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Twitter Positive Reviews

Days Gone ByThings with twitter use to be great then you started with this censoring crap. Even if we strongly disagree with someone that is what made twitter fun. When you first started you advertised your product as an avenue to voice our opinions. It didn’t matter if the opinions were wrong or even untrue we could still say them. If choice words were used or they were offensive the customer had the options to block that tweet or report it to you. However, we were not stopped or hindered in anyway of saying what we thought, felt, or believed. But these are “Days Gone By”. We can no longer do that and in many cases we can’t even read the opinions of others. Censorship and curtailing a person right of freedom of speech is wrong, just plain wrong on so many levels. Twitter you should wake up before it’s too late. The handwriting is truly on the wall..Version: 8.48

OpinionI love twitter and have always loved twitter until they updated their rules and policies. they are too strict for my linking now. i’m not understanding how tweeting in bold texts or following/unfollowing too many ppl at once or even tweeting how you feel about a certain political issue can be looked at as a threat. i understand if someone is giving misleading information or threatening someone else but some of their rules just doesn’t make any sense and is uncalled for. Also, i don’t like how you can’t use the same number for multiple accounts. It also says you can in their rules and policies but it won’t let you do it and they need to take that out of their rules so it won’t be misleading. i don’t like having to tweet and then delete my tweets cause i’m overthinking that it’s against twitters rules when it’s not. i respect their rules and policies but i just feel some of them are too strict and not really harmful to be considered a threat..Version: 8.39.1

Opinion is mine.It’s a lot better than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumbler, Tic-Toc, or anything else. The reason being that Twitter is for the highly intelligent people as philosophers and tweet out their ideas. Scientists can throw out new discoveries in 280 characters or less. There is a wealth of fact accounts which tweet old facts. Bots that do what ever that not was programmed to do. There are many webcomic artists and artists in general. News travels quicker around the country or world. Movie trailers, game trailers, show trailers, et cetra. This was my first social to media to own an account on, and for that reason it will be the most idealistic way to experience it. Trust me I’ve been way more active in my iPhone’s account than my PC’s account. My PC’s account was my original while my iPhone’s account came second. Despite this you shouldn’t need any other social media to experience one like this..Version: 8.1

CHANGED THE WAY REPLIES LOOKThe replies now look different. They looked different earlier in the day, and the change looks sort of like it went back to the way it did before the previous design for the reply interface. Obviously, the way the app looks is subject to opinion, if people like the way it looks or not, so I’m not saying the app is horrible just because I hate the change. I love Twitter and use it every day. I also have autism, and I get set in to my routines and I and other people with autism take change very poorly, and it legitimately causes us great distress when things change from how we’re used to. Since the design of the interface is simply an aesthetic difference, I would be so so so happy if there were a choice as to how the tweets be displayed, because the frustration and discomfort from the change is hard to describe..Version: 8.43

Needs to be tweakedTwitter is not what it’s cracked up to be. While it is a good site and I enjoyed it as far as the making friends and the camaraderie and discussions. But after only being on the site for almost 3 months. Given her 24 hours Suspension then a one-week suspension for supposedly offensive tweets! Now I have been suspended for four months. Have no idea why. All attempts To get in touch with or communicate with Twitter have been in vain! All I get is the company line we will try to solve this within two or three days although it may take longer. And this is been for four months now! No courtesy of a reason why I was suspended no communication whatsoever! And anything I said on Twitter was not near as bad as some of the Liberals have put on there and still have their accounts. Would really like to have my Twitter account back but something needs to be done with some of the people who are letting their politics influence who is tweets they don’t like and suspend people for!.Version: 7.38.1

User since ‘09Yeah, there may be uncomfortable discourse. Aside from that, I have met so many people with different perspectives. It’s amazing the vast opinions one comes across using this platform. I created this account when I was in 6th grade, now I’m a university student. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get on this app to read about what is going on in the world, what people are saying, and the funny things people post. The updates since then have been: dark mode, threads, fleets, square avatars to circles, lists, group sharing. This is one app that I have stayed consistent to. Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, Facebook cannot compare to the freedom one has on Twitter. Some will not understand where I’m coming from on that statement. But for those who do know why I have stayed for this long. Keep sharing your perspectives. We all come from a different path..Version: 8.52.1

Fake Accounts Solution.To whom it may concern, First, I want to say that twitter is often a place where me and my friends come to get confirmation about any major News that is happening or that had happen, weather it’s big event or small, weather it’s close to home or around the world. In my humble opinion I believe that Twitter’s hush tag is the best feature about this app. By combining all the users “the world’s opinion” in one place is amazing, and is something no other media platform can do better than Twitter. But what make this experience unlikable is the fact that too many users use fake accounts to spread false information and bully other users because know they can’t be “seen”. This is big problem because one fake page can bully 100 real accounts in one day, and if they stopped using Twitter it will be detrimental to this platform. As a computer scientist I know solving this problem is not that difficult. Sometimes the solution for the toughest problem already exist somewhere else, our job is to find it and implement it. I wish Twitter would adopt some of methods “dating app” already have in place to verify if the user’s account is real by asking the user for a front camera selfie and compare to their profile picture. Sincerely, Vanderley.Version: 8.18

So far so goodAll things considered, Twitter is a magnificent phenomenon. The company seems to have gotten much better about its behavior toward its users. We all knew signing on that it has its rules. We agreed to them. In all fairness however, Twitter has also broken its own rules to the detriment of its guests, and has been a bad actor regarding its bias against profiles that may differ from the political opinions of those who work at twitter. That said, working with limitations often forces us in a good way to refine our thoughts more creatively, and subsequently more clearly. What a great thing for us all to have an outlet for our pain, confusion, humor, love of animals, joys... I’d like to see Milo Yiannopoulous and James Woods be allowed to return, and I’m sure there are others who were unjustly banned or suspended who we would be better to be back with us. Like I said, all things considered :).Version: 8.5.5

Just an opinionTwitter allows regular people an opportunity to share their thoughts that everyone may not agree with, but it is a thought that is important to that individual. Unfortunately some ideas and thoughts are not good for all to hear, but being able to read and see what others are saying gives us insight and a opportunity to learn how others feel. Maybe through knowing that thought we can become more understanding and human. Maybe! Everyone at some time or another have an opinion and some are not healthy, but we need to hear them in order to understand why people feel the way they do. America can show the world a better way once Americans heal the wounds and scars of its past. We can take the ideas of a free nation and make it reality if we the people truly want to, but we can’t do it with lies!.Version: 8.67.2

FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS!I used to use this app all day, everyday. It was my go to for just about every piece of news or information that interested me. But somewhere along the way it developed a bug that has driven me to the point of never opening it anymore. If you open the app it almost immediately tells you that you have a message. When you tap on the messages tab there is nothing there and the notification goes away. But if you then close the app, there is now a red bubble notification on the badge. Open the app again to see what it is and once again it says you have a message. And there’s nothing there!!! For someone with mild clinical OCD this is absolutely maddening. It’s to the point now where I won’t open the app at all. This review would go from one star to five if they would just fix this..Version: 7.52

Fake accountsI use Twitter everyday and find it a valuable tool to catch up with current events. Although every time I see a trending topic there are obvious fake accounts trying to sway opinions. There are many politically motivated accounts that just spread propaganda. It’s gotten unbearable. It’s time that Twitter takes the initiative to not allow this to continue. Also, it may appear that “famous” people have millions of followers the fact is a large portion of those followers are not real accounts. When there is a large scale trending topic, with mostly bogus accounts spreading deception, it’s time to take action against it. Contact me if you need me to show you what I’m talking about. I see it all the time and I’m not sure there is a way to report it. It’s obvious and apparent the most pressing issue facing Twitter. Please do something about it..Version: 7.15

The best social media app. Hands down.Twitter is the perfect social media website to, expresses yourself and connect with everyone around the globe. You can chat with your local friends, stay on top of the latest trends and news. Even tweet directly to your favorite celebrity, corporation, ANYONE (with an account) !! The best part is you’re not be required to share in depth information about yourself. You can describe your life more in your bio, or don’t! There is also a location option, I personally have “work” in mine, but you can use any city in the world, or just wherever you want for that matter. You can share pictures and videos with whomever, or follow funny accounts and share the latest memes. You can always stay up to date on your favorite movies and music. Follow a dog or a cartoon, there’s endless possibilities!!.Version: 7.59

Likes and dislikesAs a millennial having been born in the early 80’s I have the viewpoint from a world originally without the broad connection of the internet. To see the world become so connected and so much smaller and more convenient is like watching the planet mature right in front of my eyes; It’s breathtaking. Apps like Twitter give everyone a podium to design as your own with which to stand upon and as followers increase your crowd becomes larger, but your also part of others crowd. Anything important to you, anything that drives your life and fuels your heart, can be shared or supported from your couch. This positive greatly outweighs most negatives which are usually the fault of the human condition. We all have to let each other have a podium even if we disagree and that is a challenge, but good too, because otherwise you wouldn’t even know who to disagree with. My only real personal issue other than the nastiness of some due to human condition is the fact that it’s hard to hit that like button when I don’t necessarily agree with the tweet. I am still missing those reaction buttons from Facebook letting anyone know whether I am happy or sad or angry about the information I am subjected to and a similar format would be great. Still those small issues don’t outweigh the connection and platform for me and I would love to see the whole world of people so close. Thank you!.Version: 8.14

Needs More CharactersIf you use Twitter for more than just retweeting and liking other people’s tweets- I’m sure you have come across the hindering effect that the very short character count has on unverified accounts. Tweeting with links to articles and such can be quite challenging due to the limitations of the character count. Spaces, characters in the links you are pasting to the tweet, and people you are tagging should absolutely NOT be included in the total character count; this just takes away from the ability to include important information in the tweet itself. This is an incredibly user-friendly app that allows for countless abilities to connect with other people- that is why I am giving it 4 stars, because other than the fact that blank spaces and characters contained in links count as total characters affected by the limitations, this app is perfect..Version: 7.60

Perfect for MeTweeter, it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t just allow me to post how I feel, but motivates me as well. I feel this is because of the limited character uses and the simplicity of the post. So it’s a lot easier to post what I am feeling at that exact moment, much like a note pad, but with the ability to connect to groups, and movements. I like to say tweeter is for those of us whose mind is always racing and active, and although we would love to share our inner thoughts we have a hard time focusing that long to do, but not on tweeter, it’s quick and easy. Unlike Facebook where so much has to be dedicated to a post you almost get lost in the presentation and forget about the original topic. That’s why I am all about tweeter! I hope they continue to make tweeting quicker, easier, and more efficient for those like me!.Version: 8.47.1

EnjoyableI love the content and have many interactions with old friends and new friends on Twitter. However, i only give 4 stars because of the random technical difficulties I have with twitter. One being i can rarely open the drafts folder, sometimes it works other times (seemingly the important times) it will freeze loading drafts and the app will crash or ill have to reopen the app, to which drafts is still unusable. Also the video player has issues. Sometimes it freezes. Earlier today it continually paused the video on its own instantly after i would touch play it would pause. Eventually like an hour later i tried again and the video played. I’ve had other issues with the video player. Overall i enjoy twitter those small technical difficulties being my main problems..Version: 8.23

Great AppI’ve been using Twitter since it first came out and I was so amazed at house much I could learn about what’s going on around the world in real time. It was a game changer back then and it still is now. Every social platform has bugs from time to time, ALL of them. That’s just how technology works. But I’ll say Twitter has the best response time in regards to anything, not limited to fixing bugs in such a quick manner. It’s also the only social media platform that TRULY allows you free speech. They don’t take down offensive posts nearly as often as Instagram and Facebook, only if they cross a verrrryyyyy big line. Not saying that’s the type of Tweeter I am, I am all for equality and Twitter also has one of the most diverse users. Long story short 😂😂😂 give this a try, it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s equally as awesome. 🤪🤓🙌.Version: 7.14

Good way to connect with folks onlineThanks to using the Twitter app as long as I have, I have created a lot of meaningful connections with folks living around the world that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with, without the Twitter app specifically. As far as social media apps go, it’s highly user friendly, has good security and privacy tools, and is a brilliant way to meet new people and make new friends online that naturally appreciate the content you put out on the app. It’s an app I use frequently as both a way to express my creativity as a kind of online gallery, and as a way to network with people I expressly wish to network with, I recommend Twitter to creative thinkers interested in creating web content and getting it seen by the right people..Version: 8.60

Review on TwitterA quick review Twitter is an excellent place to exchange views, understand each other’s view, and develop tolerance. It also helps you in critical thinking though it limits your words. But you can always no your posts. You have an access to those person whom you can never met though you are not sure that they have even read the post or returned through their staff hired for this purpose. Twitter gives you a quick access to daily news and what is happening in the world. It has bring the world together. The problems met 1. Hate speeches by people. 2. False propaganda against individuals and countries. 3. Fake accounts. 4. Hacking of accounts though it never happened with me. 5. Offensive posts against religion and on sex, though there is a mechanism to check it. 6. If you put posts many times because the issue is near to your heart then the Twitter start seeing you as a robot. 7. Do not know how to increase the following. Tried but could not. 8. From where we can resolve issues. There should be a support system where we can directly place our problems. 9. Vulgar and abusive language. 10. It can devastate lives of people, can be used to influence governments, regime change, disinformation, spy operations, propaganda against individuals and countries, create anarchy. 11. Can even make you a star..Version: 8.63.1

A feature I would love to see added...Great application. I use it a lot for personal & also professional usage. As part of my work, I make extensive usage of the list features. I have few public, and servers curated private lists to keep up with different information flows. I would love to see the ability to with the click of a button or setting...turn on/off push notifications for a particular public or private list or lists of users. This would allow me to disable notifications from a number of accounts on my off days when I don’t need to be connected as much, but also give the ability to quickly turn on a list when I head back in to work or am working from home. I don’t know if anyone has ever requested this feature, but I sure would love to see it. Again, great application. Definitely my top social media choice..Version: 7.39

Differences of OpinionAlmost scored Twitter with 3 stars and have considered not using twitter at all due to the exaggerated negativity, foul and hateful language from some individuals who choose to follow some of the same people I do. Everyone should calm down and express differences of opinion and/or facts in a manner that encourages constructive two-way dialogue. That’s part of growing as a person. Mutual respect for one another will make a difference in influencing others. It’s ok to embrace our differences in our thoughts, beliefs and convictions. No one is wrong, just independent. After all, we are Americans! Use the power of your vote to make a difference! It’s not necessary to invade, threaten or harm one another for any reason and anytime. Let’s respect each other’s boundaries and not dismiss one another with such rancor and hate. A kind word , or no word at all, may be a better way to influence one another..Version: 7.60.6

Not able to resolve suspended accoutI’m an author. I made some accounts for characters from my book, and had them interact with each other in humorous twitter skits. Once, I was suspended temporarily (on my main account. My own fault-perfectly okay with that.) But my character accounts were suspended. I acknowledge that I had too many, too many company identities, one for publishing, one for production, etc. However, I reached out to support to try and resolve the issue, but they never followed up with me. The character accounts in question were always polite and affable to the people they interacted with, and had distinct personalities. I would have gladly given up some of the more superfluous accounts to save the more important ones. My inability to reach reach a human being left me very dissatisfied. I stay on it mainly to follow politics, but that is very depressing, given how the presiden abuses his account to spread dishonest propaganda..Version: 7.53

Rebuilding requires all hands on deckA little bird told me that one day I would be part of a military operation with a mission to save lives and rebuild communities rather than end them. A rare message coming from a Navy Veteran who started as a deck seaman that went to sea for the first night during a hurricane, spent 6 months in the Straight of Hormuz baby sitting oil tankers and witnessed what we spend our blood a treasure on that serves no benefit here at home or defends the constitution in anyway to solves the political problems that prevent us from preventing the preventable like a plague of fear and greed. I eventually become a Corpsman/Surgical Technician / and A leader in The Rapid Deployable Medical Teams before getting out in Oakland, Ca just in time for the earthquake, fires and drug wars in the late 80-90s. 30 years later, that little birdie was right! For the last 8 years I’ve been helping fellow veterans respond to disasters and then stay to help some of the most disadvantaged families rebuild their homes. Your service has made our job easier to get the message out that not all veterans are waving their guns around in times of a pandemic, nation political crisis, or after repeated and massive hurricane destruction. #TeamRubicon Gordon Soderberg HM3 RDMT 82-88 USS Ranger, USS Sample, USS Dixon, Balboa and OakKnoll Naval Hospitals..Version: 8.39.1

The Twitter App Works WellAs an old-timer I find the app easy to use and understand. The medium is controversial, but the software is excellent on iPhone and very seldom do I encounter problems. Twitter can be a source for major breaking news, and my feed includes winners of Pulitzers, a Nobel or two, and a gaggle of intelligent, encouraging followers. There are little tricks you have to learn, especially if you need more characters; but that also makes you a better editor and a more concise writer. The problems with bots, fake accounts, flaming, and such date back to the old days of Compuserve, Prodigy, and AOL, so that’s not new. However, the corporate titans should stop the flow of disinformation from hostile and malignant sources, if only we could figure out how. Again, I highly recommend the app as easy to learn and easy to use. Cheers - T👍🏼.Version: 8.19

Twitter: A love/hate relationshipTwitter is such an immersive app, whether you have a good or bad experience on the app, you can’t help but become a part of the experience. I definitely love this app, the global blog aspect that it has, keeps you coming back. Twitter is also a place where you can find news, social communities, and even follow( and sometimes even interact with) your favorite celebrities. The good aspects of Twitter heavily outweigh the bad; in my opinion. But on it’s bad days, Twitter can become very toxic. Opinions on this app can sometimes be misconstrued as fact, so when operating this app, be sure to have your facts together. Other than that, the app can sometimes become home, the level of immersion is unmatched by any other app; combining the great aspects of most of the other great social media apps around..Version: 8.7.1

Could use improvementsI would like to be able to search through my followers by name to easily filter through as well as search on other people’s pages through their followers too. For business/giveaway purposes it makes things so much easier! Another BIG thing that is a safety issue....I absolutely hate when you block someone and that person tries to search for you and your profile still pops up but the page says “this person has blocked you”. I don’t want them seeing that I’ve blocked them due to safety reasons. Better that my name doesn’t pop up at all when they try to search for me after being blocked. Other than that this is a great app/platform and great way to reach out to people. I’ve started a new career and met amazing people because of this app. Thank you for changing my life, Twitter..Version: 8.4.6

Simple, fair and it WORKS!Absolutely love this default of an app already on my iPhone. It is extremely user friendly, easy to tweet and I absolutely love the position of the navigation bar through all Apple apps. What a thoughtful idea, always judgemental about the user experience. I have had purchase two other Twitter related apps, which I no longer use by the way as they proved to be complicated browse, post multiple tweets and then some, and user friendly at the least..Version: 7.30

“Button”Your new “ more prominent” button in the lower right corner SUCKS! It’s TOO BIG! And covers TOO MUCH of the screen. Please get rid of it!!!!!.Version: 7.35

LoveLove twitter easily my fav app..Version: 7.7

Too many ads now.I still like Instagram but the ads/sponsored posts are way to frequent. I don’t care you are trying to cater them to me, I just don’t want them as often. I’ve pretty much stopped using Facebook. Don’t force me to quit the gram too..Version: 7.55.5

App’s good, all I have to say is...Subscribe to pewdiepie.Version: 7.37.2

TrumpDeactivate his account. Do you care more about users and profit than democracy and safety. Delete his account..Version: 8.43


Censorship and media biasTwitter loves to act as the propaganda wing for the media. Decent memes though..Version: 8.14

Now difficult to navigateThe latest update (Dec 2019) has changed the screen layout in a very bad way. This app is no longer the best way to use Twitter. You can no longer hold your iPad in two hands and scroll with your thumbs - especially the right one. Can’t be done. A third of the screen is now wasted with a feature I rarely or never use. The menu icons on the left not only interfere with scrolling, but also swiping to go back. You can no longer swipe from the left edge of the screen, instead you must carefully find the right spot between the menu and your feed. Especially tricky with your thumb. Also, it keeps bringing me back "Home" and showing me Top Tweets instead of Latest Tweets that I keep selecting. Twitter, please bring back the old layout. You don’t know best..Version: 8.4.6

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What do you think Twitter ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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