Meetings are excellent and we all love, Mary, our guide and leader. We meet at the Tice Creek Gym on Monday’s in Walnut Creek at five p.m. The room is full and there are usually sixty plus people there. Two Safeway’s now use Wi-Fi. I have not been consistent with my mindfulness these past months. Stress, love of sweets and forgetting about moderation has been a heavy weight on my back. Please send Oprah Winfrey to our meeting on Monday afternoon at five p.m. at Tice Valley Gym in Walnut Creek. I never miss meetings and am honest in my tracking. I need a read boost! I am a very active senior who uses a Walker due to back issues. I help many others and have trouble helping myself. Lovely Linda.Version: 7.17.0

Easy useful app!This app is so easy to use and navigate! It’s never frozen up or given me problems (which is amazing in app world). I really like the iPad version but that could be because it’s a bigger screen and the keyboard makes typing in for tracking easier. The phone app is great when grocery shopping because I can pull up the barcode scanner and see the points associated with different foods. That feature has saved me from buying things that I thought would have had lower points than they did. I also love all the recipes so readily accessible on the site. I star my favorites and also add my own recipes so I can keep track of them as well. Looking up meal points by restaurant name is a cool feature but there are many popular places in my area that aren’t included in the list of restaurants so that’s probably the least useful feature of the app for me. If they expand it to include regionally popular restaurants, then it would be more beneficial to me. But, I try to fix my own food at home for the most part so really, this app is excellent for helping me be mindful about what I’m eating along with my activity level..Version: 7.11.0

So nice and easy to useI started mid January on weight watchers and I can honestly say if you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off this is the way to do it. There’s absolutely no reason to be hungry to set yourself up to fail. There’s room for days when you need to eat or cheat, whatever you’d like to call it. In any event this diet should work for every lifestyle and you should not go hungry. I do not drink alcohol so I don’t know how that factors in but the points are the points. I often time say to myself and my partner, I don’t know how I’m losing weight with all of this fruit that I eat. Sometimes I eat 4 to 6 servings of fruit a day. I also treat myself to the weight watchers snack bar peanut butter and chocolate. It’s like two bites and enough to satisfy the sweet tooth urge for two points. I also had a revelation about microwave popcorn which also is satisfying. I just got a healthy pop from jolly time of 100 cal bags. I was just about to check out the points and the review option came up. Well happy trails to all of you in your journey with weight watchers but I just don’t think you’ll find it all that much of a challenge if you’re a newbie.Version: 9.12.0

Keep on countingEven though I am lifetime and I am below my goal I still depend on this app to keep myself in check. Any new products I say or new restaurants I have not been to before I pull out my phone and check the points. Getting it off was a battle but keeping it off in the war. And I do not ever want to go back where I was. As of this morning I have lost 54 pounds and I am thrilled with what I have done. Don’t ever give upAnd don’t ever stop trying to make yourself better and happier. And with this app I feel I always have a friend with me to keep poking me and say hey that’s too many points. I am still way below my goal and use this app every day. It keeps me on track and helps me decide what to eat Ahead of time So I can plan ahead for each day. If you think this is a pain well maybe it is but I have decided I’m worth it and I’m doing this for me. I’ve got this thank you very much it. This is my third time commenting on this app I can never say enough good about it it is helping me immensely to keep my weight down and I don’t think I could’ve made it without this app please continue with it and thank you for doing it I love it.Version: 9.14.0

Love the WW appJoined WW online/meetings 1-5-19. I have used the app every day since. I log every bite I eat including the zero point foods. I’m down 21.4 lbs. and use every aspect of the app, Including: connect, food check in, activity check in, recipes search, and food and recipe creations. I do have a few suggestions. I wish there was some consistency in the units of measure. I think all items should have teaspoon, tablespoon, cups, and ounces. Using serving as a unit of measure is very confusing. You have to look back into the recipe and see how much a serving is. If it’s for meatballs it should say two meatballs equals one serving etc. Additionally I suggest that you go through and load all of the recipes from all of the WW cookbooks that you have for sale and distribution. Many of the recipes in the Comfort Food by Eric Greenspan I could not find in the app. Stuffed cabbage for instance. Somebody on your team should load them all. Especially if you’re promoting the cookbooks. Finally I wish that connect would have the ability to do you more than side-by-side photos. It would be great if you could do a collage of four or five photos..Version: 7.9.1

Overpriced, needs improvementI decided to give Weight Watchers a try when they offered a reduced cost for an introductory period. I felt I needed a boost to my dietary regimen and also was looking for a way to improve my Type II diabetes numbers. I opted for the 6-month intro, and after 4 months I have, indeed, learned a lot and improved my health and lost weight. HOWEVER! I've also used My Fitness Pal for over 10 years, it's database is superior to the WW database, data entry is more intuitive, and virtually all the same types of community support options are available through MFP as through WW, but for a fraction of the price (if you opt for the MFP paid version, which I prefer to the free version). While using WW, I have simultaneously continued to use MFP, and will continue the lessons I've learned from WW but for much less cost. The WW interface is, I feel, lacking in functionality. I find myself using MFP first, and now only using WW as a check on my carb and fats intake. I've now adjusted my MFP daily nutritional goals to reflect the kinds of goals I learned from WW, so for the limited time I've used WW it was worth it, but not on a continuum..Version: 6.9.0

Love it - but it could use some tweaksI love the WW app. It does make following the plan so much easier and fun as the say. I can updated at work or check points sometimes when I am out. There are a couple features that are missing from the app though. I would like to be able to label and save a meal so I do not have to enter the separate components each time I eat it. You can only label and save meals on the Internet site. Also, scrolling back through dates is a pain. You have to go through each day, one by one. They need to make it so a calendar pops up like on the Internet site so you can easily jump to and view a previous date. WW is a great program that works and this app helps me searchable and tracks and stay on course. * Above components have been improved. Having trouble now with teaching ahead. When I swipe right to track on a future date, it works correctly with first food and then puts all the following foods on today’s date. *Updating barcodes from grocery and updating restaurants is so important for WW to do now with so many 0-point foods on Purple, the calculator is not accurate.Version: 9.1.1

Great app for great programI’ve heard of Weight Watchers for several years now but just didn’t realize how beneficial it would be for me. I thought the program was just for losing weight but turns out it’s really helpful for just learning how to eat better. In fact, it almost becomes kinda like a game... you have this many points; how do you choose to spend them? If you *really* love that food that you know you shouldn’t, then just eat really super healthy all day long before you splurge on that one meal. Or, if you don’t want to use up all your points at once, and don’t want to eat super healthy the entire day, then you can choose to spend some points at each meal. Maybe you want bacon with your eggs and chips with your sandwich... you can do that as long as it is all in moderation. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods completely... as long as you eat well overall. I love that. The app itself is great. It’s super easy to use and I love how you can favorite a meal if it’s something that you eat often. I actually wish I would have downloaded this app sooner... I could have been eating healthy all along!.Version: 7.15.0

Love the WW App!I did WW several years ago, before there was an app. I lost weight, but as soon as I reached goal I quit tracking points because it was such a pain to go into my home office and track after each meal, especially after eating out. If I was on vacation or away from home on business, I couldn’t track at all. Without tracking, I got back into old habits and slowly gained the weight back over the years. I started again on WW last July and the app makes a world of difference! When I go out to eat, the app is with me on my phone! Away for business or pleasure? The app is with me! Also, they have automatic entries of points for many national restaurant chains. I used it when I went to Olive Garden and Outback with my mother, and I was able to find delicious, sensible things to eat! My phone is always with me, so it makes it super easy to look up point values, make decisions, and track. In short, I love the portability of the app and I love its features. There’s also the ability to chat with a WW coach 24/7! I plan to be using the app and tracking for the rest of my life so I can maintain all my hard won losses..Version: 9.14.0

Nothing is perfectThe app is a helpful tool to have on the journey of living a healthy life. For all the good things there are some things that need fixing/tweaking. The barcode scanner is great. I'm not sure if there is maximum number of foods that can be stored in the scanned list but foods that I've previously scanned are not there. Tracking foods/meals is easy. Having frequently used items is convenient. Reviewing previous entries is a bit of a pain. You have to scroll, slowly, back through EVERY DAY instead of just going to a specific day. Having a water tracker on the home screen would be helpful. I use another app to keep me on track with water consumption. The weight tracking feature is good. The auto generated messages are cute and encouraging. The WW social media outlet, Connect, is like going to a meeting whenever you want! But....after using other (FREE) media outlets, certain features are expected. The ability to see things you've liked would be helpful. To "refresh" your feed requires scrolling, manually, back to the top!🙄. I'm committed to my lifestyle change so I'll continue to use the app..Version: 8.7.0

Love the way WW is evolving! Changed my life!I’ve been a WW member on and off for 30 years. I am so impressed and overjoyed for all the changes WW is making to their program and app. It’s so easy to track your meals and activity now. They’ve just included sleep tracking too with access to meditation before bed at Headspace. They’ve incorporated exercise videos of all time lengths. They’ve added the ability to include feelings and journal what made you successful or what you struggled with. Countless more things like online support from WW community and helping you meal plan with ingredients currently in your pantry. Great recipes too!!! Gone are the days of bland boring meals. Plus you now earn real rewards for your successes. WW you are blowing up the old diet mentality and giving us tools we need!! Well done!!! I am a HUGE FAN!! My husband has lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks and I’ve lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks. This is a huge success for us and the longest we’ve followed program since 1989 and I owe it to the fantastic changes you’ve made to the program that help me stay focused on my health journey. I haven’t been this hopeful in decades..Version: 8.24.1

Best launch into a healthier you...This app and the programs you can choose from are an awesome way to launch into a new health routine. The recipes and ease at finding foods is second to none. Scanning food into the app is a breeze and the database of obscure foods that have been added by other WW members is really impressive. I found the speed at which I could log my previous meals was far faster than any previous app I had used before. The gamification of the point system is exactly what millennials like myself easily adhere to and crave. Above all the 24hr support was the most impressive feature of the entire app. Any question any time I had someone answering me via text chat within moments. The only place where I feel like the app let me down was how the programs view healthy fats like avocado, nuts, grass fed butters, olive oils, etc. I personally feel like these are healthy options that can be added to your diet in moderation with beneficial affects. However the severe point accumulation for eating one of these foods was prohibitive towards your daily goal. Other than that this is a smart, quick and easy way to get started and keep you going for your first 90 days or so..Version: 8.13.0

Love the App!Easy to use, and helpful for every pillar of the My WW+ Program. I can scan bar codes to help me decide what to purchase right there at the grocery store! Sometimes it is easier to say, “No” once. The 5 min Coaching has amazing 1-5 min Audio files to help with stress, setting an intention for the day, and so much more. You can easily access the Weekly Topic and techniques on the Discover Tab. It is nice to be able to go back to older techniques, too! Great follow up tool! I also love the filter section under Discover Recipes- You can filter to your specific dietary needs and preferences. Once you set it up as Gluten Free, egg free, lunch ideas, etc... you will only see the recipes that interest you. You can also type in ‘No cook’ or ‘One pot meals’, and again, you only see those types of recipes. We have two free activity tabs, too! They are filled with activities- Audio or Video based on your preferences- You can filter these to meet your activity level as well as upper body, lower body, strengthening, etc..The Restaurant section is a game changer for eating out. The WW App is a very useful tool. Loveeeee it!.Version: 9.10.0

My Recipes section in app needs helpWhile adding recipes to the app you are able to put preparation instructions for each ingredient, ie chopped, divided (ingredient used in 2 separate places/ amounts in recipe), separated (eggs). The problem is that when you look at the recipe to actually make it, none of those prep instructions appear. Another thing is you have to put the total amount of an ingredient instead of putting it in twice. For example, a recipe has a topping that you make separately from the main part, but both the main part and the topping use sugar. With the problem I mentioned first, even if you put in the prep instructions that the amount of sugar is divided, this instruction doesn’t show up unless you click on each specific ingredient as if you were editing the recipe. I understand that the recipe section isn’t made to be your recipe box, it’s just so you can get the points value of a serving. It’s just annoying to have to add 2 different amounts of an ingredient together before inputting it; then if you should use the recipe in the app to make it in the future, you aren’t able to see that the amount shown is a TOTAL rather than 2 separate amounts..Version: 7.11.0

Generally good with a few exceptionsApp is generally excellent and easy to use. Dailey pages, weight goals etc clear and good. My two criticisms are that the data base of foods is not nearly as comprehensive as it should be, especially for home cooked items, raw ingredients and things that aren’t from a chain restaurant. Not infrequently I cannot find a good match. Second, there are items that will pull up in general, like anchovie paste, but would not pull up as an ingredient that I wanted to add to a custom recipe. And I couldn’t even find red vermouth, for example, at all. Another big criticism of something that should be easy to fix is that when you click on a meal (as in breakfast) for the day, there should be a direct button for going to your own created recipes, to choose from those and not have to remember what you titled it to search for. Also, it would be nice if you could go to your meals for the previous, or a recent, day and say something like “repeat” for the current day. It only appears to let you switch or update it to the current day but that then screws up the past day’s accuracy. For a world class app, these are convenieces that should all be built in to make it easier and more intuitive to use..Version: 7.9.1

‘Smoothed’ full journey weight graphs are incorrect and uselessFirst: The x axis says the month but not the year, and is at weird (13?) month intervals, so you can’t really visualize your journey. Second: the graph downsamples all of my weight recordings to wide x-month (13??) intervals, so I don’t get any sense of my full journey. This is highly misleading and uninformative — what do I care how much I weighed at 13 month intervals? Why did I bother tracking it weekly? Third: I guess in some half-hearted attempt at trend graphing, the weight journey curve is some kind of cubic spline interpolated through the severely and arbitrarily downsampled time points. This completely misses and aliases important periodic trends, overshoots the nadirs and peaks, and makes the data look smoother, in an incorrect way, than it actually is. Whomever programmed this part of the app is clearly not an experienced data modeler — I’m guessing a coder who found a couple of plotting functions and put aesthetics over accuracy... To be fair, it’s challenging to find a way to represent trends in inconsistently sampled data, but this ain’t it. Even just plotting every weight record as a dot would be a major improvement. And then maybe a loess (1-3 month) window-based smoother to show the trend over time..Version: 8.3.0

Weigh To GoI have been to Weight Watchers a few years back and always struggled with the point system. I mostly just lost my weight by watching what I ate and working out. Club members always talked about the point system and how they loved it and I would sit there and listen and not say anything about my confusion with the points. I joined again two weeks ago, and this time I love using the WW app. I don't have to worry about counting the points as it does it for me. It took me a week to figure it out and watched some UTube videos to help me. I love how I can put in my own receipes, check favorites and there it is. I love how my Garmin sync's and shows my fit points and takes off a few points. I have tried a few of their receipes as well. I am not into the chats but this app makes my life of trying to lose weight a much happier experience..Version: 5.16.0

FriendlySo easy!! Very helpful assistance 24/7,,.Version: 9.8.1

Weight WatchersEasy to understand app. Facilitates tracking of food and activities. Can link Fitbit to track movement and award FitPoints. Clear and easy to read.Version: 5.16.0

App reviewThe best app for healthy life change.Version: 9.14.0

Ww appFairly often there are times when the app is down and I am unable to log my daily food intake. When I get back on I’ve forgotten points because it’s probably the next day.Version: 8.4.1

Very helpfulLove planning my day seeing my weight finding recipes.Version: 9.14.0

My right hand!Keeps me aware all day.Version: 9.14.0

The appJust love my WW app it’s vey helpful.Version: 9.14.0

Review for WW appLove this app, very user friendly.Version: 9.14.0

Love this App!Extremely helpful and so motivating!.Version: 9.14.0

AppSo user friendly and so many foods listed.Version: 9.15.0

Ww AppThis is a fantastic app! It takes a little while to learn how to navigate the app and learn where everything is, but once you use it you learn quickly. It is very easy to enter foods and quickly correct little mistakes. For example if I accidentally enter a food in Breakfast instead of lunch it is very easy to change it. I really like the recipes which are delicious. A while ago I felt like lasagna so typed it in the food window and up popped several recipes to try. I enjoy reading the Connect posts which are very motivating. The 24/7 chat line is fantastic and they have always been able to help me with technical questions. The 5 minute coaching is great as well. App is super value for money..Version: 9.14.0

Helps keep me on trackOnce I got used to the navigation of this website, I really found it helpful in staying on track with my daily points. There is a lot of information here, it was just a bit confusing, at least for me, to figure out how to navigate. Now that I have been on the program for a few months, I continue to go to the app to track my meals and for a bit of inspiration when I need it..Version: 9.14.0

What’s not to love?This app makes tracking so easy - food, sleep, water, activity. It’s all there in one convenient place. Love it!.Version: 9.14.0

The Ww appLove it. So handy and helpful. Have tried the recipes very good and easy. Have served some of the recipes to company and nobody knew they were eating WW recipes.Version: 9.14.0

WWWW is the best health and life change I have ever made. ❤️🙏.Version: 9.14.0

ScannerI especially love the scanner when I am grocery shopping. If the points r too high I don't buy it!!! 👏👏.Version: 9.14.0

ExcellentLove this app, love the program..Version: 9.14.0

Love itKeeps me focused.Version: 9.14.0

ApplicationAvant je faisais du à peu près, maintenant je l’utilise plusieurs fois par jour!.Version: 9.14.0

It’s working for me!Weight watchers works when I dedicate myself to tracking my food & staying active.Version: 9.14.0


Easy to useWould love ability to track water and better data for restaurants.Version: 9.14.0

Helps make great food choicesLove the recipes, the ease of tracking and the blue dot reminders when I’m eating healthy food. Positive reinforcement is a bonus..Version: 9.14.0

ReviewThis app has helped me immensely. It has helped me wh8e I am doing great and it has gotten me back on track when I’m away for a bit...Version: 9.14.0

SuccessEasy to use, keeps me in hand, !.Version: 9.14.0

Love this appAlso for exercise! Encouragement!.Version: 9.14.0

I just love itEasy to use a lot of options great recipes easy to change what you’re going to eat depending on the point you can really play around with it it’s perfect I hated the writing and I never did it now I do.Version: 9.14.0

Really impressed!The program is so much easier to follow using the app!.Version: 9.14.0

Like the APPI like the APP but think an additional tracking of fruits and veggies would be ideal. I have always said that if we track our water, fruits and veggies making sure we fulfill health guidelines in these areas would be good. Plus a daily reminder of healthy eating..Version: 9.14.0

Love it!Easy to use!.Version: 9.14.0

HandyEverything I need is right there. Took a while to get the hang of it but now I really like it..Version: 9.14.0

The only thing that has helped me lose weight!Can’t say enough good things about WW! Please add more restaurant dishes to your database!.Version: 9.14.0

LOVE THE APPWorks great!.Version: 9.14.0

Great App!Great app has helped me tremendously with my weight loss journey!.Version: 9.14.0

Easy and FastThe WW app is so easy!!! Who needs a pen and paper! The scanner is amazing!.Version: 9.14.0

OpinionLike the app as can go online anytime I am away from home.Version: 9.14.0

Great AppI just love this app! I love the bar scanner. I have been a WW member many years ago and this app makes it sooo much easier to track and figure out points. I used to have to use a slide rule device based on the nutritional information. This is so much better. I joined( rejoined) during this pandemic and the connect has been so helpful when I needed it. I like that psychology is also considered. I like the idea of the mindfulness recording. These recordings help to change some psychological aspects of staying on the program..Version: 9.14.0

Great app!Really helpful and easy to use.Version: 9.14.0

WW AppLove it, keeps me motivated!.Version: 9.14.0

Runningurl43This holistic app guides me in enjoying my best life!.Version: 9.14.0

ThanksIt works great for me.Version: 9.14.0

FantasticThis app is so easy to use..Version: 9.14.0

TrackingWorking nights is hard when you come home tired in the mornings I am happy that I am able to still track my food whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner. Thanks for that option.Version: 9.14.0

Relax and stretchStretch.Version: 9.14.0

Love it and very helpfulLove this additional tool for my weight loss journey. The app is user friendly and has so many useful features. I had been key to my loss of 50+ lbs. I won't be without it. Great community of supportive people using the app also. If I could suggest one thing, it would be nice to be able to direct message other users..Version: 9.14.0

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